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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 9, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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leaks of classified intelligence information. critics have accused the white house of orchestrating the leaks to improve president obama's reelection chances in november. this is a claim that the president himself has called offensive and wrong. the attorney general assigned two u.s. attorneys to lead a criminal investigation into this. at least two republican lawmakers are warning about politics possibly getting in the way. molly henneberg live in washington with more. hi, molly. >> hi. eric holder tapped ronald machin, a attorney for dc and a u.s. attorney for maryland to lead separate investigation noose several recent leaks. at least one of these probes has already been started by the f.b.i holder said in a statement, quote, i have every confidence in their abilities to doggedly follow the facts and the evidence in the pursuit of justice wherever it leads. but the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee, mike rogers, had some concerns that these attorneys who still will report to holder,
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will be able to investigate freely. rogers said, quote, i look forward to hearing how they will be independent from the chain of command. one top senate republican jpmorgan says the empty needs to appoint an independent prosecutor to lead this investigation. president obama talked about the media articles on the leaks yesterday and insisted that any information must be coming from elsewhere. >> as i think has been indicated from these articles, whether or not the information they've received is true, the writers of these articles have allstateed unequivocally that they didn't come from this white house. that's not how we operate. >> the republican chairman of the house judiciary committee said today he wonders how the president can be so sure of this when the investigation hasn't concluded yet. >> i thought it was a little premature for the president to say categorically the white house didn't leak. >> he also says anyone convicted
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of leak should face jail time. rick? >> rick: molly henneberg live in washington. thanks. >> arthel: the question is, how significant are these leaks? retired four star army general speaking out earlier today on fox news, saying the leaks are some of the most serious security disclosures he has ever seen. just one example of the impact, iran, which he says is bound to retaliate against the united states for cyber attacks on their nuclear program. here is general jack keane. >> they are an eye for an eye government. they will respond to this attack as they have in the past to others. when they may already have responded and we just don't even know yet. but the fact of the matter is, they will return some kind of cyber attack to the united states. >> rick: new developments on a major european bailout agreement that could have widespread implications to workers here in this country. protests erupting on the streets of spain where the government
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there has just requested a massive bailout of its troubled banking system. spain is now the fourth euro zone member to do that in less than two years. ministers from the 17 countries that use the euro as a currency say that they are ready to give spain up to $125 billion. greg burke brings us the latest from rome. >> rick, big news coming from the euro zone today and it's coming from a big country, spain finally admitting that it does need a bailout of some sort. this is crunch time for europe. it's one thing for greece to be in trouble, but spain is the euro zone's fourth largest economy. spanish finance ministers saying that this is a loan, a loan from europe under favorable conditions, but emphasizing that it is not a rescue, so technically not a bailout. specifically for the banking sector. they have not given numbers, but estimates have ranged from between 50 billion and
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$100 billion in order to help spain. not a small amount of help by any means. now, the problem with spain has been its banks, which has been in serious trouble ever since a massive real estate boom went bust back in 2008, leaving so many banks with bad loans. spain initially thought it could work its way out of the crisis, but six months into the new government, it's pretty clear that's not the case. finally, rick, it promises to be a very interesting week. you've got spain in the midst of this. they'll be working out the details on this loan. and you have elections in greece just a week from sunday. last time they had elections, they didn't solve anything at all. rick? >> rick: greg burke reporting from rome, thanks. >> arthel: a fox news alert on a frightening surge of violence in syria. take a look at this.
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this is amateur video reportedly from the capital of damascus. activists saying it shows rebels bombing a bus of syrian army soldiers. you can see armed men running away and opening fire. then there is this from today. new video and reports of government troops shelling a southern city, killing at least 17 people. in all, we're getting reports that at least 52 people have been killed across the country today. just days ago, reports of a massacre in another syrian town, killing at least 78 civilians, including women and children. plus, back in may, u.n. reports of mass killings in the central syrian town of houla. more than 100 people killed there. nearly half of them children. all of this is in the face of a u.n. peace ran that has been violated nearly every day since it went into effect in april. syrian activists estimate more than 13,000 people have been killed since the uprising began last year. >> rick: the international criminal court demanding the
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release of four of its staffers being held in libya and one of them is said to have been carrying suspicious documents when she visited the imprisoned son of deposed dictator, moammar gadhafi. a libyan attorney in charge of his case says the others were found with spying and recording materials. the icc previously expressed concerns about the conditions of gadhafi's son, who is being -- where he's being held, but unable to get any unsupervised access with him. >> arthel: today pakistan blasting the u.s. secretary of defense over claims that, quote, terrorists safe havens still exist in the country. leon panetta's comments said to be adding to the tension between the two already troubled allies. peter doocy has more now from washington. >> our secretary of defense, leon panetta, said on thursday that pakistan keeps turning a blind eye to terrorists who use land in their country as a home base for attacks on americans across the border in afghanistan and that they need to stop right
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now. >> we can not continue to tolerate a situation where terrorists on their side of the border are coming across, attack our troops, kill our troops, and then return to a safe haven in pakistan. that's intolerable. >> his remarks aren't sitting well with pakistan's foreign ministry, who fired back today, saying their country strongly rejects those comments and, quote, we feel that the secretary of defense is oversimplifying some of the very complex issues we are all dealing with in our efforts against extremism and terrorism. but one member of the house permanent select committee on intelligence here in the states says that just because it's hard to rein in the haqqani network, doesn't mean pakistan shouldn't do it. >> we understand it's hard. we understand their military has limited capability. we understand it means taking some risk 'cause if you go after the ha can oh, they may come after the pakinstani government. but again, the bottom line is,
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it is absolutely essential to stabilize that region not only for afghanistan, but for pakistan's own future. >> when we asked secretary panetta if the united states is at war with pakistan, he said, we are at war with anyone who would attack our country. arthel? >> arthel: peter doocy reporting from washington, thanks. >> rick: rescuers saving 150 people from flash floods that hit the west coast of wales in the united kingdom. royal air force seek helicopters called in to help after more than five inches of rain fell in 24 hours. a lot of people able to evacuate camp sites, but others said they had absolute israeli no time to gather any of their belongs. >> we didn't even have time to get dressed or put shoes on. we put coats on and got straight in and went away because of it rising so quickly into the caravan. they strapped us in. >> rick: three people were treated for minor injuries.
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>> arthel: in london, queen elizabeth's husband is released from the hospital and the timing couldn't be better. prince philip celebrates his 91st birthday tomorrow. he was hospitalized during a huge celebration for the queen's diamond jubilee, mark her 60 years on the throne, along with the queen, he spent hours outdoors in rainy and cold weather during a rainy pageant. >> rick: when we come back, tragedy strikes at yellowstone national park. a hiker dies. we'll tell what you authorities are saying about the cause. >> arthel: also, former clinton knows his way around a campaign trail, but he had apologized after contradicting president obama's stance on tax cuts. so is he a little rusty when it comes to dealing with reporters? fair examine balanced debate ahead. >> once i realized that nothing had to be done 'til the first of the year, i support his position. i supported the extent of them last year action but i think his position is the right one and
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>> arthel: a quick check of the headlines now. tragedy at yellowstone national park. an 18-year-old woman falling to
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her death during a hike on her first day of work at the park. police saying the trail gave way underneath her. indiana woman accused of gambling away her grand saab's college fund may never be prosecuted. she was located in louisiana, but officials in indiana were ordered to extradite her only if she was found in a neighboring state. i'll have another officially retiring at a ceremony after tonight's belmont stakes. tendonnites dashing his hopes for the triple crown. >> rick: former president bill clinton backtracking a bit this week and this time even apologizing for something that he said that seemed a little out of synk with a message from the obama campaign. he suggested the bush tax cuts should be extended for everyone. that's something that the president has opposed and now he says he regrets those comments and was misinformed. take a listen. >> i'm very sorry about what happened yesterday. i thought something had to be
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done on the fiscal cliff before the election. apparently nothing has to be done 'til the first of the year. so i think he should stick with his position and negotiate with the republicans. >> rick: is bill clinton political legend a little bit rusty on the campaign circuit? joining us for a fair and balanced debate, chairman of civic foreign pac and former advisor. and a consultant and founder of the blog, 100 proof politics. gentlemen, thanks for coming in. ryan, you first. did president clinton misspeak or was he just telling the truth? >> i think bill clinton needs a reminder of what team he's on. as much as i love bill clinton, he's on the side of the democratic party and the american middle class. he's not on team wall street and the side of mitt romney. if he only has good things to say about the people that crash our economy, like wall street, mitt romney, then i think it's probable lea best that he just not say anything at all. >> rick: what ryan is referring to are comments from the president not just about the tax cuts being extended for everyone, including the upper 2%
6:16 pm
wage earners, but also comments that former president clinton made about mitt romney's days as a financeier, saying it was good work he did at bain capital. what do you think is going on here? >> i think former president bill clinton is certainly not rusty and these are not joe bidenesque gaffes. he was being brutally honest in telling folks that this is going to be a very tight election and president obama needs to pay attention because the fact that president obama wants bill clinton to sort of backtrack shows they're desperate. they don't have a job slam. they don't have a testify sit reduction plan. all they really want to do is play class warfare and bill clinton is telling president obama if you keep doing this, you're going to lose. if he doesn't heed his words, guess what? we're going to have a new president in 25012. >> rick: ryan, i wonder if the former president doesn't have something else in mind here. this is a guy who was famous for moving to the center, probable will he helped him win a second term. do you think even as he admits maybe he misspoke or paid a
6:17 pm
mistake that in his heart, he really would like to see president obama move to the middle on tax cuts, move to the middle on the keystone pipeline project, maybe win over some independents who are not backing him right now? >> this isn't a left or right problem about tax cuts. it's a right or wrong problem. if we keep giving tax give aways to the top 2 or 1% to the wealth yeast individuals, then we'll starve the government of revenue and make a bad economy even worse. we need to get people back to work. americans need jobs and businesses need people with money in their pockets ready to spend it. there is no trickle down solution to this problem. we need a man size solution. our economy is based on demand and there is no demand. americans need jobs and all politicians would be wise to look in the here and realize that's their job is to put americans back to work. >> ryan, you like president obama have no understanding about how the economy works. if you do not extend the bush tax cuts for everyone, particularly that 2%, you're going to kill small business and
6:18 pm
the reason is a lot of small business owners file their business income as individual returns. so if you want to keep killing small business, destroying america, go right ahead, my friend. guess what, you'll be out of office. >> rick: you think bill clinton knows that and that's what he was trying to do is nudge -- >> i absolutely do. i think bill clinton is trying to help president obama by nudging him in the right direction because president obama is hurting himself with independents and the white working class and some democratic donors. that's precisely who bill clinton is trying to help president obama with and he doesn't seem to want to listen. if he continues not listening to bill clinton, that's great for me because my guys know bill clinton is a very powerful weapon for president obama. >> i'd like to agree with ford examine say small businesses are integral to this economy. 60% of american jobs are created by small businesses. but they have to compete with these corporations that pay zero dollars in taxes in many cases. you just can't compete when there is not a level playing field. that's what the kind of business that mitt romney supports.
6:19 pm
>> ryan, we agree on fox news that we're -- >> excuse me. he made millions shutting down factories and shipping jobs oversea. >> rick: i got to let you. >> i think we can agree on this, if we can close some of the loopholes and bring search to the tax code, businesses in america will thrive again and i think mitt romney right now is making a better case than president obama. >> rick: ryan, here is another point we could all agree on and that is that this has been a lousy week for the president. it's been a lousy couple of weeks, starting with the jobs numbers, the dueling presidents, you've got the fact that mitt romney and republicans are out raising, fundraising the democrats right now. is this just a little blip or is this sort of the beginning of a much larger problem for the president's reelection campaign? >> you know, i think president obama's got this election in the bag as soon as mitt romney was the nominee for the republican party. the reason is mitt romney has real problems. his state ranked 47th in job
6:20 pm
creation when he was governor of massachusetts. frankly, he test marked obamacare when he was governor of that state. i don't think the tea party will forgive him for that. i don't see him having a solid base in this election. president obama has got a very solid base that he is galvanizing to support him in this election. most people agree with what president obama has been doing over the last few years. putting americans back to work, restoring sanity to wall street, and making sure that every american can get health care. i think that's a winning recipe and we'll see the president reelected. >> rick: ford, i'll give you the last word. does the president have this in the bag? >> the president is panicking now and he's looking to anything possible, he's trying get michelle obama out on the campaign trail to sort of fix his star to hers. he's really worried and he knows that mitt romney could very well win this election and if mitt romney can put forth a better message on the economy and job, he's going to win because right now america is concerned about being able to eat and have a job. that's where we are right now. >> rick: gentlemen, nice debate. thanks very much.
6:21 pm
>> thank you. >> arthel: very nice debate. they have to go down south because the race for the white house could be won or lost in florida. president obama and governor remain knee are fighting hard over the key battle ground state, but swing voters there may need a lot of convincing. the sunshine state is still suffering big time from the housing crisis, leaving many neighborhoods looking like ghost towns. our own bill hemmer takes a closer look. >> awful long time, an awful long time in this industry to come back. >> they were nearly wiped out by the recession. their granite business left for dead when they were forced to start over. >> there is no vacation. there is no enjoyment. >> none of the extra things that we used to have. >> we used to go fishing, boating. that's all gone. we work seven days a week and that's our life. >> a company that once employed up to 40 people, today has six. and they're not alone. few states have been slammed more by the real estate bust than the state of florida.
6:22 pm
and few counties in the state have felt that pain more than the people of orange county. five years ago, this market was a boom town for middle class americans. but that was then. this family bought their home in 2003. it's now worth about half its value. >> when everything went down, it's like we've been renting for the last seven years because we tonight own hardly any of the house. >> they worry about their future and their nine-year-old son, tyler. >> are we even going to have anything? are we going to have a house that we own? are we going to have social security? are we going to be working 'til we die? >> they will vote for change in november and that means mitt romney. orange county is cut in half by interstate 4. also known as the i-4 corridor. it includes 14 counties, 40% of florida's registered voters live along the i-4 corridor. people here are known to be swing voters. they tend to vote on the
6:23 pm
economy. >> i'm angry. frustrated. >> mary lee walker is one of those voters, an independent whose husband lost his job in january. they haven't made a mortgage payment in two months. >> we may lose our home. yeah, that's embarrassing. i think the american dream now is putting food on the table. getting through day by day. we are month to month trying to figure out how everything is going to work out, today mary lee is leaning toward president obama. four years ago, orange county voters went big for barak obama. but in the two national elections prior, it was like the rest of america. it was almost dead even, 50-50 split. winning this time will depend on how people feel about the money in their pocket. but there are signs of a comeback. ken is a home builder and for
6:24 pm
his company, sales are up since a year ago. you were on rock bottom. you were on the floor. but now there is a little bounce off of that floor. is that accurate? >> yeah, we're feeling a bounce and we feel each month it gets a little better. but we're off the rock bottom now. >> marney has been a real estate broker for 15 years. she showed us one street that is still in a lot of trouble. how many years do you think this will take in this county alone, to get back to normal? >> wow. i couldn't even imagine how many. five to ten years? >> there are 12 homes on this street. three are owned by the banks. two are short sales. and six are empty lots. give me the good news here. >> well, the good news is that we're making a turn and we're getting away from the distress sales and getting more traditional sales and as i mentioned, the investment market is really good. >> yet ernie, who worries for his teenage son, is not fully
6:25 pm
convinced that better days are ahead. >> i hope it will be better for him. i hope he doesn't have to persons what we've experienced. we live in america. one would think we're going to do great some day. >> he hasn't decide who had will get his vote. but if a detainee wants to -- candidate wants to win florida, orange county might tell them an awful lot. in orlando, bill hemmer, fox news. >> rick: the american dream is putting food on the table. did you hear that? >> arthel: should not be the case. >> rick: we're going to talk more about the economy coming up because a dire warning from some economists who say that they're trade about something called stagflation and that may be setting in. we'll tell what you it means and what it could mean for your wallet. >> arthel: also ahead, a big bash for the girl scouts 200,000 of them gathering on the national mall. we'll tell what you the celebration is all about it's very important to understand
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>> arthe welcome back. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. spain is now the fourth and largest country in the european union to ask for a billout. finance ministers from euro zone countries say they are ready to give spain up to $125 billion to help save its banking sector. >> rick: anniversary, 200,000 girl scouts from all over the world celebrating the group's 100th anniversary on the national mall in washington. >> arthel: love the happened games. did you see it? maria sharapova won in tennis. >> rick: 9-11 health fund could be expand to do include various types of cancer. this after years of lobbying on
6:31 pm
behalf of first responders and other people who became sick from inhaling toxic dust at ground zero. anna coyman is live with more. hi. >> hey there. people who have cancer after sift through soot at ground zero could now qualify for treatments and payments from a federal health program as long as a good case is made it was caused by caustic dust. previously the $4.3 billion program only covered ailments like asthma, acid reflux disease and chronic sinus irritation. it will now include people with 50 types of cancer. while many first responders do now have cancer, there is still no scientific evidence directly linking cancer and the toxins at ground zero. the 9-11 program pays people based on suffering and economic losses, but an attorney representing multiple first responders is concerned the large amounts of money his clients have already spent will not be reimbursed. >> we don't think there is any mechanism in place right now to pay for those past bills. i spoke with a client this
6:32 pm
morning that has had in the past $800,000 in medical care. it's essentially drained his savings and put him in a terrible position and at this point in time, we don't see any mechanism for that to be recovered. >> he says this vote is a victory for his clients, but believes more money needs to be added to the program. congress capped funding at $1.55 billion for treatment and $2.78 billion for compensation payments. those numbers will remain the same regardless of how many people file for benefits. 60,000 people have already enrolled and up to 25,000 more could still join before it closes. no official estimate has been made on how much the additional cancer could cost that compensation program. rick? >> rick: anna, thanks. >> arthel: there is a dangerous condition that may be taking hold of the economy, it's called stagflation. it's the worst of both worlds. it happens when prices are high while at the same time, employment and economic growth
6:33 pm
are low. some economists fear this toxic combination is already here, so can we fix it? ed is managing partner of chatwood capital investment management. good to sigh, ed. >> good to sigh. >> arthel: all right. so here is the deal, if i don't have a job, i'm not going to spend, of course, that's going to cause the economy to slow 'cause the prices are high and if i had a little money, i'm going to hold on to it. so the question for you is, what's the remedy to move beyond this stagflation? is there an elixir? >> yeah. i will tell you, this is a serious condition and it really is president obama's gift to this country. it's almost like he laid out a plan to put us in stagflation because we have very high unemployment and the numbers are actually getting a little worse. we have about 14 1/2% of the people are either unemployed or have really stopped looking for work to some degree. you have very high -- excuse me, very slow economic growth. we're below 2% at a time like
6:34 pm
this right now, coming out of a deep recession, we should be somewhere around 4 or 5% growth. and the one thing that people -- when i talk about this, some people take pause, has to too with inflation, has to do with the rising prices. prices are rising everywhere. we see it every day. the government just doesn't measure it like they used to. they manipulate those numbers. so we basically have a perfect scenario of what stagflation is. now, how do you fix it? well, there are really three tools that you have normally to fix it or speed it up. one is to lower interest rates when the economy is slow. well, you can't lower interest rates right now because they're already really, really low. if the economy is growing too fast, the government would raise interest rates to slow it down. one of those things is gone. another thing that you could do is go out and cut corporate tax, cut personal taxes to stimulate the economy. >> arthel: the republicans don't want to necessarily do that one, right? >> the republicans, i think the democrats don't necessarily want to go ahead and cut corporate taxes and personal taxes, but
6:35 pm
cutting taxes is another way to stimulate the economy and the third way, which i think is going to be the way that this president and this administration is going to go along with bernanke, is print money and start throwing money into the economy, which is simply going to not put -- that money doesn't go to programs, that money actually goes, if you print that money right now, that money is going to pay the interest on the money we're already borrowed. it's not going into fix any -- or stimulate any jobs. we've got ourselves a real tough situation. >> arthel: kind of in a pickle. you're right. it's the democrats who necessarily -- the republicans are don't cut them. the democrats are saying raise them. ed, you know i like you. i saw you the other day, but i got to go for a second. you just started out, i asked you if there was an elixir to fix this problem. immediately you started in saying that not necessarily, but in fact, the president, he's the one who injected purposely injected the toxin into this situation. i don't know about that one i'm not saying that he did it
6:36 pm
personally, but it's almost as though he did because he did everything -- his policies are antibusiness, antigrowth. and from that standpoint, you can't help but look at the scenario of what's going on in this country with his policies and he put us -- his policies have got us into this. we could have had a different outcome coming out of this deep recession. we could have had a lot of stimulation. there's a lot of things we could have done, but we didn't do and as a result of that, we're in this situation. >> arthel: ed, of course, i think everybody would agree, there is a lot that could have been done in washington over the past four years, but nothing happened for whatever reason depends on which side of the fence you sit on. but here is the deal, the question to you, ed, is how long can our nation's economy sustain and stand this stagflation state before we dip back into an actual recession? >> well, stagflation -- let's separate the two. stagflation is the situation that we're in. and it's going to cause, if we're not already into it, a resomething. we're probably back into that now. usually you don't know you're in a recession oftentimes 'til six months after that because that's
6:37 pm
when the economic data starts to pick up and you really figure that out. so i don't want to be a doomsdayer. i don't want to be a down. a lot of people have become that way and i'm having a difficult time not being that way because when i study this, i have a really hard time understanding and really knowing how we're going to get out of this. and the best way to do that is to cut corporate taxes, cut individual taxes across the board. that's how we get out of this. >> arthel: i hear your solution. let me ask you this, quickly, 'cause you don't want to be a debbie downer. if there is someone at home thinking how die survive it, what's a quick suggestion for them? >> well, it's a tough one. not knowing any of these people in particular, i can just say work really hard and look for those jobs, find a different way to look for the job. if you've been doing something that's not work, try something different. eventually something is going to happen. don't know when that will happen. but we're going to find a way out of this. but i can't specifically say to any one person what to do other than have a positive attitude
6:38 pm
and work hard to find a job. >> arthel: try to be creative. ed, i'll see you next time when you're in new york, right? >> i hope is. >> brian: take it easy. >> rick: when it comes to an election year, it's sometimes best for a politician to try to stay in the middle. but does that apply for the president when it comes to the war on terror? coming up next, susan estridge explains why the president may be in a sticky spot on this one. don't go away wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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6:43 pm
>> arthel: that was president obama speaking yesterday about the recent intelligence leaks. the president coming under attack, sharp attacks from some in congress because of risks the leaks could pose to national security. >> barak obama cannot have a second term as president because he is with all seriousness, the most dangerous president we have ever had on national security. >> arthel: the leaks also revealing details about the president's national security strategy that many on the left oppose. the president has tried to play to the middle on national security and my next guest saying that has angered voters on both sides of the aisle, susan estridge is here, professor of law and political science at university of california and fox news contributor. hi, susan. >> hi. how are you? >> arthel: good. let's say he's in contract negotiations with the american
6:44 pm
people to get his job back. how do the leaks and the way the president handles them, how is that going to play into his run for job renewal? >> well, it's tricky right now because as you said, on the left you've got folks saying, oh, my goodness, he's got an enemy's list and he's targeting al-qaeda leaders and he hasn't gone to court first and got an warrant? this is not the rule of law and this is not the liberal position. so on the left he's getting criticism because people think he's gone too far. of course, conservatives are standing up and saying, wait a minute. these leaks are politically motivated. you're just trying to score brownie points with the american people and play politics. so even though what the president is actually doing, which is taking a tough stance on terrorism, is very popular with most americans, you turn on the tv right now and he's getting it in both directions. >> arthel: yeah, you talk about trying to win brownie points at both sides, typically at reelection or election time,
6:45 pm
candidates try to toe the line and stay in the middle, avoid the fringes. so you're saying that might not be good for the president in this juncture in the race. >> at this juncture, the problem is the middle isn't paying that much attention. there is polls out there, i've seen them, that say that on national security, it's a funny year. usually the democrat does well on the economy. this year the president is doing much better on national security than he is on the economy. but most people, it's like me and baseball. i mean, most people don't tune in until you got the playoffs, the world series. they're not paying attention in the first few weeks of the season. that's where we are right now. the extremes are the middle incident. >> arthel: you mentioned a poll. let me pull up a fox news poll that we took this past week. the question is, who do you trust to do a better job on terrorism? the president there way ahead at 47%. saying they would trust the
6:46 pm
president. 34%, governor romney. so do you think that this could erode or is the president so far ahead of the game at this point that he'll just stay ahead come november 6 or quite frankly, the fact that governor romney doesn't have any way to prove how he would handle terrorism? >> you know, it's a good point because that poll is obviously troubling to republicans. they've got two answers. one, it's the economy, stupid, which used to be the democratic answer. but the second, and i think it explains what they're doing rate now, is to hammer the president by saying, look, you claim to be strong on national security, but your administration is leaking the very kind of information which damages our national security. so they're going to use these leaks to try to beat the president down and that's why the president has to come back as he showed on that clip and say no, no, no, we have zero tool rains for these leaks, even if these leaks are upping our standing with a loft people.
6:47 pm
>> arthel: basically the president said how dare you? do you think we would do this intentionally? listen, i got it run. always a pleasure to talk to you. thank you very much. >> great to see you. >> arthel: we've fox news alert. union rags win the 144th running of the belmont stakes. it pays three to one. he is the highest odds going into this race. jockey john velasquez, trainer, michael mattes, coming from behind and the last second to beat painter who came in second. it was bittersweet because we were all hoping i'll have another would have a shot. but union rags wins. rick, what are you doing outside? >> rick: i hope that my children are watching because i have found the perfect father's day gift. we've got great gifts for dads and for grads. coming up, our friends from "consumer reports" with some great gadgets. don't go away
6:48 pm
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>> arthel: the calendar says june, but with all those gifts to buy on your list, might feel more like december, right? let's see, that is because it's graduation season, not to mention father's day next week. >> rick: and "consumer reports" magazine, checking out the newest and hottest gadgets and we're so glad you're here. thanks for coming in. this is always a fun time of year. lots of stuff to celebrate. everybody wants to know what to get. let's start with this. this is a telephone, but it's special because it's really a rugged phone. >> it's a tough phone, yeah. >> rick: what does it do? >> the samsung rugby smart phone. from at & t. and it's a smart phone, it runs on a 4 g network. it's got all the bells and whistles. you can drop it, you can get dust on it and you can immerse it in water. >> arthel: that's biggy. >> yes. a big one. it will be okay. >> rick: if your dad is a diver, this would be good. >> arthel: or clumsy.
6:53 pm
everybody is into the readers now. you say this nook by barnes & noble is good. why? >> the nook with glow light earns the heightest score of any ereader we've ever rated. and it's a wonderful ereader in itself, but also has a little illumination around the screen. so if you're reading -- >> rick: hard to see out here. if you were in bed reading at nighttime, it would be like a greenish? >> right, without blaring, like an led screen. you don't have to wake up whoever is in bed with you. >> arthel: we like that. >> rick: that doesn't go under water, right? >> i would not put it in the water. >> rick: i want to be sure. >> then a laptop. a lovely hp folio. called an ultrabook, which means it's very thin and light book but has a lot of power. a loft bells and whistles with this. so it's $775. less expensive than many notebooks. >> rick: and fast.
6:54 pm
>> very fast. good performance ton that. you could play games on that. >> arthel: a lot of people like to play games. now if you like to take photos. >> i know rick likes this. this is the sony nex 7 k. it's a little pricey, 1350. so your family needs to really love to you buy that for father's day. 1350. >> rick: it's not cheap. >> but it's amazing. it's got a tiny body, but you can swap the lenses out on that camera. it has really cool manual controls and modes, shooting modes, like burst moat, which means you can take ten pictures in a second. >> arthel: that's great if you go to the game. you said you could switch out the lens. do you have to have the large lens on it? >> you could do a smaller lens on there, yeah. you could do a telephoto lens on there. >> rick: smile. >> okay. >> rick: very nice.
6:55 pm
perfect. everybody ready for father's day? what are you get your dad for father's day? >> i can't tell you in front of him. >> rick: any gift ideas? >> he's right there. >> rick: what do you want exactly? >> a new sports car. couple of new toys, dvr, sony tv. >> arthel: we have dirty dishes, maybe you can come do that examine get a big allowance, i don't know. dad, that's not going to happen. >> anything. i love the things they make for me. >> brian: good grades. >> rick: happy father's day. our friends visiting from maryland. thank you, carol. good to see you and thanks for watching. >> arthel: harris faulkner, fox report next. hi, i'm phil mickelson.
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