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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 4, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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president. it will be a fantastic evening and you can join us. >> is that the best way to win voters amid growing unemployment numbers or the best way to distract you? we report, you decide. >> love the mtv awards. it wasn't their fault but they're paying the price. a storm leaves one family's home teetering on the edge of a cliff and both the city and the insurance company say you're on your own. "fox & friends" right now. >> good morning, everyone. hope you had a fantastic weekend. it was so beautiful here on the east coast. now we're in for a little bit of unseasonably cool weather so take it in, soak it in while you can. >> now there's a big recall election on tuesday, weather permitting although i believe the voting booths will be indoors. it's going to be taking place in wisconsin and you remember the sit-ins, you remember the protests. well, the recall took place and at a cost of between $13 and $16
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million, it's about to happen. >> republican governor scott walker has one more day to find out what's going to happen. steve brown live in madison, wisconsin with a look at both campaigns. good morning to you, steve. >> good morning, gretchen, brian, steve. yes, both campaigns in this very tight neck and neck sort of race on the eve of primary -- on the eve of election day tomorrow have been getting a lot of help not only within the state but also outside of the state in terms of fundraising. people coming in from outside of the state to help with grassroots efforts. recently, questions have developed in regards to tom barrett's campaign as to whether or not president obama would show up personally. now, president clinton was here over the weekend or excuse me on friday. but in terms of president obama, not so much. and tom barrett was asked about this yesterday. and he says he's getting all the help he needs from the obama campaign. have a listen. >> i have not asked him to come out here. no. i understand that he's running a country and he has his own campaign. i will say that his
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administration has been supportive in that his campaign apparatus has been helpful with volunteers. we've gotten a lot of help from the democratic national committee. >> not surprisingly, the campaign for governor scott walker had been really pushing the envelope in terms of getting out the vote efforts both knocking on doors and phone calls and other methods to try to get people to make sure that they vote. if they haven't voted early already. and in terms -- if a methodology or a reason for this particular race overall, a theme, if it's a referendum on his tenure as governor so far here in the state of wisconsin, that's fine by him. >> we've got a plan, our opponents don't have a plan. their only plan is to attack me. we're going to finish off this last couple of days in the campaign talking about our plans and our vision to move the state forward. >> a lot of really enthusiastic supporters on both sides but one of note for scott walker who was asked to autograph the hood of what was described as a
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sparkling 1965 ford mustang. it is the holy grail for car collectors and apparently, one 81-year-old republican wanted his to have the governor's signature on it. back to you in new york. >> i would presume he would want the governor to be governor longer than a couple more months as well. steve brown live in wisconsin. we thank you very much for the live report. >> coming up a little later on "fox & friends", we'll have the wisconsin lieutenant governor rebecca clayfish on what she thinks is going to happen with this recall 24 hours from right now. >> "the wall street journal" has a great lead editorial today that talks about the impact to tomorrow's recall. they say it is truly a test of whether taxpayers can control the entitlement state and also whether or not politicians who -- politicians who cross government unions can actually survive because since scott walker went ahead and tried to cut collective bargaining for most state employees, that has had the unions in a tizzy.
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>> here's the interesting thing -- what they're asking -- what he was always asking public employees to do to pay 12.6% of their health insurance premiums and 5.8% of their pensions which is much lower than if you work for a private company. that created a firestorm in his state. it's a good thing that he's done that he's arguing will give him a win tomorrow like creating jobs which seems to be emblematic of what will happen in november as well. >> here's what's got to be killing the unions in that they said -- one thing that governor walker put forward is when people decide to get their paychecks there's not going to be an automatic deduction. there's a check box thing. if you check the box, they take out money for union dues. if you don't check the box, they don't take the money out. it's actually working and on top of that the numbers seem to be reflecting some progress in the state as they balance the budget and get their unemployment going downward and it's below the
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national average so as things start to produce on the positive side, governor walker says do we really need to spend this much money? and by the way, what could we all have done with $63 million in circulation? that's if you accumulate both -- both fees, both totals on both sides of the campaigns into this. let alone $13 million -- $63 million for republicans and democrats to go out and refight this a year and a half after the last election. >> the cost of the recall plus if you are a taxpayer in wisconsin and you think do i go for walker or do i go for barrett? you look at your statewide property taxes they have fallen in 2011 for the first time since 1998 and also the governor's office estimates that the reforms that they have enacted have saved the taxpayers of wisconsin close to a billion dollars because now, local school districts can actually renegotiate the contracts and that's saving a lot of money. >> just to go back to what brian
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was touching about about whether or not you want to be in the union or not when you're given a choice, i think these numbers are startling. for the american federation of state, county and municipal employees, the afc-cme union, back in february, now in february there are 28,745 members. so when people are given a choice in the state of wisconsin, they're choosing not to pay those dues. >> i thought the most obvious political thing out of wisconsin is the fact that the president didn't show up. if you don't want to show up, that's fine. you can't say you're too busy. you went to six different fundraising events on friday, saturday and sunday and on monday, you're going to new york city today doing a concert and doing another event. if he chooses to stay out of wisconsin i can respect that. please don't say, tom barrett, i never asked the president when bill clinton showed up on thursday.
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>> when the president was in neighboring minnesota on friday and i know from living there, you used to drive for 30 minutes when the drinking age in wisconsin was 18, there was a reason to drive those 30 minutes like when you're a politician, there might be a reason to go 30 minutes to help out the guy that's running on your side of the ticket. but he didn't. >> well, the thing about barack obama, maybe he doesn't -- he's looked at the polls. he knows right now scott walker is ahead and maybe he doesn't want to be associated with a losing proposition and then again, maybe he didn't want to get involved because he didn't want to turn off the independents and stuff like that but the thing that really turns off people of all political stripes, bad unemployment numbers and a really bad one came out on friday. it's interesting, though, because we're about to play a couple of soundbites for you. the obama side now says hey, don't blame the president. blame congress. watch. >> there are a million jobs sitting on that table in congress right now that they could move on. they need to get off their hands and stop rooting for failure.
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>> what we have right now is a congress that has decided thashz -- there's a political advantage in putting ideology in front of country and that's what this election is about. >> it's interesting to get to sunday when the talk shows come on and see from both sides what the talking points have been assembled over the last few days because you can see that the operatives for both sides but in this case president obama's operatives that they're saying the same message so now the message this week because the unemployment numbers that you saw on this show on thursday were horrible. they were 69,000 jobs created last month. that's not good. unemployment went back up to 8.2% so now it's congress' fault again? what happened to the first two years of this administration when the house was ruled by the democrats and the senate was ruled by the democrats and nothing was done about jobs. instead, it was all about obamacare. that seems to be forgotten right now. >> and governor kasich also weighed in. it was a pretty good matchup. governor kasich with duvall
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patrick. this is a guy that helped balance the budget with bill clinton and is governor with ohio, has his own trouble with his own constituents. he wanted to make some tough choices when it came to unions. listen. >> people are uncertain. if you're a small business person, you can't deal with uncertainty so you sit on the sidelines. if you're a big company, you don't know what you're going to do. you sit on the sidelines so to talk about higher capital gains, higher income taxes, this enormous debt. highest debt we've seen in our history that leads us to include or business people to conclude that means higher taxes. you have an e.p.a. that is overly zealous. you have obamacare, nobody knows what the rules are. the rules are so thick, you could write many encyclopedias with them. companies see that and they say -- that's the problem. >> one of the other problems is that the conclusion of this calendar year, would you have got what they're calling the fiscal cliff where there are -- the expiration of some tax cuts. >> i like that. because it's going to force people to make a decision. >> the trouble is it's looming.
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>> yeah, people need deadlines. it's looming, you're right. that leads to the uncertainty factor. >> we saw with that huge deadline of the debt, they did nothing and let those automatic cuts go into effect including our military which is about to happen. now to the rest of your headlines and we begin with the fox news alert. a tragic accident in utah after an air tanker crashes while fighting a wildfire killing both pilots on board. authorities say the plane was coming up on the fire for its second pass when it crashed. it was carrying 1600 gallons of fuel as well as over 2,000 gallons of fire retardant. captain todd neil tompkins, the first officer rodney edward chambliss both of idaho died in that crash. it's not known why that tanker went down but an investigation could take some time. >> they're going to be in nature volatile. i know that when they were able to get to the airplane, it was
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immediately recognizable that both men were fatal. >> the plane much like the one you see here is an anti-submarine plane dating back to the 1950's. that has been modified with jets. more than half are due to retire in 10 years but officials say they're well maintained. a terrifying and tragic scene out of nigeria today after an airplane crashes into a crowded neighborhood killing all 152 passengers on board. this disturbing video into our newsroom. officials say some people on the ground killed as well. the pilot radioing the control tower moments before the crash saying they were having engine trouble. adding to the chaos, the area running out of water to douse the flames from the crash. carrying fire hoses in buckets to try to help put out the flame. george zimmerman waking up behind bars this morning at the seminole county jail. you're looking at this brand new mug shot. he finally surrendered to authorities two days after a judge revoked his bond for lying
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about his finances. zimmerman's attorney expected to file a motion later this afternoon for a new bond hearing. richard dawson, the long time "family feud" game show host and one of hogan's heroes has passed away. >> i got good news and bad news. >> give me the bad news first. >> bad news is you need 172 points to win the money. the good news is you're the man to do it. i'm going to ask you the same questions i asked the other bob, you cannot and do not want to duplicate his answers. >> he was so well known for that show, dawson died at a los angeles hospital suffering from complications relating to esophogeal cancer. he was best known for kissing female contestants on a family feud. he married one of them and promised he'd never kiss anyone on the show again. dawson was 79. >> survey says great performer. >> all right. coming up straight ahead, as we continue with the show, have you
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seen this? new york city mayor michael bloomberg as the nanny? critics of the soda ban taking on the full page ad taking on the man behind the policy that has everyone talking. he'll join us next.
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>> all right. despite the firestorm, new york city mayor michael bloomberg isn't backing down and from his proposal to ban big sodas like this. >> the one right behind you. >> yes. >> critics firing back with this full page ad in "the new york times" depicting the mayor as a nanny or kind of looks like mrs. doubtfire. joining us is rick berman, executive director of the center for consumer freedom, they're the ones that created the ad. good morning to you, rick. >> good morning, gretchen. >> when i mean like this, i mean like this. >> there it is. it's a big gulp or something like this. did you use mrs. doubtfire as the model for putting mayor bloomberg in that nanny costume?
6:17 am
>> no, we just found a good picture that we could put his head on. it was not the mrs. doubtfire that you're referring to but it's close. >> what's the message here? you've had it, you're fed up or is this just crossing the line? >> the message is that people ought to be familiar with the fact that government is now going to dictate the size of everything that you eat if they can dictate the size of your drink and, you know, the new york cheesecake is now going to look like a small slice of cheesecake. if you take this thing to its logical conclusion. >> all right. so i think one of the things that bothers me personally about it is that i worry about, you know, will it actually do any good? if that's what the mayor is after, making people not so fat because the bottom line is you can still buy two 16 ounce drinks instead of buying a 20 ounce so you can get around it. >> yeah, you can get around it. think that you're in a movie theater and you're in there for two or three hours, you've got your popcorn and you've gone through your small soda and now you have to go out to the concession stand and get another one. it's a total inconvenience and this isn't going to do anything
6:18 am
about the obesity issue in this country. everybody is willing to agree it's a problem. this is no way to solve it. >> people will be passing out watching "lord of the rings" if he doesn't do anything. he's banned cell phones in schools and he's banned transfats for restaurants. what's the big deal? >> you know, there are obviously things that government should do, can do, but this is over the line. and, you know, it just doesn't pass the laugh test. there's a point at which government in people's lives gets to be ridiculous. that's where some of the outrage that we're seeing is coming from. >> here's a statement from a bloomberg spokesperson. it says an awful lot of the state of a soda industry that the tobacco group is attacking mike bloomberg on their behalf. is he speaking about you? >> yeah, he is. but it's really lame. we did get some money from philip morris over 15 years ago when we were trying to defend the right for bars to have smoking sections and nonsmoking
6:19 am
sections. i haven't seen anybody from tobacco in over 15 years and if that's their best answer, it's pretty bad. >> we'll see how this goes over, rick berman. so far it's been controversial from a to z from both parties and also from you. thank you for joining us this morning. >> great to be with you. >> coming up on "fox & friends", this is scary. a dangerous warning about one of the most popular sunscreen brands. it can actually catch on fire? we'll give you more information. >> and these home owners being forced out because the city says the land is not safe. but guess who owns the land. the city. so why are the home owners being stuck with the bill? they will join us next. [ female announcer ] i found the best cafe in the world.
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>> 24 minutes after the top of the hour. if you're just waking up, a couple of headlines for your monday. coast guard searching for an army staff sergeant who vanished while swimming in georgia. his wife says he was caught in a rip current off the coast of saint simon island. check out this replica of the space shuttle explorer arriving in houston this weekend. it was the final leg of an eight-day journey from the kennedy space center to florida to its new home at nasa's johnson space center. and there's another shuttle on the move. the enterprise arrived in new jersey yesterday on its way to the intrepid museum. and that will take place tomorrow. steve? >> thanks, gretch. some people may like to live on the edge but two home owners in bouton, new jersey are furious about it. when hurricane irene washed away city property last year, it left houses on the edge of a 40-foot cliff. the houses had to be evacuated and no one has been able to live there since conditions were deemed unsafe. but jersey city refuses to do anything to fix the situation.
6:24 am
joining us right now, we got home owner and new jersey state senator anthony boucco and home owner and cliff owner as well, jim ritter. thank you both for joining us live. >> thanks for having us. >> let's point out. your houses are about 20 miles away from jersey city. jim, explain why jersey city owns part of the river next to your house. >> that river flows into their municipal drinking water reservoir which was established probably back at the turn of the last century. >> so anthony, hurricane irene comes and it eroded like crazy and now there's a 30, 40, 50 foot cliff behind your house. >> absolutely. it's about 10 feet off of our property line. the town has deemed the properties both jim's and mine as being unsafe. we had tenants in there, they're rental properties and the tenants had to be evacuated out of there and moved to other apartments. >> so the problem is with the
6:25 am
jersey city-owned land, jim, i understand you went to the city council meeting in jersey city and said hey, you're a bad neighbor. fix it. >> correct. that was coming up on four weeks ago. they told me they would keep in touch and see if they could do anything but i haven't heard a word from anybody from jersey city. >> well, we've got a statement and it reads like this. the city of jersey city has neither the resources nor the responsibility to remediate the effects of a natural event of the magnitude of hurricane irene. we remain willing to cooperate with the state of new jersey and the federal government in any reasonable effort to resolve this unprecedented situation. it doesn't sound like they're going to fix it unless they get some help from somebody else, they don't have the money. >> they also have the opportunity to apply to fema, from my understanding, they haven't done that. the town has done tests on both jim's property and my property going down about 100 feet and have found it's very unstable. and now there's still continual erosion of that bank.
6:26 am
>> jim, jersey city owned that land along the river for a number of years and now that there's trouble there, they're shirking their responsibility, you feel, they should come out and fix it. >> exactly. either fix it, they've taken away the economic value of our property or if they're not going to allow us to have that property, to have any value there, they should reimburse us and at the very least, the town should probably be fining somebody. they would fine me if i didn't shovel my walk within 12 hours. this is an unsafe condition that's been allowed to exist for now nine months and nobody has made a move at all. >> i feel for you. don't know what i'd do in that situation. i'd be steamed at jersey city. they say they don't have the money. we'll be watching to see what happens. thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you. >> 27 minutes after the top of the hour on this monday.
6:27 am
next up, eric holder wants florida to stop cracking down on illegals who vote. now, florida firing back. and from food fights to frogs in the hallway, seniors are facing some pretty tough penalties for their senior pranks this year. so when do they go too far and what should happen to them? it's a noodle fight. but before we go, happy birthday to supermodel bar rafaelli, she's 27. as a culinary manager i make sure our guests have an over the top experience. being hands ons key! i make sure every plate looks just right. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's four course seafood feast, just $14.99. sta with soup, salad and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits followed by your choice of one of 7 entrees.
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>> ok. the guy who ended the war in iraq, the guy who says you should be able to marry anyone you want and the guy who created four million new jobs, that guy, president obama and michelle are coming to my house for dinner on june 14th and i want you to be there, too. >> oh, how fantastic. >> this is during mtv's awards show last night, right? >> i believe so. >> that's when that first came out so you would believe them that they're looking for the young vote, right? and thinking that sarah jessica parker would be one way in which you'd get that. now, is it a contest where
6:32 am
people can actually submit something and be able to go to dinner? >> i think it's like a lottery like win dinner with george clooney. remember when the president of the united states had those fundraising events out in california where they said one day, $15 million, 10 million of those dollars were raised by that have dinner with george clooney thing. how much are they going to raise with this? not only do you get to have dinner with sarah jessica parker but also anna winter from "vogue." >> i believe that came out on friday. chris wallace had it on "fox news sunday" and said timing wasn't the best. >> because of the unemployment numbers that came out on friday as well but it's actually, i think it's a good idea because it's a good way to raise money and there are people who would like to go to those kinds of events. >> absolutely. >> so it is a good marketing strategy but maybe bad timing with regard to what's really going on in the world. ok, now what are we going to do? >> i think so. first, all rise for the queen!
6:33 am
>> that is the fireworks celebration right above the tower bridge. capping off the queen's river pageant on the river thames. today marks the third day of diamond jubiliation for the free. on the agenda, star studded rock concert. >> because the queen loves rock 'n' roll. andy kellogg joins us life inside the royal palace gardens in london with all the details. >> how do you know that? >> i know everything because i think the president gave her some rock songs on his ipod. >> broadway tunes. >> show tunes. >> i think she likes rock. >> amy? >> yeah, i think she's pretty amazing because i have to say, guys, i'm in buckingham palace gardens right now. you may be hearing a sound check in the distance for this concert tonight. but there are reports this morning that 42 people went to the hospital from those boats along the river because they were so cold. six people had symptoms of
6:34 am
hypothermia. and the queen at 86 years of age was not among them. so i think what people are saying this morning is that she was incredibly stoic, standing there on that barge, the spirit of -- well, this is a woman who has lived, served with 12 prime ministers, 12 u.s. presidents, she's the second longest serving monarch of this country and she has three years to overtake that record. if she lives as long as her mother did, she will be with us in the year 2027. so there's certainly a lot of reasons to celebrate the parade along the river yesterday was spectacular. the spirit of chartwell is the royal barge, you saw the duchess of cambridge, prince william, prince harry, prince charles, of course, the queen and prince phillip all aboard, many of their friends, they did have a little shelter over their head. but they were battered by wind and certainly got very wet and were on that boat for hours and hours along with 1,000 other
6:35 am
boats. this is something that hasn't happened here in hundreds of years. it was inspired by a painting and it was quite spectacular. there were about a million people on the streets in london but about 6 million around the country celebrating holding street parties in miserable rain which just goes to show that people are very enthusiastic about this event. guys, back to you. >> no kidding. so amy, did you buy that hat or is it a rental? >> hey now, it's mine. you know what? i am hoping that this will be more jubilees -- there will be more jubilees to attend and maybe i'll even get invited inside some day. >> have hat, will travel. >> with this weather, i'd get a chin strap. so -- >> all right. amy kellogg live near the palace with the very latest on the jubilee. thank you very much. >> she actually does think steve and brian are funny. there's a delay. there's a delay when you're speaking sometimes all the way across the pond. what they both said was funny. >> you know one of the things that i think is cool about
6:36 am
what's going on in england right now is apparently they're going to rename big ben. >> what? >> during our entire lives. it's been big ben. >> big ben. >> maybe they should call it a clock. >> no, it's going to be the elizabeth tower from now on. an homage -- >> we'll follow that story. >> we have dramatic video coming in this morning of a firebomber air tanker making an emergency landing in nevada. watch this. tanker successfully landing on its belly at the tahoe airport last night. you hear the plane's landing gear on the left side won't extent. oh, my goodness. plane built in 1957 was not fighting wildfires in the area. look at that. tragically two pilots in another plane were killed when their tanker did crash. >> all right, state of florida defying an order from the justice department to stop efforts to prevent voter fraud. the state wants to purge its voter rolls of people who aren't u.s. citizens. the search through the voter
6:37 am
lists turned up over 180,000 registered voters who could be ineligible to vote. florida says it simply has a duty to make sure voter lists are accurate. let the circus begin. the d.o.j., however, says the efforts are discriminatory and violate the voting rights act. some of eric holder's harshest critics say he's trying to boost minority turnout in the november election by inciting racism. the d.o.j. gave florida wednesday to stop. >> a massachusetts man thought he was protecting himself from the sun but turns out he needed protection from his sunscreen. bret sigworth sprayed on some banana boat sunscreen and walked over to his barbecue to grill some food and that's when his body caught fire. >> panic mode, just screamed. i mean, i've never -- i've never experienced pain like that in my life. >> sigworth still recovering from the burns and the warning on the back of the banana boat bottle does say it's flammable. banana boat has released a statement saying it takes this
6:38 am
very seriously and is investigating. wow, that's scary. i mean, why would you ever think that, you know? spray it on and go to your grill. >> a lot of people spray the pam right on the grill, too, that's not a good idea i have heard. mr. kilmeade, let's talk some sports. >> unbelievable series unfolding between the heat and the celtics. celtics putting the heat on miami in every way. boston evening up the eastern conference finals winning in o.t. rondo with 15 points and 15 assists. he was phenomenal. catching a big break in overtime. lebron james tossed out, fouled out can you believe it for the first time with miami. dwayne wade, right guy. he's open for the three. not going to happen. game five tomorrow night, tied at two. unbelievable day in golf. tiger woods coming back from four strokes behind making history at the memorial. he made an amazing 50 foot chip shot from the 16th hole on his way to winning the tournament. jack nicklaus called it the most unbelievable gutsy shot he's
6:39 am
ever seen! speaking of nicklaus, tiger now tied with him for second all time for pga wins with 73. sam sneed is up in the top spot. just a great day. i wonder if he can keep it going now. no one expected him to win that after his horrible saturday. but he was very strong on sunday. let's see if it can happen. golf certainly needs him in contention. >> lot of golf tournaments coming up over the summer as well as senior graduations happening around this time in june. i don't know what you guys did when you were graduating from high school or from college, did you do any little pranks? >> yeah, we tipped over some cows. >> yeah, kind of been a little bit of a tradition to do a little, you know, a little funny business. well, now, some of these kids are getting in big trouble. some kids are being criminally charged for some of the things that they're doing. i think in this case, the criminally charged kids had released crickets and frogs in the school and now they're facing big trouble. >> wasn't that madison high school? >> three different high schools we'll talk about down in keller high school in texas.
6:40 am
they used oil to turn the floor into a skating rink and there was a food fight. animals were released inside the school at a high school in illinois, 100 students in the hall yelling, throwing glitter and silly string. police called. three students arrested. in san antonio at madison high school, it sounds like two students were criminally charged because they released 100 crickets and four frogs during fourth period. >> what they're doing is some criminally charge and some say you can't go graduate, you can't walk down the aisle so the question is, you know, you want to show a relief that you got through these years of school. 13 if you count kindergarten. you want to do that in a way, are we being more sensitive as a people, as a society or are people being more out with their passion for graduation. should we be more tolerant? >> what they did at my kids' high school, we know that you want to do a prank but if it's big and bad and breaks the rules, you're going to get in trouble. so they did have fair warning and one of the -- i think the
6:41 am
one with the crickets and the frogs apparently they knew about it the day before because it was on facebook. and they said look, don't do it. they did it anyway. >> if you don't get to walk in your graduation ceremony and you're going to have a criminal record now, you might want to rethink it a little bit. let us know what you think about this. have this been going on forever and ever and we're more sensitive? >> in my senior year, four guys stood at the top of the stands for the senior picture and at the last minute, they dropped pants. >> which direction? >> they mooned. >> move over massapequa. >> evidently, the photographer didn't pick it up so they had a decision to make. no senior picture or you block out the butts. so we as a school blocked out the butts. and those four guys could not graduate. they graduated but they could not walk out there because i guess you don't want to put guys who moon in a gown. >> recognize them that way anyway. >> that's true. that's my controversy. >> at college, berkeley
6:42 am
released mice in the stanford library that were painted the berkeley colors, blue and yellow. >> really? >> it was fun to be studying for a final with a creature crawling up your leg. >> that's school spirit. >> those are the days. >> dirty tricks going on between those two schools. >> let us know. coming up, this story shocked the entire nation. a muslim father accused of murdering his two young daughters because they were dating nonmuslim boys. he's been on the run for years but now there's word he's hiding in plain sight. the private investigator who uncovered this huge new lead joins us coming up. >> plus, bernie madoff's son flat out of luck. turns out he might be homeless soon? and he can thank his good old dad for that. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
6:43 am
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6:46 am
> >> "sex and the city owe " was applauded for showing women in their personal lives. are we regressing now? take a look at the all female cast show on hbo called "girls." >> i could change the world one extremely dumb girl at a time. and when i look at you, i see a pupil. >> nau. >> amy is the president of the new agenda joins me now and has written a article about this issue. have we regressed? >> we are. women have plateaued off in leadership and we're actually moving backwards in terms of our representation which was low to begin with in most fields, men still comprise 83% of leadership and we're actually in fields like politics and fields like corporate america, women are moving backwards. >> so let's take a look at some figures that we've put together as far as women in power, executive positions held by
6:47 am
women. slight decrease in 2011 to 14.1%. why? >> i think what we have not done as women is figure out tools and equip our young women to succeed. you know, on a relative basis, women have only been in the work force for half a century and we haven't built out the natural networks or given young women a career path to succeed and instead, we've let the messaging around them help define them and the messaging in our tv shows and in our movies in our videos like "girls" is telling our young women that they are valued as a sexual object. that being smart these days is more of a penalty than an asset. >> one of the things, my daughter just completed third grade, asked what they wanted to be in the future. half of all the kids said they wanted to be actresses and that, you know. >> the kardashians. >> well, possibly that's the influence there. >> let's take a look at where we are with women in government.
6:48 am
u.s. senators, 17% of them are women. u.s. representatives, 16.8%. governors, 6 out of 50. mayors in top 100 cities, 12%. you say again, it's the networking idea here. so what can we do about this? today is national girlfriends networking day and i'm going to participate as a mentor as well. what are we going to do? >> i think we need to teach young women the tools to succeed and not only young women because there's no traditional career path for women. we get into the work force in our 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's for different reasons. we get divorced. we have the spouse who gets laid off. we are empty nesters and we get back into the work force. so again, we've only been in the work force for relatively short period of time and what we need to do as opposed to men who enter the work force and it's almost a birth right for men to be -- to have these networks that you're hired because you play lacrosse at yale and you were the goalie and some guy who played lacrosse at yale and was a goalie hires you. as women, we don't have those
6:49 am
networks. but what we are really needing to teach young women to do is from the time they're in college, from the time they're in high school, to start to think of their peers as their network. >> all right. that's what we're going to do today. amy, president of the new agenda, thanks so much for your time. >> ok. >> coming up next, this is the muslim dad accused of murdering his two young girls in an honor killing. our next guest says he may be hiding in plain sight. the shocking new information next.
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
>> couple of quick headlines for you. in a couple of hours, we can learn that the former m.f. global and senator from new jersey jon corzine approved money in accounts to help save the bankrupt company. bernie madoff's son and future
6:53 am
daughter-in-law reportedly denied a new york city apartment because the residents don't want to be associated with the madoff name. no word on where they will live now. guys? >> all right, gretch. in 2008, ameana and sarah were just 17 and 18 years old when they were murdered in what police in texas say was an honor killing. the suspected murderer, their own dad who is allegedly angry both girls were dating nonmuslim boys. since the deaths, the dad has evaded authorities. new information on his whereabouts may lead investigators to new york city. >> bill warner is a private investigator and joins us live from the sarasota, florida. you think you're making progress of tracking this guy down? >> yes, i hope so. during the series of investigations of this man, we found out that he had set up a series of p.o. boxes in texas and upstate new york linked to him and his brother who lives in west chester county.
6:54 am
there have been no hits on his passport leaving the country and no hits on his passport going into egypt. the logical conclusion basically is that he's in the metro new york city area working as a cab driver. that's all he's known to do for the last 10 years. >> uh-huh. and because -- and you feel that given the fact that his brother is here and he and his brother are really tight, it would be easy for him to hide in plain sight driving people around as a cab driver, you see the back of somebody's head and you don't see the front of it. >> well, what i found out that he only worked the graveyard shift when he was in the irving, dallas area. he would actually work the airport and bring fares to the nearby hotels. so that's his thing. he would be at the local metro new york city airports at night picking up fares and taking them to wherever. >> are you getting cooperation from the new york police department in any way, shape or form especially in westchester county area.
6:55 am
>> no, it's always the one way deal with me. i provide information to federal agencies of law enforcement and they go from there. never 2-way street. >> and have you had any information from the family, perhaps, to his whereabouts. >> well, over the years in the past couple of months, i've heard from some of the aunts and cousins that the son had made several trips to the west chester county area. again, why would he be going up there? the son is -- he's a carbon copy of him. >> who hired you? >> no one really hired me. the aunt contacted me a long time ago. i worked with her. she provided me information. there was no fee. i did it on my own. >> ok. if folks think they have seen that guy, they should call the police and let them know. bill warner, private investigator in sarasota, florida. thank you, sir, for joining us live. >> thank you. >> thanks, bill. next on this rundown on this
6:56 am
show, a stunning report of the green energy loans that went to companies tied to president obama donors. 19 of them went bust. >> and another shocking report, eric holder and david axelrod nearly came to blows. the story coming up. [ sniffs ] bacon?!
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>> good morning, everyone. hope you're going to have a great week. today is monday, june 4th. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us. it's the second most important election this year, the race to recall wisconsin governor scott walker pitting taxpayers against entitlements and the results not just about wisconsin, why president obama will be watching closely as well. >> all right. a battle behind the scenes of the white house? did two of the president's closest friends nearly come to blows over the politics in the justice department? david axelrod responds in two minutes. >> and she's back! former speaker of the house nancy pelosi looking past the upcoming presidential election. she's revealing her plans for
7:00 am
2016's presidential race. oh, man. nancy is way ahead of the curve. "fox & friends" hour two for a monday starts live right now. >> good morning, everyone. hope you had a great weekend. important stuff going on in wisconsin. that re-election tomorrow but first, we're going to do a couple of headlines for you. we begin with the fox news alert. a brazen car bomb attack in baghdad leaving 60 others wounded. it happened this morning outside of two government offices. numerous cars and buildings nearby also damaged. developing overnight, an air tanker crashes while fighting a wildfire in utah leaving both pilots dead. the plane was about to fly over the fire for the second time when it went down carrying 1600 gallons of fuel and 200 gallops of fire retardant. captain tompkins and first officer ronnie edward chambliss
7:01 am
both of idaho died in that crash. not known what caused it. >> the wreckage after an aircraft is going to be by nature violent and so they're dealing with a violent, downed airplane and i know that when they were able to get to the airplane, it was immediately recognizable that both men were fatal. >> the plane, a lockheed p2v like the one you see here is an anti-submarine plane dating back to the 1950's. more than half are due to retire in 10 years. george zimmerman waking up in his own cell this morning at the seminole county jail in florida. you're looking at this brand new mug shot. he surrendered to authorities two days after the judge revoked his bond for lying about his finances. the attorney expected to file the motion later this afternoon for a new bond hearing. house minority leader nancy pelosi looking past this november's presidential election already to 2016? pelosi keeping up the buzz for secretary of stateillary
7:02 am
clinton. pelosi says "she's our shot" for president in that year. clinton has been persistent saying she wants to relax after leaving her current post and has no plans to run again for president. and those are your headlines. >> you know in the book "the amateur" they say bill clinton is dying for her to run for president. wanted her to run for president this year. >> sure. you got to figure that joe biden might be saying wait a minute, it was going to be my turn. >> the president might say wait a second, i'm still president. >> yeah. meanwhile, it's almost time for wisconsin's historic recall election tomorrow. today, the final full day of campaigning for republican governor scott walker and democrat opponent tom barrett. >> steve brown is live on the ground for us, of course, in madison, wisconsin. steve, what's happening down there? we're almost to election day. >> we're almost there. one more day and the big event will be upon us. but brian, gretchen, steve, the job of the two campaigns right now is essentially this. make sure that your voters get
7:03 am
out to the polls, that folks who do support you and if there are independents and undecideds out there, if you can find them, there's one last push. there's a lot of get out the vote pushing going on in regards to both the barrett and the walker campaigns. for tom barrett's campaign, they say on saturday alone, saturday alone, consider this figure. over a quarter million doors knocked on. just on saturday and a lot more on sunday. so they say. in terms of polling which suggests that barrett trails perhaps narrowly by single digits, barrett is not buying that. have a listen. >> i am going to win it. we saw in the last tracking poll two nights ago was this was 800 samples, i was one vote behind. not one percentage point behind but one vote behind and we have literally thousands of people on the streets this weekend. so we are very, very positive. >> there are an awful lot of folks, take a look at scott walker's campaign that say wow, if he can prevail here, what
7:04 am
are the chances that mitt romney can beat president obama in the november election? divided pictures of whether that's an accurate depiction. it is fair to say this election coming up tomorrow is a referendum on his 2 1/2 years in office. have a listen. >> scott walker is talking about his record. he's talking about the fact that his reforms are working, that people are getting back to work. that businesses are coming in. you know, people's property taxes have gone down. and, you know, you can't keep operating a government that spends more money than it takes in. scott walker is one of these special people that have made promises and kept promises. >> that wasn't governor walker. that was reince priebus, the national republican committee chairman. he used to head the republican party here in the state of wisconsin. there is kind of conflicting ideals on what the turnout is going to be like tomorrow. there have been projections as high as 65% but absentee votes
7:05 am
compared to 2010 where the turnout was roughly 50% aren't as strong. so there's some question as to whether or not the projections suggesting that maybe 65% is reachable is actually a number that people should be looking forward to so we'll find out a little bit more tomorrow. we should have some early numbers as to how polling is going. back to you folks in new york. >> all right. steve, thanks so much for that update. we'll touch base with you again next hour and coming up next hour as well, we'll have wisconsin lieutenant governor rebecca clayfish who will give us her thoughts on the recall election tomorrow. >> that affects her because she's being recalled as well. >> absolutely. >> meanwhile, how will this whole recall election, how will it affect the presidential election coming up in november? after all, wisconsin was a state that belonged to president obama last time around. by last polling, he's still up by five points over mitt romney. could this change everything? i thought it was very curious that ed gillespie was posed that question most eloquently because
7:06 am
chris wallace has a deeper voice than me and talks more crisply and he basically punted. he does not want that to factor in yet. maybe he'll change his take once the election returns. >> sure. here's the thing. in all the depictions of the electoral college vote in november, in every projection where barack obama wins, he's got to win wisconsin and right now, it is far from sure fire. mitt romney's got a bunch of offices that are currently, you know, campaigning on behalf of scott walker. on wednesday, they all flip to work for him. john ellis over at buzz feed says this -- he's done the metric and figured if walker loses, it will be clear that barack obama will be re-elected. if walker wins by one to five points, that means it's going to be very close and he suggests that if walker wins by six, mitt romney is the favorite to win in november. >> the biggest telling thing on the democratic side is that the
7:07 am
president did not show up to campaign for milwaukee mayor, tom barrett who is running against governor scott walker even though he was in neighboring minnesota on the same day last friday could have shown up there. remember, he had some showing up in the last couple of years in elections in massachusetts and new jersey that did not work out very well for the democratic candidate so that could be part of it. >> right. >> in the meantime, is there a war going on between some of the president's top guys? the attorney general eric holder and his top senior advisor david axelrod? there's a new book out now that claims that those two guys nearly came to blows chest to chest over accusations that the white house is trying to run political interference in the d.o.j., specifically that the claim goes that axelrod wanted to put in a political official in the department of justice and eric holder had a problem with that. >> and one of the retorts was i'm not karl rove. evidently, karl rove tried to get a few people fired at the d.o.j. when president bush was in office. >> that was an allegation. >> and he does not deny it.
7:08 am
listen to david axelrod when he was on "face the nation" talking about this new book with the claim. >> first of all, let me say that eric holder is a great friend of mine. we went to the same high school. we may have gone chest to chest back in the day but we have a strong relationship and i'm not going to get into the details of that other than to say i respect him. >> the two of them went to a high school here in new york and the way -- according to daniel on the page of 87 and 88 it was valerie jarrett who stepped in between the two guys and said, take it out of the halls -- go in an office. we don't want to see that. >> not saying don't fight. just don't fight here. >> that's right. take it out of the hallway is the quotation. >> let's go across the pond, shall we?
7:09 am
>> what royal celebration would be complete without singing, fireworks and a full orchestra? it all marked the end of the queen's river pageant on the river thames and the party is far from over. >> brian? >> amy kellogg joins us inside the royal palace gardens in lond with -- london with all the details about tonight's rock 'n' roll concert. >> yeah and first of all, i came across an interesting fact, guys, that the first real jubilee celebration was held by king george iii who was famous for losing the american colonies and that jubilee was celebrated with ox roasts. things have changed. there will be a picnic here today in buckingham palace gardens and i have a little sneak peek at what the guests are going to be eating. 10,000 people were invited. but it was a lottery so it was
7:10 am
quite equitable and this is the picnic basket that they're all getting complete with a very importantly deluxe waterproof pancho because the weather has been on and off this weekend. and then -- and then all sorts of british -- british delicacies. harvest chutney, diamond jubilee chicken, some dutchy original watros oaten biscuits. salads, cakes, all of that and a lovely little message from the master of the household saying that her majesty hopes it will be a memorable and enjoyable day for you. oh, also a voucher for either a glass of champagne, beer or a nonalcoholic beverage. there are 10,000 people that will be enjoying a little picnic here in the palace gardens and then another 10,000 will be sort of on a different status standing at this concert. but in the arena and then half a million are expected to pack it in tonight. stevie wonder will be performing, sir elton john, sir
7:11 am
keith richard, dame shirley bassie and kylie monogue. this is coming a day after the magnificent pageant of boats on the thames. many with a history. some having played a part in world war ii, some private boats, and of course, the incredible barge that the royal family was on. the queen incredibly stoic as she was battered by rain. she had a little cover but it was coming in, the wind was -- horizontally and it was drenching people. after the concert wraps up, there will be an extraordinary event, a memorable event of a lighting of 4,000 beacons across the country. first beacon i think has already been lit in new zealand but that will -- that will wrap up today. tomorrow will be a big service of thanksgiving at st. paul's cathedral and a procession through london. i think you can see the queen's face yesterday and over the
7:12 am
course of the weekend, just looking so happy. normally, she does have that bit of reserve but this is clearly something that she's very touched by, this enormous party that's been put on for her. and the royalties had its ups and downs as we all know, there have been scandals and divorces and many different moments but i think right now, people are united in their support for this woman who for six decades has been queen of this country. that's the latest from buckingham palace gardens, guys. back to you. >> thank you very much. she was going through there with the chutney and what not. i was waiting for the doritos. >> that's a commercial. >> teachers speaking out in support of wisconsin governor scott walker. one of them here next with the side that the unions aren't sharing with the public. plus -- >> a stunning report of the green energy loans that went to companies tied to obama donors. 19 of the 80. >> stuart varney is here with more but weave already exceeded our british limit. no more brits! ♪
7:13 am
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7:16 am
>> all right. despite his law cracking down on unions, many union members in wisconsin still support governor scott walker. >> listen to this group of teachers. >> my district hasn't used reform so i feel like i'm kind of on the outside looking in a little bit. when i talk to some of my teacher friends in the district and i see some of the neat things that we're doing. >> the school district, it has definitely benefited them and been good for those districts. >> to say, well, we're against the reforms, ok, how would you have solved the problem, then? you either got to lay off a lot of people or say, you know what? let's all kick in a little bit and keep the jobs. >> we're joined now by one of the wisconsin public schoolteachers who appeared in that political ad. did i say that right? i hope i did.
7:17 am
>> lackroy, yeah, let's fine. >> so you were in this ad. explain what act 10 is. >> well, it's really a budget reform bill and what happened was the governor needed to give some tools to districts because we knew there were some budget cuts coming and we didn't just want to gouge the district so he said you know what? here's some tools to go ahead and balance your budgets to take away some of the union's strong hold and to allow you to keep teachers, allow you to put money back in the classroom where it belongs and not be tied to these ridiculous insurance contracts that exist so it was really just a chance for districts to kind of have their hands untied and do what's right for education. >> when your paycheck came in, did you check the box that say union dues, go ahead and take it from my check? >> no, it's automatic. >> so you still -- >> it's automatic. >> it still automatically comes out? i understand you now have a choice. >> no, i don't. i teach in kenosha and we're one of the districts that went ahead
7:18 am
and put through the contract. i'm still a union member until june 30th of 2013. we just laid off a little over 260 staff members. >> i understand not only are you a teacher but you're a mom. so why are you supporting governor scott walker? what do you think he'll do for education in wisconsin, public schools that would be different from tom barrett, his opponent tomorrow? >> well, he's taking on the tough issues. i know that sounds cliche. that's kind of his words but he's taking on the tough issues and i think being on the inside looking, you know, kind of looking out and see what's going on within our schools, the districts, their hands are tied. make no mistake. they do not necessarily run our districts and the unions do. and being a parent and hearing my child come home saying she's watching movies in the classroom, you know, playing suduko in math as opposed to learning the curriculum, that's concerning to me and i really think act 10 is a step in the right direction to real education reform. so i look forward to the future. you know, little by little and i
7:19 am
understand that governor walker has been just bombarded with the whole conquer and divide but in my opinion, that's exactly what we need to do. we need to conquer the issues, divide what is good from what isn't good and that to me makes sense. >> finally, when you do have the opportunity to check that box or not check that box to take out money from your paycheck for union dues what do you think you'll do? >> oh, i will not. i'm already a fair share member so i'm paying as little as possible. i don't give any money to political activity. so you can best believe that i will not be a member. >> courageous for you to speak out. i know you've gotten some nasty e-mails from teachers and other people. but we know your point of view. so we'll have to see what happens tomorrow. >> yes. >> kristi lacroix who is a public schoolteacher and a mom. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> all right. next on the rundown, they got by with a little help -- with help from their friends in the white house, that is. but it didn't help. the stunning number of green
7:20 am
companies that went belly up. >> then it's one of the only places in the entire country where the voters have the power to restructure pensions and it's being put to the test tomorrow. stu varney is here with the details. it's your turn to walk on over, my friend. [ jennifer ] what if i can't do it?
7:21 am
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7:23 am
>> 24 minutes after the top of the hour. your news by the numbers now. first $63.5 million. that's how much has been spent on wisconsin's recall election making it the most expensive in the state's history. next, the number 80. that's reportedly the number of green energy loans going to president obama's top donors. it turns out 19 of those companies went bust. finally $74,000 a year. the salary for facebook interns? this is a little more than most other tech companies in an effort to attract young talent.
7:24 am
i thought internships were for free. steve? >> yeah, gretch, let's not tell our interns. could be insurrection. meanwhile, california's third largest city san jose is on the verge of going bankrupt and the city's mayor, a democrat says public workers union protected pensions are to blame. take a look at this graph. over the last 10 years, pension costs have exploded from 10 years ago, they were 73 million to $245 million. today. now, he wants voters to overrule that. stuart varney, host of "varney & company" join us live right now. stuart, when you look at the graph like that, it makes it pretty simple. >> yep. >> you cannot spend so much more than you take in. >> you want to be generous but you can't afford to be as generous as san jose and many other cities and states around the country want to be. i'll give you another number. in san jose, the average pension for retired cops and firefighters is 95,300 dollars a year. that's the average pension.
7:25 am
>> $95,300 plus medical care, plus a cashout when they retire for their unused sick and vacation pay. one cop walked with a check for $264,000. now, obviously, you can't afford that and tomorrow, the voters of san jose have the chance to roll back the benefits for existing retirees. that would be a first. not exactly a first but one of the more unusual moves to combat this problem all around the country. >> so if the average of the benefits is close to 96,000 dollars, they're going to reduce that number? i always thought that a deal was a deal. >> that's right. it's locked in place by a contract. but what the voters have the power to do in san jose is to stop cost of living allowances so that would be reductions in the future. i don't think you can cut that $95,300 you've already agreed to pay. all over the country, the same thing is happening. you are laying off younger workers to pay older retired workers.
7:26 am
now, that's a very unpopular trend because it's reached crisis proportions and it could be that tomorrow's vote in san jose sets a pattern for the country. we stop laying off younger workers to pay very generous pensions for retirees. >> tomorrow really is kind of an inflection point. you have what's going on in san jose and what's going on in wisconsin. people are realizing i didn't realize what was going on at city hall. now i do. we can't afford that. >> same story, power of municipal unions and the generosity of pension payments. what are we going to do in the future? those two votes will be very indicative of the rest of the country after those votes. >> absolutely. complete coverage on wednesday and you can see stuart varney just about two hours from right now on fox business. >> yes, sir. thank you. >> thank you, sir. all right, straight ahead on this program, the white house blaming new jobless numbers on congress where does the buck really stop? maybe with this guy! >> the guy who ended the war in
7:27 am
iraq, the guy who says you should be able to marry anyone you want and the guy who created four million new jobs, that guy, president obama and -- >> that guy, president obama playing celebrity-in-chief while millions wait for the economy to turn around. donald trump with his reaction to that ad and the numbers when we come back. mine was earned off vietnam in 1968. over the south pacific in 1943.
7:28 am
i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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>> we begin your headlines this half-hour with a fox news alert because we're learning new details about that tragic plane crash in nigeria. the pilot of that plane reportedly an american. his name has not been released. all 153 passengers on board were killed after the plane crashed through a crowded neighborhood in lagos. this disturbing video just into our newsroom. officials fear some people on the ground were killed as well. that pilot radioing the control tower just moments before the crash saying they were having engine trouble. adding to the chaos, the area ran out of water now to try to douse the flames from the crash. residents seen carrying fire hoses and buckets to help try to put out those flames. >> u.s. justice department telling florida it need to halt its efforts to prevent voter fraud. the state fighting back against attorney general eric holder and defying the order. the search of the voter list turns up over 180,000 registered voters who may not be u.s. citizens and therefore are ineligible to vote. florida says it has a duty to
7:32 am
make sure only eligible voters are allowed to vote but the d.o.j., however, says the efforts are discriminatory and violates the voting rights act. some of eric holder's harshest critics say he's trying to boost minority turnout in the november election by inciting racism. >> meanwhile, police in arizona say the bodies of five people burned beyond recognition in that abandoned s.u.v. were the victim of mexican drug cartels. they found the vehicles about 70 miles north of the border. they believe the murders were either punishment of criminals who tried to steal from the cartels or some competing interests, perhaps. >> who could forget this face? the so-called tanning mom heading back to court today in new jersey. last month, she pleaded not guilty to a child endangerment charge. she allegedly let her then 5-year-old inside a tanning bed. police got involved after the girl's school saw burns on her body. they got suspicious when they reportedly overheard her talking about going tanning with her
7:33 am
mom. she denied the allegation. tanning salons have banned her from going in. >> banned from the tanning salon. that is a low point. last night, america crowned a new miss u.s.a. >> miss u.s.a. 2012, rhode island! olivia which means the first runner-up is maryland. >> all right. let's bring in the man that made the pageant possible. donald trump, are you in support of miss rhode island? >> yes, i am. 100%. she's really beautiful and nice girl. she gave a great answer, a very tough question but it was on transgender, just the question everybody wants to hear and she gave a great answer and she really did a great job. i mean, very unusual that rhode island wins. it's never happened before. and it might not happen again. you know, it's a great place but it's not the beauty pageant prime. you know, when you think about
7:34 am
alabama and you think about texas and california. and so many other places but she was really beautiful. and an amazing face and a very smart girl. >> but the question was -- should a transgender contestant be allowed to compete? and she said yes, and i assume that's why they said yes but you don't ok the questions? >> i do ok the questions. i wasn't 100% sure that one was going to be on but we pick about 10 or 15 questions. that one got picked. i said whoever gets that one, that's a nasty question. that's a tough one. >> well, and she hit it out of the park. >> she really did. she really justified it and she wasn't totally crazy about it. she wasn't like oh, you know, over the top, yes, yes, yes. she said the good, the bad and then she said absolutely yes so it was a very cool answer. >> she should -- the transgender contestant should share it with the surgeon. >> perhaps. there are those who say that. but i mean, very, very strong views in the world of the beauty pageants that will say that. she gave a great answer. >> congratulations to her.
7:35 am
we understand she's a cellist and from rhode island as well. >> we'll have to get you on your show. we'll get over to your show. >> i saw you in the front row from las vegas. is that where you're calling from? >> i'm at doral country club in miami. i just bought it and i'm going to make it the best country club in the world. 800 acres in the middle of miami. i think when i finish with it but i just bought it. literally just bought it. i flew from las vegas to miami. my life isn't so easy, believe me. >> thanks for calling in this morning. >> good to be a mogul! >> don't want to take my chances on not. otherwise, little trump monday will go down the tubes. who needs trump, right? >> no, even if the doral thing didn't go through, we still would book you. >> i know that. >> let's talk about politics and jobs, shall we? there were dismal unemployment numbers that were revealed on friday. and some people are wondering if it's going to continue to get worse now and who is actually to
7:36 am
blame? it picked up, the unemployment rate to 8.2%. it seems like the message from the obama side of things on the sunday talk shows was going to be to blame congress. >> right. >> who do you think is at fault? >> i think everyone is at fault but i think your president is your leader. he said remember that he'll be a one term president if he doesn't get it down to five. and it's not going to get down to five. in fact, now it's going up. they were shocking numbers, by the way, for those who aren't in the world of business, everybody was seeing, you know, rosie picture that this was going to go down. and the numbers came out and i watched one group, a very, very sophisticated people actually, they said there must be something wrong. this can't be possible. this is not possible. i'm understanding to myself why is it? nobody is working, right? not only that, they revised the numbers from the past few months and made them much, much worse and then, you know, when we got fairly good numbers from the last few months, they revised those numbers making it much worse. in other words, they made mistakes so the numbers were devastating. i was actually surprised the stock market didn't go down more
7:37 am
even though it went down a lot, you know, it really took a big hit. >> the markets in asia have gone down a couple of percent. >> that's because asia goes down because if we're not wealthy, they can't rip us off as much. so what happens when we don't do well, that's no good for asia. asia wants us to do well so they can steal our money. >> right. let me ask you a little bit about what you touched on, how they did revise the numbers for april and, i believe, march as well. you know, when the number comes out, it's a big headline and then when they come out a week or two or a month later and say yeah, we said it was 115,000 and it turns out in march, we added, i think -- >> 91,000. >> 91,000 which was significantly less. but that doesn't make a headline and i heard rush limbaugh talking on the radio the other day about every time they have to revise it down but nobody hears about that. >> you know what that's like? that's like when they do a bad story on mr. trump and they find out it was a terrible, fraudulent, ridiculous story and they have to do a retraction, right? so they give me a front page story, it's a phony story by a
7:38 am
terrible reporter. and now they have to do a retraction. they put the retraction on page 29 and it's one sentence. we are sorry to inform you that we made a mistake. nobody sees it. and it doesn't do any good. that's the same thing that they do. they give the numbers. it gets big headlines and then they retract the numbers a month later and nobody cares. i mean, it's like crazy. rush is exactly right. it gets no press whatsoever. >> is there something behind that? >> yeah, it almost looks like it happen so often, they do it on purpose. it just seems -- every -- when is the last time you see the numbers not being changed? they do it almost all the time and it gets to a point where they're putting out better numbers and then retracting and nobody looks at the retraction. the retraction is a monumental number. some of these retractions have been massive. >> speak of retraction, you tweeted something about the congressional budget office, the c.b.o. as it's known. here's what you said. the c.b.o. now estimates that
7:39 am
barack obama's stimulus costs $831 billion and a ridiculous 4.1 million per job. is that a retraction, too? >> i mean, can you believe that? when you think of it $4.1 million. why didn't you give the person $4.1 million and let him buy a lot of groceries and a house. it's so crazy. $4.1 million per person and i looked at that number and said it must be a mistake. i figured it was 40,000 or 4,000, you know, 4,000 would be the right number, right? and even that's high. $4.1 million. we don't know what we're doing. we don't know what we're doing. it is very, very sad. >> how you react in a crisis has a lot to do with the type of leader that you are and in times of crisis that came on friday, the president seemed to be somewhat tone deaf for his re-election campaign. look at the ad we all saw while we were scrambling to make heads or tails out of our economic future. >> ok. the guy who ended the war in iraq, the guy who says you should be able to marry anyone you want and the guy who created
7:40 am
four million new jobs, that guy, president obama and michelle are coming to my house for dinner on june 14th and i want you to be there, too. >> really? >> isn't that lovely? she's a lovely woman, isn't she? sarah jessica parker. >> do you know her? >> i know her a little bit, yeah. >> what do you think? >> i think she's lovely. she's lovely. >> donald -- >> you're not fine enough to go to the dinner? >> no, i don't think i'll be invited somehow. i'm not sure. >> she's doing the dinner and i think anna winter who i also know and she's a terrific woman actually, i just don't understand why she's going this route in terms of politics. but, you know, the big dinner is going to be the trump dinner. you know that? dine with donald. you know that? >> tell us. >> mitt romney and the whole group came up with a plan, they were looking for a big celebrity and then somebody said we have the biggest celebrity and it's trump! they said, you're right! and they're having a dinner, dine with trump and it's going to be like in a month and i'm going to be involved in a dinner
7:41 am
and i hear it's selling like hot cakes and mitt romney is going to join us for the dinner. >> same idea where you pay like $3 to $4. >> yeah, it's not an expensive dinner. maybe we'll do a mcdonald's or something. it's really a grassroots type dinner and i hear the response is really amazing. we raised a lot of money for ann romney. she was fantastic. we'll have one session of about 100 women, 150 women and 800 showed up. my carpet is absolutely destroyed, by the way. my wife is thrilled. my carpet is destroyed. we actually had to have two sessions of 350 women a piece. which was great. but this one is also -- that was a record. we set a record. and it was amazing the women and the love that the women have for ann romney and for mitt romney is, by the way, amazing. i see all these polls. i can tell you, women love these people. >> i'll tell you what -- >> now we're doing the other
7:42 am
dinner. >> your wife was here last week and people love your wife. >> she's amazing, you know, she goes on qvc and it's like thousands and thousands of watches so quickly. she's amazing and she's got a great, great pitter patter. i'm going to ask her to teach me. i mean, she's going to teach me how to speak on television. >> you were a lucky man. and we're lucky that you join us every monday. next monday, maybe you'll have complete details on dinner with donald. >> that's a good idea. we'll let you know about it but it's really turned out to be quite something. >> donald trump joining us from doral, the new country club he owns in south florida. thank you very much. good luck. >> thank you very much. talk to you next week. >> all right. what's a pitter patter? >> i think it's a style of delivery. >> ok. >> next on the rundown, video giving new meaning to -- video giving new meaning to the phrase "belly up" a plane comes in for emergency landing with no landing gear. wait until you see what happens next. >> it's what the t.s.a. doesn't want you to hear. five t.s.a. workers quietly yanked off the job. and that may be the tip of the iceberg. >> first, the trivia question of
7:43 am
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7:46 am
>> the t.s.a. is in trouble again. last friday, more than 40 agents from florida got in trouble for botching the passenger screening process. >> that scandal even included high ranking members of the t.s.a. florida congressman john mica helped blow the lid off the scandal. he joins us live from florida. good morning, congressman. >> good to be with you. it looks like t.s.a. is up to a new game trying to keep the public in the dark and the media in the dark and late on friday afternoon, they sent out a very sparse statement about what was going on, trying to keep congress in the dark, too. >> well, the statement they released to us is all passengers and their bags were screened and
7:47 am
travelers were never in any danger. do you agree with that? >> well, that may be the case but we've had successive meltdowns, you know, we had 36 in honolulu. we've had newark. we've had charlotte. we've had los angeles. this happens now on a regular basis. but the new game is they waited until friday afternoon and we got leaked information that this involved employees and, you know, dozens of them. but it also involves administrative personnel and i think it's a cover-up. i really do. they don't want the public to know how bad this expensive bureaucracy is operating from the management level down. >> so what actually happened here? >> well, we don't know exactly and that's part of what we tried to find out. everything we got was from a leak and then one paragraph statement not really giving us the truth and doing it the last
7:48 am
minute. this was purposely done again to keep congress, you know, in the dark and also the public and media. but, you know, these -- we now have 4,000 administrative personnel and t.s.a. in washington, d.c. all these folks are making over 100,000. we have 10,000. now, listen to this, 10,000 out in the field. and we know some of those administrators were also involved at the highest level of administration at the local level and others were involved. so they don't want the public to know that the bureaucracy is out of control. >> right. real quickly, congressman, what you want is private companies responsible for screening, right? >> get t.s.a. out of the personnel business. we have a new law kicking in in a few more weeks. they closed down the private operation under federal supervision, we're going to get it restarted and get some good management operations and keep t.s.a. in the security business where they need to be. >> all right, congressman john mica, republican from florida on top of the activities of the
7:49 am
t.s.a. thanks so much for your time. >> thank you. >> coming up on "fox & friends", this movie feels like the real thing. that's because it is. real navy seals do the acting in "act of valor" and now there's a new reason to see it. the stars of the film here next to explain. >> first on this date in 1967, aretha franklin had her number one song hit number one. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> the answer to the trivia question of the day, angelina jolie. the winner is george from franklin lakes. yeah, that george. meanwhile, the movie "act of
7:53 am
valor" returning real life navy seals talks about real life navy seals. it's taken the country by storm already. >> sir! leave two men here! >> wow. now "act of valor" is headed for store shelves after being number one in the nation for a while with the release of a jam packed d.v.d. joining us right now back in studio this morning is stuntman turned director scott woi and lieutenant commander, a navy seal reservist. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you very much. >> you hoped for success, did you wish for this kind of success? >> no, we were humbled by the
7:54 am
release of the film. the fact that we've surpassed that mark is truly amazing. >> mixing real actors and real seals and real special forces guys. how has it been received throughout the community? >> across the board, we've had good response. i think the guys were happy that we had an opportunity to represent ourselves authentically and who we are. it's been positive. >> great. now, the d.v.d. comes out. i think it's pretty quick. quick turn around. but it's not just the movie. what else have you added to the d.v.d.? >> well, we've added besides deleted scenes and director commentaries, what's most special about the film and the blu-ray coming out, we interviewed these guys prior to filming the movie and these interviews are something that's never been seen before and they're the most inspirational things i've ever seen and listened to. you can hear these guys, why they joined and their beliefs behind it and i think it's truly, truly remarkable. >> commander, you guys are getting the respect you deserve but is there a double-edged sword to that in that there's the -- you like being in the
7:55 am
shadows. you like not getting the spotlight by nature, correct? >> yeah, i mean, it's counter intuitive or, you know, different from what we've done in the past. i think it's also one of those things where the top list of operations throughout the country now have made it into the public eye and so i think it's hard to put pandora back in the box. i think if we can represent it authentically and accurately in the way we believe things and take care of each other, that's what we hope to represent. it's hard to go backwards. >> back with maybe a production, follow-up to this? >> yes. i am ready to tackle movie called "made for speed" for mr. steven spielberg. >> never heard of him. doesn't ring a bell. >> me neither! >> probably not going to go anywhere. congratulations and thanks so much for your service and being a tv star now. you got some tough choices because hollywood is calling your name. >> sure. >> thanks, guys. we'll go get this and the good news is i got this one for free unless gretchen wrestles it from me. straight ahead, governor walker's job isn't the only one
7:56 am
up for recall. wisconsin lieutenant governor rebecca kleefisch is here live. does she have any regrets going into tomorrow? high school seniors facing some pretty tough penalties for harmless pranks being seniors or are they so harmless? because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. of single mile credirds. battle speech right? may i? [ horse neighs ] or too long, people have settled for single miles. with the capital one venture card, you'll earn doubleiles on every purchase, every day! [ visigoths cheer ]
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more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now, get the ryobi four-piece 18-volt super combo kit, just $99 - our lowest price ever. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is monday, june 4. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for sharing part of your day with us. the road to the white house running through wisconsin. the president will be watching the state's recall election tomorrow. someone else paying attention? lieutenant governor rebecca kleefisch. her job on the line. >> steve: meanwhile works of president obama's closest allies, david axelrod and david holder almost came to blows? we have the stunning details from a new book about to be released. >> brian: start your engines and place your bets. we're going it head to head with a nine-year-old race car driver who according to my card, has called me out and guaranteed i
8:00 am
will lose this race. >> steve: you will. >> gretchen: you will. >> brian: thank you. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> steve: when i walked into the studio, somebody said in the hall, what's that smell? it's gas fumes because the cart racer out there that's nine-year-old dylan tavela, look at him doing the doughnuts and spinning out a little bit. his car with go 75 miles per hour. but the larger car, the one you'll drive can actually go, according to the card, 150 miles per hour examine you're going to drive it! >> brian: with a course that small, how could i drive a go-cart 150 miles an hour? >> steve: you can't. >> gretchen: do what did you last time, which is cheat. >> brian: right. this kid is like -- took a page out of mohammed ali. >> gretchen: on the big screen, you'll cut in the middle of those cones. >> brian: no, no, i'm going to be fair and square.
8:01 am
>> gretchen: really? >> brian: yes, i am. you got it see some of the excerpts from this kid's debriefing. >> steve: fantastic. >> brian: he's calling me out. >> gretchen: like what? >> brian: he says -- >> steve: he says i'm gog beat kilmeade. >> it was on my e-mail last night. he guarantees a victory and i better not pull what i did last time. >> gretchen: i heard you asked if you could go down the entire block of new york city. >> brian: when off go-cart that goes 150 miles an hour, shouldn't i go farther than 120 yards. >> gretchen: let's see if brian plays by the rules 'cause last time he didn't. we want to get to the headlines now. developing story, a sad story because an airplane tanker crashed while fighting a wildfire in utah. both pilots have died. the plane about to fly over for the second time when it went down carrying 1600 gallons of fuel and fire retardant. both pilots were from idaho.
8:02 am
not known what caused that crash. nevada, video of an air tanker making a successful emergency landing. it landed on its belly after the landing gear on the left side would not extend. it was not fighting wildfires. there it goes on its belly. george zimmerman waking up in his own cell in florida. he surrender to do authorities in stanford two days after a judge revoked his bond for lying about his finances. his attorney expected to file a motion today for a new bond hearing. a war of words almost led to fist cuffs in the white house? according to a new bach, eric holder came close to fighting with david axelrod after a cabinet meeting. he said he was meddling with the justice difficulty. here is what axelrod is saying now about the report. >> first of all, let me say eric holder a great friend of mine. we actually we want to the same high school.
8:03 am
so we may have gone chest to chest back in the day, but we've strong relationship and i'm not going to get into the details of that other than to say i respect him. >> gretchen: the book claims the two were separated by senior advisor valerie jarrett before things got worse. a note from your parents can usually get you of a the hook for missing school. but what about note from the president of the united states? a fifth grader from upstate new york handed over this note for missing school last week. it sakes please excuse tyler. we was me, barak obama. he met the president because his dad, an iraq war vet, introduced the president at an event in minnesota. >> gretchen: today miss school for that. >> brian: yes. republican, wisconsin governor scott walker and tom barrett, the mayor, making their final pitches to voters before tomorrow's recall election. one very high profile name missing from the campaign trail, who could that be? steve brown is a high profile
8:04 am
reporter, he's in madison, wisconsin. hey, steve. >> thank you very much, brian, gretchen, steve. both campaigns, barrett and the walker campaigns, in the middle of really intense get out the vote efforts which have been ongoing for months. but obviously with time running out, those efforts intensify trying to get their supporters to the polls and whatever few undecideds that are left to get to the polls and vote their way. interestingly enough, emerging in the final weeks of the campaign has been barak obama. not as a major issue, but something of a curiousity. he was here last in the state of wisconsin back in february, but not since even though there is this important election, important to democratic constituencies. that was an issue that was raised yesterday by governor walker himself. have a listen. >> well, it is a surprise. i don't know what it sarks but i think it's interesting, two years ago the president came in for our opponent. he's not here now. on friday he made three stops in the twin cities, to my
8:05 am
understanding, and three stops in chicago. kind of hard to argue you weren't nearby. >> the chairman of the party was out there obviously, president clinton went. we urged him to do so. we poured upwards of a million dollars of resources into that race, our entire field operation is committed to it. we've got hundreds of lawyers up there for voter protection, programs. so we're invested in it and we're very much in the corner of mayor barrett. >> in fact, the obama campaign reached out to its supporters in borrowing states like illinois and minnesota to ask votes to come in on weekends leading up to the election and help knock on doors, phone banking and that sort of thing. as for barrett himself, he says that he has gotten plenty of support from the president, his campaign, and the national party. back to you in new york. >> gretchen: all right. steve, thane so much for your update. coming up, we'll have wisconsin lieutenant governor rebecome coo kleefisch. she's going to be joining us to
8:06 am
talk about their efforts to fight the recall. >> steve: for axelrod to say we're really behind him, why didn't they show up just one time? as gretch said, when she was growing up in minnesota, you could drive across the state line, be there within 15, 30 minutes at the very latest. >> gretchen: thanks for not revealing why we did that. >> steve: it was a beer related thing. he was there on friday. 15 minutes in marine one, yet he did not show up. >> gretchen: the past reasons why he wouldn't do that, in a tough election in massachusetts a couple years ago and in new jersey, did he show up and then both of the democrats lost. so that might be one of the reasons why the president would not want to show up and just become involved in this whole thing. even though it's emblematic of what could happen in the november elections. >> steve: i read this morning that some of the democratic advisors said if you go there, you could anger some of the independents and we need the independents in november to vote for you because even though barak obama won with uses with by double digits 3 1/2 years
8:07 am
ago, it is not a done deal for him this time. there is a real good possibility that it could be a squeaker and it all depends how things turn out tomorrow because if scott walker wins and wins big, that could be very good for mitt romney. >> brian: it's been an expensive jaunt. $63 million both democrats and republicans spent for this. it cost the state of wisconsin $13 million. at stake, what scott walker has done, essentially giving employees a right to pay dues or not to pay dues into a union. saying you got to pay into your pension, pay into your health care. those are things that are at stake that aircrafted unions so much. >> gretchen: so do you think that some of the reforms have been good? if you live if wisconsin, let us know. this plays out nationally. for example, property taxes have fallen .4% for the first time since 1998 under scott walker. and taxpayers apparently saved $1 billion as well. so that's what this is really about, this whole election. that's why i say it's emblematic
8:08 am
of what will happen in november. will it be about learn how long to cut costs because we have to as a nation or continuing to pay into the entitlement programs that many argue this country and these states cannot afford? >> brian: the funny thing was mayor barrett said i didn't really ask the president to come. i know he's really busy. he's got sarah jessica parker's big party tonight. >> steve: he could have stopped by. a terrible jobs number came out, terrible not only politically for the president of the united states, but also for all the millions of americans who are out of work. it's interesting, though, the president assure gates have been out and said, don't blame the president. blame congress. keep in mind, for two years the president of the united states and his party controlled all the levers in washington, d.c., the senate, house and white house. and yet, here are a couple of his surrogates over the weekend saying don't blame us for the bad jobs. blame congress. >> there are a million jobs sitting on the taken in congress right now that they could move on.
8:09 am
they need to get off their hands and stop rooting for failure. >> what we have is a congress that decided there is a political advantage in stymieing this president, putting ideology ahead of country and that is what is this election is about. >> brian: i think if they're talk being the buffet rule and some of the things the president has talked about, are being called by democrats as gimmicks. if you talk about simpson-bowls, then i think the pressure would be on republicans. there is a few democrats who stepped up and said they're calling on the president to put something dramatic together and maybe challenge done get along with him. >> gretchen: that would be interesting to see. >> brian: jarrett burnstein brought that up. >> gretchen: the ohio governor, john kasich, says that it's really not congress' fault, it's too much debt and regulation. so no company big or small has the confidence to hire people. governor kasich? >> people are uncertain. if you're a small business
8:10 am
person, you can't deal with uncertainty. so you sit on the side lines. if you're a big company, you don't know what you're going to do. you sit on the side lines. so the talk about higher capital gain, higher income taxes, this enormous debt, highest debt we've ever seen in our history which leads to us conclude or business people to conclude that means higher taxes, you got an epa that is overly zealous. you have obamacare, no one knows what the rules are. you have dodd-frank, no one what the rules are, they're so thick. companies see that and they say, we're out of here. >> steve: yeah, i've got a lot of friends who run companies and they say the uncertainty. we don't know what's going to happen at the end of the year and that's one of the reasons they're reluctant to hire people. >> gretchen: it's time for graduations. something caught your tongue there. many senior pranks some are saying are going too far. at least they're being arrested for some of them, like letting animals having food fights, putting oil on the floor of the cafeteria. so have they gone too far?
8:11 am
eight students will lose graduation rights for starting the food fight in texas. three students arrested lose graduation rights for cheers and silly string in illinois. two students criminally charged lose graduation rights for releasing frogs and crickets in texas. >> steve: here is one of the kids who got in trouble. here is his reaction. >> these kids are in middle school, some intermediate and elementary, but it's going to be an emotional day. >> steve: maybe he was allowed to walk because a lot of the kids who were instigators were not allowed. >> brian: or pranksters. what do you think about it? people just being too sensitive? chuck in georgia rights, in our good old days, our football team put the principal's crossly on the gym's roof. everyone laughed, then said, now get it down. >> gretchen: travis in texas says i understand not letting the students walk if they were warned not it do the prank. but criminal charges are way too extreme. apparently in a lot of these
8:12 am
case, they were warned. hey, don't do some big things because we don't want to be put in the position where we'll have to punish you. i think a lot of this has turned around because of lawsuits. we're such a litigioua, they can't afford it. >> brian: how did they keep the crickets quiet before they released them? >> steve: chloroform. >> brian: straight ahead, has it really come down to this, the retirement age to rise to 80? shouldn't they be 67? >> steve: how far would you go to protect your child? a mom in deep trouble for putting her kid's bully in a headlock. did that mom take it too far? would you do the same thing? we'll talk about that as "fox & friends" rolls on live from new york city almost tastes like one of jack's cereals.
8:13 am
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8:16 am
>> brian: it's the second most important election of 2012. i'm talking about the race to recall wisconsin governor scott walker. more than governor scott walker is on the line. >> gretchen: polls open tomorrow and his opponent, tom barrett s confident he's going to win. >> i am going to win. what we saw in the last tracking poll two nights ago was -- this is 800 sample, i was one vote behind. not one percentage point, but one vote behind. we have literally thousands of people on the streets this weekend. we are very, very positive. >> gretchen: over at the walker campaign, a much different reaction. joining us live from madison, wisconsin, lieutenant governor rebecca kleefisch. good morning to you. >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> gretchen: so if you had to tell the wisconsin voters right now why they should reselect you
8:17 am
and governor scott walker what, would you say? >> oh, there are so many wins we can talk about for all the families and workers of wisconsin. it's hard to even pick. but some of them, you mentioned a little bit earlier, gretchen. the fact that our reforms have saved state, local government has billion dollars. that we took a $3.6 billion budget deficit and fixed it without raising taxes as we recover from the middle of a deep recession. the fact that our businesses and our families are starting to do so well that we didn't just balance that budget, wre going to end up with a $154 million surplus. >> brian: why do you think the president didn't show up to fight for the other side? >> well, if i were the president, i wouldn't want to be attached to a loss. right now, tom barrett is polling down and he doesn't have an economic development plan and he doesn't have a budget plan. that does not bode well for his candidacy and also doesn't bode well for the president if he comes into wisconsin and then doesn't have the potency in
8:18 am
order to lift tom barrett to a win. the president was in minneapolis and chicago a couple of days ago. here is minneapolis, here is chicago. you have to try really, really hard to carve around wisconsin in order to get to those two cities. we also know that the president had quite a bit of availability on saturday and tom barrett, our opponent, has said that he wants to have a campaign with integrity and grassroots appeal. i don't know if he's saying that the president doesn't have integrity and grassroots appeal, but then he said on the flip side that they thought the president was really busy. does that mean tom barrett asked the president and the president said no? we find out that the president actually had time? i don't think it says good things for tom barrett. >> gretchen: why is this more important than just wisconsin? what does it say about the big election coming up in november? >> gretchen, this will determine momentum in november. this right now is wisconsin's moment to send a message across the country that taxpayers, hard
8:19 am
working families, workers will stand up shoulder to shoulder with the leaders who stood up for them. we heard voters over and over ask us in 2010 to please do a budget without raising taxes because they were being pinched in the middle of this recession. we answered the voters' plea to do exactly that. this is our opportunity to show the world really that taxpayers will stand up for those who stand with them. but beyond even that, this recall function has been abused in wisconsin. right now it's like the special interests can come into our state, take the taxpayers' $16 million, put it in this arcade game and do recall pinball, try and exact political revenge on people who aren't beholden to these big special interest groups. we're not. we're not beholden to special interest groups. instead, we've got the back of the taxpayers. >> brian: got you. i know you're going to have a next exciting two or three days. thanks for some of your time.
8:20 am
thanks so much. >> tell your friends in wisconsin to vote, please. >> brian: all right. we're going to call a few of them. what would do you if your kid was being bullied at school? one mom took matters into her own hands and she's in trouble. >> gretchen: she put the bully in a headlock as i get older, i'm making changes to support my metabolism. i'm more active, i eat right, and i switched to one a day women's active metabolism, a complete women's multivitamin, plus more -- for metabolism support. and that's a change i feel good about.
8:21 am
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could've had a v8.
8:23 am
>> gretchen: welcome back. quick headlines. we learned that the pilot of the plane that crashd into a neighborhood in nigeria was reportedly an american. all 153 passengers died in the crash. officials believe people on the ground were killed as well. vietnam opening three new sites to search for those from the vietnam war. leon panetta and the defense minister took part in an exchange of art facts from the war. guys? >> steve: thank you very much, gretch.
8:24 am
we're outside where in moments, brian kilmeade will be destroyed on the racetrack by this guy, down there, he's nine years old. dylan tavela. he have joins us -- he's from your hometown. >> brian: how could you call me out like you did on that card? you said i can't beat you and i should just follow you and get out of the way. >> because, i don't know. >> brian: because you're better than me. >> steve: are you one of the greatest cart drivers in the world? >> yeah, i'm fourth in the world. >> steve: how did you start with this? >> i loved cars when i was little, so i saw a go-cart and i said dad, which thank is what i want to do. this is what i do. i want to do this for all my life and he said okay. >> steve: didn't you just win the one in monaco? >> yes. >> brian: wow. so you're amazing. you've been racing since you were six years old and i'll tell you this, on long island, race something not huge. it's not exactly nashville.
8:25 am
what do your friends think? >> my friends think it's awesome. >> brian: really? >> steve: so the two of you are going to run down to your carts. >> brian: tell everyone how powerful this car is. >> steve: i will. brian, you go over there. get in your car. dylan's dad, phil, is going to put the helmet on his son. according to the statistics we got, dylan's car can go 75 miles an hour. the car that brian is in can go 130 miles an hour. chris, i don't know if i would be standing in the head on position. >> brian: that's the guy that's going down. >> steve: we'll see about that. all right, gentlemen, start your engines! turn them on! dylan, show brian how to start car, would you? hey, folks, here on 48th street, let's hear it for dylan
8:26 am
tavela! [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: now let's hear it for brian kilmeade. oh, boy. oh, boy. brian, turn it on. are you ready? he's trying to shake hands. ladies and gentlemen, ready, set, go! okay. dylan is off already. in the lead. hey, i'd back up, people on 48th street. brian, he's destroying you! oh, oh just like that. dylan, look out, he's cheating! cheaters never prosper. look at that. interestingly enough -- brian, that's awful. they add weight to carts so that when he races with older kids to make it fair because he is so small. brian, how did you get on the
8:27 am
lead? he's about -- look at that! straight away, and he's in front of you just to taunt you! crazy! took out a pylon. ladies and gentlemen, round of applause for both of our winners! dylan tavela, the big winner today. we're going to lose the security deposit on that thing. gretchen, to you. >> gretchen: he cheated and he got last. oh, my goodness. i don't think brian should be allowed in race cars anymore. what do you think? maybe not. pretty good. very cute. coming up, this is scary. a dangerous warning about one of the most popular sun screen brands. it can actually catch on fire. we'll tell you all about it. eric holder considering or ordering florida to stop crabbing down on illegals who vote. now florida firing back. we're right back ♪
8:28 am
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>> steve: do you have the homeliest home in america? starting today, gaf, america's largest roofing company with exterior roofing products, they're looking for three
8:32 am
american homes to make over. if you qualify, you or someone living with you suffers from illness, affected by weather disaster, this is how you qualify. if you have somebody who served in the military, three win also get a full exterior home makeover and will be featured here on "fox & friends." go to our web site to sign up if you think you've got a homely home and want a makeover. >> gretchen: if you suffer a millionness, member of the military or affected by a weather situation, let us know because you could have a chance to have your total home redone and be on "fox & friends". >> steve: there you go. >> brian: 27 minutes before the top of the hour. that little kid is fast. >> steve: he beat you bad. >> gretchen: and he laughed. >> brian: i cheated. >> steve: did you get hurt when you crashed into the building? >> brian: he flipped his car and i said how was it, he said it hurt a lot. >> gretchen: let's get to headlines.
8:33 am
stocks across asia tumbling today as global markets react to friday's dismal jobs report here in the united states. the troubled economy was the focus on the sunday talk shows and who can best turn things around? with more on this, wendell goler at the white house. good morning to you. >> good morning. you're right, friday's disappointing jobs report was fueled for the republican fire and they lit it up on the sunday talk shows. unemployment rose to 8.2% with half as many new jobs as expected in may that romney's campaign advisor say the problem is the country gave the keys to the greatest economy on earth to a president with no executive experience. >> this is a hostile environment for job creation in our economy and that's why frankly it adds a sense of urgency to turn things around because the only things ha are going to change it is changing policies. >> it was an attempt to turn the tables on president obama who was long accused republicans of driving the economy into a
8:34 am
ditch. the president's advisors accused republicans, especially those in the house, of being more interested in defeating mr. obama than in creating jobs and they turned their criticism of mitt romney away from his tenure at bain capital to his time as governor massachusetts, saying romney had a terrific career creating wealth, because lousy one creating jobs. >> massachusetts plunged to 47th in job creation. they lost manufacturing jobs at twice the rate of the country. they grew jobs at one fifth the rate of the rest of the country. it wasn't the record of a job creator. he had the wrong economic philosophy and he failed. >> the president has several fund raiding events in new york today. a buzz feed analysis indicates the number of people donating more than $200 to his campaign is down from 2008. though a lot more people are donating. the campaign is ahead of its 2008 pace, though 98% of the donors have given less than $200 this time. gretchen? >> gretchen: all right. wendell goler live at the white house i that so much.
8:35 am
the rest of your headlines. state of florida defying an order from the justice department to stop efforts to prevent voter fraud. the state wants to purge its voter rolls of people who actually aren't u.s. citizens. a search of the voter list turned up over 180,000 reject sistered voters who could be ineligible now to vote. they don't really live here. they do, but they're not here legally. florida says it has a duty to make sure that the voter lists are accurate. the d. o.j. says the efforts are discriminatory and violate the voting rights act. the d. o.j. gave florida until wednesday to stop. >> steve: meanwhile, a mother arrested for choking a 14-year-old boy in florida says she isn't a monster. she was just turning the tables on her daughter's bully, him. debbie says the boy posted vulgar comments on her daughter's facebook page and refused to stop. she regrets choking the boy and says she lost her temper. >> i had gone through the proper authorities. >> you went to the school? >> sure. i went to the school, i went to
8:36 am
the sro, school resource office. >> your husband contacted? >> they contacted the police even that night and they were like, oh, there is nothing we can do about it. there is nothing -- they said there is nothing you can do. they have all these bullying laws, anti-bullying laws, but when it comes down to it, it falls on deaf ears. >> steve: the boy's mother now pressing charges. brian? >> brian: all right. he thought he was forgetting himself from the sun, with you it turns out he needed protection from his sun screen. talking about brett sprayed on banana boat sun screen. when he walked to his grill, his body caught on fire. >> i went into panic mode. just screamed. i've never experienced anything like that in my life. >> brian: he is still recovering from the burns. the warning on the back of the bottle says it's flammable, but who reads that? banana boat released a statement saying it take this is seriously, despite having the name banana boat and is
8:37 am
investigating. look forward to retiring soon? the ceo of aig says you can forget about it. a brand-new interview, got robert benmash, he says get ready to work until your 80. he blames europe's debt crisis and its effects on governments world wide. doesn't bother me. >> steve: all right. maybe we should get a recliner here on the curvy couch. >> brian: they're not keeping us to 80. >> steve: meanwhile, let's take a look at the map. as you can see, we've got thunderstorms moving through portions of the ozarks and also oklahoma at this hour. also through the lower missouri and mississippi valley. widely scattered showers currently in portions of new england and as you can see, pacific storm as well. current readings as you head out the door on this monday in june, we've got almost 60 here in new york city. almost a little more than 70 in
8:38 am
atlanta. meanwhile, tomorrow afternoon we'll see another amazing scene like this one captured in hong kong. that's when the rare transit of venus will happen, when the planet crosses the face of the sun. they will have to be viewed through telescopes, after 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon mountain time. gretch? >> gretchen: i have the tough assignment over here. i'm with il divo. they're touring the united states all summer. their latest cd is "wicked gains" and here now to speak to me and then they'll sing later on. welcome again. >> good morning. >> gretchen: you have an all female orchestra behind you. >> yeah. >> gretchen: tough job for you guys, too, right. so this is the american leg of your tour. david, you are the american in the group. right? >> yes. >> gretchen: what is it like to be traveling in your homeland? >> fantastic. we started this tour in january, starting in south africa, going across australia, southeast asia, europe. and now kind of coming home to
8:39 am
home turf is really a lot easier, obviously, being the english native speaker. but it's a lot of fun, really is. >> gretchen: everyone knows that you sing in spanish, english, italian, and french. so carlos, all four of you have to know all four of those languages? >> kind of. what we do, normally 80% of the songs are in spanish, so i teach them the good and bad stuff of the spanish language. >> gretchen: okay. i understand you had tea with the queen recent? >> that's right. two weeks ago we were invited to sing for the jubilee, which i was watching yesterday on tv. it was fantastic to be part of history. you know that's never going to happen again. we're only going to see that once. we had a fabulous time, you know, being part of history is a very big thing for us. we've been very lucky over the years to have met a lot of different people. >> gretchen: i'm sure you have. one of the difficult things is once you find so much success, it's tough o come up with a new cd and not do some of the things
8:40 am
that have been so successful before. was it hard to pick the selections on the new cd? >> very hard. that's why we delayed the lease of the album bay year. it was supposed to come out in 2010. we were not happy with the repertoire we found. we have took a lot of different approaches this time. we had adaptations of classical pieces, and i think we've got a very strong album at hand now. we're very proud of it. >> gretchen: "wicked game" what, does that mean? >> it's from the song "wicked game," the first track where we kind of found our groove for this album and yeah, we thought the title for the album should reflect that. >> gretchen: it's an attention getter. they'll sing for us coming up in about ten minutes from now. so stick around for that. we'll be right back. in the meantime, a rare sight for new york city a. space shuttle about to set sail. we'll have a live report right after the break. then word that the president's got a top secret kill list
8:41 am
forcing his critics to ask, is he doing it to get ahead politically on foreign policy at least? right back [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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>> steve: quick headlines on this monday morning. check out this replica of the space shuttle explorer arriving in houston this weekend. it was the final leg of an eight-day journey from the kennedy space flight center in florida to its new home at nasa's johnson space center in texas. there is another shuttle on the move, the enterprise arrived in new jersey yesterday on its way to the intrepid museum tomorrow on the west side of manhattan. two hollywood stars could
8:45 am
spend the next two weeks in a new orleans courtroom rather than on camera. jury selection starts today for steven baldwin's federal lawsuit against fellow actor kevin costner over their investments in a device that bp used to try to clean up the huge gulf of mention mention oil spill. heading to court. now we're headed to gretch. >> gretchen: thank you. a recent report from the "new york times" reveals the president has a top secret kill list. suspected terrorists targeted for executions. some are asking what's going on of the michael goodwin recently supported president obama, but says this is amateur hour at the white house. amateur hour, what do you mean? >> there are two stories last week in the "new york times" that caught my attention. one was the kill list where the president sits there with the leaders of the national security agencies and apparently the c.i.a. and the pentagon and he gives his approval as to who the drones will target.
8:46 am
they have apparently like a baseball card system where it tells you who these people are, what their background is and he signs off on plans to assassinate them with drones. they describe the meeting, alt president's men described the meeting, who says what, they quote the president. the "new york times" also has a story the same week about this virus which was used to disrupt the iranian nuclear system computers. in the story, the administration admits that the united states and israel cooperated on this together. they show how it was entered into the iranian computer system. this is insane. this is sufficient that should remain secret for 20 or 30 or 40 years. these are not the things you let out during a campaign and i believe david axelrod is at the terror list -- the terror tuesday meeting, they're called. for david axelrod, the president's campaign strategist to be at these meetings and then to tell the "new york times" who says what and all of these things is clearly coordinated leak designed to make the
8:47 am
president look tough on the war on terror. >> gretchen: so we saw video of david axelrod, he denies being at these meetings. but you believe these national security secrets are for political gain? >> absolutely. these are things that are about america's interests around the world. these are things that involve our allies. they involve our security operations, and as pete king, the republican head of the homeland security committee in the house told me, this is a pattern that goes back two years now. it starts with every time there is an operation such as osama bin laden, the white house suddenly starts leaking operational details and it's all designed to make the president look good. it's all designed to show that the president is tough on terror. >> gretchen: so you believe that if we're seeing this type of activity in june, you call what could be a head before november dangerous. in what way? >> for example, our security -- with the virus, what they've done is outed some iranians who
8:48 am
clearly helping us. they've said this in the "new york times" now. they've said -- they've told how we did it. it identifies our allies. it identifies conspirators working with us to disrupt the iranian nuclear program. when the osama bin laden raid, they talked about how the helicopters evaded the radar, the doctor who was arrested and sentenced by pakistan for 33 years. all of these things have been identified by the white house just in surface of the president's campaign. i think it's outrageous and as i say, it's only june. who knows what they'll leak next? >> gretchen: we'll be here to highlight all of it, i'm sure. michael goodwin, thanks for your thoughts. have a great week. >> gretchen: coming up next, il divo performs their hit "time to say good-bye." first, bill hemmer. i'm the one who is down here with il divo. >> are you going to join them? >> gretchen: how could i not?
8:49 am
>> good morning. how about more stimulus from dc? is that what america needs? we'll debate that this morning. why is george zimmerman back in jail? also, brit hume on the implications of the vote in wisconsin. and neil cavuto is there live. we'll have his interview with governor scott walker. and some call it a smart bomb to battle breast cancer. we'll see you a little later their very first word was... [ to the tune of "lullaby and good night" ] ♪ af-lac ♪ aflac [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] [ yawning sound ] they claim to be complete. only centrum goes beyond. providing more than just the essential nutrients, so i'm at my best. centrum. always your most complete.
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>> gretchen: joining us now to perform their hit "time to say good-bye," it's il divo. ♪
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that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8. >> steve: well, tomorrow they're going to do some voting out in wisconsin. we'll have the very latest for you from madison. >> brian: we booked laura ingraham and bill o'reilly, he's a man.
8:59 am
>> gretchen: okay. and another woman, she'll be here. more il divo in the after the show show. log on. have a great day. bill: pretty good sound down there. monday, down to the wire in wisconsin. a recall vote rippling across the snogs. they will decide whether governor scott walker keeps his job or the democrat tom barrett steps in ain't takes it from him. this could have way ranging implications for union power in america and the race in november. welcome to "america's newsroom." i'm bill hemmer. >> heather childers in for martha maccallum bill: she is in london making her way back. heather: this is a mass


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