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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 13, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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states. and. >> 911 what is the address of your emergency? >> a wounded hiker alone in the alaskan wilderness and forced to climb a tree to save his own life. but first from fox this wednesday night the head of jp morgan chase is now explaining his bank's multibillion dollars mistake and saying that his executives could pay a price for it. last month, the bank reported it had lost at least $2 billion on risky trades. one london-based trader was said to be at the center of it all. a man whose reputation for risk taking earned him the name voldemort. just as he walked in the protesters took over. >> james diamond is a crook!
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he has taken $4 trillion in u.s. funds. this guy should be going to prison. him and 18 others. we need to listen -- >> shepard: they drag out 6 demonstrators and the ceo began testifying. he said they made mistakes and management was to blame for not catching them. >> the portfolio morphed into something thatiated new and potentially larger risks. as a result we let a lot of people down and we are sorry for it. >> what are you learned from this problem? >> i think that no matter how good you are, how competent people are, never ever get complacent in risk. challenge everything. make sure people on risk committees are always asking questions. >> shepard: and the ceo said the bank would probably claw back money from senior
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executives. but new regulations? we don't need that. mike emanuel is on capitol hill. no new regulations but fireworks for sure today. >> only when a senior democrat talked about this could happen again, be many times worse and then what and then he went after jamie diamond suggesting the ceo has been against efforts to regulate wall street. >> today you cited the for treasure balance sheet of your bank as a way to prevent against the challenges yet you railed against us when we were in fact trying to pursue greater capitalization of these banks. >> we supported most a lot of the things that you requested and we did not fight anything. when i mentioned the antiamerican thing i was talking about between dodd frank and bosul things being skewed against american banks. >> overall a pretty mellow hearing about a more than $2 billion loss. probably because jp morgan lost share holder money, not
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taxpayer money and was not here asking for are a taxpayer bailout. >> shepard: new signs that the economic recovery could be slowing. retail sales dropped 2% for april and may. that is a problem because retail sales have been one of the few economic bright spots this year. analysts say the numbers would have been worse had there not been an unexpected rise in auto sales. news had oil prices sliding today. down to $82.62 a barrel. remember the projections. analysts say americans aren't filling their tanks as often. the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded now $3.54. a 19 cents drop from a month ago. this will have a dramatic effect on the race for the white house. poll after poll shows the economy is the number one
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issue. a new survey indicates that most say they think job growth will be slow until the end of 2013. that poses a major challenge for president obama who will have to convince voters to give him another term to fix the economy. ed henry at the white house. ed headed to ohio to talk about noner who than the economy. >> his first big economic speech could not come as a more critical time. the poll has more data worrisome for the president. approval rating dropped 13 pointes among independent voters. disapproval increased by 15 months from may to june. other bad news for the president last night at a series of fund raidersers he was trying to make the case this is not all his fault. take a listen. >> it is like somebody goes to a restaurant, orders a big steak dinner, martini and all that stuff and then just as you are sitting down they leave.
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and accuse you of running up the tab. >> now, white house aides say we should not expect any new policies from the speech in ohio tomorrow. that could be politically perilous for the president. vetters might be saying what do you have that is new and different to show he can turn that around. >> the analogy of president bush leaving office and leaving him with the bill. questions of whether this blame bush strategy will work. >> right. look, it is a fact that this president inherited a mess both on the deficit and in terms of job growth. that is a fact. jobs were being lost 700,000, 800,000 a month in january of 2009. however, when you talk to republican strategist ed rollins he says president obama has had three and a half years in office and can't just keep blaming bush. take a listen.
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>> his policies have failed and failed miserably and you can't go out and say things will be different in a second term when it is pretty much the same thing. also not enough to basically say bush left me a mess and romney is just the same thing. >> james carville and some of his colleagues have written a memo saying unless the president changes course and stops talking about how much progress there has been he will have a rough november. >> shepard: ed, thanks. former massachusetts governor mitt romney is already are responding to the president's speech even before he gave it. we'll hear from governor romney coming inside fox report. police in buffalo, new york say a trauma surgeon is a person of interest in a murder at a hospital. the doctor is also a former army special forces weapons expert. police locked down the eri many county medical center today
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after somebody found a woman shot dead in a stairwell. the mayor says this was not a random murder. the cops say the trauma surgeon may still be armed and dangerous. the ledge endary cyclist lance armstrong is facing new accusations of doping and if true could cost him all of his tour de france championship titles. the full details on the accusations. the response from armstrong himself. remember the jetblue passenger with all kinds of weirdness? some of the passengers are going after the airline because of what the pilot did. and what could dog leashes they want? wwe -- and what do they want? we will get that from the journalists of fox news on this fox report. ♪ hallelujah
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>> shepard: the 7-time tour de france winner and live strong foundation starter lance armstrong faces new accusations
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tonight that could possibly cost the former cyclist all of his biggest titles. the united states antidoping agency accuses lance armstrong and five former associates of a massive doping conspiracy. the u.s. ada is described as a quasigovernment agency that oversees antidoping in olympic sports. it does not have the ability to bring criminal charges. multiple riders with first hand knowledge according to the agency will testify that lance armstrong used the synthetic drug epo blood tran fusions testosterone and other substances from 1988 to 2005 and accuses lance armstrong are giving the drugs to other cyclists. earlier this year the feds closed earlier allegations and brought no criminal charges. lance armstrong called the new allegations a witch hunt on
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twitter and released a statement saying i never doped and unlike many of my accusers i have competed as an endurance athlete for 25 years with no spike in performance. passed more than 500 tests and never failed one. that part we can confirm. trace gallagher with the news. aside from it witnesses what other o evidence does this agency have? >> well, the antidoping agency says it collected blood samples from lance armstrong, shep in 2009 and 2010 and the samples are fully consistent with blood ma nip lakes. what they are alleging is that armstrong injected hormones into his blood to increase his red blood cell count which allows the blood to carry more oxygen and if you are an endurance athlete that is a huge advantage. like you said, this cannot land him in jail but it can certainly hurt his reputation. listen. >> if they take the titles away and basically say all of that good stuff that lance armstrong did over these years he did it
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buy cheating it really takes away the validity of what he has done and i really think that you would be seeing some of the people taking the live strong bracelets off. >> lance armstrong wonders why if other cyclists admitted to doping why they also were not charge the by the agency and the answer we do not have. >> shepard: of course, the criminal investigation is over so no actual criminal charges possible or no? >> it is possible. but it is unlikely. and here is why. the u.s. attorney in los angeles spent two years investigating this including hearing some very incriminating testimony from several of lance armstrong's former teammates but not only did they close the investigation there was no explanation ever given to why they closed the investigation so now to reopen it experts say they would need a very good reason. listen. >> the fact that the government closed its case on armstrong would require a pretty high
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burden for them to reopen it. there is no legal burden. they could do it tomorrow morning if they wanted to. i think given choice of resources and he has already gone through this, i would think the new evidence would have to be pretty substantial. >> because of the antidoping agency's allegations, lance armstrong is no longer allowed to compete in triathalons which he has been doing since 2011. he was supposed to compete in one the end of june in france. >> shepard: trace gallagher live for us tonight. thanks. the disaster has happened and now the sucker punch for the federal prosecutors. john edwards is a completely free man. the justice department reports it will not retry him on charges he used campaign cash to hide his pregnant mistress from the world. the defense insisted the money was a personal gift and not a a political donation. last month the jury found the former senator and presidential candidate not guilty on one count but dead locked on the
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five her others. the feds say they presented their best case and respect the jury's decision. millions of dollars gone. ten jetblue passengers suing the airline because of the pilot who ran through the cabin yelling about terrorists and jesus and all kinds of stuff. happened on a flight back in march. investigators say the first officer locked the captain out of the cockpit after he started acting all kinds of weird. witnesses say the captain tore through the cab bin shouting things including bring down this plane and al-qaeda is here and you better start praying now. comforting for passengers at 35,000 feet. they tackled him and held him until the yet landed. the passengers who filed suit today accused jetblue of gross negligence in allowing the pilot to fly in the first place. they say they suffered emotional dstress. the pilot goes to court this friday to determine whether he is mentally competent to stand trial. he faces charges of interfearing with a flight crew that carry a potential prison
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sentence of up to 20 years. the world apparently lowered its opinion of the united states our private sector and our president. next a global survey that puts china ahead of the united states. and whether we should even believe the numbers or care one bit. plus, russian invasion. that country's soccer federation forced to pay up after fans went absolutely wild during a european soccer tournament. it is all ahead as fox reports live tonight.
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>> shepard: that people believe it does not make it true. case in point for the first time more people say china is the world's top economic super power, not the u.s. that is from the seam poll which shows the world's view of president obama is dropping. the research center surveyed
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folks across 21 countries and found growing disapproval of the president's foreign policies especially the targeted drone strikes. here is the measure of confidence in the president when took office. high inure on and asia. low in the middle east and russia. the numbers dropped in every region over the past four years. and check out the huge drop in china. comes as folks around the world say they view china as the leading global economy. of course, they are wrong. the financial business network's jeri willis is here. facts get in the way sometime. fact is whether people believe it or not it is just not true. >> perception is not necessarily reality here. we have an economy more than twice the size china's. $15 trillion versus $7 trillion. even our exports are bigger. you might have thought china has more exports. they have.
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we are bigger with a mightier economy with just 5% of the world about's population. >> shepard: why did the drop in the poll happen? >> 2008's recession everybody saw what happened and thought we were having troubles and would never come back. china holds $1.1 trillion of our debt. people thought that was a problem for us. if you look back to 2008 there was a similar survey conduct. 14 nations. and at that time 45% thought the u.s. was the big leader. only 22% thought china was the big leader. all depends on when you ask. it is like a popularity contest. >> shepard: doesn't really matter they think, does it? >> no, it doesn't. >> shepard: glad we spent all this time on it. great to see you, thanks. wow. russian soccer association will have to pay a $150,000 fine after russian fans reportedly attacked polish stadium employees last friday. we are told a russian fan threw
7:22 pm
a firecracker on o the field fighting ensued and trouble continued yesterday. this was before the pols played russia in the capital city of warsaw. pols and russians still have issues given the whole soviet occupation thing. european soccer officials warned if russian fans cause more trouble their team could lose points in the tournament which is apparently ongoing. mitt romney and newt gingrich were bitter rivals on the campaign trail, remember? oh, well. now, one of the former speaker's richest supporters has just done a huge favor for governor romney. and michelle obama is now offering some advice to the governor's wife anne. plus, the hiker who tried to outrun a bear but hit a dead end. we will hear more of his
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[ female announcer ] purina cat chow indoor. always there for you. if you made a list of countries from around the world...or. ...with the best math scores. ...the united states would be on that list. in 25th place. let's raise academic standards across the nation. let's get back to the head of the class. let's solve this. >> shepard: what do you think you would sound like had a bear just attacked you, mauled you, even eaten part of you? a 911 call from a man in alaska who experienced exactly that. a brown bear mauled him and left him trapped in a tree. it happened on sunday morning south of anchorage. the man had been walking along
7:27 pm
the trail when the bear apparently attacked. the guy climbed 30 feet up a tree with part of him eaten away. but the bear was still down there growling and waiting so he phoned police. >> 911 what is the atreasure of your emergency? >> i was mauled by a brown bear. >> what trail? >> penguin creek trail. i was mauled by a brown bear. >> do you need an ambulance? >> yes, i'm bleeding bad. >> are where are you bleeding from. in. >> my back, my neck and lower back. please get an ambulance. >> we will get an ambulance headed that way. how far from the trail head? >> maybe three miles. >> i love the first question. i have been mauled by a bear. do you need an ambulance? duh. moments latinoer the cell phone disconnected but the guy called back. >> 911 where is the emergency. >> imat the guy that just got mauled by a brown bear. >> we are getting paramedics on
7:28 pm
the way. >> i can hear the brown bear still huffing in the trees. i was able to climb a tree so i'm as high up in a tree as i can get. >> go ahead and just stay in the tree then if you can hear it, okay. >> how long do you think it will be until they get there? >> it will probably be a little while because we have no troopers on we will call one out and he will come as quick as he can. >> i think i'm bleeding quite a bit. >> it took them two hours to get there. by then the bear wandered away and an alaskan state trooper climbed the tree to help the bear down we are told. one trooper says the guy needed a lot of stitches but he was out of the hospital within a day. >> shepard: i'm shepard smith and this "the fox report." time fort top of the news. a casino tycoon who spent millions and millions and millions and millions and millions trying to defeat mitt romney is now spending millions more to help elect mitt romney.
7:29 pm
he single handedly kept newt gingrich's campaign alive for awhile. 20 mill he put in. the "wall street journal" reports edelson donated $10 million more to a superpac that supports governor romney. it is fox top stories, the bottom of the hour. carl cameron is on it. governor romney went after the president in a speech saying -- for a speech that the president won't even give until tomorrow. >> he made a pitch to the influencial business roundtable here are in d.c. he made that preemptive attack on mr. obama's speech tomorrow because in part obama aides say there will be no new economic policies. really an attempt to ask for more time and frame the campaign's economic debate. here is romney. >> he will speak eloquently but the words of cheap and the record of an individual is the
7:30 pm
basis upon which you determine on whether they should ten to hold on to their job. we have 23 million americans out of work or stopped looking for work or underemplowed. that is a compelling and sad statistic. >> team obama meanwhile slammed romney's jobs plan as little more than cutting them. specifically for teachers, firefighters and cops. and the democratic international committee chimed in with a video of its own that let a teacher and fireman say it for themselves. >> they want to cut jobs like mine. >> and mine. >> and my job, too. >> romney argues that firefighters and police and teachers are state and local jobs and opposes the plan for more money to fund them arguing that uncle sam is broke and we just can't afford it. >> shepard: the first lady michelle obama has a message for the woman that could be next in line for her job as they gear up for the final
7:31 pm
stretch of their husband's presidential campaigns. her advice is enjoy the ride. she said i think people are sur viced when say that i love campaigning because i do. it is a privilege. and i get the sense that she is. >> the first lady joined the social networking site pinterest today. she and obama campaign staffers posted a dozen photos so far including a shot of the family playing mini golf. the former aide to congressman gabrielle giffords will fen initial out her term in the house. she asked him to run for the seat when she resigned in january to as she put it focus on her recovery from the gun shot wound to the head. barber was also hurt in the shooting in tucson. he defeated the republican who lost to giffords in 2010. kelly and barber are set to
7:32 pm
face off again come november. voters in north dakota rejected an effort to abolish local property tax there's. it would have been the first state in the nation to do so. unofficial results show more than 70% of voters opposed the measure. folks there voted to drop the university of north dakota's controversial nickname and logo. the fighting sioux mascot has been at at center of a decades old dispute. it has divided fans and alumni and even tribes. they are widely believed to toss the nickname once and for all. the battles on capitol hill. the senate rejecting a major cutback to the food stamp program during the debate on a half trillion dollars farm bill. the legislation is sort of national food policy which would not affect just farmers
7:33 pm
but nearly every american. it covers everything from food stamps to renewable energy programs and, of course, agriculture spending which means it could and should help determine what we pay at the grocery store. the bill has support from both political parties. most of the bickering is over specific amendments like the one the senate rejectd that would have capped federal spending on food stamps and turned funding decisions over to the states. the associated press reports most counties in florida put the so called voter purge on hold now that the the feds and the state are suing each other over h h. doug mcelway with the details live in d.c. tonight. >> the irony in the counter suits is that both the justice department and state of florida claim they are filing suit to protect the same thing. in its official filing the justice department says the united states brings this action to protect the rights of the eligible citizens to vote.
7:34 pm
the doj has similar actions pending against more than a third of the states. >> we will be strong in our defense of the voting rights act. we will be strong in our defense of the rights of americans to vote. and we will examine on a case-by-case basis the stat the touts that are passed -- the statutes that are passed. those tha contra vine the votig rights act we will oppose. >> they reached out to the department of homeland security to get an database to compare to their own records. dhs refused to turn it over and now florida is you suing believeing that as many as 182,000 people who can vote there are ineligible to do so. >> i asked for the database which we are entitled to from homeland security to help us make sure that nonu.s. citizens are not on the voter rolls and
7:35 pm
they haven't given it to us for nine months and now justice is saying we are doing something wrong. >> florida's 67 election supervisors will ultimately decide who gets punched from the voter roles. some have suspended efforts to examine the rolls until the legal issues are resolved. >> shepard: is several people dead and thousands evacuate homes ass it torrential rains trigger mud slides. that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. taiwan. the military dispatched resources is cue ♪
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>> shepard: proxy war alert. never forget this is a proxy war. and shades of the cold war over syria. the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton again accuses russia of supporting the syrian regime and yesterday rip inside moss co-for sending attack helicopters to syria with which they with murder their own people. moscow denies that but secretary clinton reiterated her comments joust hours ago and today the associated press is courting the russian foreign minister accused of united states of arming the syrian
7:41 pm
rebels. we reexamined his words and found he didn't actually say that. the syrian government has been fighting a battle against its own people and murdering thousands and thousands in the process. most of what we know about the situation inside syria comes from unconfirmed amateur video. what we can tell the violence is getting worse and the u.n. confirms it. jonathan hunt is with us. the u.s. is standing by accusations that russia is giving the syrian helicopters from which the syrian government will murder its citizens. >> absolutely. in very blunt language coming from the state department. the spokesthere saying and i'm quoting here on a daily and hourly be a issues we are seeing russian made weapons used against civilians in towns across syria. the secretary of state hillary clinton weighing in saying that the russian military support for the assad regime simply has
7:42 pm
to stop. listen. >> we have repeat heedly urged the russian government to cut the military ties completely and to suspend all further support and delivery. obviously we know because they confirm that they continue to deliver. >> now, despite the fact that it turns out there wasn't a formal accusation from the russians that the u.s. is supplying the syrian opposition with weaponry, mrs. clinton also took the opportunity to deny that the u.s. has ever given any sort of weapons to the syrian opposition. >> shepard: then there is labels. governments are fond of labels which support and push forward what they want to do. not so fond of other labels why is why our government doesn't like civil war for the reality of the civil war in syria. >> despite the fact u.n. officials have calle called ita civil war other western governments have called it a civil war. the white house seems reluctant to weigh in and say that it has
7:43 pm
reached that sort of december level.of desperate >> we do not and have not supplied weapons to the syrian opposition. you know our position on that and we have made it very clear. that position has not changed. >> that obviously was jay carney talking about supplying weapons and the fact that the u.s. has not done it to a syrian opposition. but he also said that he and the rest of the u.s. administration do not believe getting involved in terminology such as civil war or not civil war is actually helpful. they just want to get rid of assad. >> they haven't been successful yet. >> they have been trying for a year. >> shepard: and we are not giving the rebels weapons is not to say our allies have not. >> vectorria newland said the u.s. is indeed coordinating with other countries and would not outright deny that the other countries might be supplying weapons to the syrian
7:44 pm
opposition. >> shepard: back to proxy war. there is word that china has sent mobile missiles to of all people north korea. china, of course, denies it. the paper reports north korea showed off the vehicles at a big military parade in april just days after its latest rocket launch turned out to be a flop. experts say the vehicle from china could help north korea move its missiles around making it hard trephined and detroy them. thank you you have sha -- china. experts also said some of the missiles in the parade were fakes. 17 explosions ripped through cities across iraq today. at least 66 reported dead. hundreds hurt. the bombings happened in the capital of baghdad and about a half dozen other cities in town. in kirkuk the bombs exploded at a local political office. firefighters railroaded to the area and poured waters on the flames.
7:45 pm
in the southern city police say a pair of car bombs went off outside woma some restaurants e security enforcers also go to eat. the penn state trial. the witnesses said he was warned if he told anybody about the abuse he would never see his family again. today, three witnesses took the stand and testified in bruteally graphic detail about what they say they endured. one man testified coach sandusky tried to buy his silence with football tickets. another abused the coach abused him in the basement of his home. stunning video as a toddler are flies out a window of an suv that rolled over during a high speed chase. the child getting up and trying to walk after the vehicle
7:46 pm
flipped. somebody grabs the young girl as the truck drives away. police received reports of armed people inside the suv suspected in a series of purse snatchings. cops later arrested four teenagers each faces charges including organized crime and injury to a child. at last word the little toddler is doing just fine. henry hill. to dodo you know the name? the mobster who inspired the classic good fellows. he is dead now. >> as far back as i can remember i always wanted to be a gangster. >> he was born in brooklyn, began his life of crime at the age of 11. he did errands for neighborhood wise guys and then graduated to racketeering. in 1978, he played a key role in the infamous $6 million
7:47 pm
lufthansa airline heist but after a drug arrest ratted on his crew and went into the witness protection program. after the success of goodfellows he went back into public life. recently sold pasta sauce online. his girlfriend claims he died yesterday after a long battle with heart problems. the wise guy was 69. a beauty queen's controversial story getting backup. tonight, one of the contestants former rivals is supporting claims that get this the miss usa pageant is rigged. plus, a huge change for kids who play football. and it comes on the heels of a historic lawsuit over hard hits like these in the pros. football as we know it going aweigh? that's ahead as fox reports live tonight. battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ?
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wildfires burning up western parts of the country drive people from their hopes and destroying hundreds of structures. the already deadly flames in northern colorado reached as high as 20 stories they tell us today. one person says the flames towered over her as she escaped along the only road out of town. at least 14 major fires now burning across 8 western states. officials say a dry winter and beatle infestation that killed trees making things worse. more from anin anita vogel livn the west coast newsroom now. crews are focusing on the deadly fire in colorado. >> that is where most of the resources are going. more than a thousand fire personnel are working on this one. the hyde park fire. burning about 15 miles to the west of fort col lens. it was started by a lightning strike over the weekend and firefighters are having a tough time dousing the flames because of the hot and dry conditions.
7:52 pm
>> the fuels are ripe. they are dry. everything except the fresh spring grass is ripe to burn and wants to burn. so when the slope and the sun slight on the slope, the breeze hits, the fire explodes. >> and shepard, so far the fire is considered 10% contained. during a press conference this afternoon the firefighters were sounding fairly confident and we might get new containment numbers tonight but we understand they might not have all of the flames out until sometime this fall if you can imagine that. back to you. >> months to go. a second beauty he queen is now coming forward saying the miss usa pageant earlier this month was fixed. the contestant told fox news anonymously that she heard miss florida named finalists before the pageant officials revealed them and said several contestants were, indeed, aware of the winners in advance.
7:53 pm
last week, former miss pennsylvania turned in her crown charging the pageant was rigged. miss usa officials say she was upset that they allowed a transgender contestant to compete. the panel end' pageant's ownerl trump says he will sue the first one for defamation. pop warner is the oldest and largest youth football organization. today the league released new you rules meant to reduce h head injuries. it will change how coaches can run practices, banning drills with head on collisions, limiting drills with any contact at all. the rules come less than a week after a group of nfl players filed a lawsuit against the league. they accused it of hiding information about brain damage connected to hard hits on the field. the constitution of our nation now on sale to the highest bidder. that is next. ♪
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>> shepard: george, washington's personal copy of the united states constitution is going on auction later this month. the auction house predicts the document will sell for between $2 millioned and $3 million. it has president washington's hand written notes in the margin and comes with an early draft of the bill of rights. before we go our top five things of the day. number five, darth vader kid who starred in a super bowl condition that went viral about to undergo heart commercial. says he feels strong. scientists discovered more than 10,000 different species of microbes living in and on the average healthy person. police in buffalo, new york, looking for a trauma surgeon in connection with a deadly shooting at a hospital. lance armstrong once again facing allegations of doping. he denies it. the head of jp morgan chase says some executives may lose pay after the company admitted last month it lost at least $2 billion on risky trades and
7:58 pm
that "the fox report" top five. on this day in 1994 jurors handed down a couple of verdicts in connection with the exxon valdez oil disaster and ruled exxon was wreckless for letting a captain with hayes history of alcohol abuse command the super tanker and found the captain wreckless and negligent for drinking heavily before the spill. it ran aground and dumped 11 million-gallons of crude. it was at the time the biggest oil spill ever in america until bp. the verdict paveed the way for years of legal battles over money for the victims but jurors found exxon and its captain reckless, 18 years ago today. and now you know the news for this wednesday, june 13, 2012. for all of us at fox news, thanks for joining us. we are back tomorrow at noon pacific, 3:00 eastern.
7:59 pm
the o'reilly factor on next. kicking off the most powerful prime time in all of cable news. stay tuned. >> bill: tonight. >> you are not special. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. . contrary to what the soccer trophy is suggests you are nothing special. >> a veteran teacher tells the kids at an upscale high school the truth that they will have to prove themselves to be called special. now, the teacher is in trouble. we will have a special report. this notion that somehow we caused the deficit is just wrong. go back check, take a look at the numbers. >> bill: we did, mr. president and we have the final tally. we will compare the debt runup but you as opposed to the one run up by president bush. >> i would caution if you go down this road it will get tricky for you once in awhile. >> dennis miller on whether eric holder should quit and how he would protect the kids from


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