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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 22, 2012 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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your tax money. federal judges at a plush resorted a spa in hawaii and they plan to send you the one million dollar bill. and clock is ticking in recall election in wisconsin. power of tea party will be put to the test. we'll take you to wisconsin in just minutes. first, let's face it the catholic church declared war on the obama administration and they are fighting in one leader word with sober determination. 43 catholic images institutions just sued the obama administration. among the plan, archdiocese of washington, the archdiocese of new york, and university of notre dame. richard garnet is associate professor at notre dame. good evening, sir. >> great to be with you. >> greta: now, i read the letter from the president of university
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but this is not done with great pleasure but sort of with sadness or heavy heart. tell us why you have gone this far to file a lawsuit? >> just to be clear, i don't speak for the university. i am a professor and scholar that are interested in these matters. from reading the letter my understanding is that his view and i agree with it, that a lot of efforts were made to come to some kind of compromise and accommodation with the administration. yet the administration is persisting in what i regard as a needless and unnecessary imposition on religious freedom. there are lots of other ways the administration could achieve its goals here. indeed, most of catholic institutions that have filed the lawsuits embrace the affordable care act. the administration has been very unresponsive and that is why father jenkins thought he was no choice and they thought they had no choice to vindicate their
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rights in court. >> greta: so many that were filed at one time. >> you are an attorney, greta. when a law firm represents multiple clients they have to think about the relationships between different clients and coordinate it to some extent. >> greta: what the actual allegation. what is the cause of action and what are they seeking to get? >> the complaints that have been filed, there is 43 different plaintiffs in 12 different district courts, nutshell version they are seeking relief under federal freedom restoration act and also under the constitution. the act was law passed in the early '90s with overwhelming support that provides that whenever the federal government burdens religiously motivated practice they have to have a good reason for doing so.
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they have to find the least restrictive way of achieving their goals. the claim in this case is that the government has made minimal effort to actually balance religious freedom against it's a own interests. again the restoration act they have to do better. >> greta: i understand there have been some efforts, president softened his position and thought he reached out to the catholic church. i'm curious, is there any sort of settlement or any way out of this other than this proceeding through the courts. how do you see it unfolding? >> my hope there would be another way to settle this. the president did signal that plans he would be open to tweaking the mandate in the months to come. the but it's unreasonable to think that all these catholic institutions so sit back and hope that some kind of accommodation to let them out from under this burden. the law that is in effect right
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now, the law of the land is the mandate that requires the institutions to subsidize procedures they think are immoral. in order to take on the costs of complying with that mandate which is going into effect very soon, i think these institutions decided, they weren't looking for this fight. it was imposed. decided they had to vindicate their rights in court. there is plenty of time for the legislature to try to fix the situation. the best situation would be if the administration to better accommodate religious freedom. >> greta: could this all the way to the vatican the decision to sue? >> no, i doubt it. that isn't the way the church operates. these institutions all have governing boards that boards and some of the institutions in question are diocese but i assume that the relevant bishops make those decisions, in a case like notre dame, it's governed
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by a board of trustees and other bodies. each of them has to decide whether they were in their interests and all these institutions want to protect their religious freedoms but it's not like pope benedict gave the green light to make the lawsuit. >> greta: some of these lawsuits filed by so many, someone -- it wasn't just a coincidence? >> i'm on sure it was not a coincidence. a lot of these institutions are represented by the same law firm explains that pretty well. >> greta: and this blew up on the obama campaign, one of his biggest supporters, corey booker saying an obama ad at bain capital is nauseating. >> i'm not about to sit here and indict private equity. to me we're getting to a ridiculous point in america. especially we live in a state
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where pension funds and people are investing in company like bain capital. they did a lot of support to grow businesses. i'm very uncomfortable. >> this kind of stuff is nauseate to go me on both sides. it's nauseate to go the american public. enough is enough. stop attacking private equity and jeremiah wright. >> greta: he took to youtube and posted a video on youtube. >> mitt romney has made his business record a centerpiece of his campaign. he has talked about himself as a job creator. therefore, it is reasonable and encourage it for the obama campaign to examine that record and to discuss it. i have no problem with that. >> greta: why the youtube video. did he decide oochs or did he just wanted to further explain
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his position? brit hume jumps in it. >> i think one thing that happened, this is reflected in the first words he said at the beginning of the youtube video which is he wanted to respond to some of the his social media followers. his twitter feed exploded right after he said that on meet the press. i went back and looked through some of the things that were said to him today and from yesterday and believe me they were harsh and numerous. in addition to that a couple of liberal journals,, two writers were critical. one said that he was the obama surrogate from hell. daily coast attacked him strongly. i think he must have felt that his fingers were burned and he did some explaining on youtube. >> greta: he is more moderate
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than president obama. he is well-liked in this community. >> generally popular. >> greta: he works with governor christie. >> he has worked with christie on some issues. that he was too close to christie. the thing that got a lot of attention, he got together with him and they made a video for one of these journalists dinners. i've seen the video. it's quite amuses go and they are clearly having fun doing it. >> greta: if he hated krigs at this, we wouldn't have seen video. they were poking fun in the video. a guy who wanders off the revacation attacks the romney campaign for ads they did, as well. >> and attacks on jeremiah wright were wrong. >> but he backed it off. when we get to the youtube
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segment it was a different situation. >> he clearly was backing off, there is no doubt about what happened in the second video, but it was unhelpful development. first one gave the romney camp the material for the ad that they are rubbing to respond to the attack ads on bain. romney people were out with a video and three fairly prominent democrats, booker, hereditary ford and steve ratd ner were, did harold ford and that really does blunted the attack. >> greta: according to at least one report mayor booker has received some money. in 2002 his first mayoral run and he has not demon venture capital or private equity. >> it's probably not surprising
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that he has. he said he didn't like that. in newark with ambitions for statewide office he oakland considers people that work for companies like bain capital to be part of his constituency. whether he was influenced by a campaign contribution ten years ago i think is doubtful but it does suggested that he has not been hostile to interests of the financial sector. >> greta: i'm not sure how much this is done to gut the obama campaign argument somehow that people that are doing private equity, the impression they thought they were plot of motivated and not people not slated. >> the president said today two things of importance. he said they are not attacking private equity. there is nothing wrong with private equity. but it does not qualify you to be president. if you are a private equity executive what you of trying to do is maximize the profits of your shareholders and presumably
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yourself. if you are president you have to look out for people that are out of job. you can argue about whether president obama has been good or his attempts at equity investing with federal money, but the point is that is an area where it's not unreasonable for the obama administration to go after romney's record but what they are saying is whether it's fair or balanced is another batter. but we'll hear more of it and i think the romney people better be ready. >> greta: it would end up being awkward as being questioned coming out of a big conference and how now he as to explain. >> i think that is through. having covered the white house, presidents are being hit at international event with domestic questions. it's part of the deal. >> greta: how would you like to go to hawaii and stay at a fancy
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resort and spa? sounds great, doesn't it? you are about to foot the bill. you are not invited to go. federal judges, western circuit planning a conference of hawaii on your dime. some republicans want to nix those plans. we talked to jeff sessions earlier tonight. >> i have to admit that you and grassley far more gentleman like. $900,000 going to a business meeting in hawaii at a spa. >> it's a huge expense. i don't think it's justified. other circuits are not doing it. some of them have cancelled those conferences over the last year or two. second time they have gone there in two years. they were there in 2010. most americans live their entire
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life never get to hawaii. it's on their dime they are making this trip. >> greta: our dime? >> i do believe this is symptomatic. the problem throughout our government. every agency department of this government is spending money in way that has are not properly justified. business as usual, you through the same motions, not reaching the level of productivity and efficiencies that our private businesses reach. >> greta: i think the response, the statement from the circuit executive which is i think is appalling because what she says, as part of the third branch of government. they are aware of their responsibilities as a steward of public funds. that is questionable. the conference is authorized by law for considering the business and advising means of improving administration of justice within the circuit. none of it says you are to go to
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a fancy resorts on the taxpayer's dime. they go down to a high school gym and it won't cost us a dime. >> this country hasn't been in any more dangerous financial condition. 40 cents of every dollar is borrowed. way demographics are shaping up, is not going to get better without us taking action. so when you have a prominent part. ninth circuit court of appeals going off on these expensive trips, it indicates they are not in touch with the danger our country faces. >> greta: can the senate judiciary committee do anything in just tell them stop it. don't spend the money. don't go to these hawaii spas. if you have business do it in a courtroom someplace. >> i think maybe that needs to be done. >> greta: why wouldn't it be done? >> it's through the
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appropriations process. appropriating process when the courts are funded, you can deny funded for these congresses. they have been done every year for decades. they run larger and more expensive each year. this one seems to be most egregious i have had the pleasure to read about. >> greta: what are they doing, for education, what kind of education, most lawyers go to the law library to study. what business and education does it take? it's extraordinary that they even need this. >> i'm surprised. have you ever spoken to one. seriously, you are a commentator on the law and issues dealing with the law. you are a lawyer. sometimes they have good speakers and good conferences. they have a round table and panel discussions. it's not all worthless. >> greta: but when you decide a case, you hear the facts in the
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courtroom and you study the law. you don't need to go to a conference and find out what some motivational speaker is talking about. you look at the facts and law. you don't need to talk to other people. in fact you shouldn't. >> you are exactly right. we don't have the money. these trips we got to cut and tighten our belts throughout the entire federal government. the last place or first place you should look for are these kinds of expenditures that can't be directly tied to the mission of the courts. >> greta: i have your letter and senator grassley the conference doesn't open until monday but registration is opens on saturday and sunday, they can go to yoga, paddle board lessons but a zumba lessons, tennis tournament, a tour of you up country and a snorkel trip and
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activity, aloha experience. >> it's unacceptable that demonstrates throughout the government we are not focusing on efficiency and productivity. think all of us in congress needs to step up to the plate. we are reducing our spending in our office by 15%. other agencies and other departments will have to do the same thing. we will surprise ourselves how much of an impact we can make in our deficit if we all do that. >> greta: i appreciate the fact that you can do it through appropriations. certainly i'm delighted they are getting this element from you where you are requiring to provide information, but i'm curious if you think the supreme court chief justice, john roberts, does he have the authority to call and say, no, don't do this. go find yourself and gym and followed chairs and meet there if you have to? >> i think he has a great deal
1:18 am
of clout in terms of moral leadership throughout the court system. i think it's interesting that some of the circuits are already cutting back on cancelling conferences. thing circuit is the one that stepping out too far and needs to bring back in line. i think congress can absolutely deal with it through the budgetary appropriations process. all of which could bring this under control. i hope that the american people will understand that they need to watch what we're doing with their money. >> greta: one thing i appreciate your letter you and senator grassley. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, one million dollar bill was enough to get you steamed, how about this? you are about to spend $36 million on two other big parties this summer.
1:19 am
where is all this taxpayer money going? senator coburn is here to tell you. and all eyes are on the state have wisconsin, governor scott walker is up for recall. and we'll talk to tea party leaders. plus, good strategy or playing mean. bloopers from a congressman's campaign commercial go online ♪ [music plays] ♪ [muc plays] ♪ [music plays]
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>>. >> greta: what do you get for $36 million? you get two really big parties and what are the parties for?mod republican candidates for president? don't we know who they are going to be? why are we spending $36 million in taxpayer money to pick them? senator tom coburn is saying to give it back. senator, nice to see you? >> are you sure? >> greta: every time i come over here it's about some incredibly outrageous federal expenditures. i want to know what are thoughts are about it?
1:24 am
>> i think we are still disconnected from reality in washington. this is perfect example of it. you heard the uproar on gsa and uproar about the judges going to hawaii. politicians will say things about that. when it comes to their own baili wick. they say give me the money. the real principle is you have to lead by example. both parties ought to send this money back, ought to go into treasury and make sure that some hard working american, even though they may have volunteered the money for presidential election didn't blindly support one or both of those conventions >> greta: both parties expected to raise upwards of $800 million. this $18 million they each got was relatively insignificant. they got lots of cash. neither party is claiming
1:25 am
poverty. the reason as i understand this, they are entitled to it. it goes back to 1976. >> when they set up the presidential election contribution system, they wired it so each convention gets something. it's typical inside washington. but where is the leadership to change it? it's not just this, it's everything else in the federal government. where is the leadership to change the waste and fraud? we're not seeing it right now. >> greta: i suspect the check off three dollars to go towards the convention, i suspect that was heavily lobbied by both parties. there is no checkoff for the national wildlife association, no check off for private entity, but two political parties that run washington? >> does it say for the convention on the tax return i think it's the presidential
1:26 am
election commission. i'm not sure. i may be wrong. so you don't even know you are giving money for both conventions when you contribute to that. >> greta: i know they have a historic purpose but i have covered them. these are big parties. both sides have picked their candidates. these are largely five day long parties. >> it comes back to the test, our founders were very well aligned with that. would they spend taxpayer money to have a party to nominate somebody in the political arena? everything else in that is private money, it's not public money. a prudent man wouldn't do this. that is the real moral question about our leadership today. where is the leadership? to say we're in trouble as a nation. our g.d.p. went 102% last month.
1:27 am
we're going to have trouble getting out of hole we're in. >> greta: i red the debt bomb. do you see any light at the end of tunnel for the parties to take responsibility? >> the parties are made up of individuals. whether you are hard-core liberal or hard-core conservative, what you realize in your own personal budget, you have to make choices. they have to be based on priorities. so i do think that will happen in both parties. they want some sanity back in the system. >> greta: they both took $18 million? >> that is the political elite of the parties. the parties are made up of individual americans who aren't involved in the process. it just shows whether you are an elected official or inside the game on politics is you are totally disconnected with
1:28 am
reality what is really going on in this country and what is going to have to go out to get out of the troubles we're in. >> greta: do you see any indication of the political elite shows any inclination to be responsible to lead? >> i hadn't look for it. >> greta: they took the money? >> they did. why is only one senator raising the question about taking the money? why aren't there 65 senators saying, guys, send it back. why aren't there 400 members of the house saying send it back. that is the question. the answers from both parties the defense of the status quo. status quo has us bankrupt and our children shackled. status quo doesn't cut it anymore. >> greta: senator, thank you, good to see you. >> greta: coming up, wisconsin recall election, governor scott
1:29 am
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>>. >> greta: 14 days and counting. recall election in wisconsin is coming up fast. we're on the ground to bring you all the news leading up to the big vote. recall election will be seen as a test of tea party strength in wisconsin. so will the tea party pack a
1:33 am
punch in wisconsin. griff jenkins hit the ground. >> this is cofounder of tea party patriots, largest grassroots organization. jenny beth what are you doing in wisconsin and when did you get here? >> we're here to end the recalls in wisconsin. we've been here for a week. we are encouraging people to go and voted and end the recalls and protect our representative democracy. >> what is at stake here. this has turned into a national story. when we saw all the protests last january, you guys were there? >> we were here with our tea party groups who are in wisconsin. we watched what happened as the liberal groups marched around the capitol. >> reporter: the tea party movement isn't quite as strong as it was in 2010 with the healthcare. what is going on with you guys? >> clearly that is wrong. we had 990 and showed we've
1:34 am
raised over $12 million in the last fiscal year. we have hundreds of people are going to be here in wisconsin from around the country. people are who are calling. we have just gotten more sophisticated and smarter. >> reporter: tell me about the ground game here. i believe early voting started today. it's up to 15 days from now. of course, you've got more of the holiday. what is your ground game? what are you doing? >> we're going door to door is the best way to talk to voters and get your message out is face to face contact. >> reporter: latest poll has governor walker up by 6 ionts. may you prevail in your efforts. >> i am hopeful that we prevail. when you have elections they have consequences. if you don't like it, wait until the following reelection, not these special recall elections.
1:35 am
>> reporter: how significant sit to your national goal which is in november? >> i think it's very important. it's going to set the stage going on into november. >> reporter: what is the number one issue with wisconsin tea party groups that you guys, the umbrella that have nationwide, wisconsin tea party, what are they focusing on obviously just this recall election? >> they are going to get through this. they have been in campaign mode for the last two and a half years. hopefully it will end all the recalls in the state. they will be focused on what happens in the general election and going forward. >> reporter: let's talk about who is your opponent in this? >> as far as the primary opponent, i really think it is the special interests on the left. the unions, the occupy movement, those are the opponents in this election by and large. >> reporter: so let me ask you,
1:36 am
should things change and barrett wins, how would it impact you? >> if that happens, then i think we're going to see the left will definitely be energized and be excited going into the next few months leading into the national convention and elections, but it's not going to stop us. we'll keep on working. we have a country to save. we're going to start with wisconsin. >> greta: big endorsement in the recall race. milwaukee journal sentinel makes pick for governor. good evening, dave. i know you have endorsed a democratic, governor doyle. who do they endorse this time? >> in our sunday paper, we recommended governor walker in the recall election. now, we had recommended in 2010, as well. but the reason this time is a little bit different.
1:37 am
>> greta: i looked at the headline. it says we recommend walker and his removal isn't justified. i read the lengthy endorsement that he went too far in klfg collective bargaining and took a sharp turn on social issues. but then his opponent mayor barrett was slow to act. is it just he is better than barrett a little bit or is this enthusiastic? >> there are some things about governor walker that we have liked including what he has done with economic development in the state. the tort reform bills that were passed last year. other things we haven't. we did not support the central issue in this campaign which sharply curtailed collective bargaining even though we supported some aspects behind it. to us, it boils down to this is debate over policy. we think the bar needs to be a lot higher for a recall election
1:38 am
and argument over policy. we simply don't think that the opponents have crossed that bar. even though we have differences in yet with governor walker, we don't think he has done anything that justifies a recall? >> how many people make this decision? >> our editorial board is composed of six people, that includes the editor and publisher of the paper. we begin talking about what we would do if the governor is recalled even late last year when it came clear that he might be. we didn't have a former discussion until about a week ago. we had a discussion and there was a clear consensus that was the logical position which is what that we don't believe they are justified in this case. >> greta: in terms of making this decision, i realize your newspaper has been following this very closely.
1:39 am
did you meet with the candidates and have an editorial board meeting beforehand? >> we did not in this case. the reason for that is, again, we did, of course, back in 2010. we met with both candidates because there was primary. in this case we did not because essentially we've kind of made up our minds we think of recall election. we think he ought to be able to serve out his full four-year term. our discussion might be a lot of different if we were at the end of term now but the fact of the matter is we are 18 months in and we can't tell whether his policies are working for sure. out of fairness to him, there is no criminal wrongdoing here, there is month fal fees answer in office but a disagreement of policy issue. one policy issue, we don't think that is enough to justify ousting a governor early. >> greta: dave, thank you.
1:40 am
post the endorsement so our viewers can read it. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> coming up, who has been visiting the white house. inside look who has been going through the white house doors. in a few minutes, a congressman makes some bloopers. guess where they end up? in the opponent's hands. we'll show you what they do to them. them. you need to tell us what i have three daughters and my son, and then i have eleven grandkids. them. you need to tell us what right when you see them, they're yours, it's like, ah, it's part of me. it's me again. now that i'm retiring they all have plans for me. i'm excited. last season was the gulf's best tourism season in years.
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to get your feet moving to the beat. it's time to start gellin' with dr. scholl's and feel the energy from your feet up. thanks to the energizing support and cushioning of dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles, you'll want to get up and go. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. a very close call in a los angeles suburb. you're looking at the wreckage of a single-engine plane which crash-landed upside down on a sidewalk in glendale on monday night. the cessna 210 sliced through power lines on the way down, knocking out lights in that neighborhood. but no homes were hit. and the pilot, the only person on board, is in stable condition. he reported his plane was running rough just before that
1:46 am
crash. investors hoping for another good day on wall street tuesday, the dow broke a six-day losing streak on monday, closing up 135 points. analysts are crediting apple for helping move the market. such was not the case for facebook, the second day of trading and the shares fell $4. mark zuckerberg lost $2 billion. back to "on the record" with greta. reta. >> greta: when he announced his run for a president. liobtsz think they owned the president but they were here to take it back. nice to see you. who is going into white house. any lobbyists? >> there are a lot of lobbyists that come in and out of the white house. there is about 2600 people come in and out of building every day, but what we found is some
1:47 am
of the lobbyists who come most frequently have the closest ties to obama and his aides. these are people who are democrats that knew his trusted advisors before he came to the senate who has worked with obama in the senate. who endorsed him early for his presidency. who advised his 2008 campaign on policy. now, they have good access to the white house. >> greta: so in all fairness, it's business as usual. only difference is president obama said it wasn't going to happen. this is what every administration has done? >> that is good point. one of the interesting things about the story, is the statement we got from the bhph. people you looked at the in the story are lobbyists and that is only a small slice of the people that come in and out. i think what is important to remember that obama made
1:48 am
lobbyists an issue in his campaign. all the new rules that he had targeted for ethics, look at lobbyists specifically. he rejected lobbyist money for his own campaign. he also worked with corporate zeosmt on his jobs council. >> greta: white house defensive about it. are they saying they are not having as many lobbyists. you said there weren't going to be these lobbyists? >> it's hard to say if there is more or less. they may say, they say they have done the most of any administration in history to reduce the role of lobbyists and special interests. what the logs show and anybody can look at these, they are online, they show that sort of a parade of titans of industry, labor leaders. >> greta: and "washington post" has them online? >> that's right. >> greta: thank you. straight ahead?
1:49 am
>> they say elephants never forget but they can predict the future?
1:50 am
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>>. >> greta: top stories but here is the best of the rest. tampa rays ball boy, he missed a
1:53 am
foul ground ball right in front of the bullpen. that is when the heckling begin. braves pitch boy shared sunflower seeds with the ball boy. >> i wasn't going live that down. >> he is still all over it. not once but twice. the kid is wearing it though. >> greta: the ball boy was a good sport taking it all in stride. >> they say elephants never forget but it looks like they can see into the future. an elephant in poland has been picked to pick the winners of a tournament. also beat a donkey and parrot for the job but she has a lot to live up to paul predicted eight matches of the world cup in south africa. >> and take a look at these pictures. that is a rare eclipse over the seen over the skies of u.s. and asia.
1:54 am
millions of people saw the eclipse late yesterday and early this morning. the moon passed right in front of the sun creating what looked like a ring of fire. did you goat see it? if you have any photos send them to us. there you have it. best of the rest. one last look before we turn down the lights. a lot time saturday night live star calls it [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer togher. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when you're ready to move. [what happens when classroom o. teachers get the training... ...and support they need?
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here flash studio lights, it's time for last call. kristin has given us plenty of laughs here and is now saying farewell to saturday night live. before she goes a look at some memorable sketch autos good evening, welcome to on the record. i'm greta van sus stren. >> we americans have been religious people a member of my staff tells me.
1:59 am
>> and i'm going to miss her for sure, that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing shop. make sure you go to greta and tell us what you thought about tonight's show and tell me who should play me on "saturday night live" in the future, good night from washington, d.c.. go to greta right now. 6:00. >> dana: two main things. one of the stated purpose was to talk about the end of combat in afghanistan. our troops coming home. we have been working with nato for many years. set aside the policy side. my disagreement there. a strong statey


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