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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  May 27, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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>> and defense budget cuts gutting our military. who will lead the world. >> four-star on keeping our military strong . ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [applause] >> thank you. thank you very much. and welcome to huckabee. from the fox news studios in new york on the memorial day weekend. i confess few things move me more deeply than the men and women who wear the uniform of the united states military. [applause] >> now, i realize that there is just as human as the rest of us and they volunteered to willingly do that which we don't have to contemplate.
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and traveling about and meeting people on planes and events and on the street, i am taken aback. thank you for your service. i did volunteer for politics 20 years and speak out on radio and print and speeches and of course on tv, i hardly view anything i have done has heroic. far from it. but when i consider thacs of our servicemen and women, i think of true heros and not the phony heos that we create out of the celebrities or sports or politicings. i am talking real heros who are incredibly underpaid and underappreciate will do the extraordinary work while being shot out or driving over a crudely designed bomb that is disguised over the places they travel. in a split second notice they
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may be thrust in thuation where the lives of their closest friend and their own depend on their actions . if they end up to tell about it they might have a decoration on their chest but may come home in a flag-draped coffin with the words: from a grateful nation. and i participated in a number of military funerals and at times called upon to give a flag to the family. as a spoke the words a grateful nation i hoped and prayed we would be grateful. a most days we are not grateful. it is inadquate one day to express our gratitude to the men and women who do far more to keep us free than the celebrities and pol tig healthy and wealthy among us.
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we ought to observe and thank god for our vet rans living and dad who fought to presesh our way of life put them in the front of the line for the benefits they earned with their blood and the rest of us patiently wait until their needs are met and only if something is left over, should we have the audasity to and for or collect. [applause] and the target is. the navy seals take on the real mission impossible assignments. plaus -- [applause] navy seals are among the most highly trained in the united states military. >> since grueling recruiting process and involves sea and air training it meets the ultimate test and indourance.
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get down and start crawling . >> drop out in the 21 week training course is 70 percent and the missions they must carry out is physicalabilitis and mental toughness. it is the navy seal team carried out the killing of osama bin laden. they fearlessly went to the compound and went to bin laden they brought to justice the terror master mind. navy seals were involved in another mission in january 2009. they rescued captain richard philips after his cargo ship had been hijacked by somali pirates. >> thank you goys so much. >> seals shot and killed three somali pirates and rescued
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philips. navy seals continuously put themselves in high risk situations without the recognition being the silent heros and name of faceless sailors that stand up against the world's most dangerous threats. and adam brown was already a navy seal when he was blinded in one eye in a training exercise and then lost parts of his fingers on a dominant right hand when the hum vee crashed. he learned to shoot with his left hand and passed the test to be a member of navy seal team six. he was killed in action in afghanistan march 17th, 2010. his remarkable storiev bravery is told in a book fearless. >> joining me is two that served with adam. >> it is great to have both of you here.
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remarkable story of adam brown in a story called fearless. what was it about adam's story that captivated you and said it ought to be a book. >> these guys on seal team six are a gift to our nation and adam's story is a gift and inspiring and takes you from a boy who rose up in the darkest place to be i a seal i mention he was driving from cabul to cand harand a huge crash and holding on to the right window and land. after the cloud of dust adam was giving aid. and m-4 in the back seat. he's helping him out someone realized after 15 minutes, hey, adam, your hand is messed up. they were gone and hanging there by tendons and skins .
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he said i am okay, i got it we have to get this guy to the machine. >> and that shows a snippet. he was a compassionate and humble hero and after they wrapped up the hand. placed his fingers and picked up his rifle and held security. >> after he was severely injured. >> he put others before himself. and his store tores back to when he was a little kid and rose to the top of the sphere. it is a gritgift. >> it is a remarkable story. brian you trained and served with adam. tell me as a fellow seal. what kind of person was adam? >> adam brown puts a smile on everybody's face that you mentioned his name tompt i went through training and i can remember.
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it was run and i saw this guy determined and focused on the four mile run after we swam and did the obtackle courses. he came across the finish line and threw up. right after that he shook it off and kept going. that in itself was an example of how hard he would get hit and hit himself he would come back harder. he lost his eye. he had to teach himself a right-eye dominant to shoot left eye dominant and to do that well is unprecedented. >> i thought if you lost an eye and that is your shooting eye if you understand that is not minor and it is not like saying look out of the other one the fact he can do it to going deer hunting would be
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significant. but able to qualify for the seals. i never heard of that. it is unusual. >> we used a lot of being machines. he would be hammering. you know how to hammer and he used to celebrate that aggressive and warrior's spirit and it motivated everyone around him you can see now with the people backing the movement and kelly, that he touched a lot of people and his energy and warrior spirit is taken an amazing rout. >> eric tell me what was the biggest surprise as you did the research for the book fearless. and when you wrote about adam brown. you stepped back and said oh, my gosh. >> his ability to overcome and inspire . he came from the darkest hole. he was addicted to crack. >> how many people can make
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the navy versus the top tear. and the tip of the tier. >> most people can't get a job working in a store. >> he was on it. and his brother said i wouldn't volunteer that you are a drug addict and felonies and in jail. if i am on the right path i will tell the truth and ifip am meant to be what i am. he didn't know where he would get that inspired meep the most. we all know adam brown. the nice kid that opened people's doors and honest and would not lie to his parents and one time, horrible drug. and turned his world upside down. and then to come back, and use that dare devil streak in him to channel something for good. that is the ultimate level ask never quit or give up. >> he is in fact, a miraculous
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life. foreless, it is available everywhere. and all of our odd yes, your honor will -- odd -- audience will get a copy of the book. we'll be joined by adam's wife his parents. janice andulary -- and larry. you will not want to miss any mo
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>> earlier we learned about navy seal's brave actions on the battle field. joining me to talk about the husband, father and son are his wife and prarns. >> thank you for being here and telling us adam's remarkable story. i want to start with you. you saw this young man grow
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up. what dusee in him early on that led you to think that this kid could be a hero or did you see him when he was a hero. >> we didn't see the hero thing, but as james dobson would call him a strong willed child and in arkansas, we call it hard headed and he was strong willed and we knew from birth, and he has ray twin sister and he was sister, and he dislocated his shoulder as he was being born. he was, he was very strong willed. >> tough from the beginning. janice, it was a heart break for you as a family when adam who is a good kid and hard headed and in his academic rorted . he got involved in drugs. how did a good kid with a good
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home and family, how did that happen to him? >> adam loved high school and had a lot of fun. and he had a wonderful group of friends and then after high school he had to go to college. he got in with a bad crowd and it just went down quickly from there. >> he told you about the drugs, he didn't hide it. >> after a while we knew it was going on. and we sat him down and talked to him he was so far gone, by the time. i know parents try to deny that this their good child would do something like that. and he was far gone by the time we realized we had a big problem. >> he ended up in jail and i am sure at some point, well, this kid is probably lost forever and he will be a mess for the rest of his life. what was the turning point that you saw in adam upon? >> when he and i and all of us
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turned our lives back to jesus. [applause] >> that is a way of doing it. [applause] >> it was through the power of jesus that he overcame all of these things and he recommitted, and he was just, he was a very strong christian man. and that just, that was his, what he was designed to be in and god had it in mind from time eternal. >> kelly, i understand that part of the dole was as he recommitted his life to christ, you would only marry him if he got things straightened out with the lord and drugs and it really was a lot about he loved you enough that he wanted to do whatever it took to get you to say yes. was that a big part of the whole thing. >> it was a huge part.
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i remember when i met adam, i didn't know about his past, and it was just a little while since he stopped abusing the drugs and i met him he was sober and i saw the trugetrue adam and it was like love at first sight. and then he started to have relapses. and so after a few relapses, we were trying to figure out what was the best option for him and it came down to the point where he had suffered another relapse and gone to see his friend in texas to figure out what to do. and tired of hurting me obviously. and you know, he said, i am going to quit i said i know you can. i totally believe you can beat it i want you to marry me. and i will quit the drug if you marry me. and i said let's do it i have
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trust in our heavenly father and i know it is it a drug and not you. and i know you can beat it and from that moment on, we left. >> and if that was the end of the story it would be remarkable. very few people i have known in the years are able to get past an addiction to crack. it is it a horribly addictive drugs and thought that he could get in the navy, i would have said one in a million and then in the seal team get in the seal team and be injured and stay on the seal team. his life was a life of success his life was a life of success and mir mirs. every communications provider is different but centurylink is committed
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we had an intrudir break in our home. he was not sleeping limp his
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patterns were messed dispup he was it in there take egg bubblele bath. he want tod tell everyone he was in the shower. but he was taking a bubble bath. >> we are okay with that. exactly, exactly. [applause] >> and so what happened. he was in the bubble bath. and i was laying awake and i hear the alarm go off i kind of ran into the bathroom and he came out of that bathroom bubbles flying everywhere. and i saw him go into action and i saw that switch flip on. and i was not scared of him. but i saw the fierce mode that my husband had that i never witnessed before and i really thought as i went to get the gun and hide in the corner. but i really thought he was
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killing someone in the living room. he didn't stop to get a tower or weapon or stop to do anything. he was full on who the person was in the home. >> did the guy leave. >> yes, he left. >> he broke in the wrong house. how dumb can be to go to a house of a navev seal that just got back from battle. he ran upstairs to make sure our children was okay and he comes over to me . baby, it is okay go from that so quick to being the wonderful husband and supportive and protective me and our children. i saw it before my own eyes and it is amazing. he still amazes me. >> he is an amazing person. he wrote a letter to your children and i will quote from that letter. i am not afraid of anything that might happen to me on
11:27 pm
this earth. i know no matter what, nothing can take my spirit from me. what a wonderful legacy he leaves his children and his wonderful family. i am so sorry for your loss but grateful through eric's book we'll get to know adam and know his remarkable heroism and great life and for being here and sharing your great story about adam. [applause] the book "fearless" available in book stores and at amazon.comour audience will get a copy of the remarkable story. >> the pentagon is set to lose 55 billion in budget with tax cuts. how thin can our military get stretched. we'll and the admiral jack we'll and the admiral jack king about it
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>> live from america's news headquarters i am mary ann lafferty. tropical storm beryl off the florida coast is about to hit land. the storm approaching hurricane strength is the with sustained winds of 70 miles an hour. south carolina all under tropical storm warnings. they are already shutting down memorial day events. putting huz name on the record books after winning the indy 500 the greatest spec cal in racing. this year's race came down to the final lap. he had a crash only secon-- thes a crash only seconds earlier. franchitti's teammate finished second. for all of the latest headlines log on to the most powerful name in news,
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fox news channel. we honor the men and women who made the ultimate sack tice. >> there is major you cuts that could be devastating to the defense department. is this the time to gut our military? we'll bring together fox news contributor jack king. thank you for being here on this memorial day weekend. before we get to the topic. tax cuts and impact of the military and all of the things that is happening otherwise. you served in vietnam. they may think you don't understand the scope of a soldier. you have worked your way from
11:33 pm
second lieutenant to four general rank. and very few people will get close to that and that is a historic accomplishment. but when you go back to the viet nam wall and see the names of people that you served with, tell me, what do you think? how does it touch you after all of these years? >> you never forget and conitantly reminded of the sacrifices because we are still at war today. memorial day is the most sacred and unique aside of our religious holidays. we are honoring those who fought and died defending the values and life in the country of ours. ip am reminded that those who fought and died did not want to, but what makes them different and special, they were willing to. and i am awe of this for over this. stur rounded by that are willing to give up everything
11:34 pm
they care about in life, governor, the opportunity for a full loaf and parent and friends in their life and yes, have love and love and be love. they put all of that at risk. and in my judgment they do it for two reasons. they do it for one another, and secondly they do it out of a simple yet profound sense of duty. and in my few, this is true honor and we can never ever take that kind of devotion for granted. here we are on memorial day and this nation honors that devotion. i think it gives you and me and our viewers an opportunity to renew our commitment to the greatination of ours as we honor the sacrifice made for us . >> i couldn't agree more. [applause] >> and yet we are making the
11:35 pm
most drastic military cuts in this country at a time when we are actively at war. threats to nation and fleedom are not diminished. why on earth would there be an attempt to cut the military budget and talk about how it would affect our readiness. >> i am glad you are bringing it up and putting a spot light on that. >> it deserve that is and something as important as this gets caught in the clutter in washington. we are in the post 9/11 era and 21st century. and consumed with radical islam that we will deal with for years to come. it is a political ideology that is it grounded in a religion and driving them forward. and they are making war against us, their number one strategic energy.
11:36 pm
given that post 9/11 why are we taking our military back to pre9/11 standars? it makes no sense. we have been at war as we all know for 10 years. ground forces of our military are worn out as a result of that. and their equipment is worn out and the people are as well. we should be rebuilding the military and bringing resources into it >> someone mentioned the equipment worn out and seen that with a lot of the guard and reserve troops. and have been called in to full-time service over a decade and the equipment they took to war and theater with them stays there and not replenished. most americans have no idea we have not just fail tod keep up spending but diminished the sense of readiness in personal and equipment. how can we communicate that to
11:37 pm
the american people and congress? >> doing what you are doing and putting a spot light on it and others as well, that is what absolutely needs to be done and understand what is happening to us. secretary gates before he left cut programs and cut back using efficiency as a tool it was toltsly justified. 350 billion. and secretary paneta came in. he was begin a bill of 487 billion to cut out of the defense budget over 10 years and that is cutting in to the bine bone of the military and disporportionately ground forces are cut and the size of those ground forces are going back to pre9/11 standard that makes no sense f. we go to the term used to describe a bill that we would not be able to comp promise on. another 500 billion gets cut
11:38 pm
out of the defense budget f. that took place, we would no longer be able to retain our super power. our military would be decimate that would be horrific in terps of national security that we would endanger people's lives in this country and how it affects the globe. who is going to lead in the world if the united states does not lead and deal with the thugs and killers out >> thank you, i can't actul how much i appreciate you making it clear what will happen sir, you are a hero i thank you and all like you who have served. god bless you for your faithful service to the united states of america. >> thank you. [applause] >> thank you, governor, god bless you. >> the president rip necessary wall street and calling the banker's greedy, he demands and accepts donations from
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sa >> welcome back. president obama for or against wall street? in 200x , barak obama racks in 13 million in wall street
11:43 pm
contributions and thin he gets in office and talks about them as fat cats and throws his support behind the occupy wall street movement and when you thought he was against the bank. he goes on the view and said that about jp. morgan. >> yamey dimon is one of the smartest bankers and still lost two billion and counting. >> that's after jp morgan lost two million on a bad hedge. president obama demonized people on wall street and some of them keep giving money to him. why would you give money to the mouth that bites you. >> there is a high level of liberalism on wall street a lot less wall street guys are giving to him now than in
11:44 pm
2008. most of the people in the banks including jamie dimon is disappointed in the president. i know jamie well. and he believes that the regulation is excessive. not that we don't need. much it excessive in the point that it makes difficult to lend to small business. but there is it a maul core of supporters. and a lot of these folks are what you would describe for a lack of a better term, limousine liberals. >> there is a diminished level of support for president obama. >> gravely diminished. [applause] i will say this. yeah, i am not a supporter of wall street. i have a problem with a lot of problems. i agree with his statement about jamie dimon. he lost moan. i will say this, when you
11:45 pm
unleash a massive war against any business as he's done and i am not for that. power of the federal government shouldn't be used to attack employers of large grouch people particularly here in new york state. he will get a back slash. goldman sachs was his number two contributor behind the university of california system. and gold man sachs is one of the top contributor right now to governor romney's presidential campaign. >> [applause] >> a lot of what the president said was backed up by policy that are antibusiness can or is this tough talk. how much is tough talk and how much is tough policy that scares these guys. >> when you think about dodd-frank. the financial reform law passed in 2009, by senators
11:46 pm
dodd and barny frank and signed in law by president obama. >> they are now bailing out of congress. >> thank goodness. [applause] that law is in place, okay. largely in place and guess what, regulators couldn't find yamey dimon's two billion plus mistake. remember it fail would in this instance. what they say it doesn't do an affective job of regulating and at the same time it has bad acts. banks are encumbered by rules and regulations they can't lend to small businesses and that is it a huge problem. they can't get acess to capitol and that is hurting job creation in this country. >> charlie, always a pleasure
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♪ >> there are two brothers from australia and relocated to nashville and their music covers all over the pop and christian spectrum. debut album is an album called "crave" . welcomiole and luke . it is for king of counselry. great to center you guys here . >> what do you want to say with your music and the message to get across when you do a song. >> we spent a lot of time crafting the record ask not just a bunch of individual
11:51 pm
songs and we wanted it with a message and it was summed in an album titled crave out of the crack and it said hope is what we crave and that will never change. one of the songs deling with depression and we saw this native walk through a hard time and others about relationship and god we want to be authentic and have a heart behind what we saw. luke, one thing you do in the concert to encourage young women to respect and honor. >> women are taught by culture to talk and act like they are worth nothing more than a pretty. weigh we say that that is not the truth. that is priceless.
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and probably one of the things. >> give these guys a break. and i promise you love it and it is on the album "crave". >> this is a song called light it up. so let's light tup. ♪ ♪ ♪ light it up. note don't you see that you go. ♪ light it up and watch it fly and you can go anywhere you want to tonight. note light tup. light tup. ♪ take it all the way. ♪ but every creature's faith. ♪ you dance and dance alone.
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day off. reflect on their hollande or service for america. from new york. good night. from america's news


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