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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  June 28, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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30 inches of rain before heading out to sea. the storm swappimping houses an businesses and flooding roads. the storm killed at least three people and knocked out power to hundreds of thousands. in some places the water might not reseed until next week. >> it has been proven to help people lose an average 18 pounds. giving a the green light to the diet drug in more than 10 years. it triggers a chemical in the brain that helps people eat less and feel full. those with bmi of 27 or over who have a health related problem like diabetes. shattered glass goes flying 45 floors down to the street below after a large beam is blown into several windows at 4 world trade center. that beam was being lifted by a crane when a gust of wind
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started. it fell below on closed streets below and no one was injured. they suspended all steel lifts. >> my three sons actor lost his battle with cancer. >> can you explain how can you go steady with two girls? >> easy. mary sue goes to high school. rebecca dau goes to college. she is in my new group. they never see each other. >> all i can say is just be careful. >> when you are going out with two girls you have got to be careful. grady is most famous for his role as middle son as roby douglas as we just saw. he was also an original mouseketeer on the mickey mouse club and musician. he wrote the theme song for my three sons. a ruling could forever change obama's legacy. >> after months of waiting we will learn the fate of the
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healthcare law. doug luzader has more. off>> just a few hours to go and all of the waiting will be over. the supreme court is expected to release the healthcare decision today. the final day of the term. of course nine justices will give a thumbs up or down to all or hearts of the president's healthcare plan. they could uphold the entire plan the president stakes so much of his time and political capital on. they could throw the whole thing out or invalidate one part of it like the individual mandate the requirement that all americans purchase health insurance. the future of the nation's healthcare system is at stake but so is president obama's legacy. >> i believe it was right to make sure that everybody in this country gets decent healthcare and is not bankrupt when they get sick. that's what i believe. but it's up to you. well, actually, today it's
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up to the court. there are big ramifications here. mitt romney said he would be ready to pounce. >> we already know it's bad policy and it's got to go. if the court up holds it if it passes the constitution it is still bad policy. that will mean if i am elected we are going to repeal it and replace it. >> the only thing we have to go on is the tone of the questions during oral arguments back in march. there seems to be a fair amount of skepticism. is it legal to force people to buy a specific product in this healthcare insurance. can they vastly expand their medicaid road. that's an important part of obama care. a lot is riding on what we hear
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today. thank you so much, doug. today's ruling on healthcare. the big talker this morning many expecting the supreme court justice anthony kennedy to be the swing vote. >> justice kennedy gets one vote just like everybody else. there are usually four to the right. it could be a 5-4 decision in which justice ken geets the vote. >> to what you think is his background on this issue of using the commerce clause having all americans buy health insurance. >> just as he committed to federalism which said the federal government does some things and the state government does some things.
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splitting between the federal and tate government is the question here. has the federal government gone beyond proper boundaries to force people to commerce when they are not otherwise in here. >> he believes if just the mandate stays we could see healthcare as a result. >> telling greta van susteren what she thinks will happen if it is upheld. >> if it is upheld you are going to see one unified voice this is this. i believe it will include mitt romney. we stand for full repeal of obama care. we already know what's happening under the healthcare plan. he already seen costs are spiking up. we are seeing denial of care. we won't stand for that that. are hurt everyone. we are fighting for free market healthcare to bring the costs down. later in the show we will
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hear from frank luntz focus group. they weighed in on the healthcare bill. the house could make history of its own as it decides whether to holder rick holder in con sem preside tem -- con at the presetempt of co. today will be the first time house lawmakers has ever voted the hold a city attorney general in contempt. he wasn't sitting home feeling sorry for himself he was at a white house picnic mingling with republican and democratic lawmakers hours after the chairman of the house over site committee that approved the criminal contempt of congress vote explained how it got to this point. the attorney general is only the subject here. refusal of the document not because he's the object of the investigation. we have made that clear all along. 38 percent of registered
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voters think coverup by the white house is the best way to describe the fight in washington over operation fast and furious in a fox news poll. 6 points more than the 32 percent who think it's a witch hunt by gop congress. among those falling into the witch hunt category would be the white house and their press secretary jay carney. >> it would be used for what it is if it takes place that is as political theater. an action taken by congress that does not want to the most urgent priorities of the american people. and it's the kind of political gamesman ship that from us straights the american people so much about what happens in washington. >> our senior producer on
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capitol hill thinks between 7 and 11 democrats will join republicans to hold the attorney general until contempt today. the congressman will not be one of them. >> i believe when history look backs at this moment this will not be a pretty moment for this country. >> contempt activity will not get started until 12:30 p.m. once it does start to settle from the healthcare ruling that will take place across the street. ainsley and patti ann. thanks so much. big day in washington with obama care and fast and furious. >> we will have it all here. karl rove is also talking he's sounding off on how the obama administration handled fast and furious. this white house is doing everything it can to turn everything into politics so it doesn't have to talk about jobs economy and affordable care act. the president did not want to have an extended dialogue on this. he should have surrendered to
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the house over site committee. the documents already turned over to the inspector general inside the department of justice look, he's right. this is taken a year. it has because the justice department stone walled. if everybody believed it was botched then the american people deserve who botched it and find out who is accountable. no one has lost a job or been held responsible no one said who did this and why. we have never gotten to no the truth d somebody in his office know about it and let this thing pass. ultimately ended in the death of a law enforcement officer. the death of the united states law enforcement off fish hal is worthy of congression fal review. if the united states wants to stone wall that review it will have to pay a price. it will bring you that vote as soon as it comes. be sure to have it right here. >> extreme weather alert hundreds of homes and raging
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wildfire spreadling to the air force academy. this is the picture of the fire that was taken from the academy last night. it burned more than 10 acres of this campus. even with 120 firefighters battling the flames it could get a whole lot worse. >> we are facing a potentially devastating disaster right here. but i think it's important for all of us to look at the beauty in this. that is the way this community and el paso county and the state, colorado springs the way they have come together to help each other and offer assistance across the board. it is a thing of beauty. >> the cad dts will do so several miles north of the fire. the fire is affecting more than just the academy. right now it already destroyed 300 homes in the colorado springs area alone. moving at a rate of 3-4 football fields an hour. we say an estimate because right now the flames and smoke are so
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thick firefighters can't see through it all to assess the damage. president obama will be there to tour the area tomorrow. jen is in the scene of the weather center right now. is there any relief this morning? >> winds are calm right now patti ann but we are looking at potential for dry thunderstorms you would think it would be a good thing with the moisture moving into the area. it is so dry the moisture evaporates and you are left with lightening and gusty winds with that. we had thunderstorms move through the area. firefighters have a bit of a handle on it right now. we could have dry thunderstorms through the weekend warm temperatures and breezy conditions. sated light radar not much happening on the satellite radar. we are talking a heat wave. look at these temperatures.
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we talk about the records broken at the bottom of the hour. 13 after the hour. coming up, 1,000 dollars and a gps device that's all it took to hack into a u.s. drone? who is all behind this? >> she was the most hated woman in america when she left jail. how did she escape the spotlight? several decoy cars. we will have some of the details coming up. of any small business credit card! how does this thinwork? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% casback on every purche, every day! woo-hoo!!! so that ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hot tar... great businesses deserve the most rewards! [ male announcer ] the ark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? here's your invoice.
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>> it's 16 after the hour. some quick headlines now around 1,000 dollars in parts. that's all it took for students at the university of texas austin to hijack a drone controlled the government. the students boosted the drone's gps system and tricked it to have new commands. it was part af test from the ho department of homeland security. the chief palestinian negotiator revealing president
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mahmoud abbas will meet with israeli vice premiere. talks broke down in 2010 over the jewish settlement building in the west bank. now to stories you can bank on this morning. two-thirds of american cities seeing a rise in unemployment in may. some seeing a jump of 29 percent. which cities are the highest and lowest? >> some of them are more than three times the national average like uma, arizona more than 29 percent. you have two cities from california coming in at about 27 percent and about 18 percent. look at yuma city. where is there low unemployment rate? the lowest are bismarck, fargo, north dakota. they have oil booms in the cities. also lincoln nebraska. we are following the jp morgan chase story. they lost more than first.
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>> we were thinking 2 billion but dry 9 billion. that's coming from new york times. >> a lot more. the air bus factory. the u.s. is getting an air bus factory. >> boeing rival air bus is setting up stocks in mobile alabama to make the jet. this is a popular plane american, all orders the a 320. they use it. maybe we could hire some american workers in the air bus plan if it does in fact come to mobile, alabama. >> thanks so much. nice to see you. next on the rundown if you are struggling to get a job we are here to help. cheryl casone has the top three companies hiring. >> they thought a dolphin show was their big surprise. >> welcome.
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>> it was their father back from the war which rally made a big splash. that is straight ahead. why not make lunch more than just lunch? with two times the points on dining in restaurants, you may find yourself asking why not, a lot. chase sapphire preferred.
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>> we are just hours away from new weekly jobless numbers. our next guest wans to help you avoid becoming part of that number. cheryl casone is here to help you get a j-o-b-. >> there are companies hiring. this is team 3 logistics. parts supplier to the volkswagon company. the pasad has become so popular they are selling so many they have to hire 250 more people. they need logistics workers
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people that can work along the assembly line. this is chattanooga, tennessee. they have never made volkswagons in tennessee before. they make motor trend's car of the year. they are hiring 12-13 dollars per hour. packers truck operators people that can supervise in the white house. >> the next one is a recruiting company. >> if you have got a resume you are not sure what to do with we had people on tuesday trying to help them out saying what do i do with my resume? i suggested man power. they can take the resume filter it out to the right place. . it, administrative wide industrial and contact center positions. they are around the world rment check your local area to where
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the office is. >> on-line trading. you have soeen the commercials. fly a helicopter very supported to find that out. they are hiring right now. 185 job openings nationwide. they have had jobs available in st. louis and denver. also across the country. couple things about this country -- this company, they have never closed a branch. they have been able to maintain their work force. the training program is really good. if you have got the education not the experience you need to go into the corporate world the training program to be a sales sl highly rated. i recommend that for them. a lot going on in the jobs reports. >> i will be at the the fox business network full coverage of the healthcare decision by the supreme court. casone exchange jobs advice
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there. e-mail us if you are geeding a job through this segment. ainsley what a great segment. 25 after the hour. still ahead she was the most hated woman in america when she left jail. how did casey anthony escape the spot line? those crazy details. doing the dishes and the laundry makes men happy? really? as a doctor, i do everything i can to make sure my patients get the very best care. but look at our health care system. everyone agreed we needed reforms -- but this new health care law -- it just isn't fixing things. president obama promised my patients that they could keep me -- but what if because of this new health care law -- i can't keep them? i've looked at this law. i know the consequences: delayed care and worse yet -- denied care.
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studies show the president's health care law is projected to add hundreds of billions of dollars to our deficit -- and increase spending by more than a trillion dollars. and the truth is -- we still don't know how much this law will eventually cost. i don't want anything to come between my patients and me -- especially washington bureaucrats. we need real reform that improves care, and the president's health care law just isn't it. it just isn't worth it. this is where health care decisions should be made. not in washington. it's time to live wider awake. only the beautyrest recharge sleep system combines the comfort of aircool memory foam layered on top of beautyrest pocketed coils to promote proper sleeping posture all night long.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". i am patly ann brown. >> i am ainsley earhardt. a monumental day in the capitol where the supreme court could change the history when it delivers a ruling on obama care. the house expected to vote on contempt charges on eric holder. first your 5@5:30. extreme weather. firefighters working desperately to save the air force academy near colorado springs. this picture shows a view from the academy last night. the flames burning more than 10 acres of the campus so far. the fire is 5 percent contained
5:29 am
moving at a rate of 3-4 football fields per hour. the smoke and flames are too thick to get an accurate kouvent. >> bernie madoff's younger brother expect to do plead guilty to conspireing in the biggest ponzi steam. peter madoff will spend 10 years behind bars and fork over millions and his property. they will try to remove immigrants from the rolls. they decided with florida. eric holder flames it violated the voting rights act and was too close to a federal election in august. the judge ruled the law is designed to protect eligible voters. governor rick scott calls the ruling a common sense decision. sounds like a plot in a movie. casey anthony's lawyer speaking out in a new book about the int
5:30 am
kr int krat plan to get him oer ou. they drove past angry crowds into a parking garage switched cars and waited in the woods until helicopters stopped following them. they then ate at stake and shake before hopping a flight to saint george island off the florida panhandle. the whole thing ending with a car ride to new york city. two little girls the dolphins were the stars of the show until their army dad surprised them. >> ladies and gentlemen boys and girls please put your hands together and welcome their father sergeant house. >> sergeant house had not seen his wife or daughters in 8 months. he was headed home for afghanistan for their wedding when they set up the surprise at the brookfield zoo in chicago. >> hard to grasp the moment. i was focused on their faces and
5:31 am
just getting to them. so it was probably one of the most memorable moments of my life. >> sergeant house will spend the next two weeks at home. that's your 5@5:30. >> he had his daughter's head band on his head. >> it is being called the most important ruling in the supreme court in decades. >> in less than five hours the justices will reveal their ruling on the healthcare law which president obama caught his signature domestic accomplishment. doug luzader is live with more. good morning. all eyes on that court this morning. no one is watching this more closely than the white house. the court has waited until the last minute to release this decision. this is the final day of the term. there are a number of options you could see the entire healthcare law thrown out you could see the whole thing upheld. the more you watch the court the more it could be something in the middle. part of the plan like the
5:32 am
mandates to purchase health insurance is not constitutional. we know during oral arguments back in march the number of justices had deep skepticism about that provision. president obama has a lot riding on this while there's a debate that could effect his reelection chances there's the legacy issue to consider. he put a lot of political capital on the line to get this done. i believe it was right to make sure everybody in this country gets healthcare and is not bankrupt when they get sick. that's what i believe. but it's up to you. it's up to the court really. if they decide to toss out -- if they don't decide to toss out the entire law republicans including presumptive nominee mitt romney are pushing for a full repeal. one thing we already know we already kn it's bad policy and it's got to go.
5:33 am
so if the court up holds it if they say look it passes the constitution it is still bad poll seep and that will mean if i am elected we are going to repeal it and replace it. and whatever the decision is today. don't be surprised to see the president himself come out and make a statement about what happened and more importantly what comes next? >> we will be looking for that. thanks so much, doug. lawmakers aren't the only ones talking about the healthcare ruling. this morning every day americans are also discussing what today's decision could mean for the future of their healthcare. frank luntz found out what people have to say about obama care on the eve of today's ruling. >> who are the ones that voted for obama but oppose obama care. tell me why? >> i don't like how complex it is, i don't like the individual mandate part of it. i do like the insurance reform. >> tell me why? >> the individual mandate. what can't they do to you.
5:34 am
>> compromise or start from scratch? >> scratch. >> nobody knows how to fix healthcare. i would give you 5 points that would give you better patient care and better quality. obama care is a disaster. it's pbad for patients hospital bad for professionals. the other big story the house could make history of its own as it decides whether to holder rick holder in contempt of congress over the fast and furious de pock el. let's go to peter doocy. >> it will be for the first time ever today house will hold attorney general in con sem president of congress. for the first time ever he spent the night before the vote to hold him in contempt of congress in a picnic mingling with law americas on both sides of the aisle after the house committee
5:35 am
explained the charges against him. the attorney general is only the subject today here because there's a refusal to grant documents not because he's an object of the investigation. we have made that clear all along. 38 percent of all registered voters think coverup by the white house better describes the fight in washington. others describe it as a witch hunt by gop congress. 18 percent are not sure. but the white house and jay carney say republicans are putting on a show. it will be used for what it is if it takes place and that is as political theater. >> an action taken by congress that does not respond to the most perfect priorities of the
5:36 am
american -- most urgent priorities of the american people. this kind of political gamesman ship that from us straights the american people so much about what happens in washington. 7 to 11 democrats are expected to break ranks and vote to hold the attorney general in contempt of congress. but the representative from maryland will not see one of them. i believe when history looks back at this moment it will not be a good moment for this country. >> the healthcare ruling about 12:30. there will be a vote to hold him in criminal contempt of congress. there will be a vote on a similar citation that will allow the house to ask the court to force the doj to hand over any fast and furious documents they want. patti anne and ainsley, back to you. petr doocy.
5:37 am
thank you. let's get to our weather update with janice dean. >> we are already breaking records this summer? >> over 1,000 heat words were set in just a week. over 250 new daily high records set on tuesday. it is hot over 2 dozen states are under some sort of heat advisory. we could see heat indices with actual temperature and humidity reaching 100 to 110 degrees. we want to make sure you are indoors with the small kids checking on the elderly and making sure your pets are in doors as well. 83 in chicago. 101 today. 93 on friday. kansas city typically 87. 105, 101. you get the picture. it will be hot for the next several days heading into the weekend. there is the map. a lot of reds here. 105, 103 in memphis. all of that heat will spread eastward toward the eastern sea
5:38 am
board. we will see temperatures 105 in member if you say 104 in rally. it will feel even hotter than that. satellite radar not much going on. i want to make mention debbie is out to sea. we don't have to worry about her any more. we are watching the tropics. a little wave offer the coast of africa. a lot to talk about in the weather center. ainsley, patti ann back to you. thank you. ann curry is saying good-bye to "today." she is leaving the show and taking a new position at the network. the frontrunner to replace curie is savannah gut re. she co anchors the third hour of "today." >> paula deen flaunting on the cover of the magazine. she revealed she had type ii diabetes. the 65-year-old said she cut back on eating fried foods and tries to walk 30 minutes a day.
5:39 am
engagement rumors are buzztg about jennifer aniston and her boyfriend as she is spotted wearing a diamond ring on her right hand. they returned from a vacation in paris. friends say not so fast, it is just a promise ring. it is on the wrong hand. now for your starting lineup. a round of stories making headlines at this hour. the nba craft kicks off tonight. anthony davis wildly expected to go first to thornets followed b the wiz wards cavalier and the kings. >> the puck was last seen with patrick alias. it shows him near brodeur. there was talks he gave it to him in case it was his last game. he thinks he left it there on the bench. the famous for its island dream now truly an island. you can see it pretty much
5:40 am
covered by water. tropical storm debbie slamming the course with over 7 inches of rain. just how easy it is for a mexican drug cartel to cross the border into america. we will hear from a man who risked his life to shoes this video. [music] see life in the best light. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light.
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so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. experience life well lit, ask for transitions adaptive lenses.
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>> another major decision wefro the supreme shot down in the immigration bill. heated debates about the border problems. hannity exclusive highlighted just that. this video captured hidden cameras placed along the arizona mexico border show dozens of people crossing into this country illegally. the man who shot the video spoke with hannity last night saying there are not enough agents available to froekt the border. >> we called border patrol
5:44 am
before. there have been times they haven't been able to send agents to pick the dope up or marijuana off of the ground. we have had to rely on state agencies. it will be interesting when they can't respond to us when we have large groups of smugglers how these deputies and sheriffs and people inthond to the calls are going to react to it. i can tell you i talked to a couple of them today. there's a lot of people who are nervous about calling things in because of this tip hot line that the white house has put out. they are scared to be profiled. these are areas where nothing good happens at night except illegal activity. these agents are very nervous. obviously daniel's identity was being concealed out of safety concerns. a search is underway for 25 possible stowaways who could be from pakistan. they are believed to be hiding on a great ship docked in
5:45 am
newark, new jersey. that is where robert moses is with all of the details for us. >> good morning to you and good morning everyone. just had a text message for a spokesperson from the department of homeland security. he tells me the search here continued overnight. so far no sign of any stowaways. early yesterday members of a coast guard inspection team thought they heard knocking coming from a container on board the ship here. an intensive search ensued more than 150 containers were searched. but again so far nothing has been found. about 2,000 containers were carried here to newark on board that ship. see the path this ship has taken to get here. on may 30th it left the united arab emirates. it also mates stops in spanning st pakistan india and egypt before
5:46 am
arriving in newark. peter king who chairs the homeland security committee says he is particularly troubled by stops in in egypt and pakistan. that's part of the reason why the search has been so intense. word this morning so far no sign of any stowaways on board that ship. that is the latest live from newark this morning robert moses fox news. robert, thank you. 13 minutes to the top of the hour. next listen up before you dip your toe in that water. some of america's beaches topping a pretty disgusting list. men we have a story for you doing the dishes and cleaning the house will make you happy. will mr. mom agree? >> brian kilmeade that is what's coming up on "fox & friends". >> you should do your show outside. you do not need to be indoors. it is beautiful out here even today. i am going to tell you why i am out here in a second. coming up on this show we are discussing decision day. find the obama care list. the mandates to see it in tact.
5:47 am
also fast and furious. we are talking the attorney general not talking about the congressional black caucus saying if you vote on this we are not sticking around. congressional black caucus won't be here but billy baldwin will. jen you have hudson will be here. she is a really good singer and should have won american idol. i will talk about that in the break. we are also talking about famous daves. they brought the table cloths, they brought the sauce, they brought the water. and they brought their signs. famous daves is here. don't miss fox and friends. i have to go in and get something else on. with the spark cash card from capital one,
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>> some quick headlines now. this might explain why so many people like it. researchers discovered coke and pepsi contain boos. the alcohol content is only .001 percent. but it's still enough to upset the thousands of muslims who regularly drink soda because their religion for bids them from drinking alcohol. natural fruit ingredients may be the cause. we have the cleanest and dirt yis beaches in the country. giving the best ratings five stars to dewey beach, ocean city maryland and south padre island. the dirtiest california's avalon beefrn, new york's wood launch beach and south shore beach in
5:52 am
wisconsin. a new report out from the u.s. census bureau shows business might not be booming. shutting their doors back in 2010. diane macedo has good news. the census bureau counted 7.4 million businesses in the u.s. for 2010. 36,800 from the year before. that good news is at the rate of decrease slowed from 2008 to 2009. the bureau said the country lost 168,000 businesses more than four times the 2010 drop and the same goes for employment. the bureau counted 112 million workers for 2010, 2.15 fewer than 2010. a much bigger drop from 2008 to 2009. as for the winners and losers in all of this they had the biggest decline in annual payroll while brooklyn new york was the only
5:53 am
one that increased the number of employees. construction had the largest percentage decline among business sectors biggest gains utilities healthcare and social assistance. >> i like the way you did that the positive and the negative. thanks so much. >> a little more than 5 minutes before the start of the hour. maybe no one told mr. mom but doing the dishes and laundry makes women happy. >> nobody told my bad dad that either. that's your word of t-- nobody dad that either. there's the word of the day all scrambled up. ♪ why not make lunch more than just lunch?
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>> ♪ lady you're gonna change my life around ♪ >> 2 minutes until the top of the hour. we take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly. first, the good. a new study shows that men who do chores are happier than men who don't. one theory -- guys who help out around the house hear mes complaining from their significant others. that makes since. a ring designed to keep spouses from cheating. keep it on for a while and it leaves the words "i'm married" imprinted on the finger. the ring costs $550. a man roughing up and robbing this elderly woman in florida right outside of her own house. he's yanking the purse right off of her knocking her to the ground and then he sprints down
5:58 am
the sidewalk and yeah, he gets away. >> time to get scrambled up and gretchen carlson is here to help us out. we said it on the show. it's huge! >> good morning, ladies. i think i might actually know this. i don't know, maybe i got some brain power here. >> constitution? >> let's see -- >> i don't know. it might be constitutionality? >> i don't know if we have enough time to reveal every letter. >> we need that first one. >> constitutional. >> constitutional. >> it is. very good. >> ok. >> gretchen is very good at the scramble. >> you are good at this. >> really? >> got to be good at something. >> have a good show. "fox & friends" starts now. >> good morning, everyone. today is thursday, it's june 28, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for sharing your time with us today.
5:59 am
the entire country is watching today, will the u.s. supreme court strike down president obama's health care law? its decision is just hours away. huge news day and brand new fox polls show it could have major ramifications on the presidential race. >> and that's not all! another big vote in congress today. will they hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress? it would be the first time in history and how will that make the white house look on such a big day with something constitutional or unconstitutional going on? >> a lot to talk about. meanwhile, ladies, want to know the secret to making men happy? >> yeah. >> lean in. give them a broom or, perhaps, an iron! iron. "fox & friends" starts now. >> give them a broom or an iron? how about a hint? >> you just got a


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