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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 10, 2012 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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warnings, but it is not as widespread as it was yesterday. but where the fire is, we have the red flag warning again, it's 15 miles to the west of the ft. collins area, 8,000 acres burned and 8 structures burned and i think a lot more acres burned overnight. so we don't have new tallies from that. and there is flooding in areas of the central gulf. take a look at the video from mobil, alabama and the county area. some areas right there, received up to 18 inches of rain in mobile proper, just yesterday. the rain is still falling, unfortunately, there. that means we will continue to see the flooding. many areas here, yesterday, saw record-breaking flooding or maybe the wettest day or second wettest day they had ever seen in history. this isn't even a tropical storm. but you can see the yellows and
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reds, very heavy rainfall. big barf headed toward pensacola where yesterday they had over 13 inches. big flooding. where you see the green, there are flood warnings and a possible additional 5 inches of rain. a big drought going on here so we will see big relief in the drought, but it's at quite a cost, unfortunately. >> shannon: thank you very much. we will check back with you. >> you bet. >> shannon: attorney general eric holder has tapped two prominent lawyers to look into leaks of classified national security information. in say it's a step in the right direction, but it is not quite enough. adam shift is on the intelligence committee and he is live in los angeles. congressman, thank you for your time. >> you bet. >> shannon: how concerned are you about the leaks and their impacts? >> i am very concerned about it. these leaks are enormously damaging to our national security. they compromise some of our sources of information. they compromise some of our methods. they can put lives at risk and
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they serve no constructive purpose. so these are extraordinarily damaging and we need to get to the bottom of who is responsible. >> shannon: i understand that the house intelligence committee, according to chairman rogers, will launch an investigation as well. but he has already expressed concerns some agencies won't cooperate, the cia already turning down his requests for information. how confident are you that the committee will be able to get answers? >> they will have to cooperate and i think they will. we have to recognize there are certain things that could pose a problem and make it more difficult for them to get to the source of the leaks. that's not something we want to do. tame, we want to make sure that the prosecutors, the attorney general has appointed have the freedom and latitude to follow the trail, wherever it leads. we want to make sure that the intelligence agencies take this issue as seriously as we do. we know that's the case because it's some of their personnel and hard work that is being compromised. i am confident and determined
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that we get to the bottom of this. >> shannon: how confident are you that those folks will be independent enough to pursue the information? we are talking about very well respected u.s. attorneys, but in are calling for an independent, outside, prosecutor/investigator, someone not connected to the department of justice, where there are people who have already recused themselves from being involved in the investigations? >> i think the attorney general took an appropriate and strong step in appointing the well-respected prosecutors who are not at main justice. they are u.s. attorneys themselves. i think they have the integrity to follow the evidence where it leads. and if they should run into opposition, one of the things i hope we can do in congress is have a dialogue and be assured that they have the latitude that they need. but should they run into a road block, the responsible thing for them to do would be to disclose it to congress or if they feel their position precludes that, they need to resign and that will call attention that they
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are not getting the support that they need. but the problem with starting out from the assumption that you have to have a special council, that has led to them being very lengthy, very expensive fishing expeditions. so i think it's an appropriate step. i am confident that the gentlemen will do their job, but having prosecuted an espionage case myself, these are very tough cases. it is very difficult to get to theb bottom of a leak of classified information. and there are very real risks with it, that if you go forward with a prosecution, you may have to disclose more information and do more damage than at this time leak itself. so i don't want to -- make any representation that this is going to be easy or that it will necessarily bring about a conviction. but i do want to underscore that we need to pursue every means we to bring people to justice. i am confident that that is what the justice department will do.
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>> shannon: i want to ask you about proaferl statements from, in particular, senator john mccain, who said he believes that some of these things are being leaked in an effort to show that the president is tough on issues in involving iran or al qaeda, other things like that. to make him look like a tough guy in the midst of a re-election. the president has responded to those suggestions saying that's wrong and he find its offensive. do you think there is any grain of truth in that accusation? >> no. i don't think that is correct. you know, there are two kinds of disclosures of classified information. there are some where informs is purposely declassified and that's appropriate and in fact, desirable. i will give you one illustration. the declassification of the photograph of osama bin laden that was seized, where he looks like he's watching tv, wearing a knit cap on, that one image did more to debunk the myth of the
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ak-47-wielding bin laden than anything else. that was a purposeful and important disclosure of previously classified information. but the other kind of leak, where it is -- the aggrandizement of the leaker, or whatever it is -- that's criminal and objectionable and has to be pursued. but the president already has quite strong bonnified on national security. i don't think he would go to the extraordinary and deleterious lect of having people leak information in a nonstrategic way to improve his position. i don't buy it. i don't think there is any evidence of it. but those prosecutors should go wherever the trail leads. if the trail leads to the white house, they should pursue it. if the trail leads to congress, they should pursue and let the chips fall where they may. >> shannon: thank you for your time. are you confident this investigation launched by attorney general eric holder
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will uncover the source of the security leaks? remember, there are other investigations as well. tweet us your answers. we will read some of your responses, later on in the show. syrian opposition activists say there has been a new round of deadly shelling. according to activists, at least 35 people have been killed in the last 24 hours. syrian troops are trying to re gain their position on the opposition stronghold. we want to take you back to auburn university and a deadly shooting in an off-campus apartment building. we are told there is information from the police. let's check in live on the scene. hello? >> hi, shannon. a very fluid situation here in auburn. we are waiting for a press conference that was supposed to happen at noon. it has been pushed back. we are waiting for police because there were a number of rumors about what happened and who was involved in the shooting. our affiliate here said at least
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one person is confirmed dead, but they cannot independently confirm whether or not that was a tigers player, nor can they confirm that the two other people allegedly killed or one was killed and another person injured, were tigers players. these are the questions we have for the police. we dont know if there is anyone in custody, if a weapon has been recovered. if there was one shooter or multiple shooters, this is all information that is out there, in the social media world. we are looking to get confirmed by police. we do know that we are on the scene of what was just a casual pool party on a saturday afternoon. it took a violent turn at 10:00 p.m. last night, where multiple shots were fired. allegedly, it was over a woman. here's what one eyewitness told us. >> it was about a female, man, it started from a female. you know what i'm saying? didn't have nothing to do with anything. you know what i'm saying?
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we trying to get away from the trouble. and it was already in our face. >> in the press conference, scheduled for 1:30 eastern time. if anything happens, we will get back to you immediately. >> shannon: thank you for the update. we will get back to you. governor mitt romney wasted no time, jumping on president obama's assertion that, quote, the private sector is doing fine. he has released an ad, with americans talking about their economic hardships, saying we are not doing fine. romney says the president is out of touch with the average american. but mr. obama says that the g.o.p. is trying to take attention away from the president's jobs plan. >> i think the american people are smarter than that. they understand, the president called the press conference to say that because of the storm clouds rolling in from europe and elsewhere, we need to undergird our economy. he called the press conference
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to promote several steps he thought we needed to take to strengthen the job creation. >> shannon: new fox news polls show the presidential race is as close as it can get. carl cameron tells us, the republican challenger has overcome president obama in one very important category. >> tied in the latest fox national poll and buoyed with the may donations race, mitt romney at a manufacturing plant in st. louis, accused the president of a breach of faith with the american people, over the economy. >> there is something fundamentally wrong when over 23 million americans who are unemployed, under-employed or stopped looking for work, yet the president tells us he's doing a great job. i will not be that president of doubt and deception. i will lead us to a better place. >> romney and the president are at 43% apiece in the latest fox
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news poll. romney leads by 7 on job creation and the economy. voters trust romney more to handle taxes by 4, immigration by 7 and government spending, he leads by 20. president obama leads by 18 on education, 13 on terrorism and 11 on foreign policy. the obama camp's attacks on romney's business background show little effect. 32% consider it a good thing, 15% called called it bad, from % tmakes no difference. democrats, including bill clinton distanced themselves from the attack ads on mitt romney's character. the first ad to run on cable ignores romney and the election altogether, to instead, take aim at congress for not raising taxes and passing his jobs stimulus proposal, dubbed the american jobs act from, last year. >> it is paid for by asking the wealthiest americans to pay a little more, but congress refuses to act. tell congress, we can't wait.
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>> on the money, romney and the rnc bested the obama campaign for the first time in fund-raising. mr. obama's held a record 153 fund-raisers since announcing the re-election bid, nearly twice that of george w. bush had held by this point in his 2004 re-election bid. to go after congress instead of his re-election rival, has the democrats more worried about the president's evolving message. and romney's surge in the polls, republicans are more optimistic than ever about election day. carl cameron, fox news. >> thank you very much. >> shannon: gabrielle giffords and her husband, former astronaut, mark kelley, making a rare appearance. the special election has gotten
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nasty. we will hear from a former congressman who once that he would very seat. spain has asked for a bailout for banks. how could that impact the markets here in the u.s.? brenda buttner break its down, next. tough questions for attorney general eric holier in a hearing on fast & furious, with the chair telling holier, quote, he's not a good witness. we will talk to one of the congressmen who questioned the attorney general, coming up. >> it doesn't matter if you appear in congress 7 times or 70 times if when you are asked, you say i don't know to the questions that are most pertinent. [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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>> shannon: nato is halting all air raids in rez decialt areas after 18 people were killed last week. hamid karzai made the announcement yesterday. general john allen has apologized and promised an investigation. >> started like this. i speak the language of business. i know how jobs are created.
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>> but it ended like this. one of the worst economic records in the country. when mitt romney was governor, massachusetts lost 40,000 manufacturing jobs, a rate twice the national average. and fell to 47th in job creation, fourth from the bottom. >> shannon: jobs are a key issue this election psychele and president obama's campaign says that mitt romney's record as governor of massachusetts proves he is not the one equipped to turn things around. the rnc, as you would expect, is firing back at the president's record. joining us to talk about it in a fair and balanced and maybe feisty debate. thank you for coming in today. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: topolitifact rates the claims of being 47th in massachusetts in jobs as accurate. so if that is the case, why does mitt romney deserve to be president. >> when he entered office,
12:19 pm
massachusetts was 51st, behind the district of columbia. had he left, it was 30th. so he moved up 31 -- 21 spaces. he turned a budget deficit interest a surplus and the average wage for everyone in massachusetts had gone up. i think that's a pretty good record. so we are willing to put that record up against the current president's record when it comes to lack of job creation nationwide, massive debt, etsetra. i think we have a really good contrast this november. >> shannon: speaking of contrasts, we saw the ad, so let's take a look at the rnc ad that goes after the president. >> head winds, head winds, head winds, one of the head winds that the economy's experiencing. >> our economy has been facing some serious head winds. >> we are facing some head
12:20 pm
winds. >> obviously, we are experiencing head winds. >> shannon: all right. what did the president do with the record and the fact that people say he's not willing to accept any of the blame 3 1/2 years into his presidency? >> i think you talk about what has happened. you point out that the economy has gained 4.2 million jobs and gained jobs over 27 months consecutively. you talk about the republican congress's response to this. if mitt romney wants to attack on jobs, that's fine. but it's a republican congress who refuses to pass the president's jobs bill. so if you want jobs to be created, you would think you would be for a plan that would add 1 million jobs to the economy and you wouldn't make an attack line that the president wants to hire more teachers, firefighters and police officers. but last week, that's what mitt romney said. he said that was a bad thing. so if the economy's leaking jobs in the public sector, how do you complain and say that you want to cut jobs in the public sector? that doesn't make sense. >> if i can, two things.
12:21 pm
one, when president obama came into office, he had a super majority in the senate and a huge majority in the house, he got everything he wanted for two years. he passed health care, everything but job creation. he got the stimulus package. everything that he wanted, we are living in the results of that. the flip side is that he now wants to blame congress, he wants to blame head winds and everything else. on friday, the comment that tony was referring to, what he said was, the private sector's in good shape, the public sector needs help. i think to the average american, they are saying, wait a second, you are saying that the private sector is fine, we need more government. i don't think that's the direction that the americans want to go in. >> shannon: do you think snafs a misstep? do you think if it was intepgzal, do you think about how it was played? >> i think it was clear he didn't say what he meant nthe sense that he clarified it later. the point was this -- the private sector's doing much stronger than the public sector.
12:22 pm
that's the point. when it comes to mitt romney attacking on this front. it's interesting. to say, every time there is a disappointing jobs report, mitt romney and the republicans rejoice. but what we can't figure out, why doesn't it extend to the plans that republicans want to do? as mitch daniels said today, mitt romney is not going to be elected president if he can't offer the american people how he would be more than just anti-obama. there is more. i can tell you, you don't look any more out of touch than when you say, we don't need more firefighters, we don't need more police officers and we don't need more teachers. i can't paint mitt romney as out of touch. but i don't have to. he is wielding the brush. >> shannon: we are out of time. >> mitt romney dame is a great place to go. >> shannon: a plug for a web site. we know you know how to find t. thank you, both. let's turn to texas, and the
12:23 pm
runoff for the battle for texas' u.s. senate seat is getting a lot of attention. ted cruz is locked in a fierce fight against david dewhurst. >> if conservatives come together, we will win this racism this runoff is a clear election between a life-long conservative businessman, a conservative leader, a washington outsider and a lawyer who has funded principally by washington special interests. >> shannon: the runoff for the republican nomination to replace kay bailey hutchison is july 31. officials in alabama will hold a press conference about a deadly shooting near auburn university, we will have more on that, next. and eric holder has testified about operation fast & furious, nine times. but is congress getting the
12:24 pm
answers it wants? randy forbes questioned the attorney general this week. he's next. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, rich dark chocolate, toasted oats. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious.
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>> shannon: police in auburn, alabama, are trying to sort out what happened when a pool party took a viscplent deadly turn. it's the bottom of the hour. >> shannon, police are not releasing many details. but authorities say several people were shot at the apartment complex last night, near auburn university. local media is reporting that at least one person was killed. one witness said it started with a fight over a woman. hosni mubarak is in critical condition in hospital inside a cairo prison. he is slipping in and out of consciousness. his wife and daughters were allowed to visit tto quash rumors he died. more of the central gulf coast could end up underwater. the weather forecast is calling for a long burst of rain, into
12:29 pm
tomorrow. more than 13 inches of rain fell on pensacola in the last 24 hour, causing millions of dollars in flood damage. the new jersey devils stayed alive, taking a 2-1 win over the los angeles kings in the must-win game 5. the victory forced a game 6 in los angeles on monday night. and those are the top stories right now. back to you. >> shannon: peter, thank you very much. spain is asking for a bailout and finance ministers from 17 could you want yees are ready to step in. brenda buttner has more for us. hello. new buildings sprout like weeds, construction around the clock, real estate becomes the craze as all of this is fueled by banks that bundle up the debt and buy and sell in a frenzy. sound familiar? the boom, boost and bank bailout. well, this is the mess we were talking about over here. but now it's over there, spain
12:30 pm
to be specific. but now the euro's own fourth largest economy has asked for help this weekend. big bucks, too. the exact terms still to be decide, but likely a deal of $125 billion, to boost battered spanish banks. that news could boost markets that matter to your money. just expectations of the spanish bailout that might shield the country, if greece exists the euro, took the shock out of stock. the broad market, in which many 401(k)s fell more than 6% in may on fears about europe, racking up -- and now last week tracked up its best week this year, rising nearly 4%, mainly because investors expected that a spanish bank bailout could help put the brakes -- for now -- on the debt crisis over there. the latest news this weekend could help here on the opening
12:31 pm
bell tomorrow. >> shannon: thank for explaining it for us. >> okay. thank you. >> how many documents are responsive that you are withholding at this time? >> 7600 -- >> look, i don't want to hear about the 7600 -- >> the lady is out of order. >> chairman, parliamentary-- >> reporter: wow. tense momes in attorney general eric holder's testimony about operation fast & furious. joining me is one of the congressmen at the hearing, congressman randy forbes. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. great to be with you. >> shannon: it was very combative during that session this week on the hill, no surprise, the attorney general has been there several times. do you think anything is being accomplished at this point? are you getting new information or leading up to any answers? >> well, there is no question that we have been stonewalled with information. you have to understand how we got here. we had a law enforcement officer
12:32 pm
killed, hundreds of mexican citizens killed because of this program that took place under the attorney general's watch. then, at this hearing, we find out a couple of things. we find out, first of all, that the attorney general's been counseling with the chief strategist of the obama campaign, david axelrod, about what to do in this particular situation with this program. then we find out all of these requests for wire taps -- we don't know which is worse -- that top people at the attorney general's office didn't read them as they were supposed to or they read them and didn't do anything to stop the program. the attorney general should be leading the investigation and he tried to stone wall it for over a year. >> shannon: what do you make of the assertion by david axelrod -- you talk about the attorney general talking about getting advice or guidance from him, and apparently today, david axelrod said that he didn't give any political advice to the attorney general, or to the department of justice? >> we are going by what the
12:33 pm
attorney general said. here's what we do know, shannon, we know that cabinet secretaries have been summoned, not to the white house, but to the democratic national headquarters, where mr. david axelrod has counseled them as to what to do, what to say, states to be in to get the president re-elected. we know that the attorney eligible said at the hearing, he had been cobled by mr. axlerod, obviously, we weren't in the cobling sessions, but one thing the attorney general admitted, of all the offices, of all the departments, the attorney general's office ought to make their decisions based on facts and law and not what the campaign advertises them to do. >> shannon: i want to ask you about a statement from a congressman from texas, who said that ifed g.o.p. doesn't greenlight a contempt of congress against the attorney general, he thinks it's, quote, time for new leadership. do you agree. >> i think that all of us want to make sure that we bring this investigation to a close.
12:34 pm
we are looking at the contempt citations now. many of us feel it's time for the attorney general to go. he should be leading on this investigation, again, not trying to stop it. but we still hope that he will bring over the information that we need, as i mention in the hearing the other day, it doesn't matter if he has been there 7 times or 70 times, if he keeps saying he doesn't know. it doesn't matter how many documents he gives if he doesn't give the right documents. we want to get to the answer and resolve the investigation. the ambassador of mexico has said this has poisoned the people against the united states and eroded hard work in creating a relationship. we need to get this investigation done and overwith. >> shannon: we know it is far from over. congressman randy forbes, thank you for your time and for the update. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: all right. when you think of drones, you probably think of airstrikes in pakistan. but they are also flying the skies right here at home in the u.s. up next, a look at where they
12:35 pm
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>> shannon: these are new pictures out of syria, amateur video posted online. activists say it shows victims of the latest government shelling. it cannot be independently verified. activists say government forces have unleashed a new round of deadly shelling shelling in syre last 24 hours. at least 35 people have been killed in the renewed assault, according to activists. they're robots in the sky that some say are revolutionizing the way the u.s. wages wars and it's part of the strategy at home. the faa has granted police
12:40 pm
departments to use drones for surveillance and to monitor traffic. and firefighters say they are a great tool to fight wildfires. but there are fears about the potential for misuse. joining us are trial attorneys, for a fair and balanced debate. >> hey, shannon. >> thank you. >> shannon: tad, is there an interest where drones can be helpful, useful and legal here in the u.s. >> eric. >> oh, absolutely! shannon, like you were talking about, we have used the drones throughout international. they have helped us in the war in afghanistan and iraq. that's not the issue. the technology is great. so the problem is not with the technology, the problem is with the application. and like you were talking about, they are letting law enforcement use the drones, but the united states' federal government is staying involved in the program. so even though the local governments can send a drone out and there was an incident, not a month ago, where a drone did great work, but unfortunately, the drones, every one of them
12:41 pm
that goes out, is recording massive amounts ofidate awhich is all going to the united states government, they are putting it in files so they can keep an eye on us. you know what? with our constitution tdoesn't allow for big brother to watch us like this. that's what they for doing. that's why this technology is scary. but not the technology-- the application. >> shannon: eric, i want to ask you, there is a lot in the news about the epa, saying it is use something type of aerial surveillance, it is not a drone, but they are watching farmers and how they are managing cattle, what they are doing to water sources and a number of farmers have been penalized because of that. is that a legit use of the technology i. not at all. >> there are lots of legitimate uses for drones, for farmers, for watching salmon, for protecting missing children, protecting our borders, excellent uses. the problem is that everything has to be a balance. as americans, we love our privacy, we value it. but terrorists, they love
12:42 pm
invisibility, we have terrorists who want to harm the country. and the united states government needs to have a way to go after the terrorists and to go after people and monitor the situation. drones can have and will have an effective use. >> shannon: tad, do we know what happens to the information collected by the epa or local law enforcem, that does have faa approval to use the drones? >> we have no idea. that's why this technology is scary. if we knew it, if we could have rules about it, if we could feel confident that the government is not watching us 24/7. they know what is in our emails and what we are clicking on in google. until we know, it's scary. i agree with eric. it's a great technology and it will help a lot of positive things, but the bottom line, he hit the nail on the head, he said, americans, we like our privacy. that's why we put front doors on the house. what goes on inside is nobody's
12:43 pm
business. >> shannon: eric, how concerned should the average american be in public or private that they could be watched from the sky? >> everyone needs to relax. the fourth amendment, i am a criminal defense attorney. i support our privacy, tad, you support the right to privacy. but we have people who want to bomb this country, that do illegal activity. you need a search warrant to go into someone's home, but for drones and air space, airplanes can go over someone's house, for this technology to look for missing children and to help fight fires, it's excellent technology. the question, should the average american be concerned, if you are not doing anything, you shouldn't be concerned. we all value our privacy. the issue is that hopefully, the government is using this effectively. i don't want the government to find out where i go on the internet or what movies i watch late at night. that's know the purpose of drones. they keep us safe and free fight
12:44 pm
and protect our freedom. >> shannon: they're controversial. we thank you both for weighing in on this hot topic. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: world leaders will meet to discuss iran's nuclear program. so what are the oughteds your investment may be aiding that state sponsor of terrorism? how to find out where your cash is going, next. c'mon dad! i'm here to unleash my inner cowboy. instead i g heartburn. [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilos isn't for fast relief. try alka-seltzer. it kills heartburn fast. yeehaw! you know that comes with a private island? really? no. it comes with a hat.
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>> shannon: coming up, a same-sex commitment ceremony held on a military base in louisiana. but that state doesn't even recognize gay marriages. i will talk to a congressman who is calling it outrage. america is at a turning point, while some say our best days are behind us, others say we are poised for a comeback. find out while we must act now. gabby giffords makes a rare appearance in support of a democrat. with less than 48 hours to go before the special election, the race is getting nasty. i will talk to her friend, the congressman who held the seat before her. in a matter of day, world leaders will sit down at the
12:49 pm
negotiating table with iran over its nuclear program, as critics say the country continues to defy agreements and sanctions. some u.s. investment firms are doing business with iran, listed as a state sponsor of terrorism. how can you be sure your money is not used to fund terror? the ceo of empowerment financial group is here, live to talk about it. thanks for joining us. >> good to see you, thanks for having me today. >> shannon: how widespread is this problem? >> well, it's very widespread. it's been... five years since i found out about it, that companies were doing business with state sponsors of terrorism, iran, sudan, et cetera. there were 400 cutches that we knew of globally. now it's close to 600. and -- that -- you know, if we look at that, that's why it is more important today that people are aware of this. we educate them and they can
12:50 pm
take action. by divesting and not investing in the companies, send them a message, hold them accountable, that it is not okay to do business with state sponsors of terrorism. >> shannon: how can investors do their homework and find out where their money may be going, somewhere that would concern a lot of them? >> well, there is not a lot of information out there on it. for various reasons. we could do a whole show on that. they can look at our web site, and find out a lot more. we have reports we could send them as well. that's where it has to start. from what i know and have known for a few years now, we are the only company in the country that is raised the profile on this issue, that companies are doing business with state sponsors of terrorism and we think it's wrong. >> shannon: how do you insure with where you are own investment sthrax folks can know that where they are putting their money is a safe place and it is not backing iran or other
12:51 pm
state sponsors? >> well, it's a -- i'm sorry. can you ask me the question again? >> shannon: how can investors know that you have done your work? how are you sure the companies you are involved with are not involved in any of these state sponsors of terrorism? >> another great question. so we have all of our research, first of all is audited. in addition to that, all of the companies are contacted through our research vendor to verify the information that they have either boots on the ground or selling products to any of the countries, they are financing those countries. so it's all got two levels of verification. >> shannon: anything that american investors can do to use their cash, their dollars to put pressure on these different places that are facing sanctions and maybe influence their behavior in any way? >> absolutely. let's just give you a real example here. iran imports 40% of their
12:52 pm
refined petroleum products. even though they are one of the largest oil reserves in the world, they can't produce enough refined petroleum to run their economy. these companies that do business in iran and help them to build refining capabilities and things along those lines, as iran gets more independent, energy independent, they won't have to -- they buy right now, their refined petroleum from other countries and they are paying a premium for that. if they can do it themselves, they can pay less and they will be able to export it. and that gets mony into their coffers and what do they do with that? they build nuclear programs and support terrorism, things along those lines. there is a very direct link between american investor behavior and what is going on, in terrorist countries. they cannot -- those countries cannot survive. they have no internal financial infrastructure.
12:53 pm
they need western help. we are trying to put a stop to that. >> shannon: all right, director and ceo of financial empowerment group. >> from san francisco to the san pedro waterfront, a retired navy vessil jeez is the largest battleship ever built t. will be recommissioned and open for tours. the white thous confronting accusations and worries over substantial national security leaks. eric holder has appointed two men to investigate. but is it enough? the latest on that and a whole lot more, next. chex has five flavors that are gluten-free. even a cinnamon one the kids love. the word "wow" comes to mind. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavors. good and gluten free.
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>> i used to never really talk -- ever. i was afraid if i said something wrong, everyone would laugh at me. but then i started to play golf with special olympics. >> shannon: what more motivation could i need to repel off a 15-story building in northern virginia? two weeks, i will be going over the edge in support of special olympics athletes like suzy, the young woman in the video. i am not the only one. two special olympics athletes will make the big descent with me. we set a goal of $3,000 woo we are almost there. $1,000 will pay for two adults
12:58 pm
with intellectual disabilities to compete for an entire year. it gives athletes hope, like suzy. >> my friends have won lots of gold medals. but it's more than just playing golf. special olympics helps me to find my voice. and now everyone else is speechless. >> shannon: if you would like to support us, log on to our show page. this is a fox news alert. a deadly weekend near auburn university. local media reporting at least one person was shot to death in an apartment complex off campus. an argument started at a pool party and turned violent. two others were injured. police are keeping a tight lid, giving out few district attorney tails so far. i'm shannon bream.
12:59 pm
we are live in hour number 2 of america's news headquarters. we begin with the latest on the investigation into the leaking of national security secrets. some republicans now claim the leaks were done on purpose to boost confidence in president obama before the election. we have more live, molly? >> new york congressman peter king is one of those republicans, the chairman of the house homeland security committee and says these leaks must have come from the president's inner circle. he suggested that informs about the president's kill list, where president obama reportedly approved drone strikes to take out top terrorists, was leaked to make the president look like a tough guy. >> trying to be like george patton or john wayne. the fact is, no one wants to know what the president's doing. he is not supposed to talk about drone attacks. we have never confirmed we have that program. >> president obama has insisted that the white house doesn't, quote operate that way. and says the idea that his administration would leak
1:00 pm
national security information for political gain is, quote, offensive and, quote, wrong. the leaders of the house and senate intelligence committees, mike rogers and dianne feinstein, say the leaks have been devastating to the intelligence communities. still, the senator says, if president obama says he didn't do it, he didn't do it. >> i take the president at face value. as chairman rogers said, the investigation has to be nonpartisan. it has to be vigorous and move ahead rapidly. >> shannon: the president's top political adviser insisted today that there may have been leaks, but quote, they aren't from the white house. republican senator mccain counters that the information had to come from the obama administration because, quote, it couldn't have come from anywhere else. shannon? >> shannon: all right, molly. thank you very much. house permanent select intelligence committee member, republican congressman from georgia is here to talk about what happens next.
1:01 pm
congressman, thank you for joining us? >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: those are tough allegations and accusations out there, i think as senator john mccain being very public, along with congressman peter king, your colleague there in the house, saying they believe that this was leaked by a connection to the manager to try to make the passport look tougher in the midst of a re-election battle. what do you make of those accusations? >> well, i think from the house intelligence committee, and with the senate intelligence committee thothose two leader, the chairmen have made it perfectly clear that we want a full, fair, complete investigation and not to politicize it. this isn't about politics. this is about our national security. and so, i think they made that very clear at the press conference. i don't know -- i don't believe it came from the white house. but i certainly believe it came from the executive branch, people that had access to some of this highly sensitive
1:02 pm
information woo we want to play a little bit of what the president had to say about this this week. you have been very clear that he finds any accusations that he was responsible, wrong and offensive. he also had this to say. >> when thp information...: or reports, whether true or false, surfad -- added -- surfaced on the front page of newspapers, that makes the job of folks on the front lines tougher. my attitude has been zero tolerance for these kinds of leaks and speculation. >> shannon: the president mentioned newspapers, one of the reporting outlets was the new york times. what type of obligation do you think they have to handle sensitive information? >> well, shannon, let me say this, that it would have been great to hear outcry from the president demanding to find out where the leaks came from.
1:03 pm
like, you know, when these press reports came out, i believe last week, we didn't hear anything, really, out of the white house. and so, that was kind of disappointing that he may have been wanting to blame others because i do believe it came from the executive branch. he should be demanding that these leaks be found out. >> shannon: we know that there are two u.s. attorneys apointed by the attorney general to look into this and the house intelligence committee, according to your chairman, will be launching its own investigation as well. do you think those things are enough? do you think, you know, just in order to meet the public -- you know, skepticism and demands from the other side of the aisle, do you think it would be wise to have an outside, independent council? >> we want a full, fair, complete investigation and a lot of people may be -- may think that this is kind of like letting the fox guard the hen
1:04 pm
house because there has been several of the departments within the d.o.j. have to recuse themselves from this investigation. so, you know, if i was the president, if i was this administration, and if i was attorney general holder, or especially under some of the criticism he has come over in the last... you know, four or five months, over fast & furious about not disclosing information, i think i would want an outside prosecutor. i don't think i would want to take that and politicize this investigation and what it is going to be. >> shannon: congressman, thank you for your time. >> thank you, ma'am. >> shannon: we have been asking you for your thoughts on this whole investigation. do you have confidence the investigation will uncover the source of the leaks? here, we are referring to the investigation launched by the attorney general, by tapping two u.s. attorneys. we have gotten many, many answers. here's a couple...
1:05 pm
>> shannon: we will read more of your responses, later on in the show. we want to go back to auburn, alabama, where we are waiting new information about a deadly shooting in an apartment complex near the auburn university campus. >> hi, shannon, very much a state in flux. we are waiting for the press conference, pushed back to 2:00 p.m., we are waiting breathlessly because there are so many rumors and speculation as to exactly what happened here in this apartment complex last night and exactly who was involved. wbrc, our affiliate here is reporting that at least three people were shot, one of them has died, due to injuries after the shooting. but what we cannot confirm to you independently is whether or not that victim or any of the
1:06 pm
victims involved in the shooting was a tigers either current or former football player. what we don't know and the people here really want to know is whether or not the suspect or suspects are still at large. was there one shooter, were there multiple shooters? has a weapon been recoverd? all of these questions looming. we know that at 10:00 p.m., a casual summer pool party turned incredibly violent. allegedly, there was an incident with an altercation over a woman and shots were fired at 10:00 to 11:00 p.m. one witness describes it as a massacre. there was a very violent scene, traumatizing for all the people involved. we will have more at the 2:00 p.m. press conference. >> shannon: all right. thank you for keeping us updated. >> defenders of labor from
1:07 pm
franklin roosevelt to many others said that unionism had no place in the public sector, that it was a necessary freedom and it is, in the private sector. but that it was... a bad idea in government. >> shannon: that was indiana governor republican, mitch daniels on "fox news sunday" this morning, where the big topic was public-sector unions. anchor chris wallace gave us a look inside the show. chris, in the wake of the election results in wisconsin, you had another governor on today who has been going head to head with the unions, to talk about the fallout from what happened there. >> yeah, mitch daniels, who has been fighting this tie fight since 2005, in fact, he eliminated collective bargaining rights for state work orts first day in office. very interesting, what he basically said is that when you have government workers as a union, have you government on both sides because these are the guy who is elect the officials and then they negotiate with them. so it's just, he didn't use this
1:08 pm
phrase, an unholy alliance. he went so far as to say there shouldn't be any public worker unions period. he thought it was an unfair negotiation and you end up giving them more money that could be going, he says because what have they have done in indiana -- does go for government services, for schools, for all kinds of things. we talked to two top labor leaders, the head of the biggest union in the country, the national education association, the teachers union and a top official at afl-cio and they didn't see it at all. they say, this is unfair that these people are government serve apts and by conduct them back, you are not helping anybody, i said, what -- where did you find the revenue? we should raise taxes on the rich. >> shannon: you had a very in-depth discussion with just about everybody about the benefits, the pay, how those things differ in the public and private sector, it was something that -- it seemed to spark
1:09 pm
friction. >> yeah! well, it is very interesting t. turns out by a substantial margin, when you compare private workers with public workers, public workers have more access to pensions, as we know, a lot of private workers don't get pensions. public workers have more action to union health plans or government health plans and also, when you look at what they get paid for hour, for benefits, public workers make almost twice as much as private workers. that's one of the issues that a lot of private -- even people in unions are saying, wait a minute, i don't get these pensions, i don't want get these benefits and i am going to pay more in taxes so government workers do? i think it would be a -- could be a really important moment in it country. >> shannon: and a very important discussion on the leaks related to national discussion. always a great discussion. thanks for the preview. >> thank you. >> shannon: catch all of chris's interview with governor mitch daniels and coming up, his discussion with two top labor
1:10 pm
leaders on "fox news sunday," 2:00 and 6:00 eastern. syrian opposition activists say government forces have unleashed a new round of shelling. at least 35 people have been killed in 24 hours in this renewed assault. syrian troops are trying to regain control as rebels have escalated their attacks on the military. afghan president karzai has announced nato will halt all airstrikes after a strike last week that killed more than a dozen civilians. david piper is live in kabul with more. hello, david? >> hi, shannon. afghan president hamid karzai warned that this latest airstrike puts at risk the security pact between his country and the u.s. and added that if there is any more attacks on afghan homes, it will be seen as an act of greationz aggression by his government. the nato investigation has announced that coalition forces were responsible for the
1:11 pm
unintended deghtd of civilians. general john allen has apologized for the civilian deaths on friday. during a visit to the area, general allen said he was committed to doing the right thing for the families of those his forces have inadvertently harmed. nato has refused to comment on the comments by president karzai that all airstrikes are banned in residential areas but added that procedures were under review. it's been established that forces of the and u.s. afghanistan came under fire while hunting a local taliban leader, holed up in a house nearby. american forces were call in the an airstrike, later, they found out that the blast had killed women and children and old men who were there for a wedding party. a spokesman for president karzai says that afghan investigators told him u.s. troops had called in the airstrike without consulting afghan unit who is had surrounded the house and
1:12 pm
were given no chance to flush out the militants. nato hasn't commented on that claim. the taliban have ordered all of the schools in the district, where the nato airstrike occurred, to close for three days, to mourn the dead. raised by nato forces have become an issue for the government because of the danger to civilians. the alliance has said they are key to capturing and killing taliban leaders. but president karzai's spokesman said the latest airstrike was the fifth incident that caused civilian casualties since they signed that security pact. the two sides had hoped they had settled their differences, by allowing the government to control the special operations with afghan troops, taking the lead. but it seems, shannon, this latest instance shows they haven't sorted out the procedures yet and civilians are still at risk. back to you. >> shannon: david piper, live in kabul, thank you. it looks like european finance
1:13 pm
minsters will give spain a financial lifeline, giving them up to $125 billion in a bailout to help stabilize the ailing banking sector to make spain the fourth country to look for help. this gives policy makers time to ease deep fears about the euro. weekend winds caused wildfires to run rampant and an unknown number of people are missing. we have had the latest and a same-sex commitment ceremony on a military base in louisiana. a fair and balanced debate, next. our cloud is not soft and fluffy. our cloud is made of bedrock. concrete. and steel. our cloud is the smartest brains combating the latest security threats.
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>> fast-moving wildfires in colorado are forcing evacuations and damaging buildings, at least 8,000 acres have been charred. dry forests and high winds are making it difficult to contain the blaze. several air tankers and helicopters have been deployed. meanwhile, flooding is causing major problems in the central gulf coast. near record rainfall fell yesterday, causing millions of dollars in flood damage.
1:18 pm
rick has more. >> yeah, you see this kind of flooding, you would associate it with a tropical system, a hurricane or a tropical storm. not the case. however, flood warnings in effect all across florida, over towards louisiana. this entire central gulf has been pummeled with rain. we are probably going to see some areas with an additional 5 inches of rain, falling. we might be talking about a 2 to threef 3-day total for a few people. torrential rain. you can see the rain continuing to come in here, cutting through pensacola at this point. now one new concern associated with this, that's a tornado threat. that's a watch that has been issued just to the east of pensacola until 7:00 p.m. tonight. some of these storms getting a little bit of rotation. we have had a couple of them, where we have had spotted tornadoes already on the ground. inspector this area, you need to watch. another story we are watching is the fire danger across the west. it's been extreme. a fire yesterday sparked across
1:19 pm
colorado, burning 8,000 acres. they are doing flyovers because they think that has ib creased a lot. the winds continue for the day today. >> shannon: thank you very much. a controversy over a same-sex commitment ceremony. some in congress are speaking out, saying it never should have been allowed to happen. here for a fair and balancedbe debate. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> shannon: congressman, i will start with you, this wasn't a marriage ceremony, everybody involved said it was a commitment ceremony. they realize it is not legal, and they are not trying to pass it off as a legal ceremony. so what is your objection? >> several. first of all, the military said they are going to change their policy and they are going to have same-sex marriages. but only in the states that allow it. of course, louisiana does not
1:20 pm
allow it. so first of all, the military is changing what they told us, the military leadership. second of all, what you are doing, you are creating something that is a marriage and trying to get around the definition of what marriage is. so also, the third point that is particularly important and that is, this is in violation of federal law, which is thftion a straight vehicles of doma and to have military chaplains on military property doing this kind of thing, we are upset about that because it's a violation of law. >> shannon: all right. why do you think this should be allowed to proceed? do you know anything about whether this couple was trying to make a point, holding this important ceremony on a base? >> i couldn't hear all of the congressman's arguments. but let's look at the facts. there was no gay marriage. there was no gay civil union performed by a military chaplain
1:21 pm
at fort polk. this was two individuals who wanted to stand together and receive the blessing from the chaplain. this chaplain is a very serious young chaplain, he is very committed to all of his parishioners. this ceremony was performed under the dictate of the sponsoring church. this chaplain should be committed, he should not be criticized in the fashion that is taking place. he was simply responding to one of his parishioners, who asked that this relationship be blessed. it was a humble blessing by a chaplain. this was not at odds with the d.o.d. regulations. the use of facilities on a military installation are made without regard to religion,
1:22 pm
gender or sexual orientation, or color. and there should be no exception here. jathat actually -- i want to make sure that we bring in the point that's very important to both of you in this argument. congressman aiken, have you sponsored a measure that -- if it were accepted and the ultimate defense of proceedingses bill and the senate would have to get on board with this as well. have you tried this in the past, a ban on these types of ceremonies on military bases -- what do you think are your odds of success in this time around, offering it up? >> well, we offered that amendment last year and a different person offered it this year, just plaining what it meanings. it says that near anything that is part of the federal government that marriage is only between one man and one woman. the amendment i have this year is different and it's giving first amendment rights to chaplains and service members so
1:23 pm
they are not required or discriminated against for not performing same-sex marriages or for service members to have opinions or even speak their opinion about this subject. it is obviously controversial. and first amendment says you have a right to free speech and to hold your opinion. we believe, obviously, that the chaplain should be able to operate under the dictates of their own conscience and consistently with the particular denomination that placed them in the military. >> mr. aiken, that's precisely what happened here. this chaplain was performing a ceremony under the dictates of his sponsoring religious sponsor. no one pressured the chaplain to perform this ceremony. what you are proposing would infringe upon the religious freedom of this chaplain and service members. this is doma-plus. i am not sure where this ends,
1:24 pm
which you also place a limitation upon a chaplain doing the funeral services of a gay or lesbian service member killed in afghanistan? and the spouse asks for that chaplain to preside at the funeral service in a military chaplain? this is folly and this is dangerous. this is an infringement upon the religious expression and freedom of the military chaplain and the service member. >> shannon: gentlemen, we have to leave it there. we thank you both for weighing in on this important debate. we appreciate your time today. >> thank you. pleasure joining you. >> shannon: at least one person is believed dead, following a shooting near auburn yrt. the latest after the break. we are two days away from the special election for former congresswoman gabrielle giffords' seat. we will talk to the man who held we will talk to the man who held the seat before she did.
1:25 pm
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1:29 pm
>> shannon: time for a look at today's top stories, police are investigating a shooting at an apartment complex near auburn university in alabama. at least one person is dead. onepersons witness says it started with a fight over a woman at a pool party. hosni mubarak's health is declining. he is reportedly slipping in and out of consciousness. he has been living on lickeds and yogurt since he was moved to a prison hospital a little more than a week ago. the miami heat will face the oklahoma thunder in the finals. game 1 of the championship series is tuesday night. the private sector is doing fine -- six words president obama may wish he could take back. republicans pounced, saying his remarks prove he's the one out of touch. and the firestorm's showing no signs of letting up. high, peter. >> president obama tried to walk
1:30 pm
those words back, about four hours after the initial press conference because later on, on friday, he came out and said the economy is not fine because too many people are out of work and the housing market is still weak. but the romney campaign is taking the original comment and running with it in a new ad. >> i just lost my job recently. >> i have to work part time in order to make ends meet. >> sometimes i feel like i'm a failure. >> the private sector's doing fine, the private sector's doing fine. the private sector's doing fine. >> mitt romney was responding to those comments on friday, he tied in governor scott walker's win in the recall election and said the message of wisconsin is that it's time to cut back on government. but obama campaign senior strategist ax astrongly disagreed with that this morning, adding that he thinks the private sector is certainly doing better than the public sector. >> he said, we don't need any more teachers.
1:31 pm
we don't need any more teachers? 250,000 teachers have lost their jobs in the last couple of years. that's a dramatically bad news for the country. it certainly is not good news for our future. what planet is he living on where he being -- he thinks we can take hits in our education system and progress as a country? >> well, republican senator john mccain responded directly to david axelrod on cnn saying he doesn't know what planet the president is living on. shannon? >> shannon: all right, peter. thank you very much for keeping us updated. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> shannon: former arizona congressman, gabrielle giffords and her husband, former astronaut mark kelley, making a rare appearance in support of ron barber in his bid for house seat. just hours to go before the polls open in that approximate election and the race has gotten
1:32 pm
nasty. jim kol bee held that seat until 2007 and he is live here for insight. >> good to see you, shannon. >> shannon: what do you make of the back and forth so far in what has been a very tough battle? >> it has been a tough battle. it hasn't been the most vitriolic campaign i have seen, that's for sure. but it has been a very tough one. and i think it's to be expected. this is, after all, a kind of harbinger of the fall. both sides are putting a lot of effort and money in this. i think the democrats thought this would be a race they could win easily with someone who had the blessing of gabby givardords, running on the democratic -- gabby giffords, but it's turning out to be a tough fight. >> shannon: it was a while when he ran against gabrielle giffords. do you think he has the momentum from the last race? itch it was a tight race. that's part of the reason that he was nominated again this time around. and he certainly has changed his
1:33 pm
tone, his rhetoric a bit, this time. he is much more moderate in the way he's couched things. i don't think he has changed his views, but he has couched it differently. i think it has got his ground game much better. they are working very well on getting out the early vote. the thing to remember this campaign, in the primary, over half the votes were cast life becomes day and that's the same here. so if you don't have your campaign well geared up by the time the early ballots go out, you will be in trouble. >> shannon: let's talk about the democratic here, a former giffords aide, he was injured in the shooting. he is fully recovered and campaigning hard. >> right. >> shannon: there has been question about whether he is trying to distance himself from president obam a. he has made remarks that the health care law was drafted and passed by the democrats may need to be revisited. would it be a plus or a minus to
1:34 pm
be closely aligned with the administration? >> it is not a plus to be alined with the administration. that's why you see what he has done, he has distanced himself. he has not called on the fot endorse him. they haven't use good advertising from the president. there hasn't been any appearance by anybody from the administration there. he has distanced himself from the health care. he said, you know, i didn't vote for it. i wasn't in congress at the time. there are things i might do differently. he is clearly trying to take a different stance without rejecting it, which i don't think the democratic base would let him do. >> shannon: what do you make of the outside money, the pac mony? itch there is a lot of pac money, and we will see that across the country, in every race that is significant and is close. just as there was in wisconsin, this doesn't measure up to the number of dollars that went into wisconsin, but there is a lot of money and it's an attempt to
1:35 pm
give moment tom one side or the other. the republicans would like to say -- the momentum is on our side, we are picking up a seat held by a democrat. >> the democrats would like to say, yeah, it shows you can run, you can be somebody who was a supporter of president obama on health care and win this election. >> shannon: former congressman jim kol bee, we will watch with you on tuesday for the results. thanks for coming in. tensions between the and u.s. pakistan have reached an all-time high. defense secretary leon panetta tells jennifer griffin that the u.s. is running out of patience and pakistan is responding. with the capital one cash rewards card
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>> shannon: a georgia bhan is behind bars after leading savanna police on a low-speed chase in an ambulance. he was at a local hospital for a mental health evaluation and he decided to go for a break. he went for a deputy's gun and
1:40 pm
that failed and he lopped into a nearby ambulance and took out. williams, that man, is back in custody now. pakistan is rejecting defense secretary leon panetta's assertion that is it is providing militants inside its borders to stage attacks on american troops. here's more from kabul. >> are we at war with pakistan? >> we are at war with those who would attack our country or attack our troops. those are the people that we are at war with. unfortunately they reside in pakistan. and for that reason, you know, we have obviously gone after the leadership of al qaeda there. we cannot continue to tolerate a situation where the terrorists on their side of the border come
1:41 pm
across, attack our troops, kill our troops and then return to a safe haven in pakistan. that's intolerable. you know, we have you wered them, time and time again, they have to deal with that situation. we cannot allow that to happen. we have reached the limesof our patience with regards to standing back and not having the pakistanis take the action they have to take to get control of the situation. you know, we have made a commitment that our country is never again going to be the target for terrorists who would attack us. that's what this mission is about. that's what our goal is about. in order to have regional stability, in order to ultimately have an afghanistan that can secure and govern itself, we need a pakistan that can oms also govern itself. >> by skipping over pakistan and
1:42 pm
going to india, does that have a message for the pakistanis, what would you like them to read from that? >> well, i think we all -- i think it's important for them to understand that, you know, although oftentimes, we have our differences, hain the end, it is very important that we work together to deal with the terrorism threat. terrorism is not just a threat to the united states. it's a threat to pakistan. and they have a responsibility to deal with terrorism. that's what we have to continue to urge. we will work with them. we will give them the help they need to do it, but in the end, they have the responsibility to deal with terrorism. >> shannon: pakistani officials have responded this weekend, calling panetta's statements, quote, police placed and unhelpful in bringing peace and stability in the region. we are in the midst of uncertain times, worldwide financial turmoil, financial disasters, global unrest.
1:43 pm
what is the future of america? is it an empire in decline or a nation poised for comeback? there is a new book, implosion, can america recover from its economic and spiritual challenges in time? we have joel rosenberg here with with -- with more. it starts with dire straits. for people who are not known to cry wolf, these are people who are very respected in washington and elsewhere, talking about the economic situation, how dire is it? do you think we get it? >> the first time i heard the word "implosion" used in washington as what could happen to our country, it was on fox. it happened to be greta van susteren talking to a former budget chairman from the senate, from new hampshire. and -- just him explaining that we were in so much economic trouble and that the debt was rising so fast, so far beyond any previous historical norms
1:44 pm
that if it didn't get turned around rapidly, he said the economy could implode. i thought, implode? that's an awfully strong word. but i began to hear it come up, either directly, the word implode or implosion or essentially others talking about fiscal train wrecks, going off the cliff. look, there is no question that our country is in economic decline. the question is, can we turn it around? some people are saying, no, it's worse than that. and that's just the economic side. we're $15 trillion in debt -- plus and heading toward $65 trillion worth of unfunded liabilities, promises that the government has made that we can't keep. that's the economic side. and then you have the cultural, spiritual, moral side -- cannibalism, people in the united states eating other people? i don't remember ever hearing stories from this country of
1:45 pm
that happening. the number 1, 2 and 3 book s on the new york times list in novels is -- is essentially called mommy porn -- novels that are so out of the bounds of normal literature, this is erotic literature, has sold 10 million copies in 6 weeks, the last 6 weeks. this is a few examples of where we are. but what i am beginning to wonder, as i interview people and my own processing, this is not normal. i think people are starting to fear we are not in a normal place in this country. it's like the ice is cracking under our feet. >> shannon: how do we turn it around, then? >> well, that's a great question. i walk that through in the book. as dire as i paint the actual facts and it's all backed up and detailed and footnoted, but economically, spiritually. there has been twice in our country, that we have had dramatic changes. the first great awakening,
1:46 pm
spiritual awakening, where millions of people who were drifting spiritually, with religious background, but not focus, in the early 1700s came back to faith in jesus christ and turned back to the scriptures, started to return to go to church. and the secular historians called it "the great awakening." in the early 1800s, we needed a second one, after we won the revolutionary war, people got busy rebuilding and by the early 1800s, people had slid away from church, away from the bible, away from christ and training their children. what i wrote about in the book, it was a game-changing, sweeping spiritual awakening, people starting churches, planning churches, going -- coming tow christ and building schools and colleges and hospitals, it wasn't just faith, it was faith in action and that -- that ended up building the moral strength for the abolitionist movem. we have seen two great
1:47 pm
awakenings, we need a third, basically. >> shannon: it is interesting to look at it from a secular viewpoint and a spiritual viewpoint. thanks for the preview. >> thank you. good to be with jew sarah palin answers your questions, questions from our fox news viewers. what she said made her interview one of our most read stories online. more on that, next. this country was built by working people. the economy needs manufacturing.
1:48 pm
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>> shannon: wildfires in colorado and new mexico are burning buildings and forcing people out of their homes, one of the many stories you are reading about online. peter doocy has your most clicked stories. >> hi, shannon. more than 10,000 acres have been charred in new mexico. in colorado, firefighters are struggling to put out a blaze that scorched more than 8,000 acres. the fires are being fueled by dry forests and high winds. another popular stor, an interview with former alaska governor sarah palin, who was right here on america's news headquarters yesterday. in part of the interview, palin answered viewer questions. >> when she was asked if she has her eye on a presidential bid in 2016, she didn't rule it out.
1:52 pm
if you want to see the interview and if she would accept a position in a romney administration, log on to one more story, graduates at a high school in nevada are getting a second diploma because on the first one, the word graduation was spelled wrong. the company that printed the diplomas has apologized. that's all from here. >> shannon: oh, boy. peter, thank you very much. a new program is turning military combat fatigues into works of art. we go live to branchburg, new jersey, with more. >> vets come together here every sunday to the print-making center of new jersey to sip coffee, share war stories and to heal. haythey are making combat paper, old, ripped-up fatigues, turned into artwork. many say the group therapy is what works best for them. the combat paper program started in 2007 and has reached hundreds of veterans through a traveling
1:53 pm
program and 40 here in new jersey. it's a three-step process. first, deconstruction, that's rip up the fatigues and symbolically deconstruct their past. next, reclamation, pound the fabric into pulp to make the paper, reclaiming their experiences. and finally, communication, it's a platform for vets to talk about their experiences through painting images and writing poetry and they are able to share stories with people they haven't been able to share with the people closest to them. the process is very drent for everyone. >> some approach the uniform with anger. some approach it with deep respect, deep reverence for the uniform. some approach it with love, you know? they love their time in the military. they want to be able to use the uniform as an expression of that. >> combat paper wrapped up a program at walter reed army medical center in washington,
1:54 pm
d.c., it was first time active military had been participating in the program and actually making that paper. they say it was so successful, they had overwhelming positive feedback, they are hoping to make it a recurring program there. currently, it's here in new jersey, also in san francisco and in issicca, new york. they hope to expand it. back to you. >> thank you very much. we asked, you answered -- boy, did you. your twitter responses, next. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style.
1:55 pm
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>> shannon: this is breaking news information, we want to brick you with a should theeing offcampus at auburn university with at least one person dead and others injured. this is from the president of the university. we are deeply saddened by the agic events that affected the auburn community and theaur burn family. our heart-felt condolences go to the victims and their families. we are in constant contact with the area authorities. our attention is focused on providing care and support to those touched by this tragedy. two investigations are looking into leaks involving national security. we have asked y t
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