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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 2, 2012 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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sentenced to life behind bars for failing to stop the killing of protestors during that uprising that forced him from power last year. his sons they were acquitted and moments after the verdict, scuffles brag out inside the courtroom. look at that. and a new wave of anger spreading out the streets of egypt. leland is streaming live with more. >> reporter: not only is everyone here in the square very angry about the fact that he didn't get the death penalty but angry that number of his henchmen were acquitted and his sons were acquitted. it's 10:00 p.m. and there are hundreds if not thousands of people flowing into the square. i rough estimates was 25,000, easily we could have 50,000 in tahrir square, still angry
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ending what has been a wild day. >> chaos in the courtroom as speculators begin pushing and shoving. some angry with the conviction. >> in court he remained defiant, even when the judge sentenced to him life in prison. >> this the moment of truth outside the courtroom. you can see everyone raising their hands in prayer. in just the next couple of second we're going to hear the verdict. >> they went absolutely crazy, maybe are the victims' family chanting god is great now that he has been sentenced to life in prison in his own country after being thrown out by the revolution. celebrations during the day turned to anger at night as tens of thousands of egyptians packed tahrir square demanding real justice. they want the people responsible
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for killing so many people here in this very square a little more than a year ago brought to justice. today's verdict a number of mubarak's underlings why acquitted. >> officers were killed with their own hands are out. they will be back at their own job and they will be staying at a suite. >> reporter: what we haven't seen is the army or police and we really haven't seen any violence. that is certainly bodes well going forward. next two weeks is critical in egypt's future, two weeks from tonight, egyptians will be voting for their future president. their choice a number member of the muslim brotherhood or the prime minister under president mubarak, if the former prime minister wins which a lot of people say is possible, what we
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are seeing tonight would just be a very, very small taste. >> gregg: a remarkable story. we'll be checking back with you live in cairo. thanks very much. >> heather: unreal pictures there. for a little context how we got there. uprising begin on january 25th, 2011. it followed the overthrow of tunisia's president. at least 840 people were killed and more than 6,000 injured in the up rising. mubarak stepped down on february 11th of last year. military council was formed to run the country's affairs. just this week egypt's infamous intelligence law expired. it had given mubarak and police forces vast authority to crack down. suspension was a key demand by the protestors. >> gregg: and violence in syria
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spilling over to lebanon. gun battles erupting leaving nine people killed. more than 20 others injured. clashes in the lebanese city in tlipoli lasted throughout night and raising serious fears that the violence will spread across the region. all of this as human rights groups report a new round of shelling in hula. that is where a massacre claimed hundred lives and dozens of them were children. they are leading u.n. secretary-general that syria is sfleipg all out war. what will be stopping it now. we will be putting that to assistant dik cheney. >> heather: congress is investigating the scandal at gsa after they made headlines for spending nearly one million dollars oh a lavish conference
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in las vegas. we learned 95 officials decided to work from home rapid wrapped up more than 3507,000 in travel expenses over the course of nine months. former gsa regional commissioner seen here in las vegas hot tub when he resigned following the conference scandal. newly uncovered e-mails show that he was aware of these travel charges back in 2011. molly henneberg is live in washington with more. >> molly: yes, jeff neally was aware of the charges. according to dophz. the documents include e-mails from him last fall when he was alerted to the travel expenses of those work from home gsa employees. he wrote an e-mail to a colleague, omg h, is a fine mess we have gotten ourselves in to. he sent details to other colleagues, this will take your
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breath away. don't share further. >> the irony of those e-mails is not lost on congressman darrell issa who wants more information from the gsa. he sent a letter to the gsa yesterday saying, quote, the fact that the excessive travel reimbursements shocked jeffrey kneelly speaks volumes. it appears that they failed to monitor travel reimbursements to highly paid officials working as virtual employees. 95 employees that give those travel spentsz the money over 2011 and 2012. now, the new administrator is promising an extensive review. he wants a closer look at, quote our travel policy and staff deployment according to his spokesman and says the gsa is
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going to eliminate any excessive spending. >> heather: molly henneberg live in washington, thanks very much. >> gregg: the unemployment rate heading up again, likely leading to high anxiety in the white house right about now. labor department reporting 69,000 jobs created in the month of may, that is the fewest in a year and an uptick in the jobless number fwooq 8.2%. what does it all mean? charlie hurt joins us. good to see you. this is whether you started counting them the third slow down in three years making it the weakest economic recovery since world war ii. politically what is the impact on the presidential election? >> i don't think you can overstate how bad this bad news the s for president obama heading into this election that will most certainly be
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determined by the state of the economy. with every single passing month where we have more bad news and with every new gloomy statistic that comes along it makes it harder to continue blaming the bad economy on george w. bush and policies of republicans. we saw he didn't try to blame congress and republicans in congress. it just gets to the point where i think voters start to say, no, at some point you own this economy. by now he does. >> gregg: let me ask you about that, because the president has been blaming republicans for blocking his policies. one could argue that he pretty much got what he wanted, stimulus, housing bailouts, he got dodd-frank, two payroll tax holidays. would you expect republicans could hammer away, wait a minute
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eighth his policies, that is the problem? >> i think quite frankly we've seen mitt romney doing a very good job. a lot people didn't expect him to be a terribly exciting candidate. he really isn't the most exciting guy in the world but he is very good at talking about the economy. he knows business. he has done a very good job of keeping the focus on the economy no matter how much democrats try to talk about other things. i think the other point, you make a good point about all the things he has gotten. let's not forget the first two years of his administration he had a huge majority in the house. he had a filibuster proof majority in the senate of them ran all the tables. they had every lever of power. for him to sit back and say republicans in congress, it doesn't pass the test. >> gregg: the nation as a whole
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still has 575,000 fewer jobs now than when mr. obama took office. there is a different way of looking at this. he has moved the unemployment trajectory from a high of 10% in october 2009 down a substantial way down to 8.2%. isn't that a measure of some success, albeit, not what everybody would love to have? >> sure. she also going to make that very argument. he is going to try to make the argument that we're going in the right direction but it's so much worse than anybody realized. the problem with that while, yes you shall correct about the trajectory of unemployment but a big reason that unemployment number goes down, is the people quit looking for work. one of the reasoning that it ticked up is because a lot of people came back into the work
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force trying to look for jobs which inflated the number. what is important about that, it's still the same number of people who are of voting age without jobs. the statistic, whatever it is the unemployment number is almost irrelevant you still have the exact same number of people who are frustrated and neighbors are frustrated and that kind of thing can sway an election in a tidal shift. >> gregg: it's a head scratcher because when you look at the polling data the president gets low approval rating but he is tied with mitt romney. maybe the "wall street journal" and editorial page couple days ago put the finger on it. they fault governor mitt romney for being long on criticism iss and short on sluisz. he needs to explain why the obama policies and some cases the bush fails have failed to make a durable recovery.
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he needs to explain why some tax cuts worked and above all he needs to fight for his vision of how to restore american growth and prosperity. maybe romney doesn't have the viable solutions that appeal to americans. >> i think it's very good point. he needs to figure out a way to communicate a whole lot of that. he has done a good job to keep the focus on the economy. you are right. he needs to give a grand vision that really strikes people. the other thing i think, other two reasons i think they are tied right now, it's still very early. people aren't paying that close attention at this point. lastly, at the end of the day, president obama is a likable guy. majority of americans tend to like him. obviously there are people that really don't like him. he a likable guy. he comes off as more likable
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than mitt romney. >> gregg: that counts. >> it does counted but when you have a bad economy like this, i just think the economy trumps everything. >> gregg: there was a story in the "new york times" that romney supporters are trying to say, stop saying in your speeches, yes the president is likable guy but... don't help him. [ laughter ] charlie, great to see you as always. >> heather: switching gears. severe storms rocking parts of the east coast. take a look at some of the damage superiors north of the capital. trees and power lines down. debris littering entire neighborhoods. the storm hit fast catching a lot of residents by surprise. >> i couldn't believe it. i looked outside and i couldn't believe it. treat back here, i mean it just disintegrated. there were pieces and everything flying in a circle.
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>> your house was shaking and wind was blowing. you didn't know what was happening. >> we have never had anything like this before. >> everybody is safe and everybody in the neighborhood is fine, that is all that matters. >> heather: national weather service confirming one tornado near baltimore international airport and investigating reports of several other tornado touchdowns. maria molina is live in the fox weather center. >> good to see you. received 200 reports of severe weather from parts of the midwest into the mid-atlantic, 17 of those were of tornadoes. we're going to continue to see those confirmed. the storm system, not doing so much severe weather in the form of hail, damaging winds or tornadoes but more in the form of flooding. we are seeing that rain coming down in parts of new england. it's been coming down since early this morning, inches of rain in parts of new hampshire and southern portions of maine.
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there is concern for flooding because rainfall totals could be 2-4 inches of rain, locally up to 6 inches, so number of flood wrachs are across the state of maine and new hampshire. there was one across northern massachusetts. that has been allowed to expire. keep that in mind if you live across portions in maine and new hampshire you will need umbrellas. westward we have a severe weather in eastern montana and down into colorado and texas and oklahoma panhandle. that is going to be an issue and strong storms firing up that could produce hail and damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. other big weather story is the heat in the southwest, well above average, 104 will be the high in vegas, 106 in phoenix. yesterday we had temperatures that broke some records. las vegas it was 107 degrees.
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>> heather: that is hot. we appreciate it. >> gregg: roll we homeian rhapsody. there is a big party going down. queen elizabeth celebrating her diamond jubilee. we take a closer look at the only monarch most britains ever ever known in their lifetime. >> plus, a major development in the trayvon martin, they revoke for george zimmerman. >> and race for the white house getting extremely personal. bill hemmer goes one on one with mitt romney. what the governor has to say how fierce the race for the white house has become. >> they said early on their objective in the campaign was to quote, kill mitt romney. not literally but figure actively obviously. tourism season in years. in florida we had more suntans...
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>>. >> heather: festivities is under way in united king dodge sell brake light go queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee. four days of events as the queen
4:21 pm
and duke launched the occasion at the horse track attending a race. queen elizabeth took the throne on death of her father king george. most britains have known know other monarch in their lifetime. been dra stover is co-author of a biography of queen elizabeth ii. thanks for joining us. >> nice to be here. >> heather: tell me a little bit about significance of this events. what is the significance of the jubilee? >> it is significant. there has only been one other diamond jubilee in modern british history. this queen has really never put a foot wrong in her long reign and she is still going strong. >> heather: why does it matter
4:22 pm
to the brits? >> it matters because many need the glory and symbolism of the monarch. britain has been through a lot of rough times and going through those times. this is a tremendous way to forget ones troubles and remember the glorious history of britain. >> heather: and what are some of the celebrations we can expect and what is the meaning behind them? >> tomorrow is going object a spendid procession of over 1,000 boats up the thames. that is very symbolic. england was an island nation that held sway over much of the world in other glorious past. the water has played an important role in british life. >> heather: when did your interest specifically begin in taking a look at the royal monarchy and the history of it? >> as a child i was fascinated.
4:23 pm
i'm old enough to have been around during world war ii and seeing elizabeth and see her sister and charming princesses, as an adult i have written some books with my husband about the american presidency. we were looking for another subject. the one that really popped into our heads was the queen. >> heather: how do you think history has affected her monarchy? >> she came of age during the empire. now she presides over commonwealth of 54 nations. she is seen the power of the monarchy diminished but i think the symbolism has risen. >> heather: thank you so much for joining us. we really appreciated you joining us. >> you can tune in tomorrow morning, beginning at 10:00 a.m.
4:24 pm
eastern, we'll be reporting from london as britain celebrates. i know you are looking forward to that. >> gregg: they know how to throw a party. >> heather: there have been a lot of parties lately. royal wedding, diamond jubilee. >> gregg: i can't wait to see all the boats parading. not so exciting the new jobs numbers. showing a very troubling trend, hiring is slowing. unemployment elevate up. what can be done to turn all of this around. >> heather: new developments in disappearance of a person. he disappeared two years ago from oregon elementary school. all the latest on the case just ahead. >> the time has come from terry to take responsibility for what she has done. i'm asking the court to compel terry to tell me where he is.
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>>. >> gregg: new developments to tell you about in the trayvon martin case. a judge ordering george zimmerman to report back to jail. he is charged with killing 17-year-old travon martin but is claiming self-defense. anna? >> reporter: judge has mandated it happen by sunday afternoon but george zimmerman could turn himself in as early as today. prosecutors accuse zimmerman's wife of lying to them to get a lower bond. telling the court they were virtual pennyless while note disclosing $200,000 in a paypal account set up for a legal defense. >> court was misled by the actions of the definitely and
4:30 pm
his wife. that is why we argue that the bond should be revoked. court made that finding. >> reporter: in recorded phone conversations, zimmerman and his wife spoke in code about the money given to them by supporters, for example, $8.60 was really $86,000. zimmerman's attorney says his actions were inadvertent. >> he'll have a day in court to explain and look at all the circumstances even what has come out to date in determine what he is going to do let him back out on bond. he is accused of killing martin the night of february 26th. it has set off debate about florida's stand-your-ground law. it will hinge on his credibility and instances like this prove that zimmerman can't be trusted. law enforcement officials say
4:31 pm
they are in constant contact with zimmerman. he has until 3:00 p.m. tomorrow to turn himself in. >> gregg: new developments in case of a missing 7-year-old oregon boy. he vanished from his elementary school back in 2010. he was last seen by his step-mother, terry horman. now his biological mother is suing her for $10 million. what she really wants is horman to say what happened to kyron. >> i believe that terry horman knows where kyron is. i believe she is responsible for where my son is. the time has come for terry to takes responsibility for what skhee has done and to tell me and my family where ryron is and how he got there. >> gregg: young says she will not seek any of the money, instead it will go to families
4:32 pm
of other missing children. so far no suspects have been named in the disappearance. >> heather: brand-new jobs numbers showed gains in hiring took a tumble. unemployment rate jumped to 8.2% after employers added just 69,000 jobs in may. this followed a trend back in january when we were at 275,000 and it has dropped every month since bringing us to the latest numbers. what can be done to turn the job market around. dominic, how are you doing. a financial advisor. thanks for joining us. let's begin with a closer look at the numbers. they don't tell the whole story. unfortunately because it is worse than it appears to be? >> this is data coming out of
4:33 pm
washington, the real numbers are substantially worse than that. they don't count people that have given up completely and more importantly they don't count the people i can't find the job, i am eligible for social security or i'll apply for disability social security. those have exploded. a true number, we've heard numbers between 15%-16% unemployment. >> what about a bright spot? >> the numbers are still positive. from that perspective there the economy is still growing. there is some people say, look we had had a particular warm winter and some of the hiring that we have normally happened in the spring came in early. that is why we're seeing this decline, but the truth of the matter is we're not getting the economic growth we really need not only to sustain the economy but turn this number around. >> heather: manufacturing and exports has been a bright spot? >> it's been great. the ability to manufacturers in
4:34 pm
this country to get really cheap energy, a lot of manufacturing in this country uses natural gas. that has been fantastic, gives them a competitive advantage. keep in mind, europe number one trading partner really is a big part of this puzzle. if europe were to go into a deep recession that has a very negative implication. >> heather: so that being said, how much worse could it get? >> look, we're not in this camp and predicting it but clearly people are talking about a recession in 2013. last one we went through, in 2008, unemployment over 107 we saw the s&p 500 lose almost 40% of it's a value but certainly the potential exists for that. >> heather: we don't want to be negative and talk about things that can be done to improve the situation and improve these numbers? >> i'll start off by saying, it might be easier to move mount rushmore to the bahamas, but if
4:35 pm
somebody in washington we're going to create an energy policy that will make us energy independent over the next ten years. it focuses on natural gas. we have more than saudi arabia has oil. cheaper manufacturing. fleets where there would be buses in school districts or cities running on natural gas. better for the environment, lowering energy costs to every single consumer, putting down on pressure on gasoline and diesel prices. >> heather: thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, have a great day. >> gregg: back to the race for the white house now. earlier this week, our own bill hemmer had a chance the sit down with mitt romney and his wife and spend quality time. both of them opening up about the personal and political. here now is part of the
4:36 pm
exclusive interview with governor romney and mrs. romney. >> the way i see you selling yourself is the manager that america needs. >> i'm not sure manager is apt word as leader. manager you have the perception you are handing out assignments and checking off boxes and telling other people what to do. a leader is someone who has the respect of other individuals and likely to follow to get people to follow them that has a vision for where we need to go. when i look at my experiences as governor and someone running a business, i hope i was more a leader and less a manager and moore able to be successful by virtue of leading which is bringing people together, setting a course and working together to achieve the mission. >> i saw that at the olympics. it was a sense of sacrifice or giving something up and going
4:37 pm
out and helping and doing something. everyone that was there was doing the same thing. that to me is the closest comparison you can see what needs to be done in this country right now. i agree with mitt, it's leadership. he was able to step in at a critical time. i think people that worked at olympics will tell i it was the most purposeful moment of their life. >> reporter: in jackson skrl, two weeks ago you talked about some of the ads running against you. you said the purpose is not to describe success and failure but to suggest that i'm not a good person or not a good guy. explain the last part of that? >> i think part of president's campaign is directly through his campaign organization where people who sport him in the media is denigrate me as a person. they said early on their objective in the campaign was to
4:38 pm
quote, kill mitt romney. not literally but figuratively. that is what they want to do. that is the nature of the campaign. i'm a husband, father, grandfather, a business guy, i care very deeply about the country that is why i'm running. i care about the country that is going to be the next generation. >> reporter: is he a good guy? >> the best. i met him in high school. i know that he has unquestionable integrity. obviously knows he is very intelligent but beyond that the judgment is so good. >> reporter: i have seen you get angry twice, in the bale of hay in iowa where they wouldn't quiet down. does he get mad? >> we all have a pushing point. >> reporter: how does he express it?
4:39 pm
>> in a lot more mature way than he was younger. >> does he get quiet and walk away? >> no he goes straight on. >> gregg: so more at 6:00 p.m.. >> heather:, no, no, no. >> seemd very nice. >> struggling economy and the bad combination for millions of americans trying to find work. it's a race against time as a key lifeline is about to run out. >> there are so many people out of work and a majority of people are trying really hard to find jobs. they are putting the time that it takes to do that. sometimes we just need more time. you'll inevitably find yourself on aolate highway in your jeep grand cherokee. and when you do,
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>>. >> heather: welcome back.
4:44 pm
in the wake of disappointing jobs numbers on friday. many people out of work on the verge of losing a variety al lifeline, unemployment benefits which have been extended by congress several times are now being cut off to the long term unemployed in high unemployment states like california. casey stegall is live in los angeles with the latest on this. >> reporter: you may remember it was back in 2009 when the federal government created these emergency extensions to help tide over unemployed americans until the job market stabilized. feds added 7 three weeks of benefits to the already 26 provided by most states bringing the grand total to 99 weeks of unemployment benefits. however, earlier this year the extensions expired. while congress managed to keep the program going a time line for it to end had to be set. which means now that 400,000 people are getting their last checks much earlier than expected. one of them is karen hamilton.
4:45 pm
>> what you get for twlav unemployment is just enough to have a place to live and eat and gas. so it's really bad. you just have to be positive about it. >> reporter: now ending the extensions have been a hot button issue especially in states like california still suffering from highest unemployment rates in the country. extension prolongs joblessness opponents say and hasn't helped unemployment figures. those in favor of it, say it's necessary for local economy as well. >> the benefits are about $300 a week is not a huge sum but when you add that up, especially in those communities that are hardest hit by unemployment. that is what the unemployment
4:46 pm
program was all about when it was first envisioned back after the depression in 1936. >> reporter: now this federal program comes to a complete halt next year in 2013. a discouraging news, of course, especially in the wake of friday's job figures where the national unemployment rate rose for the first time in 11 months from 8.1% to 8.2%. >> heather: thank you very much, casey stegall reporting from los angeles. >> gregg: syria seems to be coming apart at the seams. the violence going virtually unchecked as the country divides along sectarian lines as civil war on the way? that story is next. 4 [ gun shots ]
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
>>. >> gregg: syria spiraling out of control with a top diplomat warning that the country is on the brink of all out civil war. at least eight people killed as president assad tries maintain a deadly grip on power. this as kofi annan says it's
4:51 pm
taking on sectarian dimension and pitting groups against each other that could spread to other countries in the middle east. can anything be done to stop the bloodshed? jeing me susan yates, ceo of d.c. international advisors. good to see you. kofi annan says this is heading out to all out civil war. is he right? >> i have to say with annan, unfortunately he is probably correct but at the same time one wonders what conflict he has been with a have watching over the last year. civil war is defined by armed internal conflict at changing the government. we've had civil war in syria for 15 months. >> gregg: you and i spoke couple times before. you never really gave annan's peace plan much of a chance. why is that?
4:52 pm
>> unfortunately the former secretary-general of the united nations had a tenure at that institution that was plagued by corruption but also association with tragic human events, difficulties in rwanda and yugoslavia and was ineffective to stop those. so if you look at syria where a it's a human, trying to end human suffering he had low odds of success. >> gregg: week ago president obama said let it be known his new plan was to convince russia to intervene to force the removal of assad. putin says no, no intervention, no sanctions. as we look back on that, was it naive to think that rush is that would be the solution and not the problem? >> right. one of the great ironies we have
4:53 pm
in the drama unfo8d go is the president of the united states seems incorrect in the diagnosis of russia's role and qatar's role and saying that it's not part of the solution to arming the assad regime and keeping i it in power and bloodshed ongoing. >> gregg: putirn has gone so far to absolutely deny supplying arms to the rebels and notwithstanding irrefutable evidence that they cargo was caught delivering weapons at a port there. i suppose he can deceive and lie with i believe puint? >> i think the kgb training is proving, demonstrates through the international media and efforts at diplomacy. i don't see how anybody can believe their role in the
4:54 pm
conflict. i think one of the elements of the assessment brought out by annan's trip, vith true, there are sectarian and reasonably elements of this conflict which means it's not just a one off issue with syria internally. president of the united states owe a plan for this broader dynamic that is going is your this region. it's part of unanswered arab spring. that is what troubles people even more. >> gregg: there have been so many innocent civilian deaths, women and children. we have shown the face of this conflict to the faces of children before, but take a look at the little girl again, standing amid the rubble and all the violence and the car entangling and so forth. senator john mccain a war hero said president obama's foreign policy is feckless and he was abandoned real leadership.
4:55 pm
i assume you agree with that? >> i am closer to senator mccain's to obama's approach but i think oh republican or democratic side of the aisle there are two extremes that i find unsatisfied. one is obama's caricature of leading from behind which leads the chips to fall where where they may and that is not leadership. the other is point of view that senator mccain overemphasized no-fly zones and arming of rebels. there is large missing middle that needs to be addressed. >> gregg: steven yates, former assistant to dick cheney, thank you very much for being with us. we'll be right back with more. f. machines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year.
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>> heather: fox news weather alert. folks to pennsylvania picking up the pieces after severe storms spawning powerful winds, even tornadoes tear through neighborhoods. hello. i'm heather childers. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. thousands of folks remain this hour without any power. in hampton, virginia a tornado battering the downtown. the twister toppling trees and power lines. >> heather: in maryland, a tornado touching down near the baltimore airport. as bad as these images look, no injuries reported. that's the good news. maria molina has more details.
5:00 pm
>> hey. yeah, it's still that time of year right now during early june, late may that we tend to see strong to severe storms up across the country. yesterday was no different. we saw over 200 reports of large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes from parts of the midwest, into the mid atlantic, 17 of those were reported tornadoes. today we have that severe weather again. further to the west, new storm system that's pushing eastward, we have that concern for severe storms across parts of eastern montana, into portion attention of eastern colorado, texas panhandle, oklahoma upon handle and northeastern new mexico. for montana, the main concerns are the hail and also the damaging wind gusts. we could also see isolated tornadic activity through portions of the texas-oklahoma panhandles and eastern colorado. stay alert. we are starting to see strong storms firing up across montana, in through portions of colorado. and some have prompted a few warnings. no tornado warnings now if effect. i haven't seen any being issued.
5:01 pm
but we have had a number of severe thunderstorm warnings because of the possibility of seeing damaging wind gusts. now two severe thunderstorm watches in effect for montana and further to the south, in effect until 9:00 p.m. local time in montana. we're going to continue to keep a close eye on this. we had one warning in effect across the city of denver. that storm has pushed eastward. stay alert again out here if you got any of these warnings issued. across new england, heavy rainfalling. been coming town since early this morning. it's the same storm system that produced all of that severe weather yesterday across the midwest and also mid atlantic. today could bring two to four inches of rain across parts of new hampshire. locally, up to six inches of rain will be possible. flooding is a big concern out here. we have a number of flood advisories posted for both maine and also portions of new hampshire. another big story we've been keeping a close eye on several days is how hot it's been across the desert southwest. temperatures well above average,
5:02 pm
even for an area that is used to that these temperature. this is too hot, too early in the season. yesterday we saw a high of 111 in phoenix. 107 in las vegas. where on average this time of year you should be seeing a high into the mid 90s. again, well above average. some of these temperatures did set system records and today no exception. another hot day in store for you guys across the desert southwest. 102 expected in tucson. 106 in phoenix. 104 your expected high temperature in the city of las vegas. we'll keep a close eye on this as well. it is expected to improve here over the next several days. we'll be back down to more average temperatures as we head into the workweek. >> heather: we're look forward to that. thank you very much. >> gregg: more on the fires now. a dire warning from new mexico's governor, saying the record breaking wildfire rip through the state may not be completely put out until they get some rain. that could be a while. more than 350 square miles have
5:03 pm
already burned, making it the largest wildfire in the state's history. 1200 firefighters trying to get under control, but it's only 15% contained at this point. dry, windy weather hint helping at all. neither is the mountain it is ous region being described as impossible terrain. national climate experts now say oklahoma faced the hottest summer in u.s. history last year. initially texas took home the honors as dubious as they might be. but as more data trickled in, turns out oklahoma pulled ahead, averaging 86.9 degrees. texas close behind with an average of 96.7. both temps blowing the old record way out of the water. that was 85.2, which oklahoma suffered through back in 1934. this summer, meteorologists expect more above average temperatures in the south. sure folks there would be very happy not to break any more heat records any time soon. i was just there in oklahoma and texas yesterday and the day
5:04 pm
before. >> heather: was it hot? >> gregg: it was pleasant and it was beautiful and the people there could not have been nicer. >> heather: see, you brought pleasantness with you. >> gregg: may not last. >> heather: yet another controversy cropping up for the general services administration. employers sometimes ask employees to work from home to save money. but gsa officials working from home somehow managed to rack up three quarters of a million dollars in travel expenses. even regional commissioner jeff neily was surprised about this. you may remember him as the man who used taxpayer dollars to plan an $800,000 conference in 2008 where he took this lovely hot tub pick. molly henneberg has details from our washington bureau with the latest on all this. hi. >> hi. $750,000 in travel expenses by work at home employees of the general services administration, or gsa. that's what new documents show and now the congressional committee with oversight to the federal work force is demanding more information.
5:05 pm
republican congressman darryl issa wrote, quote, the american people have a right to know that federal bureaucrats who enjoy the benefits of the virtual work are eligible and responsible stewards of the taxpayer dollars that support the program. acting gsa head appointed in april has promised a top to bottom review of the agency spending and in response to this latest gsa revelation, has ordered, quote, an extensive review of our agency's operations, which includes our travel policy and staff deployment. our agency remains committed to eliminating any excessive spending and promoting government efficiency. so why might overspending and gsa sound familiar together? possibly because of images like this one of now former gsa executive jeff neily. he was heading up a gsa conference in 2010 in also grace that cost taxpayers $823,000. it came to light this spring. last fall, according to the documents, when neeley was alerted to the expenses racked
5:06 pm
up by stay at home gsa employees, he wrote to a colleague in an e-mail, provided to congressional committees saying, quote, omg, well, this is a fine mess we've gotten ourselves into. and in another e-mail to colleagues said, quote, this will take your breath away. don't share further. the 95 gsa employees spent that hundreds of thousands of dollars over a course of nine months in 2010 and 2011. heather? >> heather: thank you very much, molly henneberg reporting live from washington. thanks. >> gregg: fox news alert. a stand-off in dallas, texas between police, including the swat team and a man who is just outside a bank. here is what we know. somebody was either entering the bank or leaving the bank. this, by the way, is the northwest highway between turtle creek and hillcrest, partly shut down. somebody noticed a man slumped over in a car at the bank. the fire department got there,
5:07 pm
started talking to the man. he wouldn't get out of the car or show his hands. they were worried he might have a gun. the police department arrived, again, he would not respond to their demands. the swat team is there. they tried to get him out of the car. as i understand it now, they have been able to get him out of the car. they have apprehended him and there you can see -- we can see that they have him cuffed and on the ground. yep. so this situation is over. but not for the motorists there because the northwest highway between turtle creek and hillcrest is really shut down and blocked off. so folks are being diverted to other areas. but what could have been a dangerous situation was one report this might be a suicide by cop situation. so they were very, very concerned about it. but it seems to have been defused. we'll let you know details as we get them. egypt's former president hosni mubarak is now in a prison
5:08 pm
hospital suffering what's being called a health crisis. no other details. it happened right after he learned his fate from an egyptian court. fights break out inside the courtroom. there is the melee right there. that happened when the light sentence was announced. not the death penalty. mubarak found guilty for his role in the killing of hundreds of protesters during last spring's revolution. leland vittert streaming live from cairo. >> good evening from tahrir square where there are tens of thousands of egyptians behind me, many of whom are angry not only that he didn't get the death penalty, but that a number of his lackies were acquitted in those charges of killing about 800 protesters who took to the area behind me, demanding mubarak's ouster in last year's revolution. it is just the latest development in what has been a wild day.
5:09 pm
a defiant hosni mubarak almost smirked as a judge sentenced him to life in prison. as the verdict came down, pushing and shoving match in the cairo courtroom turned into a melee. within hours, thousands of angry egyptians began flooding tahrir square. by sundown, hens of thousands started chanting. the shear size of this crowd shows just how much anger there is on the streets and how many people feel as though the revolution is still unfinished. in two weeks from today, egypt will be voting in the final round of their presidential election. on one of the ballots is a former member of the mubarak regime. the people here tell me that tonight is just a preview of what will happen if he wins in that presidential election. >> anger, anger. anger everywhere. >> what's going to happen? >> i think he's going to kill as much as he can. he's going it put in jail as
5:10 pm
much as he can. >> what are you going to do? >> what am i going to do? i'm going to be in the streets. get killed, go to jail, i don't care. >> there are people who are saying they are going to remain in the streets for the coming days. what we haven't seen, gregg, is any violence. the army hasn't shown up, nor has the police shown up. it seems to be both sides, the army who is in charge right now of egypt and also the muslim brotherhood is one of the driving forces behind these protests today, are trying to keep violence either to a minimum or to keep it from happening at all because neither side wants to have it become a political issue going forward. if that holds, it certainly bodes well for the coming election. if it doesn't hold, it could certainly give the army an excuse to delay those elections. right now the tens of thousands of people who are behind me here, as we are approaching midnight in cairo, do not seem to be leaving tahrir any time soon. back to you in new york. >> gregg: leland vittert in
5:11 pm
cairo, thanks very much. >> heather: in syria, the humanitarian crisis there spinning out of control. syria activists say government forces are shelling the same villages where dozens of innocent civilians, many of them children, were murdered. this as the u.s. releases satellite images said to show mass graves. peter doocy reports from washington. >> we've seen the images of syrian citizens being slaughtered in the streets. now the state department is showing us pictures they suggest are of the mass graves where the dead are being buried. look at the left of this satellite split screen taken may 18. the dotted line surrounds a cleared dirt area. now, on the right, ten days later, that same area is shown with what are identified as probable newly dug graves or trenches. another image shows artillery pointed at syria, pointed by a -- followed bay landscape full of crater, allegedly if that
5:12 pm
artillery. syria is still getting help from russia and iran. that's according to the u.s. ambassador to syria, who says, quote, russia continues to supply the syrian military with arms and we all know that the iranian regime's interests are deeply imbedded in the assad regime's survival. it is directly supporting the syrian government through lethal and nonlethal means and its revolutionary guard corp. and intelligence services are coaching the syrian military. the state department says they want the whole world to know how bad things really are in syria. >> we want to send that message to the syrian people, first and foremost, so they can see what their government is doing, but it's equally important that the international community see these images as well. >> syria's violence spilled across the border into lebanon where seven people were killed in clashes between assad's supporters and opponents. heather? >> heather: peter doocy reporting from washington i
5:13 pm
that. >> gregg: new warnings from the white house to american businesses concerning the flame. that's a dangerous virus that appears to have infected iran's oil industry. so far it has not been detected in this country. that doesn't mean it can't show up. up like traditional weapon, a cyber weapon can backfire. the warning comes even as suspicion is being raised that the united states government is behind this cyber attack. >> heather: daring rescue to save four kidnap victims, all of this happening in the caves of afghanistan. ahead, how u.s.-led forces got them out. >> gregg: and former president bill clinton trying to explain away some perceived praise that he tossed toward republican governor mitt romney this week. what this could mean for the relationship between the former president and the current president on the campaign trail. >> there is no question in terms of getting up and going to the
5:14 pm
office and basically performing the essential functions of the office, a man who has been governor and had a sterling business career crosses the qualification threshold.
5:15 pm
5:16 pm
5:17 pm
5:18 pm
>> heather: this is exciting. live pictures going on right now in manhattan and the space shuttle enterprise has been lifted by crane just now and placed onto a bathroom that will take it on a trip along jamaica bay to its final home, the uss intrepid. we will have live reports for you on the shuttle's voyage tomorrow when that starts. but look at that, that's pretty amazing. it's amazing watching it come in as it circled new york city. >> gregg: it was magnificent. that's going to be a real attraction. >> heather: absolutely. >> gregg: look forward to seeing it. >> heather: live pictures for you. >> gregg: let's get a quick check of some of the other headlines. the nation's capitol drying out from those flash floods, cars stuck on the road as meteorologists announced tornado warnings. better weather expected today. four kidnapped health aid workers escaped in a raid. kidnappers connected to the
5:19 pm
taliban took them hostage last month. britain's celebrating queen elizabeth ii's diamond jubilee honoring certificate 60 years on the throne. our own martha mccallum is there examine bring us the festivities live beginning at 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning right here on "america's news headquarters." >> heather: one congressional race in new jersey is hot enough, two democratic incumbents going head to head thanks to redistricting. but when you throw former president clinton into the mix, it actually gets even more interesting. this after clinton seemed to praise governor mitt romney during an interview. the former president calling romney's work as a venture capitalist, quote, good work. >> i don't think that we ought to get into the position where we say this is bad work. this is good work. i think, however, the real issue
5:20 pm
ought to be what has governor romney advocated in the campaign that he will do as president? what has president obama done and what does he propose to do? how do these thing stack up against each other? that's the most relevant thing. >> heather: so last night while stumping for new jersey congressman, president clinton said that his remarks were twisted around, but should democrats who expect clinton to campaign firmly on obama's side be concerned? joining us are form deputy assistant to president george w. bush and martin frost arc former democratic congressman from texas. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> heather: so president obama and the clinton, let's get right to the heart of it. they appear to have fully reconciled after the 2008 primary fight, but their history, it has been a consistent sub text during the past four years. so this could cause more tension between the current and former
5:21 pm
presidents? brad, i'll begin with you. >> i'm sure it will as it does with mayor booker of newark when he spoke the truth about the president's baseless attacks on bain capital, or governor rendell, the former governor of pennsylvania when he spock the truth and told the white house to cut it out examine the obama campaign with attacking marketplace economics and the work, the stellar work, if i can quote president clinton, of mitt romney and the business world. the fact is, president clinton is telling the true, mitt romney is more than qualified to be president. in fact, more qualified than barak obama was in 2008. in 2008, barak obama was famous for being famous. in 2012, mitt romney is famous for cleaning up the olympics, for having them go off without a hitch, for being the governor of a very blue state of massachusetts, and as well as being a successful business person. so yeah, this will certainly create a rift in the white house will try and push back.
5:22 pm
but bill clinton will do what bill clinton is going to do. >> heather: congressman frost, your thoughts? >> look, the press likes to make something a lot more this than there is. bill clinton and obama are going to be in lock step in the general election. bill clinton will be campaigning for barak obama. get over it, you know. this is a very temporary thing. now, in terms of romney's record, let's look at his record when he was governor of massachusetts, massachusetts was 47th in the country in job creation. that's a legitimate issue to be raised. in terms of bain capital, look, they were a venture outfit. they took over some companies and in doing so, they got rid of a lot of people. in other case, they created jobs. legitimate issue to say in what he was doing, how many people lost their jobs? how many people got jobs as a result of what he's doing? but that's not going to be the major issue in the campaign. the issue will be the programs that both of them advocate, whether romney will continue to
5:23 pm
advocate tax cuts for the very wealthy and whether romney created jobs when he was governor. they were 47th in the country. >> heather: brad, as you can expect, a lot of that will come out in the campaign. president obama's campaign, as it moves forward. is the romney campaign making a strategic mistake by elevating clinton's defense right now or perceived defense of governor romney's work at bain when he called it good work, could that move end up hurting them? >> not at all. i think bill clinton is well liked among independents and well liked on what i'll call reagan democrats. bill clinton's likeability gets better the further it is from his service because people understand that he's a democrat who actually believed in a balanced budget, who created surpluses and didn't do what democrats typically do is spend us into the ground. and i think that's exactly what we got under barak obama and that's why i think president clinton is speaking very favorably about mitt romney because i think he's impressed with his business acuemen --
5:24 pm
>> let's be serious here. >> i do. i think he has a great respect for mitt romney. >> obama and clinton will be in lock step in this campaign this fall. clinton will be out campaigning for barak obama. it is wishful thinking for the republicans to take false hope from any statements he may have made about romney's business career. that's simply not going to be what's said this fall. >> we like what he said so far. bill clinton will campaign every place that he can be helpful and he can be help envelope a loft swing states. >> heather: to be fair, it should be noted clinton did predict obama would beat governor romney by five or six points in november. so finally as we wrap up what, does this mean for the obama campaign? who does this benefit the most is it brad, you think it benefits governor romney. so congressman frost? >> look, the election is in november. it's not right now. this is something a little passing story that the press like to talk about. the election will be decided in
5:25 pm
september and october and a lot of swing states and bill clinton will help barak obama be reelected. >> heather: perhaps another distraction, brad, you do get the final word. >> i tell you what, dollar lot of high profile democrats that are off the page that obama has put before them and their recent statements, whether governor rendell of pen, booker, new york, the mayor, or president bill clinton, they're all going to be in the obama dog house for a while for speak the truth and that's wrong. >> heather: okay. >> we'll see a lot of recycled videotape of newt gingrich and other republicans attacking mitt romney in the last couple of months. >> heather: congressman frost got in that last word. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. thank you. >> gregg: these days it's not tape. it's digital. >> heather: twitter. >> gregg: we need to change our language, i guess. does anybody have tape anymore? all right. brand-new information about the overboard groom, videotaped. although i'm guessing it was
5:26 pm
digital, surfacing that might solve the honeymoon mystery. judge jeanine pirr takes on the case. >> heather: the clock is ticking for george zimmerman. reporting to jail at any moment now. what he did to make the judge so angry. stay tuned. >> you can't sit back and obtain the benefits of a lower bond for circumstances based upon those material falsehoods. that's what they were. so at this time, we hope his bond placing him at a no bond status hey, the new guy is loaded with protein! really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good egg. [ major nutrition ] ensure high protein... ensure! nutrition in charge!
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5:30 pm
bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. the largest wildfire in new mexico history continues to burn out of control, scorching more than 350 square miles. some 1200 firefighters are battling those flames. >> heather: thousands of protesters gathering in cairo's
5:31 pm
tahrir square today protesting the life prison sentence for ousted leader hosni mubarak. many wanted the death penalty for his role in the massacre of protesters last spring. >> gregg: and defense secretary leon panetta going to vietnam, making him the most senior american official to visit since the war ended. he's hoping to work with the country to identify missing u.s. troops. >> heather: george zimmerman heading back to jail. a judge in florida revoking his bond in the trayvon martin murder case and ordering him to turn himself in to authorities by tomorrow. prosecutors claim that he misled the court about his financial situation apparently and a second passport. now the very latest. >> hi. judge lester has ordered george zimmerman back to jail by sunday afternoon. that's after prosecutors presented evidence showing zimmerman didn't disclose some $200,000 given to him on-line by supporters resulting in a lower
5:32 pm
bond. while his attorney says his actions were inadvertent, prosecutors say at least four jail house phone conversations showed zimmerman and his wife talk not talking in code. 8.60 in one conversation was really $86,000. >> i don't think they believe that they had free access to that money and i think that was evident by the way they used it and didn't use it. i think it was compelling evidence that they didn't go out and just use it to get him out that very day. >> the court was misled by the actions of the defendant and his wife and that's why we argued his bond should be revoked and the cower made that finding also. >> zimmerman is accused of killing 17-year-old trayvon marketten. he was charged with second degree murder six weeks after the incident and pled not guilty, claiming self-defense. the case will likely hinge on
5:33 pm
zimmerman's credibility and the martin family attorney says instances like this prove zimmerman can't be trusted. >> remember it is only george zimmerman's testimony that says trayvon martin attacked him. all the other objective evidence suggests that george zimmerman pursued and confronted trayvon martin. >> zimmerman could turn himself in as early as today. law enforcement officials say they're in constant contact with him and do know his whereabouts. >> heather: thank you very much. >> gregg: report in the "new york times" raising some eyebrows, saying president obama has a secret kill list of america's enemies, terrorists. essentially head shots of al-qaeda leaders and operatives laid out before the commander in chief, much like a yearbook, including mini bios on each and
5:34 pm
every one of them. let's bring in liz trotta. what do you think and especially what do you think of the media's reaction to this? >> good afternoon, gregg. i think we probably have seen the official opening of the "new york times" campaign to reelect obama. and the reason i say that is this 6,000 word piece in which the writers are supposedly reportedly have set to talk to three dozen former and current serving high officials of the obama administration, is truly amazing. first of all, one has to wonder and as an old reporter myself i have to wonder when three dozen former and current officials are made available to you, don't you get suspicious? don't you think that maybe it's a set-up and that we're now playing this macho game, let's go up the president and let's celebrate his macho? and that, of course, is
5:35 pm
completely tied to his personal super position, according to the times piece. >> gregg: is there some hypocrisy because on the one hand, you have the president complaining about holding prisoners in gitmo examine not affording them constitutional rights, he complained about harsh interrogation rights. now we know at the same time he was complaining about all of that, he was ordering up the drone execution of the same kinds of terrorists. >> two points on that. one is isn't it wonderful when you can send out pilot lists, unmanned, aircraft, to do your killing for you, then you don't have to wonder about who -- about capturing people who you think are terrorists or may be terrorists and then putting them in jail. what are they going to do? fill up guantanamo bay? he lost that one already. so the idea is better to kill them than to have them around as a newness in a jail. what this
5:36 pm
doesn't take into account and a lot of writers have complained about this -- is that we may be losing very, very important intelligence because we don't have the rights of interrogation. back to the hypocrisy point you raised, let's face it, he lost on guantanamo bay. also rendition, exporting prisoners to various countries where they can be properly interrogated. >> gregg: hasn't gone as planned, has it? >> no, the only thing obama has run is to manage to sort of excerpt from this is the rather spirited interrogation. but the bottom line is he's continuing the bush attack on terrorists. >> gregg: it vindicates the basic premise of the bush war on terror and rich lowery, the columnist probably had the best line when he said, you know, if dick cheney was doing this, nancy pelosi would be personally drafting the articles of
5:37 pm
impeachment. >> you bet. >> gregg: we'll leave it at that. liz, good to see you. >> thank you. >> heather: newly wed disappears on his honeymoon cruise seven years ago. now the f.b.i. has some new evidence that could help break this cold case wide open. and amazing video from inside a truck. right there, baring down on an out of control baby stroller. the hero driver tells us how he made the save. >> gregg: oh, my. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork.
5:38 pm
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>> heather: welcome back. you have to see this story. a seattle garbage truck driver is being called a hero for having a baby in a run away stroller. look at this surveillance video. jeff blackburn was on his route
5:42 pm
when a stroller suddenly rolled through the intersection. listen to what the quick thinking driver did next. >> i hit the brake and jumped out of the truck and tried to run over and grab it. luckily when i was honking the horn, there was a fed-ex truck come through and he stopped. >> heather: wow. i want to know how this happened to begin with. the baby's mother stopped to chat with again when the stroller rolled away. the frantic woman arrived seconds later and then grabbed the child. can you imagine? greg? >> every parent worries with something like that. >> heather: then she walked away. >> gregg: yeah. >> heather: hopefully she thanked him. >> gregg: i hope so. there is a possible break in a honey moon mystery. george smith and his new bride -- remember this case? they got into a fight on a cruise in 2005, security guards escorted jennifer back to her room. a group of passengers say they
5:43 pm
took the groom back to that same room later that night, but he was never seen again. his body never recovered. now the f.b.i. says it has a video showing potential suspects making incriminating statements about that very night. joining us now, judge jeanine pirro, host of "justice." is this a big breaktrue in what was essentially a cold case? >> it seems to be a breakthrough and they say that the evidence is incriminating toward the three suspects, or the three individuals who did a videotape or camcorder of themselves. >> gregg: put on a cell phone? >> it was back in 2005 and i believe it was a camcorder. tonight on my show, i will have a person who wrote the article who is going to disclose some information that she got from that tape that will give us an indication of what's been said. >> gregg: she has seen the tape? >> she apparently has information that is reliable. what we've got now, gregg, is the f.b.i. saying look, we're going to move this case from the
5:44 pm
connecticut f.b.i. to the new york f.b.i. and we've got this information that can shed new light on whether or not george smith died as a result of an accident -- >> gregg: there is his wife. some people were suspicious of her for a while. >> oh, she was certainly looked at as a suspect back then because they apparently had had a fight in the casino and she said she didn't remember the fight and then she found apparently in another part of the boat passed out allegedly from drinking. there is another theory. did somebody slip hear roofy? >> gregg: what's that? >> a drug called a date rape drug. it's something that literally you pass out, you don't know what happened and you wake up and it high pressure is administered in a drink. >> gregg: i want to play a sound bite of the father of the victim, george smith. here he is, of the same name. >> i think the letter came about two or three months afterwards, even saying there was a death and they were apologizing. >> would that have made a
5:45 pm
difference? >> no, it was a a little too late anyway. it was a cover-up that started pretty much immediately when the crime went down and then continued right through now. >> gregg: well, i wonder if there was a cover-up, which invites the question, where has this tape been for seven years? >> and that certainly is a legitimate question. we'll haven answer tonight on the show. i think the father has a very good point. what he's saying is that royal caribbean, and this was brilliance of the sea, the name of the ship, had said that george hid his nose and fell overboard. it was like they resolved the case within a day. and understand, you've got the tushish police, forensic, you've got surveillance video. >> gregg: but they found blood on a railing, didn't they? there is a railing right there. >> they're saying that could be consistent with a fall. but that is a huge amount of blood. if you just hurt your nose and fell overboard, lost your balance, which the cruise line is alleging, that's hogwash. >> gregg: what would be the theory, that maybe he was bragging about having a lot of
5:46 pm
money and a couple of guys on the cruise ship decided, hey, let's kill him and take his money? >> understand these are newlyweds, just coming from a wedding. rumor on the ship they have their wedding money with them. they're in the casino and the wife says to the husband, i ran out of money. he says, go to the room. he's wearing a very expensive watch that other people on the boat are talk about. the question is, was this a robbery and did it go bad in some way and this is what's great, gregg, there is a retired police officer in the room next door who will give us a time line of the alleged noises in the room, the surveillance will tell us who was walking down the hall and when, and then this huge -- when the god -- hits the canopy. >> gregg: was there money missing? >> you would have to get that from the wife. we don't have that. >> gregg: she has since remarried, by the way. >> not only has she settled with the cruise line. >> gregg: for a million bucks. >> very quietly, kind of off the record. and then remarried. make the million bucks.
5:47 pm
what does that tell you, gregg? >> gregg: okay. judge jeanine pirro, i'll let you tell our audience tonight. catch more of it on "justice" with judge jeanine right here on the fox news channel. good to see you. >> heather: tells me we should tune in. it will be governor romney versus president obama on the ballot this fall. but a new poll showing a surprising trend among voters. scott rasmussen with revealing new polls and how it could impact the race. started running when he was six and he didn't stop for three days and nights as he escaped life as a child soldier. twenty years later, he was still running, he just had a different thing driving him. every step of the way. ♪ visa. supporting athletes and the olympic games for 25 years. join our global cheer.
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>> gregg: in the race for president, how about a vote for none of the above? >> heather: yep. a new rasmussen poll finding nearly 80% of likely voters, they believe better choices are out there. only 19% think president obama and governor romney are their party's best nominees. scott rasmussen from rasmussen and the author of the people's money joins us at that talk more about this. so scott, what does that tell you? they want somebody else to join the race? >> look, we know from the primaries there is a lot of republicans that would like somebody other than mitt romney in this position. we know there is some democrats that would like president obama to be even further to the left
5:52 pm
politically. overall, democrats, a little more happy with the choice than republicans. they're happy with their candidate than republicans. but the flip side, republicans are following the race a lot more closely, the intensity is still with the gop. not because of their nominee, but because they're being driven to the polls by barak obama. >> gregg: right. and that is obviously an advantage to the gop. but when you match them up, president obama versus governor romney, how does it fair? >> as of this morning, 48% for romney. 44% for obama. for most of the last three weeks, they've been pretty much in a toss-up position. couple weeks ago, the president was up by three. the question right now is, does yesterday's job report begin to shift the race? consumer confidence fell by five points after that jobs report came out. we'll be watching closely to see its impact in the presidential race. >> heather: scott, 8.2% unemployment rate. when it comes to the economy, who do they trust better to
5:53 pm
handle it? governor romney or president obama? >> they trust governor romney more than president obama. they generically trust republicans more than democrats. when i say these things, you have to be clear, people aren't thrilled and think republicans have all the answers. they just figure we've watched what president obama can do. we're not very impressed. so we might want to give the other guys a try. >> gregg: if the economy and jobs are the most important issue, health care would rank as number two. when you compare republicans and democrats, what do you find there? >> it's a toss-up. if you went back to 2006-2008, this was a great issue for the democrats. then the president passed this healthcare law and all of a sudden it became a huge issue for the republicans. it helped them win control of the house last time around. after that, paul ryan came out with his plan and pretty much ever since, the two parties have been even on the healthcare issue. >> heather: it is summer time, so a lot of kids ending their
5:54 pm
college and high school careers, if you can call that a career and will be looking for summer jobs. the outlook and how people feel about whether or not they'll be able to get a summer job, how do people feel? >> they're thinking it's pretty much a long shot this year. more than nine out of ten people think it's important for kids to have summer jobs. 84% say it's going to be difficult, including 42% who say it will be very difficult for those children to find jobs this summer. i'm thankful mine do. but you just have to wait and see. this is part of the larger pattern. just about everybody knows people who have given up looking for work, people understand that it's a difficult environment out there. >> gregg: all right. put your kids to work. good for you. >> absolutely. >> heather: are yours going to get a summer job? >> gregg: one is 13. the other is doing an internship. so it's sort of a job. scott rasmussen, always great to he sue. thanks so much. >> heather: thanks. >> gregg: that's going to do it for us. rick folbaum, jamie colby taking over at the top of the hour.
5:55 pm
>> heather: we'll see you tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. eastern. we hope you'll join us. >> gregg: have a great weekend, everybody. bye-bye [ gans ] [ marge ] psst. constipated? phillipscaplets use magnesiu an ingredient that rks more naturally with your colon than stulant laxatives, phillipscaplets use magnesiu for effective relie of constation without cramps. thanks. good morning, students. today we're gonna continue... ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8.
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>> rick: glad you're with us. welcome it a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm rick folbaum. >> jamie: look at me.
5:59 pm
i'm with you today. arthel is off. thank you so much. great to be here. topping the news this hour, millions of people in the mid atlantic are picking up the pieces after they had to battle severe weather strikes, including this water spout in virginia. we'll get the very latest from our extreme weather center as this storm heads north. >> rick: that doesn't look good. also our personal credit score can determine if we can get a loan, the kind of interest rate we'll be asked to pay, but what do you do if you are just getting started? you're just out of school or maybe your score has suffered a bit during the bad economy? we have great tips for getting and keeping good credit. >> jamie: how is your mom looking? >> rick: pretty good. >> jamie: well, "consumer reports" will be here to show us the best lawn mowers on the mark. i'm going to test drive some of these push mowers and tell rick which one he should have for father's day. >> rick: look forward to that. we begin with a new scandal brewing at the government services


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