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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  May 22, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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international space station. >> every bit of adrenalin in my body released at that point. >> shepard: now we know there were some unannounced guests on board. plus sex scandal at the d.e.a. new details about what forced the feds to pull agents off the job in colombia. and why lawmakers say they've known about this for weeks. and a seventh grader tumbles down a waterfall and finds himself near a 270 foot death drop. >> under water and completely submerged. >> shepard: tonight, rescue at the falls! but first from fox this tuesday night, fighter jets scrambled and a passenger plane bound for the united states diverted after a woman on the flight reportedly claimed she had some kind of surgically implanted device in her. a bomb of sorts. this comes just weeks after the f.b.i. and homeland security warned that the airlines that terrorists could try to hide
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bombs inside their bodies. u.s. airways flight was going from paris to charlotte, north carolina, 179 passengers. nine crew. but somewhere over the atlantic, the pilots had to change their plan and head for bangor, maine. we're told a french citizen from cameroon had been acted suspiciously. she handed a note mentioning this inserted device. they alerted air traffic control and in no time, a pair of f-15 fighter jets met the plane in mid air and escorted it to maine where the feds were waiting. we're told they arrested the woman who was traveling alone, scheduled stay in the united states for 10 days with no checked baggage. a doctor on board reportedly examined the woman but found no recent scars that would indicate anything might be implanted anywhere. it's fox's top story and rick leventhal is on it and live in new york tonight. what are the passengers on there
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saying, what sparked that incident and what are people saying about what went down in the air? >> they're saying this woman was sitting by herself and she was acting jittery and there's obvious concerns she may have mental issues many she did not put up a fight when law enforcement escorted her off that jet. many passengers had no idea this woman had passed a threatening note to flight attendants and the pilots told passengers they were diverting because of a fuel issue and they later apologized to him for lying and made an announcement asking for doctors on board. those doctors examined the woman but apparently found no fresh surgical scars. >> they think somehow the inspections at the airport or the concerns that we have of that explosive devices are not real. i can tell you from what i'm aware of that there are surgeons who can perform this type of operation. >> it took a little over three hours for officials to clear the plane and allow those passengers to continue on to charlotte. they're just now passing through customs at this hour, shep. >> shepard: what were the fighter jets going to do if she had a bomb planted in her body? what would they do?
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>> these f-15's are part of operation of noble eagle and protecting u.s. airspace since 9/11. their job is to intercept any aircraft that might be deemed suspicious or in airspace it doesn't belong in. they are there to escort the jet to the ground and if necessary, shoot it out of the sky but obviously, that didn't happen here and they hope it never does. >> shepard: rick leventhal live in new york city. thanks very much. at this very moment, a spacecraft is orbiting the earth and heading toward a hookup with the international space station. what makes this unique is it's the first time a private company has sent up such a rocket. before now, only large governments carried out missions like this one. >> five, four, three,two, one, zero. and launch of the spacex falcon nine rocket. >> shepard: it lifted off early this morning from cape canaveral. the dragon space capsule on board carries 1,000 pounds of food, water and clothing for the astronauts on board the
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international space station. technical problems forced the company to abort the first launch attempt on saturday, just a fraction of a second before liftoff. this time it was all systems go. here's the moment when the rocket's first stage fell away. look at this thing and the second stage ignited to push the capsule into orbit. everything is running perfectly they tell us, the founder of spacex said getting this thing off the ground was like winning the super bowl and nasa offered some congratulations. >> today marks the beginning of a new era in exploration. a future in space that will create good paying jobs here on the florida coast as well as throughout the united states of america. >> shepard: nasa administrator says he could not overstate the significance of this day but make no mistake, all this is only the first step and there are some very serious hurdles to overcome now. phil keating is in our florida newsroom for us this evening. tell us as we move forward what happens next? >> shep, over the next few hours tonight, some key maneuver tests for the dragon capsule that will perform a full abort test as well as a free drift in
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space test. if all goes well, friday the big money day for spacex, success or failure of this mission. that's what residents on board the space station will either use the big robotic arm to grab dragon, bring it in and dock it or decide against it. a recently asked astronaut don petit via satellite up to space how confident he is now to fly home in a private spacecraft. >> we shouldn't be surprised if we do see some catastrophes happen and what we do need to do if those happen, regroup, sharpen our pencils and work on improved version and keep going. >> the only way down is via the russian built capsule but if all goes well with spacex, its founder hopes to begin taking humans in three or four years. >> shepard: they had some special guests on board this thing.
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>> the ashes of 300 space enthusiasts, fanatics, they're all on board in their ashes, little lipstick like canisters and right now, they're orbiting the earth and they'll do it for the next year or so and then eventually burn up into the atmosphere. that includes the ashes of the actor james duhan who played beam me up scottie, the engineer on "star trek" and the ashes of legendary mercury astronaut gordon cooper. the company that does this is based out in california. it charges $3,000 per person for one final lifetime flameout where you eventually become a microparticle of future sunsets. >> shepard: all right. phil keating in the florida newsroom. thanks. news just in -- the associated press is reporting now mitt romney has won the kentucky primary. polls have just closed there. arkansas is still holding a primary today. total of 75 delegates up for grabs in those two states. obviously, mitt romney has pretty much wrapped up the nomination. in fact, delegate counters say
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he could officially clinch it next week when texas holds its primary. mitt romney wins in kentucky. iranian officials supposedly plan to let inspectors come in to check out their nuclear program. that's new. you'll hear why diplomats are saying talk is cheap and it's time to see action plus an arrest in the case of a missing teenager. coming up, what police say they found inside the suspect's bag. and what do you call facebook now? some thoughts when the journalists at fox news on this tuesday "fox report." [ male announcer ] if you think tylenol
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let's shoot for the stars. let's invest in our teachers and inspire our students. let's solve this. >> shepard: it looks like there might be some movement in the nuclear stand-off with iran, at least the possibility thereof. the head of the united nations nuclear watchdog says he expects iran to allow more inspections. the experts are warning it could be just another stalling tactic. as you know, iran claims its nuclear program is strictly for peaceful purposes such as electricity and tomorrow, representatives from the united states and five other nations are meeting with the iranians in an attempt to get them to stop their program. today, state department
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spokesman victoria neulan said any deal if it's going to work the iranians have to put their money where their mouth is. >> obviously, the announcement of the deal is one thing but the implementation is what we're going to be looking for for iran to truly follow through and provide the access to all of the locations, the documents and the personnel that the iaea requires in order to determine whether iran's program is exclusively for peaceful purposes. >> everybody is a little skeptical, especially leaders in israel of just about anything the iranians say and they are demanding a hard line in tomorrow's nuclear talks. fox news chief correspondent jonathan hunt is with us. i'm wondering what the white house is starting to say about this deal. >> they're extremely cautious at the white house about this announcement today from the international atomic energy agency. they acknowledge that any forward movement is better than a step backwards in terms of iran and its nuclear programs but they say that iran has to,
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as always, be judged on its actions, not its words. here's white house spokesman jay carney. listen. >> i think it's important to note that the announcement today is a step forward. it's an agreement in principle, it represents a step in the right direction but as we said in the past about the totality of iran's obligations and their fulfillment of them, we will make judgments about iran's behavior based on actions, not just promises or agreements. >> underlying that caution, of course, is the fact that u.s. officials have seen this before, promises and agreements followed by broken promises and agreements. >> shepard: i'm sure the experts are remembering that as they chat about that today. >> we talked to a former u.n. weapons inspector on studio b earlier today and he pointed out that this agreement is only related to one particular
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nuclear site and in his few, that makes it worth -- not worth the paper, it's not even written on yet. here's tim. >> it's not what you would need to get a full picture of the entire nuclear program. to do that, you'd have to be able to go all the sites and stipulate that you want to go to sites that the iranians haven't declared so you can check out whether there's suspicious activities occurring elsewhere. getting into one site alone doesn't give you any degree of confidence that you get the full picture of nuclear activities in the country. >> and the test of whether iran is going to widen its agreement and allow those inspectors to go in and see all the sites will come during these talks which begin in baghdad tomorrow between iranian negotiators and six nations including the united states, shep. >> shepard: and the white house talking about actions, not words and the satellite images seem to suggest that north korea has just stepped up work on its own nuclear program and the regime vows it will not stop in the face of what it calls u.s.
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hostility. this is a new satellite picture of the goi, a commercial satellite imagery company of north korea's supposedly secret nuclear testing facility. experts who viewed this photo says it shows evidence they may be close to an underground nuclear test. remember last month, north korea tried to launch a rocket that blew up after liftoff and crashed into the sea. analysts say the communist government there could try to detonate a nuclear device in an attempt to save face. cops in california say a stranger snatched a girl on her way to school and murdered her. this guy is now under arrest, authorities say they found his d.n.a. inside the 15-year-old victim's bag. that bag turned up near san jose, california, close to where sierra lamar vanished in march. officials say they have strong evidence that the suspected killer got the teenager but her parents say they still have no -- that they have hope they'll find her daughter alive. >> we just need to bring sierra
7:15 pm
home so we still need to find her. so we're looking for everyone to help us do that. so -- and we're -- we want justice served. >> shepard: police say the accused killer is also a suspect in three other assaults on women in that area. facebook disaster. it was one of the most hotly anticipated ipo's in history. but in the space of just a few days, facebook has become one of the least successful in years. and maybe to hear it from the analysts the worst high profile ipo ever. so what happened? the facebook face plant next. but first, exactly one year ago today, the deadliest tornado this nation has seen in six decades dropped from the sky on to joplin, missouri. it killed 161 people. hundreds more injured. it erased entire sections of a great american city including more than 7500 homes.
7:16 pm
>> we have nothing. there's nobody in this town that has nothing. >> everything we've lost so far can be replaced. we have our lives and we have our dogs so we pick up the pieces and go on from there. >> shepard: today, a hospital released this video of the moment that the tornado burst through its waiting room last year. and here is what that hospital looked like outside after the tornado passed. one of thousands of buildings damaged beyond repair. but despite all the destruction, the people of joplin did not give up. far from it. they buried their dead and cried for what they lost and then they got to work. the tornado damaged and destroyed more than 500 businesses. today, the owners have either reopened or are in the process of reopening 85% of them. construction crews have started rebuilding more than 65% of the homes and all throughout joplin, folks are getting help from more than 130,000 volunteers. people who came from all across our nation in the days after that tornado and today, folks in joplin gathered for a day of
7:17 pm
unity. a walk through some of the hardest hit areas of their town. and at 5:41 p.m. central time, they held a moment of silence. to mark the exact moment that tornado hit. and changed everything. [ barking ] i'm your dog,
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>> europe again and worries over greece's future keeping our 401k's flat. stocks erased early gains with the dow closing down two. s&p down a fraction. the markets were on track for a second straight day of gains on the news that americans bought previously owned homes last month. but stocks sank in the late trading day after reports that greece's former prime ministers said the country may drop the euro as its currency, that
7:21 pm
according to the analysts that just spelled disaster for banks all over the world. then there's facebook. speaking of disaster. its value is down on paper some $40 billion in three days or close to it. that was not supposed to happen. the ipo is a disaster to hear it from many analysts, facebook's stock bleeding cash on word that its lead analyst, excuse me, blast earnings forecast before it went public. analysts told the biggest clients but not the everyday investors. many of them say they're livid that analysts kept them in the dark. officials in massachusetts subpoenaed one morgan stanley analyst to find out who what he told whom, which investors learned ahead of facebook's debut last friday. today in the third day of trading, facebook's stock was down again nearly $3 a share to close at $31. it went public at $38. a lot of people got in more than $40. one analyst said investing in
7:22 pm
the company now would "be like catching a falling knife." the company is on track to be one of the worst major ipo starts in the last five years and may be the worst ipo of its high profile nature. in the history of ipo's. wow! the fox business network's jerry willis is with us. these troubles could be just getting started from all that we're seeing today. >> absolutely. what you talked about, the market cap shrinking by $40 billion. that's as if two yahoos went out of business in a matter of days. big changes here. commonwealth of massachusetts investigating here and as you say, what they're asking are questions about is this morgan stanley analyst report, who got it, who got it when, what the report said is that revenues would go down. that's been a big point of contention with professional investors but let me tell you, if you were individually investing in that company, you didn't hear a word about that. >> shepard: the little guy is the one that gets the shaft on wall street.
7:23 pm
>> sec is looking into this. mary shapiro says it deserves a review. >> shepard: lawsuit over the glitches of the beginning of the trading day, they had to delay the start of training for an extra 30 minutes to it. >> suing hoping to turn it into a class action lawsuit. they're suing not only morgan stanley but the nasdaq for the way this thing was issued. think about this, some of the investors that brought on friday, they don't know if they own the stock or not. >> shepard: because of those very glitches. >> that's crazy. >> shepard: they probably hope not. >> exactly. and you would have had a chance to sell if you knew the answer to the question. >> shepard: unbelievable. >> sorry. a little -- it's not good for individual investors or anybody else. >> shepard: a little hot and bothered. jerry's program the willis report top of the hour on fox business network just 35 minutes from now. >> well done. >> shepard: see you then. google is searching for a larger piece of the smartphone market now and today, google completed a deal to buy motorola's mobile division. the price tag here is more than $12 billion. it's the most expensive acquisition that google has ever made and we're talking google so
7:24 pm
that's something. it would give google's android phone system some help as executives try to take market share away from apple's iphone, a big purchase for google. federal judge says palm wonderful juice isn't as great as the company made it sound. the juice -- the judge ruled that palm wonderful used deceptive advertising when it claimed its pomegranate juice could treat or prevent illnesses including cancer and heart disease. a palm wonderful spokesman says the company plans to review one of the judge's ruling and said we whole heartedly believe in the power of the pomegranate. vice president joe biden going after mitt romney again. politics is brutal. tonight, why the vice president says governor romney is no more qualified to be president than joe the plumber. plus new details about the latest federal agents accused of hiring hookers in colombia. and a teenager ends up on the edge of a waterfall almost 300 feet high. we'll show you what happened
7:25 pm
next thanks to a hero with a camera. as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news and "fox report" is live tonight. [ male announcer ] this is corporate caterers, miami, florida. in here, great food demands a great presentation. so at&t showed corporate caterers how to beer collaborate by using a mobile solution, in a whole new way. using real-time photo sharing abilities, they can create and maintain high standards, from kitchen to table. this technology allows us to collaborate with r drivers to make a better experience for our customers.
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7:29 pm
man. >> shepard: one rescuer shot this video as another walked on an aluminum ladder to reach the boy on the other side. >> if i would have followed him down, i would have gone down the other waterfall that was right there. >> shepard: it had been eight hours since the river swept him away while he was swimming up stream. a long way, he survived the 10 foot drop. >> i fell down the first waterfall and was under water and just completely submerged. >> shepard: somehow, the 13-year-old managed to cling to this ledge just before the second fall. a 27-story plunge. >> i was like, i'm safe! i'm like safe on this rock, ok, you guys. by the way, there's a fantastic view. >> shepard: the boy kept his sense of humor as the rescuer finally reached him. >> he's a smart kid. he asked me if i had a plan. and i said, yes, we have a plan. we're working on it. >> they eventually made their
7:30 pm
way up the wall and camped there overnight. the helicopter brought the group to safety the following morning and the boy's mother says that's the last time you'll see her son near that river. >> i've never had him in a situation, any of my children where they were in danger of losing their life. so to fathom not having him come home was just too much to think of. >> shepard: rescuers say he probably would not have come home had the water swept him over the falls. they say the last time that happened, they found the victim's body two days later. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news and vice president joe biden says the former massachusetts governor mitt romney's business experience does not make him presidential material. here, listen. >> your job as president is to promote the common good. that doesn't mean the private equity guys are bad guys. they're not! but that no more qualifies you to be president than being a plumber.
7:31 pm
it doesn't -- and by the way, there are a lot of awful smart plumbe plumbers. >> shepard: yesterday, the president said romney's time at bain capital is a key issue in this race. the newark, new jersey mayor cory booker who since dialed things back. booker said the republicans are using him and taking things out of context. carl cameron is on it live from washington. hey, carl. >> booker says his words are being twisted and used by the g.o.p. for partisan advantage against his party and his president. here's what he famously said starting all this this past sunday. >> this kind of stuff is nauseating to me on both sides. it's nauseating to the american public. enough is enough. stop attacking private equity. stop attacking jeremiah wright. >> booker has been on the air and talking about this nonstop ever since and he clearly regrets those remarks. listen. >> frustratingly, i think i conflated the attacks that the
7:32 pm
republicans were taking with jeremiah wright with some of the attacks on the left. and those can't even be equated. the noxious nature of some of the attacks that we've seen going on to our president. >> the problem is there are no attack ads running by romney or any republican or conservative group linking the president to his former pastor jeremiah wright. but the obama campaign is running attack ads on romney's record at the private equity firm bain capital right now, shep. >> shepard: president obama said this is a legitimate campaign issue, his record in business that he was touting as one of his reasons that people should vote for him for president. >> that's right. and by all accounts, all of the attacks on bain aren't making much different and it was a successful company. about 80% of the undertakings have been profitable or saved and created jobs but the attacks seem to be a wash. the latest "washington post" poll says 21% consider romney's business record a major reason to vote for him while 21% say it's a reason to vote against him. and 54% say it's really not a
7:33 pm
major factor at all and as for whether or not it's anti-free enterprise or fair game, it's worth noting that earlier this year, just four months ago, folks like newt gingrich and the rick santorum campaign, rick perry, the governor of texas and even sarah palin were all beating up on romney for his business record and saying it was fair game themselves. >> shepard: carl cameron, fair and balanced as always tonight from washington. good to see you, pal. thank you. prosecutors say investigators caught a soldier hours before he finished building a bomb. a bomb that he planned to use against his fellow troops. investigators say he planned to detonate it at a popular restaurant near ft. hood in texas and now he's on trial facing charges including charges of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. suspect in court today wearing a mask, see that? he's apparently bitten his lip and spat blood upon people. one investigator testified the suspect admitted that he planned to leave the bomb in the restaurant and go outside and shoot anybody who survived the explosion.
7:34 pm
but the suspect's defense lawyer said the bottom line is a bomb was never built. the investigator also said the suspect chose ft. hood to support the army psychiatrist accused of murdering 14 soldiers there in 2009. a man in california turned a super soaker into a real gun. look at this thing. no water in there. it's now a real gun. instead, police discovered the man had fashioned a barrel inside the toy just large enough for one round of ammunition and it was loaded with a shotgun shell. the cops say they found the makeshift firearm as part of a wider crackdown on guns in central california. the super soaker's owner was already a convicted felon and here he is. he now faces charges including making an illegal weapon. u.s. lawmakers said today they've known about the latest colombian hooker scandal for weeks now. as we reported last night, the feds are investigating as many as three agents with the drug enforcement administration. feds accuse the agents of hiring
7:35 pm
prostitutes around the time of president obama's visit last month. it was a very popular thing to do. the justice department officials say this is separate from the scandal involving the secret service. today, house homeland security chairman peter king confirmed he's kept this quiet for a few weeks for security and operational reasons. trace gallagher is live in the west coast news hub. what more are we learning about now this incident? >> well, unlike the secret service agents who were visiting colombia, these d.e.a. agents actually live in colombia based in bogota trying to intercept the drug cartels down there. the d.e.a. says the agents were entertaining female masseuses at the apartment there. congressman peter king said he's not interested in the whole morality, personality or personal morality issue but he's concerned that the agents left themselves vulnerable. listen. >> you're in a foreign country and you're leaving yourself at
7:36 pm
risk to at the very least being blackmailed, to being drugged, to being killed, to having sensitive information taken from you. and that would put at risk other d.e.a. agents in the country. >> those three agents have since been removed from colombia pending the outcome of this investigation, shep? >> shepard: lawmakers say they're concerned this is becoming a bit of a pattern, trace. >> yeah, because now you have 12 secret service agents and 12 members of the military, now you add three members of the d.e.a. and you've got some concern about who might be next. senator susan collins said and i'm quoting here, it's disturbing that we may be uncovering a troubling culture that spans more than one law enforcement agency. the evidence uncovered thus far indicates that likely was not just a one time incident and that's what the justice department is now trying to figure out, that congressman king says it is way too early to issue a blanket indictment. listen.
7:37 pm
>> there are always going to be inappropriate actions, there's always going to be people who do the wrong thing. that doesn't mean there's a culture. that doesn't mean it's condoned and i think it's unfair to the brave men and women that put their lives on the line every day. >> the white house was asked about this today and chose not to comment. instead, deferring all questions to the d.e.a. shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher live in los angeles. the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan will step down this summer a year ahead of schedule. that's the word from the state department. ryan crocker, he's leaving early because of health problems according to officials. he's a six time ambassador who came out of retirement last year when president obama personally asked him to take the job in kabul. just yesterday, the president and nato leaders announced a plan to end the war in afghanistan. it calls for afghan forces to take control of combat missions next year and for all foreign combat forces to leave the country by 2014. new calls for a crackdown after
7:38 pm
the nation's biggest bank lost billions of dollars and today, regulators pushed a plan to make sure it cannot happen again. that's next. plus a little boy staring down cars and one very big bus. that's ahead on "fox report." [ female announcer ] with swiffer dusters, a great clean doesn't have to take longer. i'm done. [ female announcer ] unlike sprays and dust rags, swiffer 360 dusters extender can clean hard to reach places in less time. swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back.
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>> shepard: it's time wall street learned a lesson. that's what top regulators told lawmakers today about the multibillion dollar mistake at the nation's biggest bank. they testified before the senate committee saying j.p. morgan chase's huge losses prove we need tougher rules. it comes after the bank lost at least $2 billion in risky trades. much like the bad bets that hurt the economy back in 2008. and one man reportedly at the center of it all, a london-based trader whose reputation for risk taking earned him the nickname voltimort, harry potter's evil
7:42 pm
enemy. now some lawmakers say strict new rules could keep other banks from blowing billions of dollars as well. peter barnes is live in d.c. and i guess they're still working with these regulators and trying to figure out what regulations would work but would it have prevented this loss at j.p. morgan chase? >> well, shep, regulators told senators that the rules at the least would have let them keep better track of what j.p. morgan was up to and even would have let them see that it was vlotimort placing the bets. >> it would have been detailed transparency to regulators and transparency to the public and i would say under the s.e.c.'s proposed rules for reporting, we would have known the trading desks and the trader as well. >> regulators are expected to finalize these new rules by summer and they will give banks two years to comply. shep? >> shepard: not if republicans have anything to do with it. >> well, yeah, republicans repeated their concern that the new rules will raise compliance costs for banks which they could
7:43 pm
pass on to customers, will hurt liquidity in financial markets and will hurt innovation in financial products. they feel that the simpler solution here would -- to the bank's risky practices is to make them hold more capital. >> let the people in the marketplace make the decisions that they will make and let them live with the consequences without having the taxpayer at risk because we required a sufficient buffer that a firm could lose 1% of their capital in a recent example and not have everybody sweating bullets about it. >> regulators have already set higher capital levels at banks including at j.p. morgan. shepard? >> shepard: peter barnes live tonight in washington. thanks. the newest hire at new york city's airports never had a background check. she is a hologram. meet ava, the virtual customer service rep. seriously. port authority officials, port authority owns all the airports
7:44 pm
or runs them, she'll start popping up around new york area airports this summer helping folks find their way around the terminals. they took her for a test run yesterday. >> i can say what you want, dress the way you want and be just about anything you want me to be. >> shepard: forget about it, i'd like you to lose the smile and be rude like every new yorker expects. come on. the port authority is renting the hologram for a six month trial. wow. police in florida say this husband and wife teamed up to steal airport luggage right from the baggage claim five different times, these two. in each case, the cops say the guy was well dressed and mingled with other passengers. then he'd just grab a bag and go. they say his wife was his getaway driver. cops caught the couple in fort lauderdale hollywood airport on monday and say they found two large suitcases in the back of the s.u.v. along with everything from toothbrushes to prescription drugs.
7:45 pm
a 3-year-old rode his toy bicycle into the middle of real traffic. would you look at this? security camera video shows the boy crossing a huge intersection even narrowly missing a bus. thanks to a traffic cop who spotted him and led him out of there. apparently, the kid had taken off on his bike while his grandfather who was babysitting him went to the bathroom. it happened in china and the pictures are quite something. there are new claims that pentagon officials leaked the name of the -- i should say seal team six commander who helped orchestrate the plot to take out bin laden. plus the late penn state football coach joe paterno spent more than six decades coaching the nittany lions. now his family is set to get his pension. it's a very large pension. and that's ahead. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online.
7:46 pm
attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers. if you made a list of countries from around the world... ...with the best math scores. ...the united states would be on that list. in 25th place. let's raise academic standards across the nation. let's get back to the head of the class. let's solve this.
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>> shepard: officials at the pentagon accused of revealing the identity of a commander of the navy's seal team 6 to help hollywood make a movie about the bin laden raid. that's the word from the government watchdog group judicial watch, the conservative group. it reports officials gave the commander's name to a director and a screenwriter but asked them not to tell anybody about it. catherine herridge is in d.c. what are we learning about this commander? >> judicial watch seized the documents earlier this year and this page stands out where the name of the seal operator is blacked out after the film director katherine bigelow and the writer learned the name of the operator, they apparently can hardly contain their excitement. listen to this exchange. that's dynamite, by the way. bigelow, that's incredible. boal, this is me happy. >> the filmmakers were given the keys to the kingdom in terms of access to information about the bin laden raid. they met with top officials at the c.i.a. they had the support of leon
7:50 pm
panetta, then c.i.a. director. they met with top officials at the pentagon and importantly, they met with top officials at the obama white house. >> we don't know how many meetings were held about the bin laden raid but so far 153 defense department documents have been released and from the c.i.a. there are 113 pages in this document, shep. >> shepard: any sense for how much they got? >> according to judicial watch, they were granted access to what's called the c.i.a. vault. this is a room that's described to fox as pretty nondescript but where the tactical planning is done. they got meetings with the white house counterterrorism advisor john brennan and deputy national security advisor for the project and late today, we got a response from the defense department. it reads in part, the department of defense as well as other agencies and departments regularly engage with the entertainment industry to inform projects ranging from books to
7:51 pm
documentaries to feature films and you can count on probably more of a response on capitol hill tomorrow -- where at least committee chairman has called for a full investigation into these meetings. shep. >> shepard: i'm sure. >> you can count on it. >> shepard: politics season, good times. thank you. the three men police say plotted to bomb the mayor of chicago's home, president obama's chicago campaign headquarters, police stations and financial institutions, all of that, those three guys appeared in court today. you'll recall cops arrested them on saturday ahead of the nato summit. if convicted, the three could each face up to 30 years in prison. but their attorneys are like undercover officers entrapped these men. infiltrating the group, encouraging them to make the bombs. we'll follow the case. the widow of the late penn state football coach joe paterno is set to receive his state pension, more than $13 million. the family's spokesman says the total is based on the standard formula for state employees. joepa earned the money during
7:52 pm
his 61 year coaching career at penn state. the paternos plan to donate $1 1/2 million to charity that work with penn state and the local community. paterno died in january, less than three months after school officials fired him in the wake of a child sex abuse charges against his former assistant coach, jerry sandusky. cops say they've arrested a 19-year-old suspect in a shooting spree that hurt at least seven people. one critically following an nba playoff game. it tops our news across america. oklahoma -- police say the trouble started in the brit town section of oklahoma city. then it's after the thunder beat the l.a. lakers last night. a fight broke out as crowds walked to the popular nightlife district. california -- a single engine plane crashed last night in a neighborhood near los angeles. authorities say the aircraft cut through power lines but didn't hit any homes. the pilot escaped the wreck with minor injuries. nobody on the ground hurt.
7:53 pm
texas -- surveillance video captured two people stealing a puppy from a pet store near houston. you can see one of them distracted a worker as the other ran off with the bulldog. a tip led authorities to the suspects and the pup. one dog napper reportedly confessed. wisconsin -- an 80-year-old man receiving his high school diploma in a special ceremony near milwaukee. he earned his g.e.d. decade ago while serving in military. he says he found high school paperwork about nine years ago and finally called up the school that gave him his own graduation ceremony in front of his family and fellow veterans and that's "fax wat -- fox watch." across america! >> shepard: ever caught a ball in a baseball stadium? what about a home run ball? the odds of catching home run balls back to back two in one game, pretty small. but this guy did it. and it didn't take him very
7:54 pm
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>> shepard: you're watching "the fox report" from america's cable news leader, fox newschannel. not a bad night for a fan at the ballpark at the cincinnati reds. take a look at this fan that caught the ball. he never came close to catching a ball. last night, look at that. he did it. one batter later, the very next batter, another souvenir, another -- look at this. the guy says he didn't keep the ball but there he got another one. he gave one to a friend and the other to a player who hit the second home run. says it was his first career long ball. before we go, our top five things of the day. number five, two d.j.'s in toronto gave prince charles a lesson in mastering the turntable. folks who were there say he did pretty well. number four, a new study shows nearly 1 in 4 american teenagers has borderline or full blown
7:58 pm
diabetes. that's more than twice as many as 10 years ago. number 3, a third day of jury deliberations and still nothing in the corruption trial of the former senator and democratic presidential hopeful john edwards. number 2, the first privately owned rocket to fly to the international space station set to arrive there later this week. falcon 9 rocket lifted off this morning from cape canaveral. number one, a u.s. bound flight from paris was diverted after a passenger said she had some kind of surgically implanted device in her. the f.b.i. reports nobody on the plane was in any danger and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1843, 1,000 pioneers set out from missouri on the first major wagon train on the oregon trail. small group of missionaries and fur traders had been heading west for decades. farmers soon followed looking for cheap land and that year, hundreds of families packed up their belongings on to wagons
7:59 pm
and off they went. not an easy trip. mountains, rivers, the threat of indian attacks, fortunately most made it alive. in 1884, a new symbol of westward expansion replaced the oregon trail. they call it the railroad. but pioneers pushed of 169 years ago today. and now you know the news. for the journalists of fox news, i'm shepard smith. thanks for trusting us for your news and information. opinion and analysis begins on primetime now. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight -- there is more to the occupy movement than you know. tonight, a factor investigation will shed light on who was financing these demonstrations, how much violence is in the air and how these protests may impact on the white house. >> are you


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