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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 16, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> rick: and we're glad you are with us, welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news head waters i'm rick folbaum. >> arthel: and, money coming into the president's campaign coffers and some from single donors who do not have to disclose who they are, what does it mean for our democratic process. >> rick: babies at risk and you may be surprised to find out where. we'll explain what you need to know to protect your own. >> arthel: a raging inferno, and wildfires swallowing up more than 100 homes, how close fire crews are to bringing the situation under control. >> rick: let's get to politics and fox news is your election headquarters. at this hour, governor mitt romney in the key battle ground state of pennsylvania, just moments ago, wrapping up a rally in the town of cornwall and yesterday the governor responding to president obama's
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unexpected order, to suspend deportation for some young illegal immigrants, and, today, he is trying to shift focus back to the economy. take a listen: >> there were presidents who haven't done a great job but when it comes not giving a fair shot to the middle income people of america, this president takes the cake and is one reason we have to get him out of office in november. >> rick: molly henneberg is live in our d.c. newsroom with more. hi. >> reporter: hi, rick, the topic political analysts say the election will hinge on and as you said, governor romney brought the political conversation back to the economy today, and is going to six key states the president won four years ago, one of those states is pennsylvania where he had several bus stops today including in cornwall and lebanon county and, republican senator john mccain won in '08. mitt romney started the tour in new hampshire, going to ohio, wisconsin, michigan and iowa and told support es today the president may want to take the focus off of jobs and the nation's economic situation but
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he doesn't. >> his last campaign had a campaign slogan, about hope and change and now he hopes to change the subject and doesn't want you to think about his record. but we are thinking about his record. the people of america recognize that whether you think he's a nice guy or you don't, one thing you know is he has been a disappointment. he has not gotten this economy going the way he said he would. >> reporter: the president spoke in the rose garden yesterday announcing he was changing immigration policy to allow young illegal immigrant brought here by their parents to apply for a work permit if they meet certain criteria and avoid the threat of deportation and today is back on economic themes and his weekly radio and internet address, and urged congress to pass his jobs plan. >> president barack obama: a sent a plan that would have reduced the deficit by $4 trillion in a balanced way that pays for the investments we need by cutting unnecessary spending and by asking the wealthiest americans to pay a little bit
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more in taxes. >> reporter: republicans say tax increases, quote, destroy jobs and they want more cuts in spending and taxes, as far that's jobs bill goes. rick? >> rick: molly henneberg, live in washington, thanks. >> arthel: i possible deal in the works over the botched operation fast and furious, congressman darrell issa says he's willing to postpone a contempt of congress vote against attorney general eric holder but only if the justice department releases additional documents. peter doocy has more now from washington. >> reporter: congressman darrell issa has been pushing for a vote to hold eric holder in contempt of congress for quite a while and now says he'll postpone the vote scheduled for wednesday if he comes forward with documents explaining how and when the justice department found out their agents were letting guns walk across the southern border. at least two guns were eventually used in the murder of
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border patrol agent brian terry and, issa wrote to holder friday, while i have substantial concerns that these documents may not be sufficient to allow the committee to complete the investigation, delivery of these documents to the committee before the scheduled consideration of contempt, at 10:00 a.m. on wednesday, june 20th, 2012, would be sufficient to justify the postponement of the proceedings, to allow for the review of materials. issa wants to meet withholder on tuesday, and the justice department says they are in and the quote, we are pleased that chairman issa agreed to our request to meet next week and we look forward to a productive session, in the best interests of all parties to bring the matter to a final resolution by avoiding the confrontation that involves contempt. on february 4th, 2011 the doj sent chuck grassley a letter saying there were no reckless tactics used in operation fast and furious but, ten months later on december 2nd, they withdrew the letter and so issa wants documents from the time in between and at this point it is
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unclear what the attorney general will bring. >> arthel: peter doocy, thank you very much. for that report from washington. jesse jackson calling for action against gun violence and joining forces with the rainbow/p.u.s.h. coalition, to organize in 25 cities including this in front of a gun shop in illinois and hopes to draw attention to reviving the ban on assault weapons and stand your ground laws. >> rick: overseas, in syria and brand new video, showing a heavy military presence, on the strip there, even in the suburbs of the capital, damascus, activists reporting heavy attacks on civilians and brutal shelling in densely populated areas and attack helicopters over towns and cities. this comes as the u.n. observers announced they are suspending their activities there, because it is just getting too violent. take a listen: >> innocent civilians, men,
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women, and children, are being killed every day. it also poses a significant risk to the observers. in this high risk situation, they are suspending the operations. u.n. observers will not be conducting patrols and will stay in their locations, until further notice. >> rick: the u.n. says the decision is a temporary one and the observers will remain at their posts in syria. >> arthel: tensions running high in egypt now. voters heading to the polls determining the direction of their country, thrown into disarray after a bloody revolution in january. despite all that is riding on the outcome, voter turnout is relatively low, and many said the only candidates are a member of the former regime, and a religious extremist. leland vittert has the latest
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from cairo. >> reporter: the arabic saying for this goes like this: i have two choices, both of which arbiter of and there are many of the young revolutionaries who prosted in tahrir square who said there is not a liberal democratic candidate they feel excited about voting for so there's not a lot of people in the street voting, and there is an eerie calm in the days between the election. we had voting tomorrow and we have voting tomorrow and many people realize in egypt, it is a little difficult to predict where revolution is going to go. keeping with islamic tradition, egyptian men voted in one room, and women in another. marking their ballots, then dipping their fingers in ink, to prevent people from voting twice. >> this is democracy. this is human beings... we are not free. we are not free. >> reporter: this is the entrance to one of cairo's
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polling stations and during the first round there was excitement in the air. the line stretched all the way to where i'm standing meaning voters had to wait two hours in order to cast their ballots. but, today, turnout is so low, in some parts of cairo, that there isn't any way, at all. it was a different picture in cairo's poor neighborhoods them. muslim brotherhood's powerful political machine turned out hundreds of veiled women waiting to vote under the hot june sun and, in upper class neighborhoods voters worried what happened. >> i do not believe in an islamic country, i believe in a liberal country, i am muslim but will not give my vote to a muslim brotherhood candidate. >> reporter: wisdom tells us a low voter turnout helps the muslim brotherhood because how powerful their political machine and going forward we have voting tomorrow with results sometime the middle of next week and, there is a big question mark when it comes to those results,
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because, a number of the young revolutionaries say if ahmed shafiq, the prime minister under former president mubarak wins the run off election, they will, once again, return to tahrir square for another round of protests, a lot of egyptians are very worried about. >> arthel: leland vittert, thank you very much, from cairo and here's clear evidence, voter fatigue is a problem, the beautiful beaches of alexandra, are busy today and beach-goers admitting they chose vacations over voting, saying they are not happy with any of the candidates. others are worried another revolution may be on the way, no matter who becomes president. >> rick: they're voting in egypt and we are hours away from people voting in greece and, the world is waiting to see what voters in that financially ravaged country choose to do. their decision could spark severe economic consequences all over the world including here in the u.s., ashley webster with
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details now from athens. >> reporter: rick, there is no doubt, there is certainly an air of uncertainty hanging over athens, less than 24 hours before tomorrow's big vote. and greece has been in the your zone for some ten years now and for almost half of that time it has battled a crippling recession and is only getting worse. the vast majority of greece, though, 80%, in the latest polls say they want to remain in the euro and, tonight the clock is ticking. tomorrow's contest is a neck and neck race between the conservatives new democracy party and the left wing party. if the left wing wins it promises to rip up the terms of an international bailout saying the conditions are just too harsh. and it is unclear whether eu leaders would renegotiate. yesterday, germany said it will not be black mailed. in the end, greece could get the boot. central banks say they are ready to take steps to stabilize the financial system if needed and for now greece is in the euro, but that could change after
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tomorrow's vote. rick, back to you. >> rick: ashley webster reporting from athens, greece, ashley, thanks. >> arthel: families in minnesota are picking up nieces, a powerful stomp blowing through nurses night tomming trees and destroying homes, one man said the storm turned his family farm into a waste land and leveling buildings and leaving his cattle buried under the barn. >> all that work for 40 years is gone. in a few seconds. and it looks like a desert out there, looks like it never had been plant. it was so powerful, it was unbelievable. we have to see where the finances are to see whether we'll be able to continue or not. >> i don't look for much to come back, i really don't. i think it is a loss, total loss. but we -- time will tell. >> arthel: and they've got more troubles out west, more firefighters streaming into north carolina and northern colorado, pardon me, for a
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wildfire that is burning there, now for a week. and the massive blaze destroying more than 100 homes, marie molina live in the fox weather center with mr. -- with more. >> and, basically we have had dry conditions for the past several weeks or even months, out across parts of southwestern part of the u.s. like colorado, new mexico, and even portions of utah, and even across parts of arizona, so, you have dry conditions and all the dry brush in place and when the wildfires get started they have the fuel in place to help them to continue to spread and the weather isn't helping out either, right now, as far as the wind goes, we have strong wind gusts, in excess of 50 mimles pr hour across the region and dry conditions, low humidity and warm temperatures, because of the combination of basically conditions, we do have a number of fire weather watches that are in effect across this part of the country from nevada up into portions of colorado and even parts of northern california, and north of san francisco, are
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under the red flag warning meaning conditions are favorable for wildfires, to spread very rapidly, out across this part of the country so, again, dry conditions in place, and, very windy conditions, at that. this is one of our computer models printing out we'll see strong winds later today into tomorrow, and, even by monday afternoon. the darkest color is where we have the wind gusts possible in excess of 50 miles per hour. so, heads up, northern nevada, parts of utah, into colorado, just outside of the city of denver, you will be dealing with very windy conditions, because the trough of low pressure will be moving eastward across the pacific northwest and won't be bringing in much moisture into this part of the country, really picking up the wind and increasing those temperatures, we do have a little bit of moisture out across parts of colorado and new mexico, and you can see them here on the satellite/radar picture, producing a little bit of rain and not enough moisture will fall from the storms and if anything we could be seeing new wildfires being sparked up, because, some of these thunderstorms will produce lightning and that is not good news with some of these storms, keeping a close eye on and
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otherwise, warm across this part of the country, 93° today, the high temperature, in grand junction and triple digit heat in las vegas, phoenix and 99° for the high today in tucson, very warm, dry and very windy. >> arthel: not good for wildfires. all righty, maria, thanks. >> rick: quick break, when we come back mitt romney facing a conundrum, slamming the president in ohio for not doing enough to fix the economy but is also supporting republican governors who are running on their own economic successes. we'll look at the facts. >> if you want to see the results of his economic policies, look around ohio and look around the country, and you will see a lot of people are hurting. a lot of people have had real tough times, and the policies the president put in place did not make america create more jobs. as a matter of fact, he made it harder for america, to create more jobs.
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>> arthel: this is a "fox news alert," fresh pictures here, one person is dead and three hurt, as a stage collapses ahead of a radio head concert, happening in toronto. at the park there, fresh pictures coming into our
6:19 pm
newsroom, live pictures and calls into the emergency crews at 4:00 p.m. eastern time, with the british rock band set to perform at 5:00 and radio head announced on their twitter page the concert was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, and fans are advised not to make their way to the venue and you fortunately one person is dead after that stage collapse there, before the radio head concert in toronto. ♪ >> laser on jobs and our economy... the result, the lowest unemployment rate in over three years, and thousands of new virginia jobs and we're rated the best state in america for business. virginia's strong again and so is our future. >> rick: growing strong again, sounds like it could be an ad for the president's re-election, but, of course as you may have seen on the screen, that was an ad for the republican governor of virginia. running for reelect and now, some say the republican governors who are running on
6:20 pm
their successful economic records are in conflict with governor romney's message that the president is not doing enough to fix the economy, trae harden, former republican campaign manager and aide to the g.o.p. house leadership and christie sutzer, president of new heights communications and former spokesperson for former vermont governor howard dean, nice to see you and thanks for come in and don't messages like the governor's undercut what mitt romney is saying about the president? >> no, i don't think it does and i don't think there is a conflict there. words matter and, messaging matters and maybe the president, may be -- well, president, premature there, i guess, maybe governor romney needs to choose his words more carefully but this is an opportunity for the republican party and opportunity to highlight republican success stories as well as present a differentiator between the republican party and president obama and you have 29 out of the 50 states are led by republican
6:21 pm
governors and a majority of the states, key battle ground states are states turning the corner because of strong fiscal conservatism by the governors. >> rick: i'm guessing the obama re-election campaign would say, don't we deserve any credit for the good stuff -- we certainly get blamed, shouldn't we get credit. >> that's right, you absolutely cannot talk about the recovery in these key states without giving some of the credit to president obama, and cannot talk about the way ohio has turned around without talking about the way that obama was able to bail out the auto industry and you can't talk about the way virginia has turned around without talking about federal stimulus money, look, this is creating a problem on a couple of levels for mitt romney. one, is that it is a problem of straight message discipline, you have the republican governors and the president saying exactly the same thing which is that the economy is turning around, and, then you have mitt romney, who is the odd man out here, who says, no, it is really not. and this other problem it is creating is actually a political
6:22 pm
problem, which is that if this gets any worse you are going to see some of these governors not win a campaign with mitt romney and see them want to have to distance themselves from his words and that -- it could be really problematic. >> not a chance, not a chance, not a chance. listen, these republican governors have taken leadership, have taken steps to get their states turned around without any federal government help. i don't know where she's getting her information about what hit obama did in the state of ohio and i think she mentioned the auto industry and that is actually in the state of michigan. >> there are manufacturing jobs in ohio. >> these are republican-led success stories and, the -- mitt romney and these governors would do well to work together an coordinate messaging, i agree on the message discipline front and coordinate messaging and talk about them, incumbent governors, candidates have to run on their record and can't float new ideas unless they have a record to run on, otherwise the new ideas are flat and unfortunately, barack obama does not have a record to
6:23 pm
run on and these republican governors do and the republicans should see that. >> rick: these are republican governors in key swing states as trey mentioned earlier. if you look at the economy in ohio and the economy in virginia, in florida, where things are looking really good, what is the -- i mean, you know, compared to the rest of the country, what is the line of attack for the president to be able to try to get -- convince voters that he deserves credit when there are republicans who are running the state house there? >> it's not a line of attack, it is the truth. you mentioned ohio and florida and those are great examples, ohio just recently experienced the tenth straight month where the unemployment rate has been lowered, and actually at the lowest rate since 2008 and florida is two full percentage points -- the unemployment rate, 2 full percentage points lower than a year ago and these are stunning examples of economic success both for the president and i will not say he did it alone and also some of the republican governors in these
6:24 pm
state houses. >> rick: it's a tricky line for republicans, you don't want to come off like debbie downer and you want to talk about it but you don't want to talk about it too much if it helps the other guy. >> and this is what we an agree from our backgrounds of working on campaigns, message discipline is key and she mentioned it earlier. i mean, i would encourage the romney campaign to coordinate with these governors and kind of come mart menttal -- compartmentalize and talk about how the governors have gotten the economies back on track in their states an addressing on a national level the debt, deficit and what president obama has not done. with respect to the economy. so, i think that they both can co-exist. >> rick: and cchristie, finally with you, the state might be looking better but the national economy on a whole and the unemployment numbers, if you look at them, going in the wrong
6:25 pm
direction. if that doesn't turn around, none of this is going to matter because most people say the president is going to have a very difficult climb under those kinds of circumstances. >> yes, there is no doubt that the election is absolutely going to turn the economy and there is also no question that the obama campaign has always said that things are going the right direction but there is so much more to do. ultimately it will come down to who do you trust in the economy, the president and the republican governor or the guy with the car elevator? >> rick: getting in the car elevator joke at the end. thank you both, nice to see you, thanks for coming in. >> arthel: a major medical concern for american babies, coming up, we'll tell you about a big problem in emergency rooms, and hear from a mom whose infant daughter died soon after doctors sent them home. >> rick: and thousands of firefighters are called on to battle those raging wildfires in colorado. but, can they make any progress? against the heat fueling these flames?
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>> rick: glad you are with us on this saturday, here's your headlines... one person has been killed and three more hurt when a stage collapsed, one hour before a radio head concert was set to start in toronto. radio head announcing on their twitter page the concert has been cancelled, telling fans not to come. so far no word on what caused the collapse. a two-day manhunt ends as police find dr. timothy jordan dead, saying he shot himself, wanted in the shooting death of his ex-girlfriend at a buffalo medical center earlier in the week and china embarking on an ambitious mission, sending the first female astronaut into space along with two male astronauts to dock at an
6:31 pm
orbiting space lab, the first step in china's goal to have a working station by the year, 2020. >> arthel: more than 1500 firefighters are now involved in the intense battle against the intense raging wildfires in colorado, so far the flames consumed more than 100 homes and the fire is now blamed for the death of one woman, found in her cabin, anita vogel live in our west coast bureau. >> reporter: reports indicate that that woman did not respond to several emergency calls to her house and could not be rescued in time, now, today overall things look better but there is light of activity on the grounds in colorado. the fire is burning 15 miles west of fort collins, started by a lightning strike and since then has become the third largest wildfire in state history, containment today at 20% and fire firfighters think they'll get more of a handle on it as the day goes on, but in the meantime there are a number
6:32 pm
of people whose lives have been changed forever. >> looking for a longer-term place to stay. right now, we're sort of temporary, and, don't want to impose too much on people. >> mountain people are tough. they are going to get back to work. it isn't going to be katrina, people will get busy. >> it is unbelievable, all of these things, you think will happen to somebody else, and, you want to be there to help them. but, you can't imagine it would possibly happen to you. >> arthel: and a couple of other large fires that caused major devastation in new mexico are nearing containment today. in the central part of the state the little bear fire which destroyed more than 220 homes is now more than 50% contained. and, the whitewater fire in the southwest corner of the state is about the size of los angeles and considered new mexico's largest fire on record. it is now thankfully more than
6:33 pm
60% contained. and has already been an especially volatile fire season and we still have quite a ways to go. it has also been a pretty expensive one and costs almost $10 million to work on the colorado fire, and you know, of course it is not out yet. >> arthel: yes, anita vogel, thanks for that update. rick? >> rick: thank you, arthel. the health care crisis in the u.s., few people are aware of and the american academy of pediatrics says most emergency rooms in the country are not prepared to treat babies. resulting in misdiagnosis and death. joining us now, is this co-founder of our baby foundation, phyllis ra begin witne -- rabinotitz, and, the director of pediatric emergency medicine is here at mount sinai hospital, and thanks for being here today. phyllis, first of all, as a dad i cannot imagine your loss, and, so, i begin with my condolences,
6:34 pm
you had just brought rebecca home from the hospital, she had been discharged after spending some time in the nic-u and tell us what happened. >> my husband, andrew and i rushed her to the emergency room and she thought she was really, really sick, wheezing and lethargic and not eating well and she was really sick and when we took her to the emergency room they were like, it is a common cold and, definitely a common cold and, you are being neurotic and overprotective and let me get to the real emergency down the hall. >> rick: did you have any reason to doubt what they were saying? when you brought her home, did you feel like, okay. it is a common cold and she'll be okay. >> we really believed she was sick, she could barely breathe and we really believed and proceed pleaded for another test and asked them to admit her but you almost feel crazy in that situation and they said, we have seen children 20 years and we've got this. and they had a pediatric emergency room sign on their e.r., and what we later learned is there is no definition for
6:35 pm
what a pediatric emergency room is. >> rick: it turned out that she did not have a common cold but in fact had an infection that may have been treatable if it had been diagnosed correctly. >> she had, an infection, and, babies show symptoms differently and they weren't aware of what she had. so yes, i know a lot of babies that have survived with that infection. >> rick: unfortunately, that was notrebecca. this is incredibly tragic story, how often does this kind of thing happen around the country. >> unfortunately, it is just that children are not small adults and my field is created to address the problem, when kids presents an emergency situation they presents in different ways and people need to recognize their symptoms as such. it is actually a dawning task because 90% of children are not seen in children's hospitals emergency departments and of those departments, we found by recent surveys, only 6% are fully prepared to see children in emergencies.
6:36 pm
so, they really have to prepare for the rare occasion and, it is difficult. we have to train up the people that are really seeing kids on the front line in this country, to treat them appropriately. >> rick: and not only training the doctors who will be treating this babies and having the right equipment in emergency room to do that too, right. >> equipment is vital. if you don't have the right equipment you are nowhere and you have to have ongoing, continuing medical education and most kids in this country will be seen by emergency physicians, and not specialized pediatric emergency physicians such as myself. so, part of my task is to help those physicians feel more comfortable with children. and, refer to when they need to, to a higher-level facility. >> rick: was there a choice that you had, phyllis, when you wanted to take rebecca to an e.r., and you knew that she was sick? did you and your husband even stop and think, well, if we go to this place we know they will be prepared to treat our daughter, if we go to this place, maybe they won't? did it come to mind? >> it did and we went to our
6:37 pm
local pediatric emergency room and as we said, there is no definition of it and no transparency to parents, and there are so many differences in the emergency room. so, that is why we started our baby foundation to make sure it is clear what the differences are. >> rick: and we urge people to check out your web site, and what advice do you have for parents, doctor, this is something moms and dads have to think about before an emergency, what do they need to know? >> exactly. don't wait until the problem comes up. people plan a lot to buy a car and plan a lot when you have a child and realize that you need to make those plans ahead of time and i'd work with the general pediatrician and try and figure out which facility in their area is best prepared to take care of children so when the event rises, they know where they are going and clearly if it's an extreme emergency call 911 or go to the closest facility but if you have time to go to a more specialized facility it is probably the best move. >> rick: phyllis, what a way to honor your daughter's memory, by starting the foundation. and, raising awareness, of this
6:38 pm
problem a lot of people are probably not aware of, hopefully, they are more aware of it now, and, doctor, from mt. sinai hospital, thanks for coming on. >> arthel: thanks to all of you for bringing the important story to the forefront and when we come back, legal loophole allowing campaign contributions to donate huge sums of money to their candidate of choice and sometimes tens of millions of dollars from a single donor. causing concern about who is really running washington. we'll talk about it when we come back. so anyway, i've been to a lot of places. you know, i've helped a lot of people save a lot of money.
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♪ >> arthel: welcome back. this year's presidential candidates are pulling in record donations like we have never seen. sometimes getting millions or tense of millions from a single donor. that is leaving some to wonder
6:43 pm
whether the average american can be heard in washington. susan estrich is the professor of law and political science at the university of southern california and is also a fox news contributor. hi, susan, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> arthel: let's start there. is it possible for the average americans to become discouraged and process thoughts that maybe dollars trump democracy? >> sure. i mean, you'd almost have to be crazy not to. you and i can't give that kind of money and i've never met a candidate who doesn't know and respond to people who have given that kind of money. but the even greater problem it seems to me this year is we're not even having disclosure, in other words, you and i can't even tell who is giving that kind of money, so, any check on, you know, corruption, or influence, that would come from disclosure, we have these new organizations, that don't even disclose.
6:44 pm
>> arthel: how do you feel about the nondisclosure aspect of it? and, is that part of this formula, inside of constitutional boundaries? >> you know, it is funny, art, because when the supreme court decided the citizens united case which is widely viewed as the case that opened the floodgates, even the supreme court, justice kennedy writing for the court, emphasized that there was going to be disclosure, in other words, we weren't going to limit the amount people could spend but at least it would have to be disclosed. and, like the swiss cheese that election law is, the next thing that happened is many groups -- and i'm not going to -- you know, i think both sides are going to do it and karl rove, who is brilliantly, started it. formed these new organizations that are social welfare groups, a gps, which is a new exception and said, all right. the social welfare groups can spend unlimited money and they don't even have to disclose where they are getting it from.
6:45 pm
>> arthel: and, again, there are super pacs on both sides of the political aisle. why are the super pacs seemingly the go-to fund-raisers these days and what are those anonymous donors getting for their money? >> well, they they're go-to f d fundraisers these days because if you and i had an extra, 10, 20, 25 million we couldn't find anything else to spends for or thought it was a good investment in politics and couldn't give it to the candidate directly because that would be against the law but we can give it to the super pac. that is openly identified with him, and which he knows where it is coming from anyway. so i'm willing to admit that some of these folks are giving because they've got, you know, firmly-held views on policy, the adelson's in las vegas, strong friends of the state of israel but if you don't know who is giving you cannot be sure and i
6:46 pm
have to believe some people writing a check or some companies, for $10 million, hope whoever is elected will be a little grateful, if you know what i mean. >> arthel: based on that information i'll go further and the question to ask you, who stands to gain most from the this type of fund-raising? is there a particular political party that stands to gain more or is it just the people with the deep pockets? >> the groups of people with deep pockets and i could sit here and be very partisan and say the republicans are, you know, the party of big business, after all, and the wealthier you are the more likely you are to be a republican but, let's be honest. both sides are going to be out, hitting up their richest donors. and there are plenty of rich democrats and right now it looks like the republicans have done better, karl rove, as i say, has done quite brilliantly at this
6:47 pm
but you have an incumbent president and there is no way the democrats aren't going to at least try to match the republicans dollar for dollar and the ultimate losers, frankly in this game are regular people, people who believe in democracy and believe we shouldn't have the best government money can by and the politics, spending a od chunk of their time, out there fund-raising as opposing to do what many of them would rather do. >> arthel: and you threw karl rove's name out there a couple of times and folks on the othe side said they have george soros, so... just to be fair and balanced. >> karl is a more effective organizer, i think. >> arthel: gotta go, susan, always good to see you, of course, don't forget you can read her syndicated column in newspapers across the country, every wednesday and friday. so, now, time for a little... rick, what are you doing? >> rick: anybody renovating
6:48 pm
their kitchen? yes! of course! we have a nice crowd on a beautiful night, we'll talk about doing renovations that won't break the bank! when we come right back, our friends from consumers reports are here, don't go away. [ male announcer ] knowing your customers is important to any successful business. which is why at wells fargo, we work with you to get to know the unique aspects of your business. we can recommend financial solutions that can work for you that have helped millions of business owners save time, reduce expenses, and maxize cash flow. as the number o small business lender f nine years running... we're with you when you need us. so you can be there for your customers. wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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>> i don't know about your house, most important room in our house is the kitchen, where everybody gets together, right? >> arthel: we're all here in the kitchen together and nothing says hello like the kitchen, why not show it off, "consumer reports" magazine, lists ways to improve your home's value with an affordable kitchen makeover, and, editor bob markovich with tips. >> rick: thanks for coming in. >> good to see you. >> rick: the flooring, you brought in a sample you are very excited about. tell us about that. >> we're excited. who can be excited about vinyl but this vinyl, armstrong canyon sun and it is this first vinyl we have seen in a long time that actually looks, a pretty good deal like slate and, you really get the resilience and durability with vinyl and the texture and dappled color you expect from slate. yes. it is tile but it has style. >> arthel: it looks great to me. is it pricey.
6:53 pm
>> no, $5.50 roughly per square foot and the main thing, it is easy to install and glues down, unlike hard wood floors and is vinyl, the easiest thing to install. >> rick: how about durability? in my kitchen we are always dropping stuff. >> nothing is like vinyl when it comes to resisting dings or scuffs or scrapes and that is what it is known for, but not for style but in this case you also have style. >> rick: available, all of this stuff, available everywhere, home depot, lowe's, you name it. >> yes. and it has the floor-score industry seal and produces fewer vocs, volatile organic compounds, linked to respiratory issues. >> arthel: and it is easy to clean. >> another benefit, huge. >> arthel: from the floor to the counter tomps. >> everybody said wow it must be granite and it's not. this is cork, it is heavy and
6:54 pm
looks and feels like granite and it is durable as granite except it never has to be sealed, and that is the big difference, this is quartz and, it is never sealed, and it is 40 to $100 per square foot and is granite without the hassle rushing and this is another option, if you have less, looking to get away a little cheaper. >> on a budget, laminate, as little as $10 per square foot and this is an inexpensive way out and burns more easily, but, you know, if you are on a budget, a good choice. >> rick: you brought everything, even the kitchen sink! >> arthel: the kitchen sink! stainless steel. >> the great thing about stainless, this, like appliances is a nice, neutral color and finish. and it is tops in our test in general, stainless but you don't have to spend the big money and we discovered, this does just as
6:55 pm
well and in fact, look for in stainless, is be sure... we have a rowdy crowd! they are excited! >> rick: excited about the sink. >> look for a brushed finish, and it hides damage which this has and the other thing, you see the camera -- >> rick: couple seconds. >> look for sound absorbent pads. >> rick: from "consumer reports," thank you very much. >> happy fathers. >> rick: happy father's day. >> rick: harris faulkener is coming up next, thanks, guys. [ male announcer ] you sprayed them.
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>> with a popular band set to take the stage there's a collapse. there's word of injuries and at least one person is dead. the politics of immigration. that's the spotlight on this saturday. we're following the reaction to president obama's unilateral move to change the law. i'm harris faulkner. >> dead line's for the nation's top cop. he has less than 48 hours to turn over documents in the massive gunrunning scandal known as fast and furious. eric holder is facing punishment from congress. >> i don't have any intention of resigning. >> what this could mean for his political future. also, from the front lines of a raging wildfire, officials in colorado calling even more help. outside denver more than 100 homes damaged or destroyed


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