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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 21, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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i was thinking i would be able to sleep if my own bed tonight but they said i would cause worse traffic so i stayed at a hotel. which contributes to the chicago economy. thank you, everyone. (applause) >>stuart: the president answered five questions, and he said on bain capital maximizeing profit is not always good and on europe what happens in greece affects us so act early. for the financial world that could be taken as code for "get out there and do european stimulus program." on afghanistan, the president said the united states is feeling the strain of a 10-year engagement. and he was offered the opportunity to praise chicago and he took it. more details on the president's press conference coming up on "special report," at 6:00.
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>> dana: two main things. one of the stated purpose was to talk about the end of combat in afghanistan. our troops coming home. we have been working with nato for many years. set aside the policy side. my disagreement there. a strong statem by him, but a little bit, didn't get enough questions about it. one good question about pakistan and its role. he had to answer a "new york times" story that ran by steven sanger who has a book coming out about decisions leading up to getting the u.s. troops out of afghanistan. and ending that mission. >> dana: that was the first bit of news. the second was reactionar after yesterday's news about continuing attacks from the obama camp against romney on
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bain capital. a private equity firm that romney worked for. newark mayor, corey booker a surrogate for president obama, supporter and somebody they think should speak on their behalf. yesterday on "meet the press" said how he felt under pressure. president obama had to answer that, and i'd say from his perspective, he answered it as well as he could. but splitting hairs on what is good or bad equity. they are a little in trouble and running out steam on the issues. nice shot out of chicago, his hometown. >> kimberly: a nice touch. eric? >> eric: i stood here, eight minutes the president spoke. he gave his speech. 28 minutes of q&a. six questions, three on afghanistan, one on the g-8 and one on chicago. the most important one for me, at least politically was the question on corey booker. he spent the most time on that one.
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talked about the difference between private equity and big government. said private equity isn't necessarily the right way to go. there is an important, a line he said. 4:38 eastern time he said the campaign is going to be about this. that is important because if president obama wants to make the campaign about bain capital or private equity is good or bad, he will have a tough time. there are people out there, including corey booker and steve ratner, his car czar and harold ford junior another democrat that says don't make it about that. they may see a divide in the party if they want to go forward with it as it is. >> kimberly: get to greg and then bob bats clean-up. >> greg: the real hero here is me. [ laughter ] i stayed away. it was tough. i feel bad for "the five" viewers waiting for us. i got to stay away. also, it's pakistan, not
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pakistan. >> sorry. >> greg: he said the summit was unprecedented which he says about everything he does. it's unprecedented. what is precedented? i'm not sure. when he said that thing about it's romney, if all you care about is making a profit, then that is not what this job is about. that's not what being president is about, making a profit. but it should be! because if you could make a profit you could afford the problems that could bankrupt our country. maybe you should think about trying to make a profit. >> kimberly: bob, what do you think? he seems to have hit all the points and he came out of this pretty clean. >> bob: let me try to take it away from the crass political side of this. interesting comments made about -- >> kimberly: jeez. [ laughter ] >> dana: i thought i was fairly even handed. >> bob: i was pointing to eric. [ laughter ] sorry. i was talking about eric and greg. i thought the unanimity in
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nato which is difficult to come together around appears as if they found common ground on a number of things. missile defense, a thorny issue, particularly with the, in terms of soviet union. seems to be resolved. there was an interesting thing that everybody seemed to go by, giving up the missile defense system. turning it over to nato. i found surprising. the 2014 date, going back and forth between 2013 and 2014, afghanistan, seems to have been settleded on 2014, which will not make my side of the aisle all that happen. i will say this. on the corey booker, it was bound to come up. i thought he handled that fine. remember that new jersey is owned and operated by the private equity i don't think it matters much. >> eric: new jersey isn't owned and operated by private equity. private equity has $135 billion stake in the u.s.. new jersey comes in ten or
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12th. there are states that are more affected by private equity. again, that is why this -- president obama saying this is about him will cost him. there are five swing states with substantial equity in their state. >> bob: talk about investment if i can stay on a substantive issue besides corey booker. on greece, a big push on his part to stay to nato alliance, sometime to step up. we can't let this contradict the rest of the staff. he is saying time to do stimulus in greece. >> dana: that was a bone of contention as people were reading the tea leaves coming out of the g-8 meeting from camp david before they got to chicago. the question being so does the united states having had sales stimulus in the past three years in a good position to tell greece, or the rest of
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europe, before it begins to implement u austerity measures, because it would help american businesses here. that made me uncomfortable. i think if you could agree that everything should be on the table. and pro-growth policies. that would be a better position from which the united states should take. >> bob: another thing to say on nato, every nato conference that you are talking about expanding nato to a number of other countries. this is the first time it did not come up. my guess is that issue is now closed except for the next year or two. >> dana: that is unfortunate. there are countries that want to be a part of it. >> greg: what was his stand from austerity? >> dana: that they -- austerity isn't everything. that they should make sure that pump money in the economy as well. >> greg: that is a junkie telling another junkie to quit doing drugs. they have to embrace austerity
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at some point. everybody knows that. >> eric: except them. >> greg: i don't think he should tell them. they need the cold hard medicine of austerity. >> greg: the cold hard medicine of austerity is a big mistake. all the countries are about spending. london, england for example -- >> eric: no one has -- >> bob: england has. >> greg: no, they haven't. >> bob: of course they. have >> dana: in france they hadn't begun -- >> bob: they hadn't begun but england for sure. >> eric: the most stable at all is england. germany and england. >> bob: you can aweer thety yourself back to recession. stim sus the way to go. >> greg: spend more money. >> bob: it doesn't matter. >> greg: it doesn't matter we don't need taxes. create the money. print the money, don't take taxes. >> eric: president obama was actually genius in what he did. he said you should try more stimulus. stim sus the way to go for you rather than -- stimulus is the way to go for you, rather than austerity. stay true to the political left. done it before, tried it, not
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working and he can say this is what i told them to do. not going to cost him a dime. >> kimberly: consistent on the messaging. won't hurt him. >> eric: who is going to pay for the stimulus? who is going to pony up tens or hundreds of billions of dollars to go to greece, spain, italy? >> bob: who is paying for austerity is people out of work. >> eric: germany is paying. >> bob: show me where austerity worked. show me where it worked. >> dana: show where the stimulus worked. >> bob: right here. saved us from a depression and we're 4 million plus jobs better than four years ago. >> kimberly: 15 minutes of a debatable topic. >> dana: we need a white board. >> kimberly: eric? >> eric: we're not 4 million jobs. we're half a million jobs worse than we were. >> bob: since stimulus came out. you are counting the first three days that obama was elected president. >> eric: i don't think only when stimulus checks are cashed we start the clock. >> bob: a week after he was president the jobs were lost, not the bush administration. that was obama administration; is that right? >> dana: even if we set it aside --
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>> eric: the promise $863 billion. >> dana: setting that aside the economy is stagnant. at best. even if that were true, it has run out. let's play it out in europe. put up more money and we'll have the same conversation in three years. the problem then is exacerbated and worse. >> greg: if you take it to the logical extreme, you don't need to collect taxes. do you? you just spend more money. >> bob: our growth rate is up every month. why a stagnant economy? >> dana: lowest participation in the workforce is because discouraged workers. >> bob: that is true but a lot has to do with the baby boomers we're moving. >> eric: we are not, the
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growth stinks, bob. we're sub par growth. >> eric: are we growing or not growing? >> eric: we're growing after three years of recession. >> bob: thank you. >> eric: that would have happened with or without -- >> bob: when did we start growing? how many quarters? >> eric: three, maybe. >> bob: more than that. >> kimberly: anything that the president would have done that you would have seen the mod that isn't significant enough because we're still stagnant. >> dana: my two favorite words of this segment are "stagnant" and "sub par." you used both of them. >> kimberly: i feel a whiteboard coming on now between eric and bob. i don't know. coming up, they condemn the president for attack on romney's record at bain capital. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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>> dana: all right. corey booker, the mayor of newark, new jersey, and close ally of president obama. yesterday on "meet the press," surprising to see him criticizing the campaign attacks on mitt romney and bain capital. >> i have to say from a personal level i'm not going to indict private equity. if you look at the totality of bain capital record they have done a lot to support and grow businesses and i'm very uncomfortable with this. this stuff is nauseating on both sides. nauseating to the american public. enough is enough. stop attacking private equity. stop attacking jeremiah wright. this stuff has got to stop. >> dana: so while refreshing
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comment, it didn't go over too well at campaign headquarters in chicago. few hours after that, after that, the mayor was backtracking. look at this youtube video. >> talked about himself as a job creator. therefor, it's reasonable and i encourage the obama campaign to examine that record. to discuss it. i have no problem with that. >> dana: that is 13 seconds of ra four-minute video. after he taped it was cut to 35 seconds. a strange tactic. let's look at what he said about corey booker moments ago in the press conference. >> corey booker is outstanding mayor. he is doing great work in newark. helping to turn the city around. i think it's important to recognize this issue is not a "distraction." this is part of the debate we're going to be having in this election campaign.
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about how do we create an economy where everybody from top to bottom, folks on wall street and folks on main street have a shot at success? >> dana: so we'll talk about whether it's a satisfying answer for some. politics first of all, yesterday, when i first saw the meet the press comment i said that is a big story. then this morning, politico talked about the corey booker ad and call at it hostage video which is a good description. what do you think? >> eric: first, you sent it out immediately. talk about corey booker comments. he called the attack ad nauseating is interesting. he is turning around newark. he's a democrat. he stays near the center. he was out in 2007 campaigning for senator obama. for him to say that, the left started to get all up in a tizzy.
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ratner talked about shouldn't go there with bain capital. harold ford junior on another network saying he should expect there. it's interesting. it feels like the democrats are getting splintered. they are splinting from the far left to say don't bother, let's do distribution, redistribution of people's money. >> dana: let me ask you a political question. with some accuracy there are accusations on the right that if you express some dissent or a moment where you speak the truth, then you get clobbered by the right. there is no room to have somebody a voice of reason. yesterday on "meet the press" for corey booker and people who didn't know him thought i agree with him. interesting guy. smart for the campaign to come out and do a video. today, trash him in an interview with david axelrod.
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>> bob: be careful how you treat your friends when they wonder. keep in mind that eric said for them to call the attacks on bain nauseating he talked about nauseating, the attacks on bain and reverend wright. he talked about both. not just one. >> dana: good point. the economy as a whole is small part of the economy. i understand this. they have been in terrible shape. they depend on private equity to help newark. so i'm not surprised he would say that. by the way, when you talk about harold ford, he is a private equity guy. >> eric: former congressman who may run to congress or senate again. if i were to vote for a democrat it would be harold ford junior. i love him. i have to address this.
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sorry. new jersey. number 16 in private equity investment. number three, north carolina. $10 billion. florida, $7 billion. colorado, $5 billion. ohio, $5 billion. these are swing states. if the democrats want to push away from private equity, expect private equity to push back and jobs go away. and -- >> dana: get in here, guys. >> bob: $20 trillion economy. you are talk about the chump change? >> dana: you're put in the penalty box. i want to talk about the politics of this. the romney campaign quick on his feet with his this ad. >> have you had enough of president obama's attacks on free enterprise? his key supporters have. democrat mayor corey booker of new jersey. >> on a personal level, i'm not going to figure out the private equity. >> former congressman harold ford, junior.
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democrat from tennessee. >> private equity is not a bad thing. it's a good thing. many, many instances. >> former obama economic advisor and auto czar, steven ratner, a leading democrat. >> i don't think there is anything that bain capital did to be embarrassed about. >> greg: the democrats if you look at the ad, there is a dilemma for that. they love to vilify big business but they want their money. like trying to seduce your ex-wife. you are telling everybody she is a monster and you want her to trust you one more time, just this time. corey wants to be the next obama. he wants to be president. >> dana: kimberly knows him. >> kimberly: i liked him from the first minute i met him. he is a really nice guy. personable. excellent out on the campaign trail. he can work a room and he
5:22 pm
comes off as authentic. he gets it and he knows we need to do something in the economy. free market is the way to go. rather than the president administration. i don't like the hostage video where he walks it back. he has a bright political future and will be capable as a leader. >> dana: i don't think tarnished by this but you are breathing deep. >> bob: am i out of the penalty box? >> dana: out. >> bob: listen to private equity with big business and things that create jobs and a little small part of the economy, to make it to attack on private -- >> dana: that is not what we're saying. >> bob: itsy. 's ridiculous. >> dana: president obama made this centerpiece of attack against romney. >> bob: he hasn't made
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private equity. he made romney's claim for bain capital that is a flat-out lie. >> dana: that is where the flitting of the hairs come. i don't know if people will buy it. we'll keep talking about it. >> eric: saying -- >> bob: i'll talk about it in the one more thing. >> eric: how about the jobs number, apples to apples. next block. >> dana: yeah. >> bob: move up my one more thing to next block. >> dana: you have more time. mainstream media, are they ignoring the recent violent protest happening around the country? because they are linked to occupy movement? my dear friend greg will analyze. ♪ ♪ journey across america, i found new ways to tell people about saving money. this is bobby. say hello bobby.
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>> bob: during the press conference, president obama addressed mitt romney about a question about bain capital. take a listen. >> and the reason this is relevant to the campaign is because my opponent governor romney, his main calling card for why he think he is should be president, is hispis experience. he is not going out there out thing his experience in massachusetts. he is saying i'm a business guy, this is his business and he knows how to fix it. when you're president as opposed to a private equity firm, then your job is not simply to maximize profits. your job is to figure out how everybody in the country has a fair shot. your job is to think about how the workers are laid off and think about retraining and how communities can attract new
5:29 pm
business. >> bob: good answer. private equity is a small percentage of our economy. it's -- bain capital is small percentage of private equity. romney says i was the head of a private equity firm and i know how to create jobs and i'm a businessman. the president says more than maximizing profit. >> eric: he also said it's so people have a fair shake and they're laid off and they get government support. what have you done? we have jobs -- >> bob: half a million. >> eric: 100,000 more auto jobs? bob, please! the auto industry wasn't going anywhere. he spent $100 billion of taxpayer money -- >> bob: you sound like mitt romney. >> eric: to pay off friends at uaw. importantly did you see the numbers today?
5:30 pm
president obama money fundraising versus romney's fundraising? romney raised $402 million so far. obama only raid $320 million. you know why? the left is splintered. there are people fundraising who would be writing the check going i'm not sure he is pro-business. >> eric: he is probably -- >> bob: he is getting private equity money from people taking company apart and lose jobs. >> dana: spending more. that is out of the financial report to see how the obama campaign is spending. operation in 42 states. several hundred employees. which they will need. romney will get to the point. one thing, that i think is important. neil king from the "wall street journal" made a point in bain capital, in bain capital ownership, revenues grew 80% if companies they invested. i imagine that is a good track record.
5:31 pm
80% versus the energy program, green energy program we invest in. >> greg: who would you rather have in the white house, someone creating profit or someone taxing the profit? that is what we talk about. there is a golden rule. if you take private and replace it with public the left will like it. public is better so it's your money they spend. >> bob: is it 80% >> dana: it says it grew 80%. i don't know. want to split that hair? i don't repped them. >> kimberly: the message is clear. record to be celebrated, not -- >> dana: you can't succeed in private equity if the companies are failing. >> greg: they are not interested. they don't have markers or metrics to prove success.
5:32 pm
>> bob: private equity makes money taking loan and taking money out of it. >> eric: private equity makes money taking a company faltering, restructuring the business. hires or firing and making it more profitable. they own company. democrat is the point. >> bob: what percentage of the economy are we talking about? >> kimberly: venture capitalist. >> eric: the council, 8.1 million jobs created globally in 2011 because of private equity investment. more than half invested in the united states. you can call it names but bottom line if we didn't have private equity, substantially fewer jobs in america. >> dana: i like how eric had an answer before you ask the question. >> bob: substantially fewer job with private equity? >> eric: yes. >> bob: how many do you think? >> eric: i don't know. >> bob: smidgeon.
5:33 pm
a lot fewer rich people. i agree with that. >> kimberly: this is you. >> bob: out of here? didn't get a chance to talk about pinocchio. i'll do that in one more thing. greg will talk about one of his favorite subjects which is occupy wall street, demonstrators, anarchists, people who rape, pillage and destroy places, beat up police. you don't want to miss this. it will be the same thing you heard over and over again. ♪ ♪ we don't have a word for retirement. in the latino community the word that we use is jubilation. as you're getting older, you should be able to do the things that you love.
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today involves president obama's criticism of governor romney's experience as a businessman. tonight on "special report," the president continues to pursue a line of attack that a top surrogate called nauseating. president obama talked today
5:38 pm
about the worldwide economic recovery and how the afghanistan war will end. we'll examine the lawsuits filed by dozens of cath like diocese and other institution about the birth control mandate in the healthcare law. john boehner looking to use the debt ceiling as an opportunity to create a grand bargain. you may remember, he tried to do this once before. we preview upcoming presidential contests in mexico and egypt, with outcomes far from certain. in the grapevine, one could say that congress is getting dumber. we explain. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now have back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ gregg welcome back. when something happens once or twice it's an exception.
5:39 pm
if it happens a third time it's a trend. when it is repeated 1,000 times over it becomes ignore. no big deal. in the mainframe media covering left wing rabble. three men charged with molotov cocktails this weekend. they wanted to attack the president campaign office in chicago. as well as police stations and the mayor office. but avoid the tea party in chi town the media would call for the national guard. lefty bloggers would be screaming as soon as someone broke a nail. how weird that the more outrageous the protest get, the less excited that the media becomes? reveal the truth means to admit you were duped. with ows, reporters fell for same crud in high school. attention-seeking narsism
5:40 pm
masquerading as concern. when a loser doesn't get what he wants he just blows it up. like a cop gesturing to gawkers at the crime scene, the media says nothing to see here, move along and then googles romney and bain capital for their next column. bob? [ laughter ] you said it's no big deal but they keep doing the same whole thing. it's insane. >> bob: listen to your monologue, first, three people indicted on nato. these are the anarchists around way before the occupy wall street. >> greg: of course. no link. >> bob: there is no link. >> greg: you said it last time with cleveland. >> bob: maybe i'm proven long. anarchists have been following the nato meetings and the world bank meetings for 20 years. they come from all over the world. do the same thing. >> greg: bob, they're in their 20s. >> bob: to suggest for a second they represent the left is typical.
5:41 pm
just like the guy carried a gun to the tea party -- >> greg: that's all i need to know. you know who carried the gun? >> eric: does bill ayers represent the left? >> bob: no. >> eric: he doesn't? >> bob: no. does david duke represent the right? >> eric: you said they don't represent the left. they're anarchists. bill ayers -- [ overtalk ] he has the same talking point. >> bob: ridiculous. >> eric: he bombed is that chews and washington, d.c. >> bob: i got finked telling you it's a fringe element on the far left like david duke was. >> dana: i think your point about media attention is interesting. at what point does a fringe element turn in a trend and turn in to something -- >> greg: that was mundane. if you avert your eyes it's not happening.
5:42 pm
>> greg: it used to be heroic. we had a sense that chicago police is doing a great job. it's been calm, right? >> kimberly: sure. i want to speak to the point that the media is ignoring it. they have egg on their face, everybody celebrated how inspirationm. we have our own movement now. now they are thugs and violent element. similar to bill ayers. these are the exact things that he was preaching, he was talk about. engaged. >> dana: it's not easy for a city to hold a big meeting. rahm emanuel used to be chief of staff at the white house for president obama, he was not going allow anything mayor to happen. he led it well. >> eric: they did -- >> bob: they did a good job unlike in 1968 when i was a young teenager. when there was a police riot. they knocked over. they have come a long way. i congratulate them.
5:43 pm
freddie of course, call the cops thugs. it's like i don't want to squeeze more juice out of this lemon. i am with you. i don't want to talk about them. but they keep making lemonade. >> bob: that was not occupy wall street. they're anarchists that follow it around. >> greg: the national lawyers guild is involved with occupy wall street and these puncs. >> bob: even if they are together and have a klan meeting every night. i don't know if they represent me more than timothy mcveigh represents your side. is that fair? >> greg: you did laud them early on. >> kimberly: nobody supported timothy mcveigh, bob. >> bob: i don't think he represents conservatives. he's a fringe like these people. but you associate it with evening on the left. >> greg: the beauty is the media does. they romanticize this.
5:44 pm
saying this is the new mov movement. now they're scum and running away. >> dana: people of the year. time magazine. >> bob: we are not running away from the message, even unfair system rewarding people at top. >> greg: coming up, over 40 catholic groups filed lawsuit over obamacare on religious freedom ground. details are next. if you leave now, dana will crush another butterfly with her cold, heartless hand. ♪ ♪ g.
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>> eric: welcome back, everybody. catholic church, 40 groups suing the obama administration for the federal mandate over the employer's requirement mandate to provide free birth control against the conscience. eight states, break it down. >> kimberly: district of columbia. this is an impressive move. they waited and patient at the plate the way the good lord is and said we're not getting relief we want. we feel this is falling on deaf ears and we tried to work through the legislature with different administrations and we feel they did not act in
5:49 pm
good faith. now we must take it to the fourth. it's a good move and they waited to see if something would happen. supposedly compromises from the obama administration. what you heard from cardinal dolan and others is that that wasn't a compromise. it didn't address the core issue that this fundamentally violates religious freedom. delay are saying don't impose your policy to compel us to provide coverage. violation of constitution. >> dana: cardinal dolan said we tried a negotiation with the administration and legislation with the congress. there is no fix. time is running out and the fundamental rights hang in the balance. so they will resort to the court. >> bob: no violation of constitution. churches were absolved from this. none of the church, dolan church and other churchs don't have to do this.
5:50 pm
they were exempt. these are catholic institutions making the lawsuit. >> dana: religiously affiliateed charities. >> bob: fine. a lot of people work in those places who are not catholics and don't buy into this line about contraception and they have a right to have it as well as somebody else. it'd sue the cath nick institution for taking away my right. >> dana: go work some place else. >> bob: we should all be catholic and work in hospital? >> kimberly: if you object and need it and want free birth control don't knock on the our of a catholic institution and say give me a job. >> bob: so catholic institution should have exception because they're catholic? >> kimberly: sure. of course. >> isn't that the point? >> freedom of religious. >> bob: to church. >> eric: why are you so angry today? >> greg: i don't know. >> greg: in the last couple of weeks we know how president obama personally feels about gay marriage. but do we know how he
5:51 pm
personally feels about abortion? at this point you wonder how he feels. i want to know what he thinks about abortion. gays have deeper pockets than fetus. >> kimberly: bad vigilful but yes, he needed the money. >> dana: greg is the only one to say those things and bring it home. >> greg: i know how he feels about one social issue. i want the know how he feels about the another one. >> bob: if that is a brave statement, ridiculous stat statement. >> eric: does size matter? the number of people suing obama administration? >> it is significant. that this is across a broad spectrum. not just about catholics but thanks for ragging on us.
5:52 pm
>> eric: there are catholics in the street protesting. >> kimberly: we're not like occupy wall street. going through the jobs. >> bob: andrea sat where you are sitting and said they'd be protesting. i haven't seen them. >> kimberly: they are taking it through the discourse, through the court system. new york, texas, pennsylvania, indiana, missouri, district of columbia -- it is significant. >> eric: coming up, one more thing, that is next. ♪ ♪
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>> kimberly: time now for one more thing. >> eric: this is not as -- dana says i'm not as cool as i think i am. [ laughter ] celebrity apprentice finale. mr. trump give necessary left hand but he shook my hand on the way down. >> greg: that is your one more thing? >> eric: yes. we had a blast. trump backstage, arsenio hall, my wife and i. one more on stage. trump and i. by the way, stay this quickly. there were so many "the five" fans there, i couldn't believe it. >> dana: is that photo
5:57 pm
shopped in? >> eric: no. a lot of "the five" fans saying i love the show. >> dana: did they love it more than apprentice? >> kimberly: we have a "jeopardy" superstar. >> dana: chris wallace won his "jeopardy" round. congratulations to him. robin gibbs, beegee died at 62 yesterday. cause was complication from cancer. his paternal twin maurice gibb died of a twisted intestine in 2001. i love the beegees. bob did. >> bob: two of them. him and donna summers in one week. terrible. >> greg: i think, you are too young to be -- >> dana: everybody knows beegees. >> greg: they were my seventh and eighth grade prom when you learned how to slow down. the worst clothes. saturday night fever. >> kimberly: the worst guy to slow dance doto is "stai
5:58 pm
"stairwastairway to heaven" wite wrong guy. i hope my legs give out. >> greg: banned word of the day is "extraordinary." it used to be people used great. he is a great guy. that is a great book. now it's extraordinary. the more you say extraordinary, the more ordinary it becomes. >> dana: i don't think anybody has called you extraordinary. greg that was just hurtful. -- >> greg: that was just hurtle. >> kimberly: not nicism am banning you from one more thing for the rest of this segment. that was mean. >> kimberly: i have a fantastic book i read. i have been waiting on this day do to announce the book "fearless" is out, written by a talented author. eric lem. this is released tomorrow. undaunted courage and ultimate sacrifice of the navy seal team six operator adam brown who passed away in afghanistan in hindu mountain. >> bob: my one more thing is
5:59 pm
"washington post," a lot of papers call out the political ads putting pinocchios up. they did it for romney because he said he created 100,000 job. and they bunk it. they said he did not create 100,000 jobs. four pinocchios on both. romney you might want to be introduced to something called the truth. >> kimberly: okay, bob. >> bob: i didn't interrupt yours. it didn't interrupt your one more thing. >> eric: unbelievable. >> bret: a 2012 election battle over business experience spills over at the nato summit. this is "special report." >> bret: good evening, i'm bret baier. president obama answering a question at an international event leveled attack on romney business record. this is one day after one of


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