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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 27, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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fountain. >> eric: it's summer. good morning. i'm eric shawn. >> jamie: with all of that heat, it's a great day to be inside and be with us. i'm jamie colby. we appreciate you spending the morning with us. the weekend's heat is expected to break records in washington, d.c. they already have high humidity t. could feel like 100 degrees. where should people take the most precaution? janice dean, in the extreme weather center. i am worried about the heat for folks, how about you? >> absolutely. we are into a memorial day weekend. a lot of people are planning to be outdoors for a long period of time. we are dealing with heat indexes well over 100 degrees, meaning that we have the heat and humidity combined. so your body can't function when you are outside and the heat index is over 100 degrees. take precautions, make sure you are wearing lotion loose
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clothing and get into shelter or air conditioning and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. heat index, again, close to 100 in a lot of areas, big cities included. indianapolis 500 today. if they hit their high of 95 or 96, that will be not only a daily record, but it will be the warmest indy 500 ever to take place. on the race track, they're expecting the temperature to be well over 140 degrees. it is going to be oppressive. definitely take precautions. heat advisories for much of indiana and actually, across the east coast. parts of new jersey and maryland under heat advisories as well. so really, two-thirds of the country, dealing with the extreme heat today. monday, not much of relief. st. louis, 95. 93, that's temperature, not including the humidity. so just really be careful, especially your pets and your young kids.
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make sure they are taken care of. on the flip side, if you can believe it, we are seeing snow -- snow in the northern rockies, billings, as well as great falls, seeing 4 to 5 inches of snow. so we have much cooler air in the northwest, moving eastward. the clash of the air masses could give us the threat of severe weather across the central u.s., though nebraska and kansas, you are under moderate risk for hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. then, of course, beryl. but quickly, we have the scattered shower, thunderstorms, even snowshowers in the mountainous regions, across the great lakes, we could see nature's fireworks, if you will. so this is beryl, subtropical storm beryl, 45-mile-per-hour sustained winds, up to 50 miles per hour. we had a hurricane hunter investigate this situation. it looks like it's going to stay a tropical storm. but it is going to give us
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inclement weather, no beach weather for parts of the coastal carolinas, towards georgia and florida. so this is going to continue to move westward. we are expecting the landfall overnight and tomorrow. memorial day weekend for all of these areas, make sure that you are staying indoors. back to you. >> jamie: a lot of warnings, stay on it. we'll check back. >> eric: as janice mentioned, beryl expected to force some beachgers to stay home n. daytona beach, the high winds are kicking up the surf and folks are bracing for it. forecasters warning to watch out for possible coastal flooding. how are they dealing with the storm? let's go live to jacksonville, florida, for the latest. it doesn't look like people are going in today, are they? >> reporter: well, we see more people staying than going here in jacksonville, florida, at a beach here. however, the conditions are certainly deteriorating quickly. we had a spout of rain. as you can see, the winds are
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picking up, around 23 miles per hour, but we know that the subtropical storm beryl has been upgraded. we can expect to see winds up to 60 miles per hour. we know that there is about 6 1/2 million people visiting this coastal region on memorial day weekend, so what are the local officials concerned about? people getting in the water. the beaches are all closed. but you can see people still checking out the surf. one of their biggest concerns is that people are going to get into the water. they have had to rescue 7 people in this area and 30 people between the state of florida and georgia. but see the double red flags -- they want people to stay out of the water. we know that it will be making landfall here in jacksonville beach in a couple of hours, later this evening and into the morning. we know we will see 3 to 6 inches of rain, like i said, the wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour now. so people who we spoke with say they want to stay and ride out the storm. they have been planning the
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memorial day weekend, the unofficial start of summer. we see people here, staying here to brave out the storm. back to you. >> eric: love to ride the wave when is the storms come in. but it can be really dangerous. we will be watching the storm. thanks. we will be following beryl throughout the hour here and for the latest on the storm's path, you can always track it live, just head to to see where she is going. >> jamie: eric was talking with chris wallace about how catholic leaders are speaking out and speaking out strong, taking the obama administration to court. they are suing the white house over the controversial plan and mandate for contraception. steve centanni following this for us in washington. hi, steve. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a political, religious and legal firestorm continuing to swirl
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around the obama administration's mandate that employers provide contraception coverage. last week, 43 catholic institutions filed suit against the u.s. government over the mandate. the groups believe that even though insurance companies, not the schools, hospitals and charities can provide the coverage, it's a violation of religious freedom because they are self-insured and they would be directly paying for something against their religion. the archdiocese of washington, d.c. one of the institutions filing suit. its cardinal appeared on "fox news sunday." >> this whole lawsuit isn't about contraception, it's about religious freedom. imbedded in the mandate is a radically new definition of what constitutes a religious community community. what constitutes religious ministry, brand-new, never applied at the federal level.
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>> but some catholic groups are fine with the compromise offered by the president. they see politics behind the lawsuit, believing some conservatives are seizing on the anti-obama issue during an election year. the executive director of catholics united says they are pursuing a right-wing agenda and said that it reflects a sad reality for american catholics. the leadership of the catholic church is more interested in politics than the common good. catholics do not vote as a block. but many are independent and those are most avidly pursued by both parties in this election year, jamie. >> jamie: steve, thanks. >> reporter: you bet. >> eric: president obam playing defense on the campaign trail. here he is, pushing back at critics of supposed out-of-control government spending on his watch. >> what my opponent didn't tell
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you was that federal spending since i took office has risen at the slowest pace of any president in almost 60 years. >> eric: some have been taking real issue with that comment. charles krauthammer, a fox news contributor, says those claims by the president is, quote, outrageous. >> that's what make its the whopper of the year. i mean, this is an unbelievable distortion of the truth. it's really, if you compare it to what was spent in the bush years, particularly if you take out the emergency spenning that the two administrations agreed on at the end, the bailouts, then have you an 8% increase, which is historic. >> eric: is at this time whopper of the year? we have a radio talk show host and a former assistant to the president george w. bush. brad, let me start with you.
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what's the truth? >> the truth is that this president is using, at best, creative accounting, and at worst, downright lying to the american people. the deficit is higher and the spending has been higher under this president than all previous presidents combined. we have unemployment. we have foreclosures and bankruptcies across america. we have gas prices that are 120% higher for americans. so if this president thinks he's going to spin his way out of reality, that's know the case. we are not going to be ruled out of -- idioology. >> is the president lying? >> not at all. the sharp increases that we saw in the budget occurred in 2008-09, before the president came into office. when he was inaugurated, we were almost 4 years into the 2009 fiscal year budget.
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at the same time, you had a their 3.5 trillion budget anounced by the congressional budget office, with a $500 billion spike. we went on a spending binge whether we went into iraq. according to 2008 data, from a nobel-prize-winning economist. as of four years ago, we are in a $3 trillion war. of course, dr. blakeman is correct. we are in a foreclosure crisis. we are in an economic crisis. we are in a crisis, period. but that happened before. but that said, we have to get out of this crisis. how do we do it? i am hoping we will come up with a bipartisan solution, as opposed to a bipartisan betrayal. i don't think we have been served by either party because we are still in debt and in wars that most americans do not want and we cannot afford. >> eric: some people think -- and blame the president for over spending, $5 trillion has been added to the debt under his watch. >> the fact is, desperate times
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call for desperate measures. even governor recommendny said if i become president romney, i will not cut $twenty1 trillion m this budget because that would spike the gdp and put us in a depression or a recession. when you had the great depression 70 years ago, you had to do a lot of spending to get americans out of this hole. the fact is, we have 46.2 million americans at the poverty level, not those below or at poverty. we have growing, growing foreclosures. we are going to have to find a way to priare onare onoritize ld of death, which is war. we need a moratorium on foreclosures. we need education to be funded. we cannot afford these wars. >> eric: we can't afford very much of anything at. >> we are not the french. we don't expect government to
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provide for every want or need for our people. we need to have a little tough love and americans sacrifice that is equitable. when the president was running in 2008. he had the stwor everything that ailed us and he blamed bush for all the bad things he inherited. okay. what have you done? you don't have an answer to anything that ails us. you put us in a worse position. over 70% of americans today believe that not only is america headed down the wrong track, but their lives are not better than they were 4 years ago. >> eric: twha do we do -- >> here's what you have to do -- spend less than you take in and create an atmosphere of surety in the marketplay, by making logs and budgets that business can have confidence in. we haven't had that. >> eric: last word. >> let's get out of the wars. that's know what we want or need. we can't afford it. it is not helping the american dream to be realized by everybody. this is money that we have -- we
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cannot afford to spend. >> eric: all right. thanks very much for this memorial day weekend. >> happy memorial day. god bless you both. >> thank you. >> jamie: new fall out after the arrest of the doctor who helped america capture osama bin laden, sentenced to 33 years in prison by the government of pakistan. what impact will that have on america's future ability to gather intelligence overseas? he stepped up. will anyone else? speaking of stepping up, general jack keene, four-star former vice chief of staff is live, next. >> eric: there is a major milestone for one of our nation's most iconic structures. the golden gate turns 75. we'll have a live report on the big celebrations that are already underway.
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>> jamie: welcome back. not just in these troubling economic times, but bankruptcy always been considered a last resort. a lot of people, though, are having to face. it sometimes it can be the best option. so in today's take charge
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consumer protection segment, i wanted to take a look for you when bankruptcy is the right idea. joining us to do that, patricia powell, founder and ceo of powell financial group. she is a smarty. for those who have fofile bankruptcy, we want them to be able to take charge and do it right. so the impact isn't as devastating. when is it a good idea? >> well, when you really need that second chance. america's just a country full of second chances. so if your debt is so out of control that you just can't manage the required minimum payments, it is a red flag to say, maybe this would work for me. if the kind of debt that you have is the kind that can be dealt with in bankruptcy, not all dealt can be dealt with -- >> jamie: that's interesting. what about student loans? >> you can't get rid of your student loans, with very few exceptions. you can't get rid of court-ordered child support or
11:19 am
alimony or a drunk driving conviction and a judgment against you, you can't get rid of that kind of thing. you can't get rid of taxes, within certain limitations. so you have to make sure that the kind of debt you have can be dealt with in the bankruptcy. >> jamie: you over-did it on your credit cards and you are out of work? >> well, that's really an important issue. not just out of work, but maybe you can't find a job that is paying what the last job was paying and it make its unmanageable. you used to have a $100,000 job and you now have a $35,000 and you have to say okay, i need a second chance. >> jamie: there are different types of bankruptcy. you must have a professional assist with this. or can you file yourself? >> you can file yourself, but i don't advise it. number 1, everyone must go through bankruptcy counseling, within six months of filing bankruptcy. it's the law.
11:20 am
it's a great place to start if you are not sure whether this is the right thing for you. go for the counseling to begin with. that person will be an expert in exactly the kind of circumstances you are going to face. >> jamie: are attorneys or accountants certified in some way to deal with this particular issue? and what would it cost? >> i don't know of a specific certification for attorneys or accountants, but there are bankruptcy attorneys. while i have no national study to tell your viewers what it would cost, what we could find is that it often runs between $800 on the low side and $3200 on the high side. this is a major financial and legal decision for you. get some good advice. >> jamie: last question, how long does it stay on your record? if you are a young person, will you be okay? >> maximum 10 years. it could be 10 years. maximum of 10 years. >> jamie: a lot of people having to consider t. we are sorry that you do. thank you so much.
11:21 am
>> thanks for having me. >> jamie: for more on how you can take charge on a member of consumer issues, not just bankruptcy, we are covering the gamut. go to click on the america's news headquarters at the bottom of the main page and you will find more take charge segments. eric? >> eric: here i am. >> jamie: i saw you were paying attention. >> eric: i was. coming up, we will talk about concerns about our ability to track down some of the world's most wanted terrorists. have you heard about that sentence of this doctor in pakistan? he's the guy who helped us find osama bin laden. so how did they reward him in pakistan? they gave him 33 years in prison. you think informants are ever going to want to help us again? what does his rotting in prison over there mean for our relationship with that country? we will ask retired general jack keene who will join us live. >> jamie: the general does a lot for our wounded warriors also.
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>> eric: we have a fox news weather alert for you. we are getting new information on subtropical storm beryl. beryl may be stronger than they originally forecast. here's a live look at the storm's track right now. as you can see, it is gathering steam and speed, just off the coast of georgia. they say maximum sustained winds of 60 miles per hour with stronger gusts. the storm will make lappedfall tonight or early morning hours. emergency crews are now warning
11:27 am
beachgoers on the southeast of potentially deadly rip tides along the coast. we will be watching beryl throughout the hour. it. >> jamie: makeney no mistake, folks. the war on terror continues. after the events of last week, there are new concerns over our ability to track down the world's most dangerous terrorists. this is want a terrorist. this is a hero. he's a doctor from pakistan who was critical in giving us intelligence that allowed us to find, capt and you are kill osama bin laden. defense secretary leon panetta blasting the move since he's been sentenced by pakistan. >> it is so difficult to understand and so disturbing that they would sentence this doctor to 33 years for helping in the search for the most notorious terrorist in our times. this doctor was not working against pakistan. he was working against al qaeda. >> jamie: and that is the key
11:28 am
thing. he was against al qaeda. not his homeland. but the fate of the doctor is raising a huge question now: will anybody ever step up to offer intelligence again? general jack keene is a retired four-star eligible and former chief of staff of the army. general, good morning, thank you for being here on memorial deism i am delighted to be here. >> jamie: this is so critical. we need all the intel assets we can get. the doctor steps up and he's sentenced by pakistan. weren't they an ally? weren't they our friends? didn't they want to get osama bin laden? >> that's certainly begging the question. we weren't able to put our fingers on bin laden 10 years. the last 5 years, he was in a safe heavyep, close to a military base, where military generals and officers retired. clearly he was under the protection, at least for those 5 years for certain, by the
11:29 am
pakistan military. have you to ask yourself, weren't they protecting him for the last 10 years? where's number 2. >> eric: we have been searching for him for 11 years. are they also protecting him? i think you have to make the assumption that they are. we have to stop talking about the relationship with pakistan as being a complicated that paralyzes us from action. we have to look at pakistan, no longer with coorpg, but confrontation and earned cooperation and hold their behavior accountable. >> jamie: should we withhold funds? we give hem a -- them a heck of a lot of mony? >> certainly. they are providing safe haven for the afghan taliban npakistan, conducting daily operations against u.s. and nato forces, that means they kill and maim us on a regular basis. they provide intelligence, training and logistics. that's horrific. it has protracted the war.
11:30 am
why we would give them any money until that behavior is changed is an absurdity. all of those things should be held accountable. their behavior should be based on earned cooperation. then we help them with funds, we help them with the world bank. we help them with the international monetary fund. then we help them with their own insurgency inside pakistan. >> jamie: how significant is this. take a look at this video, at protests going on and the blocking of essential supply routes, into afghanistan, to get our troops what they need -- this is new video into fox, by the way. so that they can finish the mission in afghanistan and come home? >> look. they hold two things over our head. one spoken, one not spoken. this is the spoken one. we use the supply line from the port to the pass in afghanistan. that's a fact. we do need t. but we have a northern route that we are
11:31 am
using. we should stop letting the pakistanis hold that over our head. they have nuclear weapons and a raging insurgency inside their country. that spooks us, in terms of doing anything against the pakistanis, when their behavior is not in concert with our national objectives. we have to stop kneeling to the fact that the nuclear weapons could fall into the hands of the razzical islamists. >> jamie: you say "we should," will we? will we stop? >> i would hope we would. but the evidence is to the contrary, jamie. during this administration and also during the previous administration, we have been somewhat paralyzed to confront pakistan. we have to stop that behavior if we expect to change their attitude and get more cooperation than we currently have. >> jamie: i am going to switch gears and ask you what your message is, general, to all of us on this day, that we remember, every single military
11:32 am
man and woman and their families who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our safety and security. i thank them every day. is that what we need to do today? >> certainly. today is a day of honor. i think it's the most sacred holiday we have, outside from our religious holidays. how blessed are we that americans have come forward now in the four centuries of our existence, in the 18th century to establish this union, in the 19th century to help preserve it, in the 20th century, americans fought, hundreds of thousands to fight oppression in other people's land so they valid a better life. they stopped fascism and naziism and radicals and islam and ifn a foreign land and they have killed 3,000 of us. how blessed are we to have people and families that risk everything they care about in life and put themselves at that level of risk?
11:33 am
and they are frankly, by doing that, they are saying they don't want to die but they are willing to. it is truly honor in every sense of the word and devotion that they have is so special. >> jamie: there is nothing like. >> it we have a great country because we set aside a day to recognize and honor that kind of devotion. i hope every american takes a moment to realize that they reap the rewards of from devotion, not just from the serving troops today, but years and years of troop who is have come forward and sacrificed so we can live in this land of liberty in this most wonderful nation on earth. >> jamie: we remember each and every one. i want to remind you that tomorrow at 11:00 a.m., we will have complete coverage of memorial day and the ceremonies that we do to remember our troops. >> take care. >> eric: wonderful sentiments
11:34 am
from the general. as we remember and honor our men and women, who have given their lives and service to our nation, we want to tell you about a very special veteran of the war in iraq. he is a wounded warrior, planning to climb mount kilimanjaro. >> >> reporter: he is a victim of an ied, he is a 38-year-old father, trying to teach his kids about perseverance and patriotism. he is defying the odds, turning the debilitating war wound into a lifestyle of extreme sports. he leaves on tuesday to climb mt. kilimanjaro, the highest peak in africa. he was hit by an ied outside the green zone in baghdad in 2005. he underwent more than 40 surmgries at walter reid army medical center in washington,
11:35 am
d.c., losing his forearm. but joining a challenged athletes foundation, it renewed his spirits. it helps vets and first responders to get back on their feet and participate in activities that may be out of reach, providing training and motivation for athletic competition. >> the person i am now, from the person i was after september 11 is night and day. i realize that there is more to life than being concerned about yourself. so i don't regret any of it, don't regret the blast or losing my arm. i have done more with one hand than i ever accomplished with two. >> jamie: he has competed in numerous triathalons and has finished the iron man in hawaii. while he does leave tuesday for mt. kilimanjaro, he plans to climb at least three of the highest peeks on the coninents
11:36 am
over the next 3 years. back to you. >> eric: what a wonderful man. what a fantastic cause. challenge athletes. what's the web site? >> jamie: challenged athletes dot-org. >> eric: coming up here, we will have new developments in the surprising voter fraud case from the 2008 presidential race. the petitions that put president obama and hillary clinton on the primary ballot in indiana, allegedly faked. four officials face multimelpel felony charges. isolated incident? or tip of the iceberg? those gar. and let's see how colorful an afternoon can be. with the home depot certified advice to help us expand our palette... ...and prices that keep our budgets firmly rooted... ...we can mix the right soil with the right ideas. ...and bring even more color to any garden.
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11:41 am
presidential election fraud case, the signatures that put barack obama and hillary clinton on the ballot were fake. people said they didn't sign the petitions and didn't know about t. so many signatures were allegedly forged, there were questions about whether president obama even legally qualified for the ballot in the first place. the four who face multiple felony charges, the long-time chairman of the democratic party and the former democratic voter registration commissioner. aberration or politics as usual. >> eric: joining us from south bend, the chairwoman of the republican party, dr. deborah flemming. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me. it's good to be here. >> eric: my sense is that the mainstream media doesn't want to touch this case because they don't believe that voter fraud can raise to the highest office in the land. >> especialliy locally in south
11:42 am
bend, it's definitely been kept under wraps on our newspaper and the local media. >> eric: the south bend tribune originally broke the story. there are so many questions. how do you think this could have happened? >> again, as we said, it's either complete ineptitude, lazyness or arrogance. it's a very simple process. to get on the ballot, each county has to have 500 signatures on the petition. that should have been a very easy task, considering we have a 60-40 ratio of democrats to republicans. they apparently didn't feel they wanted to do it or felt arrogant that they weren't going to get caught, but in any case, they forged the signatures, multiple times to -- instead of doing the correct job they were supposed to do. >> eric: they pled not guilty in and the state says it's
11:43 am
isolated. do you think it's isolated? >> well, no, i don't think -- it's isolated. i think we have insdenteds of other areas in the state of indiana where the democrats have been found guilty of voter fraud, just in the state of indian a. i am not sure if it's a state party issue. or if it's the way the democrats like to do things. but apparently, this has been going on multiple times and throughout the state. >> eric: of course, the former top elections official, the secretary of state, charlie white was found guilty of voter fraud for registering to vote from his ex-wife's house. he has a year of home confinement. this is what is so disturbing about this. as you said, 500 signatures are needed in each of nine congressional districts in indiana to get on the ballot. president obama's campaign qualified with 534. hillary clinton's with 704. the reports say that 150 signatures may be faked.
11:44 am
in the indictment, in the legal paper, prosecutors say that one of those charged, dustin blithe, who has pled not guilty, they claim that mr. blithe's handwriting is found on 9 pages. that means there are 10 names per page. that means there are 90 names that may have been faked by him -- that could bring president ork 'bama's number of 534 below the legal number needed to get on the ballot. of course, it sailed through the st. joseph county voter registration board. >> yes, unfortunately, that's true. but the other robber is, they have the potential -- if they had been caught at the time, to risk the candidacy of president obama at that time. so i don't know what they were thinking. fortunately for them, it went through and that's water under the bridge at this point. but my concern is how is that going to affect the people of st. joseph people and the way they turn out for future elections and feel about the
11:45 am
electoral process in st. joseph county? that's what we are fighting for now as a republican party. we are fighting to make sure -- for the people of st. joseph count tow make sure that they have confidence in the electoral process so that in the future, they can feel that their vote counts and it is not taken for granted and a joke. >> that's why we are covering the cases. dr. deborah flemming, thank you so much for joining us. of course, always, voter fraud at the case is due in court in august. thank you. >> thank you. >> eric: jamie? >> jamie: today is the day, eric. it's a major milestone for one of the world's most famous bridges. there she is. 75 years ago today, cars began driving across the golden gate. we willl go live to san francisco. they are having a big party there. you will see it next.
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>> jamie: welcome back. there is a big celebration right now in san francisco and with good reason because the city's going all out to mark the 75th birthday of the golden gate bridge. we go there live. hi, claudia. >>.
11:50 am
>> a parade, fireworks, special exhibits and even an app, all part of the bridge's 75th anniversary and given how famous it is, hard to believe that this bridge almost didn't get built. >> as the cable is burned in two, new golden gate bridge is officially open. >> may 28, 1937, the golden gate strait overcame years of lawsuits and controversy. william remembers participating in the opening-day festivities in the marching band. >> i think the most important consideration was following the base drum who was ahead of me. >> riding the ferry with his father, he watched the construction. 75 years later, is still in awe. >> every day i go across, i like at that bridge and i think, how smart those people were to engineer that thing. >> first proposed in 1921 by engineer joseph strauss, the bridge was fiercely opposed by
11:51 am
rival ferry companies, as well as critics who claimed it would be a moan loser loser and aesthc blight. but an engineering marvel was created. a suspension span, supported by cables, held aloft by towers. and painted to blend in with the natural scenery, a mix of art and efficiency, always moving people. >> you can walk on it. you can touch it. you can feel it move. you can watch the painters painting. you know, it's a bridge to be experienced. >> the color of the bridge, that was another controversy. the air force wanted to paint it red and white. the navy, black and yellow for their navigational purposes. but international orange won the day and thank goodness because we have a beautiful bridge that enhances the natural landscape, rather than detracts from it. >> jamie: beautiful spot. thanks so much. >> eric: tropical storm beryl is on the way in the east coast,
11:52 am
threatening to bring heavy rain to the southeast today. we are tracking it, showing it's stronger than anticipated, coming up. what's the matter? uh, trouble with a car insurance claim. ah, claim trouble. [ dennis ] you should just switch to allstate,
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>> eric: the bin laden movie has caused controversy. now there are new claims that the administration could be working too closely with the filmmakers. how has the media covered this issue? liz trotta joins us every sunday with her commentary. good morning, liz. >> good morning, eric.
11:56 am
>> eric: this has been a hot wire since it was announced. >> it's called zero dark 30y. i am sure the seals know what that means, so do the moviemakers. i don't know. do you? the bottom line on this if i may use the cliche, the obama administration is getting a huge extravaganza or free ad for re-election with the movie? even though it's supposedly coming out in december, rather than october. as of this morning, secretary of defense panetta was on abc denying that any "inappropriate" -- don't you love that word? it means nothing -- that no inappropriate information has been passed from the cia or the department of defense or the white house to the movie makers. but at the same time, this is the response to a report of a suit filed by a judicial watch,
11:57 am
a conservative think tank that got the papers today to see what happened with these people and what kind of meetings did they have with the white house. lo and behold, we see that the department of defense, in fact the under secretary of defense for intelligence, michael vickers is quoted as promising to produce a real live seal, a commander, a planner, for the movie makers in the making of their movie. everybody topped out and is denying it. admiral mcgray ven, the head of the raid and the highest decorated seal in the country says this did not happen. the papers show that it did happen -- or they thought it was going to happen. some of the thinkers are saying that maybe it was a marine clum on this whole subject which really stopped the white house, or else the white house was
11:58 am
spinning these people, wanting the free ad, making obama look like the great commander and not producing anybody of a high level. >> eric: the pentagon has said, this is usual cooperation, there is nothing untoward in this. they want to, quote, regularly engage with the entertainment industry to inform their projects. >> yeah, i would be inclined to go along with that, except for one thing. the movie producers gained access through a group called the glover park group, which is a group of people who were from the clinton administration, democratic operatives. and that's how they got these people into the white house. that doesn't have the right smell. >> eric: liz, always good to see you. thanks so much. that does it for us this on this memorial day weekend, a weekend which we remember and honor those who have kerved in ooh who have served in our country. >> in every conflict.
11:59 am
keep it right here on the fox newschannel. the most powerful name in news. america's news headquarters continues now from washington where they are waiting for rolling thunder, peter doocy. and shannon bream will take over from here, live. have a great day, everybody. take care. >> shannon: a mission went horribly wrong, leaving one lone survive. marcus re-enlpsed and helped win one of the great special forces victories. he joins us to turn how he has showned -- shown his gripping war story interest a victory. >> we ought not to love war, but we ought to love our warriors. i think that we didn't reflect that during that war issue, means today, these warriors are treated much better than they were in our year. >> shannon: i walked the wall


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