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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 23, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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repudiate the occupy anarchists in bernie goldberg will have a follow-up report on that. >> they might as well come out and say we want free rent because that's all it turned into now. they are squatters who don't know squat. >> bill: dennis miller also have pithy comments for the occupiers. we will hear them tonight. >> this is loonville out here, billy. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. bill built hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. how president obama handles his job. that's the subject of this east coast's talking points memo there are three things i want to tell you about tonight. number one, in pakistan dr. shaquille afreedy has been sentenced to 33 years in prison. the doctor helped the cia locate usama bin laden. he did the world the entire world a major favor.
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-- they have given us a hard time for years. they allow taliban to operate within their country. they know bin laden was hiding in the north. they knew that and they don't give a duce about what we think. so all u.s.a. must -- u.s. aid must be suspended to pakistan. pakistan a rogue nation. not as bad as iran but it's close. enough with coddling these people. president obama should demand that the pakistani government send dr. freedy to the u.s.a. just as we did with dissident chen guangcheng. number two tonight, another friend of the president a democrat goes off the reservation when asked about bain capital, romney's
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previous employer, massachusetts governor devol patrick stuck up for the country. >> i want to start with you're the governor of a state that bain capital calls its global home. it's right up the street global headquarters. >> indeed. >> are they a bad company? >> no, no. they are not a bad company. i respect what bain does and its role in the free market system. >> bill: that's the second shot across the bough of the obama re-election campaign. first mayor cory booker of newark and governor patrick of massachusetts telling the president to pretty much knock off the anti-capitalist stuff. why? because large corporations help individual states. the governors need the revenue. that's why. number three: you will not likely hear critical commentary against president obama on the issues of pakistan and capitalism on othe flee -- on the three network news broadcast. major story about the catholic church filing lawsuits against the obama administration was ignored completely by abc news
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and nbc news. the cbs evening news devoted 19 seconds to it. now, many believe the nightly network newscasts are not going to report stories that make president obama look bad unless they absolutely have to. bernie goldberg with more on that in just a few moments. so, let's recap. talking points wants president obama to get tough with pakistan, to knock off the anti-capitalist campaign red rick. and to suggest to the networks that they cover the election in a fair and balanced way. the last one, no hope. the first two, not much. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction, with us, dick morris, the author of the big new best seller, screwed. how foreign companies are ripping american off and plundering our economy and how leaders are helping them do. the title takes 16 pages of the book. this is outrageous, this makes me sick to my stomach. >> it is revolting. we have given pakistan, i just looked up the numbers in my
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book. 19 billion dollars in aid since 2002, including 6 billion of economic aid. this year alone we are going to be giving them 6 billion put it this way they have anywhere at miller. to pay american guy or you are getting no more money or
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behind the scenes. the president has chosen behind the scenes. is he right or wrong? >> if at all. we don't know what weather it's behind or in front. >> i can't tell you who but i talked to a very very high ranking cia person the other day. they are working behind the scenes. they are, and i believe that to be true. but it's not working. it's not being effective. >> jimmy carter cut off aide. bush 41 cut off aid. >> to pakistan. >> to pakistan. obama suspended $800 billion of aid two years ago. >> bill: not 800 billion. 800 million. okay. everybody. >> everybody knows and pakistan knows when you suspend the aid it rekindles because we want them to fight al qaeda. >> bill: not if this guy is in jail. >> second part what you said is key. india. remember how nixon wasn't happy with russia so he went to china and the russians got crazy. if we go to india and start giving them aid and giving them military assistance,
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pakistan is going to flip out. >> good, that's what we should do we should also say you should let that guy out of jail. just to be fair to president obama, when the pakistani president came over to chicago last week, obama wouldn't meet with him. snubbed him. it's not like obama is rolling over to pakistan. i don't want to say that that's not true. but right now we have this guy in prison for 33 years. this cannot stand. all right. now, devol patrick i was surprised. i was surprised with booker. i was surprised with patrick. he needs bain capital. >> i bet he gets campaign contributions from some of those. >> bill: from bain? i wouldn't be surprised. >> i think the way romney needs to handle bain capital, i did some polling that shows this. if he says, look, the "wall street journal" did an article said 22% of bain capital investments companies went
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belly up. 78% they succeeded. romney says, look, 780 is a good batting average in any league. >> bill: he goes on the offensive and explain it. i wouldn't. if i were romney i would say look, i did an honest day's work at bain. that helped the country. you want to research it go ahead. here's where i'm coming from. the president of the united states doesn't like this capitalistic system. that's what i keep pounding. >> every negative has to be answered. bill clinton's rule with me. never sleep under the same roof with unanswered negative. his answer about batting .780 really destroys that argument. >> bill: finally, were you surprised at the network newscasts didn't -- >> -- huh-uh of course not. >> bill: that's a big story. this is going to cost american taxpayers. forget about the church versus obama. every american taxpayer is going to pay for these lawsuits going to cost tens of millions of dollars and the network newscasts doesn't report them.
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>> 26% of the population is catholic. bishops heads of the church sue and they don't cover it. >> bill: they don't cover it it? >> there was a poll by gallup that just came out today that showed that support for pro-choice is at an all-time low on abortion. only 41% of americans describe themselves as pro-choice. 50% say they are pro-life. that's a huge reversal. >> bill: why is that happening? do you think? >> i think the baby boom is aging. i think evangelical, mexican immigrants are coming in, and shifting the balance to the right i think those are the two reasons. >> >> bill: he deflects from abortion to birth control. >> can't use abortion to turn these people on anymore. he needs social issue. no one has proposed banning birth control for 50 years. he puts t on the front page and run for it. >> bill: is this going to work for him.
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>> no it's not. new survey just came out that shows women have moved to romney in droves. is he now leading obama among married women and losing among -- by 7. >> bill: i don't think the polls matter until we get much closer to the vote. the book is "screwed." >> huge chapter on pakistan. >> bill: grandstand play and we let do you that. >> i had to get my facts right, bill. >> bill: there you go. next on the run down, troubling situation. big federal loans going to people with financial ties to president obama. lou dobbs on that. later the gruesome tucson. dennis miller and jesse watters causing trouble again. we're coming right back. ♪
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that company, pat striker has either donated or rounded up hundreds of thousands of dollars for the president. and then there is solyndra, receiving $535 million in federal loan guarantees despite the taxpayer money solyndra is now bankrupt. the company's biggest investor george kaiser rapalo raised as much as $100,000 for the president's 2008 campaign. here now to sort it all out fox business anchor lou dobbs. number one we have a lot more examples of this. here is the key question, i really don't know the answer to this which is frightening. does everybody do it? all the presidents do it? >> at the margin, most administrations have taken care of their friends quote, unquote, that is given access. i have gone back and i have tried to find anything that rises to the level of what this administration is doing with its officials, time tieing grants contracts to those involved in bundling, executives of these companies that are involved in it.
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i can't find anything that comes close. >> bill: we gave three examples. and we do have more. but this is a lot of money. but the obama administration says, listen. we need to stimulate the economy. that's why we are giving these loans and grants. we want green energy. we want to get away from fossil fuels. that's why solyndra gets the money and the others. we want this cleveland outfit that we first telling you about, they got a big air force contract. that's what they got. and, of course, they say this has nothing to do with our bundling and our contributions. we're just the best company for the air force. >> $200 million. you raise a little money and the next thing got an air force contract. >> bill: you can't prove they are not the best. but t looks sleazy. >> it looks sleazy. particularly when you campaigned on hope and change and promised folks that you are going to have a higher ethical standard than any administration in history. >> bill: president obama was accurate when he campaigned on change. he just changed the companies that got the money. it wasn't halliburton anymore like the bush cheney people.
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they didn't get it. it's solyndra. he did change. and solyndra was hoping he would so hope and change worked. >> you go back to 2005 the energy act, the national press goes crazy, because of, vice president cheney and the energy act of 2005. that was a deal of $15 billion in tax breaks for various companies, by the way, including alternate energy, biomass all sorts of things and a few billion. that was spread across a large number of industries and it wasn't directly related. it's amazing. >> bill: i'm on letterman tonight and letterman out of nowhere asked me about dick cheney and halliburton again and all of that. what is this back to the future? are we getting a time machine? but he asked me about that. okay? and that is, you know, a real left wing mantra. that bush and cheney ramped up this war so they could reward
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halliburton. there is not a word, not a word in the left wing press about all of this money from the obama administration going to their friends. >> two thirds of the money and these loan guarantees going to companies that direct association. fundraising. >> bill: two thirds of what? >> two thirds of the grants are going to people. two thirds of all the federal loan energy guarantee. >> bill: two thirds of all of the energy loans and guarantees went to companies that bundled up money and went to president obama. that's outrageous. >> over half of the money that has been loan guaranteed by the energy department and by the way that's well over $16 billion more than half of that money going to those very same companies. by the way, some of them are so drisk they are hiring as many as 15 people.
8:17 pm
permanent employees for a mere 1.237 billion. >> bill: you have 15 servants. you are doing more than that. i have to give one more plug to letterman. letterman does ask me about solyndra tonight. the answer, i'm not going to tell you what it is, it is worth dvring when i get into that with him. >> i promise you on behalf of all of your audience we will be watching. but i wish you would have been there when he asked the question to his audience with his heart brimming with love for this president what more can we ask of this man? >> bill: lou dobbs, everybody. there we go. bernie goldberg on how the media covered the occupy protest in chicago and jay carney's performance yesterday. if you didn't see it we are going to play it again when asked about president obama's opinion of the occupier. you have got to see this. goldberg is next.
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solid support? >> i think you are making broad comparisons between different groups what the president has said in the past is that he has understood the frustrations that americans have about the -- failure, in particular, of wall street -- >> bill: joining us now from miami the purveyor of mr. goldberg. it's pretty simple. mr. carney had a tremendously hard time. we could have played that sound bite longer. i don't think i have ever seen
8:22 pm
a presidential press secretary. i have been doing this a long time going back to ron -- going back even further zeigler with nixon, i don't think i have seen a presidential press secretary some pflum mixed is the president still behind the occupiers or not? >> shame on you, that was cruel and unusual punishment having putting that on for two nights in a row. i mean, i don't think, who you are no shrieking violet could support the president on this position. look, let's go back four years. or let's go back to last fall, rather, when the occupy movement began. president obama and a whole bunch of other liberals naturally embraced this movement because they were the good 99% against the greedy cold-blooded 1%. it fit in perfectly with barack obama's strategy of class warfare. but, because the movement has changed so much and because
8:23 pm
some americans have fallen out of favor with so many americans. i think we are about to see a sister soldier moment coming. sister soldier for those who don't remember in the 1990 was as black hip hop artist who once said that black people kill each other every day so why don't we take a week out to kill white people. then she said if there are any good white people i don't know who they are. i have never met them. bill clinton was running for president at the time and in front of a black civil rights audience he compared her to david duke. boom, the first sister soldier moment. you win support with independence and undecides because everybody wanted to slap sister soldier down. -- let's say the occupy movement does something stupid, they burn down a city, they burn down police cars, shoot a cop, who knows what.
8:24 pm
that's when president obama pulls his sister soldier movement, comes down like a ton of brings. whatever little, negligible intawrt he loses on the hard left, hey, that's the kind of thing that may make him -- >> bill: i think it's going to do him harm. you say shoot a cop. they stabbed a cop in chicago. all right in the occupy -- >> i think if he does it now. >> bill: yeah. >> it doesn't have the same impact as if he does it closer to the election. >> bill: i disagree with you. because we have made such a big deal out of this and we traced the money. we traced who is behind the occupy movement as you put it, it's changed. it's not a citizen movement anymore. it's a hard core an anarchist movement. silence is assent. he is the leader of the country. is it okay with you, mr. president, for a chicago police officer to be stabbed? you know what his answer was? we're here to support nato. we support freedom of speech. what does that have to do with
8:25 pm
a switchblade. the longer he sits it out, i think the more people get angrier with him and angrier. >> bill, let me ask you a question besides this show and besides on fox news, where else are you hearing this. >> bill: you aren't going to hear it anywhere else. this is a pattern that's coming down. he thinks he is can do the rope adope. you are right. this is a powerful program. this is starting to get out now. >> okay. fair enough. and if it gets out, if it spreads to enough people, if it gets out of the fox area and the conservative area into a wider swath of america. he is going to have to deal with it we agree on that. i just think it's going to happen later rather than sooner. >> bill: you know, you are right about the fact that there is absolutely a blackout of any news that is not directed for president obama's benefit. so we see that. >> that's right. >> bill: on the catholic
8:26 pm
story. isn't it amazing that nbc news and abc news didn't even cover it? do you know how much money this is going to cost the taxpayer? 43 separate federal lawsuits launched by the american catholic hierarchy against the obama administration? and you don't mention it? it's unbelievable. >> it's historic challenge to obama care. but, you said something in the talking points that i think sums it up. you said there are people who think that the media, reporters, won't cover anything that might hurt this president unless they have to. i think that's a pretty accurate paraphrase. i have nothing to add to that. >> bill: no, they had to on the cory booker stuff. >> that's a perfect analysis. >> bill: they had to on the cory booker stuff because it happened on nbc news. >> exactly. >> bill: if cory booker had said that here on fox news. they probably wouldn't have done the rope adope. the rope adope for people who don't follow. boxing when mohammed ali put his hands up and let george
8:27 pm
foreman punch and punch and punch he got exhausted and finally ali knocked him out. take the absorb it and hope they collapse and go away and you will win. that's exactly what's happening. i don't know what's wrong with me. i don't know what's wrong with me when i see the cbs evening news spending 19 section on it and nbc and abc, what is wrong with them? this is a big story? >> there are certain stories, bill, that are not on their radar screen. that's one thing. and. >> bill: 6 a million american catholics? >> i know. i know. i know. certain stories that aren't on their radar screen. and they give their critics ammunition, the people who think that they're out there to protect the president. whether they think they are or not, they give their critics ammunition. >> bill: absolutely, no doubt about it? >> they don't understand how serious this is to their
8:28 pm
credibility. they don't understand. >> bill: bernie, thank you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. economy so bad, is las vegas still a boom town? we sent dennis -- jesse watters out to investigate. naming a street after nancy pelosi. we hope you stay tuned to knows reports. we're america's natural gas and here's what we did today: supported nearly 3 million steady jobs across our country...
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8:32 pm
>> having a little me time. >> what does me time mean. >> me time is doing some shopping. >> shopping? >> shopping and more shopping. >> wecally came out for a girl's weekend. >> i'm partying, i'm having a great time. >> you looked stress. >> yes. >> the world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. [inaudible] taco. >> what? [ laughter ] >> what gambling. >> i'm not a big gambler. i do drop a couple quarters in the slot. >> do you like gambling. >> i don't like throwing my money away. >> what do you play on each hand. >> 100 or 2. >> what clubs are you going to? >> strip clubs. >> he has some fire to him. i like that. >> how much are you spending on the room at the venetian? >> i -- >> tend to venture 4 or 500 for fun [inaudible]
8:33 pm
>> do you speak any english? >> do you feel weird dropping 400 bucks on a bottle of liquor? >> when there is 10 girls make you feel a little bit better. >> excuse me, can i have a glass of alcohol. >> when you go out to a restaurant law spending on a nice meal. >> usually around 100. >> spending $500 a night. >> what kind of tip do you leave. >> don't tell me, let me guess. >> 25%? >> i like the way you said that. >> $10,000 tip. >> shut your mouth when you are talking to me! >> doing a lot of drinking out here. >> got to keep your whit around here. characters, you know. >> like that guy right there. >> times tough? [inaudible] >> you are tom cruise? >> yes. >> i like mission impossible. >> what? >> are you a 1%er? >> what does that mean exactly? >> what? >> i employ over a thousand people american dream. >> because of the economy come in and spend 4 or $500 on bottle of wine. probably spend 1.75.
8:34 pm
>> that's how serious it is. >> when obama said it's not the place to be it died for three or four years. >> when times are tough, don't blow a bunch of cash on vegas. >> how do you think things are going. >> i think we need a change in presidency. >> i thought we were supposed to have change. >> for sure. >> could you ever watch "the o'reilly factor." >> yes i do i love bill. is so honest and he has pithy words. >> bill: don't be jackenapes. >> i have never watched it. >> i can't lie. >> my grandpa said for his 83rd birthday he wants a copy of killing lincoln. [inaudible] >> where haven't you been? >> bill: all right. so when you were there, there was a lot of commerce, right? clubs filled? casinos filled? people running around? >> right. >> bill: but leach at the top of the piece says a tale of two cities.
8:35 pm
>> right. >> bill: vegas has more unemployment than most cities, more than 11%. who is not working? >> well, here it is. there is about a half a million population in vegas. but 40 million people visit vegas each year. so it's a trickle down economic situation. conservative tycoons run the strip. you have sheldon allegedson. steve wynn. they compete to see who can build bigger feastdoms there. >> don't they need service people. >> there they are tightening things up. jobless recovery that people are talking about. >> bill: not hiring. >> hiring but not like, you know, big-time jobs. you are getting small jobs. menial labor, a lot of the illegal immigrants. we saw a lot of illegal immigrants on the street passing out strip club cards, people doing menial labor. those kind of things. >> bill: people who come bring money. people who live there don't have any right now. >> they don't have a lot. it's on othe way back. i don't want to sell out saving, they are coming back.
8:36 pm
>> bill: all right. jesse watters, everybody. when we come right back, the sage of southern california on the occupiers in chicago. nancy pelosi getting a street named after her. miller is next. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site.
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because amway believes the aces our products ome from... are just as important as the places they'll go. amway conveys quality. to learn more, contact an amway independent business owner. >> bill: thanks for staying with us. three topics with beginning with the occupy protests in nato in chicago over the weekend. liberal commentators pretty much ignored the situation our guy dennis was locked in. he joins us from santa barbara. we are having a little bit of trouble. a little -- morris can really appreciate that little plug there. we are having a little trouble with miller's audio sounds like tunnel but that's the way the satellite is breaking tonight. occupy protesters in chicago. if you were there what would you tell them? >> i wouldn't be there.
8:40 pm
if you didn't agree with them there is a good chance you would get shoved or punched. people can grow go out and protest in the streets that's their business. you going to start sticking chicago cops with knives. you are going to find out that the reason they wear the checker board on their police hat is if you get in their face and you are a consistent jag off about it. they will crown you. i think that's what's going to happen here over the weekend never have we had this many people out of the loop. i think of all the world a stage these protests have now become show biz for people who lack talent. this is where they get off. this whole passion play on the street. but at some point cops aren't going to take it, bill will i. you -- billy. it's going to get ugly out there. >> the problem that the liberal media, largely ignoring that the occupy protests is now morphed from a citizen protest to an
8:41 pm
anarchist deal run out of washington. if they do decide to retaliate then the media will make it about the big bad police. that's what the occupiers want. they want that that to happen. >> that's why you have got to keep pounding this. i would say to those kids out there if you are watching, this even the hate guys like me, can you take a year off? from jaking it and bust your tail so we can get a baseline on how bad a problem we're in? that's what we need to do right now to figure out who is really helpless? anybody who is not going full speed, go full speed for one year, then you can get your beak back in and start sucking marrow again. just for a year, bust your tail, that's all we're asking. >> bill: they don't like this country. they want the country to change. they don't like america. that's the theme from this whole thing. we want to change. we don't like capitalism. we don't like anything about t. we don't want to work in the system. just to -- last friday i went
8:42 pm
to jesus christ super star the broadway play on broadway. somebody picked me up going in or sitting in the audience texted and wise guy occupier waiting outside in my face even though i had three children with me. i said look i have kids with me, pal. he didn't care. he wanted me to punch him. he wanted me to do what the police didn't do in chicago. they were very disciplined. he wanted me to hit him. he wanted to jack that up. they all have their little cameras, they are all running around. it's really out of control. and then at the highest level of the country as we discussed earlier. president obama seems to be ambivalent about it. i think that's wrong. >> so weird you went to see a broadway play last week because i did, too. do you know which one i saw? >> what? [ laughter ] that's not a play, it's a book. >> i thought you were going to see daniel webster. >> morris has another kids book out called dubbs ate my
8:43 pm
birth certificate. >> bill: all right. san francisco, by the way, have you ever had a street named after you in santa barbara your adopted town or pittsburgh where you grew up? anybody ever name a street after you, miller? was i a bit of a dead end. maybe i had a called -- culled called sack. it must be heavily heavily heavily paved, okay? and you know something? if ethical behavior is a straight line they should have given her lumbar street. turned that one over to her. >> here is the deal about nancy pelosi drive in san francisco. number one, no right-hand turns. got to turn left on the street. >> that makes sense. >> bill: number two, one way. only one way no give and take
8:44 pm
to it number three, there is a lot of homeless people now arrived to live on the street because of the entitlements that come along. >> i will tell you what, billy. the first night i get up there i'm going to take spray paint and put an l on that so it says nancy pelosi drivel. >> bill: you will be arrested. >> i will serve time on the rock for that, baby. >> bill: that's right. alcatraz. paddling out there. 45 seconds thank god. d.c. comic world there is now going to be a gay character, gay super hero? >> that's fine, why not? reflect the times. there are gay people out there. they need a super hero. as long as he is not bi, okay? i need a super hero have a spine about it the bi thing i'm not buying. pick something and date it. if i had to pick, i would say it's either aqua man or why is he still single by. i would prefer wonder woman she wants to set up shot lezbo
8:45 pm
on see through plane start my subscription again. >> bill: there is an island of lezbo? >> on the square where they sell those stuff j. >> bill: there are many things miller and i could have said i want everybody to know we didn't. here is the score card on bolder fresher tour. few seats left on june 22nd. sold out in chicago at night and tickets available for the matinee. atlanta, georgia 80% sold out right now. details on bill o' tickets make great father's day gifts. did you see that up next. is it child abuse to raise a female child as a boy? rather shocking story moments away. ♪ dave, i've downloaded a virus. yeah. ♪ dave, where are we on the new laptop?
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>> back of the book segment tonight. did you see that in maryland there is a a-year-old girl named catherine, only she is not being raised as a girl. her parents have allowed catherine to become tyler. >> the earliest signs were him actually verbally telling us that, you know, i'm a boy and when he sat down and went through children's books about the differences between boys and girls, he said well, when did you change me? he has already asked about surgery. i know he is really young and doesn't fully understand it. but we have told him, you know, he has to wait until he is at least 18 before he can have any surgery. >> bill: is he 5. joining us now from san francisco, juliet huddy. this is disturbing, i think. does it rise to child abuse? >> i think when you hear the whole story, you might have a sympathy for these people. they obviously care about their child. they are not trying to torture
8:50 pm
this kid. they feel worried for him. but when i spoke with one expert, one psychiatrist he said it's like collaborating with madness. it's not child abuse in his mind. it's collaborating with madness. essentially these parents are going to all these shrinks and psychiatrists and psychologists and all this business and they are hearing all sorts of things but the one message that they clung on to was the one message from a realm of psychiatry that said, you know what? yes, let them become the boy. let catherine become the boy. let him grow as a boy and, you know, is he work himself out. the problem is that these parents will eventually start giving this child hormones which will change his features. go ahead. >> bill: there is another problem. that's nature. you get a baby girl. and then the girl is 2 and 3, saying well i want to be a boy. kids say a lot of crazy things, all right? kids do a lot of crazy things. you don't have to give into this. you can make catherine catherine. if catherine wants to play
8:51 pm
cowboys and indians or climb a tree. catherine should be allowed to do that. just to play into the whole gender alteration at that age seems to be, to me, crazy. all right. in texas. the dangers of facebook are apparent. girl, young girl goes on her facebook page and does this. go. >> daughter posted a photo on the between picture sharing site instagram posing with unopened bottle of vodka captioned i wish i could drink. this this was the consequence another picture of her daughter, her face not shown holding a sign that read since i want to take pictures holding liquor, i'm obviously not ready for social media and will be taking a hiatus until i learn what is and isn't appropriate to post. >> bill: 12-year-old girl on facebook number one i think that's crazy. but, you know, i guess i'm out of touch. you go ahead. >> facebook is the devil, i agree with you. >> bill: 12 years old should
8:52 pm
not have a facebook page. a lot of danger can come from it the girl, you know, does this little prank with alcohol and her mother punishes her on facebook. appropriate punishment? >> i think very appropriate punishment. and actually this little girl, all she did was take away social media. this thing went viral. lots of kids saw it their parents you saw it all over the world for that matter. the fact is, the little girl actually said can i just -- can you just give me spanking instead of taking away my facebook and my account on instagram and all these things? she would rather have a spanking. what happened was this little girl ended up trying to create an organization at her school to sort of, you know, inform children about what happens when you manipulate social networking site. >> bill: decision was appear apropos smart punishment to give the girl she will never forget it dangers for small young children off othe chart. juliet as always, pinheads and patriots in a moment. p and p just over two minutes
8:53 pm
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8:57 pm
associate with. >> no, i don't see the hypocrisy, tom. if you see something unfair on this network, let me know. we'll check it out. >> i am the head writer, the only writer on the broadcast. >> you know, i think they are trying to some extent, rick, but not covering the catholic lawsuits were damning, pardon the pun.
8:58 pm
>> well, you know, your letter makes me feel very good. please note, we donate to autism charities. 's with have raised a lot of money for the fisher house foundation, which houses military families, while wounded warriors are being treated. recently, doris bumden from california, there she is -- donated a half million dollars to the fisher house. she said she was inspired by the factor's campaign. i have signed a book for her -- the least i can do, who is an unbelievable patriot. and detitle charity available on bill o' there is no more worthy concern than our guys and gals coming back, still with horrible wounds and families want to be there for them. you make that possible. one final note, i'm on david
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letterman's show this evening. that's it for us tonight. check out the factor web site, different from bill o' if you would like to spout off about the factor, name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be obtuse when writing to us. i'm bill o'reilly. please, always remember, the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: tonight, i will be joined in just a moment by a man called the ground zero bomb in our studio. but first, let's review the controversy for our viewers. the cordoba mission founder, dr. shakil afridi imam feisal abdul rauf was


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