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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 22, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> eric: what do you think of that? >> greg: credit the immortality of the internet. all you've got to do is goog the daily show from seven years ago. and you have them ripping on bush about executive privilege. he doesn't want to be seen as a hypocrite. he had to do this. >> eric: so jones stewart, president obama under the bus to save the "daily show." >> greg: yes. the "daily show" mocked bush heavily for the executive privilege thing. it sent it to you last week, which none of you watched. >> dana: i did. >> greg: you always do the right thing. they predicted. it's funny. they can't go after him because they know people like me will look it up and make fun of them. so this is all really about me, eric. it's all about me. >> kimberly: i like this. don't you think it's kind of great that jon stewart -- he is trying to change our ratin ratings. he calls him out and has credibility. the younger viewers, what
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people are thinking. a finger in the wind. pulse of what is going on. this is not boding well for obama. >> eric: in chicago, ax and they're going oh, my gosh, now stewart is on us. they have to be nervous no? >> juan: i don't think so. i think what they are nervous about is the appearance of hypocrisy. the appearance of hypocrisy is rank. then you say my gosh. people will say you're a hit cit. you said this. the facts are that the circumstances are so different. this is so highly politicized. there is no evidence of my corruption or wrongdoing put on the table. it's all rumors, innuendo. i think in this highly charged atmosphere, they are throwing executive privilege out there. >> dana: maybe we could go to the special report video file and pull up the times that bret baier or brit hume asked you when you were on the panel about the u.s. attorney issue. which was on the front pages of every paper.
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>> greg: nobody died. >> dana: nobody died. that is what, that is what president obama is talking about in that clip. that is the, i. not just worried about hypocrisy. the thing that kills me is all of a sudden it's political. it's worse. it's not just the presidential communication. which it is. if they were communicating with the white house about to let them know by the way you did get a briefing on this, we forgot to tell you. where the facts lead, they worry about the facts than the -- >> juan: i don't get how this is worse. this is a situation -- >> dana: somebody died! somebody lied. >> juan: guess what? the committee that issa won't call the guy that lied. instead they want to pin it on a political pinata which is what they made holder. >> greg: here is the thing. i agree with juan, this is a partisan exercise.
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you can't argue with grieving parents. you can call republicans partisan hacks but you can't erase this tragedy. holder has the meet with the parents and tell them what happened. if he doesn't that, you can say "partisanle" in you suffocate. >> juan: last night, just t president call them? the president call them and offer sympathy -- >> eric: the president called them at the funeral and they couldn't hear him. it was only a matter of time before nancy pelosi found a way to insert herself in this. listen to the former speaker and watch her get whacked like a pin what the from some of the conservative buddies being so pelosi. >> this is no accident that the president of the united states is making sure that voter suppression does not happen in the country. the same people holding anymore contempt are part of a
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nationwide scheme to suppress the vote. >> i would schedule an appointment with my doctor if she thinks we are doing this to suppress votes this fall. that is mind-numbingly stupid. >> we need a new planet. we need a new planet called stupider. i need to put nancy pelosi on it as the mayor of the whole planet. the governor, the evil emperor, whatever. >> eric: what do you think? >> greg: it's amazing you can say it with a straight face. she says everything with straight face. old joke. you can prove this theory wrong with the single observation. republicans are this clever to come up with this conspiracy. easy way to prove she is wrong. release the documents unredacted. if there is nothing there, the evil republicans will be exposed. >> kimberly: we are talking about voting.
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here is the great thing we're trying to -- >> eric: how did she turn this? >> kimberly: it's mind mind-numbing. all you are saying if you want to vote, tell white house are you? show identification and yes, we'd like to have you vote. that is why serve doing this big cover, making thing up to come after eric holder? that makes no sense. >> eric: why does she do this? is she saying because eric holder is the common demomnator between voter i.d. and fast and furious? the republicans are keeping the focus on eric holder because they want to turn it to voter i.d.? am i missing this? >> dana: well, if you go back in time to the u.s. u.s. attorney, scandal, one of the things that the democrats said was that no, we want these republican appointed u.s. attorneys because they're not bringing the voter fraud cases that should have been brought. that was one of the issues. in particular, in new mexico. if you go back like well, there is another common thread. it's about whether the voter fraud should be overlooked or
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not. >> juan: oh, i'm interested. here we have a political pro at the table so you can help the others. the fact is -- >> greg: such as amateur. >> kimberly: my gosh. >> juan: there is a clear record -- let me just -- wait, let me just tell you something. dana picked up on it, too. there has been a concerted effort to go after eric holder right from the start. this is about, and we touched thon there is pay back in this. payback for what happened to alberto gonzales and mike mukasey. >> dana: what happened to michael mukasey? >> juan: man, scandals going back to jeannett janet reno. he was on -- >> dana: waterboar waterboardin. >> juan: outside -- 'canes you want to go to planet stupider? if you don't think that -- [ overtalk ] >> juan: if you don't think they are going after holder on new black panthers to gitmo, they don't like eric holder.
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>> greg: all of those things are examples of his incompetence. you go after him. the guy is a loser. >> eric: we have to get to this. juan, deflect. they want to divert. nancy pelosi. they want to move on. president obama. but we need to stay focused on fast and furious. you need a reason? here are two. >> something they don't want us to know and there is something to hide. >> i think they are hiding something. they're lying and hiding it. >> after a while when you feel like throwing the tv through the front window, because you get tired of hearing the constantly lies you know they are doing. >> eric: those were border agent brian terry's parents in a heart wrenching interview that sean hannity somewhat handled like a pro last night. gregory? >> greg: if this happened in the bush administration the family would already be in negotiation with steven spielberg for movie rights and they'd have jam hamm attached to play brian terry. i have seen hospital gowns
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with better coverup than what is going on here. the larger point is why are we paying holder's salary? he makes inspector gadget look like eliot ness. >> kimberly: he is incompetent. this is not just one isolated incident. i don't know why he hasn't stepped down. she the top, head of official in the country. supposed to come in on transparency and prosecute cases and instead he is a partisan pack. he never met a document he didn't want to hide or sit on. that's a fact. >> dana: i think they will try to reach an agree in the the next week to give the committee what they need. >> eric: quick thought, juan? >> juan: this is a hanging court here today. i'm delighted to be here, but let me tell you something, none of you ever says here are the facts. instead it's all about eric holder should go, eric holder is incompetent. you know what? >> kimberly: have you been watching the show, juan? >> juan: this is evidence to me of -- >> greg: i had to read. >> juan: this is depressing to think american politics has become so dysfunctional. >> eric: do me a favor. my last thought on. this hold this up. hold that up.
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there you are. i'll read this from the white president obama signed this. government should be transparent. transparency promotes accountability and promotes information for citizens about what their government is doing. signed president obama. that is what they are turning over, the department of justice turning over. >> juan: all of a sudden you are julian assange? what do you think the government should haven't any secret? you can't have a private conversation in white house now about politics? >> eric: not when someone is dead. >> juan: people die in war. >> eric: 300 mexicans that died -- >> juan: of course. i care about human life. but i tell you people die. you know what? we know the facts of "fast and furious." we know how he died. >> eric: got to go. coming up, as everyone awaits the supreme court decision on obamacare, we'll explain the four possible outcomes to discuss how president obama and governor romney should sell each potential result.
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>> juan: it's friday afternoon. thunderstorms and the heat are getting to him. the supreme court is set to make a decision on president obama's healthcare act any day now. next week is big. and there are four different outcomes that the court could deliver. we're going to go through them one-by-one. the first possibility is this. the court could uphold the entire law. including the individual mandate. so, if that is the case. if the court upholds the whole law. what happens? what do you think? >> dana: i think there will be a lot of pressure on governor romney to come out and say if elected president he would repeal it. it would help in regard to
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momentum and pushing forward. on the substance of the issue we could talk about that. politically there will be pressure on romney to come out and say he would repeal it. if president obama takes a victory lap around the rose garden. >> eric: i'll play president obama -- i'll be david axelrod. take a look from the other side. >> greg: comb your hair over. >> eric: grow a mustache. shave my head. >> juan: i can heckle you. >> eric: this would be the -- we said, upholds the whole law including the mandate. it would be a dream scenario for president obama. the next david owes would be all over the place. every talk show they could, saying we're right. the supreme court is right. you would play it up for as long as you could. >> dana: it's worse for them if they do that. the law is so unpopular -- >> dana: it's not so unpopular. it's a split.
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more americans, if you ask yes or no, it's 489-4 is saying they don't like to law. >> kimberly: root canals are polling better. >> juan: number two. the first scenario was the court upholds everything. second scenario the court strikes down only the individual mandate. what do you think, kimberly? >> kimberly: thank you for calling on me, juanito. then the whole thing goes away. if you don't have the funding mechanism, the individual mandate to pay for this, it will lose structure and collapse. regardless the law will fail. that is a loss for obama. either way that a bad loss for them. >> greg: i agree. the last, you know, of the three or four bad things that happen. how does the law instructor get it wrong? we would have been better off with jacobi and meyers.
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>> eric: i think david axelrod would look as a stain for the president. but there is a way to spin that in his way. he could say you know what? the individual mandate, worth the revenue driver. whatever happens in the national debt is not my fault anymore. then say i still got obamacare passed and i still have the other provisions. >> greg: it's not a real obamacare. >> juan: yeah, but the thing is he can look for alternative funding mechanisms and the law therefore could be saved. obama would have to go back. previously he said he said the individual mandate. supporters would say look for another way to fund it. >> dana: david axelrod draft e-mail inbox, e-mail is ready to go out saying if it's struck down help now. crazy republican court. help obama. >> juan: hey, i got two more. the third possibility next
5:18 pm
week. the mandate and some other provision also get struck down. what that would leave is you can have the taxes left in place. some of the medicare, medicaid reform provisions. supervision left in place. you get the mandate and other provisions struck down but everyone is elements left in place. eric, play axelrod. >> eric: that is a tough one. i don't think that -- i think that would be mushed in with the supreme court strikes down the whole law. at that point, you have to, as axelrod, you would have to, the bottom of the ninth, two outs you need a home run. swing for the fence. you have to be liberal. the next thing i'd say is in order to save the economy because you did this, supreme court, and righties, stimulus three would have to be announced the next day. >> kimberly: the last one won't work. >> juan: it could work. >> kimberly: that is a whole new law. you can't piecemeal it like that. >> juan: the medicare and medicaid part would be left in place. right now, part of the good part of the law.
5:19 pm
>> kimberly: but that is not -- >> dana: the governors don't like it. >> juan: if you are a senior, this is help with closing the doughnut hole. now, here is one that will excite the table. greg gutfeld? >> greg: this will be amazing. talk radio. it will be doing it every single day. but it also -- >> dana: "fast and furious" will move to the "b" block. >> greg: yes! exactly. >> juan: no, no, please. be still my heart. >> greg: people devastated are the democrats who expect a savior. instead, got a grad student. that is the lesson. >> eric: unfortunately i think the most likely scenario isn't that one. it should be. but the most likely scenario is strike down the individual mandate. >> kimberly: option two. >> dana: but the solicitor general arguing behof of obama saying if you strike down that, the whole thing won't work. they are in a box. >> they go back on a box.
5:20 pm
they will attack the court. they will go after the court as a bunch of right wing stacked deck. >> dana: e-mails are written -- >> greg: you left out another option. meteor hits the earth affidavit the whole thing goes away. >> kimberly: planet jupiter survives. >> juan: planet stupider? you're not insulting us. >> kimberly: no. are you saying you are on it? >> juan: she is a smarty pants. coming up, "the five" big issue with republican senator marco rubio. you will hear from him and kimberly when we come right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> juan: all right. earlier in week, my co-host and i sat down with florida senator marco rubio to talk about his new book "an american son." vice presidential speculation and president's immigration policy. talked about it all. take a look. >> set the mood. in 2011 you're elected. people have a belief washington is broken. 1 to 10 how is it broken? >> hard not to get at it 10. it'll a9-1/2. i'll tell you why it's broken. it's look of urgency. we have issues that the country is facing. no urgency. like they can wait for the next election. we can wait one more election before we confront those things. >> dana: what is number one issue fixed?
5:26 pm
>> growth. the economy has to grow. there is an agreement that growth is the issue. deinterstate how do you generate growth? democrats believe you allow money to stimulate that. republicans think it's creating cons in the private market to make it happen. that is number win issue. >> i agree with you, senator. democrats want to throw growth in the economy. throw it in there. the republicans want to blow organically through the lower taxes and regulation. i am thinking down the road if you're tapped to be vice president you go up against biden and the vice presidential debate. what would it be like? i realize something important.
5:27 pm
you as a conservative, you are important to conservatives as senator, would you want to step down? for me a step down for you with your conservative voice as vice presidency? >> first of all, i'm not -- just out of respect for governor romney's process i'm not talking at all about the vice presidential stuff. i'll talk about the senate. the senate is a place you can make a difference. that's lost. i finished the new book about lyndon johnson and you are reminded of a pivotal role the senate played after kennedy's assassination. catalyst a lot of growth was in the senate. that is important place to have legislation. >> let me ask you a question. one of the hot properties of the republican party. you remind me of when obama was running, hot property of democratic party.
5:28 pm
are you that good or are they that bad? >> i don't know if i am that good. i want to write the book and i hope you get a chance to see it. to outline my family story. what i want to talk about in the book is it's not unique. this is what i recognize. i have had opportunities to do things. that my parents didn't have an opportunity because i was blessed to be born and raised in extraordinary country. i have seen this with my own eyes. i'm a product of two generations of people that gave up a lot. sacrificed a lot. >> taking nothing away from it, that is one of the fastest way to duck a question. >> dana: maybe he is that good. >> i have a question for the senator. you definitely reached across the aisle be legislation and what you try to do with respect to immigration.
5:29 pm
there are many who think you got in the head of axelrod and the obama campaign and forced their hand he came out with the executive order. dream act like to come out in advance of the book tour of what you are troying to do to steal the thunder. >> living in florida, when i, you read about the book and see where i grew up, i am surrounded by people. i know people who have grown up here and valedictorian of the high school and it feels weird to deport people like that. i have been saying what can we do to accommodate them? we have to recognize illegal immigration is a real problem. >> i want to throw out i believe that you are going to be the vice presidential candidate. because your initials are m.r. and romney's are. >> save on printing.
5:30 pm
>> greg: save on monogramed bathrobe. you can't deny it. >> it make sense to me. >> dana: my last question is will mitt romney win florida? >> yes, i believe he will. >> handily? >> well, it will be close. it will be close. it will be close. but floridians suffered greatly because of the economic downturn. i will tell you what is clear in florida, they are not better off than four years al. >> want to bet $500 on that? >> i don't bet. >> senator rubio wrote a book, and we love having him here. he had a crazy busy week. he was not under consideration for v.p. and that lasted a day and romney said no, he is. good or bad week for him? >> greg: bad week for me since they edited out my question. i said we're taping this on monday would you like to walk back anything you'll say this week because it will air on friday?
5:31 pm
he gave me this confused look. so did bob, but it was because he was asleep. >> dana: good or bad week for him? >> kimberly: good for him. he hit positive note information the different press appearances and family coming on. the interview with hannity was great. >> dana: you interviewed the author of the other book about marco rubio. do you think he is a presidential contender? >> juan: i don't have thoughts. he is young. wait. that guy is a star. he is a political star. but if they push him in the position now as v.p. they will disappoint imhand the audience. just wait. he is terrific. give him a break. >> greg: they didn't give obama a chance. >> eric: i agree with juan. he is a superfor a but i don't think this is the right time to do it. >> greg: i disagree, man. give credit to the democrats. they took a risk on barack obama who had less experience.
5:32 pm
he became president. >> dana: and it turned out so well. there is that. you can learn more about the superstar we have been talking about. tonight on hannity, an hour special with marco rubio. i think juan join his -- his wie joins them as well. obama's hollywood pals are having second thought about the star-studded fundraisers. greg is next on that. ♪ ♪
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without shriners hospitals, my life would be completely different. when i was seven, we found out i had scoliosis. everything changed when they stepped in. it was like they gave me my future back. tori's life is one of nearly a million changed by donations from people like you. send your love to the rescue. donate today. i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today breaking news that syria has shut down tushish military jet. tonight on "special report," turkey says the search and rescue operation for the missing pilots is ongoing.
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threatening decisive measures. is the fighting in syria spiraling out of control? we'll go live to damascus, syria, for latest. tonight, the full court press for the hispanic vote by the presidential candidates. today was president obama's turn. one day after mitt romney spoke to a group of latino elected officials. it came just a week after the president suspended deportation for young people brought here illegally. the politics and the policy under the microscope. huge gathering in cairo. morris morris morris is calling on officials to release the result of the election he claimed he won. friday lightning round tonight. "special report" at 6:00. back to new york now and "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back. really!
5:38 pm
so the hollywood reporter says barack obama celebrity fundraisers are drawing a backlash from hollywood. as the man of the people is anna wintour's lap dog. but can you blame the obama fans for concern? they're the average idiot celebrity. the new cause now is the robin hood tax. calling for 50 cents tax for every $100 traded on wall street. it stars cold play chris martin, actor mark ruffalo. the tax would fund the pet causes like climate change, of course. the strategy, defacing currency. >> the best way is to simplify this is the dollar bill, george washington symbol of the country. what we want to do is put a hat on george washington to symbolize robin hood. mask on him because our government is robbing our people. >> i'm tom, i support the
5:39 pm
robin hood tax. george washington. occupier. >> greg: so what is odd about this? these people are old. 50, 44. they're infants, babies looking for a fairy tale for economic theory. the tax would harm pension and fobss, stars are too rich to feel the pinch. do the same to them. an art tax. every grand a film cost to make, tax $100 and give it to the military. they'll love that. i don't want to say about hollywood. start another one. new one. set ground rules this time. first no, self-important political statement. no awareness raising. no loud fundraisers that you can't understand while you google yourself. i propose a tinseltown some place sensible like the midwest.
5:40 pm
does i it take special skills to direct rob schneider film? country deserves better than these losers unless the country is north korea. >> eric: you don't like rob snider? >> greg: what he has done for you? >> kimberly: why are you mad at the north koreans? they have suffered terribly. they don't even have electricity. >> greg: is obama's hollywood connection hurting him? >> juan: no. i was thinking that anna wintour is hurting him. he had a fundraiser here in new york. i didn't think that came over too well. but no, i think it's a big boon. because in fact hollywood don't like him these days. if he wasn't getting money from hollywood he would be in big trouble. >> greg: he has to get it somewhere. >> kimberly: he is losing his mojo and moula. it's obvious to me. you know who is making the money? romney. he is on record it look like
5:41 pm
for $100 million for the month of june by the time reporting closes. >> greg: very little from celebrities. >> dana: but hollywood as a whole they are fair weather friends. thereon profile from an insider who wouldn't give his name. we don't like what he is doing but we understand it. he has to raise money. it's a bad situation. so now all of a sudden they're upset. maybe they are upset the campaign is running through money so fast. what drives me crazy about the actors in the robin hood story they steal from the government to give to the poor. >> greg: right. they are stealing from the rich to give to the government. >> dana: much more direct to take it out of their bank account. >> eric: the interesting part is they will still pony up $38,500 to shake a guy's hand. >> dana: they have so much money so they don't care if the tax rate goes up. they have accountants and offshore accounts and that
5:42 pm
stuff so it doesn't affect them. if you run a small company, tool business and you are trying to figure out how to make payroll you can't write a check for $38,000. >> juan:off shore accounts, big money. davis absolutely. >> juan: they should be in the romney campaign. >> why didn't i think of this? i should have thought of this. >> greg: you are right. >> juan: they should be in the romney camp. my gosh. abc news with the years there will be a movie about romney. it won't be romney. it will an out of touch rich weird mormon guy and do a movie about it and make their money in four years they can give more money to another democratic candidate. >> eric: wait. wouldn't it be president romney in two years? >> dana: yep. >> greg: drawing on money is just silly and stupid. these are grown -- >> dana: and ind illegal. >> greg: they never touch their money. >> dana: they don't have to. >> greg: we have to go. new develop in the the bully school bus monitoring story we
5:43 pm
brought you yesterday. the bullies could now be suspended for a year from school. is that fair punishment for bad behavior or fair punishment for bad behavior? wait, those are the same thing. never mind. note ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: well, that was 68-year-old bus monitor karen klein that captured the nation's attention. she was bullied by four middle schoolboys and some of them are now apologizing. one of them said, "i'm sorry for the way i treated you. i was disgusted and could not believe i did that." another boy wrote, "if that had happened to someone in my family, i'd be really mad at the people who did that to them." my take sometimes sorry isn't good enough. what is the proper punishment if any? what should happen to the boys? that have gone out and
5:48 pm
apologized. we heard from one of the parents who says they are ashamed, upset that the son did that? what about the repercussions? the school is deciding whether or not they're going to suspend the boys. >> dana: i think suspension could be good. i think making them clean the buss with tooth brushes could be good. i believe in punishment of that sort and a little humiliation. i also had an idea today if those four boys had to go in front of the school, have a school assembly and they have to be there all lined up and they have to take questions from other students about what they did, that might be good for everybody. >> kimberly: question and answer session. >> dana: where they answer why they did that and how they feel about it? they'll never do it again. >> kimberly: do you think they shouldn't be suspended? >> dana: i don't know. i've neverren in that position of authority. >> kimberly: mr. bolling? >> eric: you know, a little experience with a 13-year-old. they're brutal, mean. i can see in groups they can be even worse. there is a case in florida, i
5:49 pm
think a 14-year-old, kimberly, killed somebody and tried as an adult; is that right? why the heck can't we go harder? forget suspension. throw the kids in juvenile for a year or two. i mean this is terrible. people die from bullying. kids are killing themselveses from being bullied. >> kimberly: you are preaching to choir here, being juvenile prosecutor. >> juan: kids are jerks a lot of times. throw them in jail now? you are cranky tonight. look, these guys, behaved horribly. don't suspend them. it's not about suspending. they should stay in school. i think they should be held up to scorn, public scorn. i like having them have to account for what they did. let them try to explain to the peers this was a cool thing to humiliate them. >> kimberly: greg, you had, did a monologue on this. you had interesting perspective. >> greg: singapore has the right, institute caning.
5:50 pm
i like to be caneed. this woman is half a million dollars richer. the next question is: is she single? dana, i am disgusted by dana who suggested in the break it was staged to make money. >> dana: i did not! that is monstrous behaviordy. not say that. >> juan: we know who did say that. >> dana: exactly. >> kimberly: there! >> dana: deflection. >> kimberly: on the other end of the table. >> dana: there was a question today that somebody posed she is now $500,000 more, should one -- should she pay tax on that? two, should she give any of it to charity? she should keep it all. >> kimberly: up to her to decide what to do with it. tax implications. see your local account tant. we aren't giving out that advice on television. one more thing is up next. there is a special guest waiting for dana outside. is that her puppy jasper?
5:51 pm
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>> eric: time for one more thing. dana, you have a good boy there. don't you? >> dana: you know, i didn't know until yesterday it is take your dog to work day. he only came for six minutes to be on -- >> eric: no. freddie >> dana: this is jasper. he was on two weeks ago and grown six pounds since then. good boy. >> eric: such a good boy. >> dana: we put on facebook on "the five" facebook page. a video of jasper. it's hilarious. youtube sensation when he threw himself off the bed the other night. it's funny. he could be in the movies. don't you think? linda jordan wrote oh, my goodness, could he be more available? >> eric: does he have an agent? he needs an agent. if you're an agent -- >> dana: that is all i've got. i'm hold him. >> eric: my one more thing, howard stern, i'm a huge howard stern fan. he mentioned "the five" on his show. take a listen to what howard
5:56 pm
had to say about "the five." >> it's all the time they are doing. look at fox. [bleep]. they have women on the channel, my head spins. tech show at 5:00 on fox news. "the five." the girls, they seem to be very intelligent. you know, they opinions and things. they seem like they are well read. they're like superwomen. it's a turn-on. some of them are like lawyers. i never saw -- if i saw a lawyer like that, i'd be like sign her up. it's crazy. >> eric: oddly enough, robin didn't ask for us. >> juan: gee, i wonder who the lawyer could be he is talking about. >> eric: lawyers. >> kimberly: all righty then. yes. okay, well, this is a great story. in a way, but the point is that veterans out there, a lot of them may come back. they are desperate circumstances. they don't have enough money when the benefits are running
5:57 pm
out. you may wonder what they do when they have a wife or children. bill was an unemployed veteran and he posted his army medal on ebay and he told it for $5,200. so, you know, happy he got the money, but it was an act of desperation that drove him to do this to provide for his family. i want to point out he is not alone in his struck to find employment and support families. post-9/11 veteran um employment is 19.1%. hire a veteran. >> juan: congratulations to the miami heat. they won the n.b.a. championship last night. brom lebron james, twayne wade, big stars got together and are world champions. this is the first time. just for james. but here is the thing and my one more thing, i love the oklahoma city thunder and particularly kevin durant, a d.c. guy. we are just so proud of him. i think there is going to be a
5:58 pm
homecoming celebration for the thunder even though they lost in oklahoma city. his mom, his friends snore you like the guy. we got it. we got it. >> greg: i thought the oklahoma thunder was all-male dance troupe. >> kimberly: they rejected you. >> greg: a few months ago we had a discussion about take your children to work day and dana said it was annoying that people bring their children to work. but it's apparently okay with dogs. my banned phrase -- no pun intended. okay. if you didn't intend a pun, you don't need to say "no pun intended" because you follow it with a pun or preface it with a pun. >> dana: they're usually not puns. that is the problem. if it was a real pun it would be okay. >> eric: we have to go, you guys. have a great weekend. see you monday. >> juan: that was a lot of fun. ♪ ♪ >> bret: i'm bret baier in washington. this is a fox news alert. syria has shut down a tushish
5:59 pm
military jet. now turkey says it will take "te seisiv"decisive measures." is the fighting spiraling out of control and spreading? what does it mean for that country and region? senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is live in damascus. hello, greg. >> the news from turkish prime minister office confirmed what we have been hearing for past couple of hours. that a jet flying from southern turkey was taken out bay syrian coastal air defense battery. turkey is critic of the regime of president bashar assad. this came after a day that saw fighting from both sides. >> it was held in the center of damascus today those attending stayed on message


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