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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 24, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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president's health care law. and that is setting off a new round of political back and forth in washington. good morning on this sunday morning, i'm eric sean. >> jamie: good morning, eric, great to seeou and great to have you here too, i'm jamie colby, welcome to america's news headquarters, the ruling eric mentioned is expected this week and will affect millions of us and is sure to have an impact on president obama's re-election campaign, now both parties are readying their troops for the verdict and peter doocy brings us the latest live in washington. it will be a big week out at the supreme court, peter? >> reporter: it is, jamie and the speaker of the house sent his members a memo warning them not to spike the ball if all or part of the affordable care act is struck down by the stream court this week and he writes, quote, we will not celebrate at a time when millions of our fellow americans remain out of work and the national debt exceeded the size of our nation's economy, health costs continue to rise and small businesses are struggling to
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hire. obamacare contributed to all of the problems and repealing it completely is part of the solution but it is only one part and boehner outlines in the memo, a broad plan for republicans moving forward. writing they will not rush to pass a massive bill, americans don't support and will work to repeal whatever parts of the law are left standing but democrats are making sure they are ready, too. >> the american people like the idea that they and the children for a lifetime cannot be deprived of health care -- health insurance because of preexisting medical conditions, then that will require some other action in order for that to happen. >> reporter: anonymous democrats are second guessing the administration's legal strategy in today's newspapers and wonder what went wrong during the solicitor general's now infamous argument interrupted by a coughing fit. some are also criticizing the
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administration's initial competence in obamacare's constitutionality and it is important to remember as it is floating around in the media the affordable care act is still the law as we sit here today. jamie, back to you. >> jamie: peter, thanks, great report. appreciate it. for more on the political implications, the supreme court's decision, will have for both parties, let's bring in bob cusack, managing editor of "the hill." >> good morning, jamie, how are you. >> jamie: i know you are watching it from the beginning as i am and i'm curious, let me start by asking you, how much political capital have democrats used on health care? >> a tremendous amount, jamie. i mean, this is what nancy pelosi called president obama's crown jewel and it took more than a year to get it signed into law and could have passed a lot of other bills including immigration reform and they basically lost the house because of the passage of health care reform and if it goes down, it will be devastating to democrats. >> jamie: let's look at both sides of it. if parties of the law are struck down, is there an expectation
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that republicans will immediately provide some alternatives? do they have one? >> no, they don't, jamie and they have been saying for a long time they want to both repeal the law and replace it. they are unified on repeal. but on right placing it. they are not. so they are not going to move quickly, speaker john boehner said because they don't have an alternative, so this is going to put, if it is struck down, will put republicans in an awkward spot. >> jamie: how do they deal with that? >> you'll have a lot of hearings. i don't think they'll rush into passing anything, certainly, before the election. but, then there could be logistical problems about what nancy pelosi talked about, whether covering children, young adults, up until 26 years old, how do you deal with this? hoe a lot depends on details of the ruling but i don't think anything is going to move quickly on capitol hill, especially so close to the election. >> jamie: obviously there are portions of it that are popular with americans. you just mentioned the one of being able to cover your kids
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longer. no preexisting conditions situation. is critical for some folks, too. so, if it is upheld by the court, will folks get a sense by the time november rolls around the election, what the impact is, personally, for them? because we do know pretty expensive? >> yeah. i don't know. i mean, if it is upheld in its entirety it will fire up the republican base and, that could help them at the polls in november. because, in order to elect mitt romney and elect a republican senate, to repeal the law, but, politically, democrats have lost the message battle clearly on health care reform. could that change after this ruling? it could be but it depends on what the ruling is. >> jamie: prediction? >> i think at least part of the law is going to be struck down. i doubt the whole thing will be tossed but i think the mandate is in trouble, when you talk to democrats, too, privately they are worried about that as well.
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>> jamie: bob cusack, i bet we'll be talking again this week. great to see you, thanks. >> you, too. >> jamie: eric. >> eric: following closely an election that is happening, right now, this one in egypt. a major milestone there. the results expected any moment now. the country could be taking a big step from dictatorship to democracy, this morning, the officials there getting set to announce the results of the first free presidential election in that country. the contest pitting muslim brotherhood leader mohamed morsi, an islamist, against former prime minister and hosni mubarak ally, ahmed safik. even if a winner is announced moments from now, the struggle for power and the tension and the emotion behind it, that you can see there, right now, tahrir square certainly will not be over. leland vittert, streaming live from cairo. with the latest. when do we expect the announcement to be made and do we have any indication of who the winner will be? >> reporter: right now, eric, the muslim brotherhood candidate, mohamed morsi is
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leading the unofficial vote count by 800,000 and the election commission can do whatever they want. cairo is literally waiting on pins and needles. the crowd behind me mostly made up of the muslim brotherhood and, the salafists, hard core islamists in tahrir square are silent, save when broadcasting of the election commission, and they have been going on 20 or 30 minutes, giving a history of the election and the revolution and everything else, will people here want to know, is the result and this could have a huge impact not only here in egypt, but, all around the arab world. health care was the king of the arab world and ruled the country with an iron fist for the better part of three decades and was thrown out in a revolution 16 months ago and the muslim brotherhood said they would not run anybody for president and now it is a real possibility that he will win, that is, mohamed morsi, the muslim brotherhood candidate, who many fear wants to turn egypt into an
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islamic state which would change things drastically here and the other thing to think about is if ahmed shafik, the former prime minister under president hosni mubarak, one of the other candidates in the race, wins the election, the muslim brotherhood crowd behind me has promised mass protests and some people said there will be a confrontation with though army, the ruling military junta and they said they will not give up power. why is it important? egypt is a key ally of the u.s., at least it has been in the past and also had the peace treaty with israel that provided great stability to the region and the entire world is waiting to see how the power dynamic of the middle east will be reshaped by the election decision and also, if the army is going to then give up power, to whoever is elected president. there were charges going back and forth in terms of fraud on both sides, so, effectively this election commission which we're watching now the head of it go ahead and deliver his speech
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which eventually we hope will end with him delivering the results will decide how this goes over the next couple of years and probably the next couple of decades, here in egypt. and, then, all of those tents cals reaching out around -- tentacles reaching out around the world. eric i never heard a crowd that big in tahrir square ever being this silently and you can't see from our vantage point but as i look from the balcony, cairo never had less traffic ever. streets are empty, people are inside. they are listening to these results, waiting to see who will be their next president, in this, the first ever election that it was contested here in equipment. eric? >> eric: if it doesn't go their way, the crowd behind you, certainly there could be more civil unrest, unfortunately. let's say morsi wins, if he pulls it out, ahead, 52%, he's 60, a u.s. educated engineer, legal -- legal llangalandeland,
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could we see if egypt gets its first islamist president? >> reporter: the big question here is going to be the army, eric. will the army go ahead and give the then president morsi under your scenario the power of the president around if all of a sudden that happens, he said he'll take a much harder line with israel, and also talked about having much greater relations with other members of the arab world and is talking about taking a harder line with the united states. the muslim brotherhood, one of the groups that took a hard line with those americans who were here under charge. so, that would totally change the arab world and would also change egypt specifically, as the muslim brotherhood, who already has been in control of parliament until it was dissolved six months took the entire six months of their rule in parliament to deal with social issues and went much, much stronger towards sharia, islamic law in terms of what
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women could wear and what could happen in the country and so many egyptians fear a president morsi would be an islamist state in what is the mother of the arab world. eric. >> eric: leland will be standing by for the latest when the final results come in, thank you very much. so, what does it mean if egypt has an islamist president? now we are joined from jerusalem the former chief of staff to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. welcome again, and what is your reaction if he pulls it out today? >> well it would mean this arab spring is turning rapidly into a muslim winter. we have to understand that iran has been the extreme radical islam form in the middle east while we had egypt as a counter, of a secular, very moderate regime over the past 35, 40 years. if morsi wins and the muslim
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brotherhood wins, means we're looking at a radical islamic middle east, full of tensions and will not be a simple situation for israel or the west. >> eric: could it is eventually lead to a scuttling of the peace treaty? >> well, effectively the peace treaty, while formally it still exists, effectively is not there anymore. there is no meaningful economic ties, but, still, we're certainly not in a situation of war and that is good news. we hope in any case the peace treaty will remain intact each under a radical regime, though, chances are low. what it means is america has to stay strong, israel has to stay strong under this very unstable environment. >> eric: do you think the peace treaty and any stability that remains would really stay in place if the muslim brotherhood takes over egypt? >> look, i'm worried about that. obviously when iran had its
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revolution, they severed all ties with israel. i think we can expect the same from egypt. i hope it will is not happen but i think it will. and that is why the one thing we can do, as an island of democracy, and strength in this region is to stay strong and not move towards the directions that would risk our future. >> eric: and if ahmed shafik, more in israel's interest, what type of changes if any do you expect if he wins today? >> well in that event i think we're looking at a very long period of instability. because i think the overwhelming majority of egyptians that voted for a majority in the parliament, for radical islam, roughly 75%, either voted for muslim brotherhood or for the salafists that make the muslim brotherhood look moderate, are not going to be happy. so one way or another, we are looking at a radical islamic
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regime in egypt or a very prolonged timeframe of instability. >> eric: either way it doesn't look bright, sadly for the future, talking boy a radical--a radical islamic regime, do you think iran can be stopped from building a nuclear weapon? >> well, first of all, our goal is to really get russia to step up to the plate, join the sanctions, upcoming sanctions on the central bank, and, on exports. hopefully, if they do that, that will be able to, some extend, slow down iran. now, the situation is very simple. while the west is having fruitless talks with iran for over 6 months, eric, you and i were here 6 months ago, and iran is rapidly racing towards acquiring nuclear weapons, and they have tripled the pace of the enrichment of uranium, 20%
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uranium and are moving facilities underground, as to be immune from any future attacks and in the meantime, the west is just talking and talking. it is time for a plausible threat on iran and i think that is the only way to avoid a potential attack on iran. >> eric: in your view, what is a plausible threat? >> a plausible threat means america and the west says to iran, you stop enriching uranium right now, or else we'll put into effect all the force that we have to stop you. because what it means, if they don't stop, it means we're going to wake up maybe 12 months from now to a nuclear nightmare in iran. it means they'll have nuclear warheads that reach rome, madrid, tel aviv and london and if we don't act now it will be worse, 12 months from now, we have to understand it will change this whole future of the world, and it is america's leadership everyone is looking
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for, right now. >> eric: a warning for a possible nuclear iran in months or within a year as well as an islamist state in egypt, the potential future this morning in the middle east. mr. bennett, the former chief of staff for benjamin netanyahu thanks as always for joining us on the fox news channel on this sunday morning. >> thank you, eric. >> jamie: bracing there the worst, a tropical storm in the gulf of mexico, spawning tornadoes and where it is headed next and who may be in harm's way, straight ahead. >> eric: still ahead, ann romney has been speaking out about multiple sclerosis. there is an emotional interview with governor romney's wife. we'll have that and you will not want to miss it. >> i think very often that is the hardest time of the disease, is when you are newly diagnosed and are very afraid. so, i have -- i do spend a lot of time telling people that this is what you can expect. take because they don't take it with food.
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>> eric: hurricanes, well, they could be coming, now, tropical storm debby, lashing western florida. as it slowly crawls across the gulf coast, the storm expected to gather strength as it pushes west over the next several days. but it is flexing plenty of muscle already, spawning a possible tornado, yep, there was
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a tornado in parts of naples, florida. one resident said what seemed like a typical storm suddenly turned into a dangerous storm in the blink of an eye. >> range, a normal, steady rain and then, just the wind picked up and all of the trees were turning sideways and debris was flying through the air. >> eric: for the latest, meteorologist maria molina from the extreme weather center will give us an update in the next hour. ♪ >> jamie: the full house set to vote this week on whether or not to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress. it turned into a show down related to the failed gun running operation, fast and furious. congressman darrell issa and elijah cummings weighing in on fox news sunday and both saying it can be avoided but differing on how that would be done.
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>> it is regrettable we are here and certainly would like not to be here and if the president and attorney general holder would simply start producing the documents they know they could produce to us, they are not by any means going to be covered by executive privilege, it could be delayed or even eliminated. >> i'm calling on speaker boehner to come forth and show strong leadership because i know he will and sit down with the attorney general, to resolve the matter. the attorney general has made it clear that he is willing to work with this congress, he's already turned over 7600 documents, gone through millions of e-mails. >> jamie: joining me now the anchor of fox news sunday, chris wallace who has the discussion both sideddes of the aisle sayi they want to see more. should there be a question about a compromise? eric holder said he'd work with congress. should he have the option of a
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compromise? how do they feel about that or should they demand everything and get everything? >> well, that is not for me to say but i don't think we'll get a compromise because the justice department -- obviously until they have the vote there is the possibility but the white house and the justice department say that the offer that was made by attorney general holder earlier this week, darrell issa, is the final offer and that is basically, will turn over a certain number of documents but if we do, you have to agree that the contempt goes out. obviously, issa said that is unsatisfactory because-on what is in the documents, how can i say i will not hold you in contempt or not, pursue the investigation. there is a possibility of course, if either the house dramatically reduces what it is demanding or if the administration dramatically changes what it is offering, i don't think it will hatch. i think the house -- and this is a big deal, jamie. if they vote this week it will be the first time in the history
10:23 am
of the nation either house of congress voted, full house, to find the attorney general, chief law enforcement officer, of the land, in contempt of congress. >> jamie: they have the option of impeachment as well. did either comment on what they'll do next if they don't get the documents and don't vote for a contempt? >> we, no. i think they would vote for contempt if they don't get the documents and i asked darrell issa, what will you do next. there's a lot of problems, the most immediate thing, they can do is refer the case to the u.s. attorney of washington, d.c. and the problem is he works for the department of justice and eric holder. what are the chances he'll prosecute his boss? not much and you can try and get it into civil court and that will take years and push it way past the election and you can try to impeach the attorney general and my guess is that would not happen and it would go to the senate controlled by
10:24 am
democrats or try to arrest him. literally, what is talked about in this town, have the sergeant-at-arms, capitol police, go arrest the attorney general and he has his own security force so you have a stand off. it was one of the questions i asked issa, does it sit there and my guess is that is probably what will happen. >> jamie: the terry family has spoken out, it has been emotional and compelling to hear their thoughts on the fact they say they have no further answers than the day they found out he was dead, and the weapons were found nearby, fast and furious, are they swayed by the fact that the terry family wants answers, too. >> they both say they are swayed and we played for the elijah cummings, a clip of the terry family saying somebody in the administration is hiding, they are lying and a clip from elijah cummings a year ago in which he
10:25 am
promised he'd do everything possible to bring whoever was responsible for terry's death to justice and we said, honestly, can you say you kept the promise when opposing releasing some of these documents and he said yes. i think i am and obviously that is a question and the terries are not satisfied with the answer. >> jamie: chris, thanks for a preview. and, you don't want to miss the improve, chris wallace has congressman darrell issa and elijah cummings, the house oversight committee, for that, tune into fox news sunday, you can watch it here on the fox news channel or check your local listings. eric? >> eric: fascinating. we're right on top of politics here. coming up on "sunday house call," what is on the top of list of things that stress out men? well, we'll have details, and how it can impact the life of men. >> jamie: men are different than women. the bottom line. all right. important new health information as well for couples. if you are trying to have kids,
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>> eric: history made in the northeast, this morning. egypt will have a president who is a member of the muslim brotherhood. the winner in the election, the run off has been declared, mohamed morsi. a former muslim brotherhood official, gives egypt its first islamist president and you are now looking live in tahrir sq


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