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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 30, 2012 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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he's in the center of a new fight in the presidential race. here is donald trump. >> nice to talk to you. >> hello, greta. >> i have a lot of things i want to talk to you about, one that is electrifying everybody. but first i want to talk about tonight's event with gov. mitt romney. it's about vegas, this fund raise egg. why vegas? any particular reason? >> i think it represents something. if you remember obama came out negative to las vegas. and it had a negative impact, don't go to las vegas and it was a disaster. i don't know why in particular this location was chosen. it wasn't chosen by me, but it does represent lots of job, a big industry, the tourism industry, and i think it's probably an appropriate place. we have a very, very successful evening, and i think ice something that will be very special. >> i note that vegas has been particularly hurt by the down turn in the job market. in fact, las vegas last in march
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had 12.4% unemployment rate which is above the national average and there's no secret that nevada in particular has been hit hard. so i wondered if that was the particular theme but apparently not. >> it was very badly hit when the president came out and said don't go there. and i will tell you that had a very, very negative impact on las vegas and nevada and it was a pretty shameful thing, i think. he's been trying to recover but he has never really recovered from it. >> is there any money to be had in vegas for a fundraiser if everybody is hurting? i guess there's some big high rollers. how much money do you expect to get tonight? >> with we will raise a lot of money tonight, millions are. and i think it will be a terrific evening. i think it will also be really very helpful to a person who is a very, very fine person, a very good person, is going to be a wonderful candidate and a fantastic president. >> why do you like him so? you say he's a fantastic person. there are a lot of nice people
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in this country but that's not a rain to vote for somebody. >> that's absolutely true. but i've gotten to like him over a period of time. i like what he stands for, i like his values, i like what he represents. i like very much the fact that he understand what china is doing to this country. he understands what opec is doing to this country. they are really, really hurting us badly. and i think that, you know, more than anybody else, mitt romney understands that. >> all right. he understands that. he doesn't agree with you about everything. he made that very plain in a sound bite where he said that he doesn't agree with everybody that supports him and he doesn't expect everyone that supports him to agree with him. let me turn to the electrifying issue and that's the wholeish you about birther. you and i have disagreed about this in the past and i assume gov. romney has as well. what has brought it back up on the radar screen in it was silent for a while. >> it wasn't brought up by me. it was brought up by somebody releasing a statement from the
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1990s from barack obama when he was not even thinking in terms of the presidency and strongly stated that he was born in kenya and raised in indonesia. after that came out by breitbart and some others who did actually other pretty good job on it, i must tell you, but when that came out everybody started calling me and i gave my two cents. i always felt that there were a lot of holes in this whole situation. but he made that statement himself. the publisher wrote it, and he wrote it down, and it was going to be part of a brochure to sell a book. that's a pretty strong statement and that was made by somebody that wasn't running for president and probably had no intention of ever running for president. so i think it probably an honest statement. >> you and i disagree about it and client there was a fuss about whether or not president obama would be on the ballot in arizona and there was another round that preceded this business about the brochure. and hawaii apparently convinced
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arizona, if arizona had any doubt about it, at least the representative, that he was born in the united states. are you still not satisfied? i mean, what is it that you want to be satisfied? >> well, look, it's not up to me. it has nothing to do with me. but the fact is if he wasn't, he's not allowed to run for president, he's not allowed to be the president. so this is not up to me. this was something that came out last week. people called me about it. i gave my two cents. there's a lot of questions as to the authenticity of the birth certificate. so you can believe it or you don't have to believe it, but certainly there are many, many questions. you have had people on your show, you have heard people. there are many, many questions as to that. and we will just have to see where all the chips fall. i can tell you that this is not an issue, despite what he says, that president obama likes. this is hitting very close to home. this is not something that he enjoys. with all of that being said, i think it's much more important at this point to talk about what's going on with opec, what's going on with china,
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what's going on with virtually every country in the world that is just ripping the united states and making it to a point where we can in many cases not properly function. we have $16 trillion in debt soon-to-be, and we have to do something about it. and i would much prefer, and you know this because i have told you this many times, i would much prefer discussing that than discussing anything else. that's also my expertise. >> but, see, i think, though, the campaign, the president obama campaign actually enjoys that this issue gets up and gets pinned to you. >> i totally disagree with you. >> well, i'll tell you why. >> i disagree. >> i'll tell you why. because they released a statement, stephanie cutter, who is the deputy campaign manager, just released a very strong statement referring to you as talking about disgraceful conspiracy theories, demonstrating your lack of morale leadership, calling you a
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charlotte ton and pinning that to gov. romney, and because you said it it's pinned on gov. romney because you hole the fundraiser. >> i totally disagree. i think they hate it and don't like it at all and what they are doing is say we love it. frankly i think they hate the subject, and i semi know for a fact they hate the subjection. this is not a subject they want brought up. now, in politics -- >> wait a minute. if you think the more important job is opec and jobs and china, every single time we get sort of this distraction where we get into the name-calling on both sides, and i saw the fuss with wolf blitzer that you had on cnn, every time we get into that we aren't talking about opec, we around talking about jobs, we aren't talking about china, we are doing all this name-calling. >> that's because you and wolf, whose ratings are just a tiny fraction of yours, you will be
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happy to know, that's because you and everybody wants to bring this up. i didn't bring it up you have didn't call me and you asked me if i would do the show, i didn't ask you, and i said yes, i would do the show. frankly, if you would have not brought up the birth certificate or the place of birth, i wouldn't be discussing it with you. every time i speak to you or every time i speak to whoever they bring it up. i would much prefer talking about jobs because i'm really good at that. i would much prefer talking about the economy. i would much prefer talking about other nations and what they are doing to us and how they are hurting us and how we can solve that problem, but in all fairness, greta, you brought it up, i didn't bring it up. >> indeed, i brought it up, and indeed, i witnessed the sort of showdown at the okay corral you had with wolf blitzer. but it's also become part of the campaign. if you have the deputy campaign manager issuing a statement where now the obama campaign is saying that gov. romney lacks morale leadership in a
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statement, they are now using this whole birther controversy, which is electrifying to many people, they are now using that as a way to suggest that gov. romney is somehow, lacks any more rallieder ship. >> by the way, electrifying both ways because i will tell you, you have many, many, many people out there, millions and millions of people, who totally agree with it. so you are not talking about electrifying one way, you are talking about both ways. >> i'm talking about both ways. i'm talking about both ways. >> yeah. it is both ways. the obama people constantly refer to senator mccain, who came out and strongly, you know, did certain things. unfortunately that worked out very well for obama. not very well for senator mccain, unfortunately and that's the way it is. and they said why don't you do what senator mccain did. maybe people shouldn't do what senator mccain did. you asked me about it. i didn't ask you. and frankly, i would much prefer talking about what to do about
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lots of different places throughout the world that are taking advantage of the united states because we are not doing well as a country. >> there is no question i brought it up. i don't dispute that. you and i disagree on this whole birther thing. but it's not exactly like you don't bring it up. i have a tweet today where you say barack obama is practically begging mitt romney to disavow this birth movement and he's afraid of it and for good reason. >> he keeps using senator john mccain as an example. however, sen. john mccain lost the election. don't let it happen again. its not like i pulled it out of the air. >> other reporters are asking the same questions so i have a large number of twitter. my twitter is very large. >> ice millions. very large. >> it's millions and people and me to discuss certain things. but in this case the reporters bring it up all the time so i was responding to reporters on twitter. >> okay. all right. and i was just sort of responding to the controversy
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because it is somehow morphed from an issue of -- and morphed into a campaign strategy. >> i actually think it's a very good issue for mitt romney. i actually do. now i may be different. again, i'm not a politician. i'm somebody that's done very well in business. i understand what life is all about. i actually think it's a great issue for mitt romney. but he might not think that way, and we certainly can disagree. we don't even talk about that issue, by the way. we talk about jobs, we talk about lots of other things. one of the reasons i support him, i think he's a fine person that also understand china, understand opec, and understand what it is going to take to bring this country back. that's really what we talk about. we tone talk about this particular issue. i don't like to use the word birther because i think it's very con desending to a very important issue. but we don't talk about that. >> what has happened, i mean, it sort of the campaign in many ways we have a lot of
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name-calling going back and forth. we have george will referring you to as a -- >> i know george will is george will is pebble lib the most overrated political analyst there is. george will is somebody i have zero respect for. i don't think he's very smart. and if you listen to george will, this all started with him six months ago when he said the republicans aren't going to win the election. and i took offense to that, and i disagree with that. if you look at the policy polls you can understand why i would do that because the polls are doing very well and they are looking very well. so george will is not very high on my list, and he understand that. >> you tweeted about him today and said he may be the dumbest political commentator of all-time. >> there are a few others but he's right up there. >> can i ask you, why do you pull rosie back into this? she wasn't even part of it. >> she referred to me again. i only bring people -- when they go at me i go at them. rosie did something with me so i did it again. rosie likes to bring me up.
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she doesn't have her show. it failed due to very poor ratings. she's off the air. she's sort of in never-neverlan and she continuously talked about me. so rather than just turning a cheek, which perhaps i should do, i will on' indication refer to her. >> she seems sort of, this one sort of gratuitously. >> no, no, this was in reference what she said. i only refer, when they say something about me i say something about them. this is in reference to what she said. this was not brought up by me. rosie did start that whole thing. she truly -- just so you understand, she truly wishes she hadn't. >> i got so many notes in front of me, people going back and forth and calling each other names, whether you being a charlotte ton. george will calling you a blowviating ignoramus.
1:13 am
seems like we've gotten off the issues. >> you continuously talk about this. i thought we would be talking about the economy and jobs and other countries and what they are doing to us. >> yes. >> and you just sort of like the the subject. >> but whatever is good for you is good for me because i happen to think your slow is terrific. >> let me go back to the whole issue of jobs and the economy. do you see any sort of trending in the right direction? is there anything that like gives you sort of a sense that, okay, this is good? >> no, i don't think we are doing well as a country. i don't think we are creating jobs. i think the numbers are false numbers. think the numbers are very bad because if somebody is looking for a job and they give up, we take them off the unemployment role. we take them off the numbers so you are not really looking at real numbers when they get it down to 8.2 and 8.3. those are not the real numbers. and it's almost like they are just creating listing for the sake of creating lists. so i feel very strongly that
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unfortunately the country is not doing well. we are losing jobs to other countries through lots of different things. if you are running a credit card company, it's very possible that india is referring your new york credit card person to -- you are talking to somebody from india. you know, we outsource you our . we can't have them in this country? if you look what's going on with respect to our country, we are certainly not doing very well. and when you hear 8.2 and 8.3%, that's not very good. the number is far worse than that. the number could be as high as 18 or 19%, greta, and that's a horrible number. >> if your candidate is sworn in in january, i'm curious as to what extent, stepping back and looking at the economy and how much it is like an aircraft carrier that is takes so much to sort of turn and get some progress, how soon, if your candidate is sworn in in january, will we see the economy
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show a significant rebounds? because i assume you think he will do that? >> i do think so. i think he would do a lot of very, very powerful things with respect to china. we have all the cards. people don't know that. i think he would do a lot of powerful things with respect to other countries, and also opec. and i think he would open up energy very quickly. look at the jobs that could be created. we didn't realize this two, three, four years ago. we have energy right under our feet and we can't get it. i think he would open up jobs very, very rapidly with respect to energy, and get fuel prices down, get oil down, and there will be a tremendous boom for the economy. i think is lot of things can happen quickly. i think this is a country with tremendous potential, unbelievable potential but we aren't using it. regulation, so many different things that are happening are so bad for this country, not to mention high taxes. you know, i really believe it can happen quickly. the potential of this country is enormous if we would let it go. >> indeed, let it go. >> and maybe even if we can bury
1:16 am
some of these unusual disagreements. by the way, do you like a good fight? i'm curious how you endure all of this? >> i have always like a good fight. i think it's a fight that's a very important fight. some people don't think so, but i think it's an important fight because essentially you are right down to the basics. the answer is if you are not born here you can be president. so it's not like, oh, gee, let's not discuss it. but a lot of people, and i think you know this as well as i do, millions and millions of people happen to agree with me, greta. >> i know a lot do. but i'm curious, let me get back to it a minute. what would it take to convince you otherwise? i know -- are you convinced he wasn't born here or are you suspicious? >> well, i think that it's more likely that he wasn't born here, but i would also say that if you look at his college records, they may have some good information on his college records that would say place of birth and it would be very interesting to see what happened.
1:17 am
i think that was a real killer last week when it was announced that when it was released that in the 1990s he said he was born in kenya. i mean, he said it. his grandmother said it. his mother didn't spend time in the hospital. it's hard to have babies when you don't spend time in the hospital. there are a lot of things, greta, that are very suspicious and a big issue. a big issue. took him a long time to release the so-called birth certificate. didn't do it for mccain, didn't do it for hillary clinton, did do it for donald trump. i'm very proud of that, and you know that and i got a lot of credit for that and probably some scorn but i got a lot of credit for that. >> hypothetically is there anything that he could produce that would convince you that he was born in hawaii? is there some sort of singular document or piece of evidence or any other information that you think would defeat your suspicions or thoughts? >> good solid proof.
1:18 am
they haven't been able to be do that. and let's get back to jobs. go ahead, greta. >> i'll take that cue that that's the end. thank you, donald. talk to you soon. >> thank you very much. >> straight ahead, did we do the unthinkable, hang him out to dry? the family of the pakistanly doctor who helped track down osama bin laden makes a desperate plea to the united states. what are they pleading for us to do? that's next. and the record setter in wisconsin. ryan goes object record. plus a high school student, an honor student thrown in jail. the 11th grader forced to spend a night with murder suspects and prostitutes. what was her alleged crime? why are people across the nation now blasting the judge? now blasting the judge? that shocking story coming up. last season was the gulf's best tourism season in years. in florida we had more suntans... in alabama we had more beautiful blooms... in mississippi we had more good times... in louisiana we had more fun on the water.
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>> a pakistani doctor helps the cia track down osama bin laden. what does he get for helping. the pakistanis give him a 33 sentence for treason. some believe he was hung out to dry. the doctor's family is extremely distressed and demanding the united states step up and protect the doctor. they are pleading for the runs to provide legal help and grant
1:23 am
his relatives asylum. should the united states take action? congressman allen west joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. how are you doing? >> very well. there seems to be two issues. first of all, did we hang this man out to dry? did the american people -- >> there is no question about that. we absolutely did hang him out to dry. one of the follow-up phases of the operation, once osama bin laden was identified as being the target and having been eliminated, we should have gone to the phase of extracting this doctor and his family out of pakistan for his own safety. >> what do we do now? and how -- did we blow his cover that led to his detention and ultimate penalty by the pakistanis? >> i think the more that we talked about it we voided one of the basic premises of military operations, and that's operation security. and i think it kind of shows the amateur nature of this administration and president obama in talking too much about this operation and enabling the
1:24 am
pakistanis to listen carefully to some of the words and verbiage he was using and they were able to back trace it and put the pieces together on their side. but when you look at the pakistanis, why would they charge this gentleman with treason? first and foremost he was there illegally. he's not a pakistani citizen, and wouldn't they between see the number one most wanted terrorist in the world captured and brought to immediate justice? so for them to say that this doctor is guilty of treason means that they are aligning themselves with al-qaeda and with osama bin laden, which violate everything i think that we should stand for if we are going to consider them to be our ally, as well as that they continue to have the ground lines of communications, and the enabling the supplying of our troops in afghanistan. >> there's also the personal shame. if someone helped us and someone so profoundly important to the
1:25 am
american people, not just the security but for the reason after 9/11, this was really important. we finally find someone, a doctor inside pakistan who helps us, helps us, and then the same we sort of turn or back and we leave. and the next part is like why in the world would somebody else help us in the future if this is what we do for the people who do help us? that's the other problem. >> you are correct. you have established a very horrible precedent, but it's also the same we saw with the green movement in iran when we left them hanging out to dry. we saw the exact same thing down in honduras where the president decided to support a marks i felt socialist leader there who was aligning himself with hugo chavez, and now we see what is happening here. and i can't see why they say he's a successful president when it comes to foreign policy. the muslim brotherhood is going for the presidency. and i don't know if it's amateur
1:26 am
hour in the white house but these have serious national security ramifications. >> to the family and this man in prison. if you were advising president obama, what can we do or should we do right now to help him? >> we must strongly go to the pakistani government and demand his release. if we were so adamant about the blind dissident in china, we should be more adamant about this doctor and his family. he's been taken into custody, tried and convicted of treason, sentenced to 33 years, there's already rumors of him being tortured and i can guarantee you his family is living in danger right now. >> the senate cut out $33 million in aid to pakistan as a reaction to this. in significance or a good start? >> i think that's a good start. it's much the same as turning an aircraft carrier, you have to start the motion watch we need to follow it up with harsher actions and we need to be very up front with the pakistanis,
1:27 am
that we will not see them as allies if they continue to hold this doctor with the charges of treason, which is absolutely unconscionable. >> i will take the last word on this. i hate the idea that someone who help us get osama bin laden is now sitting in prison 33 years, having been tortured and we just sort of look the -- we didn't take care of him. congressman -- >> he won't see those 33 years, i guarantee you that. it's always a pleasure being with you, greta. >> good. and i'm happy to hear that. i'm looking forward to see what happens with him. thank you, sir. coming up, the forecast. no, no, no, not the weather. what the wisconsin recall may predict for the presidential election. ryan priebus is here. that's next. and it's a their necessity on a hot day. a swim in the pool. ♪ i'm making my money do more. i'm consolidating my assets.
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>> this is other fox news alert. the frontrunner, lieutenant david duhurst fails to get 350% of the vote. he face as run off with ted cruise. the run off is set for july 31st. the gop fight is to replace kay bailey hutchinson. it's crucial because the primary winner is expected to be the next senator from the state of
1:32 am
texas. stay tuned for the latest developments. wisconsin's recall race is down to the wire and days ago sparks were flying. wisconsin is proving to be a battleground but not just for governor scott walker and his opponent. the national political parties are also duking it out in wisconsin. dnc chair debbie becauser man schultz calling it a dry run for november's presidential race and even flying in for a fund-raiser. >> good morning. >> i suppose you don't agree often with the dnc chair, but do you agree that this june 5th race is sort of a test run for november? >> i don't. i mean, we are going to be in great shape in november. i think this is for us a matter of protecting people of their word that run for office and govern like they campaign. people have asked me, how is it that walker has become the center of the political often
1:33 am
verse? and i always think it is because people in this country are starving for real authentic people to serve this country and to be people of their word and to govern like they campaign. the reason why we have to win this election in wisconsin is that the very idea of courage is on the ballot in wisconsin. the idea that people can make tough decisions and tough choices in this country, and they can follow up with what they promised they would do once they get elected so it is on the ballot. so to me and to people who are passionate about this race, that is what this is about. it's about wisconsin and it's about america. >> all right. but let's say hypothetically that governor walker wins by six points. he won by i think six points last time for governor, didn't he? >> yeah. >> isn't that a message that i think as a republican, chair ever the rnc that you would feel that was a really strong message for how wisconsin is going to go come november?
1:34 am
because last time wisconsin went for president obama and they didn't go for senator mccain. >> the reason why i push back on this whole test case scenario that debbie wasserman schultz has out there, this is about wisconsin. >> but the conservatives and republicans together in wisconsin have done very well over the last few years. we won the supreme court case just before walker won in 2010. walker won, johnson won, we swept wisconsin. came back and won a supreme court case again for the conservative. democrats fell on their face on the senate recall in june and here we go again. i think walker obviously is going to win next week. and i think the democrats have been totally foolish about this primary. i mean, they went in with a candidate that has done one thing really well. he's lost a lot of statewide elections. he's going to lose again. we have, to your point about wisconsin and being in the crosshairs, there is no state in the country that the republican
1:35 am
national committee and republicans in wisconsin know more about every single voter in that state. think about it. i many, the intense effort that we've had on the ground. we know where the votes are. it's a turnout election. >> actually the numbers, they are already predicting a rather substantial turnout. >> sure. >> an incredible turnout even by the absentee votes and the early voting. there will be a lot of people very interested. >> there's a reason why obama and the dnc and the democrats aren't happy about this race. >> he's not there campaigning for tom barry either. >> the democrats have set up a world virus event for us next week. but they are totally flopping on this thing. they aren't supporting tom barrett, and they aren't supporting him because number one they don't want to flush money down a toilet but they now you have yet another racere. where conservatives have won and the democrats have to come back. just remember, when the democrats lose next week, they aren't going to just enter into the election for november, they are going to have a little
1:36 am
circular firing squad and a blame game going on for a few weeks, then they have to come back and try to win this thing in november. and wisconsin goes red for mitt romney, it's over. it's lights out for barack obama. >> i will see you next week. you agreed to do the show next week. >> you bet. i'll be in wisconsin this weekend campaigning through the weekend and i look forward to seeing you next tuesday. >> ryan priebus, nice to have you. >> thanks. >> and alarming news from iran. this time the target is not israel, it's us. and does the punishment fit the crime? a 17-year-old honor student thrown in jail for missing school. what was the judge thinking? what was the judge thinking? and what do this country was built by working people. the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars
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>> a texas honor student has learn a tough lesson of but was the punishment over the line? she was thrown in jail because she missed too many days of
1:39 am
school. she spent a night behind bars with hard-core criminals. the only crime truancy, a maryland. why was she missing school? she's worked two jobs since her parents divorced and her parents move away. she supports her and her siblings all by herself and that's all while taking advanced classes. why did he do it? he said it's bigger than tran. >> if you let one run loose, what do you do with the rest of them? let them go too? a little stay in the jail for one night is not a death sentence. >> should the judge have sent the 11th jader to jail? the 11th jader to jail?
1:40 am
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1:42 am
65-year-old woman alive from the rubble of what was once her house. she was trapped 12 hours. others are not so lucky. at least 16 people were killed by the 5.8 quake. hundreds were injured t. struck 9 days after an initial tremor rattled northern italy, killing 7 people. facebook shares reaching a new low, plunging below $29 per share, losing a quarter of its initial offering price of $38. it was marred by technical glitches in the opening day and the company's facing two lawsuits, claiming analysts cut the financial forecast before the stock went public and only told a handful of clients. i'm ainsley earhardt. now back to "on the record" with greta. thanks for watching. iran makint against the united states. a country leader warning the missiles can reach every base, including our bases. so should we be worried?
1:43 am
joining us is former ambassador john bolten. >> i think you have to take it seriously. that regime is so irrational from our point of view that i think you cannot discount that threat. on the other hand, i do think they would be completely crazy to retaliate in any way against u.s. military forces because even under the obama administration, the response would have to be crushing. >> let me give you a wild hypothetical. let's say that israel decides to go alone and decides to attack the nuclear -- their nuclear capability oregon what they are working on. they will then immediately retaliate and they will start reacting, right? >> they will respond. there's no doubt about that. >> so who do they respond, using the short missiles that can hit our bases, our base that is they consider the enemy bases or israel? >> it's possible that they would respond by attacking our base in
1:44 am
bahrain where the smith fleet is head quartered, but i do think it's unlikely for the reason i just gave. because then we would have to go in and effective destroy the revolutionary guard, their air defensessings, their navy, their air force. unless they have complete by gone off the deep end, which is possible, i don't think that's how they would retaliate. i think it's more likely they would have hezbulah involved. >> and they have said they have the capability to carry a nuclear weapon. >> pakistan before would have to rely on f-16s it carry their nuclear weapon against india. having a shorter range missile capability gives them greater reach inside india, but obviously in the region as a whole. as their capabilities develop as
1:45 am
china assists them, the pakistani ability to launch nuclear tipped icbms anywhere in the world grows. that's why as frustrated as we are with the government of pakistan, the temptation to throw them under the bus has to be recysted because if the radicals taken over with the stock of weapons, and given this increasing capability, they are a greater and greater threat. >> we often talk about pakistan? relationship to osama bin osaman or their relationships. but there is at reason. why has it escalated? why have those two countries been unable to hold it down a little bit? >> they have been at sword point since independence. he we can go back to the british. >> i understand that. but it was quiet for a while. >> they have had several wars since inned against. what has move it along, including the attack on the indian parliament shortly after 9/11 is pakistan created
1:46 am
terrorist groups to help assert their claims to cashmere and those terrorist groups have grown increasingly powerful inside pakistan as more of the population has become radicalized. they have been used to assist taliban and afghanistan and there are a growing number of radicals in the military and in civilian population. >> with pakistan make any effort to sort of put the lid on that, they promise india after the attack on mumbai that they were going to take some action against those terrorist groups which they never did. so pakistan is sort of the rogue element in this. i have not seen india be the rogue element. >> india is not the rogue element. and the problem and the pakistani government having created these groups sun leashed them is now surrounded by alligators that it set lose and they are worried, elements, at least of the military and the government if they crackdown they will be the next targets. that's one reason why we have to great our teeth and try to work with them so the radicals don't
1:47 am
take over. >> what about our doctor? >> it's outrageous. there's no way this can be defended. to have him in jail in pakistan for treason when they were supposed to be our allies against bin laden and al-qaeda is unacceptable. this is a hard country to deal with. but what that means is you need the president's active involvement, secretary of defense, secretary of state, a lot more than they are. i think our secretaries are out there working. i don't think the president is really paying much attention to this. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, believe it or not it's not over yet. a top gsa official who spoke at the lavish vegas party just did something else. what did he do this time? it will light your hair on fire. and a big surprise visitor takes a dip in a backyard pool. a dip in a backyard pool. that [ tires squeal, engine revs ] ♪
1:48 am
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>> you have seen the top stories but here's the best of the rest. the gsa really partied it up, spending over $800,000 of your tax money. tonight a top gsa official who seemed to think it was a laughing matter is back on the job. you remember david foley joking about the expenses in vegas. >> the hotel i would like to talk to you about paying for the party that was held in the
1:52 am
commissioner's suite last night, we need to take care of that. and our chairwoman on the oversight committee called and she has a couple questions about the proposed pay increases for executives you mentioned outside. >> so foley was put on administrative leave of a make those joking remarks, but now just a month later he has quietly returned to work at the gsa. he claims he wasn't directly involved in planning the vegas convention. just laughing about it. >> and a holiday weekend pool party isn't that unusual unless the only guest is a bear. that's right. a bear decided to take a dip in a california family backyard pool and his adventures are caught on camera. two sisters got out their cameras as soon as they spotted the bear in the yard. they watched him go swimming and even hopped up on a stool to take in the mountain view and when he was all cooled off the bear went right back into the wilderness. and remember the fugitive penguin we told you about. the elusive penguin is no longer
1:53 am
on the lamb. he was captured near tokyo bear. he escaped from the tokyo sea life park three months ago. he was often seen frolicking in the bay but no one could catch it. tonight he's back and at the park. the penguin seems healthy and happy and there you have it. one more quick round before we turn out the lights. what do star quarterback tom brady and movie star matt damon have in common? start guessing. you will find out next. those surprising little things she does still make you te notice. there are a million reasons why. but your erectile dysfunction that could be a question of blood flow. cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights, it's time for last call. tom brady ends up playing defense in an l.a. sporting goods store. take a look at this new video for funny or die. >> are you... tom?
1:58 am
your accent? >> i don't have a boston accent. i play football in boston. >> sorry, man, i can't understand a word you're saying. man, yeah. yeah. your accent is ridiculous. >> get a picture of me. >> say bostonin, goof ball. >> i'm not from boston! i'm from california! i'm a native californian. i went to michigan. now, i play for michigan. i'm a quarterback, you moron. >> you look like that standy. >> i am the guy in the standy. i am the guy on the friggin standy. >> oh! >> oh, my! >> matt damon, shame on you. >> that is your last call. lights are blinking and we are closing down shop. make sure you go to greta and you sent me a lot of
1:59 am
blistering e mails. i know a lot of you still have a lot more to say. greta i know, you get all mad at me tonight. keep it here on fox news channel. good night from washington, d.c.. tomorrow night, okay p.m. eastern and we'll see you then. th >> dana: hello. i'm dana perino with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling, and the fabulous brian kilmeade. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: hope you had a wonderful memorial day weekend. tonight is the night mitt romney is expected to clinch the g.o.p. nomination to officially make him president obama's primary in november. today's primary in texas offer sas 2 delegate and he is 58 shy of the 1144 needed to become the nominee. romney isn't in texas. he is in sin city with donald


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