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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 30, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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president and the people are preparing for something far short of that. ed henry has the top story. >> minutes after calling romney for securing the republican nomination, he turned back to the economy and big unknowns like the european debt crisis could bring any recovery to a stretching halt. >> there will be hurdles and head winds we can't control. the monthly job report for may and a top advisor saying the states on each one of the report between now and november. >> on every dimension he made
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it harder for economy to come back and put people to work. i understand it. i lived it. >> signals ahead of friday job report are bad with long-term unemployment. "washington post" highlighting federal data showing the employment rate for worker tas to 54 is 75.7%. only 1% higher than in the great reinvestigation. despite expectations it would be improving. the conference board index had a sharpest job in eight run. healthy index is 90. in april it dropped to 64.9. >> is it not surprising that delay are getting iffy about the confidence. but going forward, the monday fundamentals continue to
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improve. >> the president suggested he is hopeful of a rebound. but given storm clouds in europe he has little control over, he is pressing congress to spark the economy. >> america has come through tough times together. it will take more than we like to recover from the worst recession in our lives. >> another number tomorrow, a revised estimate in the first quarter and analyst predict we could see economic growth revised down from 2.2% to 1. 1.9%. that would be another sign of turbulence. >> bret: thank you. not even the most studious americans are immune from the economic slump. the chronicle of higher education saying people with ph.d.s receiving public asy tans trip from 2008 to 2011 to a total of 34,000.
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360,000 people with advanced degrees are on the public dole. a bright spot for the president is price of gasoline. national average $3.63 is down five cents from last week. future lost $3 today. big money is nothing new to politics. but the rules have changed. carl cameron is here tonight. let's start with the focus of the president. the attack on mitt romney. shifting from private to public. the president first two tv commercial blasted him for private. the new awe tack is on his
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public record rate. they starting with massachusetts. 37 out of 50 states for job creation. but romney calls that misleading because three of four years there was a net job gain. unemployment fell. the numbers work in his favor. he was a popular governor. that means that the democrats will have to go extra hard pummeling him to overcome that obstacle. >> bret: you are reporting on the outside group and amount of money. talk money here. >> obama said they'd raise a billion dollars. jaws dropped but not anymore. under the campaign rule, it is coming to outside expenditure. romney clinched the nomination, planned parenthood endorsed the president and ran up $1.4 million attack ad on romney for being pro-life in florida and iowa.
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big labor will spend half a billion on the re-election. on the right, the chamber of commerce. super pack. money from the billionaires like the koch brothers. we have $4 to $5 billion in ads. >> bret: $4 to $5 billion in ads. >> never anything close to it. two more relatively big names could not get past challenge challengers. mike emanuel has the latest example of throw the bums out mentality in voting booths across the country. >> well known and well funded duhurst failed to win the vote for retiring kay bailey hutchison senate.
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former state solicitor general cruz finished second after earning classroom support and backing of the national conservative figures such as rick santorum and sarah palin. >> there is a title quiv going on that the enfrenched establishment ignores at their pearl. >> gearing up for july 31 runoff, he appealed to state pride and suggested washington conservatives shouldn't mess with texas. >> republican party is alive and well in texas. we have having a primary contest. i'm merely saying if mr. cruz, talks conservative and i act, i do conservative. >> on the democratic side in el paso, eight-term congressman campaigned on the washington connection, with endorsements from obama and president clin top who
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campaigned for him. hi argued cruz is out of touch. seven members of congress defeated so far. as democratic leader pelosi expressed sadness for reyes. said that isn't anti-incumbent wave. experts predict anxiety in november. >> in the fall, what we will see is not anti-incumbent feeling but against incumbent of one party or another. >> dewhurst is in his 60s and cruz is in his 40s. younger voters offer energy and someone to serve a state for 30 years or more.
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>> bret: more on this with the panel. thank you. nowhere is fighting to hang on to congressional power down and dirty than new jersey. eric shawn report on friends who have become political enemies. >> it could be the fiercest primary race in country. >> it's not fun. neither bill nor i want to retire from congress. >> two veteran democratic congressman fighting for same job. new jersey has lost congressional seat because of restrikeing. so they are facing off against each other. >> it's never easy to compete for the same thing. >> friends like that, i don't need enemies. >> presidents against each other, too. back then, senator obama if
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2008. now axelrod says the president is not taking sides endorsed rothman. if you ask about president clinton and endorsed by bill clinton set to campaign for him on friday. klilton said in a statement i know bill and he is the fighter we need to support president obama. >> the momentum is on rothman's side. but energized constituents. >> fairly or not, the result could be seen as reflection of political power of president. which president is up to the voters. in new jersey, eric shawn, fox news. >> bret: scott walker is up seven points on democratic
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challenger barrett with less than a week before the recall election there. the latest poll, marquette university poll 52 for walker and 45% for barrett. "special report" will be live from wisconsin. monday and tuesday for recall vote. up next, the debate over sex selection abortions. plus, adding up the numbers in the administration use of drones to strike at terrorists. that brings to us the textbook question. should the president be directly involved in picking drone strikes? text sr1 to 36288 for yes. sr2 for no. results later. next up, a life and death decision that could put abortion doctors in prison. graduation, huh ?
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>> bret: lawmakers will vote tomorrow on explosive issue. shannon bream tells us to limit abortions motivated whether the fetus is male or female. >> both sides agree that sex selection abortion does take place in this country. >> will think agree on the prenatal act? the measure makes it a crime to perform abortion on the basis of gender of the unborn child. doctors would face heavy fines and up to five years in jail. it does not contain penalty for the mother. >> the people of the country are for this bill. liberals will have to make up their mind whether they are so committed to abortion on demand that they think it includes killing little girls because they're little girls. >> the debate on the house floor comes at the same time the pro-life group life action
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released a video taken inside of planned parenthood clinic texas. a woman went to the clinic posing as expected mother only wanting to abort the baby if it was a girl. >> we'll still do the sleeks selective abortion after 20 weeks after you get the ultrasound confirming the gender. >> panted parenthood said within three days of the patient interaction, the staff member's employment was ended and all staff members were scheduled for retrailing and managing unusual patient encounters. pro-choice advocates say it's thinly vailed effort to defund planted parenthood. >> our organization and many organization like ours are doing work to lift up status of girls in this country.
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>> the house will consider a bill under procedure requiring two-third vote of members present. they expect it on thursday. >> now to another issue involving gender. how much women are paid compared to men. we look at the latest skirmish in a long conflict. >> nancy pelosi is making a new push for the pair check fairness act which the senate takes up next week. >> it takes affirmative steps to ensure women earn what men earn doing the same job. >> workers could disclose what they make for the same work. >> women, one half of the workforce make 77 cents on the dollar. compared to men. >> that compares all women to the pay of all men lumping in
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the high paying work with lower paying jobs and does not take in account many women work fewer hours or take different kind of jobs with no trestle to bear and care for their children. >> even though my performance measured in hard numbers has been exceptional, i have been paid less than men. >> republicans argue the effort is a political ploy, aimed to attract women voters and there was a hibbit of that today. >> there have been attempt by the opposition to deny a war against women. >> some researchers argue the bill would impose a legal burden on employers to respond to mistaken claims. >> an employee may work longer hours. it will be very difficult for employers to prove it's not
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gender discrimination. >> she said employers might decide not to hire women in the first place. >> bret: thank you. up next, is president obama using fuzzy math to reduce collateral damage figures from the drone strikes? later romney on romney. what makes him tick in his own words. er to bring new ideas to life. look. it's so simple. [ male announcer ] in here, the right minds from inside and outside the company come together to work on an idea. adding to it from the road, improving it in the cloud all in real time. good idea. ♪ it's the at&t network -- providing new ways to work together, so business works better. ♪
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>> bret: latest on super cyber weapon tops headlines. senior official acknowledging the oil industry is briefly affected by the computer virus known as flame. cyber security experts tell fox flame shares the same computer language as the popular angry birds game. they say it's 20 times the
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size of the stuck nex virus credited hitting iran nuclear program. the u.n. toppen voy to syria told security councilbe the fighting the unlikely to stop without direct negotiations between government and opposition. activists say the syrian troops shelled rebel areas, rebel-held areas in central city of homs and damascus today. they found 13 bound corpses in eastern syria. late this afternoon, reuters reported the honorary general told nbr he deflected because of the massacre over the weekend. the pakistani doctor who helped the u.s. track down bin laden was sent to prison for aspiring with commander. that could make it difficult for the u.s. to press for shakil afridi's release. news of how personally
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president obama is involved in process of killing scores of terror suspects has some folks howling about the arithmetic. james rosen on charges of fuzzy math. >> this is what we see of the expanded use of drone to strike at terrorist, craters in the ground, sheet-covered corpses, but the white house is rejecting charges to counter them to reduce civilian death recorded in the drone campaign. >> we have it avoidance of the casualties much easier. >> "new york times" tuesday reported that president obama ordered all military age male killed in range of a drone strike found as enemy combatant. some believe it's calibrated as a matter of policy. >> they're principally
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low-balled because of the concern that the reaction to strikes would be so negative that it would impede the ability of commander in the region to keep up this mission. >> senator chamblis said he was unaware of a change in accounting in the obama administration but if one had been made the committee should have been briefed on it. >> no question technology allowed us to advance to a precise delivery of weapons system. stated policy of the bush administration and obama administration. to ensure collateral damage is held to minimum. >> unofficial tally suggests the obama administration expanded the use of unmanned drones with hell fire missiles by 500% over the bush administration. commander in chief and aids can site dozen top al-qaeda,
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taliban or network commanderrers who perished in recent drone strikes. other estimates are hundreds maybe thousands of zillians perished, too. senior white house official emphasizeed to fox news that drone strikes are conducted in remote areas and if a targeted terrorist appears to be surrounded by civilian, drone can track the target for hours and even days to strike once he is alone. bret? >> bret: james, thank you. poland's prime minister says he is not satisfied with the white house explanation. that president obama misspoke when he preferred to what he called polish death camps instead of nazi death camps. the president made the comment in a medal of freedom ceremony for deceased polish world warii hero. the form earn top media advisor is under arrest. he is charged with perjury in trial of a flamboyant
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exscottish lawmaker. he is eder to of defunked tabloid. >> it was the pope's public comment on the scandal and he lashed out at the media reports he said were exaggerated and gratuitous. no grapevine tonight to bring you special interview with mitt and ann romney. should barack obama be directly involved in picking drone strikes? text sr1 to 36288 if it's yes. sr2 if it's no. resultresults in a bit. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style.
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where an agent can help you find the policy that's right for you. liberty mutual insurance, responsibility -- what's your policy? >> bret: sources close to former secretary of state condoleezza rice tell fox news tonight she will endorse mitt romney during a fundraiser in california this evening. rice is one of a handful of people running as a possible runningmate. tonight we get more on romney from romney. my colleague spoke with the presumptive republican nominee and his wife about the public perception of the candidate. >> i asked a lot of people what they'd ask you. what would you say to the governor if you had a chance. >> most said they did not know enough about you. does it surprise you? >> no, i don't think so at this early stage.
6:31 pm
begunning a general election. not a lot of people on the candidate myself. people will get to know me better. they would know more about me than they would like to by the time we're finished. a lot of people who talk to me about the process, think you are a tough guy to crack. is there truth to that? >> it depends who is asking. >> i don't know if that is the case. as people get to know me, some will like me and some won't. nature of most folks. >> what do you think of that? >> he is private. the thing that is interesting for me is there are perception out there how people think they know him. i love to have the opportunity to say this is the narrative i want. real narrative. >> you ran a company in 2001
6:32 pm
had $12 billion in assets. that kind of a boss were you? >> ask people who worked for me. >> what do you think? >> first one in the morning, last to leave -- >> first one in the morning. the last one to leave. hardest working person i met besides his father george romney who was a crazy man. >> crazy good or -- >> crazy good. crazy unbelievable good. >> the brick. that's his nickname. the brick. couldn't penetrate him. >> what about you as a boss. >> i am not the right one to describe that. i didn't see myself as a boss. it saw myself as someone to help organize extraordinary people. people who worked with the firm i worked with. bright and motivated with extraordinary insight. number of them were better than i on a series of dimensions.
6:33 pm
i set compensation but i paid people more than myself. i thought they were doing a better job. >> you travel across the country and meet with the middle class families that have been through some kind of trauma in four years. fighting to stay alive and keep from financially drowning. how do you make a connection to those people? >> i speak to middle america. >> the statistics understate pain and insecurity existing in america's homes. i see people employed but concerned they will lose their job. >> to the connection aspect of this there will be people who look at you as successful rich
6:34 pm
guy. >> kennedy, there are plenty of people -- >> this is from 30,000 feet. >> it divides people whether they're successful or not. this person won the lottery so they can't understand me. we look at people and celebrate success and achievement and look for people with the skills to make our lives better. >> we are trying to help people get jobs and help people who are poor come out of poverty and get middle income. >> more tomorrow on fox news channel. we'll talk about the anti-incumbent fever in america. and what it could mean for president obama. fox all-stars join me after the break. this country was built by working people. the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production.
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the american people are standing up and saying enough already. we don't want the tired, moderate career politicians, we want new leadership. conservative fighters. >> this is a primary. look at the voters of texas decide on the best person to go to washington. >> texas governor dewhurst failed to earn 50% needed in the g.o.p. primary for retiring kay bailey hutchison. the man in a runoff, te cruz. july 31 runoff on democratic side, in texas, another race, very interesting. in el paso, eight-term congressman, sylvester reyes lost in the primary to the former el paso city council man. a big loss.
6:39 pm
>> what is the lesson tonight? [ inaudible ] >> that is what elections are about. >> see who will be coming to congress. it doesn't mean -- [ inaudible ] >> bret: is this the biggest anti-incumbent year yet? what about the losses? the panel. steve hayes for "weekly standard." a.b. stoddard of the hill. and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. a.b., as we put up on the house side, the members who have lost so far, i mean, both democrats and republicans. a lot has to do with restriking. there you see the house membe members. on the senate side, dick lugar
6:40 pm
with the indiana with the primary loss recently. what about this environment? >> this is not just a sign that the tea party is shaking the political landscape. this is on both sides. when i started to cover congress there was incumbent rate. if you could get in a term, you had great position. like reyes had as chairman of the intelligence committee when democrats ran the congress, that you were safe. the money flowed in and voters trusted you. you didn't leave until retirement. there is a pac, anti-incumbent pac campaign, primary accountability going after everybody on both sides. voters are restless. conservative and liberal wing of both parties. they don't want people hanging around. don't want them to cut deals. they think too long in washington makes you at best
6:41 pm
complacent, at worst corrupt. the members are surprised by this. long-time incumbents haven't been able to catch up to changes in campaigning. the supremacy on fundraising. >> glenn: i travel around the country to talk to people. >> bret: i talk to voters all over the place. a lot of them say maybe we should do term limits again. they say it's not working. throw them out and start over. >> even if you had partisan drawn district so it benefits incumbents you are seeing more incumbents thrown out. in 2010, there were observers and hopeful democrats who say it's anti-incumbent wave. not ideological. they were wrong.
6:42 pm
it was driven by the size and scope of government. this election might be different because the republicans are here now. they own the house. you have frustration that they weren't able to go further and slow down the agenda. same time you have frustration that obama hasn't lived up to expectation for himself in 2008. then you have a combined with the congressional approval rating of 12% -- >> bret: generous. >> 12%, 9%. you have people recognizing washington doesn't work anymore. they want to throw everybody out. >> bret: what does that mean for president obama? >> i'm not sure his fate is tied to whether there is an anti-incumbency sent in the the country. hinge on the economy. the national economy and those are local races and more referendum on the way that the
6:43 pm
congressman performed. i disagree this is anti-incumbent we have a. there are 15 incumbents defeated in primary races. historically, the highest is 20. 20 years ago. but of the 15, 11 were in districts that pitted incumbent against incumbent, restriking event. where the districts were collapsed in one. so preordained. the incumbent would win and one would lose. 11 out of 15 and you are left with four. two districts were changed in redistricting so you have a relatively small number. in 19 # 2 when you had 20 who were tossed out, 17 were in district. where it was not incumbent against the incumbent. it was against a challenger. that was anti-incumbent weigh. this is ideological. on the right and continuation of what steve talked about in
6:44 pm
2010. the tea party against establishment. we saw it in texas. >> bret: are things getting more partisan by result of election? more of a separation? loss of moderate on democrat and republicans realized across the country? >> 20-year trend. accelerated in 2010 and happening now. mostly on the republican side. >> bret: ab, you agree? >> yeah. there are a lot of democrats, bluedog democrats, 52 of them. more moderate to conservative democrats where numbers now in the 20s. some of them just loss to republicans. couldn't hold the district. others retired knowing they couldn't hold the district as conservative democrat. >> bret: that is the other thing we don't point out in figures. a lot of retirements. a lot of people threw in the towel. said i'm not going to win this race. >> president obama is at some
6:45 pm
risk. republicans try to tie him to mess in washington that said he could be above washington or fix washington. he hasn't done it. either he is part of the problem, or he has shown himself to be weak that he can't the problem he was sent to solve. a losing argument for the president. charles is right about the broader economic issues the decisive factor. if they tie him to washington to show he has been incompetent or powerless to change things that is problem for him. >> bret: no retort, leave it there? >> steve stumbled on the truth. rare event. why add to it? >> bret: next up, abortion as a method of sex selection on the politicians around all of that. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy.
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so then i'd want to schedule, how to schedule an ultra sound with an ob around then. and then i would still be able to come back here for termination of it, if it was a girl. >> that would be in july. >> okay. >> bret: well, that is a video by the pro-life group live action taken inside planned parenthood clinic in texas. the woman went in the clinic allegedly posing as an expect about the mother who only wanted to abort her baby if it turned out to be a girl. this video is released on a
6:50 pm
day that the house debating a prenatal nondiscrimination act to make at it crime to perform abortion solely on the basis of the gender of the unborn child. planned parenthood released a statement in which they dispute this video, saying it was highly edited. and also think took care of this worker saying, "six weeks ago a former staff worker in an entry level position did not follow our protocol for providing information and guidance when presented with a highly unusual patient scenario. within three days of the patient interaction, the staff member employment was ended and all staff members at the affiliate were scheduled for retraining and managing unusual patient encounters. today opponents of planned parenthood are promoting editing video of the hoax patient encounter. they say this is not a statistic, there aren't stats of this happening but this particular case was taken care of. that said, there is a debate on the house floor. back with the panel. charles, what about this?
6:51 pm
>> well, a debate that will probably not succeed in the house. the reason is what goes on in the house, the democrats in the white house will oppose this. you have to ask how could a feminist oppose this legislation? after all, gender selection is the ultimate in gender discrimination. it's the killing of a female. it's almost always a female. inout row. you expect a huge protest. here i believe it's a small issue. but this is a huge issue in india and china done on a mass scale. ratio is 105 female children to boys in china and india it's 1101, 15, which which creates huge social imbalance, unjust with the sexes. why would a feminist oppose it? the reason is because of our odd poll lic politic and supremt ruling to have debate on abortion. we have to have debate on
6:52 pm
periphery. liberal ospose this because they are afraid it's a crack in door to been a this restriction on abortion. there will be other restrictions as well. a debate to put people in hypocritical position. >> bret: two sides on the debate as it continueed on the house floor today. >> the people of this country are overwhelmingly for this bill. liberals have to make up their mind if they're so committed that they think it includes killing little girls because they're little girls. >> don't get me wrong. of course we're opposed to sex selection based on gender. that is not what this is about. this is about women's healthcare and gender discrimination. >> bret: i guess the question is how big a deal is this? is this, as charles mentioned, avenue to get at the abortion issue overall? >> there is a lot of very interesting abortion-related
6:53 pm
legislation. popping up around the country, the last 18 months. i'll always an effort to chip away on both sides. what is problematic, legally this is problematic. i don't know how it can be enforced. i don't know how it doesn't infringe on the doctor-patient confidentiality. i don't know how this video, the disturbing video which didn't seem like it was an irregular event at planned parenthood. i'm sure the woman has been fired but she did not cite any manual saying we don't do this or anything. if this is happening, this is obviously horrid. but it is not conclusive. how will a doctor, women will never be punished, only doctors. how will an abortion provider will determine if sex selection is reason of termination of the pregnancy in that makes it hard. other problem politically the
6:54 pm
republicans who introduce this, have race language put in the original bill, they have since taken out. congressman franks said upon interaction with the bill, minority babies are five times more likely to be aborted than white baby. this allows the democrats to portray this as an effort of republicans to take away the right to choose from african-american women and right to doctor-patient confidentiality as well. >> bret: steve? >> a.b. hit on a key point in the statement. they talk about unusual patient encounters and they say they condemn this practice of sex selective abortion. but the same time, their policy is provide nonjudgmental advice and counsel to people who come in. so they don't actually dition courage this in any -- don't discourage this in any way. you saw the wheezzy language in the statement. group like planned parenthood continuing to give people this kind of advice. somebody like barbara lee on the floor of the white house,
6:55 pm
two i argue maybe the further left member of the house of representatives. refusing to support this. show it's a tough sell. >> bret: that is it for the panel. stay tuned for latest developn't from the arab spring. hese friends swapped their imports for a ford. the escape definitely fits my lifestyle. it is 28 miles a gallon. that's pretty awesome. park assist? no hands. i didn't think that was possible. make me want the fusion. it's pretty. it's fun to drive. and the fuel-efficiency... up to 33 miles per gallon. pretty awesome. the swap your ride sales event ends soon. get a fusion or an escape with 0% financing for 60 months plus up to $1750 cash back.
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we asked you in our text-to-vote poll should the president be directly involved in picking drone strikes. 10% of you said yes. 90% of you said no. thanks for your votes. finally tonight as the arab spring evolves. what will come next? one big predictor may not be with us anymore. >> last year's egyptian revolution is now entering its 16th month. now, that's kind of a long arab spring which, of course, was predicted by the arab publication town punxsutawney phil. he was the leader of an underground extremist weather predicting sect, alarmist
6:59 pm
brotherhood. he popped up and saw his shadow and immediately taken out by predator drones. >> bret: thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "special report" online starts right now. if you haven't been there, you should check it out o. bret >> harris: an election battle over the economy. >> there are steps that we can take right now to speed up this recovery to help create jobs. >> i just don't think he understands what it takes to help people. hairs haters the presumptive republic nominee mitt romney on the attack. so is president obama. why then did the president place a friendly call to governor romney? what is the key to happiness. >> people feel happy if they


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