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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 2, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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the house oversight committee says documents show $750,000 in travel expenses for about 100 officials assigned to work from home. internal e-mails show even former gsa commissioner jeff neeley was shocked about this. you remember that hot tub picture, the man at the center of that lavish conference in vegas on the taxpayers' dime. molly henneberg following the story for us from washington. it appears from the documents that kneelly only found out about these travel expenses last fall. what did he say about them? >> he was a bit worried about them, according to e-mails that were included in gsa documents that were provided to the house oversight committee. he wrote in an e-mail saying, quote, omg, this is a fine mess we've gotten ourselves into. then he suspect details of the overspending to other colleagues and wrote, quote, this will take your breath away. don't share further. the irony of those e-mails is not lost on republican congressman darryl issa, the
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chairman of the oversight committee who wants more information from the gsa. he sent a letter to the gsa yesterday saying, quote, the fact that the excessive travel reimbursements shocked jeffrey neeley speaks volumes. 95 employees who spent those travel receipts did so over a nine-month period in 2010 and 2011. rick? >> rick: any reaction from the gsa? >> the new acting gsa administrator is promising an extensive review of the agency's operations. dan tangorlini, on the job for two months, wants a closer look at our travel policy and staff deployment, according to a spokesman. and says the gsa is committed to eliminating any excessive spending. rick. >> rick: molly henneberg in washington. thanks. >> jamie: we saw some disappointing jobs numbers, raising fears that the economy could be slowing down. the national unemployment rate climbing to 8.2% last month as the struggling economy and the
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slowing growth of jobs is a bad combination to the millions of americans still trying to find work. for many it's a race against time as a key life line is about to run out. casey stegall has that story live in los angeles. hi, casey. >> jail oh, good to see you. you may remember it was in 2009 that the federal government created these emergency extensions to help tide over unemployed americans until the job market stabilized. what happened? the feds added 73 weeks of additional benefits to the already 26 weeks that most states offer. that brings the grand total to about 99 weeks of unemployment benefits. but earlier this year, those extensions expired. while congress managed to keep the program going, a timeline for it to end had to be set, which means more than 400,000 people are now getting their last check much earlier than they expected. one of them is this woman, karen hamilton.
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>> what you get for whatever unemployment, workers' compensation or whatever, it's just enough to have a place to live and eat and gas to go on interviews. so it's been really bad and you just have to be positive about it and go to the next job. >> ending the extension has been a hot button issue. proponents argue it co- longs joblessness and does not help unemployment figures at all. on the other hand, those in favor believe it's necessary not only for those out of work, but for local economies as well. >> the benefits are about $300 a week, which is not a huge sum, but when you add that up, that's a huge boost to the state's economy. especially in those communities that are hardest hit by unemployment. that's what the unemployment program is all about when it was first envisioned back after the depression in 1936. >> the program comes to a
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complete halt for all states next year in 2013, already adding insult to injury for many americans, jamie. >> jamie: we hope they find work soon. thanks so much. casey stegall live in los angeles. thanks. >> rick: talk about the weather, severe storms rocking parts of the east coast overnight. take a look at this. video of a water spout damaging boats at the hampton yacht club in hampton, virginia. the national weather service confirmed at least one other tornado touched down in maryland. this same weather system is now dumping plenty of rain on parts of new england. meteorologist maria molina live at the extreme weather center. this looks nasty. >> hi. yeah, we had over 200 reports of severe weather yesterday from that storm system. 17 of them tornadoes from the midwest all the way into portions of the mid atlantic and the storm system still going, today bringing more of a heavy rain concern across portions of new england and the same storm system that also produced heavy storms here across the new york
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city area, even in philadelphia where we had reports of flooding. for today, the big concern as far as the heavy rain goes is across portions of southern maine and also into new hampshire and that's where we have the rain coming down now. of course, you need your umbrellas. plan to see travel delays in some of those airport hubs and we have flood advisories because total rainfall accumulations can be between two to four inches of rain locally, though, across southern parts of maine and eastern portions of new hampshire, you can pick up up to six inches of rain along some of the heavier rain storms of the a big concern out there as far as flooding goes and now we're track ago new storm system that's starting to exit out of the rockies and will be bringing in a concern for severe storms today across portions of eastern montana and also a second area across eastern colorado and texas and oklahoma panhandle, eastern portions of new mexico. damaging winds, hail, isolated tornadoes are concerns in both of these areas, of course, we'll keep a close eye on them. so far no tornado warnings. but we'll keep you posted as far
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as the updates continuing throughout the hour. southwest, hot out here over the last several days, excessive heat warnings have been posted. we have another one still in effect today across southern parts of nevada and also western portions of arizona because it's just so hot. triple digit, 104 in las vegas. 106? phoenix. yesterday we set records here because of how extreme hee hot it's been. 111 in phoenix and reached 107 in las vegas. on average, we should be in the mid 90s in vegas this time of year. >> rick: hot stuff, thanks. >> jamie: let's go overseas now. a verdict in egypt sparking turmoil. hosni mubarak sentenced to life in prison for fail to go stop the killing of protesters during the uprising that forced him from power last year. thousands of protesters pouring into tahrir square, angry because his two sons and other defendants were acquitted. leland vittert streaming life with the very latest.
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>> good evening now. it is approaching midnight here in cairo. the crowd in tahrir square is starting to thin out just a very little bit. when we say thin out, we mean from 50,000 to perhaps 40,000 people here who are very angry. not only did mubarak not get the death penalty, but also that a number of his cronies who were in charge of the police when some 800 protesters were killed were acquitted at the courtroom today, just one event in a very wild day. chaos in the courtroom as spectators began pushing and shoving. some ecstatic, some angry with the conviction of hosni mubarak. in court, he remained defiant. even when the judge sentenced him to life in prison. >> this is the moment of truth outside 9 courthouse. you can see everyone raising their hand in prayer and in the next couple of seconds, we're going to hear the verdict on president mubarak.
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you think this crowd was in a rock party. it went absolutely crazy. many of these are the victims' families out here chanting god is great as hue bark has been sentenced to life in prison in his own country after being thrown out by the revolution. celebrations during the day turned to anger at night as tens of egyptians packed the square, demanding what they say is real justice. they want the people responsible for actually killing so many people here in this very square a little more than a year ago brought to justice. today's verdict, a number of mubarak's underlings were acquitted and they say they want blood for their friends who died here. >> the officers who actually killed with their own hands are out and they will probable will he be back at their jobs with more money than before, and mubarak soon will be out, too, or staying at the beautiful suite at the hospital in jail. >> we now have live pictures of
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tahrir square. we're up on the balcony overlooking -- you're looking at the square. a number of the people we talked to, including the young woman, was concerned about where president mubarak will spend the rest of his life. we're told he was transferred from his plush military hospital to a prison to begin his life in prison sentence. however, there he suffered some kind of health crisis, whether that was simply a crisis of realizing this is where i'm going to spend the rest of my life or a genuine heart attack or some other issue, we don't know. but he's in intensive care tonight and you can imagine over the next couple weeks as egypt ramps up for elections that things will only get more tense and the emotion on the street going to get higher during this very hot summer in cairo. back to you all in new york. >> jamie: leland, tense enough with that many people, that picture is unbelievable. i want to remind folks, it's after midnight there. where could this go? >> it can go anywhere. that's the thing we've learned over the past 18 months here in
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the middle east. if you think about the arab spring two years ago, hosni mubarak was the president of egypt. a very strong u.s. ally, a very strong dictator, as many call them. a military man who had been there for 30 years. he's gone and today sentenced to life in prison. nobody knows where these kinds of protests can go. but after the election coming up here, there is many who promise another revolution or at least another round of mass protests if mubarak's ex prime minister wins and right now it looks like that's a real possibility. >> jamie: leland vittert reporting live from cairo where the scene is very intense. thank you. >> rick: as we watch that drama unfolding live, we thought we'd give you a little context how we got to this point. that uprising began in egypt january 25 of last year, 2011. it came after the overthrow of tunisia's president and least 840 people were killed, more
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than 6,000 injured in the uprisings. mubarak stepping down eventually. it took him a while, but he did on february 11 of last year. military council brought in o run the country. this year action egypt's emergency law expired. it had given mubarak and his police force vast authority to crack down on any dissent there. its suspension was a key demand of the protesters who toppled hosni mubarak. >> jamie: keeping an eye on syria, too, there are new clashes there leaving more than three dozen dead. as arab leaders call for u.n. intervention amid fears of a full scale civil war. peter doocy reports from washington. >> we've seen the images of syrian citizens being slaughtered in the streets. now the state department is showing us pictures they suggest are of the mass graves where the dead are being buried. look at the left of this satellite split screen. it was taken may 18. the dotted line surrounds a cleared dirt area. now, on the right ten takes later, that same area is shown
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with what are identified as probable newly dug graves or trenches. another image shows artillery pointed at syria, followed by a picture showing indicators allegedly from that artillery. syria is still getting help electric russia and iran. that's according to the u.s. ambassador it syria, robert ford who says, quote, russia continues to supply the syrian military with arms and we all know that the iranian regime's interests are deeply imbedded in the assad regime's survival. it is directly supporting the syrian government through lethal and nonlethal means and its revolutionary guard corp. and intelligence services are coaching the syrian military. and the state department says they want the whole world to know how bad things really are in syria. >> we want to send that message to the syrian people, first and foremost, so they can see what their government is doing, but certainly it's equally important that the international community
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see these images as well. >> syria's violence spilled across the border today, into lebanon where seven people were killed in clashes between assad supporters and opponents. jamie? >> jamie: peter doocy reporting from washington. thanks. >> rick: four aid workers rescued in a daring special ops mission in afghanistan. one of the hostages, british national helen johnston, nato forces storming a cave in the lawless northeastern mountains choppers flying under the cover of darkness, bringing in an elite crew of commandos to the suspected location. >> forces, it was very early hours of the morning, launched a mission that resulted in the rescue of four humanitarian aid workers that were kidnapped on 22 may. so very successful operation, rescued all four hostages, which were being kept in a cave
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complex in afghanistan. >> it was an extraordinary brave, breath taking operation that our troops carried out and i pay tribute to their incredible skill and dedication. >> rick: good news there. reports say the kidnappers were armed with rocket propelled grenades and automatic weapons. >> jamie: the new orleans saints accused of offering a bounties for players who injured their opponents. now there may be proof of just how much money was on the table. >> rick: also critics say governor mitt romney has trouble connecting with the average joe. bill hemmer shows us a side of the romney family you've never seen before, though. >> with a does he do that bugs you? >> oh, let me count the ways. [ laughter ] >> i'm anxious to hear [ male announcer ] the inspiring story
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>> rick: hope you're enjoying your saturday. a quick check of the headlines. more than 1200 firefighters racing to build lines to contain a massive wildfire in the mountains of southwestern new mexico. already more than 350 square miles have been blackened by the wind driven flames. documents gathered in the nfl's bounty hunting investigation, including a new
6:19 pm
orleans saints ledger. detailing payments for plays such as cart-offs and whacks. up to $1,000 for a hit that left opponents needing help to the side line. and the space shuttle enterprise heading for its final resting place aboard the intrepid air and space museum in new york city. it was loaded onto a barge at kennedy airport, set for a move up the hud hudson river. >> jamie: fox news channel, america's election headquarters, looking at an ugly report on the american jobs market. friday showing unemployment up to 8.2% in may. president obama attacking governor mitt romney's career as a private venture capitalist and now some analysts say it's time for him to act instead of attack. this as a new poll shows nearly two-thirds of voters think neither candidate is the best for their party.
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two-thirds. former communications director for speaker dennis hastert and chris, former chief of staff for senator joe manchin. gentlemen, welcome. >> thank you very much. >> jamie: let's all take a look at that poll because it's fascinating to me that so many people, we may not be late in the game, but we're pretty darn close to november. 64% think there are better possibilities for both parties. ron, what do you think? >> i think that's because people want to hear the details about how each candidate is going to grow jobs and grow the economy. yesterday was a devastating day for president obama. not just because of the unemployment numbers, but because former president bill clinton said, look, mitt romney has a sterling business record. let's stop attacking bain capital. let's start talking about the issues. that's what the people want to hear. they want to hear, okay. what are your plans so they can scrutinize them, so when they go to the polls in november, they can say okay. mitt romney is better, or maybe
6:21 pm
obama is better than romney. i, of course, think romney will be better because we've seen a lot from president obama, but what he has to offer and it hasn't worked. >> jamie: cleric do you make of former president clinton's remarks and do you think president obama has been as forth coming as he needs to be in terms of either continuing the strategy we have so far or going in a new direction when it comes to creating jobs? >> in terms of the first question, dealing with surrogates, has anyone who has ever done a campaign knows it's the most difficult thing. president clinton has his views and perspective. in terms of tactics and strategy, the american people fully well and understand that the president inherited a terrible fiscal mess. when you go from losing millions of jobs to creating 4 million jobs, that's pretty good turn around. is it enough to satisfy a lot of the american people? probably not. there is still a lot more work to be done. i think the challenge for the
6:22 pm
obama campaign kind of going forward is you do want to do the attack 'cause you need basically define your opponent and what their policies, or in case of governor romney, lack of policies. but you also need to kind of present your own positive vision about where you're going to take the country the next four years. >> jamie: but only 19% of those polled in that poll say they like the candidate on either side. 19%. where do you see that number going and do you think that the candidates will benefit from a finger pointing, blaming strategy whether they blame the last administration or each other's ideas? >> i think people are just simply fed up with what's going on in the country. they're seeing dismal job numbers and they've had it. so they want to start seeing and hearing plans. what are the candidates going to sell? i think they've heard a lot from president obama, what he would like to do. we know he wants to spend more. we know he wants to tax more. i think they haven't got ton
6:23 pm
know mitt romney yet. they will over the next few months. voters are going to start paying attention to this after the summer, towards the conventions when you go into the fall. those last three months, especially those debate also give voters choice. >> jamie: what about right now, ron, let me ask you this and then let chris respond. >> sure. >> jamie: governor romney, if bain capital is not the issue, what are his plans for creating jobs? what have seen in his track record, let's say in his home state that might apply in the white house? >> here is what's interesting, is that bain capital was the attack point that president obama kept using, which wasn't work. what mitt romney wants to do when he's put out five-point plan and the five bills he would introduce and five executive orders he would do, which would lower taxes, lower spending, which would create more energy, which would invest more into trade. and he does have a track record of creating jobs. you have to talk about bain capital that way. i mean, he helped with create
6:24 pm
staples, which hires thousands of people. >> jamie: chris, if that is the case and governor romney goes that route of stouting the successes involving bain and his other policies to date, how should president obama respond in his reelection campaign? more blame and finger pointing or saying congress needs to get on it, or should he just tout his success, as he sees it? >> well, listen, when it comes to governor romney, staples or running staples is not like running the federal government. being the head of private equity firm is not like being the president of the united states. those are completely two different roles. >> jamie: but president obama did walk into that position without ever running a country. >> yeah, but i would say the most important qualification is, where do you want to take the country? i think the biggest weakness that governor romney has is that his policies are basically a bad example of all the failed policies the republicans have
6:25 pm
tried to implement before. so i think in terms of your question, i think the reality is for president obama, he's got to make that contrast. but at the same time, he's got to go out there and say where he's going to take the country over the next four years. in terms of making sure that we're taking care of the middle class. >> jamie: i have to leave it there. but it sounds like both of you want your candidate to be more forth coming with what their plans are. we are all ears. thanks so much. great to see you. >> thank you very much. >> rick: a more personal look in the race for the white house earlier this week, our own bill hemmer got a chance to sit down with governor romney and his wife, ann, both of them opening up about their relationship, talking about things you don't normally hear them talk about on the campaign trail. here now is part of bill hemmer's interview with governor and mrs. romney. >> oh, let me tout the ways. >> go ahead. i'm anxious to hear. >> i think any time you live a person, it's like, wait a
6:26 pm
minute, you didn't squeeze the toothpaste retirement he only gets annoyed by the way i squeeze it. >> she does not put the cap on the toothpaste and it dries it out. >> i also don't like the way you squeeze it. squeeze it from the middle. anyway. so those little things can be annoying. >> 43 years. >> of marriage. >> it's just the toothpaste. >> there is obviously more than that, but i think -- i think that it's just what happens when you live together for a long time, we almost know what the other one is thinking without even speaking. i will say something and he'll if, oh, i was just thinking that. it's almost like our brain waves start to almost be on the same pathway. >> we're in love with each other. the funny thing is, you asked about what things i do that bug ann and vice-versa, i'm sure the little things. but when you love someone, those little things make you laugh.
6:27 pm
you chuckle about them. they're funny. they're not irritating. >> i think when something is a little irritating, we go one of these days. you're too young. >> jackie gleason. one of these days. >> one of these days, p.o.w. >> that's what we do when we're a little annoyed and we start to laugh. it's like because it's silly. >> got to laugh. >> rick: fox news bill hemmer getting a unique behind the scenes chat with the romney family. >> jamie: it's graduation season. that means plenty of firsts for former students. what can parents do to advise their kids about the perils of plastic, especially if mom and dad need help building their own credit scores? that's right. they work together. we're going to get advice direct from the source. >> rick: also, taking the pain out of mowing the lawn. "consumer reports" is here with a look at the best mowers to take care of what could feel like the weekly mean green mother in your yard. >> jamie: we're going to get you
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>> jamie: welcome back, everybody. new developments in the trayvon martin shooting to tell you about. george zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer, charged with killing the unarmed 17-year-old, could report back to a florida jail today. the judge in the case revoking his bond, claiming zimmerman misled the court about his finances. anna coyman live with the latest. any sign of zimmerman? >> not that we're hearing yet. but the judge has mandated it happen by sunday afternoon. but george zimmerman could turn himself in at any moment. prosecutors accuse zimmerman's wife, shelly, of lying to them
6:33 pm
during his bail hearing in order to get a lower bond, telling the court they were virtually pennyless, while not disclosing $200,000 in a pay pal account set up for his legal defense. >> the court was misled by the actions of the defendant and his wife and that's why we argued his bond should be revoked and the court made that finding also. >> in recorded jail house phone conversations, zimmerman and his wife spoke in kid, we're told, about the money given to them by supporters. prosecutors also said he failed to turn in a second passport he had obtained in 2004. his attorney said his actions were inadvertent. >> he'll have his day in court to explain george's behavior and look at all the circumstances, even the discovery that's come out today in determining what he's going to do about letting him back out on bond. >> rick: zimmerman is accused of killing 17-year-old trayvon
6:34 pm
martin the night of february 26. he has pled not guilty and claims he acted in self-defense. it's a case that has set off debate about florida's stand your ground law. the case will likely hinge on zimmerman's credibility and the martin family attorney says instances like this prove zimmerman can't be trusted. law enforcement officials say they are in constant contact with him and do know his whereabouts. he has until 3:00 p.m. tomorrow to turn himself in. >> we'll keep an eye on it as well. thank you. >> rick: moving through the graduation season now, a loft young people all of a sudden taking on new financial responsibilities. from car loans to credit card bills, to rent perhaps. they have probably got a lot of questions. but do mom examine dad have the answers? do you have any idea what the best way is to build up a good credit history or how to repair a credit score that's taken a bit of a hit? max scene sweet does, the vice president for public education at the global credit information company ex perion.
6:35 pm
i would imagine with the state of the economy the last four years or so, there are a lot of people around the country that are dealing with problems with their personal credit scores. >> it is certainly making them think about them, which is a good thing. >> rick: okay. so let's start with these young adults we just saw, the nice graduation ceremony, which gives everybody a good feeling. but there are some tough times ahead, perhaps, for young people who are trying to establish good credit. some of them for the first time of the what's the best twinkling of an eye do that? >> well, the message i have about it is that we make the mistake of protecting our young people while they're in college and block them from getting credit. so when they graduate, when they need academic cree consciences, they need job references, they need character references, they also need credit references. so if we -- the best way to get those is have a credit card. if we block them from that, it's sort of like -- i use the analogy of like protecting our
6:36 pm
children from drowning by not teaching them to swim. they need to get in the water. the best time to too that is while they're still under your influence and you can teach them thousand use the credit card. >> rick: there are new rules out meant to protect young people, a lot -- i remember when i was in college and the credit card companies set up these tables and hand out hats and all these kinds of things to get you to sign am for a credit card. but a lot of kids don't really know what they're signing up for. so new rules might make it a little tough for young people it actually get that first credit card until they have their first job, right? >> it does. that's why parents need to take a greater responsibility now to help them get that credit card. it means they have o cosign. if they aren't cosigning while they're still involved, they're going to end up perhaps having to cosign when the person is basically an adult and is ready to start out on their own. but they don't have those credit references, so they can't do that. >> rick: a lot of credit card companies only require you to
6:37 pm
pay the minimum balance each month. you say that's not a good idea. why? >> well, the way i say it is you should use your credit card for convenience and to build those good credit references so that you can then invest in debt and get the best rate. use your credit card for expenses, routine expenses that you can pay in full and occasional special occasion like a vacation or holiday gift. but then pay it off quickly and then that builds your credit scores in the very best way to be so when you get ready to invest in a house or car or a small business loan, you'll get the very best rate. >> rick: for those whose scores may have taken a hit, maybe they lost their job or were late on a couple of payments, what's the best way to get that credit score back up? >> well, if we don't have time to cover it today, all the answers today, i do have an advice almost called ask
6:38 pm
experion and we have a web site called live credit smart. we hope those will help people get their answers. the first thing is never miss a payment. if you've already done that, it's not going to disappear. it will be a part of your history. so what you need to do is to demonstrate that you now can manage your credit by using your credit card, paying it in full each month and the most important thing there is to keep your balances low compared to your credit limits. that's called your utilitilization. that's a strong factor in having the best credit scores. you also need to know that there isn't just one credit scoring model. there are many. so tonight focus on your number. they'll always give you the factors in your credit report that most effect that score. so look at the factors, see what you need to change about the way you use your credit and all your score also go up. >> rick: maxine, thank you so much. we appreciate the tips. great to talk to you. >> thank you. my pleasure. >> jamie: this one a picture is worth 1,000 words. check this out. don't mess with this.
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>> jamie: what a mother won't do for her young. a female hawk guarding her turf on a street in long beach, california, swooping down and attacking the residents. they're not very pleased. this hawk has become territorial after building a nest in the middle of the block. animal control put autopsy warning sign telling people stay away. it says the hawk is probably trying to protect her newborn. maybe she's just trying to terrorize some folks. >> rick: being a good mother. earlier this year, federal court ruled that political interest groups run so long called issue ads can no longer keep donor names secret. so the u.s. chamber of commerce is announcing a plan to get around that ruling by directly telling people whom to vote for.
6:44 pm
that's a major shift in strategy for the chamber, from policy to politics, susan estridge is a law and science professor at the university of southern california. why is it important that we know who has paid for the political ads we see on tv? >> well, you know, the argument is, and i happen to agree, if somebody is going to tell you who to vote and put out all kinds of fancy graphics to grab your attention, it's fair to ask, hey, who is telling me that? we trust opinions in part based on whose they are. so the idea, and i think where we might ultimately get, is that if you're going to have unlimited money in politics, at least also have with it full disclosure so we can know where we're getting our information from. >> rick: right now that is not the case. so let me get this straight. if you're running an issue ad, then you have to disclose your backers, but if you're supporting a specific candidate, saying vote for this guy, don't
6:45 pm
vote for that guy, then you tonight have to. is that right? >> well, that's this week's game. i mean, i've taught election year for 20, 25 years. what everybody seems to do is you anticipate what the next hole in the swiss cheese might look like. in other words, there's a ruling saying x. so you say well, good news! we're y. and by the time anybody can get it together to dom a final decision, the election is over and election laws not really law. >> rick: so this is what the law is today. so the chamber, which is a pro-business group, traditionally sort of more leaning more toward republican politicians and political ideas, they can do this. what about groups that traditionally support democrats, like unions, for example, can they also do the same thing that the chamber is saying? >> what's good for the goose always good for the gander in
6:46 pm
the short run. i think any trick that's announced on one side will be followed equally and in good measure by the other side. in some sense, the real loser are the rest of white house would like to know who is telling us what. >> rick: could this come back to bite the chamber of commerce? there must be members of the chamber who might not like this lobbying group to be so overtly, so blatantly political. we've seen it happen with other lobbying groups in washington that have supported the stand your ground rule -- that was backing that in florida and a number of big companies now sort of taking their membership back because they don't want to be part of that. they don't want their customers to associate them with these political causes. >> i don't think the chamber will get that far. i mean, nobody who joins the chamber thinks they're joining the liberal wing of the democratic party. i think where the chamber looks bad, frankly, is if it's quote
6:47 pm
something to hide in naming the names of who is supporting the ads. look, they want to pick people, pick people. i don't think there is such a huge difference from some of the old issue ads to at least being honest and saying we're for x. but disclose who is paying for the ad. if you've got nothing to hide and you stand proud on the support of your members, then just tell us who is paying what. >> rick: susan, thanks very much. always good to see you. and you can read her syndicated column in newspapers all over the country every wednesday and friday. jamie is outside. hi, jamie. >> jamie: yep. this weekend is not all fun and games. i'm a lady in red, so i should have this red lawn mower. right? you got a honey do list, rick, at home? we'll help you out, maybe cutting the grass. coming up, "consumer reports" tells us which one of these rides like a harley. we'll be right back wake up!
6:48 pm
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>> jamie: here we are. it's lawn mower day. >> rick: the weather is warm. everything is great hing. so you can't avoid it any longer. it's time to pull out the lawn mower and cut the grass and having the right mower can make this dread job for some a light
6:52 pm
easier. >> jamie: "consumer reports" magazine sweated it out for us and tested a bunch of mowers over acres and acres of grass and they are going to tell us which one you should get with the best features on a budget. peter is here joining us. home improvement leader at "consumer reports." thank you. rick is going to take the task. >> rick: i don't know. so this is the number one rated, according to "consumer reports". >> honda hrx. couple different versions. it mulches, excellent mulches, excellent bagging, really great mower. you want the best mower? this is it. >> rick: maneuverability is very important. >> very well. simple drive system, down side, $600 to $800. >> rick: wow. >> very ex opinionsive. >> jamie: maybe i'm not going to get it for you for father's day. moving down the line. >> second best mowers are the toros. there are several models. this is a single speed, under
6:53 pm
$300. it's between 265 and $290. very durable, overhead cam engine. this is a good choice. it's near will he as good as the honda, but a lot less money. >> rick: jamie asked a good question before we move on, how long should a lawn mower last? how many seasons should you get out of it? >> clearly depends on how large your lawn is and how frequently you have to mow it. further south, the more frequently. but generally july get six to eight years out of a mower. and some of these hondas you can get ten years out of. >> rick: if you're spend ago few hundred bucks, you hope you get that. let's move to the craftsman. >> this is one that we like. there are several craftsman that are good. the value on this one is that it's feature loaded. $350. this one has an electric start. you don't have to pull the cord. they have the hide adjustment, it's easy. and has --
6:54 pm
>> rick: they're all pretty comfortable. are they adjustable? >> right. the heights are adjustable on all of these. >> jamie: this one, i heard you say is a pretty good bargain. >> right. this is not a self-propelled unit. all of these are self-proceed approximatelied. this is not self-propelled, but one of the better push mowers. and one of the advantages is the handlebars are night nice and tight and it has a good engine. >> jamie: i was disappointed i didn't get to drive. >> we can bring our riders back. >> rick: anybody like mowing their lawn? anybody enjoy that task? i don't believe you. >> i get paid. >> jamie: how many of the wives here are going to have their husband cut the lawn this weekend now? you got to be motivated. over there. we have some volunteers. peter, thank you. these are all great models. >> rick: they look good and i like that there is one for the budget, too. but i guess if it's not self-propelled, it's harder to -- >> generally for flatter terrain. if you have hills, go with a
6:55 pm
self-propelled, it's worth it. >> jamie: those you can pretty much push easily as opposed to this one? >> these push themselves. all of these have a lever in one way or another that moves on the lawn. >> rick: that is more of a workout. thank you very much. you can read all about it in "consumer reports" magazine. >> jamie: check it out. i want to tell everyone tomorrow is the queen's jubilee. martha mccallum will be live from london, joining eric, sean and me at 10 a.m we hope you'll join us for that. >> rick: aisle be watching. we hope you'll stay tuned because the fox report is coming up next with harris faulkner. >> jamie: have a great night, everybody. thanks so much for being with us. and thanks to all of you, too. thank you for joining us. bye-bye, everybody. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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>> a big announcement from one former republican candidate for president . they called them chronically unemployed. people in the economy that can't find a job and another new reality. i am harris faulkner, this is the fox report. >> the shift is on. for the mightiest military in the world. why america's new strategy is not an easy step. and he escaped the arob spring with his life.


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