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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 22, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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news and other network news organizations are not covering mitt romney's wealth the same way they reported on john kerry's money. the former president of abc news will be here. >> obama is not god! he's still a man. >> you will not disrespect the president of the united states in this classroom! >> bill: how much should public schoolteachers get involved with politics in the classroom? a teacher has been suspended in north carolina for going over the line. >> whenever bush was in, everybody called him a [beep] bush. everybody did. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, "the factor" begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. who is behind the occupy wall street movement? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. officials in chicago say they
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consider themselves lucky that there wasn't are more violence at the nato summit over the weekend. thousands of protesters, many aligned with the occupy movement hit the streets of the windy city determined to tell the world how much they despise nato. question -- what does income and equality and unfair economics have to do with nato? just asking. anyway, about 90 people were arrested. dozens injured including eight police officers, one of whom was stabbed. now, you may remember in the beginning of the occupy wall street movement, president obama was publicly sympathetic towards it. today, wendell goler asked jay carney about that. >> the president has voiced support for the occupy folks in the past. did their actions in chicago sour his support? >> well, i think you're making broad comparisons between different groups. what the president has said in the past is that he has
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understood the frustrations that americans have about the failure in particular of wall street in some cases to -- well, because of -- obviously, wall street's role in the financial crisis that helped precipitate the worst recession since the great depression. >> bill: with all due respect, mr. carney looked a bit shaky there. did he not? now, the factor has been investigating who exactly is behind the occupy movement which is now very well organized and no longer a citizens protest. rather, it is a hardcore far left movement designed to cause as much trouble as possible. the sincere occupiers left a long time ago. what's left are the professional agitators. the occupy movement is being run out of washington, d.c. and offices belonging to the
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institute for policy studies is a far left outfit. the director of the group is a long time liberal activist. his nonprofit institute accepts money from, surprise, george soros through the tides foundation. hundreds of thousands of dollars are involved. the service employees international union headed by mary k. henry is paying rent for the occupy wall street crew in d.c. about $4,000 a month the union is picking up. the sciu has more than two million members and collects about $300 million a year from dues and other financial vehicles. miss henry herself has visited the white house a number of times as has the former head of the seiu, andy stern. who has also been a frequent visitor to the white house and remains deeply involved with the union. from their d.c. offices, the occupy leadership e-mails game plans to their hardcore members. telling them where to assemble, what to protest and even what to
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wear. today, for example, the occupy agitators were told to wear red for new york city protest. again, the goal of the occupiers is no longer to raise awareness of economic injustice, it is to disturb the peace. and attack those with whom they disagree. the occupiers have big plans for the political conventions this summer and disruption is the strategy. it's long past time for president obama to condemn the anarchistic element of the occupiers which is now dominant. instead, the president falls back on protecting freedom of speech platitude. sure, tell that to the chicago cop who got stabbed, mr. president. that's a memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction, with us between a r k rockand a hard place. >> i say there's no reason why the president should dignify crazy left wing or right wing on any side agitators by giving them presidential attention. and if it's -- >> bill: he did yesterday. he gave them presidential
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attention yesterday by saying that nato stood for freedom of speech and allowed these people -- >> i saw it. they have freedom of speech. we know that. does anybody in their right mind think the president somehow backs somebody that is going to stab a chicago cop? >> bill: it's in the context of what he said in the beginning. >> because not every candidate can renounce everybody whoever is crazy -- >> bill: everybody. how did jay carney do today? how did he do? >> i think he should have been a little bit more on point and answered a little more forcefully. >> bill: did that answer make sense to you? do you have any idea what he was saying? >> what i would have said is i would have -- >> bill: we don't really care what you would have said. how did he do? >> i don't have that gift. >> bill: i would say he did -- i would give him a c. i think what he focused on -- >> bill: pretty generous. are you doing it on a curve? are you marking on the curve? >> let me say what he talked about was the frustrations. >> bill: i know. everybody is frustrated. ok, now, look we know you don't like the occupiers.
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we know you're conservative. i don't understand why barack obama now with a police officer being stabbed, the city of oakland almost being burned down, ok, doesn't come out and say, you know, in the beginning, it was ok. a citizens protest but now, this is unacceptable. and i repudiate it. because if i were mitt romney, i would be all over the airwaves today saying all right, yes or no? >> well, obama won't say it because he can't. >> bill: yes, he can. >> yes, he can. >> let me tell you why, occupy wall street forget about the shock troops on the ground at zuccotti park and in chicago this week and focus on the generals who have been arc traiting this. you pointed out seiu, afl-cio, the international socialists movement, the american communist party, assorted anarchists and let's not forget bill ahers and van jones very tightly involved in this from the beginning, from last summer, they orchestrated this. >> bill: you don't think that the president of the united states should distance himself from those people? >> here's why he cannot do it,
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bill. occupy wall street was set up and orchestrated for two reasons. one to supply president obama with his central campaign theme of inequality and number two -- don't be so sure. >> bill: they were going to bomb his headquarters in chicago. they arrested three of them there. >> this gets me to my second point. to create enough chaos and disorder in this country to justify two things. either a, a government crackdown or b, to justify any kind of -- any kind of activity to get the redistributions agenda out. wait a minute, this is all about destroying the economic system in order to destroy the political system. >> bill: they don't have enough numbers, as i said, to do that and i also predicted the occupy wall street would lose all credibility which they have. but now, it's a hardcore crew. look, 2000 is not a lot of protesters to bring to chicago, it's not. so the whole thing is trunk ated but the 2,000 that show are very, very adamant about causing trouble.
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>> they attempt to try to tie them or any of these people to president obama. >> bill: i'm not doing that. i will tell you this, it is a tremendous mistake for barack obama not to repudiate this. 20 seconds and 20 seconds. >> they are protesting as you pointed out both conventions they're protesting obama, they are not in his pocket. they are not supporting him. they're anarchists. >> but he is the leader of the country and he needs to set a tone in this country. >> he's responsible. >> bill: you don't believe he's the leader of the country? >> every time a nut says or does something does not deserve presidential attention. >> to the point of why they're operating, it's not barack obama orchestrating the generals and the troops in the street but they're operating on his behalf on behalf of his agenda. >> bill: all right. >> that's why he will not come into this, he can't. they're advancing his cause. >> bill: prediction time? he's going to repudiate them. soon. >> don't underestimate their power, bill. and the abilities of the unions to answer -- >> i think they can cause a lot of trouble and i said this, i think somebody is going to get killed. absolutely do. leftist people are, you know, i think somebody is going to get
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killed. i absolutely do. all right. next on the rundown, a new study says the network newscasts are not covering mitt romney the same way they covered john kerry in 2004. we'll talk with the former president of abc news. later, actor will smith slaps a reporter in russia. will he be charged? will he be charged? should he be charged? having an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation will he be charged? should he be charged? puts you at 5 times greater risk of stroke. don't wait. go to for a free discussion guide to help you talk to your doctor about reducing your risk. that's then don't get nickle and dimed by high cost investments and annoying account fees.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. you may remember that last week reported on an excellent study by the media research study that pinpointed how the three nightly newscasts are covering mitt romney's money as opposed to john kerry's money. in the period of january to april of this year, the three newscasts discussed romney's wealth 27 times. in the same period in 2004, they discussed kerry's finances twice. in fact, abc news did 15 stories on romney money. one on kerry money. that was better than nbc which did none on kerry money. here now is the man who was running abc news back in 2004, david west and the author of the brand new book "exit interview" about his time at abc news. what say you about this study? >> first, thanks for having me, bill. i'm not responsible for the news now. i'm not responsible for the news coverage. i was back during the kerry time.
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and my recollection in 2004 is the big issue of the country was facing was the war. that's what everybody was talking about and interestingly, you remember this well, what happened during that election was really they turned around kerry's war record with veterans of truth, i talk about this in the book and made it all sort of a referendum on his claim to be a hero. >> bill: there was all of that. that went to character and what i see at the network news now is basically they're trying, they being certain individuals, not everyone. i just want to mention it's not everybody but certain individuals trying to portray romney as this rich, out of touch guy. we saw a clip of diane sawyer in the cold open saying, you know, you and your party out of touch. there isn't anybody more wealthy than john kerry. he lives on beacon hill and he has a house on nantucket and wind surfing all over the place, all right, he's a swell. yet, it was never mentioned and now romney, that's the theme.
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and so some people might say, look, they're trying to demonize romney because of his money while they gave kerry a pass. >> i'm not saying that they shouldn't have -- they shouldn't cover this less than they are. i'm not trying to defend them, bill. what i'm saying now is many americans are worried about their economic situation. they're worried about their jobs, their houses, their children, their 401k's and things like that, that wasn't true in 2004. >> bill: you think it's economically driven. i don't see it that way. >> it's driven by the opponent. the obama campaign is pushing this story very, very hard. >> bill: the media is picking up on that. >> and the george w. bush was pushing let's challenge kerry's war record hard, too. >> bill: i don't know about that. i think the veterans for justice supported bush. i don't know how direct involvement bush had -- the bush white house with those people. now, you were at abc after i left. i think that's why you came. as soon as i left abc, westin came in to run the operations. >> you were the one that got away. you were one of my great regrets. >> bill: i liked abc news much
11:15 pm
more than cbs which i had worked for prior. i felt the culture of the management of abc news when i was there and i think that the people would admit they personally, their belief system was liberal. am i wrong? >> well, we fought against it every day. >> bill: did you really? >> yes. >> bill: why did you fight against it? >> i thought our mission was not to be left of center or right of center. >> bill: you saw what i saw, then? >> i saw a lack of diversity and it wasn't just political diversity. >> bill: how did that define itself? >> it can be religious, it can be race and ethnicity. >> bill: but to you. >> and i was always concerned that we needed voices at the table who would say, you know, part of the world doesn't see it the way you do. there's another part of the world and i felt this powerfully. i come from michigan and just in a small way, the midwest. >> bill: you saw there was an elitism at abc news? >> tendency for everybody to hire people like themselves. >> bill: how were they, though? you're dodging. how were they? were there liberal elitists when
11:16 pm
you got there? >> there was a range of people. i thought we should go to a east coast orientation and upper middle class, yes, white, caucasian and expand out and hire a diverse group of people and put them into management positions mainly so they could -- >> bill: you would admit there were many more liberal thinkers than conservatives in the news organization when you got there, would you not? >> i never asked people what their personal views are but honest to god, we fought every single day against that. i mean, i never heard people in news discussions take liberal points of view as liberal points of view ever. >> bill: as you know, i was a friend of peter jennings. and i liked mr. westin's book, by the way, i read it. you had a great story of you going head to head as you're a rookie with jennings who is a monster about princess diana. i don't want to give this story away. i want people to read your book. jennings himself was a liberal man, all right? he was. but he did try to tamp it down but he admitted that the whole culture of network news was
11:17 pm
left. he admitted it. >> listen, bill, one of the things i talk about in the book is we all have a bias. whether we know it or not>> bill: it has to change. >> oh, i think we really did change it. >> bill: you think you did? >> i think we made progress in saying other people have a voice at the table. >> bill: last question. do you think romney is going to get a fair shake from the three network news organizations as opposed to obama this time around? >> you know, i think first of all, i'm not running it, i don't know. >> bill: i know you're not. what do you think? >> this is what i really think. i think that news organizations respond to the audience much more than we give them credit for. ultimately we get the news media that we demand. >> bill: all right. i think you guys are ok fair so far. i think nbc obviously tilted way left. you and cbs seem to be at least trying. you're not there anymore. i'm just saying you because you're attached to abc. the book is "exit interview" and it's a good read if you want to know about jennings, a lot of good stuff about him in the book. and mr. westin, thanks. appreciate you very much. directly ahead, brit hume will react to the interview you just heard and later, a north carolina high school teacher is
11:18 pm
you suspended for a political discussion between barack obama and george w. bush. heated words were exchanged with a student. >> bill: the factor is coming right back. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready?
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>> bill: zone segment tonight, fox news senior political analyst brit hume at washington. worked at abc news for 23 years. so what did you think about david westin's explanation on the romney-kerry wealth factor? >> well, he had a point it seems to me, bill, that the economy and that sort of issue is front and center this year in a way that it wasn't back in
11:22 pm
2004, perhaps. but -- and i would also add that he came -- became president although i've known him a long time and counted him as a friend and liked him, david westin came to be president of abc news after i had gone but i will say this about the atmosphere that i recall at abc news, it is not surprising to me that join kerry's wealth and the way he lived did not occasion much coverage or interest from the news media in 2004 just as the kennedy wealth never really occasioned any unfavorable references when the kennedy family was front and center in american political life. it's just the democrats with money look different to reporters in the mainstream media than republicans with money do. there's some taint that attaches in minds of republicans that doesn't attach to rich liberals. that romney vs. kerry example seems to be evident. >> bill: john kennedy's father made his money bootlegging, selling booze in prohibition,
11:23 pm
right? he amassed a fortune and then he did a number of other unsavory things, joseph kennedy. and then he passed down the money and in the form of trust funds and they own a lot of other things. he got the illegal money, the criminal money and then he invested it in legal stuff. and so the president, j.f.k. and the kennedy family were beneficiaries of that. john kerry's wealth stemmed from his marriages. he got money by marrying very wealthy women. it seems to me, though, if it's a character deal, because that's what they're making it with mitt romney. all right? that's what the media is framing the issue is. mitt romney is out of touch, rich guy, he doesn't even care about the working people. he's a greed head. and to me, there's a reason why and it looks on the surface and i think many of our viewers believe this, that the why is pure ideology. that the media especially the television news organizations want a democrat in the white house and they'll use anything
11:24 pm
to get a republican to lose. >> just a couple of thoughts on that, bill. number one, it seems to me a fair distinction to be made between stories that are about mitt romney's consumption of the wealth, what he spends it on. you know, the elevator in the garage and the -- and mrs. romney's two cadillacs. that's one thing. another -- the question of how he made his money is a different matter. i'm not saying that any -- that there's been a lot of fair coverage of that in the mainstream media or unfair. what i'm saying is that's more legitimate because that goes to the question of, you know, whether this particular businessman who is running on his business record should be president. so let's -- let's make that distinction. having done that, though, i would say that. having said that, i'd add this. when a liberal uses his fortune or her fortune to advance liberal causes, that always seems to journalists to be rather benevolent. when a conservative is advancing an agenda that has to do with light regulation or lighter regulation and lower tax rates and so forth, i think it strikes a lot of reporters as an effort to simply further their own
11:25 pm
wealth and those of people who like them and it seems to them not to be a very benevolent mission to be on and i think that may account for part of it but there's no doubt in my mind that what the point you're making about there being any logical bias as president. i was in the mainstream media for 23 years in television and it was definitely there. and i'm not saying reporters got up every morning and thought, you know, how can i screw this republican and help this liberal? that wasn't how it worked. it's more unconscious than that but it's there. >> bill: i was there a much shorter period of time than you and i saw it as well. all right, brit hume, everybody, as always, playing as the factor moves along this evening. will smith slaps a reporter in russia. is it a criminal offense? is it legal? next, a teacher suspended for a very intense political discussion. >> bill: we hope you stay tuned for those reports. what's withou?
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>> bill: school officials in north carolina have suspended a schoolteacher for initiating a very intense political discussion.
11:30 pm
>> bill: here now, fox business anchor john stossel and author of the big new book "no, they can't, why government fails but individuals succeed." first of all, warning to all you teachers out there that you're going to be recorded now, everything you say, some kid is going to have some cell phone on you which is a frightening proposition because teachers make mistakes as well. now, when i was a teacher, i taught a class called contemporary problems in high school. and i tried to give strengths and weaknesses of both candidates running for any office whether it be president or governor and this and that. i didn't come out in favor of anybody. i thought that was the best way to handle it. this woman was more of an advocate for president obama than i believe she should have been. is that what you saw, too? >> she was also wrong in saying it's illegal to criticize the president of the united states. >> bill: yes. i think she was saying if you threaten somebody, but be that as it may --
11:31 pm
>> it is legal if you threaten the president but he's saying you can't criticize. >> bill: she let the discussion to get out of control. obscenities were used. that should never happen and she got suspended but this kind of stuff happens all the time, indoctrination of students, you know that. >> sure, when you were teaching it was catholic school and there was a market. if the parents didn't like you, they could take their kids somewhere else. they were paying for their own kid. the problem with this situation, i'm sure it's just one isolated incident and maybe she otherwise is a good teacher, i don't know. she's suspended but with pay. i call that a vacation in my mind. >> bill: not a good thing to have your sheet, though. >> that's true. the point is that you can't -- if she is a terrible teacher, in the government monopoly system, you can't fire them. i mean, in new york city, a teacher who sent sexual e-mails to a 16-year-old students couldn't fire him. eight years it took. hundreds of thousands of dollars. people who hit -- >> bill: a little chart of what it takes to fire a guy.
11:32 pm
>> i confronted the head of the union, if you go through the steps, they're not that bad. >> bill: how do i fire an inept teacher? >> except the steps go on and on under the union rules so the principals just give up. they transfer them to another school. >> bill: it's not worth the litigation and this, that and the other thing. >> they have a name for it. >> bill: we're not saying this teacher should be fired. we don't know enough about her but it comes right down to controlling the classroom and nonindoctrination of students and a lot of people including me are very concerned that in academia, colleges are the worst. but high school and junior high as well, they are trying to indoctrinate students to their political point of view and this kid, as prude as the kid was had a point. come on, i can say what i want. here's the kid. i have an opinion and you're not to tell me i'm an idiot and what you know is best. and she responded emotionally which you never do in a classroom. >> what's your larger point?
11:33 pm
the major networks are trying to indoctrinate the country about romney. people do -- >> bill: you can turn it on and off whereas you have a captive audience in the classroom on that children. >> that's what's wrong. how would you like if you were assigned your grocery store about where you live? >> bill: i write about this. i had a teacher in college that did exactly this and gave grades based upon your ideology in agreement with her. i slashed her because i was a writer in the newspaper. ok? but it happened then in 1971 and it's happening now. and as you said, you can't get rid of these people. i mean, they're there forever. >> they even have a name for it, the dance of the lemons when the principal switches them to another school. >> bill: dance of the lemons. >> this is funny if it weren't maybe your kid. >> your kid was getting squeezed. >> how about that with the squeezed lemons? bitter taste of the lemons. >> bill: you can tell i went to college. here's the results of our poll. we asked you at this point based upon what you've seen, do you believe that george zimmerman will be convicted of second
11:34 pm
degree murder. 2 it 5,000 voted. 91% say no. 9% say yes. when we come back, is it legal in a massive lawsuit against the obama administration over contraceptive and insurance? will smith slapping a reporter in russia. did mr. smith commit a crime? hl [ male announcer ] at home, you play a lot of roles. [ son ] mom, computer's broke! where's i.t. mom? she quit. [ male announcer ] even with technology -- it's all you. that's why you've got us. get up to $200 dollars off select computers. staples that was easy.
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>> bill: thanks for being with us. legal segment tonight, 43 roman catholic institutions have filed lawsuits in 12 federal courts against the obama administration. it has to do with insurance and contraception. here now, attorneys and fox news analyst, the author of the big new thriller, eyes of justice. will, i don't want to debate the issue. we've done that. it's boring now. i want to know how the taxpayers are going to be impacted.
11:38 pm
>> we're going to pay for it. >> bill: of course we are. by massive lawsuits. >> right. >> bill: 12 different federal courts. 43 organizations. >> right. >> bill: all right? coming after the obama administration. how is that going to shake down? >> the administration has made no comment yet. but that will change within days. they have to defend this because this is their law. >> bill: who will defend in the federal government? >> the department of justice. >> bill: the justice department under eric holder. >> yes. >> bill: has to fan out with their attorneys. >> exactly. can you imagine how awkward this is going to be? forget about the cost for a second. the supreme court is now hearing the whole mandate the whole health care law, right? they're supposed to come out with a decision end of june, we think. now they'll be hearing about these cases in a different part, a different subtext. >> bill: it will wind up in the supreme court. >> it's going to have to. >> bill: absolutely. >> unless the mandate is deemed unconstitutional. then it will all go away. it's mute at this point. if the supreme court says -- >> bill: upholds the laws any w
11:39 pm
anyhow. >> bill: how much money will the taxpayer be on the hook for these suits? >> hundreds of millions of dollars. i think. by the time it goes through the full course of legal proceedings and it could ultimately go to the u.s. supreme court, this is going to be a big one. >> bill: will the department of justice hire outside counsel to do this or use their own in house people? >> they'll have to to do it inside. >> bill: i don't know if it will be hundreds of millions. >> get out your calculator. it's not going to cut it. >> bill: the resources of the department of justice that could be better spent chasing pedophiles and terrorists and bank robbers and vshlsz -- everybody else. >> they have to defend this. it's their law. >> bill: you know why this is so crazy because the obama administration could have carved a mandate out. >> that's what i'm saying. >> bill: it would have taken them a day to do it and say, you know what, catholic church, all right. we understand what your beliefs system is so for anybody under your banner, you don't have to do it. >> to be fair, they have been trying to do that. it's not been enough. they have been trying, at least
11:40 pm
they've offered a few things. >> bill: here it is. give it to me and i'll do it in a day. >> all right. >> bill: i'll do it in a day. >> i was trying to say this is an abdication of leadership in terms of their failure to negotiate with the roman catholic diocese. >> bill: i don't believe they've been negotiating in good faith anyway. >> no, they haven't been. >> cardinal dolan said they've been negotiating. >> bill: in will smith, men in 318, how many episodes? men in black, number 3. he's in russia, will smith, promoting the film. go. >> it's your video. come on, man, what the hell is your problem, buddy? all right. hey! sorry. he kissed me on my mouth. he's lucky i didn't sucker punch him. sorry, i said that on camera. >> in europe and i guess russia they give you the kisses on the -- nobody gives them to me. that's a little custom. >> we do it here.
11:41 pm
>> bill: no, we don't do it here. >> people like it. >> bill: come on. so smith says the guy tried to kiss him on the mouth and that's why he gave him the tap. it looked like a tap to me. i think if he wanted to hit the guy, the guy would be on the floor. >> he could have knocked him out. listen that was an unwanted touching. it was offensive. i think the guy did it on purpose to offend will smith. he knew it wasn't something will smith would have welcomed so it can be looked at as a simple assault or -- >> bill: if that happened in the united states, could he file charges at that reporter? >> well, both could file charges because when you think about it, will smith is the one who was on the receiving end of this unwanted touching. >> bill: in your opinion, is there any crime committed there? >> i think it's going to be a wash. technically is there a crime there? sure, but i don't think -- >> i'm not touching it if i'm a prosecutor. >> bill: you don't see it as a crime. you see of it as an unfortunate thing. ok. because i think there's a lot of intrusion now happening.
11:42 pm
i agree with you. >> how -- >> oh, my gosh! >> i get it. >> bill: i'm all right. i'm ok. there's a lot of intrusion here on famous people and famous people are going to have to defend themselves. >> i agree. will did the right thing. >> bill: he is a slug who fathered 30 people, 30 babies, what a handsome guy, 30 people. are now on the planet because of this guy. he can't afford to support one baby. there's got to be something we can charge him with. there's got to be something to charge him with. >> but there isn't. >> bill: no child neglect? >> there isn't because we have -- he had 30 kids with -- >> bill: how many different mothers? 11. he's mapaying 50% of his minimu income. >> bill: there isn't a crime? >> no. >> bill: he's forking over $100 a week. >> he's paying everything from
11:43 pm
$1.49 a month to one woman. it's outrageous. >> bill: so society cannot protect babies from guys like this. >> no. how sad is that? >> bill: it's very sad. >> technically because he's turning over his minimum wage, turning only 39%. >> bill: 30 babies on this planet, this slug time after time and he does it on purpose, we all know that doesn't have to happen. >> he thinks it's funny. >> he's a celebrity in tennessee at this point. >> it's ridiculous. why are these women sleeping with him? to be fair! >> bill: they're as stupid as he is and as callous as he is. >> meanwhile, the kids are the victims. >> bill: this is child abuse from the mother. it's child abuse from this guy. >> agreed. but not legally under the system. >> bill: we can't do it. all right, ladies, thanks very much. we appreciate it. in a moment, big political story. newark mayor cory booker under fire from his own party for criticizing the president. now booker seems to be surrendering. and then, fox anchor look-alikes. this is a riot. coming right back. ok! who gets occasional constipation,
11:44 pm
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>> bill: segment tonight on sunday, newark mayor cory booker, friend of president obama and stalwart democrat criticized the obama re-election campaign for attacking capitalism. the mayor saying it was foolish to criticize mitt romney's business record. president obama himself subtly scolded booker and the mayor looks like he's folding. >> this issue is not a "distraction". this is part of the debate that we're going to be having in this election campaign. >> if anybody listens to the entire "meet the press" and they want to stand with me, they'll see that i stand firmly with the president. >> bill: one footnote, we invited mayor booker on in this program. he said he wasn't doing any interviews and then shows up on a friendly tv venue.
11:48 pm
disappointing. joining us from san francisco, democratic pollster and from washington fox news analyst kirsten powers. he looks scared in that clip. i think he got pounded by axelrod, head of the obama re-election campaign. named him. said he was wrong. and he's backing away. am i wrong? >> well, i don't know if he's scared. i think that he -- he certainly he says he was taken out of context. i would say i don't think he was taken out of context, i think it's more that he maybe misspoke. he is saying that what he meant was he's critical of negative advertising. what he said in the "meet the press" interview, however, was that he equated the reverend wright attacks to attacks on private equity which is actually kind of a canard because there are no attacks on private equity. it's the obama campaign has run an ad -- >> bill: he said quite clearly he was nauseated on attacks of reverend wright, bringing him into the dialogue and he was nauseated by the attacks on mitt
11:49 pm
romney's past capitalistic experience at bain. he was clear about that. that's what he said, it was no misspeaking, no miscommunication. that's what he said. and immediately, after he said that, the obama re-election campaign cranked it up and said no, he's wrong. the president said he's wrong. and then the mayor was chastised and said, well, i didn't really mean it! no, he said it deeper than that. but that's what he meant. that's what happened, correct? >> well, look, mayor booker is a surrogate for the obama campaign and he wants to be helpful and this is not going to be the last time that a surrogate makes news for obama or makes news for romney. i guarantee it's going to happen 10 times. >> bill: you're agreeing with me that booker did something he shouldn't have done and went off the reservation or something like that, and i certainly don't want to offend the senatorial candidate from massachusetts
11:50 pm
with that remark. but off the reservation so they pulled him back on to the reservation. by threatening him with a spear in the neck. >> well, i don't think any of us can say whether he was threatened. he says he wasn't threatened and he wants to be helpful so he's trying to make sure that this story recedes. >> bill: i don't believe this is a winner for president obama to attack capitalism through mitt romney's performance at bain. "the wall street journal" is all over him and that's the most widely read newspaper in the country. it just looks like it he reinforces some people's belief that the president is a socialist who doesn't like capitalism. you know that's out there and you know it's a theme so it looks to me like a loser. that doesn't look like the way to go. am i wrong? >> the only people who think he's a socialist are people who are on the fringe and who are never going to vote for him. i'd also say that he's not attacking capitalism. i agree with you. it would be a very bad idea in this country to attack
11:51 pm
capitalism. that's not what he's done. what he's done is vis-a-vis the bain issue is mitt romney has made this a centerpiece of his campaign which is he knows how to run the economy because he did a good job running bain so it's perfectly fair to look at this. >> bill: it may not be unfair. i'm not saying it's not fair. is it a wise way to go about it? >> yeah, it is. it is wise. >> bill: do you think it's a winner? >> it's an absolute winner and the more that the republicans even attack cory booker and do all the things they're doing, it continues to be a winner for the president because this message is going to work to his benefit and focusing on -- the more people you send to look at that bain ad about mitt romney, the worse it is for romney. >> bill: i'm sure you agree, miss o'mara it's a winner for the president to concentrate on bain. >> right, absolutely. look, it's mitt romney who wants to talk about his experience at bain. he doesn't want to talk about his experience creating jobs as governor of massachusetts because his record is not strong there so he talks about his
11:52 pm
experience at bain. meanwhile, that experience really underscores a lot of what we know about mitt romney. he has a hard time reaching out to and relating to middle class voters. and, you know, he thinks corporations should be -- he thinks it should go bankrupt. it's part of one story. >> bill: now that we know that the obama campaign isn't going to have stop with it, he'll have to define his campaign and see if he can do it. pinheads and patriots on deck starring fox news anchors and their celebrity [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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>> pinheads & patriots, starring fox news anchors and their celebrity look-alikes. but first, a big thanks to all of you buying father's day stuff. some very worthy charities benefit from your largess. if you buy personalize the, signed copy of killing lincoln, you get a free american flag, just in time for memorial day. if you get dad a premium membership, we will send you "killing lincoln" absolutely free of charge. if you baugh buy this large map, we will send you a restore the usa pen free as well. we are trying to make dad happy and give you a lot of value. now to the mail... >> by the way, karen, some
11:56 pm
states like new york and virginia have laws against using masks in public. >> book sales, stan, those account for almost all of the obama income. when you become president, your book sales go up. >> no. i would not. there is a huge difference between the president and his secretary. it is the office of the presidency that must be respected when the president speaks anywhere. when secretary sebelius speak, it's her. and her policies as governor of
11:57 pm
kansas and secretary near direct opiss cision to the catholic church. [chuckles] >> precisely, ladies. >> i miss you guy, so we are working on it. here's the score card for the bolder, fresher tour, indianapolis, 95% soldout. chicago, june 23, night show, sold out. matinee, 60% sold. atlanta, september 7, 80% sold out. details on bill o' the show makes a greats father's day gift, unforgettable gift. finally, pinheads & patriots, the folks at, put together celebrity anchor
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sardonic when writing to the factorf. somebody gave me that in boston yesterday when i was there for the cable convention. they said, word of the day, do not be sardonic. i said, if you give me $100, i will use t. i don't take payola. always remember, the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> he is the personification of the american dream, colin powell will join the army as a young man and went on to serve in four presidential administrations will be here tonight in studio. now, colin powell's impressive resume included being the 65th secretary of state, national security adviser of president reaga


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