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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 31, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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for jury to come up with some sort of a decision in this case. legislation than an hour ago, edwards emerged from the courthouse. you see behind me and on those steps he made this statement. >> while i did not do anything illegal, or didn't think i did anything illegal, i did a lot that was wrong. there is no one else responsible for my sins. none of the people who came to court to testify is responsible. i am responsible. >> he was found not guilty for accepting campaign donations from bunny melon in 2008. but could not reach decision on the other counts. that included conspiracy and filing a false financial
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report. they surged them to continue deliberating other counts but 45 minutes later they sent a note indicating they were confident in the conclusion. the note read we do not believe a different per district will be reached. before dismissing jurors, judge eagle told them, "i know you are probably frustrated but you worked hard and have is done your job and you can hold your head up." he will likely not run for office in the future but said he wanted to dedicate his life advocating public policy to benefit the poor. bret? >> bret: jonathan, thank you. quite a day out there. joining me now, attorney and host of "on the record." greta van susteren. thank you for being here.
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the prosecution has a decision to make to go back and try this case again. what happens? >> it seems unlikely from the outside. the easiest count for prosecution to make, you have to agree to commit a crime. it reflects on the case of the prosecution. see how the jury was split and my guess is that the prosecution will now politely go home on this one. snoo >> bret: does it indicate the case going in too complex or wasn't all there to begin with? >> jurors are smart. they had a lousy case to begin with. most thought it was lame they brought it to begin with. what the prosecution had going for it john edwards is one of if most us graceful and
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unlikeliable people you can think of. jurors aren't supposed to make decisions will they like the person or not but the evidence was weak. the legal theory was weak. i don't know what the jury was decided behind closed doors in the jury room. the prosecution was stretchin stretching. john edwards is popping the champagne bottle tonight as is the lawyer. >> bret: you f you were his lawyer that statement out there in front of the courthouse -- >> a lawyer is supposed to protect your legal right, not a p.r. person. but i know abby. wanted to put the hook around his neck and pull him out. he kept talking. he didn't hurt himself legally. i'm sure abby thought oh, no, here we go. >> bret: thank you. see you "on the record" tonight. a blast from the past. harbinger of unpleasant future both today at the white house. president mired in a tough re-election fight braced for more bad news on the jobs front. while welcoming a predecessor, he is repeatedly and loudly
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blamed for creating the conditions he inherited. chief white house correspondent ed henry has the story. >> for a few moments, former president george w. bush was the decideer again. [ applause ] >> sit down. behave yourselves. >> the official portrait was unveiled in the white house, he teased president obama blaming the crisis on him. >> you can gauge at the portrait and ask what would george do? >> and praised the predecessor for smooth transition now years ago he still reminded everyone he inherited a mess. >> months before i took the oath of office were chaotic. we knew the economy was in trouble. fellow americans were in pain. george, you went out of your way to make sure the transition to a new administration was as seamless as possible. president bush understood rescuing the economy was not just a democratic or
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republican issue. >> now an issue solely in the hands of the democratic president who is struggling to make sure a sour economy does not turn him in a one-term commander in chief like the first president bush. one way to avoid that is borrow a page from the second bush's playbook. define your massachusetts opponent early. with a barrage of attacks. which is why obama campaign advisor axelrod was in boston today slamming presumptive presidential nominee record as businessman. >> this is generating short-term process, not long-term growth or building from the future but taking what he can, when he can. >> on the steps of the state house, axelrod ground out by republican protesters as he noted romney was 42nd as a job creator as governor. >> you can't handle the truth,
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my friends. >> today, first quarter gdp revised down from 2.2% to 1.9%. labor department reported the number of americans filing for jobless benefit rose last week for the fourth straight week. >> when i was governor of massachusetts, we took the unemployment rate from 5.6% to 4.7%. i think 4.7% is a good number. my guess is people of america would be pleased. >> as romney defended his record new polls from nbc show he pulled in the dead heat with the president in a series of battlegrounds. iowa, colorado and nevada. >> now the president is heading out to nevada talk about the economy. tomorrow he will be in minnesota talking jobs. the home of chicago raising more campaign cash. it's happening on the same day he is going to get the verdict on the may jobs report. a big day tomorrow, bret. >> bret: ed henry live in the north lawn. thank you. governor romney says president obama's use of nearly half a billion in taxpayer money to pump up the soon to fail fail sr
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company solyndra was conflict of interest. romney went to the company headquarters on a visit today. >> heads if the company win, tails and the taxpayers lose. >> bret: the president opponent argue there are plenty of jobs waiting to be created in more traditional energy sectors. despite capitol hill, here is chief national correspondent, jim angle. >> congressional hearing on the administration's energy policy got pointed as witnesses argue the obama administration is holding back energy production. >> what i see is a federal government that seems to be picking winners and losers. and regulatory agenda that does not have all of the above flavor to it. >> witnesses at the administration is hostile toward fossil fuels and use regulations to make it harder
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to drill on public lands. dismissed oil in the past. crude oil production fell by 14%. the largest annual decrease in a decade. >> not because it's not done by obrator. >> they substitute redefine the question. >> develop energy resources of today and use it more efficiently. invest new cleaner technology of tomorrow. >> department of energy says we'll still rely on fossil fuels for more than three-quarters of our energy and 2035. >> leading one witness to make this observation. >> i think we would do better in the country with a lot more exxon-mobil, chevron and conoco-phillips and a few less solyndra. >> energy production on private land where the president has no authority increased. democrats thought to give him
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credit for that, saying he was sick of hearing criticism of the president. >> everybody is saying obama. obama, screwed up again. it gets on my nerves. >> 2003, production of natural gas occurred in 2009 and 2010. >> regulations from the epa drag out the process so long that getting the okay to drill takes years. much of the production started years ago before the obama administration. producers in the left say the slowdown in permitting is hurting the regional economy. >> we see the government delays preventing the creation of 65,000 jobs. $15 billion economic activity annually. >> the president talks about producing more oil and gas these days. one witness said the energy is heartened by the change of
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rhetoric and waiting for the policies to catch up. >> thank you. stocks were down today. dow lost 26. s&s&p 500 fell three. nasdaq was off ten. >> they are releasing e-mails about pharmaceutical industry. they indicate they struck a deal with the industry obtaining support for preservation of been a on cheap drug imports and withdrawal of the price controls. a big setback for big gulpers later in the grapevine. up next, second thoughts about charlotte. i grow make that new stouffer's steam meal so tasty. actually, the milk from my farm makes it so creamy, right dad. dad can see... boys! don't you think stouffer's steam perfect bag should get some credit? my carrots. my milk. [ female announcer ] new from stouffer's. farmers' harvest steam meals taste so good we'll bet the farm on it.
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massacre. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. called the government allegation a blatant lie. activists say there was more shelling today in that area, where more than 100 people were killed a few days ago. militant group says it has no ties with the doctor who helped the u.s. locate usama bin laden. the group says it wants to kill shakil afridi. he was convicted for treason. u.s. is pressing for his release. chinese activist says the u.s. should try harder to fete china to promote the rule of law. he says the homeland needs to come up with its own democracy. he is studying at new york university. building and the city to host the democratic convention this summer may be the suggest of buyer's remorse.
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>> picking charlotte to host the democratic convention. >> a lot of unfortunate things have happened for theteamic party in that state. there are other countries like gay marriage. >> marriage is the latest move. days after president came out in support of same-sex, voters overwhelmingly moved to been a it. gay rights activist were enraged, urging the president to pull out of charlotte. will the issue hurt him come november. charlotte mayor anthony fox hope voters have other things on their mind by then. >> by the time the election
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comes around, the thing on most people's minds is who creates more jobs? >> unemployment rate here is fifth worst in the nation. >> voters are looking for change they can believe in. they elected the first republican legislature in 100 years. scott stone republican candidate for mayor in charlotte says tea leaves are not looking good for president. >> dnc chose chart because they won a great venue with great folks that have a good time. >> the president has to broaden the electoral map if they want to win. they predict a victory in november. >> he is tied with romney. close race against mccain in 2008. close race there. the commission we think will help us know sew it up in the
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end in north carolina. >> the president's convention may be saddled with contrasting images. for example, his nomination speech will be at a stadium bearing the name of a bank he bailed out. >> he can't keep demagoguing the banks because in north carolina, you cannot compare wall street against main street because the banks in charlotte are main stream. >> convention is held to right to work state and withholding critical funding for the event. the dnc is hoping to get everyone on the same page in september, operating on the principle if romney can't win north carolina, there is no way he can win the white house. >> bret? >> john roberts live at charlotte tonight. john, thank you. still ahead, romney on his mormon faith. first, leaving behind no child left behind. all multivitamins give me the basics.
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lawmakers in the house have threatened to put people in prison for abortions on the gender of the fetus. it was 30 short of approval. boston appeals court declared part of the federal defense of marriage act unconstitutional. three-judge panel unanimously ruled that denying benefit to married gay couples is a form of discrimination. the law is expected to be brought before the u.s. supreme court. >> growing number of states want to leave behind the bush era no child left behind law. the obama administration
6:22 pm
granted several waivers already and more are being considered. molly henneberg essential kates us on why. >> education secretary arnie duncan says congress won't fix "no child left behind" so he is granting waivers for states to get out of it. initially, the 111 states were grant -- 11 states granseed a waiver provide they implement a college and career ready standard. this week, these eight states were added to the list. secretary duncan says there are more to come. >> we think "no child left behind" is fundamentally broken. congress is functionm these days. we have provided waivers for states that want to step up and raise a bar. >> they want the legislative branch to address the problem, not executive branch. >> he disagrees and we're where we are.
6:23 pm
>> we were at a bipartisan "no child left behind" bill signing with george w. bush flanked by the liberal lion, late ted kennedy and congressman now speaker john boehner. since then, speakers unions have made it clear. they can't stand the law. although, secretary duncan insists the waivers are not a pay back for the support of president obama. >> the republican state, democratic state. folks doing the right thing. >> speaker boehner who wrote a lot of the original bill wants congress to stick with and fix no child left behind. >> it's important, i believe, to get this law reauthorized so we can do everything we can to ensure every child in america gets a chance for decent education. >> it's not clear where "no child left behind" fits on the house's voting schedule. republican majority leader eric cantor sent out a memo listing the g.o.p. legislative agenda on the summer and "no child left behind" was not on it. it still could come up but may not be a top priority on the
6:24 pm
schedule. bret? >> bret: molly, thank you. a senate candidate changes her story concerning her family history. that is next in the grapevine. big apple tries to change the rules for big soda drinkers. an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement
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and indigestion. i've worked hard to get to where i am... and i've got better aces to go than always going to the bathroom. so take charge of your symptoms by talking to your doctor and go to for a free trial offer. >> bret: now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. massachusetts democratic senate candidate mark warner elh warren acknowledging she told
6:28 pm
harvard she had native american heritage and the campaign insists she gave it to the schools after she was hired. up until now, warren said she learned that harvard was promoting her as a native american reading a newspaper. she claimed to be 1/32nd cherokee. she has no, she is provided no evidence other than family lore. meanwhile, conservatives jumping on another statement by warren late last year that i was the first nursing mother to take a bar exam in the state of new jersey. they have said there is no way to been a that claim. new york city wants to bar sodas to curb obesity. it would not apply to diet or juice beverages but limit sugary nonalcoholic drinks over 16-ounces sold in restaurants, movie theater and sports venues
6:29 pm
you don't have to be eligible to tour the world to be named ambassador by the united nations. robert mugabe appointed the new envoy for tourism, despite being banned from europe because of human rights abuses in his own country. he is accused of ethnic cleansing and rigging elections among other things. canada is withdrawing from the tourism agency over the appointment saying it symbolize what is is wrong with the united nations. >> bret: there are 159 days left until the presidential election. one of the things that mitt romney will have to do according to analysts is try to make voters comfortable with his history and his personality and his faith. my colleague bill hemmer talked to romney and his wife about those things monday. >> in 2008, candidate barack obama held a series of event,
6:30 pm
where he made big speeches, centered around race in america. religion in america. he was able to draw, use the events to draw a lot of attention to his message. have you given consideration to doing that about your own faith? >> i give major teaches on to topic of significance and have for two weeks for the last few monthslant continue to do so. regards religion in america, i gave a speech on that topic in my last campaign. at the george herbert walker library. >> i take it nothing is planned or scheduled. but despite that, what do americans need to understand about how important your faith is to you? >> well, i think people who are people of faith believe there is a purpose, greater than themselves.
6:31 pm
i believe in the heavenly father and his son and holy ghost. that is part of people's faith. other folks have differing views. i read scriptures holy in my view that shape my sense of commitment to my nation. i'm taught to be patriotic and sun port the nation a follow -- support the nation and follow the law and i'm taught to care and serve other people. >> a lot is made of your relationship with your father. not a lot has been said about your mom. leonor. she had three kids. the doctors came to her and said no more physically, it's not going to happen ever again. then along comes you. >> not exactly a normal kid. she had to take what she got. >> mitt's mother absolutely adored mitt. the baby she never thought she would have. >> i heard about the relationship, but the point is he wasn't supposed to be here. >> what can i say?
6:32 pm
my mother found it hard when i fell in love with ann as a senior in high school and no interest to talking to my mother and only interest in being with ann. >> that can be a challenge. >> you handled it as best you could. >> i think a lot of mothers go through that. >> you said you never had serious argue in the 43 years of marriage? >> there are places we disagree. but don't yell and slam doors. >> on the surface, do you expect me to believe that? >> we don't yell and slam doors. >> we don't scream. >> we are not always in agreement 100%. >> name one. >> i am not going to name one. i'm not the one running for president. this guy is. i completely support >> there is a possibility you could be in the white house in eight months. have you talked about that? >> we have spoken about that.
6:33 pm
>> we talk about what happens in the circumstance. we talk about how our lives would change but my guess is it's almost impossible to imagine how your life would change in the circumstance. >> i believe if mitt wins, the country wins. if mitt loses the country lutions. i really believe that. we're at a dividing, a real fork in the road which direction the country can go in. we have to turn the country around. >> bret: the return of george w. bush to the white house. and the latest on the presidential campaign. when an expanded edition of the fox all-stars joins me next. [ male announcer ] this is corporate caterers, miami, florida.
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massachusetts' economic performance was one of the worst in the country on all key may lor market measures. romney economic didn't work then and it won't work now. >> when i was governor of massachusetts we took the unemployment rate from 5.6% to 4.7%. i think 4.#% is a pretty good number. my guess the people of america would be pleased if they could see a number like 4.7%. i hope to get there if i were president. >> well, president obama's campaign manager senior advisor david axelrod in boston today. and governor mitt romney out in front of solyndra talking about his record and also effort to put in federal dollars in that company that has gone under. meanwhile today, former president george w. bush and george h.w. bush at the white house for unveiling today of the portrait of the first lady and former president bush. it was an interesting event. interesting things said.
6:38 pm
and that's why, one reason why we have an expanded panel tonight. steve hayes, senior writer for the "weekly standard." juan williams, columnist with the hill. we welcome darre dana perino, co-host of "the five" in town for this and charles krauthammer. welcome. after all the back and forth you're on the panel. >> have i been begging to be on the panel for years. >> bret: is this the new "the five"? >> it could be. if charles will allow me to stay. >> bret: let's ask about the event. there was interesting things said by both president obama and the former president. ended up being a nice event. >> almost a book end of healing at the end of coming back to white house that, with a lot of memories there. a lot of stress and challenges. but everybody, every day was joyous one when we worked together. a lot of people came back to celebrate the moment and to have president bush's father there as well, a calming
6:39 pm
effect on everybody. >> bret: also, sort of a nice moment between president obama and president bush. it takes things out of the current day-to-day back and forth. >> politics set aside. one thing president obama in his remark, he thanked president bush leaving behind an excellent sports cable package for him to watch. president bush also chided michelle obama because the por trade iportrait, george washingn portrait was saved by dolly madison when the brits burnt down the white house. he said to michelle, first lady, if this happens here you know which george w. to save. glad i went. >> bret: good moment. juan, okay, we spent time not talking about politics. now we go back to politics. today you saw the contrasts, david axelrod in boston and governor romney in front of solyndra. what about the effort by the obama campaign to go after governor romney's time as the massachusetts governor now.
6:40 pm
is that because the bain attack not worked and they are changing gears or another weapon to deploy? >> another phase. >> entering general election campaign after the victory by romney in texas. they will say what was the record of the man who says he can produce jobs. they were trying to say he lost jobs as state of massachusetts while governor, something that rick perry and the fellow republicans said. romney campaign is the unemployment rate went down. people bore in to this they say it went down because people left the state, whatever. that is the argument we're entering. phase of the campaign that you
6:41 pm
are trying to find candidate before they go to summer break and vacation. >> i think the obama will hammer him on 47 out of 50. a good number. you heard the republicans use it. that gives it validation when obama campaign makes an argument. played there in front of solyndra that the 4.7% looks like a good number now. a strong argument. if you look at the way obama campaign trying to contrast what was happening in massachusetts what was happening in the rest of the country, it seems as if while they are spending time criticizing the bush economic sten your, they are at this moment of convenience praising the bush economy to say it was better than the romney micro economy in massachusetts. bit of a muddled message.
6:42 pm
>> bret: solyndra. governor romney guess to solyndra to take questions out there. makes the half million taxpayer investment. earlier in week, jay carney asked about the difference between bain, the attacks on bain capital and the investment in solyndra. here is his answer. >> there is the difference in that the overall view of what your responsibilities are as president and what your view of the economic future is. the president believes as he made clear if the president's responsibility is not just to those who win, but those who for an example in the company where there have been layoffs or company gone bankrupt that we have to make sure that those folks have the means to find other employment. >> okay, charles. >> i can't decide if it's incoherent or a non-sequitur,
6:43 pm
probably both or a combination. look, he had no answer to that. the answer is that if you are the president and in solyndra you can hand out unlimbed amount of money. especially to your cronies and you don't suffer if anything happens. if it goes bust. except for people involved. if you are in private enterprise and you invest and you lose, as we in the private economy, it's different. we have a private economy that produces growth. that produces wealth and has been for 200 years. why the money usually siphoned off by the government in crony capitalism is a failure. we have seen that on a massive scale historically in socialist economics and capitalist economics. there is no comparison. you got to ask yourself on today's events, who is david axelrod and who elected him? who decided he should stand outside the courthouse and give a speech? his advisor of the president, he has no stature.
6:44 pm
that looked bad drowned out. why wouldn't you. if you have the president of the united states speaking he is the guy that won an election, national election or surrogate elected. that is a lousy choice. the other thing is the strategic, obama is jeopardizing something by going after romney. through surrogates and himself. squandering for a tactical advantage. the presidential aura. if they get in there and slung stuff so early on like other politicians it will hurt them and others won't be aware. the segment of this time in may is spending doing that
6:45 pm
>> a lot of people don't know who obama is. he's still to be defined. if you look at national review this week he gets to be all things to all people. the deficit cutter and the person who invests in solyndr solyndra. the person that wants to cut back and be responsible. i understand what they are trying to do. it's smart when it comes to romney. i have to agree with charles. the photograph with david axelrod was bizarre. like a trial balloon. if they said who wants to go to massachusetts and give a speech to go against romney record and see how it goes, nobody raises their hand. i'll do it. it will be forgotten by noon tomorrow. >> david axelrod's mistake was to go to massachusetts, not only go to massachusetts but go to boston where the romney campaign headquartered. you have ringers available to go out and boo them.
6:46 pm
>> touch was there making all kind of speeches and amazing run. i thought jay did not do a good job responding to the question that was asked of him. it enforces the idea obama trying to put out that the president is a different economic steward than someone running a private business. they are taking away the profit. that is the contrast the democrats try to draw. >> next up, the jeannine edwardjohn edwardsverdict. hey dad. see how the carrots i grow make that new stouffer's steam meal so tasty.
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while i do not believe i did anything illegal, or thought i was doing anything illegal, i did an awful, awful lot that was wrong. and there is no one else responsible for my sins. none of the people who came to court and testified are responsible. nobody working for government is responsible. i am responsible. if i wanted to find the person who should be held accountable for my sin, honestly, i don't have to go any further than the mirror. >> bret: john edwards on a day that the judge declared a mistrial. the jury took nine days to come up with some decision and it found edwards not guilty on
6:51 pm
one count of accepting illegal donations, campaign donations. and didn't come to a decision on five other counts. judge declared a mistrial. what about this case, where it goes from here? steve? >> well, i hope that is the last time i ever have to listen t to john edwards give any speech in any sad circumstances. this was a difficult case for the government to make. they spent a lot of time and a lot of money prosecuting it. i have zero sympathy for john edwards especially though i sometimes as a christian try. but i do have a lot of sympathy for his parents. i mean, watching them in the backgrown there is absolutely heart-breaking to see his mom and dad stand there by his side. you know. after all of the things that have been revealed about his failures as a human being. tragic [ juan? >> well, you know, i am one of the fools who bought the goods. i thought he was the real deal way backism don't know if you remember the two america speeches and he was such a
6:52 pm
charismatic figure. he really came in the democratic, the ranks of the democratic contenders with a certain power and style that reminded people of john f. kennedy. he was coming from the south. he was a new democrat. to see it come to this is just so awful, such a waste. >> bret: yet, he is popping the champagne tonight. >> he is popping the champagne on a short-term deal. he got off by the skin of his teeth. would you trust him to walk the dog? if you had a legal matter, would you go to john edsness if you had a political campaign, would you trust it to john edwards? do you think he can run for any office? especially dogcatcher. not trying to be cruel, but i don't think it's there. >> bret: fall from grace. >> he ruined his life and got away with it. you can say he lost his reputation, people think are there two sets of rules for somebody like him? then somebody like me. one curious thing, i don't think the government should retry this case. i do wonder then, everybody
6:53 pm
that gives a gift to somebody else, you have to declare that as income. so at some point is this money going to be declared as a gift? then what was it? if everybody else is taxed for it, what was this if it wasn't illegal? >> bret: charles. >> i hate to be cold and calculating about this but i think this will not be retried and it's a good thing. there is a distinction between bad behavior and illegal behavior. i'm glad that the jury upheld that. we have a tendency here to criminalize, want to criminal size all bad behavior. i think the case for criminality was extremely thin. what i found most interesting is what he said after it. what he said he wants to can't to work for the poor. he used a phrase that jesse jackson used. the democratic convention of 1984. he made a convention speech after losing the nomination. jesse jackson said god is not finished with me yet. edwards used almost the same
6:54 pm
phrase. he said god is not done with me yet. which had this echo. jackson meant i'll have another shot at the presidency, i'll be in politics. i hope edwards wasn't implying that. that could be trial balloon of someone who lost any future in politics hoping there will be something. if he is hoping he is delusional, so i hope he is not. >> bret: down the row is the case retried? >> no. >> no. >> no. >> no. >> bret: unanimous. well, that was a whispered no. >> no. >> firm no. >> this is not a hung jury. >> bret: that is it for the panel. dana, thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> bret: stay tuned to see a misspelling one show called a blessing. [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day.
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