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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 15, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> the enemy shot down his spy plane and interrogated him for months. >> captain powers refused all attempts to glean from him sensitive information. >> shepard: tonight, honoring an american hero of the cold war. and he is supposed to herd sheep, not tigers. but this dog is learning to improvise. but first from fox this friday night. the president says there are americans in every way except on paper. now hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are getting a chance to stay in our country. lots of republicans say they are not happy about the move and how the president is making it he says the government will stop deporting some immigrants whose parents brought them to this country as children. there are other requirements. you have to be under the age of 30.
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have to arrived in this country before the age of 16. you also need to get a high school top of your class, only suddenly to face the threat of deportation to a country that you know nothing about. with a language you might not even speak. >> shepard: causing the amnesty making run around the congress by making a change on his own. republicans are accusing the president tonight, ed, of playing politics in the middle of a, well, political season. >> well, shep, obviously just
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a few months before the election and the hispanic vote is going to be critical, especially in some of those key battle grounds, not just obvious ones like florida but also nevada, out west, a growing hispanic population that the state poet the president and presumptive nominee mitt romney want that's why lawmakers on capitol hill say this is all about politics. take a listen. >> he is throwing that aside and politically pandering in an election year because he, and all of us know how important the hispanic vote is but i think this is a disingenuous way to capture that vote. >> i spoke today with the homeland security secretary janet napolitano. she rejected that and said politics was not involved at the white house did not dictate this policy. she said her department did it and they did it because they think it's a wiser use of resources to not go after young people who were illegal. didn't as you note noted, brought here by their parents, actually going to school or serving america in the military, shep. >> shepard: the president has always held this is what he
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thought was right. didn't he at one point say he couldn't could this without congress? >> absolutely. that is what is tripping him up a little bit on this which is that last year he was at a town hall forum and basically suggested i can't do something like this on my own. we really need congress to pass it. take a listen. >> with respect that i can suspend through executive order. that's not the case. because there are laws on the books that congress has passed. >> now, bottom line is the white house says, look, we can do away with any controversy here. if republicans would just meet the president half way and pass the dream act which would do all of this mentioned plus provide a path to citizenship for these illegals, republicans have blocked that on the hill. and it's important to note that this executive action stops short of that pathway to citizenship and that's why the white house believes they can do it, shep. >> shepard: a weird and really quite disrespectful to the presidency outburst during his
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speech today. >> there was a reporter from the conservative web site the daily caller that the reporter basically started shouting at the president before he had finished his remarks and was demanding it know basically whether the president favors foreign workers over american workers. the president responded with a lot of passion. take a listen. the answer to your question sir and next time i prefer you let me finish my statement before you ask the question is is this the right thing to do for the person -- american people? >> you shout questions but typically you wait at least until the president is finished out of his remarks out oof respect for not only him but for the office. in this case it did not happen. shep. >> shepard: the president and his republic challenger mitt romney are both trying to sway hispanic voters in the presidential election. suggested plan does not go far enough and he would like to
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see legislation dealing with this issue. >> i believe the status of young people who come here through no fault of their own is an important matter to be considered and should be solved on a long-term basis so they know what their future would be in this country. i think the action that the president took today makes it more difficult to reach that long term solution because an executive order of course is just a short-term matter it can be reversed by subsequent presidents. >> governor romney son the first leg of a bus tour through several battleground states. started today in new hampshire. from there he is to head to pennsylvania, then ohio, and western, and iowa before finishing up in michigan next week. our chief political correspondent carl cammeron is in d.c. what's the focus of these visits here, carl? >> certainly a lot more on rural voters than latinos romney had positions in both the 2008 and 2012 primaries. important for both parties since the latino vote is
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growing so fast. this five day vote trip focused on rural voters in key battleground states. romney knows the president will have advantage for urban voters. excerpts, listen. >> washington's big government agenda should not smother small town dreams. in the days ahead we will be traveling on what are often called the back roads of america. but i think our tour is going to take us along what i will call the backbone of america. lots of red, white and blue. each of the swing states that is he going to visit on this bus tour he trails the president anywhere between 1.8 and 8 points according to the real clear average of the politics in those states. >> shepard: democrats are along for the ride here, carl. >> dogging it both front and back. tag team operation today. and dnc had companion bus trips going alongside romney and they will continue to do so. the afl-cio is involved in
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visibility exercises too. don't kid yourself they are not spending all five days on buses. for most part the players are going to fly from state to state and when they get there buses waiting. tailgate politicking, shep. >> shepard: new and serious accusations of secret service agents behaving badly long before that hooker scandal took place. the government has just released more than 200 pages of claims that date way back to 2004. the associated press and other news organizations requested these files after secret service agents were accused of bringing hookers back to the hotel room in april. the agents were supposed to be getting ready for president obama's visit there the newly released accusations include sexual assault, picking up prostitutes and publishing pornography. documents do not reveal whether any of those claims turned out to be true. doug mckelway going through the documents. is he in d.c. tonight. doug? >> these are merely incident reports. everything from serious allegations to frivolous
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anonymous telephone calls. but they raise more questions about the culture of the secret service. here is one heavily redacted entry, quoting: an anonymous complainant alleged that blank has stolen at least 12 laptop computers, a generator and several industrial fans from the united states secret service. blank was interviewed by inspectors, made admissions, went to the bathroom, heard a gunshot and inspectors found blank on the floor blank was solicited for arresting a prostitute. the prostitute was undercover officer. sergeant blank was in and driving a marked u.s. secret service vehicle. sergeant blank was placed on administrative leave. in response to these allegations, more than 200 pages as you said. inspector general of dhs says t includes allegations included over a 8 year period of time. the vast majority did not include misconduct by secret service agents or officers. senator lieberman is urging
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the public not to reach conclusions until the inspector general release as a full report day or two this summer. shep? >> shepard: doug mckelway, thank you. winning days for the dow. what drove the marks up ahead again today. why a major event this weekend could make an enormous difference in all of our retirement accounts. police say they were looking for a surgeon in the shooting death of his ex-girlfriend well today they found him and is he dead, too now some friends are spilling secrets about what happened before all of this went down it's ahead from the journalist of fox news on this friday fox report. at the bass pro shops father's day sale, like... plus free kids fishing at our catch and release pond this weekend.
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...the mickelson exxonmobil teachers academy... ...and astronaut sally ride's science academy are helping our educators improve student success in math and science. let's shoot for the stars. let's invest in our teachers and inspire our students. let's solve this. >> shepard: the dow is on a fresh hot streak. second winning week for stocks. but what happens this weekend could effect our 401(k)'s in a very big way. greece is holding elections this sunday in the country could vote to drop the euro as its currency. if that happens, analysts say it would be a disaster for banks around the world. here in the u.s., the feds say
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they are putting protections in place for possible financial shakeup. meantime, banks in europe today tried to reassure investors that they are ready for whatever happens in greece. that pushed stocks higher. the dow was up 115. nasdaq 36. s&p 14. a bloody end to a nationwide manhunt today, a surgeon and former army special forces weapons expert who was wanted in a murder case apparently shot himself dead. that's the word from buffalo police who say they found a doctor's body in a ravine near his home. police in upstate new york say he killed his ex-girlfriend at the hospital where they both worked by shooting her five times at point blank range in a stairwell. meantime some bizarre clues are coming out about the months that led up to this crime. the doctor's friends say he had gone through some major changes both physical and mental. and we are also hearing he used g.p.s. to stock his ex-girlfriend and once held
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her by knife point. police have just heard a news conference. what did we learn. >> we were watching. this the autopsy confirming that dr. timothy jordan still in his medical scrubs. a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head still clutch ago .357 magnum in his hand. a neighbor told police about hearing a gunshot on wednesday. the very day jordan's ex-girlfriend jacqueline was found dead at the medical center where they worked. police say he lured her into a basement stairwell after a 17-minute phone conversation and shot her five times at point blank range. >> we believe he then ran upstairs, back to his office. we know that he emptied the shell casings from his gun into the office. he may are reloaded. we don't know if he reloaded in his office or not, and then left out the door as other people were coming in the building. he was witnessed leaving. >> security videotape from jordan's home showing the gifted trauma surgeon returning there and then walking away toward the ravine
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where his body was found, shep. >> the doctor's neighbors say he had been all weird for a while now. >> that is true. friends and neighbors say there was a very odd shift in jordan's personality recently. he lost a lot of weight. became less friendly and talkative. he neglected his were well maintained home. withdrew $36,000, giving away cash to family and friends. a friend of the victim said jordan refused to let go after she broke up with him becoming obsessed with her and stalking her. she may have anticipated her own demise telling her friend if anything happens to me, it was jordan who did it. shep? >> shepard: greg jarrett in new york city, thank you. we could be getting a preview of how jerry sandusky's legal time plans to fight off charges that is he a child sex predator. today judge granted a defense request for the former penn state it assistant football coach allowing sandusky's legal time that he has
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histrionic personality disorder. that's a rare mental condition in which people typically seek attention often with sexually see duckive behavior. although this wasn't sexually seductive according to the allegations. this was predatory rape. the judge's ruling also opens the door for the prosecutors to force the coach to undergo their own mental exam. prosecutors say coach sandusky sexually assaulted 10 boys over a period of 15 years. coach sandusky denies all the charges. the defense plans on presented its case on monday. american pilot who fell into soviet hands is finally getting its due. a man who lived through years of cold war captivity and never cracked. comes as the country prepares to honor those who serve today like it never has. the pentagon celebrating gay pride. that's coming up. ] [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page,
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>> shepard: for than 50 years after the soviets captured american pilot in one of the defining moments in the cold war the pentagon has at last awarded him one of his highest honors. francis gary powers. the cia had recruited him to fly the top secret youtube spy plane and snap photos from way up above the soviet union. enemy missile hit his plane and captain powers parachuted into kbg custody. he endured hard incarceration. he was released as part of a spy swap. he has been dead since 1977. but today the military awarded him a posthumous silver star for valor in the face of the enemy. >> at at the height of the cold war, ladies and gentlemen, the nation called upon extraordinary men like captain
7:21 pm
powers to undertake the most sensitive and dangerous missions. captain powers earned this silver star. >> shepard: and his family was there to receive it today. jennifer griffin live at the pentagon for us. jennifer? >> shepard, there is a little known fact about the gary powers u 2 spy plane incident. his plane took off from inside pakistan from a secret cia base near pa shower. its discovery at the time created all sorts of problems for the u.s. and pakistan. pakistani leaders then shut down the base. that was 50 years ago. this was the height of the cold war. the u 2 spy planes were launched from pakistan to the so the cia could keep an eye on the soviet unions missile sights. nuclear test sights. sounds like today's secret drone program being flown until recently until from a secret cia base in pakistan. at that time gary powers was struck by a surface-to-air
7:22 pm
missile and ejected from his plane. powers was criticized for not hitting the self-destruct button on the u 2 and allowing himself to be captured alive. he was returned to the u.s. with a prisoner exchange with the kbg in 1962. today he was honored with the silver star for wraf bravery here at the pentagon. >> the powers family is deeply grateful and deeply appreciative for the awarding of the silver star to my father. it goes to show that it's never too late to set the record straight. >> that was his son gary powers jr. his father died in 1977. working as a television news helicopter pilot when he ran out of fuel. some say he could have saved himself but instead piloted the helicopter away from a civilian area to avoid killing some small children. shepard? >> shepard: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. jennifer, thanks. the defense secretary leon panetta is honoring gay and lesbian members of the u.s. military. the pentagon will mark gay
7:23 pm
pride month for the first time now that president obama has repealed don't ask don't tell. >> now, after repeal, you can be proud of serving your country and be proud of who you are when in uniform. >> shepard: the pentagon reports it will hold its first gay pride event later this month. the u.s. is running out of cancer medications and hundreds of other drugs. tonight, new word from washington on just how bad this problem is and who may be to blame. a life report from d.c. coming up. plus, they have access to all kinds of government secrets. but when former insiders try to write about what they know, the pages can end up looking like this. with a whole bunch of scribbly lines. so why is that? as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news from your friends at fox. [ male announcer ] research suggests the health of our cells plays a key role
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>> shepard: think it's rough where you live. tonight the protesters who fired homemade rocket launchers at cops as we go around the world in 80 "around 0 seconds." spain. striking coal miners blocked roads in a region with burning tires and then shot missiles and used slingshots as cops tried to remove the barricades. police responded with rubber bullets and tear gas. several people reportedly hurt, including some journalists. the miners claimed government cut backs will hurt the industry. indonesia. deadly riots broke out after
7:28 pm
separatist leader was killed during an arrest. angry mobs stabbed one person to death and hurt others and set fire to shops and vehicles. police chief says it took hundreds of security forces to restore order. falkland islands. a memorial ceremony marking 30 years since the end of the falklands war in which british troops ended argentina's occupation of the south atlantic island. hundreds of people followed the military parade to a war monument. officials gave speeches and laid wreaths in honor of those who died in battle. china, a manned deep sea reversible diving to death pacific almost 21,000 feet. it's the first in a series of attempts to reach 23,000 feet. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 "around 0 seconds." >>
7:29 pm
>> shepard: i'm shepard smith. and this is "the fox report." it's it the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. doctors across the united states are telling some parents -- patients they simply do not have enough of the drug they need to treat their cancer. medications often critical to whether those patients live or die. it's a problem we have been covering here for quite some time. fox news has gotten ahold of a congressional report that indicates the food and drug administration is widely responsible for the widespread shortages. in some excases patients including trip interruption in care and some cases death. listen to this one patient who found out his son cannot get the cancer medicines he needs. >> he has to have it. >> yeah. >> it helps cure what he has. it's shocking to look on the news and all of a sudden hey, there is major drug we are going to run out of in two weeks. >> myself and other physicians and nurses on this very unit are going to need to look parents in the eye and say we
7:30 pm
don't have the drug. we are going to do something else but it's not as good. >> shepard: the fated regulations have essentially slashed protection at. so country's largest drug makers. f.d.a. responds that it's working on the problem and has prevented shortages of more than 150 drugs. mike emanuel broke the story and is live in our d.c. newsroom. mike, what else does this report indicate? >> shep, the house oversight and government reform committee's report says food and drug administration enforcement activity has led to critical shortages of generic injectable medications. the committee says fda regulatory activity has effectively shut down 30% of the total manufacturing capacity four of the largest producers of injectable medications. 219 drugs listed on the pharmacist shortage list. 58% were produced by one facility undergoing f.d.a. remediation. congressman trey gowdy say
7:31 pm
seeing huge examples at home. >> to me it's a huge problem. i can't quantify it when i have a pediatric oncologist with tears in her eyes in south carolina telling me she has to decide which patient gets drugs that day, that's not the america that i want to live in. >> gowdy's colleague, chairman darrell issa says the shortage appears to be the direct result of over aggressive and obsessive regulatory action. >> shepard: the f.d.a. is denying these charges. >> preventing shortages is a top priority. we recognize that the problem of drug shortages is a complex and stems from interconnected series of factors. however, manufacturing and quality problems continue to account for the majority of current shortages. these issues have mainly occurred with sterile injectable drugs. so the f.d.a. is placing blame elsewhere but members of the house oversight committee say they are not going to let this go. they will be demanding answers
7:32 pm
from the f.d.a. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel live on capitol hill tonight. thanks. for the first time the white house is admitting what we have known for a while, that it's launching deadly attacks against terrorists. a report to congress confirms the military has indeed taken direct action against members of al qaeda and affiliates in yemen and somalia. experts tell us direct action is a military term that refers to drone strikes and other attacks. in all cases we are focused on al qaeda members and affiliates who pose a direct threat to the united states or to our national interest. if you want to write a book about your life, go right ahead. no one is going to stop you. but it's a different set of rules for folks who have worked in u.s. intelligence. anything they write has to go through the censors. state secrets, all that but america's spy agency is reportedly looking into whether sensors are redacting information for political reasons. catherine herridge is in washington tonight. catherine, it's my understanding that a lot of this has to do with waterboarding. >> that's right, shep.
7:33 pm
former fbi agent who wrote the book black banner says it sailed through the clearance process at the fbi because his book does not support claims that waterboarding worked it was unexpectedly sent to the cia for review where the agency got out the big black pen redacted information that you can't find on the they redacted information that part commission report. >> soufan says the book was heavily scrutinized because the cia didn't like the message. this review of the cia book process is long overdue, shep. >> shepard: waterboarding is torture. i'm curious where this pressure is coming from on the cia review. >> the former head jose rodriguez says the investigation of the cia review board is politically driven. some members of congress don't want books like his because they make the case that
7:34 pm
waterboarding got valuable intelligence and saving lives. timing may be everything here. there is upcoming report investigates whether waterboarding of high value detainees including khalid sheikh mohammed was worth it? >> they have been working for years on a review that is supposed to be released this summer and their conclusions are very different from mine. and maybe the truth hurts. maybe they can't take the truth. >> we could not get more specifics on the congressional report or its possible release as i mentioned the amount of money that the united states owes to china runs into 13 figures australia's entire economy. a group in the u.s. claims it may have found a way to put america back on even footing with the communist nation. fox reports on the possibility that china actually does not owe money to the united
7:35 pm
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>> the u.s. owes china more than a trillion dollars. a big chunk of the national debt. some investors claim the communist nation actually owes the united states money. money on bonds that china issued before world war ii. until now, a lot of folks thought those bonds were worthless but that may not be the case peert barnes from fox business is live from washington. peter, these investors claim that the bonds could be worth billions or even trillions of dollars. >> that's right, shep. in part because many are backed by gold but china 1937. now with america's debt to china topping a trillion dollars, a group of u.s. investors is demanding that china pay up. come to the table.
7:39 pm
pay your bills, pay your debts, just as we the american people and the u.s. government pay ours. >> now it's a very complex legal and foreign policy controversy that's been dragging on for years issued the bond it said they would be honored by successor government the followed by most country. u.s. bond companies argue soaring price of gold compound plus penalties their bonds could be worth up to $3.2 trillion. they also claim that the u.s. government itself holds chinese bonds that could be used to cancel u.s. debts to china. though the treasury department says it has no knowledge of any such holdings. among other defenses china has successfully argued that it, like the u.s., has sovereign immunity from many private claims in other countries. but in 1987, china settled similar claims when china
7:40 pm
wanted to issue new bonds in british financial markets though the payments for the settlements were small. the american bond holders how old and they have been pushing u.s. administrations ever since to force china into settlement talks. they have gotten nowhere. they say that the obama, bush 43 and other administrations have ducked this fight to avoid upsetting beijing as the u.s. seeks chinese support on trade and international security matters. in a letter to one lawmaker the treasury department said quote the long standing view of the u.s. government is that the resolution of private claims on defaulted sovereign bonds is a private matter shep? >> shepard: kevin costner and his business partner did not cheat stephan baldwin out of millions of dollars during the clean up of the gfl oil spill. that's the word from a federal jury which has tossed out baldwin's lawsuit against his fellow actor. it was a complex case that involved baldwin selling shares of the company that marketed oil separating devices right before the oil giant bp ordered millions of
7:41 pm
dollars worth of those very machines. the jury rejected baldwin's claims that kevin costner owed him more than $17 million for keeping him in the dark about the pending purchase. the spots where the levees failed after hurricane katrina will not become a national historic landmark at least not for for now. we reported on advocacy group's efforts to push the sites on national. the army corps of engineers who built the levees was highly critical of the effort and we learned today that the national park service rejected it citing the limited number of studies about the causes of the disas every. supporters say they plan to resubmit the request. the only remaining suspect in the 1995 subway nerve gas attack is finally behind bars. the former doomsday cult member was on the run for 17 years before officers finally arrested him today at a comic bookstore in tokyo. a worker reportedly recognized
7:42 pm
him and called up the cops. investigators say the man helped fellow cult members unleash poison sarin gas into the subway system. 13 people died and 6,000 others got sick. >> the japanese had an image of themselves as living in a serene country. largely crime free and all of a sudden you have this horrible attack which striking toe center of japan, tokyo the capital. this was an incident that really is cedar in the memories of all japanese who were alive at the time more than a dozen members are on death row for the attack. the suspect in today's arrest reportedly told police he was only following orders and didn't fully understand what the cult was even planning, crews say an electrical wire falling on a bail of cotton may started a three alarm fire. tops our news across america. texas. it broke out yesterday
7:43 pm
afternoon in houston, more than 100 firefighters rushed to the scene to fight back massive flames. thick black smoke visible from several miles away. fire officials say all employees inside made it out of the building. at least one firefighter was treated for apparent heat exhaustion. arizona. a wild forest led police and wildlife officials on an epic chase yesterday in scottsdale. authorities first got reports around 5:30 in the morning of the animal roaming on a busy highway. dozens of poem from law enforcement to rescue crews chased the horse for hours. one police officer went after it on horseback before it within a doctorrd back toward the road. crews eventually called it quits after the horse ran too far into the did he second degree. ohio. a skydiver south of dayton celebrating flag day yesterday with what town officials say was a record-setting stunt. he made 10 jumps with american flags attashed to his gear.
7:44 pm
the largest measures nearly 8,000 square feet. he says the stunt took a lot of work. >> it's all about the training especially with this, it's nothing like any other sport that i have ever encountered. i think that's the reason why i love it so much. >> shepard: he says his next skydiving challenge will feature a 10,000 square foot flag and that's a fox watch across america. crowds are gathering along the u.s. canada border tonight ahead of a planned tight rope walk across niagara falls. new video of the folks who brought lawn chairs and staked out a spot in the grass in the prime viewing location on the u.s. side there see that? they will be waiting another 2 and a half hours when the stunt begins. that's when nic wallenda is expected to tight rope over the falls from the united states to canada. he says he will be carrying his passport. abc is broadcasting this thing. it's just ruined it, frankly. it's making him wear a tether for the first time in his dare devil career.
7:45 pm
the network executives says they will cut away if he tries to take off the tether, maybe he will. that would make good television. >> crews battling deadly western wildfires. firefighters still would have to -- what am i saying? they have to wait weeks or long tore use the big new tools he ordered. plus, a woman says somebody risked his life to pull her out of that burning car there and nearly two weeks later we're learning hot man was. hearing from the guardian angel. that's all ahead as fox reports live tonight. easy for me to say. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network
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>> shepard: wildfire and some much needed help on the way for the wildfire out west. the problem is it won't get there for weeks. maybe month they tell us. the flames are leaving more
7:49 pm
families homeless tonight. feds are said to add seven new super tankers planes. the president signed up a bill to speed up delivery may not be ready until august. some of the fires could still be raging then adorgd authorities. the worst of them is burning a mile after mile in two western states. in new mexico, officials say the flames are destroyed more than 200 homes and in colorado where officials blame the wildfire for at least one death. the flames have reportedly reached 20 stories high. that fire already blamed for at least one death. dan springer with the news live in fort collins, dan? >> shep, this fire gets more devastating as crews assess all the burned out areas. officials just increase the number of homes destroyed to it 112 and say it will go higher. and they are quick to remind us that it's not the number that's important but the human toll behind each one. >> it's really not just the list of numbers. these are stories. each one of these represents a family that's been displaced
7:50 pm
from their home that may have lost some family heirlooms. photos, possessions, kids' toys, what have you. >> meantime, a massive effort to save 500 other homes from a spot fire. the cost of this fight now over $7 million. and growing by several million dollars each day and the weather is only going to get worst. predicting winds up to 50 miles per hour come monday. shep? >> shepard: dan springer live, fort collins, colorado tonight. hitchhike his or her claimed somebody shot him earlier this week now admits he shot himself. he is apparently working on a memoir called kindness in america and he told cops he was trying to get a ride along a montana highway when a driver opened fire and hit him in the arm. cops actually arrested some guy in the case before the hitchhiker came clean. no word on why he shot himself and then lied about it. we're told the case remains under investigation and that charges are possible. >> well, a man climbed on top of a burning car to help
7:51 pm
rescue the woman inside. but he left the scene before the driver could actually thank him. now we're learning more about him. is he a member of the texas air national guard. can you see him in the surveillance video nashing the car's window with a fire extinguisher, see that? then with some help pulling the driver right out thereof into safety. happened earlier there month at a tollway in north texas. the staff sergeant says his emergency response training came in mighty and i had handy. >> i saw a lady frantically screaming she is still in there. she is still in there. everything just clicked. >> i should be home. i should have multiple injuries. i shouldn't be here. >> but she got out with one broken heel bone that's it. sergeant said he saw a problem and took steps to fix it local spokesman says the actress is fine. the headline is, somebody found her unconscious in the
7:52 pm
penthouse. lindsey is back. mean girl star was taking a nap before a movie shoot and producers became concerned when she didn't come out of her room so they called 911. according to the publicist paramedics checked her out but did not take her to the hospital at awesome we're told she is exhausted and dehydrated but okay. just last week lindsay lohan went to the emergency room after her rented porch slammed into the big rig on porsche slammed into the pacific coast highway. border collies are used to herd sheep, when there are no sheep available apparently they like to herd other animals. point elizabeth, south africa. one border collie has been trying its luck herding siberian tigers. right now they are just cubs. we will see whether that collie wants to push them around when they reach full weight of 400 pounds. news from the future, poor collie. no matter how badly a restaurant botches your
7:53 pm
sandwich, it's probably not the best idea to call 911. oh, but somebody has. and the recording is a nice one. we'll get to that presently. [ male announcer ] introducing a powerful weapon in your fight against bugs. ortho home defense max. with a new continuous spray wand. and a fast acting formula. so you can kill bugs inside, and keep bugs out. guaranteed. ortho home defense max.
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>> shepard: 911 will save your life. case in point a connecticut man dialed 911 to report the deli messed up his sandwich order. >> i specifically asked for little turkey and little, um, um ham, and um, a lot of cheese and a lot of mayonnaise and they are giving me a hard time. i wonder if you could stop by and just -- >> who is this? >> this is robin graham. i was wondering. >> you are calling 911 because you don't like the way that they're making your sandwich? >> exactly. >> so then don't buy it. >> okay. >> just walk away and don't buy it if they don't want to make it the way you want t. >> she is telling me -- she
7:57 pm
won't make it for me again just because of that you know. i just wanted to solve this the right way, you know. >> shepard: crisis solved right way. the man is has now apologized and prosecutors have not filed charges. before we go, our team's top five things of the day. number five the chicago mayor rahm emanuel says he supports a plan to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of the marijuana. number four the feds reduced a report long claims against secret service agents. it includes accusations of sexual assault, illegal wiretaps and so much more. number three, the u.s. military today and for the first time formerly an knowledged it's targeting al qaeda. mitt romney kicked off a bus tour across six battleground states while the democratic national committee launched its own counter tour. and number one the president says the government will stop deporting some immigrants whose parents brought them to this country as children. republics call it back door
7:58 pm
amnesty. and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1986. racing legend richard petty became the first driver in nascar history to log 1,000 career starts racing was in richard petty's blood. when he was 12 years old richard became his dad's crew chief 12. when he got behind the wheel i himself he killed it richard petty owns a long list of nascar records. the most all time wins, the most consecutive wins. richard petty retired in '92. president george h.w. bush awarded him the presidential medal of freedom but the king of racing sped past another milestone 26 years ago today around no you know the news for this friday, june 15, 2012. fort journalists of fox news i'm shepard smith. thanks for trusting us for your news and information. opinion and analysis begins
7:59 pm
now with -- >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> effective immediate liberation the department of homeland security is taking steps to lift the shadow of deportation from these young people. >> bill: president obama trying to change the rules about illegal immigration, making it easier for some aliens to stay here. the strategy is designed to appeal to hispanic voters but is it fair? lou dobbs and i will will analyze. >> during the course of him trying to rescue his daughter, he struck the individual several times and the individual ended up dying. >> bill: a father in texas kills a man who sexually assaulted his 4-year-old daughter. will that father be charged with murder? herald on the case. _ i wish they all could be california girls. >> bill: after 50 years in the marketplace the beach b


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