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tv   America Live  FOX News  June 13, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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to cancel a billion dollar contract with that same russian company that is selling those choppers to the syrians? why would our taxpayer money be going to the russian company supplying these death machines? and three, look for questions about two new polls that have bad news for the president on how americans view his handling of the economy. molly henneberg is live on the white house north lawn this hour with some answers to those questions. molly? >> reporter: megyn, i want to start with a event that wasn't scheduled today. he went out for lunch at kenny's barbecue. he was joined for lunch by two active duty members of the army and two bash members. part of it was to celebrate father's day and celebrate the administration's fatherhood initiative that seeks information to get out to dad via bar per shop. that was unscheduled activity on the white house. now to the polls.
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"washington post" abc poll on the president's handling of the economy and focusing on swing voters and independent. they believe 54 to 38%, independents have a negative view that the president's plan will turn around the economy. that is a little better how independents view mitt romney. his were 47-35% of independents. still unfavorable that believe his plans can turn around the economy. new poll numbers from reuters poll. we have the graphic for you. it was out last night. registered voters, more of them, 46 to 43% believe governor romney would be stronger on jobs and the economy than president obama. this is a message you will hear from the white house briefing today. the white house is pressing the message if americans think the economy is struggling now it would be worse if the republicans had the white house. here it is from the president. megyn: molly, we'll stand you by. our apologies. we want to dip into this white house press briefing right now. jay carney being asked about syria.
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not preparing to cancel this helicopter contract with the same firm in russia is is providing choppers to syria which is killing its own civilians. >> -- in different forums, the united nations the friends of syria and elsewhere to isolate and pressure assad. we've taken new steps regularly with our partners to do that through sanctions and other means to help prop up or stand up the opposition, help it organize itself. provide it nonlethal assistance and humanitarian aid to the syrian people. we'll continue to do that. meanwhile the situation in syria is obviously terrible. assad's brutality is unacceptable. he will go down in history as a tyrant who will be loathed by generations of syrians who, who are the victims of his brutality. >> will the president be speaking with his russian
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counterparts about the attack helicopter issue ahead of the g20 or will that -- >> i would just say that this the, the issue of helicopters is part of a broader concern that we've expressed and we'll continue to express as we discussed with the russians and others about next steps that need to be taken to help bring about the political transition that is is so essential for the future of the syrian people. i am sure that syria will be a topic of discussion both in bilateral meetings as well as more broadly at the g20 but i don't have anything specific in terms of what will be on the agenda in that specific bilateral. yes, jay. >> follow up on the question --. megyn: there you hear the press secretary being questioned about one of the top stories today. and the issue is as i mentioned, we are buying attack helicopters from russia. we're not prepared to cancel this contract. our pentagon is not prepared to cancel this contract according to the department
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of defense. the problem is this same russian company, it's a government-owned company in russia be is also providing the syrian government with these helicopters. these very helicopters are being used to aid in the assassination, in the murder of untold numbers of syrian civilians, syrian children in some instances we are told. and there's a question about whether taxpayer dollars here in america should be going to such a company that, you know, with one hand taking money from you and from me and with the other hand is providing syria with essentially a weapon to kill its own people. there is, you know, human rights groups are calling this aid that we're providing in crimes against humanity. our secretary of state hillary clinton yesterday said we have pressed our russian counterparts to stop doing this but there is an issue about needing these helicopters in afghanistan and about the fact that the afghanies we are training to
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take over their security over there, these are the only helicopters that they know how to fly. that's where we sending these helicopters when we buy them. it is rather complicated and rather sticky but there's a real question where we stand on that. we'll talk about it a little later when we're joined by ralph peters. we're also keeping a close eye on the daily white house press briefing for you. we'll let you know more whether we hear anymore on syria or the kobt verz controversy about attorney general eric holder. fox news alert serious concerns about president obama's new re-election effort after a new poll shows a dramatic droop of support for the president among independents, a bloc of voters key to winning the white house. a reuters ipsos poll showing his favorable view from independents plunging from 48 to 35% in four weeks.
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that is a sharp quarter drop in approval. do the numbers mean for today and november? chris stirewalt, host of power play on that is a significant drop i suppose by any measure when you're talking about that critical voting bloc of independents, chris. what is behind it, four weeks, seven-point drop? >> here's the deal and we talked about this before, megyn, the opening phase of this election is all about do you want to keep barack obama? for the independent voters, swing voters especially the moderate independents who get to decide this election what polls are starting to increasingly show is that they have made a pretty strong decision they're not satisfied with the job that he is doing and they would like to have something else. certainly when you consider the fact that the economy is sputtering worse than before, certainly when you consider that the president had a very rough starting phase fending off infighting among his own party, he has had some gaffs, he had some problems. the roleout hasn't been what he wanted it to be. so he opened up this general
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election season and helped these voters make a conclusion that, yes, they would like something very different. megyn: by seven point drop i meant 13 of course. when i try to do math it never works out in my favor. i really should stop trying. the question for you whether the white house pays attention to this kind of thing? hey, june has not been a great month for the president as re-election effort in terms of polling and other issues we've been told repeatedly it is june. the election is in november. these numbers are for people like you and me, cable news people, who fill the day with random, you know, discussions about polls that may not matter? >> well, as they say back home, megyn, that is stuff people say, they may say it a little different than that the truth his we're 10 weeks down, 20 weeks to go in this general election season and the first, you can't have the first part back. you can't get a do-over on these 10 weeks. as voters reach the conclusion on this first question, then they turn to the second question. is mitt romney a plausible replacement for a guy that you might like to have
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something different from? their core challenge right now for the next 20 weeks has to do with making him an unacceptable alternative. but when you see polls like this and see the question about the president's handling of the economy and you also see that things are not expected to get better, in fact many expect them to get worse, realization in the white house and in chicago has to be that they have lost round one but they can get it back by really torching mitt romney all the way to the end. jon: when will the real barrage come from the obama campaign against mitt romney? i mean we've seen some of it. obviously some of it so far but when will they really go no-holds-barred to try to get these numbers and other similar disturbing numb best for the white house turned around? >> i never thought i would say this but the 25 or $26 million been spent mostly on negative advertising against mitt romney by an incumbent president is just a warm-up. you're exactly right. that is getting limber. what you will see over the next 10 weeks, they will fight it out, crisscross the
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country they will do that stuff. right about august 1st, set your watch about it, the barrage will begin and take you all the way to election day. megyn: chris stirewalt, thank you, sir. >> you bet. megyn: too much of a gentleman to call me out on my math. so i appreciate that. i made one. caught it. thank you. we are seeing new documents today in the investigation into a possible cover-up at penn state. this case continues to get unbelievable. there are memos that suggest now that former university president at that school knew that assistant coach jerry sandusky was allegedly molesting children and decided not to say anything because they thought it would be inhumane to jerry sandusky. we're talking the president of the university. we will look at that evidence today. plus scandal rocking donald trump's miss usa pageant. this beauty queen at the center of allegations that the pageant is rigged. she denies knowing a thing
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but now a new twist to the catfight over the crown. and there is a growing chorus of lawmakers calling on attorney general eric holder to resign after a growing number of controversies threaten to engulf the department of justice. up next we'll speak to a long time political friend of the attorney general asking where are the democrats when it comes to defending this ag? >> the american people deserve better. they deserve an attorney general who is accountable and independent. they deserve an attorney general who puts justice before politics. it is my sincere hope president obama will replace you with someone who is up to that challenge. >> there is so much factually wrong with the premises that you started your statement with. almost breathtaking in its inaccuracy. but i will simply leave it at that ation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues
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megyn: fox news alert. we're keeping an eye on the white house daily press
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briefing and waiting for new reaction from the press secretary jay carney about attorney general eric holder after republican senators battered the attorney general yesterday over what they called his failure to come clean on the "fast and furious" gun-running sting. and their lack of confidence over the justice department's ability on a separate front to investigate recent intelligence leaks. take a listen here. >> there's been zero accountability at the department of justice. you won't appoint a special prosecutor in the face of a potential conflict of interest. you won't tell the truth about what you know and when you knew it on "fast and furious." you won't cooperate with the legitimate congressional investigation. you won't answer my questions about gun-walking in texas. you won't take any responsibility for the failures of your inner circle. and you won't acknowledge what your top aides knowingly misled congress about over eight months and you won't hold anyone accountable. so, mr. attorney general, i'm afraid we've come to an
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impasse. >> here we are, one year later and the terry family is still waiting for answers. they're still waiting for justice. the fbi doesn't have the shooter in custody. and the justice department is still defying congressional subpoena for information about how all that happened. >> say something here the i think you're missing the fact this is a very big deal. and you're howling in a way that creates suspicions where they should not be and all i'm asking for is for you to find a lawyer in this country that all of us could say, virtually all of us could say, that is the right person to do this job. >> the attorney general of the united states may be cited for contempt of congress over the "fast and furious" gun-running to mexico issue which also resulted by the way in the death of a brave young border patrolman, brian terry, in my own state. was killed by one of these weapons. that is how serious it is. megyn: meantime amid the
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heat that mr. holder is getting from the republicans, a long-time political friend of eric holder, and a top democrat, is now taking issue with the fact that not more members of his party are doing more to defend the embattled attorney general, calling the silence among democrats, stunning and shocking. lanny davis is the former special counsel for the clinton administration and he joins us now by phone. lanny, thanks so much for being with us. apologize to our viewers for the phone because that is best we could do for today. we've heard so much from the republican side of the aisle but you're right very little comparatively from the democrats to defend mr. holder. why do you think that is? >> well, i'm not sure, to be fair here, i have a great deal of respect for senator mccain and senator graham and when they're serious about something it is in my judgment not by partisan motives. i will disagree with their view of the facts and ask fellow democrats to say what
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imabout to say. number one, eric holder's integrity is beyond reapproach. the suggestion by senator cornyn which is very disappointing impuning mr. holder's motives rather than simply disagreeing with his professional judgment i think more about partisanship than fairness. and i haven't heard senator graham and senator mccain impugn motives. secondly, regarding why he hasn't turned over more judgement hit is deliberative judgement that the process when there is ongoing investigation in the justice department. you can agree or disagree with that eric holder said yesterday with chairman issa i'm willing to work out with you what is and isn't prejudicial over to you. remember the precedent is under the bush administration, attorney general mukasey who began the "fast and furious" program and admitted or was informed gone rogue and guns
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were walked. not turning over documents because of deliberative -- [inaudible] megyn: i want to tell our viewers that is the case. many attorneys general have refused to provide documents when asked for them citing deliberative privilege thing. that is matter of course for attorneys general. that is the thing mr. holder is relying on in part to withhold the documents. attorney issa and grassley say you can't do that with hold 70,000 documents there are 80,000 response i've documents they say they are entitled to. they have gotten seven. this is above and beyond anything in terms of scope and size that they have seen in the past. >> look, fair enough. i am a great friend and great admirer of lanny breuer and eric holder and most of the leadership i know over at the justice department are beyond reapproach but this is a question of reasonable differences on judgment. i would constructively suggest through this program
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perhaps two my old friends, my old friend, eric holder he follows through on the offer he made to chairman issa who didn't take him up on it and sit down with fair-minded people. i would certainly name lindsey graham and john mccain as two of the most fair-minded people i know in the united states senate and work this out and try to give up more documents that aren't going to compromise privilege or deliberative process so it doesn't look like he is hiding something. megyn: right. >> it does look like he is hiding something and he isn't because this started another another attorney general, eric holder is the one who ordered investigation of this terrible and tragic program that democrats should be saying it is not eric holder's initiative. it was somebody else's. megyn: wide receiver which began under the bush administration is distinct from "fast and furious" but your point is understood. there was another operation, a gun-running operation. that one done in cooperation with the mexican government unlike "fast and furious." there were two. i want to ask you this, lanny, you seem to be
1:20 pm
expressing some consternation more democrats have not come to the defense of eric holder as they might have have if it had been somebody else. why haven't they? you call it stunning and shocking. you want nancy pelosi to do more. the white house to do more. why aren't they? >> there is institutional memory when democrats subpoenaed the bush administration and vice president cheney on the energy task force used same argument and deliberative, and democrats pounded table there is no such thing as senator grassley pounded table and made that point. deliberatable privilege is argueable basis for not turning over documents when congress subpoenas them. when i was in the clinton white house we resisted and resisted. sooner or later we ended up turning over the documents. eric holder should sit down with senator mccain and gram to work this out. >> we shall see. lanny davis, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. megyn: stunning new
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>> i'm not -- these people anymore. tell them to stay back. they're drunk. [laughter] megyn: that is video taken by a texas homeowner. that shot you here is him killing his neighbor after an angry exchange. in this new controversy surrounding the stand your ground laws thrown into the national spotlight recently by the trayvon martin investigation. this time however it is in the lone star state. deliberations set to begin in the trial of a retired firefighter who killed his neighbor. the case raising question about stand your ground laws nationwide. trace gallagher has the details from our west coast newsroom. trace? >> reporter: megyn, it is a fascinating test case for stand your ground. it might come down to where
1:25 pm
the shooting actually happened. raul rodriguez were upset that his neighbors were having a very loud karaoke party. he called police dispatch and grabbed his video camera and began shooting. he walking out toward the neighbor's house, confronting neighbors, right? listen to this he is both confronting the neighbors and talking to police at the same time. play this. >> stupid idiots. jesus, people are stupid and their drunk. why don't you turn the garbage down please. people are trying to sleep. stop right now or i will shoot you. get back. i'm in fear of my life. i'm in fear of my life now. that is why i bring my weapon. i'm in fear of my life. please help me now. they're going to kill me. >> reporter: let me stop it right there, give you perspective where this actually happened. what happens is raul rodriguez at this point is two houses down from his own house. the neighbors are standing
1:26 pm
very near their driveways. they know now that he has a gun and they are making a counter threat. play it. >> you need to keep it down. >> because when i go in that house and i come back, don't think i won't be equal to you, baby. >> about to get out of hand, sir. please help me. please help me, sir. my life is in danger now. i'm just going to tell them to stay back. they're drunk. [laughter] [gunshot] >> reporter: you heard one gunshot, megyn. there were more. one. gentleman was shot two times an elementary school teacher. legal experts as you can imagine during the whole trial weighed in. he warned them to get back. he warned them he had a gun and he had a right to shoot them. others are saying you can't not go out and start a fight and use the stand your ground law as a valid defense. the jury could get this sometime today and
1:27 pm
deliberations would then begin, megyn. megyn: this is apparently not like florida where the judge gets to decide the stand your ground defense, trace? >> reporter: going to the jury. this thing has been a, it has been about a 3 1/2 week trial, if my recollection is correct. this thing is going to a jury today. this stands as a very good test case, even in the trayvon martin, george zimmerman case, because it has to do where you were at the very time the shooting happened. can you go outside your house and confront somebody and still cite stand your ground as a defense? megyn:. tracy:, thank you. >> reporter: okay. megyn: two years ago, president obama signed his historic health care overhaul and told us this. >> this isn't radical reform. but it is major reform. this legislation will not fix everything that ails our health care system but it moves us decisively in the right direction.
1:28 pm
this is what change looks like. megyn: but in 2012 a new ap report reveals the president doesn't seem to be talking much about this legislation at all. why? our panel debates that next. and stunning new developments in the trayvon martin murder case. the suspect's wife has now been arrested, accused of lying to prosecutors about their finances. the lies, all on tape, and wait until you hear the new evidence that's just been revealed. we'll look more closely in "kelly's court". alaska hikers are no strangers to dangerous wildlife but one man's unconeter with a brown bear and her cub nearly proved fatal. that dramatic showdown is coming up. >> i can still hear the brown bear still huffing in the trees. i was able to climb a tree. so i'm as high up in a tree as i can get. wake up!
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megyn: fox news alert. police just announcing the suspected gunman in a shooting in a hospital in buffalo, new york, is now holed up inside. the s.w.a.t. team is at the erie county medical center. we're told the suspect is confined to one part of the hospital campus where he shot and killed a woman a few hours ago. they say it is not a random act. the building is locked down. there were earlier reports the shooter was a doctor. authorities have not confirmed that. they have not released the
1:33 pm
name of the suspect. we'll continue to mon it monitor it for developments. >> reform that finally extends the opportunity to purchase coverage to the millions who currently do not have it and includes tough, new, consumer protections to guaranty greater stability and security and control for the millions who do have health care insurance. the american recovery and reinvestment act i will sign today, a plan that meets the principles i laid out in january, is the most sweeping economic recovery package in our history. megyn: that was president obama, talking about two of the biggest moments of his first term. and two of the biggest controversies in recent political history, health care reform and the economic stimulus. but as the president runs for term number two, a blistering new ap report reveals he is not talking much about either issue. these are his signature
1:34 pm
legislative achievements on the campaign trail. joining me, monica crowley and julie roginsky. both are fox news contributors. julie, congratulations on your baby. >> thanks so much. i'm back, thank you. megyn: welcome to the world little zachary. i love your example. right back on the air. unlike me. i took four months. let's talk about the day's news which is the president not discussing virtually at all stimulus. you never hear him say that word. or health care, health care is his signature legislative achievement. the president accepted ap reports with his donors, doesn't discuss that, why? >> he needs to talk it up with his donors because he needs to jab the base and the base still loves obamacare and stimulus spending and expansion of government popular but the rest of the population does not. wide electorate given this thumbs down. these policies failed. so is there real mystery why
1:35 pm
he not out there on the campaign trail talking them up. megyn: julie, he is struggling to get a message because health care is unpopular? stimulus the word, people have strong feelings about the stimulus bill. on top of that. those are his big legislative achievements he is not talking about and job growth going like this in recent months. he is struggling to find a topic? >> i was amazed a guy during great communicator, we all agree he did a great job communicating himself how poorly he has been as communicator as president. that's what you're seeing now. you're seeing the fact that stimulus has become a dirty word. i don't know how it became a dirty word but he got outcommunicated by the republicans. he as a result he can't talk about the real accomplishments he has had, those word or obamacare as monica calls it health care reform --. >> calls it that now too. >> right, right. these have become dirty words. i'm not sure how he allowed that to happen. as a result he has to talk about jobs which actually the stimulus could argue,
1:36 pm
monica would disagree with me did create jobs. you could argue obamacare as he cause it actually did move the country forward. he can't put it in those terms. he has to come up with different wording and different messaging. megyn: because he has gotten outcommunicated. >> if he believes that he has a more serious problem on his hands. he doesn't have a communication or messaging problem. he has a ideology and performance problem. the american people are very forgiving. they might say okay, well we may not have believed in socialized medicine but if it started turning economy around, if the massive government spending had started injecting growth and life and job creation into this economy the american people would say, well maybe i disagreed with big spending but look at the results it produced. because he has gone down this far left path and because those policies have not only not produced results but actually brought more destruction on this economy the american people are saying, we get what he is trying to do. he communicated it fine. it is a failure -- >> trying to moderate a bit,
1:37 pm
democrats, far left wanted stimulus bill to be twice the size. they wanted health care law to have the public option. he chose a path that was less, left than he could have gone, and now the left is saying, see, see what that got? >> policy perspective the economy has turned around. hasn't turned around as well as we wanted to. it is pretty much much in the dumps. we are out of the recession we were in when he became president. you can't say he hasn't moved economy forward. it may not be as much as he wanted to. megyn: if he kept to the january level, still adding 270,000 jobs a month that would be one thing. you know the chart. >> absolutely right. megyn: how does he get around the chart? >> let's go to angela merkel and people in europe. there is a whole host of reasons why the economy stinks right now and it does. the problem, mr. ronald reagan who is the great communicator he could have gone out and sold it. people as monica said want to give the president the benefit of the doubt no matter who the president is.
1:38 pm
they want to believe in the guy they elected. the problem for him he got outcommunicated. now all of the bullet points, stimulus, obamacare are dirty words. >> president reagan, but reagan was selling a wholly different set of policies. reagan was selling limited government. >> no, he wasn't. reagan had more, more government -- reagan had more government spending than obama. government spending has gone down under obama. gone up under reagan. megyn: whenever we say the president didn't message enough on health care we get tons of e-mails on viewers saying that's crazy. he messaged a lot. >> all day long. megyn: we rehe can haved -- rejected message. remember the town halls. american people showing up. they had read the entire bill which is lot more than they can say for the lawmakers. they get upset when you suggest it is messaging. as you say it wasn't. we rejected it in substance. the question is whether the president shouldn't ever gone to the health care well when the job was it was?
1:39 pm
now he has unpopular bill he can't look back on and tout. >> there was method to the madness. i write about this in my book coming out next week. megyn: really? what is it called? >> what the blank just happened. megyn: very nice. >> i write about the reason why he went for obamacare first. the american people were screaming for economic growth and jobs. what the left did was say, we'll put nearly trillion dollar stimulus through. we'll pass that and say work here on the economy is done. then we go straight out on health care and spend year-and-a-half on it. why? according to the left, whether you're looking at european socialists or american left if the government controls your health care, the government controls you. that's why they went ahead and focused on that. megyn: that is what the bleep just happened. i got to run. con graltlations to you on your baby and your book. your baby the book. moments ago press secretary jay carney was pressed on russia selling attack helicopters to syria and asked why the united
1:40 pm
states is not insisting russia stop doing that. and working in this way with a government that is slaughtering innocent men, women and children. his answer at the top of the hour. plus new suggestions that penn state administrators, including the president of the university, knew that the assistant coach jerry sandusky may have been molesting children and then decided to cover it up. but the reasons why are nearly as disturbing as sandusky's alleged crimes. you will not believe the president of the university's alleged reasoning. that is next. food police on patrol. how close one major american city is on having a ban on some sugary drinks. and now they're talking about popcorn. ♪ the medicare debate continues in washington...
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megyn: serious allegations emerging today of a cover-up
1:44 pm
at the highest reaches of penn state university. as that university's former coach, jerry sandusky is now being tried on child sex abuse charges. state prosecutors are now saying that new documents released in the case suggest that penn state's former president, not to mention vice president and athletic director, those two we already knew about, the president here, spanier, on the left was aware of mr. sandusky's alleged transgressions for more than a decade but decided it would not be quote, humane to report sandusky to police. so, could this man now face criminal charges of his own? joining me now, wendy murphy, former prosecutor and victims' rights advocate. mike bako, sports reporter for the daily mike, let me start with you on the facts before we go to wendy for analysis. this is -- disgusting. the president of the university was told about
1:45 pm
the 2001 for the alleged rape which sandusky is on trial now was told about it and the reason not going to authorities it would be inhumane to sandusky? >> if you believe that. tim curly were on the e-mail exchange together. keep in mind sandusky was out of the program at that time. he was not an assistant coach. he was still solved. he was still at the practice facility. we saw him there all the time. but from their standpoint they're looking at it from the fact penn state football is like a corporation. if this leaks, look at firestorm and look everything came down on them now when it happens. think about what would have happened 10 years ago? they had 10 years of growth. they had 10 years of revenue. they were looking at the football program as if it was a business entity. megyn: what do we know about this graham spanier who is now gone in the wake of the san dusky scandal? what do we know about him? you would think you would be inhuman to hear an allegation that a little boy was being raped by one of your former football coaches
1:46 pm
and you decided let's not tell police it would be inhumane into the rapist? >> you can't get into thinks mind. tough keep in mind sandusky was one of the around the team entire time. they were friend. they became familiar with each other. almost a suspension of disbelief in some way. same thing with joe paterno, why with all the evidence from many, many years ago didn't he come forward? because he didn't want to believe it. they didn't want to believe sandusky was capable of all of this. they compounded year after year after year by not bringing it to the forefront. who knows how many victims happened in the ten year time period. megyn: no one knew is excuse. there is difference between head football coach worked wig sandusky had information this is not the person i know versus the head of the university, wenddy, head of the university supposed to be looking out for the university, never mind the little boys. >> yeah. megyn: you tell me whether this guy could face criminal charges for failing to report this to the cops? >> oh, you bet. and he should. i think he will. six months ago, more than
1:47 pm
six months ago i wrote an article for the patriot ledger explaining exactly why graham spanier should face criminal charges. seemed pretty clear to me back then that the grand jury probably thought he lied when he said, i was told the shower incident was just harmless horseplay. even joe paterno, everybody got joe paterno, he told the grand jury, no, i told the university president this was a sex crime, a sexual assault. then remember, prosecutors back then were asked, is paterno a target of your investigation? are you looking to go after him or charge him and they said no. are you looking to charge graham spanier, the president? answer, silence. i think they have known for a long time graham spanier probably committed perjury. definitely covered this up and, forgive me, but, the word humane to describe cover-up for a university so that they can avoid scandal? oh, i'd like to see a jury make a ruling on that e-mail. megyn: who hears an
1:48 pm
allegation of child rape, and, that kind of a position, you're the head of a university, you hear a allegation of child rape and you decide the humane thing to do is protect the alleged rapist? what, and i want to say, we haven't heard comment by spanier on this, so, we'll see. no charges have been brought yet, but what kind of charges could come, wendy? >> oh, i think at least three, very clearly, three charges, perjury. for lying to the grand jury because he said he thought the rape was harmless horseplay and that is clearly not is what is reflected in the e-mail. he could also face, just simple failure to report charges, like curly and schultz, the two underlings who are facing charges for failing to report. he failed to report too. and under ends pens say -- pennsylvania law, like every state the buck stops with the guy who was in charge. he should have been charged first rather than curly and schultz because he was
1:49 pm
obligated to file. interestingly enough in pennsylvania they have a very generous criminal corporate liability law where if the corporation through its leadership, high-ranking officials, creates a cover-up of criminal activity. megyn: right. >> the corporation can be prosecuted and graham spanier would be the one to show up be the embodiment of the criminal defendant in that case. i would love to see that, love to see that in this case. megyn: there is heightened responsibility when it comes to children and the need to protect children and there was no excuse for not doing this. we continue to watch the sandusky trial which the details are too horrific to repeat on daytime tv. doesn't look good for jerry sandusky. panel thank you very much. >> thank you. megyn: cries from help from the man atop of a 30-foot tree moments after a vicious bear attack in the alaska wilderness. don't go away. >> 911 what is your emergency? >> i was mauled by a brown
1:50 pm
bear. >> do you need an ambulance? >> yes, i'm bleeding bad. >> where are you bleeding from? [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilos isn't for fast relief. try alka-seltzer. it kills heartburn fast. yeehaw! ♪ [muc plays] ♪ [music plays]
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1:53 pm
megyn: a newly released 911 call after a vicious bear attack. it is made just moments after a hiker is mauled by a brown bear like this one. the man managing to escape with his life and he called for help from 30 feet up in a tree. trace gallagher has the details. trace? >> reporter: happened in anchorage, alaska. megyn when benjamin radakovich was attacked he got up in the feet tall position and he was told you are supposed to play dead. that is when the bear came over started biting him, clawing on his back. somehow heing managed to get up and run away.
1:54 pm
he lost his backpack. luckily his cell fop was in his pocket and he called 911. listen. >> i was mauled by a brown bear. >> okay where you. >> i'm on trail. >> what trail? >> penguin creek, trail. i was mauled by a browned bear. >> do you need a ambulance? >> yes. i'm bleeding bad. >> where are you bleeding from? >> my back, my neck and lower back. please get an ambulance. >> reporter: we didn't cut the call there. that is where the call actually dropped out. he lost his cell phone signal. so he is in the middle of nowhere and a bear is chasing him. so he goes up to the tree. climbs as far as he can and calls 911 again. listen to the rest of the call. >> hi, i'm the guy that just got mauled by a brown bear. >> okay, sir, we're getting paramedics on the way. they will come start heading to you. >> i can still hear the brown bear. it is huffing in the trees. i was able to climb a tree, so i'm, i'm as high up in a tree as i can get.
1:55 pm
>> okay. go ahead and stay --, okay, stay in that tree, if you can hear it, okay? >> how long do you think it will be until they get here? >> it will be probably a little while. we have no troopers on. we'll call someone and he will come as quick as he can, okay? >> okay. i think i'm bleeding quite a bit. >> reporter: he used his shirt to stop the bleeding t took him two hours to get him out of there with all-terrain vehicles. aside from the scars he will be okay. he is a tough dude. if the cell phone hadn't been on him and in the backpack, totally different story. megyn: a tough dude and what is story he has to tell. thank you, trace. moments ago the white house press secretary was pressed on russia selling attack helicopters to syria. and why the pent gone insisted the russia stop selling to a government slaughtering women and children. the government is doing that business with that same company in russia.
1:56 pm
developments at the top of the hour. trayvon martin case, the wife of the accused murderer is prosecuted in the court a party?
1:57 pm
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megyn: fox news alert on ugly questions being raised about russia, our so-called ally and the slaughter of women and children in syria. the white house got hit with a barrage of questions about why the united states is not doing more to stop russia from selling attack aircraft to syria. the choppers are armed with machine guns that can fire 4,000 rounds a minute. u.n. observers say they are being used by syrian forced to commit what human rights activist call crimes against humanity. gunning down innocent civilians from the air as they run for
2:00 pm
their lives. how bad is the slaughter in syria? yesterday we got disturbing video that appears to show murdered children in a syrian village. we cannot you a then -- we cannot authenticate it so we are not going to show it. it appears to show 10 children wrapped in white surround by their grieving families. jay carney was pressed on why america is not being more aggressive with russia on its arms deals with syria. >> we believe everyone who is providing weapons to the assad regime should halt the provision of those weapons. providing more weapons only further militarizes the
2:01 pm
situation. i'm going clear about that. we continue to discuss with the russians as well as others the steps that need to be taken to bring a halt to this appalling violence against syrian civilians and usher in a period where the future is brighter for syria and the possibility of a democratic transition exists which is what the syrian people deserve. megyn: ed henry joins me now. that turned out to be a contentious subject over the past hour or so in that press briefing. the subject of syria and why we are not doing more with respect to russia to stop providing those helicopters to the government slaughtering babies, according to international observers. >> reporter: you can hear reporters pressing jay carney for clarity. you have secretary of state hillary clinton suggesting that
2:02 pm
russia was still sending in these attack helicopters. but jay carney today not necessarily clearly saying they need to stop it. there is some sort of dancing around the subject, if you will. secondly at another point in the briefing, jay carney at one point said that assad is waging war on his own people and sort of caught himself and said waging violence on his people. that is significant. because one of the other questions he got later was, is there a civil war going on inside syria and he would not answer that directly, saying no matter what you call it, it's senseless slaughter and it needs to stop. the fact that he came this close to saying assad is waging war on his own people and there is a full-scale civil war is significant. it shows there is a lot of rhetoric flying around and there is pressure on this administration to come up with a
2:03 pm
solution. megyn: we gave concessions in terms of missile defense with russia and we were supposed to have a reset of the relationship with our ability to weigh in on matters like this where we would like them to stop pro priding syria with helicopters that can kill the innocent masses. >> reporter: next monday and tuesday the president will be in mexico at the g20 summit. this will be the first time they have the chance to sit down and talk directly with president vladimir putin. you will remember he decided to skip the g8 summit at camp david, seen as a snub to the u.s. by vladimir putin. he sent medvedev. there is a chance to put
2:04 pm
pressure on russia. we'll see whether he does that. megyn: . joining me is ralph peters. he's an expert on these times of choppers and he specializes in the soviet union. these are serious killing machines syria is getting from the russian government on our pentagon doing business with the same russian provider. >> these are death machines. they are battleships of the air. they can be armed with machine guns, automatic cannons, rockets, missiles. they are designed to fight nato tank armies. to unleash them on civilians it's inherently a war crime. these death ships, almost something from a science fiction movie. these are meant to kill
2:05 pm
everything that pops up in front of them. why are we buying stuff from the arms export company in russia? because russian systems are simpler and cheaper and we hope the afghans can maintain them. the afghans can never fix our sophisticated stuff. the obama administration can't do anything. vladimir putin has barack obama by the throat and various other body parts because of the botched obama surge in afghanistan. our troops rely exclusively on a supply line that goes through russian ports to central asia. if obama were to say boo and try to stand up to vladimir putin, putin can cut off our supply lines to afghanistan. and obama is desperate for people not to raise the state of
2:06 pm
the reset before september. our president is absent without leave as they are slaughtering civilians. megyn: the question has been asked for weeks why the united states isn't doing more when we see that that picture of the dead babies lined up one by one. we have been showing this video of this little girl amidst the rubble. she and other children like her were massacred just a couple weeks ago when they went door to door and put guns up against the heads of babies of little children as their parents watched and murdered them and the united states is doing very little to stop it. there are questions on both sides of the aisle about how much we can do. but there are questions that russia could meaning any weigh in on this. if it were so inclined. why is it not? >> syria is russia's last arab
2:07 pm
ally. the syrians have given the russia's use of a port for the rusting russian navy. russia sold a lot of arms to syria. money laundering goes both ways between the countries, and syria is iran's last arab ally, and iran and russia are allied. so russia sees a threat to its last weive alliances in the middle east. and president obama doesn't want another war before november. is a point out, it bears repeating. if obama get uppity with putin he closes our access to afghanistan supply lines. megyn: are we at the point where we have to do the cost-benefit analysis? we says we have to be wary about
2:08 pm
getting involved in think armed conflict involving syria given it is the. you tote iran's -- it is the puppet to iran's puppeteer. >> extremists are becoming a factor in the insurgency. if the west doesn't support the syrian resistance with arms, maybe a no-fly zone in the north on the turkish border. if we don't support them and they have nowhere else to turn to and the terrorists are willing to fight side by side with them. we want to keep the terrorists out. get iranians out and give the middle east a chance as a minimum we have to counteract his russian thrust of death
2:09 pm
machines upon the syrian government being used against their own people by giving light weapons through saudis, and some hope to the people of syria. because our silence -- president obama's silence abets a horrific massacre. if this happened to european whites we would have been involved a long time ago. we don't value the lives of east africans or syrians as much, it's clear to me. megyn: moment ago a strict warning from secretary of state hillary clinton saying russia will be sacrificing its interests in syria if it does not move forward more constructively. the secretary expressed concerns that the helicopter shipments will escalate this conflict. >> we confronted the russians
2:10 pm
about stopping their continued armed shipments to syria. from time to time they said that we shouldn't worry, everything they are shipping is unrelated to their actions internally. that's patently untrue. and we are concerned about the latest information we have that there are attack helicopters on the way from russia to syria. megyn: for the latest on these developments you can log on to our web site for much more information, an embattled former beauty queen getting some support. transition here. in her feud with donald trump. miss pennsylvania claims the contest is rigged. brand-new developments that could back up her claims. new questions about president obama's handling of the wisconsin recall election and why he did not help the
2:11 pm
democratic party more in their failed recall bid. president obama saying he had a lot of responsibilities that kept him from making a stop in wisconsin before the big vote. but political reporters did dig on the president's schedule and we'll show you what they found. george zimmerman's wife facing charges about lying to prosecutors about his bail hearing. we'll tell you about the shock admission zimmerman's attorney just made in "kelly's court." >> are you of any financial means where you can assist in those costs? >> not that i'm aware of.
2:12 pm
2:13 pm
2:14 pm
megyn: new questions about whether president obama may have hurt his relationship with some
2:15 pm
political allies by not lending more support to the effort to recall governor scott walker. the issue came up monday in an interview with a green bay television station. >> as president of the united states i have got a lot of responsibilities. i was supportive of tom and have been supportive of tom. obviously, you know, i would have loved to have seen a different result. megyn: since that interview political reporters have been digging around. it turns out the president was in the area of wisconsin on friday june 1 just four days before the recall election attending three fundraisers in neighboring minnesota. then the president flew over the state of wisconsin for fundraisers in chicago. will we hear more about this going forward? will this come back to haunt the president? joining me christopher hahn and
2:16 pm
chris plante. steve hayes has an interesting column in "the weekly standard." he did six fundraisers for himself in surrounding states. he was 30 miles away. even though the democratic candidate was practically begging him to come help. >> the president tweeted in his favor about 12 hours before the polls opened. that was about it. obviously the president wanted nothing to do with this. they kept arm's length if not 10-foot pole distance. i think it reason is it puts the spotlight on the failed liberal program. i mean, wisconsin is a microcosm of what barack obama is doing to the united states. the structurally corrupt relationship between the public sector unions and the democrat party. to draw attention to the failure
2:17 pm
of wisconsin would serve to draw attention to the failure of the broader democrat project which barack obama is trying to inflict on the rest of us as he flies around at these $40,000 a head gathering. megyn: you can understand the white house reasoning. even though the republican was ahead by a couple points. there was political rise together president. but is there an argument that there is morris can. go down swinging stand with your fellow democrats. >> i think he should have gone down swinging. he should have went there, should have been there, should have rallied the troops. the whole democratic party should have been engaged in this fight once they chose to take it on. including their selection of the candidate. i think the president is a little risk averse on this and other issues.
2:18 pm
republican and conservatives are calling him a socialist and liberal. i think this policies have been right down the center including healthcare where he adopted the republican bill. it's time for the president to say this is who we are. we are different from what republicans are offering you. he should stand for democratic causes. megyn: let me ask you chris plante. will this backfire with unions? this was got it they wanted gone. bill clinton went out and foughter to them. but not the president who has been a recipient of funds from the unions. >> public sector unions in particular feed the democrat reelection machine. this is a macro disaster on a microlevel. the president is not a team
2:19 pm
player. all his approximaties went in there. also andy stern, all the union chiefs were in there. they tried to bring down the republican governor there and take him out and they failed. it's a disaster for them. >> let's not get carried away. >> he's not with team america. he's with team obama. >> team america. freedom isn't free. it costs $2.95. one of the best movies of all time, everybody should watch it. i have got to say nothing that happened to june matters that much. megyn: they said, according to the reports, the wisconsin democrats were unhappy with president obama and the democratic national committee for its failure to support them. >> they should be.
2:20 pm
they should also be upset with their own members because their own members were voting the wrong way in this election in some cases. i think labor has a reasonable complaint against the president. by like i said. democrats tend to be morris can averse than republicans. republicans stands by their guns no matter how wrong they are. they are sticking by their guns. megyn: you have got to feel for mayor barrett. i was very busy, i had a lot of responsibilities. then the switch screen. president obama campaigning. >> i'm not happy with him on that. i'm really not. >> the latest ross musen poll shows president obama behind for the first time in wisconsin. megyn: got to run. coming up, two other guys. constitutional law experts.
2:21 pm
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and sea food diffently.
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megyn: a ban on large sugary drinks may soon be expand. new york city mayor michael bloomberg is proposing a ban on cups bigger than 16 ounces. the city board of health is praising the ban and questioning why it shouldn't go further to include juices and milk shakes and popcorn. mayor mike loves his movie popcorn. an doesn't want you to have your
2:25 pm
sugary drinks. so what will happen. you go into the movie theater, carrots, celery, good times. brand-new developments in the beauty queen battle with donald trump as another miss u.s.a. contestant comes forward and seems to back up miss pennsylvania's claims that the pageant is rigged. >> reporter: when miss pennsylvania first came forward and resigned her crown she got hit pretty hard. donald trump called herb a sore loser. saying she wasn't qualified to be in the top 15. if you look at her pictures she looks qualified to me. there she is. those are qualifications. miss pennsylvania has backup. another contestant has come out and told that she also believes the miss u.s.a. contest was rigged and miss florida saw the results. i saw florida backstage and she
2:26 pm
was very, very flustered and upset. i thought it might be because she didn't make the top 15 cut. but at that point she was able to reveal to me at least four of the five names who went on to be the top girls. the allegation is miss florida saw a folder lying open before the final show with the top five already filled in. but miss florida has denied that saying, i did see a piece of paper with names on it and like most people in such frenetic circumstances joked they must be the names of the final contestants it was a throwaway comment in the stress of the comment and was never meant to be as fact. but the new contestant said miss florida would come forward and say the truth and so would a lot of other contestants. as for that man, the donald who owns the miss universe, miss u.s.a. pageant, he has not
2:27 pm
commented on the allegations that the contest was rigged. megyn: did any of the come plainants wind up in the top five? >> reporter: the complainants, no. maybe they are all sore losers. megyn: you know what they say a good loser is. >> reporter: what? megyn: a loser. thanks, trace. >> reporter: nicely done. megyn: the white of trayvon martin shooting suspect george zimmerman is in trouble of her own. her name is shelley zimmerman and she is facing five years behind bars, accused of lying about the couple's finances while under oath to the court. we are going to play it for you and let you decide for yourselves whether you think she lied. is it time for attorney general eric holder to go? we'll show you why that question
2:28 pm
is getting new attention today. >> you violated the public tress, in my view. by failing and refusing to perform the doubtives your office. so mr. attorney general it's more with sorrow than anger that i would say you leave me no on tern tough but to join those that call upon you to resign your office. wake up!
2:29 pm
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megyn: growing calls for attorney general eric holder to resign ahead of next week's contempt of congress vote over an alleged coverup in the botched gun running sting known as "operation fast & furious." oncore anyone blasting holder accusing him of giving false and misleading information. >> you violated the public trust in my view. it's more with sorrow than regret or anger that i say you leave me no on tern tough but to join those who call upon you to resign your office. >> i'm the attorney general who called on the inspector general to investigate this matter and i made personnel changes at the atf a u.s. attorney's office. i have overseen the changes of processes and procedures within atf to make sure this doesn't happen ever again.
2:33 pm
i don't have any intention of resigning. megyn: this attorney general has been a lightning rod of controversy almost from the start of this administration beginning with the way the justice department handle the voter intimidation accusations against the black panther party. voter i.d. laws and illegal immigration. one of which we are awaiting a desphrights supreme court. and there is the matter of "operation fast & furious." what the department knew and when it knew it, including mr. holder. is it time as senator cornyn suggests for mr. holder to resign? joining me jay sekulow and julian epstein. the threat of us have been talking about this from the beginning. now it seems to be reaching critical mass on a larger level. mr. holder is taking incoming on
2:34 pm
all sorts of matters. is it time for him to go? >> i think senator cornyn is right. i think it's time for the attorney general to step aside. ultimately it's the call of the president and the attorney general himself. i think julian putting on his democratic strategist hat, i think there will be a strategy decision here. is this a liability going into the election. if it's a liability for the campaign it's not unusual for attorneys general to leave office shortly before the election and get this behind them. the problem is it's not just fast and furious. there has been a litany of things. now you have respected senators like john cornyn and others saying enough is enough. the decision becomes a political one that david axlerod and the president will be making. megyn: contempt of congress is
2:35 pm
controlled just by the house. they don't need the democratically-controlled senate. the republicans in the house can do it. is that enough of a potential embarrassment for the democrats in and election year? >> you are correct they don't need the senate. they need to go to court or get a u.s. attorney to enforce the contempt. the house can't prosecute a contempt by itself. to answer your question and respond to jay. i think there is not a great deal of pressure from the perspective of the white house on mr. holder to resign. i think all democrats and many independents continue to see these allegations as mostly political. and more hat than cattle. speaker boehner has clearly been slow walking this contempt citation. if they believe they have the goods on holder an was secretly mastermind can the gun walking they would have taken a contempt
2:36 pm
citation to the floor months ago. if it does get to the floor it will be sometime in october when it's too late to prosecute it. when senator cornyn called on holder to resign, the leader of the senate mitch mcconnell refused to endorse that. the leaders of both parties have failed to back up those who have been making the allegations against mr. holder. megyn: you never know if the leader in the senate wants him to face contempt charges. let me ask you this, jay. i have got to move things along. let me ask you have this, jay. >> the committees are doing their work here. megyn: i want to ask you this. we are at a point where senator grassley said earlier today they demand 80,000 documents, they have gotten 7,000. he said nothing but the 70,000 will satisfy him. nothing but the 70,000. we tried that.
2:37 pm
no. it's time to produce the documents. he's not going to fork over 70,000 documents. so what's going to happen? is it realistic that the households him in contempt and now in an election year we have the attorney general held in contempt? >> i think the attorney general can be held in contempt about it house. it's not just the failure turn over documents. it's the fact the department of justice submitted a letter to the united states senate which was incorrect as a matter of fact and incorrect as a matter of law. and they 7 months later retract that. fit was you doing it or me doing it and we made an incorrect false statement to the united states senate under oath we would be indicted. that's what happens in those kinds of cases. the attorney general tries to walk it back. then you have got the stall on the documents. i think the reality is -- there are to commentators who say they think the document will be given over. but this is a political decision
2:38 pm
for the white house. maybe if they decide it's worth fighting, it mobilizes the democratic base. the senate leadership has been quite. they are letting the house do their job. i'm not hearing a lot of democrats defending eric holder. you don't hear it. megyn: that's what lanny davis was complaining about last hour. a friend of eric holder's. say where is nancy pelosi. where is the full-throated defense? where is the white house? why aren't they being more aggressive about defending this guy? >> i think the democrats have been have much playing defense and offense when it comes to holder. i don't think pelosi believes this has matured to a serious political debate. megyn: seriously? >> he could be held in contempt. >> i don't interrupt you. i think the democrats see this as political.
2:39 pm
the letter that jay mentions is not the issue. the question is on the documents. house committees. i used to be the staff director. house committees never ever win fights on these fishing expeditions. if they have a specific document they think is the smoking begun they may be able to win that fight. but on a fishing expedition that involves grand jury material, they will never ever win those fights. i think the point of view of the democrats is the leadership in the house and senate is not backing up the senate government reform committee. mcconnell didn't back it up. people think is there not a great deal of substance to the debate. holder as we discussed before stopped a program, guns walking started under the bush administration. megyn: i want to ask you this question before we go. the fight right now is over the
2:40 pm
documents. but to what extent is the drip drip drip of information. we are told last week that the warrant for the wiretaps that were signed off on by d. to.lin j. people were the top d.o.j. folks and they talk about fast and furious in detail. that letter came out then the republicans investigated. then it seems like one thing after another that seems to have created a lack of confidence. >> last week the attorney general being questioned said from a senior department of justice official was not about fast and furious when the email itself, megyn, said fast and furious. this is nonsense. eric holder is a smart guy. he's goss to be more prepared when d he's got to be more prepared when he knows what's coming.
2:41 pm
the american people aren't buying it, congress isn't buying it. and julian is reading way too much into the speaker let knowledge the committee do their job. because that's what julian would suggest. megyn: mr. shoulder says he's not stepping down. the white house has confidence in him. >> i have been involved in dozens of these subpoena fights and contempt fights. when the leadership realizes there is no there there, they will slow walk it to the end of congress. that's what's happening here. that's why boehner and mcconnell are not backing this up. megyn: good job as always. thank you. coming up some shocking new developments in the trayvon martin case. george zimmerman's wife has been arrested, accused of lying to prosecutors at her bail hearing.
2:42 pm
we'll take a look at the case. i take insulin,
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megyn: "kelly's court" is back in session. on the docket today, the wife of a neighborhood watch captain accused of killing an unarmed teen is in trouble of her own. she is accused of perjury, lying to the court about how much cash the couple had to make bond. according to court documents, shelley transferred thousands of dollars out of his account in small amounts just days before his april 20th bond hearing, then testified they had no money. the two of them also spoke in code over the phone while he was in jail about the money and the transfers. when shelly zimmerman testified at his bond hearing here is what she said. >> are there assets you can
2:46 pm
liquidate to assist in coming up with money for bond? >> none that i know. >> i discussed with you the pending motion to have your husband george declared indigent, have i not. >> yes, you have. >> are you of any financial means where you can assist in those costs? >> no that i'm aware of. megyn: joining me now, lis weihl and jonna spilbor. a former prosecutor, now defense attorney. i looked at this with an open mind. i looked at the evidence and my legal opinion, it does not look good for her. >> it does not. my heart goes out to her. she is trying to protect her husband. but she commits perjury. at the same time she says they are penniless, and she has no
2:47 pm
job, she meanwhile is siphoning off money in small amounts under $10,000. because if you siphon off more than $10,000, you transfer more than $10,000 the i.r.s. gets involved. she made it under $10,000 again and again and again. she knew what she was doing. megyn: this is according to the evidence in the case against her. keep in mind the bond hearing is april 20. she says they have no money. they say april 16-19 she transferred $74,000 via8 transaction from his account into her account. on april 16 she withdrew 9,000 twice from her own account. and april 16-17 george's
2:48 pm
accounts transferred $47,000. then april 20 she goes into court via phone and testifies that they have no money. on april 20 he's given bond, and april 14shellie zimmerman transferred $85,000 back into george zimmerman's account. how do they defend her? >> they have to go with she was confused, number one. here is why. we don't know -- i like that we have records the money came from one account to another. but did it go immediately out of shell ie's act for attorney's fees? what is that money suppose to be paid for? i don't think they used that money to pay the bail? i think they are using that moneyer to attorney's fees because george zimmerman isn't
2:49 pm
going to get a job anytime soon. but it doesn't matter for the perjury charge. when she took the stand she said we have nothing. we are penniless. megyn: listen ... >> you mentioned in terms of the ability of your husband that you all have no money, is that correct? >> to my knowledge, that's correct. >> were you aware of the web site someone on his behalf created? >> yes now. >> how much money was the result of that web site. >> currently i do not know. megyn: you all have no money, correct? >> to my knowledge, that correct. how are they going to say that's not a lie. >> i'm going to say it is a lie. megyn: i'll tell you this. george zimmerman's lawyer
2:50 pm
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megyn: the jailhouse recording of a phone call between george and shell ie backs up the prosecution saying the two were speaking in code. in my dock the i have at least 100? shell iers, no. the prosecution says they are talking $155,000. before they go and tell the judge they have no money. george's lawyer has cop out and said that audio recording makes it clear that mr. zimmerman knew a significant sum had been
2:54 pm
raised by his fundraising web site. we feel the failure to disclose these funds was caused by fear, mistrust and confusion. mr. zimmerman realizes this mistake has undermined his credibility which he will have to repair. how does that play in his case and hers? >> not good. >> i'm cure dwrows know whether mr. zimmerman's attorney knew of the existence of this account beforehand. i don't like the way that smells. i think he was raising this money for his legal defense, not for bail. that may not change the perjury charges. but it mitigates it a little bit. megyn: when you hear the question, it was in terms of the ability of your thousands make bond you testified you had no money. maybe she was just limiting it to this is not money we can use it for bond because we are going to use it for lawyer fees.
2:55 pm
>> that's what they can argue but it all goes to george zimmerman's credibility at trial. if you were able to speak in code and lie with his wife to cover something up, will we believe him which -- when he takes the stand? >> it's a separate issue. charges aren't against george, the charges are against his wife. >> the thing is, he knew about it. megyn: the other problem he faces is the judge decides the stand your ground defense. the same judge who just got this information from his lawyer. : i'm a marathon runner,
2:56 pm
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2:59 pm
meaning operation fast and furious. thanking for watching everyone. here is shepard smith. >>shepard: is something on fire on 6th avenue. >>megyn: something big is going on for at least an hour. >>shepard: nbc is over your left shoulder. maybe they did something. >>megyn: maybe the rockets are on the loose. it is summer. >>shepard: the news begins anew, on "studio b," today, governor romney, again, pounced on president obama's recent comments on the economy. as a former newt gingrich supporter curts a pro romney group a $10 million check. government for sale. line up here. and russia, today, denies united states claim that it is sending illegal weapons to the syrian regime. even accusing the united states of sending weapons to the syrian rebels. plus, lawyers for the undefeated boxer mayweather say the fighter should spend the rest of his il


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