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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 27, 2012 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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saving his life, commander and dr. jack fowler. country music is a strong friend. paying tribute in a memorial day tradition like no other, right here on the national mall. i'm shannon bream. we begin america's news headquarters with the latest on potentially dangerous weather, threatening to bring high winds, heavy rains and scorching temperatures to a big chunk of the count three memorial day weekend. a heat wave bakes the midwest, the south batons down the hatches for tropical storm beryl. we have the latest on the storm. hello? >> hi, shannon. we have the latest advisory at 11:00. this storm is stronger than we anticipated. 60-mile-per-hour sustained winds. a hurricane is 74 miles per hour, so it is strengthening as it gets closer to the coast.
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you can start to see the four quad rants filling out nicely here. you can see the center of circulation very well defined on the satellite and radar imagery, we are not expecting this to become a hurricane. but it is going to be a nasty storm. it is going to bring rough surf. we'll see very heavy rain and very strong winds, 60, 70, even 80 purposes miles per hour, as it approaches the coast. that's gusts. not sustained. making landfall overnight, around the jacksonville area. so border between flor gaand georgia. then as we head out, becoming a low pressure system, but it comes off the coast and perhaps becomes a storm again. so very interesting tropical entity. it is subtropical, it has characteristics of a tropical storm and a cold core low pressure system. we don't think it will be fully tropical. but we have seen surprises the last couple of hours, as it has
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strengthened. how much rain? 3 to 4 or even 6 inches of rain. this is welcome news for this area because it's drought stricken. the other big story is the heat. oppressive heat. we will see heat indexes over 90 degrees and 100 degrees today and tomorrow. so people are outdoors, take extra precautions, especially the young ones and the pets. make sure you are up to date from the fox news weather center. back to you. >> shannon: thank you very much. we have elizabeth in jacksonville, florida. we will get an update as the storm continues to move in. wildfires in new mexico, are spreading out of control. already, over 100,000 acres have been scorched. officials are issuing health alerts as smoke spreads. it is difficult for firefighters to try to get the blaze out because it's in a remote area and strong winds are fueling the fire.
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american and arab leaders are demanding an end to syria's daily shelling of its own people. the united states is condemning a bloody massacre that killed more than 100 civilians on friday. syrian leaders deny they were involved. a civil war is looming if they cannot institute a cease-fire. word that iran is planning to launch a new nuclear plant project. state television says that iran is planning to build a new plant alongside the sole exist one in a southern city, slated to be ready by early 2014. the head of the atomic energy organization says it will be a 100,000 megawatt plant. they are reporting an additional nuclear plant could be built in the coming years. world leaders left baghdad thursday without any real progress on iran and the controversial nuclear program.
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spoa has terrain successfully stalled once again? or is it possible that there could be a breakthrough on the horizon? gordon chang is here live from new york. gordon, thank you for your time today. we know that there isa another round of talks coming now in june. that will come before the sanctions would kick in on iran, how do you think those two competing factors are going to play out? >> i don't think there is going to be very much progress, if any in moscow because they start on june 18. what is really important is june 28, when u.s. financial sanctions kick in, unless they are waived and july 1, when the e.u. oil embargo starts. i think they will wait to see if we have the will to enforce the coercive measures. if they do, they will make concessions and if not, they will remain intransigent. >> shannon: these are part of a broader measure by congress.
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the president can waive the sanctions for certain countries. how could that impact iran and china, which is a key player in all of this as well? >> right. the president can waive the sanctions. he has issued 11 so far, 10 to european countries and one to japan. but the real big issue is china because china is iran's largest oil cust her and largest investor in the oil patch and biggest trading partner. if we can't get the chinese to reduce oil purchases, we should not give a waiver to china. if we don't, the iranians are going to sit up and take notice and say the u.s. does have will. >> shannon: and we got information from a report showing that iran is enriching uranium at a higher level than people expected. it goes beyond -- my understanding -- beyond what they would use for a power plant and inching closer to weaponnize the material. they say it was an accident, a routine technical error.
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what's your take? >> you know, this is the second time that the iranians have been caught with highly enriched uranium. the first time was in 2003, when they found particles enriched to 90%. iran is a nuclear criminal. so we shouldn't give them the benefit of the doubt. i don't think this was operator scprr we should talk very carefully with the iaea, which is the group that found this and the u.n. scowrnsz. this is a red line. >> shannon: we continue to have the talks. the next round in mid-june in moscow. in the meantime, israel is not take anything options off the table. we sent a top state department official there to meet with the leader there is to reaffirm our unshakeable commitment to israel. what do you make of the tensions now growing between those two. >> eric: obviously, israel much closer geographically to the threat. >> right now, the united states, as many people say, is much more concerned about an israeli strike on iran than iran
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nuclearizing the atom. so i think there is really an attempt on the part of the administration to defer this until after the election. unfortunately, though, the iranians are continuing to enrich uranium and to be able to develop the weapons themselves. and so really, this is a very bad situation because we could slip into a horrible, horrible situation. >> shannon: iranians have bought themselves more time? is this another round of stall tactics? >> absolutely. nothing's going to get done until they see whether we are willing to cripple their economy or not. although that's a terrible scenario, it's much better than the alternative, which is the use of force. >> shannon: already, thank you for your insights. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> shannon: all right. we want to you weigh in. do you believe iran's claim that the higher enriched uranium was an accident or a technical error? tweet us your answers. we will read some of your responses, later in the show.
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an investigation is underway into how a nato airstrike against insurgents wound up killing 8 civilians. it happened on a large number of insurgents. an official said he was unaware of civilian casualties. this memorial day weekend is a significant one for vietnam vets, it is the 50th anniversary of the war. every year, the streets of d.c. are filled with motorcycles, roaring support for prisoners of war ask those missing in action. peter doocy is live in the middle of rolling thunder. hey, peter? >> hey, shannon. you can see, there is a very big crowd here for rolling thunder. but very orderly and quiet, of course, all the noise we are expecting will be from the motorcycles. we can see, it's going to come into the shot here in 10 second, a whole line of police motorcycles, the first we have seen of the day, mystery first of the 900,000 riders who are
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going to be here. you can hear, very loud. this is called rolling thunder for a reason. it's a unique way to honor the vetteds here. we talked to a vet who came here all the way on his motorcycle from california. he stopped to visit vets along the way. he told us why. listen. >> when we roll from sacramento to d.c. in 10 day, we stop in veterans homes, we stop in veterans hospitals. we greet our veterans, we give them gifts, we give them pens and thank them for their services. we talk to people with no family, no fren, the only people they ever see -- i would say this trip for me is at this time biggest emotional and physical roller coaster i have ever been on in my life. >> you can see, very enthusiastic crowd here and very emotional at times. the motorcycle riders are coming from the pentagon to the lincoln -- the vietnam memorial wall, just around the corner. the organizers say they will keep having this ride until all
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the prisoners of war and everyone missing in action is accounted for. back to you. >> shannon: all right. we hear them here. we know you are not far away. it is amazing to watch. 900,000 people roll by every year. this is the 25th. we hope there will be many more until the questions can be answered. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> shannon: we have been telling you about subtropical storm beryl, promising now rain on and possibly do a lot worse on holiday plans. we go to jacksonville, florida, where they are getting ready for the storm. hello. >> hi, shannon. you can see that i am holding on to my hat and the conditions here in jacksonville beach, florida, are deteriorating. we are early. so this is really, really gusty winds. the last was 20 to 30 miles per hour. but we heard that we expect the winds to get up to 60 miles per hour by tonight.
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to show you what it looks like. we are getting pelted by a blanket of sand. what folks are concerned about here is the tide coming in, strong rip currents. so all the beaches have been closed in jacksonville and other parts of south carolina, florida, georgia, they want people to stay out of the water. we know here in jacksonville, 7 people have been rescued. dozens across the coast of the southeastern part of the united states. but let's face tit's memorial day weekend, it's a big holiday for a lot of folks. vispoken with a half dozen hotel manager who is tell me that people are checking out early, but it is want a mass exit. the hotel we are at has two people leaving and others are under 10. so what can we expect? the winds are going to pick up, like i said, up to 60 miles per hour. we can expect anywhere from 3 to 6 inches of rainfall and the biggest concern is that it will be high tide when the storm hit this is evening. so that storm surge will come up and perhaps even flood the
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water-front homes. so what we are seeing from folks here, tourists, for the most part, they will wait it out and try to enjoy the weekend, 24 hours, it has been beautiful here and the conditions are deteriorating. so a lot of people say they are going to stick it out until monday. back to you. >> shannon: all right. thank you very much for the live report on the scene. fighting for religious freedom and their lives, christians are praying for the outcome of the presidential election in egypt, firing that a victory by the muslim brotherhood candidate could prolong their struggle. he is the sole survivor of a secret mission in afghanistan that left 19 americans dead. but he re-enlisted and saw even more intense fighting. the war hero is honoring those who gave their lives for him. [ male announcer ] this is coach parker...
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>> the first round of results from the egyptian election are not in, but they are already stirring up controversy. it appears there will be a runoff between the prime minister and a member of the muslim brotherhood. christians say they are worried
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about what will happen to them if an islamist wins. >> there is not only controversy but fear over how the results have come in over the election. todays, the cairo stock market in the first day of trading, unofficial results came out "biggest one-day drop in two months. people have a lots of suspension suspension -- suspicions over what is going on. a lot of people say they don't like the muslim brotherhood, but they feel it's their only choice. >> i hate muslims. but this doctor believes that the muslim brotherhood candidate is the lesser of two evil, compared to the prime minister under hosni mubarak. do you want egypt to be an islamic state with sharia law? >> absolutely not. >> why are you voting for him? >> i don't agree with many of the muslim brotherhood policies and so on, but we cannot relate
12:18 pm
this -- we can adapt this to our needs. >> christians in cairo headed to the supreme court for a protest against these 12 men. they say it's another example of how bad conditions have gotten in this country. they say, if the muslim brotherhoods over and they have sharia law, many will have to leave their homeland of egypt. >> churches burned with nobody arrested or tried. we have had people with their ears cut and mutilated by muslim fanatics. homes destroyed. >> right now, the christians say they are supporting the former prime minister because he promised them security here in egypt. but a number of secular revolutionaries who led the protest last year says if he comes into office next month, they will start protesting again. this wouldn't be the middle-east waft without intrigue.
12:19 pm
we got word from the state prosecutors office, they are going to launch an investigation. so you could have a potential presidential candidate involved in the race, under investigation for corruption during the last regime. it's all very complicated here. back to you. >> shannon: certainly does. thank you for the update. >> shannon: the stories of sacrifice by america's troops are endless. former navy seal marcus latrell has been awarded the navy cross and a purple heart for a seal mission that went horribly wrong in afghanistan. he was the only member of his seal team to survive.
12:20 pm
he picked himself up and re-enlisted and went to samaudie in iraq. marcus is here now, live. sir, first of all, i thank you for your service and your willingness to share jure stories, as well, so we can get a glimpse wlaf it is really like. >> yes, ma'am. my pleasure. thanks for having me on. >> shannon: your first book was a huge hit, telling the story of that mission in afghanistan. i understand there is a movie in the works. and your follow-up book, i took it home eye told you on the commercial break. my husband picked it up and i haven't gotten my hands on it. he says it's fantastic. he says that he thinks what a lotted of people don't realize what you went through in afghanistan, you re-enlisted. why did you go right back into the fight? >> it's my job. you know, i was still in it. i was pretty banged up. i was in the hospital, getting myself put back together.
12:21 pm
but i had a lot of my teammates, especially my brother and he was like, look, we got beat up. we lost that one, have you to get back in it. you have to get back in the fight. a firefighter doesn't stop being a fireman because he gets a bad fire. with that mentality and the guys around me, there is nothing else to do. i had to get back on it and get back into it. >> shannon: what is the message that you hope folks will get with the book and hear about what all of our soldiers are going through? >> you know, service is two hats, it finishes up and fills up the holes in holes in the loe survivor, and "service," overall, it talks about the guys i served with and some of the scenarios we were in. it pushes the message that service is not just service to your count scpreet military. it is to your community, your family, to god, you know, it touches and gives examples on all of that.
12:22 pm
and wrap its up t. com-- wraps it up and completes the circle. we fill in the blanks. >> shannon: i want to ask you from lone survivor foundation that have you started, what work have you been able to do to reach out to your fellow brothers and sisters in service snitch the found -- >> the foundation started. they sent me home and my mother got ahold of me and batoned me and got ahold of me. we get people out of the hospital environment and bring them out into the country to the ranch, you know -- not by themselves. we bring their families with them. you can heal the vet up, you know, you can work with him over and/or again. but if you send him back to a family that hasn't had any help and going through the same thing, they digress. they fall back to where they were. we bring everybody out and work with them as, you know, as an
12:23 pm
entire family unit. it is doing great things. i am really proud of it and the people who are helping me out to get this done. >> shannon: marcus, thank you for your service to the count scpreet way you are helping others and best wishes on the new book. >> thank you, ma'am. thanks for having me. happy memorial day. >> shannon: you as well. the cluster of powerful thunderstorm its dubbed subtropical storm beryl is crawling toward the southeastern u.s. coming up, the latest forecast for georgia, florida and south carolina, all along the coast. things have gone from bad to worse for the christian pastor sentenced to death in iran for refusing to renounce his faith. now they are going after his lawyer. we have a breaking news update on this story, next. ♪ [music plays] ♪ [muc plays]
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♪ [music plays]
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top winds of 60 miles per hour and it's churning up dangerous surf in florida and the carolinas. we have more on that and the other top stories. >> forecasters say that beryl is moving faster toward the southeast coast and is expected to make lappedfall tonight. tropical storm warnings are in effect for the coast of florida, georgia and south carolina. >> anti-government gunmen may have carried out the attack in syria. a municipal airport coup making a routine morning safety check made an awful discovery, a plane had crashed 400 feet away from the runway, killing all four on board. it's the biggest race day of the year. mark webber who, won the monaco grand prix, making formula i history. the indianapolis 500 just got
12:29 pm
underway and nascar will compete in the coca-cola 600 in just a few hours. >> shannon: startling news from iranian state t. iran claims that by 2014, tell build a new nuclear power plant alongside the sole existing one in bashir. it comes as the u.n.a nuclear watchdog is growing more suspicious about an iranian site it believes could be developing materials for a nuclear bomb. the atomic energy company is scouring satellites. iranian officials refuse to give access to the site, saying it's a military area. 958 days in iran behind bars for refusing to reject his christian faith. but now his lawyer is facing jail time. we have the latest here. you have been following this
12:30 pm
around the clock, jordan, thank you for coming in. >> thank jew the local court does have the right to execute this pastor. is reaching out to the ayatollah for guidance, what does that say? >> this case, we started to talk about here on fox news, back then in september, the iranian supreme court, the revolutionary court, which would have to okay an execution. they sent this back to the lower court and said you can execute him if you determine he was a muslim at the age of majority, between 13 and 15 years old. there has been a silence. we have started the international campaign, but the court has not taken much action. he has been in jail 958 days with a death sentence. the court was authorized, they determined he was a muslim, he should be executed, at the time he was 13 to 15. if not, he should be released. they have done nothing. it's a very unclear area of islamic law. under the constitution, they can appeal to the supreme leader.
12:31 pm
the only reason they are worried here and they don't know what to do is because if they move ahead with an execution, they are worried that the ayatollah may be upset because of the negative p.r. in the muclear talks and everything else. but at the same time, they have strict islamic law, they execute people every day. >> shannon: i want to ask you about the attorney. he is now facing 9 years in prison himself? >> 9 years in prison, 10 yeared disbarred. that would be the end of his career. he showed up in court 3 weeks ago to represent another client inside a prison, which is the worst prison in iran, where the political prisoners are from the '09 protest. the judge of death, the hanging judge, who has been become famous in iran's revolutionary court says you can't represent your client today. your sentence is a couple of years old was upheld, have you to report to prison soon. he has not had to report to jail. so he's out of prison. but we are not sure he's able to continue to do his work.
12:32 pm
we are not sure if he is going to stay out of jail, but can't represent clients or can he finish cases? iran's judicious system is different. imagine here, if you have local attorneys, but the case has gone to the supreme court and you need experts. he was about the last expert in iran. that make its that much tougher. >> reporter: both of these situations play out with the pastor, with his attorney, how much do you think international pressure has played a role in all of this. >> i think it's the only reason. iran doesn't have problems hanking people. they don't care if the u.s. is upset. but they have allies, brazil is doing a lot of work there mind the scenes because they have an embassy. it wouldn't be the case if ift wasn't for fox news talking about it. that's the christians and those who care about religious freedom, putting partisan politics aside. we worked with the state department here and said, this is not pol tirks this is human rights and you have a court,
12:33 pm
which executes people all the time, scared to do that. they realize that the implications could be huge if iran moved what he had that. >> shannon: jordan, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> shannon: the vatican is bracing for a wider investigation after pope benedict's butler was arrested. he is being called the mole. it's been a huge embarrassment for the holy sea, with some acknowledging crugz in the vatican and the internal conflict of the vatican bank. the archdiocese of washington is joining dozens of catholic organizations in court to fight a federal government mandate, which it says is pushing an unacceptable principle. chris wallace sat down to talk about the controversial issue and his take. we have a preview next. the thunder is louder here in washington. but it has nothing to do with the weather.
12:34 pm
peter doocy is in the middle of it all. peter? >> shannon, washington, d.c. is rumbling right now. we can feel the bike rolls by and we can hear. it i am going to actual all about rolling thunder, right after this. does your phone share what you are seeing and hearing right now
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>> shannon: rolling thunder is roaring past the white house. no doubt president obama can hear them. friday, he met briefly with the members of the group, here for the 25th annual ride for freedom. peter doocy in the midst of it all. are you going to hop on a bike? >> i think if the president can hear the motorcycles he can feel them rumbling. everybody that is here is honoring veterans, except one
12:39 pm
person, i want to direct your attention, in the middle of the street. that's staff sergeant tim chambers. a retired marine. he is silently saluting every single rider. there are over 900,000. and we asked him why and he told us. >> like i said, it's my moral post. it's something i don't have to be told to do. it's something i feel i need to do. i never made it to war. medical limitations held me back, so i have to stand even taller for my brothers and sisters over there and those who didn't make it because we lose friends and the way we honor their sacrifice is going above and beyond. >> shannon, it is hot out here, very humid. people have been stria trying to bring him water and snacks, but he refuses. he stand there is, silently saluting. heeb there all morning and will be there are their all day until all the riders make the trip
12:40 pm
from the pentagon to the vietnam memorial wall, 150 yards to my left. back to you. >> shannon: it's a beautiful site to see all of those bikes rolling through, honoring the troops, past and present to see him out there as well. thanks for sharing his story. the catholic church is fighting the administration's contraception mandate in court. in a coordinated church effort, several diocese across the nation, along with catholic universities and other groups have filed 12 federal lawsuits. it originally required religious employers to provide contraception for employee, but under the backlash, it was rewritten, requiring insurers to cover the contraception. the cardinal told chris wallace this morning, that technical change isn't enough. >> this is one of the reasons we have been saying that the accommodations didn't really change anything because so many of our institutions, certainly the archdiocese, is self
12:41 pm
insured. we are the insurer. so when you say, don't worry, we have changed this so only the insurer has to pay and we are the insurer, there is no oaccommodation. >> shannon: i spoke with chris about the exclusive interview with the cardinal and the other exclusive interview with senator john mccain. as the new round of lawsuits against the obama administration plays out, you can cardinal donald world here to talk about the root of the lawsuits. >> this week, 43 catholic organizations, including 13 diocese around the country, catholic diocese, filed lawsuits. it's a question of religious freedom. they are saying, 1; that the government, the obama administration, is too narrowly defining what a religious institution is, that they are saying it is just churches, but not catholic hospitals and schools and charities and therefore, that the government can order them to provide
12:42 pm
insurance coverage for contraception, as part of their health care plan. they are saying that's an abridgement of the first amendment, the freedom of religious and they are taking the obama administration to court. >> shannon: he says, it's more about the way they are defooning the organizations and it is not just copt raseption, but it is about -- contraception about their mission. >> yeah, but i mean, obviously, if they were mandating them to provide broccoli, you wouldn't have the suit. it's the combination of the government saying, this is a religious institution, this isn't. and we are saying to those who aren't, they have to do something against their religious teachings. >> shannon: husenator john mccain, talking about the massacre in syria. >> i don't know that i have ever seen john mccain, who has quite a temper, as hot as he was. he is just really upset with what he sees and he calls, quote, feckless leadership by the president.
12:43 pm
in the case of syria, he says we have been waiting for a year, more than 9,000 killed and this weekend, 90 civilians in a small village were killed, leading more than 30 children. he says, now we are talking about maybe we will vet the rebels and let other gulf arab countries arm them. we're talk about this russians and diplomacy. in the meantime, these people are being slaughtered. >> shannon: also, a power player that folks will not want to miss, so special for this weekend. >> i have to say, i don't know that i have ever been more deeply moved by the story, an extraordinary story of two families' devotion to country and the terrible sacrifice they had to pay -- i don't often say this, you don't want to miss it. >> shannon: i agree. and the entire show as well. thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: you can catch all of "fox news sunday" after our show and he addresses the presidential elections in egypt
12:44 pm
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>> shannon: joo at the top of the hour, high tough and drenching rain, beryl is promising a wet and potentially dangerous memorial day. a musical honor for our fallen hero, country music star trace atkins joins us before take the stage at the washington annual memorial concert on the mall. finally getting the heroes welcome they deserve, vietnam veterans and colonel oliver north takes a look back at the war. >> shannon: when solars come home after the war, the wyns can
12:49 pm
be physical and emotional. 90-year-old world war ii veteran has come up with a great way to help with what can be a very tough recovery process. he founded vets helping heroes, placing therapy dogs with woundd soldiers. he has cash with him as limp we will be with nujust a moment and here in d.c., we have a sergeant who got his dog, atlas through the program. he is on active duty after tours in iraq and afghanistan. welcome. i want to start with you. tell me why you started this organization and how it's grown? >> well, i was a national service officer for ex-prisoners of war at the palm beach hospital in florida. in '06, i was called to a meeting by the director and she advised me at that point that we had a blind rehab program there. we were getting the veterans, but there is no funds for them.
12:50 pm
the government had no funds for these young kids, i call them kids, these wonderful here oh veterans coming back, that were so badly damaged, being blind or losing arms, legs. she told me, would i be interested in getting started and helping a program to raise funds? i did. i immediately did it. when i found out there was no other funds, i made up my mind to do something. vistarted off by going to former exp.o.w.s and within 3 months, we have raised $100,000. i thought, this is something that people truly understand and we are going to do something about it. so we created the 501c foundation, called vets helping heroes. from that start-- >> reporter: please, continue. >> from that point on, i was fortunate enough to get some
12:51 pm
very, very good gentlemen from the military. i have a major general, lieutenant colonel, a captain from the navy, we all got together and we worked very hard and up to this point now, we have raised over $3 million and like adam, you who are going to be talking to shortly, he is one of 65 dogs that we have placed with these young heroes that are coming back, who needed so much help. the reason i did it is because in world war ii, i was with the air corps, i flew out of england. i flew 35 combat missions. on my 35th mission became a prisoner of war. after all of that, i came back home, the government took care of me. i was able to go to college. i was able to have a family. i was able to continue in my life and so that is the reason that i started this and that is the reason why i am doing it because i want to be sure that
12:52 pm
each one of these young heroes coming back home has a great chance for life. and the one way we can do it for them is getting them a trained service dog. >> shannon: you mentioned the sergeant who is here with us with atlas. we want to hear what hadt has meant to you have to altlas in your life? >> it's meant the world. he... since i got atlas, i am a completely different person. i smile a little more than i used to, i am open to going out in public more. he -- it's been a god send. without him... i would be isolated a lot. which is what i did prior to getting him. but since i have him, you know, it is not fair to keep him at home all the time, so i have to take him out. and of course, everybody that
12:53 pm
runs into him thinks he's the greatest dog. so it makes me feel good that i have him and that -- some of the stuff he does, i just can't -- it would take at least a three-hour show before i could cover everything. but he's been the world to me. he really, really is. >> i know he has been a huge help in your limited partner life. he is such a good dog. there is extensive training that they must go through before they can be a buddy with you. we thank you for your service. irwin, thank you, you are both heros to us. we are so glad that this program is going to help so many others. thank you for sharing your memorial day weekend. >> thank you. >> shannon: his name is ber and i will it's putting a damper on the memorial day plans. the latest on the subtropical storm is next. find out why outrage is brewing in congress, who say hollywood
12:54 pm
film-makers were given sensitive information for an election-year film. [ gans ] [ marge ] psst. constipated? phillipscaplets use magnesiu an ingredient that rks more naturally with your colon than stulant laxatives, phillipscaplets use magnesiu for effective relie of constation without cramps. thanks. good morning, students. today we're gonna continue... you know that comes with a private island? really? no. it comes with a hat. see, airline credit cards promise flights for 25,000 miles, but...
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>> shannon: sub tropical storm beryl is picking up steam as is it heads to the southeastern sea billion board. the cluster of thunderstorms is expected to roll in as early as tonight, bringing high and heavy rain. terrorism warnings in effect dark terroris tropical storm wn
12:58 pm
effect. beryl is turning up dangerous waves with top winds 60 miles an hour. i'm shannon bream. hour number two of america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. ♪ >> shannon: the very latest on beryl in a moment. but first the thunder is rumbling here in the nation's capital. nothing to do with the weather, though. motorcyclists across the country have come to washington to pay tribute to and support our men and women in uniform. especially those considered missing in action. are peter doocy is live on the scene with rolling thunder. >> reporter: what a great assignment. you canner that. you can feel it. you can smell it. it is rolling thunder.
12:59 pm
they are expectth 900,000 riders today making the trip from the pentagon in arlington, virginia, across the memorial bridge and past lincoln monument and snaking through d.c. into the vietnam memorial wall. a lot of the riders honking their horns and making lots of noise and they are trying to spot specific people in the crowd. and we talked to one guy who is not here because he knows a rider, he is here like many others because he wants to honor a fallen veteran. >> i was in nam in '72 to '73 and went down. nice to see the guys still doing what they need to do so show america we still remember our guys. >> reporter: and shannon, you hear a lot of stories like that. and we talked to people who rode here for days. we spoke to one person who rode here from sacramento,
1:00 pm
california. it took him ten days. it was raining. now, it is nice out. the organizers say they will keep having this event until all soldiers missing in action and all prisoners of war accounted for. back to you. >> shannon: peter with the latest. we'll check back in. thank you. as you can see there, washington is wilting in the heat today and we are not alone. meteorologist janice dean has the latest on beryl and the heat hitting much of the nation. >> a lot of people are baking and with the humidity feels more than 90 degrees, in some cases 100 degrees the real feel temperature outside. you can see two thirds of the nation really into that heat and as you look across the northwest cooler than average, cold enough for snow if you can believe it across the northern rockies. take a quick look at where we could see the potential for severe weather today across the upper midwest back through the plains and then that is support of the bishops tropical storm
1:01 pm
sub tropical storm beryl. we are concerned in the red shaded area with hail, damaging winds and tornadoes. could be long lasting tornadoes anywhere you see the red. in the yellow you need to pay attention to the local forecasts as well because a lot of people will be outdoors. this is sub tropical storm beryl. 60-mile per hour sustained winds. 74 miles per hour makes it a hurricane. we don't think it will become a hurricane but this will be a nasty event for coastal area of northern florida and georgia up toward the carolinas. making landfall and then curving towards the east out to sea. but look, it becomes a storm again. so we are going to be monitoring this system well into the new workweek. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: thank you, janice. an announcement on iranian tv today sure to raise attention across the international
1:02 pm
community with word that iran is planning to launch a new nuclear project. planning to build the new plant alongside the sole existing one. the country's organization says it will be a thousand mega watt plant. two foreign agencies are are reporting an additional nuclear plant is also planned and could be built in coming years. tensions coming to a boil over continued violence in syria. pro forces have been attacking civilians in what has been a bloody weekend, ignoring a month long cease fire agreement. conor powell has been following the developments and joins us now. >> the u.n.-backed cease fire has never really taken hold in syria. the violence has continued but not continued at this type of level we saw over the weekend. on friday an 18 hour bombardment of the syrian city just outside of holmes took place. pro syrian government officials
1:03 pm
say they had nothing to do with it. they said it was not the syrian national army but activists and antigovernment official its and opposition groups have been saying this was the syrian national army targeting civilians day in and day out for the last 15 months and they said they stepped it up over the weekend on friday. the 18 hour bombardment according to u.n. observers who have been to the site, they say more than 100 civilians were killed. rows upon rows of bodies have been laid out buried today and over the weekend. of the dead, u.n. observers say 32 of them were children under the age of 10. many more were older women and men. this was civilians being targeted by activists they say by pro-aed ssad groups. it will raise the call for military intervention by the western countries. the u.s. and other european countries have condemned this weekend's attack but there doesn't appear to be any real push to intervene in the country.
1:04 pm
there are talks to try to restart the cease fire but right now that cease fire has appeared to have broken down and the violence in syria is getting worse and wort worse, shannon. >> shannon: thanks for the update. an investigation is underway into how nato air strike in afc afghanistan ended up killing 8 civilians. honoring his fallen and injured comrades is taking a sergeant to new heights literally. this week he will scale mount kilimanjaro to show just because you have a disability doesn't mean you are disabled. anna spoke to him. >> he is defying the odds by turning a debilitating war wound into a lifestyle. he leave hes to climb mount
1:05 pm
kilimanjaro. he is now a 38-year-old father trying to set a good example for his kids of patriotism and perseverance. he joined the new york national guard shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks after being hit by an ied outside the green zone in baghdad in 2005. he underwent more than 40 surgeries in washington, d.c. ultimately losing his forearm and feeling lost. >> i assumed that my identity was physical and i thought that was taken away from me. so spiraled into depression which led to addiction to pain medication. a long turbulent road for two years which i lost, i mean lost in my life and that my family lost as well. >> joining operation rebound a part of the challenged athletes foundation renewed his spirit.
1:06 pm
the program helps wounded vets anded first responders get back on their feet and participate in activities that might otherwise be out of reach. providing training and equipment and motivation for athletic competitions. he has competed in numerous triathlons and even finished the king of all competitions the iron man in hawaii. he leaves on tuesday for mount kilimanjaro. he plans to climb at least three of the highest peaks on each count mint over the next three years and even participate in the triathlon during the 2016 paralympi c games. to donate to the challenged athletes foundation go to www. catholic leaders speaking out about what they say is a definition by the government of what constitutes religious
1:07 pm
freedom and they are going to court to fight it. >> the battle between the catholic church and the obama administration is heading to church. 43 catholic organizations filed suit over the government mandate that religious organizations provide contraception. cardinal donald wuerl is among those joining the suit saying it as question of religious freedom and the administration's definition of a religious institution. >> the new definition says you are not really religious if you serve people other than your own and if you hire people other than your own. that wipes out all of the things that we have been doing, all of the things that we contribute to the common good. >> cardinal timothy dolan the archbishop of new york is also active in the legal battle and says the administration uses such a narrow definition for its exemption it is effectively trying to define for the church the extent of its ministry. the obama administration did
1:08 pm
allow the exemption for religious groups providing that the insurance companies pay for the coverage, not the hospital, school or charity itself. for many catholics who believe in contraception that was a good compromise. >> it is about health. it is not -- i didn't really have a place in women's life but it wouldn't hamper their life and i don't think the church has the right to make the decisions for the women. >> that policy kee dealing with contraception takes effect in august. the church lawsuit is aimed at stopping that from taking place. airlines who charge extra for families to sit together on fights will soon have a capitol hill fight on their hands. senator chuck schumer says it will be a literal barrier between a mother and her child. airlines have been tacking on additional fees for passengers. two years ago, senator schumer
1:09 pm
got five major airlines to pledge not to charge for carry on bags. after the break, a country music star on a mission joins us live. trace adkins is here on america's news headquarters. one of the stars performing tonight at the memorial concert. a tradition like no other, right here in washington. ♪ what makes the sleep number store different? you walk into a conventional mattress store,
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>> shannon: here in washington weigh we are gearing up for one of the most moving tributes to our men and women who sacrificed and those who continue to serve. the national memorial concert starts in a few hours and one of the stars in the all-star lineup is joining us now. country music star and friend to our military trace adkins. you do a lot of things behind the scenes as well for the military. >> i answered that question many times the same way and i just guess i guess i just keep doing it. after i had an opportunity to do it the first time, then i just realized if you have a
1:14 pm
chance to hang out with and be in the presence of heros you should do that every chance you get and so i continue to do it. i mean i think so much of these folks and i think they are much more an inspiration to me than i am to them and so i think mao motives are kind of selfish now. >> shannon: i know they appreciate your support. you have a song out on the latest album semper fi. as a daughter of a retired marine, a lot of folks in my house like that a lot. tell us how you wrote that. >> when i got out of high school it was whether i was going to try and play college football or go in the marine corps. i was recruited by both. then i made the decision to try to play college ball. my opinion of the marine corps started a long time ago and now i have a kid that lives next
1:15 pm
door to my farm in tennessee and he was deployed a couple of times and i think about when we go into combat zones very seldom will they let us go where the marines are. and vice versa they don't hardly get to come in and see the shows and i said i just want to write a song just for the marine corps. that is where semper fi came about. >> shannon: do you plan to sing that tonight or other stuff on the menu for the concert? >> tonight i'm doing a song if the sun comes up and that is a song that was on the soundtrack for uncommon valor are, act of valor the new movie that just came out. >> shannon: a fantastic movie. >> and then there is another song i'm doing called two of the last points fired which i recorded with the westpoint cadet club.
1:16 pm
that is a good song for us as well. semper fi not tonight. i did it on the intrepid a couple of weeks ago. >> shannon: in fleet week in new york. with all of your support and this week memorial day bring it to mind a lot day. on an average in and out 365 days a year do you think we are doing enough to recognize those past and present engaged in a life and digi death struggle ey day? >> no, i don't think so. that is why i'm a participant in the civil war trust. i'm on the wiffle war trust board because at least we need to -- the civil war trust board. we need to preserve the battlefields to remember them. i'm talking about soldiers that bled for this country as far backouts revolution. we need to remember all of them and civil war trust makes sure that the battlefields will be preserved for youth and
1:17 pm
generations to learn about the conflict. i try to do something as often as i can to help those guys out. and wounded warrior project offers me a great opportunity to be able to do that on a daily basis and several other good organizations, the uso that we work with a lot. we try to do what we can. and it is a labor of love, like i said. i think that they inspire me more than i -- of course, more than i do them. >> shannon: we will all be watching tonight for the memorial day concert. thanks for that and tore all you do to help our military folks as well. >> great to finally meet you. you are one of the only ones on fox i haven't met. >> great to finally meet you. >> vietnam vets are finally getting the salute they deserve. >> on memorial day we will have a half million or a million people gathered around the podium to bear witness to the welcome home that they never
1:18 pm
got. >> shannon: first our own special tribute to our heros past and present. >> my name is sergeant follower. >> sergeant justin howell. >> norman hatch, retired major. >> i'm about to return on my sixth tour of duty. i fight because this country has given my family everything. >> my first firefight was 8.5 minutes. felt like two days. for a second you stop thinking about the rounds that are flying past you hitting right next to your feet or the mortars coming in and just watch the awesome people do what they do best. >> the battle was something that the public had never seen before. the whole sea was lit up with the explosions of the guns firing. what i saw in my camera was a good number of men being shot as they waded through the water. it was always is amazing to me that these guys would continue to keep on going.
1:19 pm
>> to observe the triangle of death, the amount of dead that we sustained, i captured men and women who were doing something bigger than themselves. >> i had to lead. i had to be strong for the guys that he was over there with. i think that people should understand that on an island that was one third the size of central park in new york over 6,000 people were killed in 76 hours. >> i have to breathe for the marines. that is giving everything. [ gans ] [ marge ] psst. constipated? phillipscaplets use magnesiu an ingredient that rks more naturally with your colon than stulant laxatives, phillipscaplets use magnesiu for effective relie of constation without cramps. thanks. good morning, students. today we're gonna continue... thanks. ♪ [ acou[ barks ]ar: slow ] ♪ [ upbeat ] [ barks ]
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1:23 pm
>> shannon: was national security jeopardized in the interest of better film making or business as usual? >> a government watch dog group says they have proof the cia gave hollywood producers access
1:24 pm
to seal team 6, the group that took out bin laden. >> delivering the commencement address at the air force academy, president obama was quick to cited its ties to the killing of osama bin laden. >> that photo from the situation room on the day we delivered justice to bin laden, you can see right next to me a great leader of our special operations forces general brad www. >> meanwhilethepresident'sre ele meanwhilethepresident'sreele meanwhilethepresident'sreelectt ingthetapedowninaspotabout veter meanwhilethepresident'sreelectr ans. itisbecauseofwhattheyhavedon ewehavebeen,a. >> newlyreleaseeddocuments raisi raise.eleaseeddocumentsraisi filmmakersweregiventhekeystothe kingdomintermsofaccessto informa filmmakersweregiventhekeystotha tion. thedocumentsturnededoverafte ralawsuitshowthepentagonmade avai thedocumentsturnededoverafterai
1:25 pm
thedocumentsturnededoverafteran planningthebinladenraid. forameetinglastsummerwith cather forameetinglastsummerwithcather forameetinglastsummerwithcathea forameetinglastsummerwithcatheo darkthrough. coughcoughwarnedagainstthedange coughcoughwarnedagainstthedanga den' .com. since the filmmakers also got inside the cia. >> they were taken to a place where the most classified information is kept. >> democrats say unless king can prove specific classified information leaked there is just politics. >> seems sill will this argument that is major foreign policy success on the part of the united states should be kept secret. >> the white house spokesman denied classified information was is discussed adding of the hollywood meetings the same information was given to the white house press corps. the white house press corps did get plenty of information about how the raid went down but we never got a chance to talk to
1:26 pm
the actual navy seal planners and i have never been invited to any cia vault although a spokesperson there says the vault was empty when the hollywood folks showed up. shannon? >> shannon: thanks to ed henry. time for a look at some of today's top headlines. iran set to launch a new nuclear plant project. iran will reportedly build a new second nuclear plant alongside its existing one scheduled to be up and running by 2014. firefighters in new mexico are still struggling to put out a massive wildfire that as of now covers more than 100,000 acres. strong winds are making it difficult to contain the fire. in the meantime, officials are issuing health alerts as smoke spreads across the entire state. and happen aboutpy birthday to the golden gate bridge. san francisco's famed landmark is 75 years old. there will be fireworks on the waterfront to celebrate. tropical storm warnings in
1:27 pm
effect for much of the southeast coastline. elizabeth prann is on the coast where the surf is pounding. >> the weather conditions although beautiful and sunny, the wind is picking up. we think it is about 30 miles per hour now. the wave swells are 8 to 10 feet. we lost about 20-yards of beach because the tide is coming in. so what folks here are concerned about is that the storm which is about 100 miles east exactly the direction you are looking right now headed this way will hit this evening which will be high tide meaning there will be flooding in the low-lying areas. a lot of waterfront and beach front homes is what they are concerned about. the next thing is people out in the water. they told dozens of people along the coast, double red flags. that rip current you can't necessarily see it but it is strong and can pull you over in just a few moments. they do not want people in the water this memorial day
1:28 pm
weekend. what can people here expect if they are staying throughout the memorial day weekend. 3 to 6 inches of rain between now and monday and we expect the winds to pick up up to 60 miles per hour. that was upgraded two hours ago. that being said we have spoke with a number of tourists like this woman who says she is going to stay for the storm. take a listen. >> this is awesome. the waves are just amazing. this guy out here wind surfing is is just so much fun to watch. just being on the beach is exciting. i'm sure it is going to get worse and we may have to at least get off of the beach maybe get in our car but i don't want to leave. i told her i want to rent one of these motel rooms with a balcony way up and watch the whole thing. >> so mother nature is beautiful and she is exciting but we did speak with the mayor and he said he wants people to be safe for the next 24 hours. we expect that storm to make a direct hit here and parts of
1:29 pm
georgia over the next 24 hours. back to you. >> shannon: thank you very much. some are calling it the church's fight for freedom. this week, 43 catholic institutions filed federal lawsuits against the obama administration over regulations that would require them to provide coverage of contraceptives this their insurance plans despite the church's teaching on that issue. how far will the lawsuits make it? all the way to the supreme court? let's talk about it with trial attorney chip merlin and family law expert sharon leiko. they are near break it down. thank you both for joining us on this debate. >> good afternoon. >> sharon, i want to start with you. what do you think about the potential for success on this particular -- there are are 12 lawsuits. 43 plaintiffs. a very coordinated effort here. >> right. i think they going to lose hands down. it is fundamental with the way the first amendment attacks are analyzed by the supreme court that if a law is generally applicable meaning it applies
1:30 pm
to everybody and that it is neutral. it is not singling out a particular faith. it is going to withstand the attack that it is unconstitutional and that is what is going to happen here. we have had many cases where religious groups have assertd that their religious convictions are being violated because for example american endian couldn't smoke peyote at a religious ceremony. mormons where polygamy was been aished in the country. you have people that have to pay taxes and you have religions that oppose taxes which go to finance wars. pentecostal, menonites, quakers. that all wealth stood attacks to the first amendment. they are going to lose hands down. >> shannon: what about the fact that the supreme court recognized they can't stop every law that may infringe in
1:31 pm
some way on a particular religious interest. >> that is right and what she is saying might have been right up until 1993. the case she cited was a 1990 supreme court case. in 1993 congress passed a law which indicated that if they make a law which someone burdens an individual's rights and belief ted ral law has to show compelling interest and do so in the least intrusive means and in this particular case, notre dame points out there is thousands of health care programs that are completely exempt because they are grandfathered out and all kinds of religious institutions are exempted out but they pecked on the catholic educational system, the catholic hospitals, charitable organizations in particular in that the obama administration wrote this 1993 congressional law and as a result of that law this particular healthcare mandate cannot apply to notre dame and other catholic institutions. >> shannon: and what about that because we know there are provisions and exceptions built into the particular regulations
1:32 pm
so that there are some religious or ethnic groups that have objections who will be able to opt out of the mandates. the catholic universities and organizations say we are not the church per se so we are going to hire people who aren't necessarily catholics but that doesn't mean that our mission should have to be changed by these regulations. >> well, their mission doesn't have to be changed and the opt out provisions that this attorney is talking about aren't going apply here. it is a very strict application. they have to be hiring catholics. they have to be serving catholics. has to be for a religious purpose. these are are social institutions. you have hospitals, you have academic institutions. you know, not every religious conviction is going to withstand the attack from the first amendment. otherwise the government couldn't rule. there are certain social policies that are going to
1:33 pm
override some individual's particular religious concerns. and that is the way society has to function or we are not going to function as a society. >> and want to give you the tial word here. why are the opt out provisions not good enough for the catholic provisions? >> they are mandating that the catholic institutions now you have to be placed in the hypocritical situation of having a belief saying we don't believe in contraception or abortion but now we are being forced to pay people that are employees of ours to go get these very things. it is a war on their beliefs and educational values that they believe are with theirs have of religion. the older cases we don't have to look at at all. this is a case that will be fought on the 1993 religious reformation act. we'll see what happens on this. >> shannon: 12 different lawsuits spread across a number
1:34 pm
of different courts. we will see if any of them end up here at the supreme court. thank you both very much. >> you're welcome. >> shannon: still ahead, a first hand account 50 years after the vietnam war from oliver north. what it was like coming home from vietnam and how things have changed since then. >> there is no doubt in my mind why some of the troops today, 2.4 million which have served in this long decade of war are welcomed back home the way they are is because of how poorly the veterans of this war were treated. [ tires squeal, engine revs ]
1:35 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] not everything powerful has to guzzle fuel. the 2012 e-class bluetec from mercedes-benz. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. with the touch of a button ? droid does. does it post it instantly to facebook with sound ? droid does. droid with color for facebook.
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it's the ultimate status update. get a droid razr maxx by motorola for only $199.99.
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1:38 pm
>> shannon: hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists have rolled into washington, d.c. to pay tribute to the nation's military. traditionally roads are closed while the caravan of bikes rides from the pentagon over to arlington national cemetery in virginia and crosses the bridge
1:39 pm
into washington, d.c. and comes to an end at the vietnam veteran's memorial. >> on this memorial day we honor the soldiers, sailors, airmen, guardsmen and marines who made the ultimate sacrifice in vietnam. >> shannon: decades after the vietnam war was over veterans and families of those who didn't make it back will finally get special recognition. the defense secretary and president obama will honor the veterans during a special ceremony. i went to the wall with colonel oliver north to the wall and the man he credits for saving his life. we are joined by two of our distinguished veterans who served our country and saved a lot of lives along the way. tell us what it was like coming back from vietnam and how the country felt at that point and how you felt that you and your fellow soldiers were treated. >> coming back from vietnam was a great relief, i must say that. many of us who came off the
1:40 pm
back of a c 141 came down and kind of kissed the ground. we were glad to be home. when you get back from war like that you kind of look back and you say that was tough. that was tough. but now i'm home, i have a sense of home, heart, this type of thing. and it was a wonderful feeling. now, we hear so much about the way the vietnam vets were treated when they got back from war, either ignored and actually despised at times. that to me never really bothered me. because whey figured sometimes the greatest compliment is to be rejected by certain people and that gets you over that pretty quickly. did that work for you? >> same thing, jack. and, of course, i stayed in the military. jack came back in the military. had he not been next to me several big battles when i got hurt i wouldn't be here today. and i get to see jack regularly now treating patients from this war here it is more than four decades later and i see the kind of commitment that was built on the battlefields of
1:41 pm
vietnam where guys who like those on this wall behind us were hit and hurt and died as a consequence and i see a remarkable commitment that was made by this man and others like him to continue service to our country. >> shannon: 2.7 million people served in vietnam, men and women. many as you remarked one of the 58,000 names on the wall didn't make it back. finally there will be recognition on monday. the secretary of defense leon panetta is going to honor those and their familiar les from vietnam as well. what does that mean to finally see that happen? >> it means a lot to me not so much for myself but for these men and those who are still up and around. we are all getting kind of old now. >> shannon: you look fabulous. very spry and fit. >> i think it is important. i think coming back from vietnam and treated the way we were was the beginning of a growth and we have grown and
1:42 pm
grown so that our combatants who are coming home today aren't faced with the types of things we were faced with back then. i think it amounted to a lot of growth. >> there is a reason why this is the most visited memorial in all of washington, d.c. part of it is a guilt trip. part of it is because the american people know how poorly the veterans of this war were treated and part of it is because it has those names, the connections. >> so personal. >> the connections that ex-isisted. >> so percent that will. >> very personal. it is very difficult for me to stand there and i know which panels the guys that he and i served with in that rifle company kilo 33, it is very powerful to stand there and i know where they are and i lose it just about every time we come here. and we have been here probably a hundred times since it was built. through services and ceremonies
1:43 pm
and reunions. and guys don't come to these reunions just to be modeling about it. they come because they remember the heroic sacrifice of those that are here. they come because to many of them the defining moment of the war was a defining moment for them. and most of us, jack is a perfect example, have moved on. he was an enlisted medical corpsman. he is now a retired commander and still treating patients from this war and all those that i know my radio operator who you know as well, jim leonard, not pot headed dropouts like they have been depicted in the press and you will see them recognized for
1:44 pm
what they really did. not how they were depicted by hollywood and in the media. >> shannon: what do you think it will mean to the families of those that didn't make it to have the recognition on memorial day. >> i think it will be wonderful for those who remain with us today and their families. i think it is absolutely wonderful. >> shannon: and i want to ask you about your work now at walter reed with the young men and women coming back now. what are you seeing? what could we as the american people be doing better to welcome them home? >> i think what is being done now is very well done by many people and i think our combatants coming home today feel very welcomed. the injuries of war are all kind of specific to the war. we had our very bad injuries as you recall from the vietnam war but there is a different type of injury today with these high level explosives, these ieds and we are literally working with people with one, two, three, four limbs and more blown off at a time and it never ceases to amaze me the
1:45 pm
spirit that these guys hav guyn coming back and it is our job to put them together both body, mind and soul to get them moving forward in life again. the one thing we don't want to see them do is to sit back and reminisce and gloat over the war and feel bad about the war. we want to return them to life as quickly as possible so they don't waste their next 20, 30 or 40 years. >> shannon: they are heros as are are both of you. thank you for your service and continued service to the country. >> catch two of oliver north's specials later today. flash point vietnam the road to war are will air at 3:00 p.m. eastern and then at midnight catch the tet offensive with oliver north. >> this is a fox news alert on developments in syria. the united nations security council is reportedly planning to hold an emergency meeting today. this is to address the latest round of violence in the country. more than 100 civilians were
1:46 pm
killed in friday's bloody massacre including many women and children. u.n. observers are fearing a civil war is looming if they can't salvage a floundering cease fire plan. it was an engineering marvel back in 1937 and continues to inspire awe. a special anniversary for one of america's icons, next. ok! who gets occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. olaf's pizza palace gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! pizza!!!!!
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>> shannon: a successful commercial space flight the latest on the space x dragon is one of the most popular stories online. steve centanni is checking it out, watching the web and has more on that and other top clicked stories. hi, steve. >> masnasa's version of new ca. smells like one, too. it delivered supplies to the international space shuttle and marks the first time a private company has ventured into space. it will be loaded up with experiments and equipment and sent back to earthquake. a 12-year-old from pennsylvania helped raise almost $100,000 for a world war ii memorial in normandy. the statue is of major dick winters who led his battling into normandy. he is one of the inspirations behind the hbo mini series band
1:51 pm
of brothers. the memorial will be dedicated on june 6. a mathematical mystery solved by a 16-year-old. the teen seek on a 16-year-old question posed about i, sir, sigh zach newton for a school project. the answer expected to improve precision in area like ballistics. shannon? >> shannon: thank you very much. almost everyone loves to have a party on their birthday and it is no different for planners in san francisco who organized a huge festival to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. it it was he hair heralded as n engineering marvel when it open od. >> if you driven by the golden gate bridge you might be surprised to learn it is not a freeway. it is more an island run by a special bridge district that connects two important
1:52 pm
highways, two counties and two national parks. the golden gate bridge is one of california's most famous landmarks. every year, 10 million visitors and 40 million vehicles. on a nice day there could be he up to 10,000 pedestrian and 6,000 bicyclists. on the 65th birthday, 300,000 people celebrated. the span can go up and down 16 feet and sway from side to side 67 feet. over the years the famous span has appeared in hundreds of movies and even managed to shed a few pounds. >> the bridge did lose a little weight in the 1980s when the bridge was first built it was built with a concrete deck and then in the 1980s that concrete deck was removed over a period of 401 nights and replaced with a lighter steel deck. so it did lose a little weight. >> another fun fact, three
1:53 pm
babies have been born on the golden gate. the biggest misconception is that it is painted each year from end to end. in fact, crews just do regular touch-up work to prevent corrosion and, of course, it isn't gold. it is international orange. the builders successfully fending off the air force who wanted it red and white and the navy who wanted it black and yellow. the orange, of course, blends in with the national scenery, contrasts with the ocean and sky and is a big reason we are even talking about this bridge here today. a big fireworks show is slated for later tonight and tens of thousands expected to come on out and celebrate as a california icon turns 75. still looking pretty good. >> shannon: it's beautiful. claudia thank you for giving us the update. check this out. check this out. this is the view from the bottom of the hotel here in washington that i'm actually willing 230 go over the edge of this building. it is all for a good cause and i'm bringing along my senior
1:54 pm
producer lexi because it was her idea. all for a great cause. we can't wait to tell you about it. details are next. [ male announcer ] the inspiring story of how a shipping giant can befriend a forest may seem like the stuff of fairy tales.
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>> shannon: some lon los angels area children doing this part this holiday weekend. they placed flags at
1:58 pm
veterans head stones. >> to help raise money, i have agreed even though i'm terrified of heights to repel off a 15 story building in downtown arlington, virginia, with our senior producer lexi. we want to show you this is a view from the bottom of the hotel. 250 feet up. we would love for you to join us in this effort. show your support for special olympics by logging on to first giving .com. and go to our show web page for more information. we are looking forward to it. we love hearing from you at home. we have been asking you do you believe iran's claims its higher uranium enrichment was just by accident. john said if iran's control of process is so poor that enrichment happens by accident then in in richment of uranium at all. >> mike says it would help to know the concentration.
1:59 pm
more 2355 likely to be weapons grade. if there was a mineon discrepancy i believe iran. josh says absolutely not. they want nuclear bombs and the means to cliff them, not nuclear energy. i want to let you know, be the way, beryl has turned that a tropical storm. we will be watching it throughout the weekend. that is it for us here in washington. have a wonderful memorial day captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> chris: i'm chris wallace. on this memorial day weekend the u.s. faces military and diplomatic challenges. we'll discuss stalled talks with iran. continuing tensions with pakistan. and the war in afghanistan. with one of the gop's leading voices on foreign policy, senator john mccain. then, catholic institutions take the obama administration to court over its insurance mandate on contraception. is it an issue of religious


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