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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  May 31, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> today edwards made an emotional statement outside the courthouse in north carolina. >> i wanted to say first thank you for the jurors and the incredibly hard work and their diligence. they took their job very very seriously. as we saw both during the trial the attention they paid to the evidence during the trial the presentation of the lawyers and the fact that they have now spent nine, almost nine full days deliberating. trying to reach a fair and just result under the evidence and the law. all i can say is thank goodness we live in a country that has the kind of system that we have. and i think those jurors an exemplar for what juries are supposed to do in this country. they were very very impressive. the second thing i want to say just a word about is
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responsibility. and this is about me. i want to make sure that everyone hears from me and from my voice that while i do not believe i did anything illegal or ever thought i was doing anything illegal. i did an awful awful lot that was wrong. and there is no one else responsible for my sins. none of the people who came to court and testified are responsible nobody working for the government is responsible. i am responsible. and if i want to find the person who should be held accountable for my sins, honestly i don't have to go any further than the mirror. it's me. i also want to say a word about my own children. kate, who almost all of you has seen has been here every single day. she has been here no matter
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what, no matter how awful and painful a lot of the evidence was for her. evidence about her dad, evidence about her mom who she loved so so dearly. but she never once flinched. she said, dad, i love you. i will be there for you no matter what. and i'm so proud to have had her with me through all of this process. and then finally, emma, who turned 14 recently, emma claire and jack, who just turned 12, who i take care of every day and i have not been able to see them quite as much but i see them in the morning. i get their breakfast ready. get them off to school and then we get home at night and we all eat supper together. and i love them both so dearly and they are such an important part of every day of my life. and then finally my precious
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quinn. -- who i love more than any of you could ever imagine. and i am so close to and so so grateful for. so grateful for quinn. i'm grateful for all of my children, including my son wade who we lost years ago. but you know, this is the last thing i'm going to say, i don't think god is through with me. i really believe he thinks there is still some good things i can do. and whatever happens with this legal stuff going forward, what i'm hopeful about is all those kids that i have seen, you know, in the poorest parts of this country and in some of the poorest places in the world, that i can help them in whatever way i'm still capable of helping them. i want to dedicate my life to being the best dad i can be
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and to helping those kids who i think deserve help and who i hope i can help. thank you all very much. >> tonight now the question is whether or not the prosecutors are through with john edwards. there is a late-breaking report from the associated press suggesting the justice department will not seek another trial. jonathan serrie though live in the courthouse in greensboro, north carolina with more from down there tonight jonathan, good evening to you. what are you hearing? >> good evening, bill. well, on that topic, as to whether there would be a retrial, here is the process. the defense has two weeks to file a motion for acquittal which, if granted, would protect john edwards from a re-trial. during that time, prosecutors will reassess their case and decide whether it's worth giving another shot. but one former federal prosecutor tells us the government has already done everything it could do. listen. >> they got every evidentiary ruling in their favor.
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they got their witnesses to say what they wanted them to say. they were able to keep out the defense experts from the fec. they even got every jury instruction they wanted. what makes the government think if they tried this case to 12 more jurors that they would get a different outcome? >> and incidentally, bill, the one charge, the one count that the jurors were able to arrive at a verdict on was count 3, the allegation that john edwards had accepted illegal campaign donations from rachel bunny mellon in the year 2008 and, of course, their verdict was not guilty. bill? >> bill: for the moment now one would think this is a huge victory for john edwards it? >> was certainly a relief. when the jury first announced disimtion he first hugged his daughter kate and parents and defense team. as he emerged from the courthouse he really appeared to be a hummable man. weighs not found guilty of any crime but ha has admitted to committing many sins. his tarnished reputation has most likely ended his political career and bound to
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have lingering effects on his personal life as well, bill? >> bill: thank you, jonathan. jonathan serrie, greensboro, north carolina, tonight. he may be off the hook for now john edwards may have to go through this matter again we will ask the judge andrew napolitano about the possibility of prosecutors starting a new trial from scratch. that's a bit later this hour. now, a day of history in washington. former president george bush, back at the white house for the first time in two years. he and the former first lady laura bush on hand for the public unveiling of their official white house portraits. and the former president was having a pretty good time at it he thanked president obama for inviting more than a dozen members of the bush family for lunch today. and he praised the artist of his painting for doing a, quote: great job on a challenging subject. >> i'm also pleased, mr. president, that when you are wandering these halls, as you wrestle with tough
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decisions, you'll now be able to gaze at this portrait and ask what would george do? [ laughter ] >> on it went from there. there were actually three presidents and first ladies at the white house today. george h.w. bush and his wife barbara also on hand. ed henry was there for the moment today live at the white house. this could have been a little awkward since president obama has been blaming the bad economy on his predecessor. turned out to be a pretty fine moment in america, ed. >> that's right, bill. because both men kind of diffused things with humor. president bush back in the saddle for a day, perhaps, and was ordering around his friends and family saying sit down, jokingly and behave yourselves when they wouldn't stop clapping and president obama joking about how he is really happy that president bush left him a nice cable sports package that he uses a lot. they got a little laugh out of that it was interesting that even as president obama sort of praised the former president for an orderly transition four years ago, he still kind of got a shot in there about how he inherited a
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mess. take a listen. >> the months before i took the oath of office were a chaotic time. we knew our economy was in trouble. our fellow americans were in pain. george, you went out of your way to make sure that the transition to a new administration was a seamless as possible. >> you mentioned, bill, that the first president bush was here as well. all three men and their wives, three first ladies together had lunch in the red room before this portrait unveiling. there were two portraits, one for first lady laura bush as well. white house aides insist they didn't talk politics talking about this special paternity they are in. former presidents and first ladies. >> it was back to business for the current president. is he dealing with more bad numbers and bad news about the job market. labor department reporting today new jobless claims jumped to 3 383,000 last week. that's a five week high back to ed henry now at the white house. they are also bracing for the big jobs report that comes out tomorrow. are they not, ed? >> that's right. and that's for the month of
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may. and the sign heading into that have been pretty bad. in the last couple days report on consumer confidence. that was down, a report today, a revised g.d.p. number for the first quarter of this year. that was revised downward suggesting economic growth is slowing. the bottom line is the white house is watching this number very closely tomorrow because if it's a bad number, it's really going to help mitt romney sort of tee up this argument that he would do a better job of fixing the economy. of course, if it's a good number it will help the president make the case that we're slowly turning the corner, bill. >> bill: thanks, ed. ed henry at the white house tonight. new trouble at a major american airport. you will see why a jet skidded right off the runway. maybe you should just order a medium, huh? inside the plan to ban your big and tall soda. that's coming up here on the fox report.
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responsibility. what's your policy? [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx. the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> bill: a plane skidding off the runway at chicago's o'hare airport today. this only 24 hours after a collision there.
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aviation officials saying that plane had taken off from o'hare on the way to tulsa, oklahoma when the pilot reported mechanical problems and turned around. the plane skidded off the runway, sliding into a taxi area. none of the 31 people on board was hurt. only yesterday a boeing 747 cargo plane clipped the rudder of an american eagle plane that was carrying more than 40 people. nobody hurt in that incident either. it could soon become a lot harder for new yorkers to get their hands on a biggie size soda. new york city mayor michael bloomberg has proposed a first of its kind ban on large size sugary drinks including sodaing, sweet teas, coffees and a lot more than. if it passes it would prevent restaurants and vendors from selling certain drinks larger than 16 ounces. convenience in grocery stores would be exempt from the rule. the ban would include larger bottles of coke or pepsi, energy drinks like gator aid and the large soda top fast food chains.
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city officials say it's all about encouraging americans to live longer. >> our interest is in protecting the health of the public, including people in low income neighbors which are bearing the brunt in the obesity and diabetes epidemic. >> not everyone agrees. the spokesman for the new york city beverage association says this quote: the city is not going to address the obesity issue by attacking soda because soda is not driving the obesity rates, end quote. anna coinman is live here at the new york city newsroom. outside our studios is this actually going to happen, anna? good evening. >> good evening to you, bill. the proposal will be sent to the city's board of health on june the 12th it will need their approval. but all of those positions are appointed by the mayor himself. now we can say you too that mayor bloomberg really has had success over the past 10 years of pathing broad public health measures including a smoking ban in nearly all bars and restaurants and eliminating transfats from foods. the ban would effect more than 20,000 restaurants, movie
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theaters, sports venues and also street carts and violators would be forced to spend 200ness fines. we're told this measure could pass as early as march of next year, bill, back to you. >> bill: anna kooiman on the streets of new york city tonight. we are hearing from a young boy who survived a weekend massacre in syria that killed dozens of innocent women and children. he says he watched as a group of men executed his parents and siblings. his story in a moment. secretary of state hillary clinton explaining why the united states is not ready for military action in syria. all that coming up. [ male announcer ] this... is the at&t network.
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option fires for one of the largest masters of a 14-month
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uprising, u.s. ambassador soviet union rice called that a play ton lie. government loyalists carried out the attack last weekend stabbing shooting people at point blank range. dodds afternoons of innocent dead. women and children. today hearing from one of the few survivors of that attack. a boy who says all he could do was watch while a group of men executed his parents and all four of his siblings. some tanks came down outside our house shooting at us you you imentsdz. >> bill: that's how the boy begins the story. group of men burst into the home. we blurred the boy's face in case the attackers are watching. >> the tank stopped and some soldiers came out of it and entered our house while the tank was shooting. >> t was part of a massacre that killed more than 100 people leaving few witnesses
7:21 pm
besides this boy. analysts say this attack was part of a deadly trend. it's generally speaking a very brutal, close quarters kind of fighting it is designed to target certain specific ethnic groups or certain neighborhoods. >> bill: this neighborhood was among those targets. the boy speaks in a matter of fact tone to a man behind the camera describing how the attackers shot their way into his home. >> the military went in and my mother was afraid because they were pointing their guns at her. they would shoot her. >> bill: eventually they did. >> they shot five bullets at her. then they shot my brother, one here, then one in his back. then i was covering myself. he came and took the cover off me. then he shot at me. >> the man shot and missed. the boy claims he survived by covering himself a in his brother's blood and playing
7:22 pm
dead. we cannot independently verify the source of that video you just saw. but the associated press reports it later spoke with the boy to confirm his story. meanwhile secretary of state hillary clinton saying the continued blood shed is strengthening the case for even tougher action on syria. but secretary clinton is one of many u.s. officials who now say yet again that now is not the time for military action. conor powell with the news live from our middle east newsroom tonight. connor? >> >> hillary clinton seemed frustrated i today bill while talking to students in denmark about the situation in syria. the secretary of state said that every day the violence continues it strengthens the international case for tough international action. and the violence it has continued here or in syria. we saw heavy fighting in the city of homs and around the area where that massacre happened on friday. and hillary clinton said that she wants russia to do more to stem the violence russia has
7:23 pm
been a strong and serious backer of syria in support of this project. finding out how much of a backer syria is getting from russia. today we learned that on saturday russia sent a huge shipment of weapons and ammunition to syria to help the syrian government syrian government made a pledge that they support the u.n.-backed 6 point peace plan. they also said they want rebels to come to syria and begin negotiations. there is a catch, of course, the syrian government wants rebels to renounce any international military intervention so it doesn't seem like it's particularly an honest attempt to negotiate in good faith. but this is a type of sort of ations we have seen going on in the last couple of days where there has been sanctions put on syria by the u.s. and they have kicked out syrian diplomats. syrian government said we will talk if the syrian rebels renounce military intervention.
7:24 pm
these type of maneuvers we are seeing day in and day out. one thing we are also see something continued violence, bill. >> bill: indeed we are. conor powell in jerusalem, tonight. from a white house run to courthouse drama. we will look back to john edwards' epic fall from grace and look ahead to what could happen next. plus, a federal court with a big ruling on the defense of marriage act. the decision that is setting the stage for a supreme court showdown that's coming up tonight on the fox report. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympto. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion.
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right through the place, hitting several customers inside. surveillance video captured all of it officials say a 51-year-old woman having a medical emergency lost control of her pickup. she smashed into a light pole before plowing through the wall. the truck pinning several people against the bar as others, well, they ran for cover. >> it happened so quickly. just hit the post, bam, right to the bar. >> all of a sudden i heard a big boom and next thing i know the truck came flying right through the wall. >> the owner's son happened to have a small construction vehicle in the parking lot at the time. witnesses say he cruised it to free the trapped in the wreckage. six people went to the hospital including the woman driving that car. >> i'm bill hemmer in for shepard smith tonight. this is the fox report. updating our top story. john edwards walks and word tonight from an associated
7:29 pm
press source, the justice department is not likely to press for a retrial. we cannot yet confirm that report. edwards was accused of usingly a million dollars in campaign money to hide his mistress and their love child. the jury finding edwards not guilty on one count. could not agree on five others. the judge declaring a mistrial late today. edwards had been facing up to 30 years in prison if found guilty. and even though he is now a free man, he still faces a long way from the former u.s. senator who wanted to win the white house. steve centanni with more on edwards' downfall. more tonight from washington. >> john edwards' journey to the courthouse steps today was one filled with ups and downs. it's been a long odyssey. he was born poor in 1953 in the town of robbins north carolina. his father a mill worker struggled to make ends meet and john struggled to make a mark for himself. eventually getting a law degree from the university of north carolina chapel hill in
7:30 pm
1977. that's where met his wife elizabeth. they married that same year and went on to have four children. edwards made a fortune for himself as defense attorney earning $25 million for the family of one young girl severely injured by a faulty swimming pool drain cover. he earned a reputation as one of the best trial lawyers in north carolina. in 1996, john and elizabeth edwards' teenage son was killed in a car accident. two years later, edwards entered politics, spending $3 million of his own money to win the nomination and then defeating republic incumbent to become a u.s. senator. his first presidential bid was in 2004. he lost the nomination but became john kerry's running mate. kerry was soundly defeated by george w. bush and edwards now retired from the senate jumped back into the political arena as a candidate for president. as he campaigned his wife elizabeth announced she had cancer. it went into remission but later reappeared. during this time we now know he was unfaithful to his wife. in 2008, edwards came in third
7:31 pm
behind barack obama and hillary clinton and withdrew from the race. >> it's time for me to step aside so that history can -- so that history can blaze its path. >> elizabeth edwards lost her battle with cancer and edwards became more deeply embroiled in the controversy that landed him in a north carolina courtroom. his future legal difficulties yet to be determined. bill? >> bill: steve, thanks. steve centanni in washington. what is next now for edwards? let's ask the judge. fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. nice to see you this evening. >> nice to see you. >> bill: reaction first from you is what. >> the government lost its best case. that is the charge on which he was found not guilty was the one for which the government had its strongest case, it's most credible witnesses and introduced the most evidence. so, it's a bad day for the government. now, nobody likes a nondecision. you don't know where it's going to go from here. i can tell you how they will
7:32 pm
get there it's a victory for senator edwards and a resounding defeat for the government. >> bill: you had nine days of deliberation now. unconfirmed report that the justice department would not try him again? >> that would make sense for some the reasons that i just articulated. this was their strongest shot and they l.s.u. lost it taking a step deeper into the case, bill, the judge ruled in favor of the government in almost every contested issue in the case. she gave the government great latitude. she barred certain defense witnesses from testifying. she even used an instruction to the jury that the government suggested. all of this within her discretion. but basically saying to the government, this is your best shot. how could you possibly think you could do it again in the wise people in the justice department in washington are probably counseling against a re-trial. >> bill: do you think the government screwed this up? >> yes. i think the government should not have charged him with this crime. i think this is ambiguous statute. if i may it's intentionally ambiguous statute because this
7:33 pm
had been written by politicians to govern politicians. and the intentional used language which was vague about what you can do with money. it's actually unclear whether or not the events in which john edwards engaged, if they happened as the government said they did even constituted a crime under this statute. >> bill: so then the jurors, they get it right? >> the jurors did the right thing. a long, torturous process for them with thousands of documents for them to review. i think they did the right thing and they basically said to the judge we can't make up our minds on the rest of it it's in your hands. >> bill: we heard from john edwards today. talking, perhaps, for the longest time that we have heard in some time. was that a smart idea for him to talk. >> i will give you both arguments. he could antagonize the prosecutors by making statements to the public that he didn't make in the courtroom where they could cross-examine him. on the other hand, he made statements which were good for everybody to hear. he basically said i didn't commit a crime but i did horrible things and i take responsibility for it and i
7:34 pm
have to live with it for the rest of my life. that makes people feel good. who does it make feel good in the potential jurors in a second trial should there be one. >> bill: all this talk about a juror flirting with john edwards. that doesn't matter now, does it. >> no. it doesn't matter. if it happened it was addressed quite properly by the judge in her chambers so we don't know about it i think it might have been sort of the myth about john edwards. but, of course, i wasn't in the courtroom. >> bill: judge, nice to see you. >> pleasure, bill. >> andrew napolitano and his reaction here tonight. >> thank you. >> bill: thank you. a showdown now rather over abortion on capitol hill today. the house voting down a bill that would outline abortions based on the gender of the fetus. the so-called prenatal nondiscrimination act. republicans say it's aimed at preventing sex selective abortions which happened in places like india and china there is a cultural preference for boys in those countries. democrats claim the legislation is a election year political stunt aimed at
7:35 pm
eroding overall abortion rights. the marriage law that denies same sex couples certain rights is unconstitutional. that's the unanimous opinion today from a federal appeals court in boston. those judges ruling the defense of marriage act otherwise known as doma descrim natsz gay couples because it does not give them the same benefits as straight couples. the ability to file joint tax returns. although the judge is also saying the decision does not change anything under the supreme court issues a ruling. the former rutgers student who used a web cam to spy on his gay roommate is now behind bars. he turned himself in today to new jersey sheriff's officers and started serving 30 days in jail. he could have stayed free while prosecutors appeal the sentence which they called too lenient. back in march a jury convicted him on hate crime charges for secretly recording his roommate's encounter with another man. then streaming it online. when that roommate, tyler clement learned about it, he
7:36 pm
jumped off a bridge in new york to his death. facebook's face plant on wall street is not just hurting shareholders. it seems other tech giants are worried that they could could be well on the tumbling block, too. what this could mean for your 401(k) coming up. also a jaw dropping crash sending several people flying. the whole story behind the shocking video is ahead tonight on "the fox report." e iy of how a shipping giant can befriend a forest may seem like the stuff of fairy tales. but if you take away the faces on the trees... take away the pixie dust. take away the singing animals, and the storybook narrator... [ man ] you're left with more electric trucks. more recycled shipping materials... and a growing number of lower emissions planes... which still makes for a pretty enchanted tale. ♪ la la la [ man ] whoops, forgot one... [ male announcer ] sustainable solutions. fedex. solutions that matter.
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messing up millions of first day trades. then came allegations facebook hit key information from investors and likely adding to the concerns that kayak, consider this, 5 major online companies have gone public in the last year only one linked in has seen shares rise over ipo price. peter barnes in our d.c. newsroom tonight. peter, word of other companies putting their ipo's on hold. what other companies? >> that's right, bill. in addition to, some other companies may have delayed their ipo's because of the fallout over facebook. according to ipo, they likely include beauty device maker tria beauty. chinese mobile marketing company loyalty alliance enterprise. computer hardware form coarser components and diagnostic company cancer genetics. now, companies that do this don't often site a specific reasoning they judicially cite
7:41 pm
market conditions, bill. >> bill: what does it mean for the 401(k) and retirement plan, peter? >> it could mean for your pension fund, 401(k) plan or you as an investor for your own portfolio or ira, may be able to get a better deal on a future ipo that's because the facebook ipo likely will make it harder for issuers to price shares at the very high end as facebook did ergs% say. michaels arts and craft stores, fender musical instruments, satellite company intelsat and bloomn' brands, outback steakhouses which serve up those deck can't, deck can't bloom onions. >> bill: peter barnes in washington. facebook also at the center of a legal challenge from sex offenders. a federal judge says she will rule within a month on an
7:42 pm
indiana law which bans registered sex offenders from using facebook and similar sites. the class action lawsuit came from some convicted offenders who claim that the law violates their first amendment rights. the state points out the ban does not block sex offenders from using the internet. just sites that kids use frequently. judges have since ruled similar bans like louisiana and the state of nebraska. crash that sends five people flying from one motorcycle. it's our top story as we go around the world tonight in 80 seconds. china. it happened in an eastern province as the motorcycle ran a red light. a car slammed right into it tossing all five passengers into the air and on to the pavement. we're told none of them had life threatening injuries. police say they may find the motorcyclist driver for running a red light. indonesia. villagers found a russian
7:43 pm
passenger jet flight recorder in good condition. three weeks after it crashed. the aircraft slamming into a door mantd volcano during a demonstration flight for potential buyers. 45 people died in the wreck. a rescue agency officials said mud had buried the flight recoveredder. the discovery could help investigators learn more about the crash. mexico. police stepping up security around a snack food company that pepsi owns after fire bomb attacks over the weekend. nearly 100 state and federal cops now guarding distribution centers. officials say it appears that drug gang burned dozens of delivery trucks and damaged buildings. germany. a zoo in berlin unveils a month and a half old baby puma. zoo officials say it's the first time in 22 years that one of their pumas has successfully given birth. the raising the cub by hand after the mother neglected her previous off spring. that's a wrap on this fox trip
7:44 pm
around the world in 80 "around 0 seconds." >> bill: now just into fox news the former massachusetts governor mitt romney has just picked up a key endorsement from the former first lady nancy reagan. the reagan presidential library released this picture of nancy reagan with governor and mrs. romney just a short time ago. and in a statement nancy reagan writings: that the romneys joined her in her home this afternoon for lemonade and cookies and i offered my firm endorsement of his campaign. she then added ronni would have liked governor romney's business background and his strong principle and i have to say i do too, end quote. nancy reagan still recovering after she broke several of her ribs after falling at her home in california back in march. she is 90 years old. she is america's oldest living first lady. painful injections could soon be a thing of the past. scientists say they have created a new way to push
7:45 pm
medicine through the skin. and they claim it feels like a mosquito bite. details in a moment. plus, the first privately owned space craft to reach the international space station has just come home to earth. and it made quite a splash. that's next. you guys can stay in touch. ( grunts ) cool. you can video call on skype... send photos. yeah, okay. ah, let's do it. get $100 off any motorola 4g lte smartphone, like the droid 4 now just $99.99. verizon.
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>> bill: if fear of the needle has you dreading the doctor, listen up here, scientists at mit say they have created a needle-free injection system that is virtually painless. injections without needles have actually been around for a while but never like this before. researchers say the device can shoot medicine through the skin at close to the speed of sound. and that it feels more like a mosquito bite than a needle prick. great news for parents or
7:49 pm
anybody else that gets queazy rolling up the sleeve. trace gallagher live to explain thousand works. how does it work, trace? >> it's actually fascinating because aside from being able to inject any type of medicine beneath the skin, they can actually adjust these injections so that it goes to different levels beneath the skin. now, the injector is actually powered by this powerful magnet. what happens is the magnet goes up and down and 'issues this piston forward. and it's the piston that actually propels the medicine into your body at up to 700 miles per hour listen. >> we have also done something that we think is pretty cool. we can take a drug in powder form, put it in this device, the device, because of its very very fast response is able to vibrate that powder so it behaves like a liquid. >> this would also be a life-changing thing for diabetics who have to self-inject medicine sometimes
7:50 pm
several times a day, bill and also babies that would not have to endure the pain of having a needle in them. >> bill: great point. i'm game. i don't know about you. but asides from little or no pain what other benefits are there, trace? >> well, for example, they can take medicine, they kin jecket it into your eyeball without worrying about damaging the eye. same thing kind of goes for your ear. this we're about to show is you actually a microscopic look at you a this thing actually looks ghoog your skin. in the case of emergencies where doctors have trouble finding a vein to hook up iv, they could use this to get the drugs into your bloodstream very quickly. they believe it would be safer for patients as well as doctors. listen. >> needles have always been a problem with, you know, discarding needles, recycling -- not getting pricked by a needle that you injected somebody with. so from the infectious control and the safety of a device this, of course, eliminates all of that.
7:51 pm
>> e.y, the experts believe this could be widely used sometime in the next four or five years. good news for all of us try panaphobes those afraid of needles like me. >> bill: that was at the national spelling bee i do believe. space x's dragon capsule today finished historic trip back to earth. that capsule docked at the international space station docking down in the pacific ocean today. >> space x confirming that dragon has successfully splashed down at 10:3:42 a.m. >> this infrared video showing it bobbing in the water. inside some 1400 pounds of old equipment and some scientific samples. the capsule hit the water about 560 miles west of baja, california. that landing marking an historic moment for the private space industry. the capsule was the first commercial space craft to ever dock with the international space station. flying from coast to coast
7:52 pm
usually takes hours, you know. but watch how one chopper pilot sped up his trip to just a few minute's time. the guys saying it took thousands of photos from his own helicopter on a journey from jacksonville, florida from-to-santa monica, california. and showing the pictures back to back, he created this high speed video. you can see him zipping through florida, across the southern states before flying over the deserts of new mexico and arizona. he said the actual trip took him almost an entire day and cool stuff to catch on camera. a house exploding and officials say thieves looking for medal could be to blame. our top story on a fox trip across america. michigan. the blast yesterday afternoon completely destroyed the home north and west of detroit. the fire chief says copper scavengers may have broken a gas line in the house which had been vacant for nearly three years. nobody hurt. police blocked off nearby
7:53 pm
roads to investigate. that backed up traffic for most of the afternoon. illinois. chicago police say someone found three world war ii era grenades in the basement of a home near wriggly field. police evacuated residents for nearly three hours as bomb squads removed the explosives. nobody hurt. police able to destroy the grenades in a safe location. indiana. a former sheriff has trained his dog to search for cell phones. it's hart of an effort to help officers find the devices which inmates may hide in prison. >> he doesn't know what a drug is or cell phone but he knows the odor. >> the dog sits down to signal that he has sniffed out a phone or battery. >> new york. it could be the world's most expensive burger. a restaurant in manhattan is cooking it up for $295. three cuts of japanese-style beef topped with black truthful chunks, caviar and
7:54 pm
edible gold flakes. there is diamond encrusted solid gold toothpick. half the proceeds of each pricey burger go to charity. that's a fox watch across america. now to a racoon that got itself into quite a predicament right on top of a power pole. wait until you see how he got down. that's ahead on "the fox report." [ male announcer ] introducing a powerful weapon in your fight against bugs. ortho home defense max. with a new continuous spray wand. and a fast acting formula. so you can kill bugs inside, and keep bugs out. guaranteed. ortho home defense max. mcallen, texas. in here, heavy rental equipment in the middle of nowhere, is always headed somewhere. to give it a sense of direction, at&t created
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7:57 pm
>> bill: cool critters now, a racoon in kansas city back on solid ground after falling nearly 30 feet from a light pole. the animal crawled up there tuesday morning and stuck there for a while. some folks tried to get it down by leaving food on the ground. no luck there. he wasn't taking that after several hours a construction worker arrived with a crane. a neighbor shot this video as the worker poked the racoon with a pole causing it to make a dramatic jump and it ran away and hopped a fence. it's doing okay. updating or top stories tonight. the former presidential hopeful john edwards a free man. the jury finding him not
7:58 pm
guilty on one count of corruption. deadlocked on five other charges. the judge declared a mistrial. a source telling the ap the justice department will likely not ask for a retrial. president obama and former president george w. bush unveiling of the white house portraits of president bush and former first lady laura bush. on this day in 1879 now, new york city madison square garden first opened to the public. the ruthless building was just the first of four venues to use the name. the original became a pile of brings a couple of years before the invention of basketball. the second garden had a roof and hosted the democratic national convention. that was 1924. but the new york life insurance company eventually tore that down. version 3 stood until 1968. and hosted everything from world war ii rallies to the circus. now the fourth and current version is home to the knicks and new york rangers and holds hundreds of events and
7:59 pm
concerts every single year. folks in new york first took a stroll in the garden 133 years ago today. and that does it for "the fox report" on this thursday may 31st, 2012. i'll bill hemmer in for shepard smith. see you tomorrow. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> it's widely believed that cbs, nbc, abc, chocked full of issue wills not true. >> in the face of evidence dan rather denying the national media tilts left. we will give you the facts mr. rather will not be able to refute. bernie goldberg will. >> they are racism and sexism in a back door attempt to make abortion illegal. >> bill: some far left democrats saying gender based abortion should be allowed in the u.s.a. that's what they do in china. we'll have a follow-up report on this incredible situation.


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