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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 17, 2012 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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watching, fearing a possible outcome that coulden with greece leaving the euro zone behind. >> despite everything that has been said by greek politicians ahead of this important election, a handful of greek soccer players might have done more at the last minute to tip the scales. they won. the greeks beat the russians in the european championship. and the celebrations kept a lot of young people up very late last night. since most greeks must vote in the area where they were born, as opposed to where they live tcould be tough to get groggy young folks to the polls, which is important because the young voters tend to lean to the left and that party wants to cancel the international bailout deal they got. experts say that party's support is driven by citizen who is don't care for the tough austerity measures that the government agreed to when they needed to be bailed out -- twice. >> to some extent, they are
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frustrated. they are up to the wall and in the economic sense, it's a very strange way. they feel that we are paying too much. i think they are absolutely right. >> the bailouts are cancelled, they will cut greece off, which would make greece go bankrupt and if that happens, they might try to print their way out of trouble, which could cause massive inflation, up to 35% in the first year alone. there are lots of moving parts here. we will know when way they are going to turn starting in 2 favel hour when when we expect e results. >> shannon: we will all be standing by. as anxiety rises over europe's financial crisis, stow does concern about our own economy, in part because of growing fears because of tax-megedon. former reagan financial adviser and americans for tax reform,
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grover northwest is here. grover, thanks for coming in. let's talk about the tax- tax-megedon. >> this has happened before, where the research and development tax credit lapses and they extend t. the alternative minimum tax lapses and they extend it. the tax cut, the bush tax cuts, to lapse before and then extend t. for the first time, all of these extensions are slated to happen at one time and 56 days after the november election. so... in the past, they get kicked ahead because politicians are worried about the next election. this time, 56 days after, if obama wins, after he wins the re-election, he just has to sit like a bump on a log and all of these tax increases take effect. the alternative minimum tax, to
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hit 31 million family, starting in january 1. over the decade, up to 55 million families. the capital gains tax jumps from 15 up to 20%. the top rate on personal income taxes, jumps from 35% to 39, up to 43 on the same day. so from 35% to over 43%. the tax on dividends, brought down to 15, jumps up to 43. just about triples. so if you are invested in firms that pay a lot of dividends. what's the value of your stock when the tax goes up 3 times? what happens to businesses when the capital gains goes up? and all of your personal investments? it's a dramatic tax increase and the minimum tax on top of it, hitting 31 million families -- it's $500 billion. altogether, it's $500 billion in
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one year alone. 2013, taken out of the economy. >> shannon: it would take congressional action, obviously, to counter act a lot of what is coming. there is want a lot of cooperation on the hill. you have encouraged a number of lawmakers to sign, in which they vow they won't raise taxes and cut out tax credits or deductions without a match dollar for dollar in decreasing taxes elsewhere. you are not surprised that there are other who is have signed the pledge, senator lindsay graham who said, it may be time to back away from that, to compromise to get something done. what's wrong with that idea? >> well, of course, the advocates of higher spending, obama and pelosi have said, why don't we compromise and you raise taxes to pay for our spending? republicans have been very good over the last 3 years and saying, we are not going to raise taxes to pay for overspending, we are going to bring spending down. lindsay graham has said, i might raise taxes, but he's by himself
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on that. the republican house of representatives made it very clear, speaker boehner saying, we are not raising taxes, not happening. there are two futures. one is the republicans in the house are putting together now, it will pass in the next couple of weeks, a bill to say extend all of these tax reductions that lapse by 1 year. why? if we elect a republican house, a republican senate and president romney, we will take that year and do tax reform, revenue neutral, not a tax increase, tax reform and pass the rye arnbill, which brings spending down. so we will bring spending down, not raise taxes. that's the future if the republicans keep the house and take fofour seats from the senate. if obama's elected, you still are a republican house and perhaps a republican senate, he has said he will veto any effort to continue them all. might he want to continue some of those tax breaks? you have to ask yourself, for
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two years, 200 19, 2010, he woke up every morning and didn't make the tax cuts permanent. the next day, he didn't make the tax cuts permanent. for two years, he could have on any given day extended some of them, part of them, only for lower income people, whoever, he never did that. why would you believe he wants to extend them for anybody? >> shannon: we will wait and see. there is a lot of work to be done. thank you for dropping in. >> thank you. we have breaking news. fox news has confirmed that rodney king, the man whose beating by los angeles police sparked widespread riolon theeing is dead. his fiancee found him dead at the bottom of a swimming pool. police are saying, there are no signs of foul play n. 1991, a bystander caught police officers on tape, beating king after a high-speed car chase. those images were broadcast around the world. the four officers were acquitted in that assault, in a decision
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that led to deadly riots in los angeles and other cities as limp rodney king was 47 years old. we will check in with anita vogel, monitoring that story for the latest details. immigration on the 2012 campaign trail, governor romney's refusing to say that he would overturn president obama's new policy, allowing some illegal immigrants to stay in the u.s. sept cent is here. >> g.o.p. candidate mitt romney accusing president obama of playing politic, by announcing an immigration plan in an election year to benefit young lateenose. romney said that obama's playing politics. >> i would come into scmofs say we need to get this done on a long-term base basis, not a stop-gap measure.
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the president should have worked on this years ago, if he felt seriously about this, he should have taken action when he had a democrat house and senate. but he didn't. he saves these sort of things until four and-a-half months before the general election. >> the move will affect mostly latinos, who represent the fastest growing segment of the electorate. but david plouffe said this is not a political move. it's a reaction to republicans' fail tower pass the dream act, which would have achieved roughly the same goals. many have accused the president of overstepping his bounds with this, mr. but plouffe says it's legal and the option is clear fmitt romney wins the election. >> president romney fhe was elected, is not going to fix our immigration system. he's been very clear about that. you watch republican debate after republican debate, many of them on your new york, mitt romney was very clear, he thinks the 11 million people ought to be sent home. >> the new policy would affect
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up to 800,000 immigrants. >> shannon: steve, thank you very much for the update. >> more than 1600 people are fighting what are described as the most destructive wildfire in colorado history. right now, we are told the fire's half contained, most of the damage has been centered around the area 15 miles west of fort collins, colorado, at least 180 homes have been destroyed. it's about the economy for the next five months leading up to the presidential election, how much room and that leave for the social issues in the 20 telph race? we will ask a man who supported rick santorum in the g.o.p. primary because of that? and speaking of the economy, both the romney and obama campaigns say their candidate is the one who can jolt it out of our slump. we will ask our political panel about that, next. a very happy father's day to all of you dads, including the dads of america's news headquarters, here in washington.
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>> but don't forget, he has been president 3 1/2 years and talk is cheap. action speaks very loud. >> i have not seen a single independent analysis that says my opponent's economic plans would actually reduce the deficit. >> shannon: battleground ohio, governor romney and president obama gave dueling speeches in the buckeye state. did either one sway potential voters? we have two representative heres to break it down. welcome to you both. >> thank you so mitch for having me. >> thanks. >> shannon: rob, the president says there is no independent analysis that said that romney's plan would do any good for the economy? >> look, that's just ridiculous. you know, as far as when it comes to giving empty rhetoric speeches full of hyperbole and elqeps, the president's doing
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fine. when it comes to a plan for our country, i woman romney. mitt romney believes that the federal government should get out of the way and let the private sector do what the private sector does best, create jobs. president obama thinks the federal government should create the jobs. it's a fundamental difference. >> shannon: melanie, a lots of people thought ahead of this speech that the president was going to lay out new, grand economic plan, but most people thought it was a rehash of policies that he has already talked about. does the president have to come up with something new? >> the president has a plan right now that independent economists say would create 1 million jobs, right now. he has a proposal, laid before congress, where we would invest in energy, education, innovation, infrastructure and reform our tax structure. it is before congress right now. 1 million jobs. they have failed to act. i think he did lay out, i agree,
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there is a fundamental difference between his vision to move our country forward and build on the growth we have seen, 27 straight months of job growth, 4.3 million jobs. we would continue to build on that. and mitt romney, who wants to go back to the failed economic policies of the past. and as you noted, independent economists say his plan would slow growth. it wouldn't create jobs. >> shannon: rob, what about the fact that the house turns around and g.o.p. leaders, we have passed a number of things for creating jobs and they languish in the senate. who is to blame? >> who is to blame is the lack of leadership of this president. this president has been an abject fail when your it comes to jobs. his presidential slogan is forward, i think most americans would like to hit fast forward until we vey president romney who can get our country working again.
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>> shannon: i want to ask but the keystone pipeline. there is a dispute about how many jobs it would create. the president has said, thus far, he is not on board. labor union organizations say they want it, it will create 20,000 or more jobs. what do you think the president will ultimately do about keystone? it would be a way to launch much-needed jobs here in the u.s.? >> the keystone pipeline application has been resubmitted. it is under consideration. it was under consideration for quite sometime. the republican governor of nebraska asked for additional considerations. and republicans in congress forced an early decision before that consideration could be made. this decision is under consideration. but if you want to talk about creating jobs, the president, again, has a plan. 1 million jobs, investing in education, intrastructure, energy. he wants to do that right now. congress has failed to act. mitt romney doesn't have a plan
12:18 pm
that is going to create jobs. he has a plan to explode the deficit and provide a $5 trillion tax cut for the wealthiest in this country on the backs of the middle class by cutting programs that are important to them. slashing social security, turning medicare into a voucher program -- that's not the direction this country wants to go in. we want to move forward. mitt romney wants to take us backward to the failed economic policies of the past that got us into the recession. >> shannon: rob, i will give you a chance to have the final word here and respond? >> that's just absurd. i think the question was about the pipeline. mitt romney has been very clear he is for bringing that oil into our country. he has said he would go out with his own bare hands and build that pipeline. there is nothing that could help create more jobs quicker and faster than the president allowing that to happen today. >> shannon: the president obama -- >> the plan on the table would create 1 million jobs now.
12:19 pm
[overlapping dialogue] >> shannon: thank you both very much. we will continue this conversation in the future. we'll come back. thank you both. >> thank you. >> reporter: the justice department is suing the state of florida in an effort to stop the state from purging its voter roles, causing some to reverify their citizenship or lose their registered voter status. florida officials say they are trying to keep dead people and illegal immigrants from casting ballots. we will have a fair and balanced debate. we have been asking twitter followers to chime n. tom says, what's wrong with what florida is doing? i believe it's necessary. chris says, it's ridiculous, why not allow everyone to vote who happens to be in the u.s. at a time of an election. we'll keep an eye on your twitter responses on the show. have you plenty of time to chime in. we may use the comments in the upcoming debate. new comments over pictures of women, breast feeding in military uniforms. what the military told these
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>> shannon: rodney king, the man whose beating by los angeles police sparked widespread rioting has died. we go to los angeles for the latest. hello, anita. >> he is the man at the center of the los angeles riots. and we are learning now from multiple sources and fox news has confirmed that rodney king has died at the age of 47. his fiancee apparently finding him at the bottom of a swimming pool in rialto, an hour east of los angeles. i received a statement from the rialto police. they received a 911 call at 5:45 a.m. from the fiancee of rodney king. she stated she found him at the bottom of the swimming pool. officer arrived, removed him from the pool. he was unresponsive. they performed cpr until paramedics arrived. he was transferred to arrowhead
12:25 pm
medical center and was pronounced dead at 6:11 a.m. detectives are conducting a drowning investigation. a little perspect identify this statement. rodney king became a national symbol of police brutality in 1991, when he was beatsen by lapd officers in an event that was videotaped by a bystander and shown around the world. who can forget the pictures? the officers involved in the beating were acquitted the following year that. announcement of the verdict led to the devastating los angeles riots of 1992. there were 54 riot-related deaths and nearly $1 billion in property damage. on the third day of the riots, rodney king emerged on the steps of the los angeles city hall and uttered this now famous phrase. "can't we all just get along?" king was awarded $3.8 million in a civil trial for the injuries he sustained. this past april 29 was the
12:26 pm
20th anniversary of the l.a. riots. fox news is confirming that rodney king, the man at the center of the los angeles riots, has died at the age of 47. and so far, all reports indicate no foul play was involved. but there is a drowning investigation going on. we will certainly be looking into this story for the rest of the day. back to you. >> shannon: all right, thank you very much. >> another developing story. world markets anxiously waiting for the outcome of the elections in greece. peter doocy has more. >> it's the second ballotar a national election 6 weeks ago, failed to produce a clear winner. votessers must choose between a party that supports the bailout that keeps greece from going bankrupt and another that rejects it. it could affect the fate of the euro itself. the supreme court is expected to hand down its decision on the president obama health care law in the next 2 weeks.
12:27 pm
republicans in congress say they will move quickly to repeal any parts of the measure that survive. but they won't push any replacement until after the election. more than 1500 personnel are battling the most destructive fire in colorado history. authorities say the fire's 45% contained. at least 180 homes have been driveway destroyed. residents in new mexico's little bear fire have a new worry -- flashflooding. a warning from leading cyber pros. they say the u.s. is suffering from computer security experts, making it difficult for companies and the government to protect networks at a time when attack are on the rise. those are the top stories right now. >> reporter: thank you. the economy may be the top issue for most voters, but for many, social issues are close second. social conservatives are wrapping up the faith and freedom conference here. what role will the issues important to them, like traditional marriage and
12:28 pm
abortion, play in november? tony, thank you for your time today. >> hey, shannon. good to be with you. >> shannon: i want to start with the issue of gay marriage. it's something that a lot of people thought was a settled issue. but each time it goes to the polls here in the u.s. and average voters have a chance to vote, they have gone for traditional marriage in each of these cases t. will be on the ballot in several state this is fall. do you think that will impact the overall election? >> i think it does because the president coming out, saying that he supports the redefining of marriage. as you mentioned, 32 states have gone to the ballot box and voted. all 32 states have supported the natural definition of marriage. several key statesville it on the ballot. i think it will be a factor in this. i think what is happening here is like this past weekend at the conferences i spoke yesterday, the focus is on the economy. but the key to a strong economy is strong family. so the messages are not
12:29 pm
inconsistent. they are intertwined and that's what social conservatives are looking for, not an isolated focus on their issues, but simply, a recognition that, yes, these issues are important, if you want to have a strong, robust economy. >> shannon: there was talk early on in the primary season about whether or not social conservatives would be willing to coalesce around somebody who wasn't a top issue and looked to governor romney and said, it may not be the same level of priority for him that it is for us, on the specific issues. he is focusing on the economy. items that most polls show that the g.o.p. is coalescing behind him. i want to play what he had to say. i believe this is when he spoke at liberty university about coming together. >> people of different faiths, like yours and mine, sometimes wonder where we meet in common purpose, when there are so many differences in theology. surely the answer is that we can meet in service, in shared moral
12:30 pm
convictions about our nation, stemming from a common world view. >> shannon: are you confident that the g.o.p. will be firmly behind him? how much difference do you think his vice-presidential pick will make to voters? >> well, let me take the second part first. i think it will be critical. i think the president has helped move the intensity meter to about 75 or 80% in support of mitt romney, among conservatives. you know, the key to team building as a common objective. what is happening now is the primary's basically over and there is a coalescing as you mentioned, it's a team-building process. social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, foreign policy conservatives with a common object testify replace barack obama in november because of his failed policies that have burdened our economy with raising our debt to $16 trillion. foreign policy that has weakened america internationally and policies that have undermined us socially and morally here at home. there is a coming together, team
12:31 pm
building, putting aside differences and perspectives from the primary. i do happening he is going to get there. it is going to require mitt romney to help move that intensity meter all the way over. i think that pick of a strong social conservative, pro-life with a strong record, runningmate will be critical for ha. >> shannon: quickly, a couple of names you would like to see on the short list for the v.p.? >> lyou know, i think there are a number out there. but i would tell you, the gold standard would be somebody like mike huckabee. bobby jibbed jindal would be good, with strong leadership skills. but also have strong social conservative credential, which i think will be important for the social conservatives to have a link with the romney administration. >> shannon: president of family research council, happy father's day. >> i am a happy father with five great children and one wonderful wife. >> shannon: fantastic. we wanted to follow up on a
12:32 pm
story we told but earlier this month, involving a controversy over mom who is did a photoshoot while breast feeding in military uniforms. the military mom who is took part in the campaign have been reprimanded for promoting a cause while in uniform. meanwhile, the civilian who organized the shoot said she was fired because of the media attention that the photos got. we asked you at home about it a couple of weeks ago. deedre wrote, the military should stand down and/or support them. >> thanks for weighing in. imagine having a front-row seat to row v. wade or the health care case. we go inside the hallowed halls of the highest courts. we will tuck to the former clerk to justice thurgood marshall.
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>> shannon: time for a look at stop stories. in greece, voters are returning to the ballot box to try to select i new government. world leaders are anxiously awaiting the outcome that propel greece out of the euro zone and possibly create a firestorm in economics arounded world. there will be a meeting in mexico tomorrow, with the g-20. and president obama will meet with vladimir putin as well. china state television reports
12:38 pm
that a spacecraft has had the first female astronaut made a change in docking docking with n orbiting module. from fighter pilot to artist and author, richard kirkland has written hotdogs fifth book. this is the fictional model, but it is based on a true story and a love story of the greatest generation. richard kirkland is here now. sir, thank you for coming in. >> thank you. it's my pleasure to be here. >> shannon: this is your first fiction book. it sounds like a wonderful story. >>. >> well, thank you. it is my first fiction book. it's basically -- it's a love story. it is based, starts in -- during the great depression and world war ii. it begins with a group of young people and a small area this the tehachapi mountains of california. they are all teenagers and they grow up with trials and tribulations and whatever and
12:39 pm
enjoy themselves doing all kinds of exciting things, as teenagers. as boys, of course, the boys' parts, they do the boy things until they discover girls. of course, that changes everything. >> shannon: of course. >> so then we have many romantic entanglements, the protagonist, jesse roscoe, he is sure that is in love with the bare-footed mountain girl, bria. but the beautiful rancher's daughter, he is also looking at pretty heavily. he is not sure. that all goes on until, of course, until world war breaks out and then that changes everything. and that's a part 1 of the book. part 2 is about world war ii. and it's about what happens to these young people in world war ii, where they go and what happens to them, for example,
12:40 pm
the little mountain girl that he let -- jesse thinks he's in love with, becomes a rosy the riveter in an aircraft plant. the pretty girl, rancher's daughter, she becomes a wasp, a pilot. jesse himself is sent -- he joins the army air corps and is sent to the south pacific and becomes a fighter pilot and assigned to the flying knights, the famous flying knights fighter squadron. that was the squadron that i served during world war ii. his experiences as a fighter pilot and his life in the jungles of new guinea where the squadron was stationed at that time is the real mccoy, so to
12:41 pm
speak. jesse excels, of course, and is awarded a medal of honor. to get his medal, he comes back to the states and meets maria, the mountain girl and halle and emotions sizzle but he knows that maria is his true love and he promises to go home to her. he goes back to his unit in new beginy and unfortunately, is shot down in the isolated section of the new guinea jungle-- >> reporter: unfortunately. we are out of time. you are giving people a good tease. it's a fascinating book. they will have to see what happens to the downed pilot and because you were a fighter pilot, it's the real mccoy and you can share your experiences through a fictional account. a great love story. thank you so much for your service it our country and this great new book and happy father's day as well.
12:42 pm
you remember the word it's can't we all just get along. >> eric? rodney king's beating sparked deadly riots. news of his death, coming up [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympto. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food. and it's not a narcotic. you and your doctor should balance the benets with theisks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naproxen, and meloxicam have the same cardiovascular warning.
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>> shannon: coming up, a standoff between republicans and the democrats over a national security leak scandal. attorney general eric holder facing tough questions. senator jon kyl joins us, live. europe, in another financial mess with global implications. i will ask economist steve forbes about what dumping the euro could mean for us here at home. i'm ready! this week, i will repel down a skyscraper to raise money for the special olympics. i will sit down with an athlete to find out why this organization has made such a difference in her life. we do know the fate of the president's health care law soon. we never know which ones we will get. the justices are considering whether the individual mandate is constitutional. if not, what happens to the rest of the law? we are awaiting an opinion on the legality of frks sb-1070,
12:47 pm
arizona's controversial immigration law. as woe awit the landmark decisions, what is going on behind the scenes at the supreme court right now? a new book, "in chambers," gives us a look at the lives of law clerks and their justices. joining me to share the inside scoop, the co-author of the book. and the director of the stanford center on the legal profession. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> great to be with you. >> shannon: artimis, anything surprising in compiling the stories from many clerks over the years in. >> li think the first thing that is surprising to a lot of us who study the supreme court is that, you know, the clerks have a lot of influence, behind the scenes. it is not uncommon for clerks to be able to influence the content of the opinions that they write and on rare occasions, even the votes of their justices.
12:48 pm
this is something we want to talk about in the book. >> shannon: professor, you are part of this book. what you can tell me about your experiences with justice thurgood marshal. >> it's wonderful to clerk for justice marshal. to give you an idea of the kind of stories in the book, one of my favorites is when the chief justice was planning a bicentennial of the american constitution, when chief justice marshal, with a little disturbed by the celebratory tone. he pointed out when the constitution said "we the people," it did not include well over half of the american people -- women, blacks and so forth. he said if there was going to be a pageant, he wanted to appear in an historically acrately reproduction and he would be the servant, holding the platter. needless to say, that was more or less scuttled, this celebratory pageant that the chief justice proposed. but it's the example of the
12:49 pm
supreme court's symbolic role as well as the role in deciding cases that i think comes through in this these stories. >> shannon: when we look back at the clerks, so few have had any kind of leak or any type of information. we would imagine right now, they are under extreme pressure, the current clerks, primarily with the health care law. why -- how is there such a code of silence? certainly their future careers are at stake. but they seem very, very loyal to their justices and to the court as an institution, as a whole. >> it's a great question. you know, it's very interesting to think that there is 40-something people right now in the supreme court building that know the outcomes to these cases, the clerks and the justices. but nobody else does. the clerks sign an oath of secrecy when they join the courts in the fall. they meet with the chief justice. you know, there is debate about whether that is a code of
12:50 pm
secrecy that extends during the clerk or during their lifetimes. many clerks not only don't talk during their term, but won't speak about what they did the rest of their lives. it's a secretive process. we are very happy to have professor rodey and ares who are willing to talk about what they did. >> shannon: professor, in the midst of these very important opinions, hammered out and shuttled back and forth and the clerks being such a big part of the process, how much pressure is there on a young clerk? >> well, i think the law clerks take the job responsibilities extremely seriously and it really is a 24/7 job. but i think also, they're very concerned about confidentiality. you know, the court couldn't really do its work unless everyone who was involved in the process was committed to a candid interchange and that
12:51 pm
could not occur if leabs were common. i think the supreme court is one of the few institutions in washington that has really managed to hold on to that pledge of secrecy and practice, as well as principle. >> shannon: which makes it very challenging to cover as a reporter. but we have great respect for the institution. thank you for sharing your stories. it's a fascinating book. we wish you all the best with it. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: a remarkable sign of a cultural change for the military. details next. and the latest on the death of rodney king, a national symbol of police brutality, way back in 1991. today, we stand against the tyranny
12:52 pm
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ask your doctor and visit >> shannon: a remarkable sign much cultural change in the u.s. military. the defense secretary thanking members as the pentagon prepa e prepares to mark june as gay pride month with an official salute. jennifer griffin has the story. >> diversity is one of our greatest strengths. >> defense secretary leon panetta thanking gay and lesbian military members for is service. the secretary issuing a video message as the pentagon joins the rest of the u.s. government for the first time recognizing june as gay pride month. >> you faithfully served your
12:56 pm
country with professionalism and courage. and just like your fellow service members, you put your country before yourself. >> reporter: this comes nine months after the repeal of the controversial don't ask don't tell policy took effect. under don't ask don't tell gay and lesbian troops could not reveal their orientation. if they did they faced discharge. the policy forced more than 13,000 service members out of the u.s. military. >> the successful repeal of don't ask don't tell proved to the nation that just like the country we defend, we he share different backgrounds, different values, different beliefs. >> reporter: according to the secretary, military leaders have concluded the repeal is not affecting morale or read readiness. >> i remain committed to remo e removing as many barriers as possible to make america's military a model of equal opportunity to ensure all who are qualified can serve in america's military.
12:57 pm
>> reporter: meanwhile the pentagon has announced its first gay pride event will be held on june 26. at the pentagon, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. rodney king the central figure in the deadly los angeles riots back in the 1990s has deed. i'm shannon bream. we begin hour number two of america's news headquarters with the latest on rodney king. anita vogel is standing by live in los angeles with more. >> breaking news this morning. he was the man at the center of the los angeles riots and this morning we are learning from multiple sources and fox news is now confirming that rodney king has died at the age of 47. apparently his fiancee found him at the bottom of their sw m swimming pool if their rial toe home. we have the statement from the rialto police department and we will put it on on the screen. she stated she found him at the bottom of the pool. officers arrived and rehe moved
12:58 pm
him from the pool. he was unresponsive. they performed cpr until paramedics arrived. he was pronounced dead at 6:11 a.m. west coast time. of course, rodney king became a national symbol of police brutality in 1991 when was be t beaten by lapd officers. an event that was videotaped and shown around the world. many people will remember those pictures. the officers involved in the beating were acquitted, the following year and the announcement of the verdict led to the devastating los angeles riots in 1992. there were 54 riot related deaths and nearly $1 billion in property damage. on the third day of the riots, king emerged on the steps of the los angeles city hall and uttered this now famous phrase. >> people i just want to say can we all get along. can we get along? >> king was eventually awarded
12:59 pm
$3.8 million in a civil trial for the injuries he sustained. and two of the police officers were later found guilty in a federal case. now, this past april 29 marked the 20 year anniversary of the l.a. riots. right around that time, king came out with a book called the riot within my journey from rebellon to redemption. it was about his personal experiences with the riots and during a book signing he had r prophetic words to say. take a look at this. why can't we all get along. simple. why can't we all get along. you know, can i try and do like rodney. can i find me some peace of mind by being humble, you know. i know he i'm in a bad situation but let me think this out, you know what he mean? let me give it some time and think how i'm going to go about doing this, can't we all just get along and that is how i would like to be remembered
1:00 pm
after i'm dead and gone. >> that is how he wanted to be remembered after he is dead and gone. we don't know whether rodney king knew his death would come so soon but that statement he made was just this past april. again, fox news is confirming this morning that rodney king age 47 has died. right now there is a drowning investigation being conducted. police at this point do not suspect any foul play but there will also be an autopsy condu t conducted and certainly we will be hearing more details about this throughout the day. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: anita, thank you very much. on to another story devel p developing overseas. the exit polls in greece's crucial national elections show the two top contenders neck and neck. the outcome could determine whether greece remains not euro or is kicked out. ashley webster is in athens with the latest
1:01 pm
well, shannon, you are absolutely right. the polls here in greece closed just about one hour ago and that exit poll shows it couldn't be he closer. as was predicted. the new democracy party, the 27.5 to 30.5%. the sirisa party coming in with 20% to 30% of the vote. in the lead then the conservative party by just half a percent over the left wing party who has made part of their platform to do away with the bailout agreement that was set with international lenders. both barack obama and german chancellor merkel pleaded with greek voters in the last couple of days to side with the bai bailout. atis issue here is whether gree
1:02 pm
could fall out of the euro zone and what impact that would have here and the con stagen that may spread to bigger economies within the euro zone such as spain and italy. for the greek people a sense of the fear of the unknown. they know that life here is difficult right now but also understand if greece falls out of the euro zone and go back to the former currency it could be catastrophic. as we are saying right now it is too close to call. the votes are being tallied now and probably within an hour and a half from now we mae be ge getting the first results and you can be sure that not only the greek people are watching but those leaders around the world in the financial markets who want to see what happens next. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: ashley webster live in athens. thank you. this is the burning question consuming washington right now. who leaked sensitive national security secrets? attorney general eric holder assigned two u.s. attorneys to investigate but some in congress including senator jon
1:03 pm
kyl are questioning whether they can conduct is a a true investigation. what is your take. two u.s. attorneys well respe t respected across the board. do you think it is enough? >> they are both answerable to eric holder the attorney general who is a political figure in the administration. the question is whether or not he he can lay politics aside whether there is a conflict of interest serious enough that he should actually have somebody else handle the prosecution. here is exactly how it could come down. he could find out where the leaks came from by talking to the reporters. but unless eric holder himself personally authorizes a subpoena of any of the news sources those prosecutors cannot subpoena documents or testimony from the news people. so it all boils down to whether or not eric holder should really step aside, put the country first and advise the president look for your sake, for the country's sake we really ought to have an independent look at this, not something that comes back to e me. >> shannon: do you think even
1:04 pm
for appearances sake this administration would be willing to do that or if it would feel like it was caving to public calls from gop senators like senators mccain and graham who said they want to see this done? >> i don't think caving is the way to put it. senator barack obama called for a special prosecutor in situations far less serious. these were serious national intelligence leaks and a, we need to get to the bottom of t it. and b, we need to avoid any appear pobst of politics. the best way for the president to to that is make sure there is a special prosecutor that has nothing to do with the department of justice and eric holder. >> shannon: do you have any feeling or belief in your educated about what you know about where you think the leaks may have come from? >> the reporters have basically told us top administration ai e aides having to do with national security and people who were part of the conversation in the situation room. that boils it down to a very few people. when the fbi director said well, we have already talked to
1:05 pm
200 people. we have another 200 to go. how about starting with the people who were in the room at least according to the news stories. if you can't get the information any other way you need to talk to the reporters. will eric holder give the permission of his prosecutors to do that. >> shannon: what is the appropriate penalty once we get answers if we do? >> it would depend which statute it is prosecuted under if they are prosecuted. the statutes under which a prosecution is possible are pretty vague and require a high standard if you leak something there has to be an intent to do harm to the national security. they might say i never intendd that harm, i just wanted the information to get out. is the second problem. first of all, let's find out where they came from. >> shannon: i want to ask you as well about immigration. you representing arizona. by some estimates 360,000 illegal immigrants live there in arizona and make up more than 7% of the workforce there. concerned at all about the presidents it announcement this week that there will be
1:06 pm
prosecutorial discretion, not an executive order but a cabinet level directive which gives others in enforcement the right to make decisions about who will and who won't be deported? >> the problem is it is a pho e phoney basis for doing essentially the right thing but did doing it the wrong way. three things. first of all, in terms of the policy itself it has a basis in the way that we should probably try to deal with people who came here under the circumstances that those young people did. but you have to follow the law. and the president himself said on september 28 of last year the notion that somehow i can just change the laws unilater l unilaterally is just not true. there are laws on the books i have to enforce. there has been great disservice of getting the dream act passed by perpetrating the notion i can go and do these things and that would also include his department of homeland security under secretary napolitano. he is supposed to uphold the
1:07 pm
laws that say you are are supposed to deport people here illegally. they decided european unilatert to enforce the law. there is a better way. pass the bill that senator hutchison and rubio and i have drafted. instead of just deferring tee portation -- deportation we would actually give these people a legal status. not citizenship, not a path to citizenship but the ability to know they are here legally and nobody can deport them in the future. congress needs to make the la s laws. we have a system whereby the representatives of the people represent the will of the people and the president signs the bill that we send to him. he and his secretary cannot say we tryd that and it was hard to do so we will just do it by executive fiat. >> shannon: how do you you answer critics who say legislation like this boils down to amnesty? >> if you have the dream act it does but that is one reason the dream act has never gone anywhere.
1:08 pm
what senator hutchison and rubio and i are proposing is that there be no change with respect to citizenship. we would bar an application for is citizenship for a period of ten years which is essentially what the current law provides. you would have a legal status in the country. you couldn't be sent anywhere else. you could be a productive member of our society and after ten years depending upon your circumstance if the law then allowed it you could seek is citizenship. but if you are not in one of the categories where the law would allow it you can't. so i think that is a better way to deal with this than just s y saying well, we are just not o going to prosecute an entire group of people. the law you really does not allow that. >> shannon: immigration reform is a tough thing to tackle on the hill. many efforts at it. we will see where your legislation goes. happy father's day. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: mitt romney is refusing to say that he he
1:09 pm
would overturn the president's new directive. the policy that would' lou some ilie immigrants to stay here in the u.s. the president turned attention away from the economy when he made the announcement friday. this morning on "face the nation" romney was asked three times whether he would overturn the order if he was elected. he instead shined the spot light back on financial matte s matters. >> i wish that ove over over te and a half years the president would have taken action to rebuild the basis of our economy. the president has macon it ha d harder for the economy to reboot. i would strengthen the basis of america's economic might. >> shannon: another hot topic on the sunday shows the national security leaks. obama's senior advisor david l plouffe said all the finger pointing at the white house is a distraction and congress should be focused on the country's well, being.
1:10 pm
>> with an economy that needs help and the middle class that is struggling i think you will see these kinds of distractions coming from republicans in congress. >> shannon: plouffe said wh whoever was responsible did not have permission from top administration officials. i sat down with chris wallace this morning. chris, it is all about potential national security leaks this week. you you talked with david plouffe the senior advisor to the president and had to push him a number of times whether the white house knew who knew who may have leaked this information. >> chris: it was very interes interesting. i asked him, first of all, because the president had an artful phrase. he said we would never disclose classified information but the president and some people at his administration can declassify just on their own so that raised the question maybe they wouldn't release classif classified information but did they declassify it before they released it.
1:11 pm
took a long time. he finally flatly denied it. i asked him whether or not he is going to order every member of his administration as bush did to come forward and tell what they know as bush did in the plame investigation. he wouldn't go there. i asked him what about a special prosecutor because obama called for a special prosecutor in the abramoff case back in 2006. he said we are happy with the two u.s. attorneys appointed by holder. some people going to wonder why the difference. >> shannon: you had two experienced guests weigh in on this as well and sort of couch how much the image may have been done and if we need another investigation. >> chris: we talked to joe lieberman and michael haydn and they said these were serious on a couple of levels. one, sources and methods. if there was information given eis specially about the double agent we had in yemen, al-qaeda into yemen who helped foil a
1:12 pm
bomb plot. now, they know he was a double agent and obviously he can't go back to yemen but make it har harder for anybody else to try to penetrate that terror cell. they also said that release egg all of this detail and hayden was careful to say i'm not sa saying it is true but releasing the detail that seems to indicate that the u.s. and israel were behind the cyber are war fare against iran and its nuclear program invites a retaliatory response by the iranians. >> a great power player people want to see if people wondered about washington cooking the books. >> i thought you were talking about my wife's cookbook. the ceo, the congressional budget office. meet the man behind the ceo who may be the one nonpolitical person in this town. >> shannon: thank you for the preview. >> to catch chris full interviews tune in to "fox news
1:13 pm
sunday" right after our show. 2:00 and 6:00 eastern. u.s. officials are monitoring the elections in egypt today. california congressman davi dad dreier personally flying to cairo while voting is taking place. we will talk to our reporter in cairo to get the latest on what is happening there. stay with us. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8.
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>> shannon: this egypt voters are electing a president freely for the first time but many aren't happy with the choices in the presidential runoff. they are stuck between choosing mubarak's last prime minister or a member of the muslim brotherhood. leland vitter is live from cairo with more. >> thit translates to i have to choices and both are them are bitter which is how many egyptians feel about the choi e
1:18 pm
choices in the election herer coming up. what we have observed throughout cairo is low voter turnout especially among the upper class neighborhoods and that is something that could favor the muslim brotherhood. shipping labels on them. they had to figure out how to design the ballots. take a look right here i will literacy is so high they put pictures of each candidate in addition to the party symbol and also the name. 40% of the women here can't read or write. the other thing they had to figure out how to design is ballot boxes. it used to not really matter who people voted for. now, they will have to figure out how to count all these and
1:19 pm
then announce the results. >> freedom. before in the process actually we were standing at th fist ofe president's finger. now, he is waiting for our finger. >> in poor neighborhoods the muslim neighborhood's political machine turned out dozens of veiled women to line up under the hot is sun. a vast contrast to cairo's wealthier neighborhoods where voter turnout seemed low at pest. >> who did you vote for are? >> how did that make you feel? >> guilty. i don't know really. i mean the less worse from two worst choices. >> the egyptians as we said are still trying to figure out the whole election thing. they announced just today they are extending the poll hours another couple of hours tonight so that means polls close at 10:00 local time here in cairo, about 4:00 p.m. there in
1:20 pm
washington, d.c., shannon. but it is not clear if any one either is going to trust the results or for that matter be very happy with them. we already heard that a hardcore group of islamists is lanking a prohe test for the square behind me starting before even the polls close to protest the results. back to you. >> shannon: thank you very mu h much. well, all eyes also on greece as we await election results in that country. it could have a major impact on the world economy. joining us the ceo of forbes media steve forbes who always has great insight. thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you, shann n shannon. >> shannon: how much is at stake and what happens if greece no longer uses the euro? >> a messy thing. it will have an impact on sean and other countries like italy that are in trouble. people figure if they let greece a small country go down who know hass is going to happen next. one of the two major parties in the election thinks at the end
1:21 pm
of the day germany is going to come through no matter what greece does and write another big check. i'm not sure grandma merkel will be in a mood to do that. the sketch the policies pursued by the germans and the local governments are both wrong in that they all focus on massive austerity for the private sector. it is one thing to cut back o n the public sector but quite another when you make it impossible for ente entrepreneo rise again to get the country back on their feet. >> shannon: is there a way to stablize the euro? >> one is don't print so much euros. let's pretend that illinois defaulted on its bonds. that doesn't mean it leaves the dollar zone. it is a credit crisis. if the european central bank gets its act together and has a sound currency, not a problem. the key thing is how do you get the economies growing again. one is structure reforms like no more binge spending.
1:22 pm
make it easier to set up legal businesses and have open labor markets but reduce the owners taxes. spain has been raising taxes. italy raising taxes. greece raising taxes and they wonder why their economies continue to shrink. it is basic. >> shannon: if the euro he doesn't stablize. explain what that could mean to the u.s. economy. >> what it means is you will have a flight to the dollar but for the wrong reasons. it means that business is going to stay on the sidelines to see how this thing works its way out. going to mean -- is it going to mean a major banking crisis in europe. i don't think it will be a full fledged panic such as in 2008 but another headwind that tha s economy and the global economy does not need right now. >> shannon: you having run for the gop nomination for the presidency before i want to ask you what is going on in the primary season and now that we appear to have the two conten contenders headed for the white house. what do you make of the two candidates different economic philosophy and more importantly
1:23 pm
whether you agree with the content or not who do you think is doing a better job communicating. >> president obama is doing a poor job of communicating because his numbers cratered below 50%. governor romney is starting to stay low right now. starting with the supreme court decision on healthcare he has to come out with reganesque reforms. deepen the tax proposals. reforms on things like social security and medicare. people will be listening and if he comes with a strong positive message he has the basis for that. listening to people like paul ryan i think he will be in a formidable position in the fa l fall. i think romney has that task to do and if he does it which shouldn't be too hard in this environment i think he will w n win. >> shannon: always good to see you. happy father's day. thanks for joining us. >> thank you very much.
1:24 pm
appreciate it. >> shannon: father's day is also about spending time with your family but for the famil families of wounded warriors in the hospital that can often be very difficult to do. an amazing group calls luke's wings steps together to help reunite families to be togeth together. joining us fletcher gill and also a family they have been able to help. jonathan carnes and his father onnan. great to see you in new york as well. >> good afternoon. good afternoon, ma'am. >> luke, i want to start with you. we featured your mission befo before. such an amazing thing and our viewers responded well to what you are trying to do because we all care about military famil families being able to be together? how important is it on holidays like this on father's day and christmas and other important days? >> thanks for having us on. thanthanks to your viewership. i don't know if they know this but last november when we were with you we walked out of the studio and this three days raised $60,000 which we useed o
1:25 pm
reunite wounded warriors and their families oncomice morni s morning. they are injured in battlele and come back and spend three maybe four years in the hospitals recovering and what people don't really realize is that it is not just a quick trip to the hospital. really is 30 or 40 surgeries over several years which has an incredible economic impact on the family unit trying to be there by their bed side the whole time. they will spend thousands of dollars and perhaps go close to bankrupt to be there and to be the nonmedical attendants. and for the service members it is incredibly difficult, too. they will wake up after an ied blast maybe a month after the incident and they will have lost 30 or 40 or 50-pounds and look at their new situation and look down and see that they don't have any legs and not even know where they are. for the first moments and certainly throughout the long and difficult recovery family is incredibly important. we all knee. on the important days like
1:26 pm
christmas morning or father's day or an anniversary with your fiancee or on your child's second birthday what is more important than being together. today for example we love to know that we have the wounded warriors and their families together and to be a part of that. >> shannon: lance corporal carnes thank you so much for your service. you were injured in a blast last november. you have your dad there with you. tell us what it means for you to be able to have your family and have your father with you through your recovery process? >> yes, ma'am. first of all, it was definitely traumatic waking up and the first things out of your mouth was what happened. and then all of a sudden you look left and look right and i was able to see my father and it was really, really -- it was an emotional moment to be honest. but the fact that he was able to be there was -- meant leaps and bounds.
1:27 pm
i didn't feel alone. i didn't feel like i was having to take care of this whole entire situation myself, you know, my dad was there. and luke's wings helped him with that step. took ought that proces out that him there so we could spend holidays together and thanksgiving, christmas. all of those holidays during that time was spent together because of them. and it helped with the healing process a lot. i'm actually doing a lot better and both emotionally and spiritually and physically. >> shannon: we are glad to hear that. we know it as long recovery process. mr. carnes, what does it mean to be able to be there for your son? >> well, i just want to thank you for letting us be here together today and share wit wt so many fathers want to rejoice in the fact that their son is alive. there is a number of marines who lost their lives this past year and general kelly and are
1:28 pm
arnie corral and ken i want to say a deep heartfelt i'm sorry your son is not here. i'm grateful mine is. luke's wings helped us through just a life altering time. >> shannon: mr. carnes and fletcher gill, we thank you all for sharing your story and a very happy father's day to you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: we always will have the information out there to tell you how to get involved and help donate as well. right now, firefighters in colorado are bat 8ing the most deis truckive -- battling the most destructive fire the state has ever seen. the very latest, next.
1:29 pm
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>> shannon: this the san bernardino county coroner's office will conduct an autopsy on rodney king in the next 48 hours. his fiancee called police to
1:33 pm
report she found him at the bottom of their swimming pool. officers performed cpr but were unable to revive him. rodney king was 47 years old. >> that is not the only top story we are watching today. in europe, keeping an eye on elections in greece. the top two parties in a dead heat. gop leaders in congress say they are working on a plan to quickly repeal any parts of president obama's healthcare law that survive a supreme court ruling which is expected within days. the plan calls for waiting to replace the measures until sometime after the election in november. firefighters in colorado say it could take weeks to get a massive wildfire there under control. it has already burned more are than 181 homes, the most in the state's history. for more on the fire situation let's go to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth with the fox weather center. >> a big fire danger for the next number of days anywhere you see the red flag here.
1:34 pm
fire warning watches area, california, towards south dakota. windy conditions continue where you see the yellows and oranges those are winds gusting 30 30-40 miles per hour today. the worst just to the north of denver here close to the fire in the fourth colins area. temps warm again and the winds extreme for the next three da s days. it it does improve by wednesday and thursday. temps however, a big problem for us across area of the west. take a look at this picture here. the first dust storm of the season yesterday in phoenix. it is called a haboob in some places and i tell you what, strong winds with the thunderstorm did not bring any rain but this went in across the phoenix area and they are already at 97 degrees. 110 degrees today in areas places like phoenix, arizona. that heat continues to build out across the west. it going to clash with the disturbance here and to the north and a big threat today for severe weather across south
1:35 pm
dakota. likely see a tornado or two today. some could be large and damag damaging and large win strong d large hail. we will watch that in the weather center. responses have been pouring in on twitter. we asked you about the justice department suing the state of florida and florida suing the department of homeland security connected to the state's effo t efforts to clean up the voter roles. one said this. but roland says the move to sue florida is strictly an obama ploy to keep as many democratic voters as possible. florida is following federal law. brian tweets too much dang su suing going on. too much division. get along, peeps, gee wis. we like to hear from you. up next, a fair and balanced debate on this very hot topic. c'mon dad!
1:36 pm
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1:40 pm
>> shannon: throughout the show we have been asking for your reaction to news that the department of justice is suing the state of florida and florida in turn suing the department of homeland security connected to efforts t to punch florida voter rolls. the former deputy assistant attorney general is here in washington and trial attorney duane cates joins us leave from phoenix. he said this i am one they want to punch. i'm a u.s. citizen but don't have my name on a water bill, light bill, lease et cetera so i can't vote. would he be barred by florida from voting if he is here
1:41 pm
legitimately? >> not at all. in this case you have the governor of florida exercising his duty to make sure that people are not voting unlawfu unlawfully in the state of florida. they shouldn't be voting if they are not a citizen. they shouldn't be voting if they are dead. a lot of the principles see fairly self-evident and it is the governor's duty to ensure that people who should not be voting do not in fact vote because they cancel out the vote of someone here voting lawfully. >> shannon: governor rick scott said they he have proof that people here illegally have voted in florida elections. a lot of folks say that is a voter myth. governor scott says it has happened. a tweet that comes to us from brad and he is asking about the possible of a constitutional violation. he says is there a violation of the constitution? if not this is a states rights issues. duane, is he right or wrong about that? >> i think he he is wrong about it. this is a constitutional issue. because of the 1993 voters right act this -- the lawsuit
1:42 pm
by the state of florida is too little too late. even if they got all the information they needed they can't remove the people from the rolls within 90 days of a federal election and section t is really clear. the secretary of state from florida was on the show about an hour and a half ago and he was trying to add citizenship as to one of the exceptions. right now the only exception if you are convicted of a qualif qualifying crime -- there is only two exceptions. citizenship isn't one of them. he wants to add it and can't do it at this point. >> shannon: you touched on something there and we talked about this in the introhe. for months the state of florida says it has been reaching out to the department of homeland security because it wants information regarding citizenship to cross reference the information against the voter rolls and dhs has not provided them that information and florida is sue. tom is that legitimate or are we now at this tim tit or tat?
1:43 pm
>> on one hand the administration criticizing florida for using what they say is an outdated list and improperly purging people yet the state of florida is denied access to the more updated list that the federal government possesses. the administration needs to be not quite as quick to go into federal court and sue the sta e states and instead should be looking to work in a partnership and con struc consy with the states to prevent voter fraud. >> shannon: why shouldn't the department of homeland security give access to florida? >> the information in the list isn't designed for purging voter role rolls. even the officials in the state of florida agree it is not an ideal situation. there will be flaws even if they have that list. florida started out with 180,000 people they claimed were illegals trying to vote and when they first started double checking that they found
1:44 pm
out there were 500 citizens in the first group they checked. now, they peared it it down to what they say is 2700. but they don't even -- if you read the lawsuit they don't even want to use the list for the 2700. they want to go in and check every person registered to vote in the state of florida against the list and the homeland security list isn't designed for that and they he don't have the proper information to do t it. i don't think it is proper that they hand it over. >> shannon: tom, how do you respond to that, if it is not accurate information could officials subject themselves to legal action themselves if they kick someone off the rolls who is a legitimate voter because they have bad information from dhs. >> as far as we know it is the most updated list that is out there. with regard to the point it is only a few voters or not that much fraud. i point out back in 2000 the presidential election was decided by a few hundred votes from the very state of florida. they are trying to get their act together and get their
1:45 pm
house together before the election i think should be commended and not criticized. >> shannon: thanks for making excellent points very thought provoking on both sides. >> thank you, shannon. happy father's day. >> bystanders lift a run away car after people that end up trapped underneath. that is one of our most clicked stories. peter doocy has the rest next. >> i'm going over the edge of a skyscraper for a good cause. i will talk to a special olympics athlete who has already done this. for her, the sky is now the limit. if you have copd like i do, you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that feels like. copd iludes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiva helps corol my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups.
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>> shannon: a police news conference on the death of rodney king just wrapped up in rialto california. police responded to a 911 call from king's fiancee about a drowning. officers found him in the deep end of the pool and when they pulled him out he was unresponsive. medic performed cpr. police are conducting a drow drowning investigation. they say there is no sign of foul play. just in time for father's day, more and more dads are taking on the role of mr. mom.
1:50 pm
a rise in state at home dads is one of the most clicked stories on fox news .com and peter doocy has more. >> the number of stay at home dads doubled in the past decade according to the u.s. census. another study done by the university of boston says the rise isn't solely due to a recession and rising child care costs. many dads told researchers they wanted to take on a bigger role raising their kids. happy father's day. another popular story online, quick action by a crowd of bystanders in ohio. 63-year-old woman drove her car through a busy town scare. as soon as the car stopped bystanders jumped into action and lifted the car off the people trapped under it. no one was killed but 30 people were injured. finally, "american idol" winner phillip phillips is back on his feet and thanking fans. he underwent an operation to remove kidney stones. he is expected to tour with the other idol finalists starting on july 6.
1:51 pm
read more about these stories and a bunch of other stories on fox news .com. shannon? >> shannon: peter, thank you very much. and peter is involveed in the next story too because we along with our prohe deucer are going to repel off a 14 story buil building in arlington for a great cause even though we are afraid of heights. it is all about raising money for the special olympics. our next guest says that is nothing. a global messenger for the organization she already repe repelled off a much bigger building. ashley, thank you for coming in. >> thank you for inviting me. >> you have gone off a building twice the size to draw awar awareness and raise funds. what was the is experience like for you? >> at first i was just as nervous. once you get over the edge it is smooth sailing. the view is beautiful and as long as you take your time and you observe your surroundings you will enjoy it even more. >> you have been involved with
1:52 pm
special olympics for awhile. how has it made a difference in your life? >> a family friend introduced me to special olympics. i wanted to get back into soccer or start playing soccer again and my friend told me how wonderful special olympics was and i just wanted to -- it improved my life tremendously. besides doing over the edge. >> we see your dare devil picture there's where you you have no fear of going down the building there. >> it gave me the confidenc coo whatever i want to in life. you know, i repelled down the building and i also have sky dived. >> you're braver than the rest of us around here. you participate in a number of different sports. what we are doing with the repelling is to raise money for special olympics to sponsor athletes to take part at the local and national and even
1:53 pm
international level. tell us what it is like to compete as an athlete? >> it feels fantastic. the first time i scored a point i was so happy because i had never done that in my entire life. and you know it is just -- it is just being around those athletes and thinking i mean when you watch them you think how can they do this and some of them have certain disabili y disabilities, some are in wheel chairs but they h can do bowli. it is not discriminatory against any one in the least so i really, really enjoy seeing my fellow athletes enjoying life. i mean that is what special olympics is all about is seeing past a disability and not being discriminated against because you have a specific disability. that is what i love about it. >> shannon: you are are very, very inspiring for a number of reasons and we have the page up there. go to the web page at fox news .com/america's news hq.
1:54 pm
my picture is there along with lexi and peter doocy we will drag him along with us as well. he is closer to the ground just by value of his height when he puts his feet over the side. thank you for sharing your experiences and inspiring a lot of folks. we hope this will be a good fundraiser for everyone invol e involved and allow more athle e athletes to get throughout and participate. >> thank you. >> thankthanks for comeing in. >> a surf competition for the dogs. you don't want to miss it. check it out, next. [ male announcer ] introducing a powerful weapon in your fight against bugs. ortho home defense max. with a new continuous spray wand. and a fast acting formula.
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i have to worry about today. great. call or click today and get strips and a meter free. test easy. love it. check out this competition. dogs hanging ten at the 7th annual lowe's cor coronado competition in california. they may also get a new guinness world record for the most dogs to swim on one surf board at a time. the total, 20 dogs. that looks like my dog on there but it is not. that is it for us ea here. "fox news sunday" with chris
1:59 pm
wallace. >> chris: i'm chris wallace. did officials in the obama administration leak sensitive national secrets to help the president win reelection? we'll find out just how damag damaging the leaks are. and discuss who should lead the investigation with david plouffe, senior advisor to president obama. joe lieberman, chairman of the senate homeland security committee and former cia dire t director general michael hayd n hayden. plus, a big change in immigration policy. we'll is ask our sunday panel is it amnesty and will it help the president win hispanic voters. and our power player of the week puts a nonpolitical price tag on congressional actions all right now on "fox news sunday." hello again and happy father's day from fox news in washington. we are going to if he cuss on the extraordinary


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