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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 16, 2012 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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welcome to a brand-new hour inside america news headquarters. people are lining up at most of the ballot places to casted their votes but at other polling stations around the country, there is very little turnout especially among young people, a stark differ is difference from the excitement that filled the streets of cairo during the early days of the arab spring. captured by le land vitter 18 months ago. >> being next to the little girl who has a chance something that her parents have fought for. somebody told me earlier egyptian businessman were involved in this revolution. he said finally the egyptians have been able to do what we can't. now this little girl has a chance that their parents never did. it's about freedom and that....
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>> gregg: that was remarkable moment. it's a much different mood in cairo today. many voters say they are disappointed with the choice of candidates. leland vitter has the latest. >> reporter: gregg, good evening. that same egyptian businessman i talked about 16 months ago told me as he summed up the view of many egyptians about this election with an arabic phrase. i have two choices and both of them are bitter. many people who do not like either candidate and lots of people are telling us voter turnout is so low. a lot of young egyptians are learning while it's easy to start a revolution, it's harder to figure out where it's going to go. >> massive army trucks parked on residential streets, polling
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places in egypt. when i was here a couple weeks for the first round of elections the lines were huge. today there is very few people? >> i don't know. i am surprised like you. >> reporter: inside voters had two choices. many worry a president morsy would turn them into an islamic stated. >> we would not be free. >> this is muslim brotherhood's stronghold, one of poorer neighborhoods. it shows how powerful the brotherhood's political machine here especially among the lower classes. morrisey is giving hope for the future. it's new system this woman said. we need justice. >> conventional wisdom low turnout will help the muslim brotherhood who has the most powerful political machine. next will come the question the
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army that controls this is going to actually give up power. right now the country doesn't have a parliament or constitution. army is fully in control and they wanted to keep that power rather than give it up. >> gregg: you have certainly been a witness to history more than a year ago with the overthrow of the mubarak regime, celebrations the hopefulness and now fast forward to today. talk to us about the contrast of emotions. >> reporter: it's two totally separate egypts. when you talk to some of the younger revolutionaries 16 months ago, many of them are very disappointed. he said all right. what has happened? there is no liberal democratic candidate on the ballot like you saying what you wanted. you look back to two or three weeks ago when you had a primary
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first round election. liberal vote was total flip. they had about five or ten candidates who were all the revolutionary candidates. only person who had a real political machine was the muslim brotherhood. their ground game brought out a huge turnout. that the same reason they took 45% of the particle iyd. the other guy on the ballot is prime minister under president mubarak and some of the young revolutionaries were hoping they would get at the end of the revolution. >> gregg: the highest court which is composed many of the old mubarak cronies throughout some of the voting, saying it was in violation of the rules. is there fear that the entire government may collapse so the
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military steps in? >> right now the military is very much is firmly still in control. there is a lot of fear now about voter irregularity. they threw out the parliamentary results. there are all sorts of rumors going around about invisible ink on ballots, people being paid to vote one way or the other. someone put to it to me when you have the system in place, the way that voting is distributed so far, you have about 30% who is clearly for the muslim brotherhood candidate. 30% who are clearly for the person from the old regime. that means 40% that didn't vote for either in the first round and 40% of 85 million egyptians will be disappointed by the results that come up. a lot of those people, especially young revolutionaries have all promised if shafet wins they will be back here in tahrir square and that is something
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that could lead to violence again. >> gregg: thanks very much. >> heather: possible deal in the works in the growing controversy over operation fast and furious. congressman darrell issa saying he is willing to postpone the vote against attorney general eric holder. if the justice department hands over additional documents in the botched gun running operation. peter doocy has more from washington. >> congressman darrell issa has been pushing a vote to hold eric holtder in contempt of congress for quite a while. he will postpone the vote scheduled for this wednesday if holder comes forward with documents explanation how and when the justice department found out their agents were letting guns walk across the southern border. two were used to in a murder of a border patrol agent.
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he says i do have substantial concerns the documents may not be sufficient to allow the committee to complete the investigation, delivery of these documents to the committee before the scheduled consideration of contempt at 10:00 a.m. on wednesday would be sufficient to justify the postpone. of the proceeding to allow for review of materials. issa wants to meet with holder on tuesday and justice department. quote we are pleased that chairman issa has agreed to our request and look forward to a productive session. it's in the best interests to all parties to bring it to a final resolution by avoiding a confrontation that involves contempt. on february 4, they sent chuck grassley a the saying there were no reckless tactics used in fast and furious, ten months later, they withdrew that letter so issa wants documents from the time in between but it's unclear what the attorney general will bring. >> heather: peter in washington,
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thank you. now we have the contempt vote is still scheduled for wednesday. will the release of these documents really be enough to postpone the vote. dan burton served on the committee that will hold that vote and determine eric holder's fate. he joins us a little later this hour. >> governor mitt romney is hitting the trail in the battleground state of pennsylvania. he is saying he is the candidate that will give americans a fair shot. take a listen. >> he said he wants to make sure that every american has fair shot. i couldn't agree more. i think it's critically important that every american knows if they work hard and get an education and liver their life right and apply for a job,
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have a fair shot at a bright and prosperous future. let me ask you this: do you think casting trillion dollar debts 6 our generation on to our kids gives them a fair shot? i sure don't. >> heather: governor romney is on a bus tour taking him through new hampshire, wisconsin, iowa and michigan keeping his focus on jobs and the economy. >> gregg: president obama finishing his week rake in big bucks at two fund-raisers in new york city. reportedly raising about $4.5 million for his campaign, among the 40s who of attendees, sara jessica parker. she hosted an event. aretha franklin, meryl streep and vogue editor. he told the elite crowd that they would play a critical role in shaping the future of our nation, saying you are the
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tie-breaker. you are the ultimate arbiter of which direction this country goes. really? is that fair to the rest of the nation? here is shara a staff writer for roll call. the president makes this remark to a collection of super rich celebrities. they don't remotely represent the rest of america. i wonder if his remarks is even logical? >> i question it, too. i look to this story and seeing if there was any more context to the remark. first of all it's false because celebrities don't have a big affect on voters even young voters. secondly they are not the great deciders in this country. middle suburban voters. >> images of these affairs with the president. they have been all over the
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airwaves. they have literally been seen by millions of americans. is that a bit political risky for a guy who says i am a man of the people? >> yeah, absolutely politically risky right now as they are trying to reach out to middle voters. it looks like he is saying one thing and doing another. it's a problem for him. if you look back to the 2008 cycle one of the big arguments that got traction was tv ad celebrity. that was considered one of the best campaign advertisements from senator's campaign. it will be a sore spot if he does these big dollar fund-raisers with big name celebrities. >> gregg: so many of them, he has been lampooned as the fund-raiser in chief. 150 fund-raisers, that is more than the last four presidents combined. of course he is on the road giving speeches. now, he is one stroke away from
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his 100th round of golf as president. as michael barone appointed out, president seldom talks with congressional leaders. is there a sense that perhaps the president neglects the hard job of governing working with congress trying to accomplish something for the american people? >> there is sense in washington. we talk about it a lot the rift between the president and congress. he doesn't talk to congressional leaders as much as previous presidents, but i think that is part from where he came. he was only in senate a fewer short years. then also in his campaign, he campaigned against congress all the time. so they are definitely big risk. >> gregg: ronald reagan was governor of california and didn't know a lot of people on
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capitol hill. got to know tip o'neill and the two of them worked very hard and accomplished quite a lot on a bipartisan basis. look, on thursday the president delivered what was billed as a very important speech on the economy. it got roundly whipped by the columnists. msnbc jonathan alter, one of the worst speeches i have ever heard him back. mike oh bryant begged him to stop before the speech was over. president gave americans a falsehood wrapped in fallacy. what do you think is going on here? >> those are strong words, i was watching my colleagues on twitter throughout the speech and they had not nice thing to say, as well. the speech was way too long and he didn't provide anything new. that is important thing. he is really tried to present give a range of economic
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speeches here and present, keep in charge and he knows what he is going do but he hasn't presented any ideas of jump starting the economy. >> gregg: romney tried to pre the speech by delivering his own. he was in cincinnati. president was in cleveland but romney didn't get rave reviews either. it was criticized as being crib noted from earlier speeches. kind of lacking in enthusiasm. does romney lack the ability to talk about the economy that is appealing to voters? >> yes, he does. i think his personal wealth plays a part in that. it's hard to empathize when voters say you are well off. no matter how hard he tries that will be hurried 8 for him.
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both candidates have difficult tasks to talk about the economy. romney has to convince voters to dump the other guy and pick him. barack obama has to convince voters what he has done is enough to turn the economy around. they need to be a little more patient. >> gregg: shira, good to see you thanks very much. >> heather: coming up. attorney general could be off the hook for con at the time of congress charges but only if he hands over closely guarded documents on the fast and furious gun running scandal. dan burton serves on the committee who will make that big decision. he joins gregg a little later this hour. >> gregg: and bankers around the world waiting to see if greek voters want out of the euro than. we'll have a detailed report straight ahead. >> heather: violence reaching a critical mass in syria. the country on the brink of civil war. u.n. is suspending it's a mission. a former to the ambassador to the u.n. tells us what could
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happen next.
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>>. >> gregg: quick check of the headlines arc massive wildfire destroying 112 homes in northern
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colorado. fire officials fear many more could be lost. >> two day manhunt ending as police fine timothy jordan dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. he was wanted in the shooting death of his ex-girlfriend. >> china embarking on the most ambitious mission ever. sending three astronauts to dock with the orbiting module. they will work there for more than a week. >> heather: world waits as greeks get ready to go to the polls. the financial woes have plagued markets and greeks are preparing to vote in a crucial election that could have a dramatic impact on greece and the european union as a whole. ashley webster from athens, greece. >> here in athens, just one day to go before greeks go back to voting booth for a second time
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in six weeks. hoping to elected a leader that can lead this country. question is, who will it be and will greece remain in the euro? this has been the euros zone system for ten years and almost half of that time it has battled a crippling recession. vast majority of greeks say they want to stay in the euro. last poll shows some 80% said yes to the euro. clock is ticking. it's seen as neck and neck contest between conservative party and left wing party. if the left wing wins they promise to tail up the terms of the international bailout. that could upset leader that may not accept it and greece could get the boot. central banks are standing by ready to take any action if needed to keep the financial markets stable. for now, greece remains in the euro, but tomorrow night could be a different story.
4:22 pm
>> heather: back here in the u.s. many major banks on high alert ahead of the parliamentary elections. hundreds of employees at big wall street firms, some part of special teams will be on standby awaiting the pivotal election. they are preparing for the worst case scenario. coming up, how all of this could impact wall street and our nation's economy. >> gregg: new twist on government's investigation into operation fast and furious. attorney general eric holder striking a deal allegedly with congress to avoid possible contempt charges. it will be enough? congressman dan burton deciding holder's fate will be joining us live for a discussion about that. >> heather: plus, u.n. observers suspending their activities in syria because of escalating violence. what will happen to the syrian people? former ambassador to the u.n. is
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>>. >> gregg: time for the top of the news, a pair of car bombs killing at least 25 she'ite pilgrims in iraq. today's attacks following several earlier in the week that killed 72 people. >> heather: saudi crown prince dying, his passing of who will succeed of king abdullah. >> investigators, trying to figure out why a stunt plane suddenly slammed into a golf course in idaho. the pilot was doing rolls during an air show when the plane went down. >> heather: serious concerns over the fate of the syrian people after u.n. peace
4:28 pm
observers suspend their observations because after escalating violence. it comes one day after the top commander there says the rise in fighting was limiting the observers ability to do their work. wherever does that lead innocent civilians? stewart holiday is former mbsz to the u.n. and president of meridien national center. thank you for your time. a cease-fire it was supposed today take affect on april 12th. it didn't happen. 300 observers supposed to be monitoring the non-existent cease-fire. all of this while according to activists some 14,000 people have been killed in syria so far. has annan's peace plan already disintegrated? >> i think so. the annan plan was completely dependent on the parties' willingness to engage.
4:29 pm
observers were only 300 in number which not enough to just monitor in general fashion. they haven't been able to prevent the violence. it's time to go back to the security council and also have president obama engage president putin in mexico next week at g-20. >> heather: before we get to that, what if anything can get everything back in syria. what are the sanctions that can be applied? >> i think targeting the assad regime has been attempted. obviously, there are more sanctions that can be tried. a no-fly zone creating humanitarian protection zones, working with the neighboring countries like turkey to help prevent these foreign fighters from coming into syria which are giving the assad regime a pretext for blaming terrorism instead of focusing on what really needs to happen which is political process for them leaving office. >> political process but very
4:30 pm
human one as we look at the pictures, young children's lives being taken, as well. let's go back to the meeting, monday president obama plans to sit down with vladimir putin at g-20 in mexico and russia had gone on the record as saying moscow will not object to assad's departure if syrian people agree. can they find any common ground? >> i would like to think so. the rhetoric around the meeting is already difficult. you got a bill in congress that is focusing on russian human rights. you have the russians apparently reinforcing the syrian military and looking at their interests at the port where they have a naval installation. i do believe focusing on the big picture in relationship the economic interests combatting islamic extremism. there are things that can unite the united states and russia in this effort. right now, the russians have
4:31 pm
looked at the libya precedent. they feel like if they give permission for a more robust action it could hurt their interests. >> heather: russia has said they want to enlist she'ite iran as a neighbor with influence over assad's minority regime to end the strike. hillary clinton said that would be a grave error because iran has trained and supported syrian government forces and militia blamed for the ma massacre. she has accused russia of delivering weapons to assad's forces. how do we deal with the iran factor and how do we trust russia? >> first of all the iran idea is a terrible one. assad's own minority which is 14% of the population is supported by iran. what kind of signal does it give to the majority of the population that the outcome of this process would be anything better than we've seen to date?
4:32 pm
it's not about iran. it's about the united states and russia agreeing to the kind of resolution that the security council that would give assad the opportunity to leave, but also create the context of the syrians themselves, particularly the opposition to put into place a government that would be functional. that remains to be seen. opposition is very split right now. >> heather: russia and china twice vetoed u.n. resolutions critical of syria. one of those resolutions they blocked back in february would have backed an arab league call to succeed from power for assad and if moscow helped the exit. you talked about the port. what sells at take for russia? >> their economic interests. if i look what has happened in the middle east over the last year they feel the influence they once had in the region has severely limited.
4:33 pm
that goes for us, too. syria is one of last client states. they sold a lot of military equipment. they have special commercial relationships. they would like to see some kind of guarantee that those aspects of the relationship would be preserved and might give as far as assad's concerns but they don't want to see somebody that essentially be a mouthpiece for what they see as nato backed action. again, they are looking what happened in libya and they are feeling burned. doesn't mean we should go forward with it. >> heather: what about military intervention. britain's foreign minister says they are not ruling it out? >> you can't rule it out. from a military standpoint what would work. right now as you know the syrian army is deployed throughout the country. it's attacking civilians. you've got internal strife and the main thing is for not to spill over volatile neighborhoods. you could increase the number of u.n. observers and peacekeepers
4:34 pm
and try to get that mission. 300 is not a lot of people to try observe, but you could move beyond that and go the scale of a mission you've seen in africa that has worked in places like ivory coast and liberia for example. >> heather: new twist on the government's investigation into operation fast and furious. eric holder striking a deal with congress that could help him avoid possible contempt charges. will it be enough? member of that committee will help make the decision joins us next live. >> secret space plane touches back down to earth. now, we wait to see what mysteries it may hold. [ male announcer ] this is rudy. his morninstarts with arthritis pain. and two pills. afternoon's overhaul starts with more pain. more pil. triple checking hydraulics. the evening brin more pain. so, back to more pills.
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unmanned aircraft touching down at california's vandenberg air force base after spending more than a year in orbits. details of the mission are highly classified. some suggest though it may have to do with spy satellite technology. an identical plane finished a seven month mission and will launch again this fall. >> gregg: new developments in the investigation into operation fast and furious, brand-new questions this hour following darrell issa's decision to consider postponing next week's contempt of congress vote against eric holder. this only if holder releases more justice department documents on the botched gun running sting operation. holder says she prepared to make the accommodation in order to resolve the matter. will the deal be enough to stop wednesday's vote. dan burton who serves on the committee joins us live.
4:40 pm
congressman, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us. >> thank you, gregg. >> gregg: given how very long holder has been, to use your committee's words, stonewalling. are you skeptical he will be forthcoming. >> i'm very skeptical. i was chairman of that committee for six years and i had to deal with eric holder before. i think he is very smart politician. i think he'll do everything he can to drag it out as long as possible. if he continues, what will happen we'll run out of time. >> if you examine holder's conciliatory words, and i did, the last time he testified. he said i'll do a deal. he is parsing words and arguably sounds he is willing to hand over some but not all. are you concerned congressman he could play the old shell game, hide the incriminating stuff, maybe it exists but only produce
4:41 pm
that which is irrelevant? >> i think he will do that. i think whatever he just has to to keep it bumping along. i have great confidence in the chairman and i think he will be tenacious. >> gregg: what do you think holder is highlighting? >> i think people at the very top of the justice department knew about fast and furious. i think they were involved in the decision-making process. i can't believe that eric holder himself was not aware of what was going on. >> gregg: so when he said he wasn't, do you think he was lying? >> he is my opinion miss led the committee in the past. i think he'll do whatever is necessary to extend this because we have an election coming up. if he could drag it on for another month or two it will be too late to get it done this session. >> gregg: it would appear that congressman issa has affidavits in support of wire taps.
4:42 pm
do they show that high level officials of the justice did, indeed, know exactly what was going on and they knew it early on and that would belie holder's testimony? >> i believe they did. darrell will have to make that statement. he is the chairman of the committee. it would be my opinion if we don't get the documentation we wanted from the justice department and eric holder, he'll push and push until we get them. if not we'll move a contempt citation. >> gregg: aren't those affidavits trouble some for you to prove that holder may not be telling the truth. arguably those were illegally leaked. i'm not sure they can be used, can they? >> they might not be able the to be used in a court of law, but if we have a committee hearing and we find to them relevant we can bring that up. we can go ahead and move a contempt citation if holder is
4:43 pm
not being compliant. >> gregg: let's assume on tuesday he hands over not all the documents but most of the documents. that still a lot of documents for you all to go through before the wednesday voted. can that be done? is it your intention to go ahead with the vote? >> that is up to darrell issa. i don't believe that eric holder is going to give us all the documentation we want. he'll give us whatever he has to at this point. think the chairman will have to make a decision whether or not that is adequate. i do not believe it will be, but it will probably allow eric holder to get a postpone. for a short period of time. >> congressman quigley a democrat of illinois this entire probe by your committee is politically motivated in an attempt to embarrass the administration. is there some truth to that? >> no, i don't believe so. we had a border patrol agent
4:44 pm
killed by some of those guns moved across the border. we need to find out what happened and why it happened and make sure it doesn't happen ever again. >> gregg: congressman burton, thanks very much for taking the time to be with us today. >> heather: u.s. banker and investors waiting to see if greek voters wanted to pull out of the european union. a massive global financial collapsing is at stake. what it could mean for your future coming up. ♪ ♪ lord, you got no reason ♪ you got no right ♪ ♪ i find myself at the wrong place ♪ [ male announcer ] the ram 1500 express. ♪ it says a lot about you. ♪ in a deep, hemi-rumble sort of way. guts. glory. ram.
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. new reports just in that three people have been injured from a stage collapse at a radio head concert in toronto, canada. details are still unclear. one person is reportedly in critical condition. we are following the story closer and will bring you developments as they come in. >> gregg: delta airlines taking heat for refusing one of the world's largest athletes fly. world champion world wrestler notion he won't fit into a regular seat. he bought a few extra tickets to his flight to italy. an airline representative, can't fly, sorry about that.
4:49 pm
laura picks up the story. >> reporter: recent business trip turned into a big disappointment and cancelled ticket for that amateur sumo wrestler who holds the record for the heaviest living athlete on the planet. he stands 6'7" and weighs 700 pounds. he has traveled throughout the years just fine by extra seats. a flight he booked with delta was cancelled without any real explanation. >> i could see to try to get one seated, they would have an argument but i had three seats paid for. so that is what mystifies me even more. i can't understand at 700 pounds over three seats, it's more than accommodates. >> most airlines including delta have a standard policy that doesn't have weight limit but rather than a arm rest on each side of a seat can't be lowered,
4:50 pm
additional seats must be purchased. they tell fox they review each case individually and we conducted a thorough review for customers that requested to fly with us. based on that review we can't accommodate with his request. we spoke to an attorney it will be up to the department of transportation to decide is there will be any discrimination in his case. >> they have forced carriers to take paraplegics and quadriplegics that can't get off the plane by himself. now here is agile enough, it's not a matter of him not being able to. passengers happy or not happy, that airline has a duty to accommodate and not living up to what it's doing. >> heather: they confirm they are reviewing the case but don't have a decision on it yet. >> gregg: couple of questions. you spent some time with him.
4:51 pm
he is still an active sumo wrestler because, he does appear like he has trouble walking? >> he is semi retired. going to make appearance on television show. a lot of people like having him on television. he does that. right now he is getting physical therapy for his knees. obviously 700 pounds is a lot of weight could be carrying around. this is what he does. he is a sumo wrestler. >> gregg: maybe delta is concerned that he could get stuck, these planes are pretty tight, even the entrances on to a plane could arguably be a little small for him? >> he says that he has flown often and he can get in and out of planes just fine. when you go and check in at the gate they ask for people to pre-board, they let him get on first where he can get in and get situated. again, hehas said to us and
4:52 pm
shown a lot of other flights he's had that he has flown fine in the past. >> gregg: seems like a nice guy. doesn't seem quite right. >> heather: wonder if he had flown to italy because that is a long flight. >> gregg: you have to stretch your legs a little bit. that could be a problem. getting into the bathroom. >> heather: that is what i was wondering about. it would be a long flight. they are too small for me. >> gregg: we'll be right back, don't go away. right in our own backyard. so we combined our citi thankyou points to make it happen. tom chipped in 10,000 points. karen kicked in 20,000. and by pooling more thankyou points from folks all over town, we were able to watch team usa... [ cheering ] in true london fashion. [ male announcer ] now citi thankyou visa card holders can combine the thankyou points
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>> new concerns that we are just hours away from a new global financial melt down, u.s. banks on high alert, hundreds of employees at big firms, some part of special teams will be on stand-by tomorrow awaiting the results of greece's pivotal election and we are told that they are preparing for the worst-case scenario. the managing partner of chapwood investments joins us with more in sight. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me, heather. >> heather: begin with this, why did what happened in greece affect my money here? >> great question. a lot of people don't really understand it. let me make it very simple. what happens is, if greece -- the radical left, wins the election, remember that, if the left wins the election they are not going to take the austerity measures and money from the rest of europe and, there is going to be a systemic problem throughout
4:57 pm
the entire global financial world, especially in europe. and, if the eurozone starts to implode, you are going to start to see the systemic nature of that coming to the united states and basically everyone watching now, it matters what happens in greece because it matters, what affects greece, affects europe and what affects europe affects your 401(k) plan and you want the conservative party to win the election. >> heather: does the bailout on greece mean smooth sailing from here on? >> well, no, it certainly doesn't mean that either. it is like kicking the can down the road but it gives you a little bit of a reprieve. stocks and the economy don't move because there is a bailout and if that was the case we'd print money every day and have no problem. i believe we'll see a rally in the stock market, everyone will exhale for a while but we still haven't dealt with the structural problems in europe, and, actually around the world. there are problems out there, we need to deal with. >> heather: why does it matter if greece exits the euro. what impact would it have on
4:58 pm
people's portfolios here in the u.s. >> you would start to see the european economies fall or get hurt and, the majority of our companies derive their growth from outside of our borders, so a lot of the income comes from europe and asia and others and if europe doesn't do well the rest of the economy doesn't do well and is a mainly engine and represents 17% of the world's gross domestic product and if europe falters stocks in our country will not do well, a lot of our growth comes from outside the borders. you have to be careful with your 401(k) plans, right now. >> heather: thank you very much, we appreciate it. >> gregg: hello, i'm gregg jarrett, welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> heather: and i'm healthers childers, new fallout from the president's decision to suspend deportation for up to 800,000
4:59 pm
illegal immigrants. what one lawmaker is threatening to do about it. >> gregg: and a shock 911 call for help in a deli. wait until you hear the reason for the call and the operator's response. plus... >> i think he got what he deserved. >> hard to think somebody out there could do that to a child that age. >> my husband made the comment, he has probably done just as much. >> a father killed a man with his bare hands after apparently catching the man molesting his young daughter. should that dad face charges, judge ja sneeannine takes on th case. >> gregg: we begin weather a "fox news alert." more firefighters screaming treo northern colorado for a wildfire burning for a week. the blaze destroying more than 100 homes, there. and fire officials say stubborn residents are refusing to leave, putting others at risk. >> we have had some refusals to
5:00 pm
evacuate. that is obviously concerning for a number of reasons, those folks create a life safety issue for themselves and foyr the responders. >> we're like all the other residents, too, like a chance to get out... and check the property. >> and you know, the canyon, it is just -- hard to wrap your brain around. >> gregg: we have fox team coverage now with maria molina in the fox weather center and anita vogel following the action live in the west coast bureau and we begin with anita. >> reporter: well, hi there, greg, things are certainly improving and the outlook is improving but keep in mind a number of people are out of their homes and dealing with these fires throughout the west. the one causing the most concern is greece is in colorado, the h fire, started by lightning last saturday and since then has become the third largest wildfire in state history. having burned 89 square miles
5:01 pm
and claiming one life e along with more than 100 homes and containment is at 2 positive as firefighters think they'll be able to get more of a handle on it as the day goes on. >> it is 112, which i believe makes it the most devastating wildfire in terms of loss of homes in northern colorado, certainly, so, again a big number and each one of those has an individual story attached to it. >> it important we maintain the progress we have and the work that has been done and containment we do have, we lose that and it is a potential problem. >> reporter: and other large fires that caused major devastation in new mexico are nearing containment today. the central part of the state the little bear fire which destroyed more than 220 homes is now more than 50% contained. and, the whitewater fire in the southwestern corner of the state is about the size of los angeles. and is considered new mexico's largest fire on record. now, thankfully that fire is more than 60% contained.
5:02 pm
and, as for the colorado fire, gregg, it is soon to be under control, we understand, sometime in the next couple of weeks but firefighters don't expect to have all the flames out until sometime this fall and keep in mind the fire season out west is just beginning. >> gregg: oh, my, all the way until the fall. talking about a couple of months and that is amazing. anita vogel live in our west coast bureau, thanks. >> heather: gregg, we want to know, will the weather help or hurt firefighters' efforts to bring the massive blaze under control? maria molina is live in the fox weather center with those answers for us, hi, maria. >> hi, heather. unfortunately i don't have any good news. we have seen the problem, basically start weeks ago with the drought conditions across the southwest and we are between severe to extreme drought along many of the states, colorado, new mexico and parts of utah and nevada and, unfortunately, now we're looking at hot temperatures, dry conditions, and also, some very strong winds, because of all of that we have a number of red flag
5:03 pm
warnings in effect this weekend across parts of nevada, utah, colorado and parts of the plains, like western portions of nebraska and also southern wyoming, so, again, red flag warnings in effect out here and fire weather watches, meaning conditions are favorable for wildfires, to spread rapidly, if they get sparked up. now as far as the wind it will be the big concern that weekend, where you see the dark shading in blue is where we can see wind gusts in excess of 50 miles per hour, and we are expecting stwroingdz, tonight, also into tomorrow, and, even as we kick off the work week on monday, a prolonged period of time foresome for some of these areas, along the southwestern part of the u.s., as a strong frontal boundary will push eastward increasing the wind and there is a little moisture across central and eastern colorado and down through new mexico and there is not a lot of moisture with the storm systems and will not put out any wildfires and if anything, we could see lightning from the storms that could spark
5:04 pm
up new fires, a lot to keep a close eye on here across the southwest. >> heather: and we depend on you to do that, maria molina, live from the weather center. >> thanks. >> gregg: new response from the u.s. state department on syria as the united nations says it is too dangerous for their observers on the ground. they are suspending the work there immediately. the state department urging the assad regime to recognize a u.n. peace plan. this as we hear new reports of out of control violence. syrian government troops shelling the city of homs, killing at least 5 overnight, 12 were killed, near the capital of damascusful -- damascus. >> heather: and new violence rocking iraq, car bombs killing at least 25 shiite pill grilgri wounding dugozens more in baghd, in a wave of coordinated explosions that killed more than 70 people, the worst violence in iraq since american troops
5:05 pm
withdrew last year and al qaeda in iraq is claiming responsibility for some of the attacks. >> gregg: a pivotal day for egypt's future, egyptians voting in a run-off election for a successor to the ousted president, hosni mubarak. one candidate, is from mubarak's regime, and the other is a member of the muslim brotherhood. one of the country's strongest political groups. but, many voters are very unhappy with their choices. leland vittert is streaming live from cairo. >> reporter: exactly, gregg, one of the main egyptians here was behind a revolution, somed up how many people in this country feel about their choices at the ballot box. the old arabic saying go, i have two choices, both of which arbiter and tonight, here in cairo, as we're in the middle between two days of voting, there is kind of an eerie calm as turnout is tending to be very low and many egyptians are realizing that when you start a revolution, it is awfully difficult to figure out where it
5:06 pm
is headed. keeping with islamic tradition, egyptian men were in one room, women in another, marking the ballo ballot and dipping their fingers in ink to prevent them from voting twice. >> we are not free. we are not free. >> reporter: this is the entrance to a polling station and during the first round there was excitement in the air and the line stretched all the way to where i am standing meaning voters had to wait two hours in order to cast their ballots. but, today, turnout is so low, in some parts of cairo, that there isn't any wait at all. it was a different picture in cairo's poor neighborhoods. the muslim brotherhood's powerful political machine turned out hundreds of veiled women, waiting to vote under the hot june sun and, more upper class neighborhoods voters worry what happened, as the muslim brotherhood candidate waits. >> i believe in an islamic and
5:07 pm
liberal country and i will not give my stroet a muslim brotherhood candidate. >> reporter: conventional wisdom tells you a low turnout helps the muslim brotherhood, clearly one of the more organized forces here if the brotherhood candidate wins many fear it could not mean goods things for the egyptian-u.s. relations and certainly not good things for egyptian-israeli relations. gregg, sending it back to you, there are a lot of revolutionaries who have told me that if the other guy wins, that ahmed shafiq, from the mubarak regime, they'll again return here behind me to tahrir square. >> gregg: leland vittert, streaming life from cairo. leland, thanks. ♪ >> heather: governor mitt romney's six-state bus tour rolling through the key baptist ground state of pennsylvania right now, the governor expected
5:08 pm
to speak at a rally in the town of cornwall, the last of four campaign stops in the keystone state today. focusing on middle class economic issues. meanwhile, president obama is off the trail today, in chicago, with no public events scheduled. molly henneberg is tracking all of this for us and she's live in washington. hi, molly. >> reporter: hi, heather, president obama is likely gearing up for a trip tomorrow to the g20 economic summit in mexico but in his weekly radio and internet address today, he pressed lawmakers to end the, quote, stalemate in washington, and, pass his jobs plan. >> president barack obama: congress passed a few parts of the jobs bill, like a tax cut allowing working americans to keep more of your paycheck and, when it comes to growing the economy republicans in congress have not lifted a finger and would rather wait until after the election in november. >> reporter: the president made a major immigration announcement yesterday in the rose garden changing u.s. policy to let young illegal immigrants brought here to the u.s. by their
5:09 pm
parents, to stay here and get a work permit and not get deported. governor mitt romney on a factory tour in pennsylvania today says the president doesn't want to talk very much about the economy but, he, romney, does and suggested the president is selective about which americans and which american industries he tries to help giving, quote, bailouts and loans to the companies that are campaign contributors like solyndra. >> give a fair shot to the other entrepreneurs in this country who don't get the bailouts and loans? i think we have to have a very careful review of who is giving a fair shot to the american people. i will be sure every american has an opportunity to achieve their dreams. >> reporter: he planned to stop at a convenience store at the bus tour route until he heard ed rendell would be there to hold a competing event and he went to a
5:10 pm
different wawa convenience tor, he's on a tour of new hampshire, pennsylvania, ohio, wisconsin, michigan, and iowa. heather? >> heather: thank you very much, molly henneberg reporting live from washington for us. thanks. >> gregg: i never been to a wawa. new controversy over a proposed state law to punish well fare recipients for doing drugs. now, the lou would trip benefits for households if a recipient tests positive for trugs, adrug refuses treatment and the sponsor says getting people to kick drugs helps them find jobs and get off of welfare but critics say the law ignores the real problem with poverty. >> i don't think that the taxpayers of the state of utah should be giving and paying benefits for applicants who aren't willing to get the help they need. >> shouldn't be on drugs but it is more complicated than that.
5:11 pm
if there is anything we should be passing legislation on and requiring people to do is to have basic education skills. >> gregg: the new law takes effect on august 1st. >> heather: a series of national security leaks, out of the white house raising eyebrows in washington. what they reveal and, who lawmakers may think are behind them, straight ahead. >> gregg: and a daring tightrope walker, did you see the death-defying feat and where it happened, straight ahead. >> heather: and president obama's executive order stopping the deportation of illegal immigrants sparking major controversy, a fair and balanced debate on this measure and all it entails. >> president barack obama: this is not amnesty. this is not immunity. this is not a path to citizenship. it's not a permafix. -- permanent fix. it is a temporary stop-dead record that gives a degree of
5:12 pm
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5:15 pm
>> heather: welcome back, time now for a quick check of the headlines, the father-in-law of
5:16 pm
missing utah mom susan powell going to prison for two-and-a-half years. a judge sentenced steven powell for secretly videotaping two young neighbors in their home. now, his daughter in law, susan disappeared in 2009. her husband was a person of interest in the case until he killed himself and the couple's two children, in february. and concerns are growing over the japanese tsunami debris showing up on the coast of alaska, oregon and washington, the junk has been washing up for weeks and is expected to gets worse. and hurricane carlotta is downgraded to a tropical depression, killing two children in mexico and triggering flood fears on mexico's pacific coast before running out of steam. >> gregg: fallout for president obama's executive order, halting deportation of some young illegal immigrants. iowa congressman steve king joining a growing list of
5:17 pm
critics telling fox's governor mike huckabee saying he plans to file a lawsuit to stop the president, and take a listen to governor huckabee's radio show moments after the plan was announced. >> i'll tell you as i met -- i am prepared to bring a suit and seek a court order to stop implementation of the policy. i have done it once in the past, successful, when then governor vilsack thought he could legislate by executive coorder and, now he's secretary of agriculture and, i wanter if he is not counseling the president on his proceedings. >> i want to clarify. you plan to sue this administration for implementing something that you believe should have required legislative process, and approval? >> that is correct. >> gregg: joining me, former campaign ad to president bush and former economic advisor to president bill clinton and former advisor to the senate
5:18 pm
finance committee. good to see you. before we get to the legal stuff, let's talk politics and tim it may be a good idea. look, a lot of republicans think it is a good idea but even "the new york times" today called it a clear play for votes. would you agree that this is in truth a naked political pand pandering. >> the president has been clear for the last year or so where song is not going to act he'll do everything he can from an administration executive position and, in a particular case, look at the underlying dream act, the permanent solution on the issue is something that enjoys broad, bipartisan support. >> gregg: it does and why not let congress decide it. >> congress has not decided it... >> gregg: they are working on the marco rubio plan and got a bunch of republicans now on board since the last vote.
5:19 pm
deedee, look, pandering and politics often pays off and the president could pick up many more votes in key swing states with hispanic populations, florida, colorado, virginia, i'm missing a bunch of other ones but a close race it could make the difference. >> here's the problem, this is the united states of america and it is a republic, which means we have three branches of government and the president is only one branch and now is trying to abuse his power and it has happened before and it's a very important issue and this is something that congress should be involved in. what he has done is outrageous, to try to obviously, for him -- we have got five months left and he has had a miserable record with the economy, his last speech was terrible, fell flat and, the economy is doing badly, we have to move to something else. >> dave: the pew center, nonpartisan, 1.4 illegal immigrants may be eligible for
5:20 pm
this. isn't it rewarding those folks who climbed over a fence with their kids, illegally, and does it now invite others to say, hey let's sneak into the u.s. with our kids? >> look, it doesn't invite others to sneak into the u.s. and, there are restrictions on who it applies to and it's not permanent, so whether it is president obama next year or romney, it is something that can be easily -- >> gregg: no, i -- the supreme court says once the government confers a right it cannot be taken away. >> and the -- >> it is a stopgap measure. >> it's not king or emperor obama and it is president obama and what about the americans, the american students who have gone through college and probably live in their parents' basements because the jobs are not there and it hurts jobs for americans and it should be u.s.a. first. and pro america, instead of rewarding bad behavior. >> gregg: tim in march of last
5:21 pm
year the president was asked with an executive order could you stop deportation of students and his response was, a pointed no. and mentioned separation of powers, can't do it, and saying it's not his appropriate role as president, and repeated it twice more and this, takes a listen. >> president barack obama: that is not how our system works. that is not how our democracy functions. that's not how our constitution was written. >> gregg: a lawyer in court would ask, mr. president, were you telling the truth then or now. >> i think the supreme court on the issue has been clear, this is a longstanding form of administrative relief, and one of many forms of prosecutorial discussion that the president has, i think if you look at any number of legal scholars who looked at this issue it is clear the president has the authority.
5:22 pm
now, look... >> gregg: why did he say he didn't, going back. >> i think, if you look at what mitt romney said and what a lot of republicans said, they said, this is a short-term answer tie long term problem and i think the president would agree and one of the things he said consistently is he wants a long term solution. >> no, he wants to... this is pandering to the hispanic community and it is not right and in the u.s.a. we need to put americans first. >> gregg: does it put mitt romney in a very difficult position because his party is somewhat increasingly split on this issue? romney can either further alienate the latino community and vote with an election coming up, or, you know, can alienate his conservative base if he capitulates? >> well, president romney would respect the law and would understand there are three branches of government and you know, there are a lot of hispanics that did it the right way and a lot of people from other countries who did it the right away and we are rewarding bad behavior and it is not the
5:23 pm
american way. it needs to be american first and it's not right to americans now and the job market and is something that president romney would get right and, president obama last year said we can't do it that way and he was right then and now it is five months before the election and he needs a hail-mary and is suffering badly in the polls, and, for the economy and now needs -- >> gregg: hail mary's sometimes get caught. >> well, you never know. gregg: it will not be decided for a long time and then the election is over. >> not the next five months, for sure. >> gregg: thanks, see you both, thanks. >> thank you. >> heather: arizona governor jan brewer not waiting for a supreme court ruling on her state's immigration law. what she's doing to make sure police there are ready for whatever happens. that is next. >> gregg: plus police in one town responding to an absolutely bizarre emergency just ahead, the 911 call, that left one deli owner dumbfounded. >> we pressed redial but phone
5:24 pm
and it showed and we were like, oh, no, i can't believe he did that and a few minutes later the officer showed up. paef
5:25 pm
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>> gregg: it is bottom of the hour, time now for top of the news, tens of thousands taking to the streets in portugal, protesting the country's tough economic austerity measures. >> heather: and new reports of at least 33 people killed in pakistan and dozens more injured after a car bomb ripped through a crowded shopping area. >> gregg: and a nobel prize winning speech more than 20 years in the making, aung san suu kyi delivering remarks in oslo, norway and said the award given to her in 1991 while under
5:29 pm
house arrest, demanding democracy for her homeland. >> heather: arizona governor jan brewer not waiting for the supreme court. the governor ordering the redistribution of a police training video, on her state's controversial immigration law. ahead of and expected supreme court ruling on the law this month. steve craft from our affiliate ksaz in phoenix has the story. >> reporter: here is the video from the arizona police officers standards and training board. arizona post. >> each and every one of you will carry the reputation for the entire law enforcement community with you. every day. >> reporter: frankly, critics of this the law believe arizona officers cannot be trusted with this kind of authority. over and over, they instruct police not to do racial profiling and this morning county attorney bill montgomery said he will not prosecute sb 1070 arrests if racial profiling is involved. >> should the u.s. supreme court uphold the provisions of sb 1070, law enforcement here in arizona and in particular,
5:30 pm
maricopa county will be able to effectively implement the provisions of that law, mindful of the civil rights involved an abiding by the dictates of our federal and state constitutions. >> reporter: dps says it will be ready for whatever comes, out of the u.s. supreme court. >> well, nobody knows how the court will rule and our staff has been meeting to discuss training, retraining, and operations aimed towards scenarios should the -- when the ruling comes you on. >> reporter: arizona post expects challenges to sb 1070 arrests but believes the law will be enforced fairly. >> heather: steve craft from our affiliate ksaz in phoenix. >> gregg: all right, new reports of u.s. intelligence operations hitting the media this time the "washington post." on the expansion of secret military ops across africa.
5:31 pm
as concerns mount from both sides of the aisle on capitol hill, where ese leaks are coming from. because, it is against the law. an author, journalist and fox news contributor joins us. hi, liz. >> good afternoon, greg. get out your safari jacket, because, the direction is africa. and, that is where -- where the next wars are being fomented and run by the u.s. military, just as we get out of afghanistan, we go into another area of operations. now, as far as the leak so far, the ones obama said didn't come from the white house, the press comment from the press all week was political tow, who said the higher up the leaker the less likely he'll be found and i think that is true because of the white house leak it will lead into all kinds of constitutional challenges and an election year, that is probably not going to happen but the
5:32 pm
"washington post" thing is almost a repost to the earlier leaks. this is very, very detailed stuff. this is a two-part series by craig whitlock and the first part deals with west africa. and, what we call now, i guess a major base in wagadugu, and where i have been, incidentally, so don't make fun of it. but, in wagadugu, apparently this is the central point in west africa for maintaining and running spy plane operations with contractors run by the u.s. military special forces operations but using contractors which of course the use of contractors brings with it deny ability in case anything goes wrong and the second piece dealt with west africa. and, the countries in the horn of africa. and, specifically, ethiopia and
5:33 pm
djibouti and, he goes into another long detailed report on what we're doing in those countries. there's a lot of countries involved. i mean, in the west alone, it is mauratania -- i should say the east and west as far as mauratania, uganda, and djibouti and several more and the interesting thing is, he lists two sources, mr. whitlock in the "washington post" series, two sources, one are public contracts that have been signed between the government and contractors. who are running this big spy operation and, the second is, wait until you hear this, wikileaks. so, for all of the people out there who thought wikileaks was a harmless operation, this is the kind of thing you get very detailed military information
5:34 pm
about exactly what we are up to on the continent. gregg: and the president says, quote the writers of these articles have all stated unequivocally they did not come from the white house and that is completely wrong, liz. >> exactly. >> gregg: most of writers say they all came from the white house and david sanger recounts a scene in his book and bob gates walks into national security advisor tom donelon's office and says, shut the blank up. how can the president possibly say it's not coming from the white house and the writers say -- >> he's quoting people from the white house, and you don't have 12 sources, a dozen sources, either former or current white house people who have not been cleared by the top. so, it is interesting, i mean, while they are still going to try to go after those leaks, and try to fry "the new york times" which is, of course, all of this makes obama look good, the new direction is africa and it would probably be something now if we
5:35 pm
paid more attention to what is going on there and i promise you, that everyone will be buying a ticket to one of those countries to see exactly what is up. >> gregg: i'll leave you with this, dianne feinstein of the intelligence committee said to the "san francisco chronicle," i'm getting more intelligence information from david sanger's book than my own committee. thanks very much, liz trotta. >> heather: have you heard this, daredevil nick wallenda becoming the first person to walk a tightrope across niagara falls, but it was no walk in the park, he braved fierce winds and heavy mist as he teetered back and forth high above this rushing water below and rick leventhal is live for us in niagara falls, new york with more on the feat. he witnessed it and has more. hi, rick. >> reporter: it was incredible. and that is what nick wallenda said, heather, it was amazing
5:36 pm
and absolutely incredible the view from over the falls and he's the only one to ever see it from directly above niagara falls and we'll show you where the walked them. wire is long gone but the record has now been set. walking across that raging niagara river. and credits concentration and focus and prayer and his dad who is on a head set in his ear for keeping him calm, 10:17 p.m., eastern time and he climbed on the two inch steel kascable ande began his careful journey into the mist, 1800 feet across the gorge wearing custom shoes made by his mom and when he reached the middle of horseshoe falls, the famous mist enveloped him and it was tough to see him and tough for him to see and a 7th generation daredevil and he never slowed down and instead of the predicted 35 to 40 minute journey he made it in 25 minutes and neiled on the wire and,
5:37 pm
pumped his fist in tribute to his great-grandfather carl and was greeted by con customs officials and his wife and three kids, and talked about the challenges he faced during the crossing. >> i was very focused. the wind was definitely something that you could not train for, it was come from every which way. but, you know what? i made it through and the mist was powerful. you know? the mist was in my eyes, a couple times i had to blink so that i could see. but, again, praise god, here i am in one piece. >> reporter: and asked what he'll do next to top this, he said he'll cross the grand canyon, a journey more than three times as long but he'll do it and he has the permits and it might take 3-5 years but he says he'll cross the grand canyon on a wire. >> heather: how do you rig something like that up? how did it get rigged across niagara falls? >> reporter: well, the wire
5:38 pm
itself was too heavy to string with a helicopter and they had a rope they attached tie helicopter and brought across and attached -- one end of the rope to that end of the cable and, used the winch to pull the 7 ton steel cable across and secure it tightly before he, then, began his journey across. >> heather: thank you very much, rick, appreciate it. a great story today and gregg says he's next. >> gregg: i have trouble walking straight on the floor. >> heather:ary store. >> gregg: file it under "b" for bizarre, police responding to a 911 call at this east hartford deli, workers say a customer ordered a sandwich and asked for less meat and more cheese and complained about having to pay full price for the slipped down version an stormed out and came back and asked for the phone, take a listen to this: >> 911, what is your emergency. >> i specifically asked for
5:39 pm
[laughter]. >> gregg: what do you say to a guy like that? cops arrived at the scene and told the guy the very same thing, hey, you don't like it, don't buy it. >> heather: me wanted extra cheese and extra mayonnaise. he was not grateful at the grateful deli. >> gregg: i'm grateful any time a get a sandwich. i never get within. all right. >> heather: coming up on a completely different note a father in texas killing an alleged molester with his bare hands. all to save his four-year-old daughter. should he be charged with murder or could this be considered justifiable homicide? judge jeanine pirro gives her take, up next.
5:40 pm
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>> heather: grand jury considering possible charges against a father who killed a man in the act of allegedly molesting his young daughter. the incident happened in shriner texas, the father reportedly killing his daughter's attacker with his bare hands and he said he never intended for anyone to die, he was trying to save his child. >> he heard the screaming and ran out there and, to see what, you know, what was wrong with his daughter, and, in the course of him trying to rescue his daughter, he struck the individual several times, and the individual ended up dying. he had remorse that the
5:45 pm
individual had died. i mean, it wasn't his intent. he was just protecting his daughter. >> heather: here to discuss it is judge jeanine pirro, the host of. >> justice with judge jeannine." thank you so much, do you think the father will face charges. >> it is interesting, the judge said he will not arrest him or file charges but you have a possibility of a district attorney coming in and presenting the case to a grand jury, texas law, however is very interesting. it makes it very clear that you can use deadly physical force to defend another person if that force is imminently necessary to protect the other person and is necessary to prevent the commission of a sexual assault. what we have is a sheriff saying, no, we're not going to arrest him and the da not speaking as to whether or not they'll put it in a grand jury but texas law making it clear texas justice basically allows for this. >> heather: i'm told we are
5:46 pm
getting reports, initial reports a grand jury is going to hear the case. so my next question is, how do you go about separating emotion outs of the case? >> well, i don't know it depends on who you are, whether you want to separate out emotion, the district city attorney who handled the cases and presented them to the grand jury, certainly it's about the law and whether or not the evidence corroborates what the father said. the father said, look, i did it. i am sorry. i didn't mean to kill him, but what else do you have to corroborate the story? if he was partially naked, the rapist, if the girl was partially clothed, she was taken to a hospital, you've got her brother saying, daddy that man took her, and then, all the surrounding circumstances seemed to make it clear that this is a case where any parent on seeing this would be emotional and where the law, this intersection between morality and legality, where the law allows that parent to be emotional in this particular situation. >> heather: and it is probably a fine line and the father himself
5:47 pm
is the first to call 911 as well in the case. >> that's right, the father made the call and said i'm sorry, in fact i liked the guy, i brought him to my ranch to work and now we know that this little girl, hopefully he's okay. and we know she clearly was examined by a pediatric gynecologist, so this isn't the kind of thing that was made up and it wasn't a fight covered up. he killed him with his bare hands, but, in town, even assuming, heather, there is an indictment handed out or a true bill as they call it down there, i don't think there is anyone in that county who will convict this guy. >> heather: they were having a family barbecue and the guy came into tend to the horses and the pasture and brought him in, and the dad at the family barbecue, hears his little four-year-old at the time, i think now she is five, screaming for help, and he runs and sees this happening, what father wouldn't do the same thing. >> that is exactly the issue and that is why, this is not a case
5:48 pm
of an excessive use of force. it is justifiable homicide under the texas statutes i think ultimately he'll be able to go forward and hopefully the little girl -- i dealt with many of these victims, will be able to heal and move on and be the survivor that i'm sure she will be. >> heather: thanks, appreciate your in sight, as always, and you can catch. >> justice with judge jeannine" 9:00 p.m. eastern, she'll have a terry on this case and a man and his mistress charged with trying to kill his wife, you want to hear who she is talking to about that case, joey buttafuoco? that's right? we'll be right back with that. 1 oney i just found them a possum. dad, i think he's dead. probably just playin' possum.
5:49 pm
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>> gregg: it is really astonishing the number of diabetes patients in the united states now, topping 26 million people. >> heather: now companies are scrambling to invent new drugs to treat these people, drdr. earthe doctor is from st. boniface hospital in the bronx, what is fueling these numbers? >> i would say the obesity epidemic or sedentary lifestyle, poor diet choices, inactivity levels, all of these things are pushing people to less activity and that is causing people to get overweight, increasing the
5:53 pm
chance of developing diabetes. >> gregg: do you see patients like this, every day? >> every day, lots of patients with diabetes, pediatrics cases and we are seeing them occurring at an alarmingly lower and lower age. >> heather: in terms of these advances being made and these companies inventing these new drugs is it just to maintain and control symptoms or is it a cure? >> well, you know, that is obviously a big question for debate. our culture is a pill-popping culture and we want a pill to get rid of the disease and make it go away. the problem is when you have diabetes you have to make lifestyle changes, you have to make healthy choices, both in your diet, both in exercise and both in all of these things, to contribute to the disease going away or improving and the pills are going to help but are not going to be the cure-all for everything. >> heather: okay. >> gregg: what is the recommendation you often give the patients that you see all the time, diabetes patients? >> it is well-known increasing this high fiber in your diet,
5:54 pm
high fiber diet and more nutritious fruits and vegetables naturally regulate your blood sugar without taking a pill or any of those things, more regular meals and not missing breakfast is one of the key things to starting your day off, to maintaining a normal blood sugar during the day. >> gregg: smoking. >> obviously, no smoking, moderation in alcohol intake and exercise is the key and even small benefits like taking the stairs at work, walking to work or taking a lunch break where you walk. >> heather: and do you see mr. men or women affected? >> that is a good question. i would say to say in my head, right now i see equal numbers of both men and women. because the obesity epidemic is affecting everyone. >> heather: and we are seeing people at a younger age. >> much younger, pediatrics cases are coming in, at alarmingly lower ages. >> gregg: important to keep the immune system healthy. >> obviously, it is the thing that keeps your body strong and healthy and which helps to fight
5:55 pm
cancers and one study pointed to a health or benefit on a diabetes drug, curing breast cancer in women and that is a great thing and if we know by keeping our bodies healthy and our immune systems healthy that will help prevent diseases like that from getting a foothold. >> heather: popping a pill, not the cure. make lifestyle changes. >> gregg: thanks, so much. happy father's day. dr. patty, happy dad's day to you and happy father's day, rick and arthel, coming up next. i needed a coach. our doctor was great, but with so many tough decisions i felt lost. unitedhealthcare offered us a specially trained rn who helped us weigh and understand all our options. for me cancer was as scary as a fastball is to some of these kids. but my coach had hit that pih before. we're 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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>> rick: this is a "fox news alert," we have before and after photos to show you, one person is dead and three hurt, as a stage collapses ahead of a radio head rock concert in toronto. this is downsview park in toronto and again the pictures just into our newsroom, calls came into emergency crews, 4:00 eastern time, so a couple of hours ago. the british rock band was set to perform at 5:00. radio head announced on the twitter page, the concert has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, and fans are advised not to make their way to the venue, again one person dead after a partial stage collapse before a rock concert in toronto. as we get more, we'll pass it along.


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