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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 5, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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milwaukee mayor tom barrett will force walker out of office. only two other governors in u.s. history have faced recall elections, both lost. this is too close to call. according to the exit polls, as we just start to get the raw vote tallies, the data here -- here's what we have so far. barrett's winning college graduates by 8 percentage points, 54% over walker. that edge has grown, it was 3 points in 2010. this group slightly larger than it was in 2010. 41 percent of the electorate, from 8% 2 years ago. walker's advantage among catholics is 10 percentage point this is timearn, up from a 2-point lead in 2010. news of both parties by voters are identical this time around, also identical to what they toldinous 2010. the two faced each other in
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2010, just under half, 47% have a positive view, 50% have a negative view. we are seeing the exact same numbers on the republican side. in the lieutenant governor's race, right now, too soon to say whether lieutenant governor will fend off a challenge from democrat milan mitchell. there are four key state senate races to determine the balance of power in the legislature here. we will have a full recap tonight and look at the national political picture as well in a special edition of "special report" at 11:00 p.m. eastern and we will have updates throughout the night. back to new york, now. >> sean: we will be checking in throughout the hour with you. joining me is the first lieutenant governor to face a recall in america, wisconsin's own rebecca kleefisch.
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>> i hope to be the only lieutenant governor ever to be re-elected to the first term. >> sean: you are on the ground. what do you see? >> we are hearing what you are hearing. turnout is extraordinary. our turnout actr accountability board predicted 50-65%. i went and voted at 4:30 today. the entire table was full of people registering to vote. all new voters. so we are excited about turnout tonight. we think it's good to have more people involved in the electoral process. we are cautiously optimistic. >> sean: you seem very optimistic, lieutenant governor. i have to imagine because this has been ugly at times. we have seen the video, they left the state. all the unions and their involvement in all of this, personally for you and governor walker, tell our audience, what has it been like for and you for
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your state? >> you know what? i think that for our state, this has been a moment of character building. we have endured so much altogether. and i think after tonight, we will come out stronger for it. we know that we have a very passionate electorate on both sides of the aisle. hopefully when we wake up tomorrow, we will be focused on creating jobs together and we will put this recall behind us. that is what sounds good to almost all of wisconsin. they want to put the recall and the non-stop churn behind them. the political ads. we want to enjoy our summer and work on creating jobs. >> sean: the numbers look pretty good. unemployment is well below the national average, i am sure not where you want it to be at 6.7%. 30,000 jobs created in the last year. a $3.6 billion deficit turned it into a $150 million surplus. are you confident that that message got sent to the voters?
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are they aware of the success? >> sean, we have left it all on the field. we have contacted more voters this time around than we did in the 2010 campaign. and we have been sharing that message with the voters. it's a very positive message of wins for all of wisconsin, not political victories, but good things for the taxpayers and the hard-working family, closing the budget deficit without raising taxes, making sure that our families and job creators are doing so well, we will have a $154 million surplus at the end of our biennial budget. these are all things that all of wisconsin owns, good things, victories for everyone in our state. >> sean: let me ask you this. first of ail, we have heard about voter irregularities in different parts of the state. this may be hyped up because emotions are running high. have you heard the reports today? >> you know, just from the media. i have not seen anything firsthand. that's why our department of justice actually deployed a
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number of teams to various polling places to assure that there wasn't going to be any voter fraud. we know that the republican party has trained so many poll watching volunteers and they are out in force. now that the polls have closed, we have only to wait and hope that the voters of wisconsin are responding to our positive message of moving the state forward. >> sean: this is my analysis of your race. maybe i am right or maybe i'm wrong. >> okay. >> sean: both you and the governor have come under tremendous pressure. it seems that wisconsin to me is a microcosm of what is happening nationally, government spending more money than they are taking in, that they cannot afford, but you and the governor have never waiverred, you held strong, you never buckled. there has been incredible pressure brought to bear on you. you pushed ahead. it seems that the public, too, is getting serious about balancing their budgets. do you agree with me -- >> it's true, sean.
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>> sean: go ahead? >> i would agree with you. i think that's a great analysis. if you take a look at how any family balances their budget around the kitchen table or any small business owner tries to balance their budget in the middle of a deep recession, you can't spend more than you have. that's what government was doing. before we took office, government has spent so much money, they put we the taxpayers inside of it. and it is just now, under this administration, we are helping each other out of the hole. that's what we are doing, moving forward. we want to continue to move forward. that's what tonight is about, for us and wisconsin. it is about going back to the days of digging that hole and putting us in a $3.6 billion deficit or moving forward to the days of balanced budget surpluses. >> sean: wisconsin last voted republican in a presidential election in 1984. a lot of people have been saying that this is the second most important election of the year
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2012. do you think this gives us any indication, the rule as they come in, we expect this hour, to have any impact on the november election? >> i do. sean, i absolutely do. i think it speaks volumes that the president has avoided wisconsin and supporting tom barrett, very publicly. he had a choice when he was in minneapolis and chicago to actually fly through wisconsin. he chose to fly around and decided to tweet in support of tom barrett, the democrat candidate in this re-do election from 2010. but i also think if wisconsin continues to be red tonight, if votes very well for the republican nominee. i am very excited about our chances in november if we have a good night. >> sean: the president was nearby on friday. and he was pretty close to wisconsin. he wouldn't have had much trouble taking a helicopt or or a plane in to support the candidate. but he did send out a tweet last night. i am on twitter, i am not being
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critical of being on twitter. what do you think the white house's motive was for being so tepid in its endorsement? >> you know, i think the white house sees what wisconsin sees. our reforms are working. you know, we saved between state and local government, a billion dollars, that's a big victory for taxpayers. it keeps more squad cars on the street, it keeps our families safe t. keeps more women going to cancer screenings with our well woman program. these are great victories. part of our positive message of moving the state forward. to be frank with you i don't know that the president wanted to come in and potentially see a loss tonight, knowing that he did not have the ability to lift tomtom bar tote a victory. >> sean: all right, lieutenant governor, good to see you. we expect we might have the results in this hour. as soon as we can make a call, we will. lieutenant governor, thank you. coming up tonight, we continue to monitor the news out of wisconsin, as the are the race
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remains too close to be called. as news comes in, we will bring it to you live. and our coverage continues. and still to come tonight, in recent weeks, the president has stayed largely silent on the wisconsin recall election. we think we know why. next, we compare the president's record to that of the governor, straight ahead.
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>> sean: this is a fox news
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alert. we are expecting results out of the wisconsin recall primary. but at this moment, the election is too close to call. tonight is called the second most important race of the 2012 election year. it has enormous national implications for the president. in recent weeks, the white house has attempted to stay as far away from this race as possible. when you look at the obama record and compare it to governor walker, it is pretty obvious why the administration was hesitant to get involved. now, thanks to walker's budget cuts, jobs are being created and tax dollars are being saved and a monstrous deficit has become a surplus. that's not the case under the obama law, adding $5 trillion to the national debt. joining my to debate the two very different paths of governor walker and president obama. ron johnson and from citizen action of wisconsin, robert craig, a supporter of tom barrett.
9:14 pm
mr. craig, first of all, you knowings, for the president to be so close to wisconsin, knowing this is a close race, supporting mr. barrett, not being willing to go in and put his prestige on the line here and sending out a tweet, you know, what is it? i heart you, i love you. doesn't that seem weak to you? >> i actually think he should have done more. we did get bill clinton. >> sean: you didn't get the president. >> i think the president should have done more. i don't disagree with you. but i think, quite frankly, that the results are going doff a huge implication for the presidential election. so i don't disagree. he should have done more. >> sean: there is a lot at stake here. i think more than anything else, i think this is going to accepted a message to every reform governor that has put their political careers on the line and they have said, look, this is what we have to do to balance the budget. i am going to make tough decisions and take $3.6 billion in a deficit and i am going to turn it into a surplus, but
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there is going to be pain involved. do you think politicians -- if walker is not recalled tonight and he survives, do you think that will embolden politicians to make more courageous decisions like this? >> absolutely, sean. this is incredibly important election nationally because need stiff spines in washington. i try to point out that the budget deficit governor walker had the courage to lead and actually fix was a thousand times smaller than what we are dealing with here on the national level. no. if the reward for acknowledging the problem special take the hard decisions and the tough votes to fix it is to get booted out of office, that will send a terrible signal to elected officials in washington who have to have the courage to face up to the very serious problems in this nation. >> sean: yeah. mr. kraig, whether you agree with the governor or not is irrelevant. but have you to look at the statistics, the unemployment is lower, the obama labor department confirmed he has
9:16 pm
created just under 30,000 jobs in the last year. 3.6 billion in the deficit to a surplus of $150 million. do you not recognize that that is a good thing for your state? >> well, the jobs numbers, whether you take walker's or the traditional jobs numbers are horrible. it's the worst job performance in the midwest. the only-- wait, wait, wait -- the unemployment rate's 6.7%. >> if you are saying -- it was loyer to begin with. but if you are comparing him to obama. obama's job record is much better than walk sneer obama hasn't created a net job since he was president. i am asking you -- wait a minute. he's on the positive side of job creation. those are the labor statistic numbers. that's indisputable. he has taken a massive deficit, unlike president obama who gave us $5 trillion in debt -- and turned it into a surplus. you may not agree with his
9:17 pm
methods, but you can deny that that is a good, responsible thing to do for wisconsin? >> his job performance is firstth in the country. as far as the deficit, we have a -- you have to have a balanced budget in wisconsin. every previous governor-- he inherited a deficit. >> without attacking people's rights. the larger deficits and he didn't take away people's rights and create a big movement in order to do it. i am saying that it is disconnect from the deficit-- it is not disconnected. >> he went for unions as a power play. >> sean: you are giving me the talking points. here's the bottom line. look, i think it's self evident, which is the problem, senator, we cannot live beyond our means. what i find interesting in this race more than anything else is we ask for principled politicians. then when we get one, it seems that the public, if they re-elect scott walker and don't allow the recall to go forward, that indicates to me that the
9:18 pm
country's getting serious about deficit spending. senator? >> absolutely. sean, the big difference between governor walker and president ork 'bama is governor walker led. you know, this president has put forward four budgets and has yet to propose a solution to save social security or medicare. his last two budgets received 3 votes in congress. final tally, 0-610, that's how unserious his proposals are. it is a stark difference in -- i'm confident that the voters of wisconsin are going to be supportive our elected official who is have actually taken on the challenges and, you know, taken the tough votes and solved the problem. it's extremely important for our nation. >> sean: thank you both. the results are beginning to come in. as they come in, we will bring them to you. at this moment, it is too close to call. we will have the results in this hour. so stay with us, live on "hannity." and hope turns to desperation inside the obama campaign as joe bidein is promising voters that
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>> sean: this is a fox news
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alert. the wisconsin recall elections are too close to call. we are hoping to bring you the rules of this historic gubernatorial recall momentarily. it is becoming more and more clear that democrats are nervous and are willing to say -- well, just about anything to win. take for example, joe biden who spoke at a high school graduation in florida on monday. in his remarks, he had a mound of far-fetched campaign promises. watch this. >> imagine, by the time you near a position to buy your first home, putting a roof of solar shingles that will cost no more than today's ordinary shingles. when doctors can and will engineer your white blood cells to attack cancer cells. doctors are able to regenerate entire body organs and limbs, using 3d printers. we are going to be able to restore tissue after traumatic injury. imagine a world in which hunger is vanquished by crops that
9:24 pm
don't depend on the soil, water or furtalizer or pesticides to thrive. they're just around the corner. >> sean: now, while the vice-president's promising to cure cancer, a top democratic strategist informed the washington examiner that the left is and should be, quote, scared as blank. here to tell us what blank means and to break down the panic within the obama campaign. juan williams and -- what is the blank mean? >> you know...: four-letter words. tuck. >> sean: i remember joe biden said three-letter word j-o-bs. it is very close. we will get results, probably within minutes now, coming in tonight. this is what's interesting to me. i think this is a really key moment for the country. a microcosm of what happens.
9:25 pm
either people support balanced budgets and reform, or they're not. i think in this case, they are going to go with the walker, you know, term in office, which i think is going to be very telling. do you not see it that way? >> i think that the polls show that walker is favored to win this thing. he's been up 5-7 points. >> sean: 3 in the most recent. >> some say it was even. but have you such an extraordinarily high turnout, sean, whether the democrats were able to bringn new people who hadn't been in the poll-- you mean from chicago? >> there is all kines of talk about bus-loads of people. now the other thing, i think that people on your side of the fence, they want this to be a petri dish in terms of the november election, they want this to be an indication that wisconsin might go against obama and the fact that there is has been such an infusion of big money from-- big labor -- >> no, no -- the koch brothers--
9:26 pm
stop. >> one of the best things that could have happened to us as a voting people and a public is the citizens united case because what is happening in wisconsin was done in 2010. they had an election. but because the union was upset and a few democrats were upset about the results what have scott walker decided to do in his own state with a mandate from the people, we now have to do this again. you are darn right, everybody's in this thing and a lot of money is flowing in. this nation is severely divided. we cannot go on like this. we can't be half dpebdent, half not. we cannot have a bloated government. we knew we should have never allowed the public sector to have union, now it's coming home for all of us -- >> why -- wait, wait. >> it's difficult to tell the taxpayers, we are going to hold you hostage -- >> nobody's holding anybody i. the way the unions pour money in the campaigns to sit across the table from their politicians.
9:27 pm
>> hold on. understand. it's 7-1. it'sun believable. >> this time. >> the money has come from the right. not from the unions. >> isn't this wonderful and about time? you know what -- >> no, no -- [overlapping dialogue] >> let's give it to them. now you are getting what we have been getting for the last 50 years. when the unions have been confiscating money from the members and holding us hostage. >> sean. >> i got your point, but whether you have anonymous people pouring mony into wisconsin polarizing what has never been a highly polarized -- >> who started it? >> scott walker by ramming -- >> no -- >> the collective bargaining script through-- look, is it a good thing that they had a $3.6 billion deficit and took it to a $150 million surplus? is it a good thing that he created 30,000 jobs in a year -- >> is it a good thing that he
9:28 pm
promised 250,000ions and says he has maybe 30,000 -- [overlapping dialogue] >> let's get back to the question on the tabling, which is are the democrats scared? and the answer is yes. are they desperate? the answer is yes. exactly what joe biden is trying to do. they are imagining now, this world they have tried to create. we have seen that world in every inner city in this country, we see that world in europe. it is not going to work. what has taken place in wisconsin is a referendum on liberalism to say, we are not going to constantly battle the unions when we need to get a job done. our society is broke. we have to stop and turn thing its around-- how devastating -- how big a blow is this to organized labor -- >> i think it's a big blow. i tell you why, i think that organized labor has come out and made scott walker 730-7300 1 and they tried to draw everybody and get their candidate as the
9:29 pm
nominee. they can't couldn't do it. they wanted people like herb kohl and russ feingold and they didn't get the president in -- >> listen to yourself. what is the union doing picking the winners and the losers of the campaigns -- >> no, no [overlapping dialogue] >> they are under attack. >> they need to be under attack. >> what does big business do, they respond. they are responding. >> big business uses their own money. the unions take the money from their members? >> you were under fire a little while back? >> sure. >> sean: even though we disagree politically, i was on your side -- >> sean, you were. >> sean: right. you were very kind to me. >> you were like a brother. >> sean: i consider you a close friend. fisent out a -- if i sent out a tweet and said, support my friend juan. what would you say? >> i wouldn't be cool. >> sean: wait a minute. that's what obama did.
9:30 pm
he sent a tweet the day before. >> i don't think it was cool. but i tell you what, i notice romney's not in this. he has not stood up with scott walker and said, i'm your guy. you see nikki haley. -- but to have -- >> wait, wait, wait. >> we are going to -- [overlapping dialogue] >> if scott walker wins, it could have ramifications for the president. on the republican side, you want this to be a petri dish. >> tell have. >> the unions will be weakened. >> not just that they are weakened, their ideas are bankrupt. liberalism doesn't work, period. the people of america are starting to say, we get it. and wisconsin is going to trickle across -- >> you say we should go back to the ideas, the economic ideas of the bush administration that drove us i. i am saying -- that's right. >> sean: we need to balance the budget. >> in other words -- don't spend money to stimulate the economy.
9:31 pm
to have faith in america-- $5 trillion in debt. not a single new job. >> i believe in america and america will grow again. >> sean: socialist obama fantasy world. >> i am telling you -- >> you find an economist that tells you in a time of economic crisis, the government should not spend money. >> sean: i will find plenty. coming up, we monitor the breaking news out of wisconsin. we hope to be able to make a call and a win ther hour. but first, we check in with stewart varny and andrea tantaros and look at the role of big labor in this country. that and much more as this special edition of "hannity" continues. there's big news. presenting androgel 1.62%. both are used to treat men with low testosterone. androgel 1.62% is from the makers of the number one prescribed
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. at this hour, the polls in wisconsin have been closed more than a half hour and the race for governor and lieutenant governor is too close to call. but we are hoping to make a call
9:36 pm
shortly. as key continue to monitor the returns, we are taking a look at the impact that the unions had on the race n. 1996, bill clinton declared, quote, the era of big government is over. fast forward because tonight an historic win by republican governor scott walker would signal that it's the beginning of the end for the era of big labor in america. here to talk about what appears to be the declining influence of unions, stuart varny and co-host of "the five," andrea tantaros. this seeps to be ground zero, waning influence. can they have an impact? what if it's close, though? let's say the exit polls are right and it's very close. >> there is still evidence because of the decline in union membership, sean, that walker empowered the unions, he gave them a choice. when walker ran, he ran on the platform of reform.
9:37 pm
he said, i am going to balance the budget, grow the economy, bring unemployment down. hoo has done all of that by asking union employees to contribute a little bit to their pensions and health care-- less than what the public sector pays. >> exactly. that's why he let the state employees keep their jobs. he said, you have a choice. you don't have to join a union. guess what the unions did? membership went way down. it fell to 28,000 from 62,000. the teachers union shrunk 7,000 as l. he gave them the choice and you know what they chose? >> they left. >> nonunion. >> sean: two things i have been saying that i am taking out of this election here. will this send a message to reform governors that the public will have your support and as somebody who want this is country to get on a sound fiscal path, i want to know if the public is now serious and understands the magnitude of deficit spending?
9:38 pm
tonight, i think will tell a lot. >> states are going bust because they cannot afford to pay the union imposed pensions of the state worker unions. scott walker reversed that tain the state of wisconsin. that sends a message across america. what is happening all over the country is younger workers are being laid off in order to pay the pensions of retirees. that is not popular. service is cut, young people out of work, it's blamed on the union pension demands. scott walker reversed that. that sends a message across the country that he was prepared to take them on and win politically. chris christie won in new jersey. >> sean: look at that. while the countedry's being downgraded, our triple-a rating is gone. ohio went up and has 100,000 new jobs, wisconsin has 30,000 you new jobs. christie and bobby jindal t. seems to me what is happening in these states is the prescription
9:39 pm
for the country overall, the federal government. >> if a conservative takes on the tough issues of debt and deficits, a conservative can win. >> sean: look at what happens. look at how vicious this got. >> absolutely demonized. >> think about it. the democrat it's okay, they sent bill clinton out, who is not singing the same songa the president. remember, the president derided any of the critics against scott walker, he sent his labor secretary and she said, my brothers, my sisters and after they won, joe biden came to the unions and said we owe you, three magic words. where was the white house? where were they? this was a huge message. wisconsin is a very, very critical state this. will be a damaging blow and don't ask/don't tell other governors, you can cross the unions and survive. >> sean: i think it tells them thatn in spite of the pressure, if you hold the line and make your case, the principled case
9:40 pm
for the economy of your state to bring jobs and balance the budget, i think it's a winning case. does this impact 2012? in other words, will this be an indicator what have could happen on election night in a state that hasn't elected a republican president since 1984? >> yes! it's the public perceives the unions as being negative to state finances and the national finances. facility unions are beaten back, that does send a message to november. and the further message is a conservative who goes up entrenched big labor and wins sends a message all across the country and especially for the month of november and the election that is coming. >> sean: last word? >> last word, i think if walker wins this, which a lot of people are hoping and expecting him to do, i think it's a huge message across to democratic politicians, you know, juan, who we love, was here and he said, where's mitt romney? he doesn't have to be in this fight. the people of wisconsin will have spoken loud and clear for the country.
9:41 pm
>> sean: it will be interesting. we are watching and waiting. any moment, we are told they are coming in. as a matter of fact, we are going to check in with greta van susteren. where is the yellow jacket? >> that's last night. today, i thought it looked less green bay packer-ish. it is fascinating, it is exciting here in the state of wisconsin. the numbers haven't come in. sarah palin is here, the republican national party and we have the minority leader here in wisconsin. but i can tell you, sean, it's electrifying, being in the state on both sides, democrats are all heated and so are the republicans. we have a great show. we are waiting for the numbers to come in. it could be a long night. watch for the third-party candidates, pulling in 2% f. this is a close race, he could be the spoiler? i don't mean to say anything because i know you are a big
9:42 pm
packers fan. but that looks like minnesota vikings purpole your jacket on my monitor. >> it is not! >> sean: my monitor could be off. i have to get the engineers -- >> you are off. >> sean: thanks. we will continue to monitor the election results coming out tonight in wisconsin, as we continue with our great, great, great american panel. straight ahead. [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx. the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection. holding down the fort
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. at this hour, the wisconsin recall election remains too close to be called. but we are hoping to make a call within minutes. i'm not kidding. here to discuss the impact this will have on the november election, our great, great american panel. the former ceo of verizon communications, can you hear me now? can you hear me now? denny strigl. worst words in the english language. a nationally syndicated talk show host and a partner at the
9:47 pm
law firm, our friend, hugh hewitt is here. an entrepreneur, millionaire at 19, ceo of ama productions, amilya antonetti is here. all indications are, from what we are hearing, that scott walker is going to pull this out. what are your thoughts? >> i love t. i think it really puts a staple into what is to come. i think the people have stood up. we gave him the responsibility. they voted. we have more turnout than ever. it says where we are going for business, big and small in the future. >> sean: i think this is a repudiation of big unions and labor. they spent millions and they did everything they could do to demonize scott walker, his family and rebecca kleefisch. >> this is a precursor. i think this is only five months, but five months from now, we will see, as reagan followed thatcher, mitt romney
9:48 pm
will follow scott walker. >> sean: if scott walker pulls this off and we may be able to make a call very soon fscott walker pull this is off and you are barack obama, and they must have felt this coming -- you are sitting there saying, i have to defend wisconsin? >> i am worried if i am barack obama at this point. look at what walker has done here. he has done exactly what he said he would do. he has delivered on the fiscal policies. he has met the needs of state. and he has done this without laying off employees. it's an amazing story. this shows the irrelevance of unions. at this point, i have said, they're obsolete. >> sean: do you agree with that. >> look-- i agree with you. i think it's that dramatic. this is a tipping-point moment. >> he did what he say heave going to be, demonstrated leadership, accountability, which we keep talking about. now tangible results that you can see, touch and feel and forecast for the next term.
9:49 pm
he has done everything that the republicans have been saying, let's put in a new plan that wev can forecast for big and small business. >> sean: if he wasn't able to take that $3 billion deficit and turn it into a $150 million surplus, if he didn't create jobs and have unemployment less than the national average, he would be thrown out. >> waterloo, napoleon rushed everything to town and he lost. the unions knew they were losing, they threw everything into it and they are losing. if he does lose, as we suspect he will, this is an enormous defeat -- >> don't forget the feel of the community? i have been there. people have rallied together. they have befriended their neighbors and they are coming together, which is exactly what we need as a nation. they have come together in the state of wisconsin. >> sean: what i keep emphasizing tonight is that it's very interesting to me because we keep saying we want principled politicians. you elect somebody and they do
9:50 pm
what they say and then, you know, because it's a little bit painful, you know, especially because people are intoxicated and so use to the drug of government spending, and have you to pull back a little bit, if you don't back them up for doing the right thing, you are never going to get that again. >> not only did this happen in wisconsin, it has to happen across many states in this country. >> and it's a myth that if you take apart the union, there will be a big upheaval in the community and that's not what happened. the community supported that this is the right-- what about -- throughout this process, the tactics of the union and the actions of the state lawmakers fleeing the state to not ark lou a vote on the proposal. i mean, we had not seenism the tactics of the union are what they always do. they are -- their whole job is to create a divide between the workers and the bosses.
9:51 pm
>> sean: i tell you what, we have to go to break. i am told when we get back, fox news is on the verge of making a call in this race. we are very, very close. more with our great, great american panel. we are continuing to await the results out of wisconsin. we are very close to a call. we expect it in this hour. more tonight straight ahead on "hannity." you see us, at the start of the day. on the company phone list that's a few names longer. you see us bank on busier highways. on once empty fields. everyday you see all the ways all of us at us bank are helping grow our economy. lending more so companies and communities can expand, grow stronger and get back to work. everyday you see all of us serving you, around the country, around the corner. us bank.
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>> sean: this, in fact is a fox news alert, tossing to bret baier, standing by in wisconsin, apparently ready to make a call in the recall race. >> reporter: fox news can now project that wisconsin governor scott walker, a republican, will survive his recall election, beating back a challenge by democratic milwaukee mayor tom barrett, after months of bitter acrimony, rolling back excesses in the bargaining power of the unions. walker's victory in the state that went for president obama in 2008 gives republicans some hope that wisconsin may vote republican, for mitt romney in november. but this is a big blow to big labor, which has poured considerable resources into the failed effort to remove walker
9:56 pm
from office. of the three recall elections of governors in u.s. history, walker is now the only one to survive. fox can also project that the lieutenant governor, republican rebecca kleefisch has survived her recall election. she has survived. what happened on this -- on the early call that it was too close to call, the exit polls, in fact, milwaukee mayor barrett was over performing in the exit polls and when the raw vote totals started coming in near walker across the state, it was clear that the projection was that walker was over performing in a number of different areas. so the raw vote total essentially sealed this up for our decision desk and the exit polls will look at the national political picture and all the fallout here, in wisconsin in a special edition, a special report, 11:00 p.m. eastern. join us again, the recall effort has failed for the democrats.
9:57 pm
scott walker has managed to hold off this recall, as has his lieutenant governor, rebecca kleefisch. we are looking at the state senate races, but that's the big news. >> sean: all right, bret baier with the call. we will be on 11:00 eastern here, after "on the record with greta van susteren." it's official. a lot said tonight. >> you bet. >> sean: i think this -- this sends a message, if you want to be reform oriented, courageous, go for it. the voters will support you. >> enormous good news. millions of people ought to surge to mitt romney and support the momentum and keep it going because i think there is an advantage that has been won. it's hard fought. it is a destruction of the union power and you have to go through that gap that is now open-- you think this opens the door for wisconsin 2012 -- >> i do. iowa and colorado and the blue states in the middle of the country. >> as do i. it sens a message to unions that they're a last stronghold,
9:58 pm
public sector unionization is up for grabs. >> sean: this is a devastating blow to unions tonight. >> it does a huge thing for small businesses. if you want to unlock the uncertainty for small business, hope is on the way. this is changing. this is the first good news for small business. >> sean: this is a model you new jersey, nikki haley, south carolina, bobby jindal. you know -- >> governor scott in florida. >> sean: federally, all agree, leading the way? >> absolutely. >> sean: what happens from here? what's going on in the white house? >> they are having a team meeting in which they have to to come up with a new strategy. they don't want anything to do with the house that burned down. they want to blame it on the unions and the local candidatings. but they can't. this is a barack obama signed, sealed and delivered special disaster. >> sean: signed, sealed and delivered special disaster? >> yeah.
9:59 pm
>> sean: he's accumulating debt. walker got rid of it. there is a big distinction here. historic night. thanks for being part of t. plenty more. greta's next and then bear. thank you for being with us, we will have more tomorrow on "hannity". >> greta: this is a fox news alert. wisconsin governor scott walker is keeping his job. the people in this state have spoken. governor scott walker was with his recall battle so far with 26% of the precincts reporting, governor walker has 60% of the vote and milwaukee mayor tom barrett has 40 pmpls the race has also been called for rebecca kleefisch, 59-41%. what does this mean for the state of wisconsin and president obama? is this a local race and just about governor walker and the recall? or does it show that the union power is diminishing or that wisconsin is turning red?


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