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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 30, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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wade? yes. >> he is saying the right to make medical condition. if the campaign can't support equal pay protection. romney is putting your paycheck at risk. planned parenthood is responsible for content and the advertising, because mitt romney is out of touch and wrong for within. >> kimberly: take a look at this video, shot by pro-life live action at planned parenthood clinic showing a counselor advising a woman on gender selective abortion. terminating the pregnancy if it's a girl and not a boy. >> do you want to terminate it if it's a girl.
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>> kimberly: what a surprised. planned parenthood fired this particular employee, but this isn't the first time something controversial has been uncovered at one of the clinics. let's start with the politics. bob, does it help or hurt president obama to be associated with a group like this to get their endorsement? >> bob: are we sure we don't have any more of the undercover ad? >> kimberly: fresh out. >> bob: absolutely it does. put planned parenthood in context here. only 3% of the activity is abortion. most of the activity has to do with a cervical cancer detection and breast cancer. there are millions of women who are alive because of planned parenthood. a number of children in prenatal care, the first weeks
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of life, have been healthy because of planned parenthood. it spends 3%, no federal money goes for abortion. all this stuff, mitt romney says these thanks and he is digging deeper because people cervical and breast cancer are important and that's what they do mostly. >> kimberly: again, you raised eyebrows at this table but eyebrows across america. >> bob: why? kilwe'll get everybody's take. eric. >> eric: i don't know how in the world you can say taxpayer money didn't go to abortions when a big part of what planned parenthood does is abortion. >> bob: 3%. >> eric: based on what? the amount of time it takes to abort a child? based on what? >> bob: 3% of the money for planned parenthood -- >> eric: here are the facts. planned parenthood gets $500 million of taxpayer support. they offer -- now we find out they are willing to maybe even break the law in some states. there are four states that say
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it's illegal to offer abortion based on gender. 46 say no. now maybe they are breaking the law. now they are spending our money, $1.4 million of our money to attack romney on his stance on abortion. >> bob: i am going to try to attack you with a smile today and tell you that is the political action arm of that committee. they can do that as well as karl rove's committee can do it or anybody else's committee. >> bob: there is a law of the land. no money for planned parenthood goes for abortion, period. end of story. >> kimberly: how can you prove that? >> eric: look at the law. >> andrea: but how can you ensure those dollars -- i get it, the h hei amendment but how can you be sure it's not used for the -- >> kimberly: [ overtalk ]
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>> bob: i think the audits, they have had audits. 3% goes. >> eric: over 300,000 abortions last year by planned parenthood. 47% of the funding comes from government support. how in the world do you say if 3% and no money going -- >> bob: are you familiar with the hyde amendment? >> eric: that is like saying if i give you $100 and you spend $70 there i didn't buy drugs. >> bob: have you heard of the hyde amendment? >> dana: having other funds allowous to pay the lease and whatever it might be. there is a line that was drawn. federal taxpayer dollars should not have to be attributeed or go to anything that would deal with a pro-life issue. that is a line that i think is worth keeping. planned parenthood has shown it has the will and the mettle and the ability to raise a lot
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of money. waste money on ads like that. they have to get someone better for commercial. >> bob: they do cervical cancer is and breast cancer -- >> dana: nobody said that. but eric is right you can't say none of the money goes to help support planned paren parenthood. so you don't use money from this to pay for this. i do think there could be a line drawn and maintained to pay for something. >> bob: this happens across america and they use that money in the political action committee. >> kimberly: nothing illegal there. >> bob: we don't want to leave anybody with the impression -- is my smile working? leave anybody with the impression that planned parenthood is an abortion
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organization. >> kimberly: that is largely what it's known for. >> andrea: you do know in schools across america, in my high school, that's how it was -- if i could jump in here, bob. can i get a word in? >> bob: yes. sorry. >> andrea: thank you. >> kimberly: practice your smile. >> bob: give me a smile. yeah. >> andrea: the politics of this, trying to paint midromney as being antiwoman is not a possible line of attack. if you look at the primary site, you can't have it both ways. he was being attacked by for supporting planned parenthood for expanding their rights when he was governor of massachusetts for having them sit on the board of romney care. that is a benefit of having someone labeled as squishy moderate in the past. but to say he doesn't like women is a stretch. it's not working politically. >> bob: calling for alition
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of planned parent do you -- >> kimberly: no one is saying that. 'canes >> dana: you can make the same case for npr. >> bob: i was talking about what romney said. if that is the case, there are a lot of women walking around not with addressing cervical cancer -- >> dana: that is absurd. not true. >> bob: how is it not true? >> dana: now we have obamacare so everybody can get it for free. >> bob: does it not do breast and cervical cancer -- >> dana: that is not the main thing they do. it is not the main thing they do. >> kimberly: it's really not. the video, bring you in on this. live action video. >> bob: how do you come up with these things? >> eric: you know what it is in let me say, i don't know -- if you were to go to a doctor a have an abortion, how much would it cost? i have no idea. >> bob: $450 to $700. >> eric: say it's $500. if it's 325,000 of them,
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right? $500. i don't know. $200 million. $200 million. bob, the budget is billions. $500 million from the government funding. >> bob: and by through is not allowed to be used for abortion. >> andrea: this is all done to win women voters. >> bob: romney did it because the right wing was challenging him. went in the tank once more. >> kimberly: talk about the video because it's significant they are counseling and saying don't tem your obgyn this. in five months everything is developed, including the brain and they will pass judge on you. >> dana: two weeks ago gallup had a poll with social issues and it found likely voters for the first time ever -- i shouldn't say "ever" but the first time in many decades the number of people who said they were pro-choice
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was only 41%. that has gone down because of technological advances. the religious right from the '70 to the '80s to make a strong case. now they talk about a caring tone. the thing about this, that the undercover video show is anytime they happen, the organization says oh, that is an isolated case. i'm surprised they fired her as quickly as they did. they waited until there was pressure. >> eric: so defunded acorn because there were issues going on. voter fraud, et cetera. we defunded them congressionally. why can't we do the same thing? this is the exact same thing -- >> bob: i said this at the beginning of the show and i'll say it again. read the hyde amendment. the plural is wrong. this is a video. >> dana: talking about undercover videos.
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>> bob: never should have happened -- >> andrea: what romney said, you take the words out of context, he said we're going to get rid of it. that means the federal funding. not planned parenthood. this is done to win the women's vote. one thing women don't like is assume we're stupid. it's liars. the new abc poll out shows romney is gaining by double digits with women than president obama. >> bob: this is one video shot in one place. the person but fired. bad idea for gender selection. glad to see planned parenthood moved quickly to do that. other organizations would haven't moved as quickly. >> andrea: you think you're in beijing in that video. counsel a woman to abort her baby. >> bob: are you suggesting a broad brush that all planneded parenthood does that? >> andrea: i think there are probably more videos --
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>> bob: that is slanderous statement. a slanderous statement. >> andrea: no, it's not. >> bob: it is. >> andrea: if you dig deeper you can find -- >> eric: i don't want the taxpayer money funding the organization that are dealing in the gender selection. or things that are questionable that are against my beliefs. >> kimberly: we have to go. this is a hotly contested issue. now we see the impact and what is happening in terms of with women, the higher favorability rate something far for romney. but president obama has taken several victory laps for killing bin laden. why isn't he standing up for pakistani doctor who helped us hunt him down? shakil afridi will be locked up in pakistani prison for 33 years. does he deserve more from the administration? that's next on "the five." stay with us. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> eric: welcome back, everybody. as you probably know, this pakistani doctor shakil afridi who helped track down and kill bin laden is sitting in jail for the next several decades. president obama has not said a word on his behalf. but i also assure you remember the narcissist in chief hasn't missed a single opportunity to take personal credit for the no-brainer bin laden kill call. >> i said i'd go after bin laden we had a clear shot at him, and i did. so shortly after taking office i directed leon panetta the director of the c.i.a. to make the killing or capture of bin laden the top priority of the war against al-qaeda. it determined we had enough intelligence to take action. authorized operation to get usama bin laden and bring him to justice. >> eric: human rights kind of guy, i'm sure you -- [ laughter ] are you disappointed that
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president obama has done nothing to help the doctor who helped us kill bin laden? >> bob: eric, i'm feeling very fine today. >> eric: what is wrong with your lips? >> bob: nothing. i'm smiling. it's a very interesting read. full of interesting facts. i think we are going to find out -- we found out something new. the doctor was not convicted for treason but rather helping islamic fundamentalists terrorists in pakistan. [ inaudible ] to overrule the tribal court. in a few weeks i guess the doctor will be out of there. thanks to the president of the united states. >> eric: kimberly, can it happen that quickly? >> kimberly: when in pakistan, just make up your own rules. oh, my bad.
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sorry. let me cross out treason and say working with terrorists. we get to keep him. that won't work. we have to say we are not going to give you money. cut off funding. we had it and need to work vigorously and valiantly. we owe him at least that. we wouldn't have bin laden but for his participation. why abandon him? why would anyone else want to work with us, other people in other country in the middle east if this is the treatment you get? your reward and your family is being tortured. >> eric: taking victory laps on the bin laden kill. >> dana: i think that because -- it's appropriate they not comment. i think there are a lot of things -- obviously, a lot of things we don't know. we are far removed from the situation. someone is lying. i don't think it's the white house. also there is a story today out of the australian and other places saying that the u.s. got has offered him
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asylum and he turned it down while ago. that could be spin from another side. a lot left to find out. but they have used a lot of things for politics and p.r. purposes in the war on terror. that is the way international security. >> eric: hang on. >> dana: driving me crazy. >> eric: listen to charles krauthammer. he was talking about this. pointed out maybe they should pull funding. india has a lot to worry about. listen to charles krauthammer. >> we went around the world preening how it was a new direction, moral direction of the united states, we lost your way with iraq and the enhanced interrogation and he is going around killing people, judge, jury and execution. i'm not against it. but if you take the moral argument that the democrats did about how terrible the bush administration was for enhanced interrogation, they didn't go around killing people from the air. if necessary and often happens their families as well.
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they lost the moral high ground here. >> andrea: a great point. you could argue at least saddam hussein got a trial. so yes, barack obama is killing people again. agree with method. we are not getting the intelligence we are. but i think that the administration has to somehow at least concede in some way that bush was right. they are following his way. i look at the kill list, too, we talked about it on "the five" yesterday, it seems extra judicial. very arbitrary that he the president would move by himself to have a kill list. to have his political advisor david axelrod in the room making the decision. it's the criticism of president bush for rushing roughshod over everything else and doing everything on his own. that is what president obama is doing.
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>> bob: first, most of the kills as you point out are somali. we don't have boots on the ground. it's difficult to extract people out of somalia. i stand second to none for my admiration for intellect for charles krauthammer behe used something that was appalling and irresponsible. he said you should go to the pakistanis and say india, we'll form a relationship with india. it has taken the clinton, bush and obama administration great strides for agreement between countries with nuclear weapon. to suggest we threaten pakistan with india is frankly charles with all due -- >> eric: i don't think he meant -- he mentioned india. >> bob: irresponsible statement. i think he probably regrets saying it. >> kimberly: it's not just president obama up with the feet up in the oval office saying who do i want to kill today? it's evidence from information
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and intel agencies like the c.i.a. and people in theater and the seal teams compiling a list to determine location. 10 out of 17, he says yes. >> andrea: the story in the "new york times," you would think he was. >> andrea: if he was going to run on killing someone who will he kill in the second term. >> eric: for all the intel they gave right before the -- >> dana: tomorrow the is unofficial unveiling to the bush portrait of the white house. >> eric: coming up, should attorney general eric holder be giving political advice to those sympathetic to president obama. is that separating a line that crosses church and -- does that cross the line that separates church and state? andrea is up next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this... is the at&t network.
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." well, are voting rights under assault? attorney general eric holder today addressed a counsel of black leaders saying so much. is it really eric holder's job to do such a thing? listen to holder explaining what he said. >> we're privileged to have a partner in beyond this room in a real sense the steward are democracy. that mean' you have a critical responseability to help identify and implement the most effective way to safeguard that most basic of all american rights. you have a thoughtful voice to add to discussions about boarding access. >> andrea: this strikes me as a little bit odd, kimberly. now the attorney general is
5:28 pm
supposed to be the most nonpolitical person in administration, chief law enforcement officer of the land. holder is incredibly political. but is it his job to address the black preachers? he was joined also by the ac aclu. is this in his job description? >> kimberly: absolutely not. someone should throw a flag. but they act with willful abandon and make up rules as they go along. this is partisan. it's political. it's improper. are they going to go ahead and treat with the same lecture and speeches, et cetera, catholic priests? catholic organizations or other christian groups or people that perhaps don't support the obama administration? this is very inappropriate and shocking, in fact. >> andrea: good point. think about that. why just black leaders? he came out and he actually said, he told the church
5:29 pm
leaders their sacred right to vote is under assault nationwide. this is the same attorney general that would not investigate the new black panthers case when there was evidence of voter intimidatio intimidation. >> eric: that is the hypocrisy right there. access to vote. the last three words was protecting their access to vote. meanwhile, black panther party wasn't prosecuted for what they were doing. we have rick leventhal on tape getting harassed by in black panther party polling people. i really don't care if he does this. am i wrong to worry if he talks to pastors? >> andrea: in theory there is nothing wrong with the d.o.j. doing informational session. i do hi it's strange they wouldn't open it up to the presbyterian tea partys. hold on a second. >> bob: the attorney general john ashcroft had more people in the justice department and
5:30 pm
white house had more people in there for meetings than any other white house in history. one. >> dana: how do you know that? >> bob: i have plenty of research upstairs. >> dana: why didn't you bring it? >> eric: research on -- >> andrea: bob! >> bob: very religious man. i give him that. he did when he was running for the senate, when he was a senator, push for very stringent voter, i guess, identification laws. he met with religious conservative, and faith-based -- >> andrea: in defense to porter who said in my ear piece that didn't happen, what you are talking about with ashcroft. can you answer why they wouldn't open it up to other religions? >> bob: they probably did. >> andrea: doesn't it look like they're trying to gen up the black vote? >> dana: of course it does. i think that was their point. you could send to go and give
5:31 pm
this lecture. maybe people are asking for it. maybe people want to have it. where do i start? faith-base initiative was so bipartisan there was a compromise to bring people together. government can't do everything. they want to focus on the faith-base effort to supplement support from homelessness to hunger to addiction a other things like that. opposite faith-base initiative next -- i don't get the raining down on that. ashcroft has become a villain. if ashcroft had gone to a convention of religious leaders on the religious right to say here is how you can use your voice to influence an election, make sure you protect your vote, don't run afoul with i.r.s. laws there would have been hearings
5:32 pm
asking about it. >> bob: i'll try to send you when i get this. wouldn't democrats did it if ashcroft did it? we were outraged when he did do it. >> dana: how they vote? i was a spokesperson. i don't remember getting a call about this. >> kimberly: you would know. >> bob: do you remember having ministers in the white house? >> dana: sure. of all stripes. but to tell them how to help people vote? no. >> bob: it doesn't tell them how to vote. >> dana: to tell them how government could work with them to enhance efforts to help people in need. >> andrea: the support motional back churches due to contraception, they're nervous. >> bob: some of the laws that are being passed, strict on voter ability, people ability to vote. >> andrea: coming up, guess what really smart people think getting college degree might
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be. a gigantic waste of money. that's what they say. we'll tell you about it next on "the five." ♪ ♪ how much coffee are you fellows going to need today?
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where an agent can help you find the policy at's right for you. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? i'm bret baier. the big story is president obama's push to revive the economy and save his job. tonight on "special report," president is urging congress to do more to spark growth. there are storm clouds forming in europe that could impact the u.s. economy. political analyst watch jobless number closely. potential i stumbling block for the president. president obama phoned mitt romney to congratulate him on wrapping up the g.o.p. nomination mathematically.
5:38 pm
the pleasant phone call accompanied by series of attack by the obama campaign on romney's public sector record. another congressman went down tuesday. democrat sylvester reyes lost. there is a brutal battle going on in new jersey. two incumbent democrats fighting for one seat. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: yesterday's story was track coach taking you to the prom. but today's story is college. we had the debate on the show. discussion about education policy in america. and whether or not every college should be the goal of
5:39 pm
everybody. there are lots of different opinions on this. robert sandalson a columnist said the largest mistake in education policy since world war ii was this notion that everybody needs to go to college. it has helped dumb down the college, itself, that it has undermined high schools and then you have to people graduating while the earning potential is larger throughout their life, they carry more debt as well. peter teal of paypal was on "60 minutes" because he has an innovative thing if you agree not to go to college he will give you $100,000 to work on your idea. listen to him. get people's opinion. >> the sub prime lenders people are conned to thinking this credential is the one thing you need to do better in life. they are not better off after going to college. they're worse off because they amassed this debt. >> dana: bob, start with you. you have children.
5:40 pm
let's start with you, because you have one about to go to college. when your children were born, did you automatticly think of course they're going to college? that was your dream and goal for them? >> bob: yeah, sure. it took it out of my own experience. the reality now is there is more student loan debt than credit card debt in the country combined. the kids are straddled with debts they can't pay. they get liberal arts degree to give them no training to do anything except for blow up balloons for something. nursing is a critical job. my niece went to get her r.n. degrees. she could have gone two years of liberal arts and two years of r.n. you don't need to go to a college and build up $50,000 of debt -- >> dana: in some cases
5:41 pm
parents aren't getting what they paid for. or students paying for it themselves. tuition quadrupleed since 1980. >> eric: i did research on this. >> dana: you brought it. >> eric: no degree versus degree. which do you want? camera two. no degree over a lifetime on average you earn $1.2 million. if you save the $80,000. $20,000 per year, four years, if you save it and invested it, it would be worth $300,000. doubled a couple of times plus a little bit. $1.5 million. with a degree on average you earn $2.1 million. the degree pays off over the lifetime. plus, if you have, if you have an advanced degree add $1 million at least to that number. by the numbers, you have to go to college. >> dana: before we run out of time get to you because would you, if you were in a position to hire somebody and had a stack of resumes would
5:42 pm
you be more or less likely to put one aside of somebody who didn't have a four-year degree. >> kimberly: i would look to see what their experience is. maybe someone had a valuable or meaningful internship and better suited for the job. i like practical experience. wouldn't say just a degree. >> andrea: parents are spending $200,000 to have the child move back in his old room. really, why would any university if administration now are coming out to say we forgive student loan debt and making cheap credit available. remember that is what happened in the mortgage bubble. cheap, easy credit. credit you don't pay back. why do universities keep the tuition rate? there is no incentive to. >> bob: they still make them take latin. for what? >> dana: it helps you understand the roots of words. you could read -- >> kimberly: so you can be on "jeopardy." >> dana: had to bring it up! we have to go. coming up, kids that went to
5:43 pm
school in texas will track students with micro chips so they know where they are at all times. is that good for the kids or too much big brother? we give you details of the plan when we come back. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] roam like the gnome this summer.
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♪ ♪ >> bob: well, it's prom season. the end of the school year. there is a school district in behar county, san antonio, texas, a project to put chips in all the kids, student i.d. so they know where they are. if you get attendance at the high school you get extra money from the state. there is an economic concern but there is a privacy concern. i'm for it. i think it's a good idea. my two kids don't know it, but they have tracking devices in your cars. if you're listening, don't try
5:48 pm
to find them, they're well hidden. >> dana: i know where they are. >> bob: don't tell them. >> andrea: you don't trust them or know they're kids? >> bob: teenagers no matter how smart are dumb. they do dumb things over and over again expecting different results, the definition of insanity. there are too many things that could happen to them. it worries me. >> kimberly: i agree with you. >> dana: i don't. it's a slippery slope. >> kimberly: didn't greg been a that work? >> dana: i but he's not here. i can double down on the comments. >> kimberly: efforting. >> dana: oh, yeah. it costs $15 each to get a card. if you lose it, you pay it again. somebody along the way gets cut of this. students lose i.d. all the time.
5:49 pm
if you were an employee, you would be appalled. >> eric: i'd be -- by the way -- >> bob: i would be the last one to sign up. >> eric: hate me for saying this. i'm for stop and search. i'm for pro-profiling and i'm for touch my junk at the tsa. >> kimberly: let's not reenact that, again. >> eric: a lot of the problems in society are from truancy. >> dana: that is true. you link problems to people in jail probably were truant in the day. old fashioned word. but also -- >> kimberly: weird. >> dana: all across our society we are trying to eliminate risk. kids do stupid things. if you try to make sure they don't do anything stupid we'll never create jobs or do things to make and keep america great. >> andrea: a huge waste of money. i don't get it. the i.d. chips don't work when
5:50 pm
they leave the school. from a security concern, i don't get it. the $15 for i.d., schools face budgetary issues. if parents want to do that like you do, great. as long as you're under my roof, i support you on that. track the kids. >> bob: they tried it in california and other places. attendance went up in the school. they ought to be in class. >> kimberly: so you know, privacy is an illusion. you get that. everybody we go, we are recorded. we enter in the building and swipe in and out. >> dana: unless you go to a polling booth, you don't show i.d. >> kimberly: street camera video surveillance. i'm for protecting children. if you have a child, you get it. >> bob: in the elevators in my building? >> kimberly: keep them from skipping class. >> andrea: i am thinking if i wanted to skip biology, i would give my friend jane my
5:51 pm
i.d. bring it to class. >> eric: jane would get detention and jane wouldn't doing that. >> andrea: you are such a wet blanket. >> eric: the little groups are huddling in the corner, outside in back. they're away from school. [ overtalk ] >> bob: all the girls look like hookers. >> kimberly: on that note. my little bella -- thank you. bella has a chip in her. monitoring tests. >> eric: there it is. >> dana: but dogs can't make decisions on their own. >> eric: you don't have kids, but if you introduce dogs you're on board. >> dana: i don't have kids. >> andrea: i'd be stressed out. what about your husband or wife?
5:52 pm
>> bob: i'd like to put a chip owner rick on eric. >> bob: you're the one we worry about. >> eric: i'm here or del frisco. >> bob: one more thing is next. ♪ ♪
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>> kimberly: is in your favorite time? time for one more thing. >> eric: yesterday. president obama entertained jewish leaders at the white house and said he knows more about judaism than any other president and said all of his friends in chicago were jewish. later on he said this -- >> served or courier in the polish existence in the darkest days of world warii. the enemy fighters told him jews were murdered on a massive scale. smuggled in him the warsaw ghetto in polish death camp. >> eric: i think he meant to say german death camp in polish. poles are furious about it. >> kimberly: yeah, i'd be mad, too. dana? >> dana: i have something cool. addison logan, kansas
5:57 pm
teenager, went to garage sale and picked up a polorid camera. but there was a picture of his uncle who died 20 years before. his grandmother estimated it was taken ten years before the death and never had the photograph. visited from heaven. >> we talk about some of us waited tables. i have, and dana did and eric did were fun day. houston waiter got a thrill of his life. he was having car trouble and a regular customer gave greg rubard a $5,000 tip. there he is working hard. it never got a $5,000 tip. to can tract that zuckerberg didn't tip italian waiters. >> bob: this is i mentioned
5:58 pm
before this is prom season. graduation week. i have been to too many funerals for kids driving young in drunk driving accidents. understand that you don't know much about driving at your age. you are going to get in trouble. kill somebody or kill yourself. get somebody sober to drive the car. too many kids dying. >> kimberly: a cute story here. showing why women are superior. 9-year-old, picture of her from alcatraz to chris yousy field in 45 minutes. mile-and-a-half.
5:59 pm
55-degree water. it's freezing there. now you know why women give birth. we're tough. thank you for watching. see you here tomorrow. thank you for being with us. >> bret: welcome to washington. fox news alert. financial analysts say the markets in the u.s. slumped today on worries about the health of spanish banks. the spread of the euro zone debt crisis. dow lost 161 today. s&p 500 dropped 19. the nasdaq fell 34. with one day of trading remaining in may. dow lost 67% this month. decline thursday would make it worst monthly performance for the blue chip index since may of 2010. when the european crisis flared up. we get indication of where it stands in the


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