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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  May 27, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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a man about to come into a substantial amount of money vanishes. october 2004. glen penny is set to collect more than $1 million inheritance from his father's estate. he lives in a remote farmhouse in oregon and prepares to drive to california to collect the funds. he packs his bags, loads his truck, but then the 56-year-old vanishes. >> why would a person just disappear when they are about to inherit $1 million? >> judge jeanine: investigators are called in. they find the truck in the driveway packed suit case and snacks inside. doors unlocked. no signs of a struggle. >> he had his house locked up. he had his vehicle parked in the driveway. he had the paperwork that he needed for probate court. he had snacks in the vehicle. he haded clothing in the vehicle. he was set to travel. and that is where everything
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just stops. >> judge jeanine: they launch a search in the area using dogs, horses, 4 wheelers and even a plane. but they turn up no clues. until eventually attention turns to glen's brother dale. detectives find there was a fight between the brothers over the inheritance. but when dale is contacted by investigators, he has an alibi. >> it is a plausible alibi but we are not convinced that it is a solid alibi. >> judge jeanine: with little evidence there has been no arrest. so what happened to glen penny? lieutenant jeffrey and detective sergeant, both with the sheriff's department join us. thank you so much, gentlemen, for being with us this evening. >> thank you. >> judge jeanine: you believe that glen penny was murdered and that there is a connection to his father's inheritance. why do you say that?
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lieutenant, i will start with you. >> well, when that call came in, we have information that glen was packed up and ready to go down to deal with the estate that he was to inherit from his father. and everyone that we talked to throughout this investigation said that there has always been an ongoing feud between the brothers regarding properties that the father had and more importantly a coin collection that was to be valued at roughly $1 million to $2 million as well. >> and that coin collection, lieutenant, was over the $1 million in property. >> correct. >> judge jeanine: so it was over $2 million. what caused you guys to be interested in this. bad blood between the brothers. the father dies. >> we continued to get people telling us that when glen was getting ready to go down to oakland to settle the sale of the property that he would tell people if anything happens to me look at my brother dale. several people telling us this. >> judge jeanine: so it seems
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that he had a suspicion that his brother had it out for him. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. >> judge jeanine: was there anything else that led you to dale and as the sheriff said dale was a strong person of interest, not just a person of interest but a strong person? >> correct. and he still is. a few weeks ago, through the course of the investigation we went back down to the area and originally we had four persons of interest. and we he narrowd that down to two. and those two persons of interest still remain dale penny and his significant other sue billings. >> judge jeanine: so dale's girlfriend? >> correct. >> judge jeanine: what is it about the wills? was there something going on in the probate court that added to your suspicion. >> there was a will that was presented to the court by dale that was discounted. we had witnesses -- >> judge jeanine: to you know why it was discounted. >> the witnesses came forward and said they were told to sign it by dale even though they had
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not witnessed the will and that their signatures occurred after dale's father passed away. >> judge jeanine: so why reopen the investigation now? what has happened since glen penny disappeared? >> there has been several things happen. over the course of the last year or so we received information about statements that were made and what came out of that was the strong message was to follow the money and out of that we started following the money and subpoenaed bank and casino records and telephone records and interestingly enough, casino records proved that sue billings. >> judge jeanine: that is dale's girlfriend, significant other. >> correct. has had minimu minimal unemplot over the last few years and spent upwards of $120,000 in the casinos and when we wanted to talk to her about that she is the first one in this investigation that has walked
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out of an interview, has got an attorney, and has declined to take a polygraph test. >> judge jeanine: so she spends the suspect's girlfriend or other suspect spends over $100,000 and she is not employed, at a casino. >> correct. >> up next, we speak with glen about's brother dale, the main person of interest in his brother's disappearance. then a beloved mother found strangled and stabbed to death. the killer then stomped on her head. who would commit such an evil act? ah, this has been the best 2 1/2 weeks of my life. and i'm not usually this impulsive. but um... ♪ sarah... will you marry me? ♪ i think we should see other people. in fact, i'm already seeing your best friend, justin.
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wherever your business takes you, nobody keeps you on the road like progressive commercial auto. [ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ] we work wherever you work. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> judge jeanine: where is glen penny? the 56-year-old glen penny was about to inherit well over a million dollars and then he goes missing. investigators have named glen's brother dale as a strong person of interest. joining me now via phone is that brother, dale penny. dale, thanks for being with us
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this evening. >> you're welcome. >> judge jeanine: dale, police say that you are a strong person of interest. i'm sure you just heard the lieutenant and the sergeant. why do you think they are so focused on you? >> well, you know, they got tunnel vision, you know, they got this thought in their head and they don't want to look at any other aspects of what is going on and keep saying stuff that is not true. there was no hearing going on down there when glen was supposed to be going to that hearing on the 6th. it had been canceled. that is all on the internet. you can verify that. >> judge jeanine: but wasn't the hearing scheduled dale and then canceled because your brother didn't show up? >> no. it actually was posted on the internet on the 5th that it had been canceled the day before the hearing. >> judge jeanine: but he was last seen on the 3rd. why are the police saying that you have not been cooperative with them? >> i have been more than cooperative with those people.
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i mean what do they want me to do? i know what they want me to do. they want me to confess that i did something that i didn't do because they can't do their job. >> judge jeanine: who do you think did it, joe? >> they want to follow the money. this is about susan billings. first off they said she spent $600,000 at the casino. >> judge jeanine: they said $100,000. are they wrong? >> sue went over there and talked to the gentleman and he said you put the card in the machine and they have the plastic cards that keep track and they give them free rooms and stadium like that. you put the card in the machine and put $20 in. and if you win $100 it is like you put $100 in the machine. even though you haven't won that money. >> judge jeanine: are you telling me the casino can't figure out the difference
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between $100 and $100,000? they are not in the business of losing money. >> no. >> judge jeanine: you say that your girlfriend didn't spend $100,000 or $600,000. you say that you have an alibi. what is your alibi and what is it for? >> i didn't provide. they came down here and they said where were you that day? i got in the police car and i went down and i showed them where i ate breakfast at 9:00 that morning and had the little shop the paper that i usually get and went out and talked to roger weist which i went out and worked on his garage and then i went out to another job site and talked to a general contractor and two people out there that say i was here all that day. i didn't create this alibi. >> judge jeanine: what day are you talking about, dale? >> the monday the third or the fourth. monday the fourth. >> if your brother was last scene on the third do you have an alibi for the third as well
12:12 am
as the fourth as well as the fifth? >> they verified that, too. >> judge jeanine: what is the alibi, dale, can you tell us for those three days? >> i was here in bandon, you know, sunday, i don't remember what i did sunday. i went to bed and i got up monday like i said. i went down and ate breakfast and went out and worked around and came back home and then there was a phone call from the attorney in california. i called him back tuesday morning. and they asked me if i was going to be at the hearing and stuff and i said, yes, i would. >> judge jeanine: so then you now admit there was a hearing scheduled? >> they said the hearing was on when they canceled it. why did they want me down in california? >> judge jeanine: let me keep moving here. have you taken a polygraph, dale? >> no. >> judge jeanine: will you agree to take a polygraph? >> no. >> judge jeanine: why not? >> i have three disks in my
12:13 am
lower back out and pain going down both legs and i'm on pain medication. >> judge jeanine: i'm sure they could hook one up whereever you are. >> you don't understand how a polygraph works. >> judge jeanine: i don't? >> no. >> judge jeanine: is it true, dale, that you offered a will in probate that you subsequently withdrew? >> no. >> judge jeanine: no? >> no. >> judge jeanine: is it true, dale, that you asked two individuals to sign the signature of your dad after he died and then they went to court and offered statements saying that you had asked them to do that? is that incorrect? >> yes, let me tell you what happened. my dad was in the hospital dying. glen went down there and then he after my dad died and he never notified me, he was looting the estate. and then glen found out there was a will and he he also filed paper work in court saying there was no will. >> judge jeanine: let me ask you this, if there is a will from 1978 which i'm looking at,
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how is it that you you came up with a will dated 2002? >> i didn't come up with that. they didn't know about that one in 1978. >> judge jeanine: because it wasn't 2002 in 1978. but let me ask you this. i have a statement here from dave and alisyn and they say that you told them that they needed to sign a will and put your address on it and make some copies and don't give the original to any one unless i tell you. without this glen will take everything. do you admit that you wrote that statement to them? >> no. >> judge jeanine: would you take a hand writing analysis to we can compare this? >> and the judge at the one hearing said it looked like glen's hand writing. >> why did you withdraw it if it looked like it was your father's hand writing? >> i did not withdraw the will. will whichthe old wilby gave gave alice one of the pieces of
12:15 am
property and he said if you told them that you never signed this last will you will have this piece of property which was worth $200,000 my dad was to give you. >> you are saying that alice and i believe it is gabriel are not telling the truth when you told them to seen as witness to a will after your father died. they are not telling the truth? >> nope. >> judge jeanine: so they lied in court. that is perjury. how do you explain the fact that your brother told other people including family members if anything happened to him to look to you? >> because there was a setup. did you know glen disappeared in -- >> judge jeanine: do you think he is still alive? >> i believe he was until the latest stuff that has been happening with his daughter. >> judge jeanine: have you looked for your brother? >> yeah, i have been searching the internet. i have other parties searching the internet trying to find him
12:16 am
to see if he would pop up. >> judge jeanine: do you agree when someone asked you if you missed your brother you said no? >> i don't miss him, no. >> judge jeanine: so there was bad blood between you? >> i didn't want anything to do with him after what he had done to my father and the way he used to treat me as a child, no. >> judge jeanine: other than the way he treated you as a child, he got along with your dad. didn't he and your fare get along and you were the outcast? >> no! who ever told you that? >> judge jeanine: the only thing i know, dale, is that it appears that you tried to offer a will that you subsequently withdrew when the witness admitted to lying. >> they are not telling the truth of the matter. >> judge jeanine: why would they lie about you? what do they care about you, dale? >> come on now. do you want to believe that a police officer tells the truth all day long? they lie like anybody else. >> judge jeanine: what about three police officers. they are all lying about you. why would they lie about you?
12:17 am
why wouldn't they pick on someone else? >> isn't it true that you have the motive that in the end you would have inherited what your brother was supposed to inherit? >> no. who the hell told you that? >> judge jeanine: who told me that? here is the thing, dale. at the end of the day what you have is motive, means and opportunity. you started by saying that there was no hearing. well, the only reason the hearing was adjourned is because your brother didn't show up and he has been missing. >> no! you know, you are not the best of them, you know. you look on the internet. the hearing was canceled on the 5th because it was canceled before that. there was no hearing. i showed up at the hearing and nobody else did. >> judge jeanine: look, dale, at the end of the day, would you be willing to give a hand writing exemplar and take a polygraph from an objective third party? >> i'm not going to take a polygraph test because they can make it say whatever they want to say. they gave one to gary corbin
12:18 am
and he passed it and they told him you didn't pass can you explain that? >> judge jeanine: is there anything that you would like to say about your brother? >> what do you mean would i like to say? >> judge jeanine: well, you have an opportunity. >> well, the opportunity is his daughter ended up with, you know, four bank accounts, three of them were maxed out. so that was at least $250,000. that is $750,000 she took out of california. >> judge jeanine: she has it and you don't? >> that's right. because i he never wanted it. i never wanted what my father wanted him to have. >> why were you going to probate court? >> the probate -- have you ever been in a probate court, your honor? >> yes. all right. dale, i want to thank you for being with us and please keep us posted on the case. up next, we will have our "justice" panel give us their
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>> judge jeanine: we are talking about the million dollars mystery, where is glen pennie. joe. >> jackson and arthur and mark fuhrman former lapd homicide detective and fox contributor. i have the best panel around. a brother that didn't get along
12:23 am
with the guy that is miss. a guy that offers a will for probate that is then withdrawn and two people who say they were asked to lie on the will. he has county been cooperative and gives an alibi which spans three days and seas let's go to the internet. >> do you know what you are talking about? they have tunnel vision and they are saying things that are not true. the hearing was scheduled it is on the internet. follow the money. >> and do you know what a polygraph is, your honor? >> judge jeanine: no. >> mark fuhrman, what do you think? >> you got to go back to the beginning. the guy is ready to go on a trip. he is packed with snacks in his truck and ready to physically get into the truck and drive down to oakland and disappears without a struggle and crime scene or anything else. obviously somebody that he knows lured him away from the vehicle into another vehicle into another location and he disappears. it is obvious he didn't try to lose himself in society. he had a place to go and a purpose and the documents in
12:24 am
his truck. are it is obvious that his brother i think we could step way beyond person of interest to the only person about that they are looking at. >> judge jeanine: and the girlfriend interesting the casino says she spent over $100,000 and he says the casino made a mistake. i never have seen a casino that made a mistake with a lot of zeros. >> not that many zeros. it seems to be clear cut and your cross-examination of h him brought that out. you you talk about motivations to do this. the brothers don't leak each other. that is clear cut, is it not? >> a will that apparently is not authentic that he tries to proffer to the court. two people corroborating the fact that he tried to sign this after there was a death involved here. two brothers at loggerheads with each other and he is going to the hearing and yet there is no hearing. >> he has an alibi. i can tell you where he went to breakfast that day. what happened after breakfast.
12:25 am
>> he knows his brother is getting the money but he is not. >> judge jeanine: if the brother disappears who gets the money, this brother? or the child of the missing person. >> that is -- >> judge jeanine: maybe he didn't know that. >> he didn't know that and by your cross-examination on the show you can tell he isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. >> judge jeanine: why haven't they arrested him, mark? >> i think there is a little bit of a gap here are that you need some hard evidence to connect up all of the little dots that are -- you know, you argue them away. the two guys can argue away a lot of things through coincidence or that is the way it happens. i can give you you other instances. >> there is no evidence. i mean there is right, just us putting point a, point b and point b but these are all guesses. there is not a footprint or dna or a struggle. >> judge jeanine: does that mean if you are smart enough to make somebody disappear and get rid of the body you get away with murder?
12:26 am
>> unless, of course, the body comes up and you can do dna testing and have other things as well. >> plenty of famous cases. one, no body and basically put the financial and these otherwise innocent items of the case together and then as a collective effort it made quite a clear picture. >> but mark that is one out of how many. >> there are quite a few. >> judge jeanine: there are quite a few like that, arthur. you guys are great defense attorneys but you are also great prosecutors. could you take this case and win it? >> it is difficult based upon circumstancial evidence and circumstancial evidence alone. if we looked at it and examined all of the things that you talked about with him, i think he is guilty, however, i think you need more. >> there is usually something. a phone call, a message, a note. usually the one little piece that may bring everything together. >> but that alibi needs to be attacked. who knows how credible the alibi is.
12:27 am
>> how do we know when the guy went missing. so you you have a receipt for breakfast and there are 24 hours in the day. >> you pinned him down on three he specific dates. not only the third, the fourth, the fifth. those dates he has to be accountable. >> obvious he doesn't have a lawyer because no lawyer with let him come on with you. >> thank you, guys. >> judge jeanine: the children of monet manuel found viciously murdered in her home join us along with the man who they believe killed their mother. [ kyle ] my b. [ roger ] tell me you have go insurance. yup, i've got... [ dennis ] really? i was afraid you'd have some cut-rate policy. [ kyle ] nope, i've got... [ dennis ] ...the allstate value plan. it's their most affordable car insurance -- and you still get an allstate agent. i too have... [ dennis ] [ roger ] same agent and everything. [ kyle ] it's like we're connected. no we're not. yeah, we are. no...we're not. ♪ the allstate value plan.
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owe. live from america's news headquarters a wildfire in new mexico forcing evacuation of a privately owned ghost town. officials say the 82,000 acre white water complex fire is still zero percent contained. smoke prompting health alerts n michigan upper peninsula a
12:31 am
fire charred 21,000 acres forcing officials to close a state park. united states joining others in condemning a massacre in syria. the united nations saying 90 people died in the attack asks 30 dead are children under 10 years old. one of the deadliest days yet since the uprising began. demonstrators take together streets to protest the violence. the u.s. and un blaming the syrian regime for the attack. now back to "justice". know. now, become to "justice" with judge jeanine. >> judge jeanine: seven years is a long time to live not knowing who killed your mother and even worse to believe the killer was in custody and then got away with it. she was a mom of two. grandmother of two. and greatgrandmother of one. >> she was a wonderful person.
12:32 am
outgoing. friendly. very classy lady. >> monette manuel. a beloved woman. the pair built an apartment building next to their home in mississippi and worked for years as landlords. >> she always tried to treat all of her tenants like family. >> judge jeanine: but on february 8 2005, monette's life comes to a tragic end. that afternoon between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. one of monette's tenants jason houck comes to her home to pay rent. in the receipt book she notes that he paid with a $450 check from his father and borrows $20 from her. just a few hours later monette's son who lives across the street sends his daughter to bring dinner to her grandmother. >> she was found on the kitchen
12:33 am
floor are. her head was up in between the two doors. >> she finds monette murdered. the door to her house open. the dog unattended in the backyard and the receipt big still laying out. >> they found the open receipt book there and an ink pen next to her. >> eyewitness testimony allegedly puts jason houck at the scene around the time of monette's murder and a manhunt for the 23-year-old is launched. hours later he is arrested and charged with capital murder. but allegedly citing lack of evidence the d.a. declines to proceed with the case. >> monette's son and daughter join me now. thank you for being with us this evening. and i can't imagine the loss that you are feeling and we very much appreciate that you you are with us. let me start with you, kevin. i know this isn't easy but when you got to your mom's house
12:34 am
what did you see? >> well, the dog was still on the back porch and her apartment folder and all was still left out on top of the counter and this was very unlike her. when she finished business she would always put that away. and so i just knew something wasn't right. she never got to finish what she was doing. >> judge jeanine: and you did see her? >> yes, ma'am. >> judge jeanine: how was she? >> laying down on her back with her face up. and i run over there. i thought it was i didn't know stroke, heart attack. when i got there i seen there was a blood halo around her head and then i knew something was wrong. >> judge jeanine: did they tell you how she was killed, kevin? >> it took awhile. first thing we heard was asphyxiation. >> judge jeanine: and at some point you found out mother? >> during the preliminary hearing we found out about the jab and the detective joey tracy at the time said he
12:35 am
notice there was a pattern on my mother's tase an face and is from a boot. >> judge jeanine: and she was strangled, stabbed in the neck and chest and stomped on. jason houck was arrested and charged with capital murder in the death. what happened after he was first charged? >> he was in jail for a little bit and then they had the preliminary hearing and he got bond and as far as i know he stayed in jail for almost a year. and then was released, i guess, on bond. >> judge jeanine: and what we found out is that at the preliminary hearing a judge felt that there was sufficient evidence and probable cause to hold jason houck for the murder of your mom. but did the d.a. explain to you why jason houck was released? >> they just felt like they didn't have enough to take it to court at the time. >> judge jeanine: and specific
12:36 am
little i'm sure you asked, i mean it is your mom. >> oh, sure. >> judge jeanine: what did he say? >> he said that he was -- that it was open ongoing investigation and that they were trying to locate a couple of people that may have some knowledge of the crime either after it happened or might have been with him later on that evening or something. and they told us it is open and ongoing because i had asked what do i tell friends and family that are wondering why it is taking so long, you know. and then i think he told my brother that he only moves so fast or something like that. >> wasn't. >> ing to move any faster than what he would normally do because we said what can we do to help the case. hire detectives, anything we could do and they almost got defensive with us. i was leak totally surprising to us because all we want to do is help with the case. >> judge jeanine: when they got to the preliminary hearing that means there was sufficient evidence to hold him and as you say, monet, he was in jail for
12:37 am
a year. when they finally released him did they say why? i mean did they say other than looking for witnesses? anything else? >> the speedy trial issues apparently they can't hold people forever and wait to go to trial. >> judge jeanine: and he was arrested that light, is that correct, like 4:00 in the morning after your mom was found on the floor in the kitchen. >> correct. >> i don't know about speedy trial. but jason houck has agreed to speak with us. is there anything that you want me to ask him? >> i would like to know how he can live with himself? i just can't imagine. and he just don't realize what he took from us. >> judge jeanine: so you believe he is guilty? >> 100%. >> judge jeanine: and you believe that based upon? >> because of all of the evidence. i mean how much circumstancial evidence can you have, you know. on one person. i mean what kind of bad luck would you have to have that much on you and he was the last
12:38 am
one seen with my mother or his vehicle was the last one there. >> judge jeanine: and your mother had loaned him $20. >> yes. >> judge jeanine: and does your mother normally do that kind of thing? >> yes. >> she was a generous soul? >> sure. >> judge jeanine: monet and kevin thank you for being with us and i will talk to the primary suspect in monette's murder. jason houck is next. ale if you have copd like i do, you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that feels like. copd iludes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiva helps corol my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. and it's steroid-free spiriva does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell yr doctor if you have kidy problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate.
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>> judge jeanine: we continue with the murder of monette manuel, found dead in her kitchen in 2005. on satellite, jason houck, charged with capital murder in the case but later released and with his his attorney, michael crosby. thank you very much for being with us this evening. michael, i will start with you. your client was charged with capital murder but then released. can you tell us wha why? >> yes, ma'am, the evidence failed. it was mostly inadequate and insufficient to continue to hold him. i heard you say something earlier about the preliminary hearing. the preliminary hearing was just that, preliminary. and when the judge made the finding that is necessary to hold someone, they have to make the finding that at that based on the evidence presented to
12:43 am
them at that time and that is what the judge did. i have a copy of a transcript here and on the last two pages it specifically discusses the fact that evidence will be he sent to the crime lab and if that crime lab evidence corroborates there was a murder or that links it up to my client then he would have been denied bail and held over. when the evidence failed, they started out by granting bail. subsequently -- >> judge jeanine: isn't it true, mr. crosby, that your client was in jail for almost a year? >> he was held a long time. it was a very slow moving case. it was terribly slow moving. i will point out i was not present at the preliminary hearing. i was not his first attorney and i was hired later as the case drug on. >> judge jeanine: that is fine. the judge ruled that there was sufficient probable cause to hold him on capital murder. jason, i would like to ask you a question. there is no doubt that you were at the home of monette manuel that day, the day of the murder
12:44 am
and that she loaned you cash. can you tell us how that came about? >> well, there is no question that he was at the house. he paid us his rent just like he was supposed to. >> judge jeanine: is jason talking to me? >> no, this is his attorney. >> judge jeanine: jason, can you tell us what happened that day? >> that day i went over there to pay my rent with my daughter. with my little baby girl. she was two years old and we went over there and dropped off a check with ms. monette. >> judge jeanine: did you borrow $20 jason? >> at the time i do believe i did but the check was for $470. >> judge jeanine: but the check was from your father. your father wrote the check? >> yes, i was working with my father at the time. >> judge jeanine: and then you borrowed $20. were you driving a maroon van that day?
12:45 am
>> yes, ma'am. >> judge jeanine: and witnesses say that night jason that you paid for two hotel rooms and that you bought a lot of drugs later that night and early into the next morning? >> judge, what witnesses say that because that is not, correct. did he not pay for any hotel rooms. >> judge jeanine: so it was the prostitute who paid for the hotel rooms? >> judge that is an ugly statement to say. >> judge jeanine: you may think it is ugly but i got it from the police report. >> you are talking about a time during mardi gras and there were a lot of people in many hotel rooms and he went to a party at a hotel room with a lot of people. he did not purchase the hotel room, judge. >> judge jeanine: let's assume that the person who said he did pay for the hotel room was lying, there is no question that the police did pick up your client at the hotel room. is that, correct? when they arrested him? yes. >> was at a hotel room at the end of a party whenever the police came by to question them and he did answer their questions. he went with them and answered their questions, yes, ma'am.
12:46 am
>> judge jeanine: and the police say that you were wearing a particular kind of boot and the autopsy and the evidence indicates that the victim in the case was stomped on the face after she was stabbed in the neck and chest and strangled with a particular work boot. >> yes, ma'am. >> mr. crosby, what are you showing us? >> i have a picture that was submitted in evidence by the police. this is a work boot that has a unique diamond shaped pattern to that. and on the deceased's face was a similar pattern. and jason did in fact have a pair of workboots that had a dime shaped pattern. and this is why at that time preliminarily the judge was finding the evidence to hold him temporarily until the lab tests were done. but as it turned out, there has been nothing other than the fact that the boot has a diamond pattern just like thousands of other boots. harrison county is a casino
12:47 am
industry town and everyone there is required to wear this exact same kind of boot. >> i don't think any one is doubting that he wasn't wearing a custom made pair of boots and he had a pair of boots that were common boots. wasn't it a attacked thator client had what was shown to be presumptively blood on the boot as well. >> that was sent off. that is what the police said that they found what they thought might be blood on the boot and they sent it off and it did not come back that way. you know what? guess what? i heard something for the first time that did not come out at the preliminary hearing after i reviewed the transcript. but the gentleman who found her said there was a spray of blooded everywhere which would indicate if these boots were used to stomp a lady's headed to kill they are that that spray of blood would absolutely have to be on the boots and in seven years they have not found her blood on these boots but you can find evidence for weeks going back of dewe o debris one
12:48 am
boots. >> judge jeanine: i don't want to philly buster with you, are i just want to ask a few questions. jason, is there anything that you want to say to her children who are here with us tonight? >> all i can really say is she was a wonderful woman. i sheen she cared for me and my daughter because i was going through a rocky divorce at the time and when i heard about this i was distraught, i was hurt. >> judge jeanine: when she loaned you the $20 do you know where she took the $20 from, jason? >> no, ma'am. >> judge jeanine: you don't remember this? >> no, i really don't because i was dealing with my child at the time. >> you ask the woman for money and she wrote that she gave you money. do you remember why you needed that money? >> i was heading over to the parades and wanted to make sure that i had a new you dollars for my daughter. >> judge jeanine: where did she
12:49 am
take the money from. anything you want to ask jason? >> just how can you you live with yourself. just don't understand it. >> a 64-year-old grandmother trying to help somebody out and loan them 20 bucks and then they kill them and rob them. it is just not right. >> didn't give her a chance to plead for her life. >> judge jeanine: all right. then i want to thank monet and kevin as well as jason houck and his attorney michael crosby. next our expert panel weighs in. with these newepend real fit briefs,untry and today we are surprising pro football all stars. there's wes, clay and demarcus.what's up guys. now i know you don't need one, but would you try these on for charity and prove just how great the fit is? seriously? no way for charity? let's do it! yup... they're doin it. the best protection now looks, fits and feels just like underwear. let's go drive, use the legs... nice teamwork! they tried
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12:52 am
>> judge jeanine: our expert panel is here to talk about the investigation into the murder of monette manuel. joe. >> jackson, criminal defense
12:53 am
attorney and former prosecutor and park furman mark fuhrman. dr. wah thank you for being with us this evening. strangled, stabbed in the neck and chest, stomped on the face. what does that tell you about the encounter between the victim and the murder. it they know each other and it is a personal killing. three different modes of killth used take awhile. which for the forensic doctor means it as good interaction between two persons and lots of forensic evidence should be there. a good autopsy requires you to collect all the pieces. >> what forensic evidence would you look for? >> collecting the nail, collecting the hair specimen, anything at the scene should any microscopic evidence should be collected. blood evidence if a knife was used. any chance the assailant has injury as well. >> judge jeanine: what we heard is that jason houck who was charged with capital murder and then held for a year but then released we still don't know
12:54 am
why had human blood on the bottom of his boot. we never got to whether or not it was a specific kind of blood. in addition to that, finger nail scrapings, hair. what else do you need. >> contact dna. his dna on objects in the kitchen to give a motion, a progress that he followed her. when you tee the timeline she writes a check and loans h him money. the checkbook is open. her dog is still outside. she let the dog in every time when she was done with a rental -- somebody that is paying their rent. so we have captured his moment there at the last act that she voluntarily did. it is really capturing that moment and this whole idea that just a bootprint is not enough, a bootprint plus you were the last person there plus you got $20 from her. >> do you know why i kept asking him where did she get the money from?
12:55 am
there had been a tenant from this guy who gave her over $400 in cash and all that money was gone. so we know that if possibly she took the 20 bucks out of that money. >> you nailed it when you asked him that and he said no, i didn't see. well, she is certainly not leaving the room. she was right there and gave him the money and i talked to the family. she had an envelope kind of a green zipper bank envelope that she did her deposits in. >> judge jeanine: joey? >> let's get to the prosecution case. the family deserves justice and should get it. let's talk about people who would be known to each other. it was mardi gras and you could make the argument it is a strange. the doctor's theory negates that. you talked about mark fuhrman with the modus operandi. she would let the dog out in the back. you have a boot and the boot has blood on it. what more do you need? >> i think it is interesting that the for ru forensic pathot
12:56 am
at the time said there was evidence linking this person po the victim. >> you can prosecute, absolutely. >> absolutely. >> judge jeanine: here is the thing. joey is right. it is time for the family to get justice. that is it for us tonight. thanks for joining us. e-mail us your comments, justice @ fox news .com. ♪ [ man ] when i went to get my first new car, my dad said to get a subaru because they last. ♪ he drives a legacy, but i'm nothing like him. i got the new impreza. maybe i should have picked a different color... [ male announcer ] the all-new subaru impreza. experience love that last ♪ perfect golden color. rich in fiber. my dad taught me, and i taught my son out there.
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>> john: i see signs of poverty in my town and i'm told it's getting worse. >> poverty levels have gone up in 38 states. >> with poverty rising. >> the poverty in america is in fact a death sentence. >> john: is it really? >> you have television? >> yes. >> how many channels? >> liberal politicians say government must help the poor. >> my brother's


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