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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 30, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> bill: shocking undercover video showed a planned parenthood counselor advising a woman over how to apport a fetus if it's not a boy. we have a factor exclusive. ♪ baby, baby, baby. ♪ like baby, baby, baby oh. >> bill: justin bieber accused of beating up a paparazzi. is that even possible? is that even possible? is it legal is on the case. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. what mitt romney has to do to win the presidency. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. we expect a very close vote next november 6th. and the polls will go up and down back and forth until then. but what mitt romney absolutely has to do if he
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hopes to defeat barack obama is win the three debates. now, we have seen the governor debate well and we have seen him get his butt kicked. but, the best we have seen mr. romney was back in 1994 when he was running against ted kennedy for the senate. that debate was intense and included some of the same issues that are on the table today. >> mr. romney has characterized one of his prime reasons, qualification for the united states senate is his business background. therefore, it's legitimate to look for what kind of jobs he has created. the kind of jobs that he has created are part-time jobs and minimum wage jobs primarily that don't have any health insurance. now, that is not the kind of jobs that i want to create. >> in my view that attack on part-time workers not having health insurance is the height of hypocrisy. senator kennedy and his family have a multiple real estate empire across this country including the chicago merchandise mart the gel of their empire. that mart has a free cash flow
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of reportedly $20 million a year. senator, i'm sure you know that your workers who are part-time employees don't have health insurance there, don't you? [. [cheers and applause] >> senator, 15 seconds. >> mr. romney is a very big major difference. that is. [ laughter ] >> you don't even afford access to your part-time workers where 66 of the american people do provide it we at least provide the access and many of those part-time workers take it and it's a shared responsibility and you don't even mean that mean standard. >> senator kennedy and mr. romney. >> i don't know what you are talking about. >> you gront provide health insurance for your part-time people. >> will mitt romney finally show that kind of passion in his run for the presidency? he needs to. back in '94 senator kennedy easily defeated romney but that was expected. the kennedy's rule in massachusetts. but now governor romney has a very good chance to unseat president obama because the economy is bad and the
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president is governing at least domestically as a far left guy. america is a centrist country so romney has two big advantages at his disposal but he must, must bring the challenge right to the president very personal ways. not by attacking obama the man, that's a mistake. but by taking facts and confronting mr. obama with them in a very vivid way as he just did as you just saw with senator kennedy. john mccain did not do that to then senator obama. he stayed completely away from mr. obama's left wing background. romney has to highlight t. again, whoever wins the debates wins the election. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction, joining us from washington fox news political chief analyst brit hume. all right. so, that was pretty entertaining and you didn't expect that that's the most feisty i have ever seen romney right. >> there remember the debate with newt gingrich in the
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florida primary when he called him out on the contents of newt gingrich's investment portfolio and it turned out that fannie and freddie were both in there after he denounced romney for something similar. that was a very similar moment to that that's the first thing i thought of when i read the transcript of the sound that you just played. >> bill: you could see at the end of that debate romney was teed off. angry, pointing the finger. hey, i don't know what you are talking about. i didn't know what kennedy was talking about provide access, what does that mean? so romney there, very intense, much more focused than i have seen him in the presidential republic sweep stake debate. so, do you agree with me though that governor romney needs to put president obama on the defensive when he goes up, needs to do exactly that? he needs to get in his face with the finger and this thing hey, listen you, this is what you have done wrong, this is why you are hurting the american people or can he be
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prophetorial stand back and be the analyst guy. >> sometimes anger works, particularly if it seems to the audience that it has been provoked and that you have ever right to be angry. anger though as a general thing in a politician general mood as general tone is unattractive. second thing is i know you say this a lot but i disagree with you about the debates. debates are rarely decisive in presidential elections. we can think of a couple, you and i where a debate has been very important. not very many. it doesn't usually work out that way. the person who goes into the debate leading usually wins among his supporters and the same for the other candidate. >> bill: here is why i disagree. here is why i see it differently this year. this is not really about mitt romney. this is a rrch dumb on president obama. would you agree with that? >> yeah. i would, bill, he is the incumbent and it is his record. >> bill: right. >> that is on trial here. >> bill: is he going to have to run. >> romney is going to have to
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make that be the case that is the case. >> bill: listen to me. listen. all right. so it's it about. >> that's what i do. >> bill: it's about president obama. that's what it is about. yes or no? up or down? okay? he is the main attraction. if mitt romney can somehow show the american public that he is angry about the state of the union, that he feels the pain of the people who are suffering economically, and that he has had enough, a little howard beal, not a lot, a little, had it, and here's the guy who screwed it up right here, okay? he then, romney, brings attention to himself in a positive way. if he just sits back and says well, you know, it really didn't win out all this and that i will tell you what, i think people want to see a warrior. they want to see a warrior in the debates and that's what i
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would advise the governor to do. i would advise him to throw caution to the wind. not be the mean guy. not be the mean guy. be the hey i have had enough guy. >> well a little righteous indignation can be just the thing in a debate. i think it depends to some extent how the debate goes. let's look back to the one debate in recent timings where it looked like it made all the difference in the world. i can think of two cases where this was true one was ronald reagan in 1980 against jimmy carter the line that carried the day was a very easy going and kind of tolerant there you go again he said in his soothing way. it wasn't angry. he was disagreeing with the incumbent president but it was reassuring to the public. four years later mr. reagan then president had lost the first debate to walter mondale when he got called out on the gotcha moment social security. second debate questions whether reagan was and richard's immorality words okay and he came through with the fame miss line where he
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said he is not going to let his opponent's age or youth and inexperience be an issue in the campaign. everybody broke up laughing, including mondale who later said he knew in that moment that good humored moment by ronald reagan that he lost. >> that was ronald reagan's persona. may i quote a political philosopher named dennis miller. may i quote him? >> of course. >> bill: obama is a different kind of cat than carter was, or mondale was. obama is the type of guy, the president is the type of guy that has evoked such powerful emotion on both sides pro and con that you need to harness that emotion against him and if romney can show what he showed with kennedy, i'm telling you, it's going to do him a lot of good. i will give you the last word. >> what i would say about that bill is if romney comes across having made a powerful case a that obama got it all upside down and is doing all the wrong things and that he would
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set the country in the correct direction and would be the right man to do it and can make the case for that. i think that will be decisive. >> bill: right. >> questions whether he does it angrily or does it with pointing the finger and all of that is beside the point. >> bill: next on the run down, 50% of we the people are receiving some kind of government assistance. is america now officially a welfare state? later, shocking story planned parenthood advisor advising abortion because the woman wanted a boy instead of a girl. we're coming right back.
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>> bill: barack and hard place segment tonight. according to the census bureau 3.5 million american citizens. in the first three months of last year, nearly auto% of american households received some kind of government benefit. 149 million of those folks got compensation they are entitled to things like medicare, social security. but 107 million americans received so-called means tested assistance things like medicaid, food stamps, housing money. cost of all of the entitlements together $2.3 trillion this year alone. with 1.4 trillion of that debt. we can't pay it. we have to borrow the money. is america now officially a welfare state?
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here now monica crowley and alan colmes. welfare state, colmes? unemployment insurance in the last year 7.7 million americans getting it. 6.1. temporary needy families. 1.5 million to 4.2. in some key areas because improving economy going in the right direction. >> 1983, colmes, 30% of american homes receive some kind of -- now it's 50%. >> things are turning around. >> bill: no, you are taking a microand i'm taking macro. you are taking small and i'm taking large. >> bill: let's show the folks. here is the graph since 1983. here is the graph. in america, zoom. it doesn't matter. now, some recessionary years. these are some boom years. the graph is up all the time. straight up. so, if you go by the numbers. we are becoming or have become a welfare state. >> over the last 20, 30 years. >> correct.
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>> not particularly to this administration. >> bill: correct. >> part of it is population coming of age now many of whom are getting assistance. need help the elderly and poor or medical help for people who don't need insurance. that's partly responsible for it the aging population. >> maybe a few percentage points. yes a growing welfare state. the moderate democrat party is essentially a cult of victim hood and dependency. actually if you go back to franklin roosevelt expanded under linden jonsz and under this president. they have done everything they could to establish these redistributionist pillars like social security, medicare, medicaid, and under this president he has massively expanded the welfare state by adding a multitrillion dollars entitlement with obama care. i think a lot of republicans over many decades have gone along with this mentality. >> bill: gone along. >> yes. they you think don't think fostered it? >> a lot of them did go along
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with it the latest polls show that american veterans are against barack obama president obama big time. i think it's it 58, 28 or something, it's big. >> 28 point spread. did you know and i just found this out today that 50% of the returning veterans from iraq, afghanistan are people just leaving the service now. 50% are filing for disability right now. 50%. half of them want a government handout. now, some of them like the wounded warriors certainly deserve it but this is a historical high. way more than world war ii. which was way more intense than what we have. so, no, no, no. i say both the republicans and democrats that the whole culture now is becoming an entitlement culture. based on this veterans thing because you can't say these are liberal people. they are not liberal people. >> i think you make a good case. >> bill: brilliant case. >> thank you for putting the words in my mouth. >> you are welcome. somebody needs.
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>> to but dr. crowley with all due respect wants to blame just democrats and just the obama administration when we are talking about the graph you showed covered how many republic how many congresses? >> unless can you explain away this veteran thing, i think this is the mind set in america. >> let me make a point. a lot of these veterans excluding the wounded warriors, a lot of these veterans who come back cannot find jobs. this doesn't apply to veterans it applies to everybody who cannot find a job. they get on the unemployment benefits. those unemployment benefits run out. what a lot of americans are forced to do because they can't find jobs in the obama economy is file for disability. it's just not restricted to veterans. >> bill: that's not honest. >> if you talk about the differences between the two parties. yes, a lot of republicans went along with big bottom of the, big spending mentality over many decades. when you look at the differences between the parties. the democrats have been the ones. >> bill: they drive it. there is no doubt about it. they drive the entitlement
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culture. you say -- you say there is not a welfare state. >> bill: i say there is. >> because the democrats especially under this president this is their whole objective to get as many people dependent on government as possible. >> bill: this includes mitt romney. the republic party has not fought against this mentality. they haven't. they have not. >> that has largely been true. >> bill: it's because of votes. >> in 2009 the rise of the tea party it's all about getting america back to self-sufficiency, economic liberties and individual freedom. >> bill: tea party only 22 to 25% now it's not enough. when you ask mitt romney what are you going to cut as far as means tested, he doesn't want to say because he needs hispanic american votes, he needs all of that. >> paul ryan, that budget which mitt romney has embraced talks about reforming inentitle the programs. >> bill: reforming is different than cutting. >> i think you did my job for me. this is not a left-right issue. it's an issue part of the culture.
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>> bill: i agree with you on that. t is, we are now officially an entitlement state, when you have more than half of american homes dependent on the federal government check, you are in that territory. >> i'm not sure if it's dependent as you pointed out he we paid into like social security, we pay into that. >> western europe right now. directly ahead. tax the rich. they are disappearing. wait until you hear this. shocking report with a viewer warning. planned parenthood courtroom advises woman about an abortion if the fetus turns out to be a girl. are we china now? the factor conti
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. tax the rich. that's obama's centerpiece of
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the plan. here's the problem only 3% of all tax returns filed in 2009 were for more than $200,000 in income. 3%. he now we have been telling you for years the tax for rich mantra is bogus. simply not enough wealthy americans to make a dent in the deficit or the debt. joining us from washington fox news analysts mary katharine and juan williams. you have been pounding the tax the rich drum. outside of you and me there is nobody in this room that is rich. >> i don't know what you were drinking at that memorial day picnic. the punch must have got to you. i'm amazed to turn on this program and see you saying outright there are a lot of people on the right who don't challenge this entitlement thinking mentality. the passage of that -- it's true. you ever hear anybody say it. directed at instead of saying drug benefit that's the truth.
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anyway. you are dodging the issue here. president obama has been quite clear and he tries to sell way we're going to bring the deficit down. the way we are going to fund the massive tax the rich. there aren't enough even a scintilla of difference, juan. the numbers aren't there. well, mr. owe o'reilly you and i are in agreement if that's the argument. >> bill: obviously that's the argument. >> that's not the argument. >> bill: of course it is. how many times you have heard him say it? how many times did he actually say it to you, juan? >> the system is being rigged against the working american. the folks as you call it. >> tax the rich to make it fair. >> no, no. the idea behind the idea behind the buffet rule is that warren buffet should pay the same tax rate as his secretary. that. >> bill: tax the rich. >> it doesn't matter which slight of hand. it always comes back to the
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same thing and they simply don't exist. am i wrong mary katharine? >> no, there is not enough of them. there is not enough of them possible to make up the problems that we have. to we have to deal with entitlements. we have to deal with the wasteful spending and applause. you can't soak the rich easy things obama wants to sell like the buffet rule. program disowning that you will kind of stuff. more dependency on the government and less prosperity for rich people. look, it's working. this is what you guys want, right? all of a sudden they were tell me that's not what they want. this is what they worked for. >> i'm worried about the con: what's being presented to the american public and amount amount of them buying it is that the rich people aren't paying their fair share and if they only would, all of these debt problems would be solved. there are 3 million millionaires in the country, juan, 3 million. there are 300 million people
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and 3 million millionaires. they don't -- you could take all of their stuff and it wouldn't matter one iota. juan? >> i agree with you. i said on that point you are right. >> bill: so the next time he says it you have to say keep quiet, mr. president. this is a con. >> all right. here's the thing. the rich get the deductions. they get tax shelters, right? they get writeoffs that are not available. you forget that part of the scenario. >> bill: look, i just paid my taxes, okay? i didn't have any of that. i had to pay more than 30%. when you count the new york state and city all of that stuff. come on. >> you are at the highest of the high in new york. >> bill: yeah. i'm not bulking anybody and i didn't have any offshore accounts. >> i don't think you are. >> according to the irs numbers the top 10% of income earners pay 70% of the income tax. that is quite a bit. let's not deny that they're
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actually doing anything. the tax system i will give you is set up for the privileged. it's set up for people that can come to washington because, why? it is so complex if we could actually fix it and simplify it which is what conservatives argue for it would be a lot easier. >> here is the danger that they are selling this canard that if you only tax the rich people more we can level out the irresponsible spending and horrible debt america has. it's a lie. and i want to devote -- i'm devoting myself in the next six months i'm going to have to stay every day. it's a lie. you want to reform the tax thing, good, i want it reformed as well. ifdo you want to knock off some of the luxury box writeoffs i'm all the the way. don't lie to me. got to go. >> why shouldn't it be a fair system. >> make the whole tax code like conservatives say you should. >> bill: don't lie to me. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening.
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planned parenthood counselor advising a woman on how to abort a fetus if t turns out to be female. shocking almost beyond belief. and then justin bieber accused of beating up paparazzi. is that even possible? is it legal stunned and they will analyze. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. 
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, you may know about the prelife group live action. it sets up stings across the country involving abortion-related matters. now, last month live action entered a planned parenthood clinic in austin, texas and spoke to a counselor there about possibly abort ago fetus if it turned out to be a girl. >> you want to terminate if it's a girl or you just want to continue the pregnancy in the meantime? >> yeah. i think that would be the plan. i have had two abortions and i
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have four kids. [ laughter ] >> from experience? >> yeah. okay. >> there is nothing wrong with being pregnant. >> all right. >> so then i would want to schedule -- try to schedule an ultrasound with an ob around then and then i would still be able to come back here for a termination if it was a girl. >> um-huh and that would be in july. >> good luck. i hope you get your boy. >> my question is are we now china in this country? if planned parenthood is advising women to abort because of gender choice then we are china. you should remember that next time a politician or famous person endorses planned parenthood. joining us from washington founder of live action lila rose. that was you on the tape was that you? >> nos that one of our investigative team. >> sounded like you. >> yeah. >> let's walk through this thing. one of the things on the tape. you edited can the tape first of all. is there anything that we didn't see that you edited out that would mitigate this it
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parent atrocity? was there anything that was edited out that would mitigate that. >> no only that would add to the atrocity. watch the full tame they go on for minutes. the whole counseling session is 15 minutes ways to determine gender. different ways to select for abortion. different ways to kill the little girl. >> bill: i want to tell my viewers we did doo have the tape and investigators. we are not going to make the same mistake we made a couple years ago with the breitbart thing. we have got to look at all the tape it was clear that this woman in austin, texas was advising this young girl on and there was a part in the tape that you edited when the young girl said to her how, you know, how many weeks can i abort the fetus because the gender is known after 20, 22 weeks, correct? >> right. most the gender detection technology is 20 weeks that's the most used.
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she is asked the planned parenthood worker what to do. she says she you are the late late first trimester. wait to confirm it's a little girl. go lie to the obgyn use medicaid program to get ultrasound. come back here and schedule a late term, late term abortion if it's a little girl. i mean horrific disregard for human life here. >> bill: i can't argue with that. four states have banned abortions targeted toward the gender of the child. they are arizona, illinois, oklahoma, and pennsylvania. but that's kind of bogus because nobody is going to walk in to any abortion clinic and say i want to abort the fetus because i don't like the gender. they are going to say i have a headache. i can't support the child or whatever. here is what really disturbs me. 2010, planned parenthood received about $500 million of taxpayer money. that's my money, that's your money. went in, government grants, to planned parenthood representing 47% of the entire
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funding of planned parenthood. so i'm paying now. i'm paying for counselor in austin, texas to tell a young woman, you know what? you don't like the gender, i'll set you up. we will get rid of the fetus. we will get rid of it you don't have the problem. we'll make it happen. you know, that's wrong. that's morally wrong. i don't want my money going for that i don't want to be any part of that the woman i think here something should happen to her but, you know, look, in america, we don't have laws against this kind of stuff. we just don't have laws. only in these four states can you not abort based on gender. the other 46 states you can. i mean, this is crazy. >> we don't have laws, bill, because groups like planned parenthood which claim to be pro-women, which is absurd. groups like planned parenthood are going out there fighting tooth and nail against every abortion restriction and regulation. they want abortion anywhere, any time for any reason.
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>> bill: so does president obama. he doesn't want any restriction on any abortion at awesome next time and this is very important ms. rose. the next time that anybody hears is a politician or a movie star or anybody like that say how great planned parenthood is, think back on this thing in austin, texas where now if you don't like the gender of the baby that you are carrying, bang, you can kill it. man. ms. rhodes, thanks very much. we appreciate it when we come right back is it legal on justin bieber being accused of beating up a paparazzi. also a jesus t-shirt controversy in public school. legal is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. bill o'reilly. federal judge in cincinnati has ruled that a 16-year-old
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high school student can wear a t-shirt that says jesus is not a homophobe. and the student can wear it in class. here now attorneys and fox news analysts kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. author of the big new thriller "eyes of justice." he got money from this. >> 20,000 dollars. the school agreed to it he had been in litigation since 2011. his attorney pay nominal damages paid $20,000. >> is he allowed to wear. >> jesus is not a homophobe. >> in the past, guilfoyle, it has been ruled by the courts that if it is disruption to the class. it's a disruption you can't do it because that interferes with the educational process. and i think jesus is not a homophobe would engender reaction from whoever saw it. >> of course it would. that's a great argue: that's in fact what the principal said. you see some of the groups took this cause up the lbgt
4:40 am
groups. >> lesbian and gay groups. >> yes. >> moving the ball forward. >> you agree the judge made the right decision. >> precedent first amendment and 14th amendment issue. >> bill: how does that square with not wearing provocative slogan in the classroom that disrupts? how does your opinion square with that. >> it didn't show disruption. >> bill: the school didn't show disruption. >> there was no evidence of disruption. >> bill: no evidence? >> you can say it and we could all agree that would be disruptive in this school there was nobody that was outraged. it was the principal. >> bill: what if the student jesus is just all right with me which is a lyric of a song. >> then it's a church and state argument. >> why? >> make that argument with this. it's the kid. it's the student wearing the shirt. not the school that's endorsing any religion. >> bill: no, no. you are dodging the argument. >> i'm not dodging it. >> bill: say the kid has a t-shirt that says jesus is just all right with me.
4:41 am
it doesn't say i like to be a presbyterian. it doesn't say you should convert to christianity. jesus, who was a man, historical figure is just all right with me. that means that kid can wear that shirt to school, right? >> yes. what's the problem? >> bill: no problem? >> yes. >> bill: ladies and gentlemen out there if you want to have an interesting social experiment in your community. >> and make money. >> bill: have your you are chent and urchin have a t-shirt jesus is just all right with me. >> the bong hits 4 g. >> bill: that was drugs. >> illegal activity. >> bill: this is a lyric of a song just very benign thing. i would like to see particularly you guys in mass pass and places in california things like that what the reaction is. >> that would be all right with me. >> bill: justin bieber, big guy. about 5'7", he weighs 110 pounds. 5'7" and he probably would be 5'5" if you give him a hair cut. and weighs 110. probably 9 a if he loses the hair. >> poor guy.
4:42 am
>> bill: all right. now, he beats up, apparently a paparazzi guilfoyle who then of course gets a sleazy lawyer and tell me the story. >> listen to this. he is at the mall. it's a very nice place. little biebs with selena gomez lovely girlfriend. they have both been here at fox in fact. the paparazzi comes up to him and tries to get a photo. he is trying to get in the car and get away. basically an altercation ensues. no witnesses saying this paparazzi guy was injured. there is a lawyer there that goes hey, buddy you can make a lot of money off the biebs, call the ambulance and file a police report. >> bill: how does that lawyer know about it. >> apparently he came up after it. >> definition of ambulance chaser i think. >> bill: was the lawyer in the mall. >> we don't know where the lawyer was. >> bill: so the lawyer tells the cameraman. >> right. >> bill: hey, go to the hospital. file a complaint. >> right. >> bill: we'll sue the guy. >> before that he said you can make quote unquote. one reporter, lots of money if you sue. >> bill: that's what these people do. we all know these lawyers
4:43 am
that's all they do. >> be a shake down to settle the case. >> bill: if i'm on the jury and justin bieber comes in -- >> right. i'm a little concerned. i think i might weigh a pound or two more than him. >> bill: guilfoyle, you can beat the living daylights out of justin bieber you and him. it would be over in the first round. >> i can take the biebs. >> bill: i feel sorry for these people because it's happened to me, too. >> how nice. >> bill: trust me, if i decide to go off on you, it ain't going to be juin bieber. i won't because i would be in the penitentiary. nobody feel sorry for me i would be sued for all its money. i have got to put my hands. >> we cover your pie with a nice -- >> bill: now wouldn't. charles krauthammer on pakistan now we found out that country has not incarcerated a man that helped the u.s.a. find bin laden also allegedly tortured him. isn't that nice? krauthammer after these messages.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. we continue our reporting on dr. shaquille afridi convicted last week of high treason by pakistani kangaroo court. he was sentenced to 33 years in prison. his relatives told fox news he has tortured. president obama has not said anything publicly about this and fox news white house guy ed henry asked about that today. >> we have made our views known that the doctor in question here should not be held, that he did nothing that would justify him being held and we're certainly consulting with the pakistani government on this matter but i don't have any other details for you. >> there is no plan b. obviously you have made that case. pakistanis still have him. >> we are in consultations with him making our views known to the pakistani government.
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>> bill: joining us now from washington fox news political analyst charles krauthammer. so, i'm going to appoint you this evening to advise president obama on pakistan. you would tell him to do what? >> three point plan, number one, cut out the i had idiocies, our defense was to say this guy was in pakistan. he was helping us get the worst criminal in the world. the problem with that defense is that the story is out. either they leaked it or we leaked it. that the good doctor had no idea who we were after when he was helping us. so, that completely undermines that story. so, stop the leaks. stop stupid defenses. second, we ahave the president announce when you hear consultations want to weep. have the president say we are cutting aid to pakistan in half today if he is not released in three months we are going to cut it again in half and six months it's over. but here is the most important. here is point 3. say the word india. you want to get a reaction from the pakistanis? say the word india.
4:49 am
announce that the secretary of state is gonna go on a very ostentatious visit to new delhi to cement a new strategic relationship between the united states and india. we want to announce to the pakistanis that on 9/11 we made them the linch pin of our policy in south asia. colin powell, secretary of state called the president and he said either you are going to help us with afghanistan, you are going to cut off help to the taliban or we're going to begin to bomb you into the stone age. pakistan reacted, became our ally. a decade later, they don't care about us. they have no respect for us. they are able to do this stuff with the good doctor for example with impunity. what we tell the pakistanis is you understand that we're leaving? yes. obama essentially ran up the white flag at the nato summit in chicago. he said we're out. we're not going to stay here. and the pakistanis are
4:50 am
calculating. americans are gone. we can disthem as much as we want. however, just one thing here. if we tell them we're not leaving the region entirely, we're just leaving our friendship with you, and rear going to reinforce our alliance with their arch enemy. >> bill: india. that's the way to put pressure on them. there is something i had a debate with laura ingraham about the chinese dissident and ingraham was pounding the obama administration by saying they ought to do this, they ought to do that i said look behind the scenes and i knew that because we do investigations here, they are going to get him released and that happened. now, what you saw in the ed henry sound bite was the obama administration saying we're consulting with them. and maybe i'm giving the president the benefit of the doubt, i don't think he has been strong enough, obviously, but maybe they are. maybe they do have a deal in the works and they don't want to go out and humiliate pakistan because they think
4:51 am
they can get the guy sprung. >> if all of that is true, and if you the administration knows that. and they are actually getting somewhere with the consultations, and it's clear that the pakistanis are just looking for a face saving way to get out of this, then fine, then you go ahead with that. you get it done. you don't make anything in public. if, on the other hand, this is just consultations and we're not getting anywhere. this is a humiliation for the united states. >> no doubt it's worse than that warning to anybody in the world. >> don't help newark. they are going to let you go. >> where were we in the weeks and months after the bin laden raid? why couldn't we extricate this guy? why do we have a cia if not to extricate a guy to help us in this. >> we should have sent the navy seals in to get him out. >> exactly. >> i agree with you. i think this is horrible. >> if we are not getting away in the secret negotiations. we got to come out publicly and tell the world we're going
4:52 am
to do a huge strategic shift in the region like a kissinger to china and we are going to shift our center of gravity and that will surely get pakistani attention. >> bill: all right. charles krauthammer, everybody. pinheads and patriots on deck starring mike meijer's at the white house. p and p just over two minutes away.
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about. >> pinheads and patriots. less than three weeks until father's day and we want your dad to be happy. go to bill o' and get him this restore the usa matt and pen. you are a premium member you get my book "selling lincoln" free of charge. 35 weeks tonight best selling charge. if you want your book personalized. i will do that for you and we will give you an american flag. all great ideas on now the e-mail. from australia. >> yes, i can. if a u.s. citizen gave iran or russia without informing washington first, they would be tried for treason, too. pakistan is the villain here. and from florida.
4:56 am
again, it's hard to believe that spin. from idaho. from littleton, colorado. james from hilton head, south carolina. >> that's a great question, james. keep the boy watching the factor. and from texas.
4:57 am
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ask >> well, good morning. thanks so much for getting up with us so early. >> i am heather nauert. >> i am heather childers. thank you for watching fox and friends first. >> mitt romney officially the republican nominee for president of the united states. doug luzader has more. what's next for mitt romney? >> the convention.


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