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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 29, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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entitlement culture, you must cut everything else. the blob gets blobbier. we're out of time and you have to ask, do you accept the nature of the beast? come november that is your call. you can fight the blob or join the blob. but you can't pretend it won't cost you. notice i said, "blob" and not "bob." >> andrea: waiting for you to slip. >> greg: isn't it hard to argue these days against big government? because you're arguing against an illusion of free stuff. people just -- >> andrea: they love free stuff. >> greg: they love free stuff. i think celebrities run for goodie bags because in the goodie bag there is millions of stuff. >> andrea: everybody loves free stuff. but they're not telling you that eventually you pay for the free stuff. medicaid portion you talk about a lot, that the justices struck down, if the states opt out of medicaid, all of those
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patients are going to be jumped in the exchanges. that means they will get huge and costly. not only do we pay for the new people in the system, the exchanges will be shifted to the federal balance sheet. another cost. we have to pay for it. >> greg: bob, i continue you an expert in the debate between short-term pleasure and long-term benefit. every choice you make is for short-term pleasure. later in life you end up paying for it. >> bob: that is why i was on drugs. >> andrea: is this an intervention? >> bob: i've already had 15 of them. >> greg: isn't that the problem? >> bob: no. get something straight. let me say it was a wonderful day for america yesterday. i'm sorry you are all so upset. entitlement, social security and medicare. you pay for it. it comes out of your paycheck. not paid for by the federal government. medicaid is, that's true, for poor people. if you want to take food off poor people's table, that's fine. typical republican.
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>> greg: i hate poor people. you're right. >> bob: i understand that. >> greg: look for poor people to steal their food. >> bob: the difference between us and europe -- you compare it to gross which is half the side of rhode island. good greeks came here like andrea. rest of the bums stayed over there. >> eric: great day for america. >> andrea: social security, you say we are paying in to it? the government is spending all the money. >> bob: that is a different argument. we pay for social security. people do. >> eric: here is something we didn't pay for. it's in the charitable taxes. this starts next year. 3.8% surcharge on tax. you are charging them 4% windfall profit tax. here is one that will drive you crazy.
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the year after 2014, another payroll, mandate excise tax exemptions. listen to this. did you know this? exemptions. religious objectives, undocumented immigrants and prisoners are excepted from that. >> bob: that gets me out of -- get a surtax for people over $250,000 doesn't bother me. it should be bigger. >> greg: we love montages. since we talk about taxes it serves you to go back to see what president obama has to say about healthcare and whether or not it was a tax. >> the last thing we should do is raise taxes on the middle class. you will not see your taxes increase one single dime. >> you will not see your taxes increase a single dime. >> i repeat. not one single dime. >> greg: is this the read my lips moment is this the thing that haunts anymore november? >> kimberly: there is so
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much tape of him say nothing new taxes. it's a lie. not a nicer way to say it. i could say this is the truth. but this is a big tax increase on the middle class. >> bob: i don't want to say anything about a lie directed to my friend. he said this is about obamacare. he was talking about income tax rates. >> andrea: he was asked by george stephanopoulos if it was a tax. he said in numerous interview if it was a tax. that it's not. >> bob: it's not a tax. >> kimberly: is it a tax. >> eric: there are 21 new taxes in this law. 21. $675 billion. >> eric: the idea of taxes people with income over $250,000 for -- >> eric: the point is -- >> kimberly: so it is a tas tax. >> greg: tanning beds. this is a tax on snookie.
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taxing an american hero. every now and then you get something from the web. from 10 to 15 people. to everybody, it's summing up how you feel. it sums up the moment from yesterday about discovering that this is a tax. this is not a tax. i don't know where this came from. i received this 40 times. doesn't this speak to the way people look at obama? he pulled one over on america. >> kimberly: again. >> bob: i never heard this from you when we talk about obamacare. >> greg: he said it wasn't a tax. >> eric: the bill is this high. 2,500 pages. pelosi said pass it first and then we'll read it.
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>> greg: they are not really laughing about it. so i don't get angry letters. >> bob: of course they're celebrating. we are going to get people who are not insured insured. >> andrea: a lot of upper class are going to opt not the pay the tax. a lot of people will say what is the motivation for me to get a high insurance premium? the middle class don't have the money like rich. >> bob: middle class won't be hurt by this. >> eric: excise tax on charitable hospitals. excise tax on charitable -- how do you justify this? >> bob: what do you mean? they make money. >> eric: tanning bed tax is 2397. >> kimberly: didn't distract him for very long.
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>> bob: he'll do spray tanning. the problem is you're all sour grapes about this. why don't we stop and say we have the law. let's get over it. >> greg: i would love for to us get over it. nobody is going to get over it. >> bob: don't get over it. >> greg: he may not have to get over it. it may have galvanized the right. >> kimberly: $4 million since they sid it was constitutional. romney got that money. >> eric: yesterday after the holder vote you said let's get over it and move on. you want to get over everything. >> bob: this is going to have an effect on the united states. >> andrea: you lectured us not to gloat if the mandate was struck down. remember that? >> bob: i said what john boehner said. you think i'd vote it now is wait until i get to my segment. i'm really going to gloat
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then. >> greg: that's when we turn the sound off. with oar not running that segment. we're running four minutes of cute puppies frolicking and we're not going to tell you. coming up, sarah palin joins "the five" to discuss her thoughts on the healthcare ruling and the holder contempt vote. if you leave now, you only have yourself to blame. ♪ ♪ [music] see life in the best light. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. experience life well lit, ask for transitions adaptive lenses.
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back, everybody. obamacare, the bill was met with outrage, town hall and vocal tea party. one of the voices was and still is governor palin. we welcome the governor back to "the five." thank you for joining us today on a very important day. in the aftermath of the supreme court decision to uphold obamacare, conservative voices are split. charles krauthammer on one
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side says the decision could be good for the country if it gets romney elected. and much ral friend mark levin calling the decision lawless and shredding the constitution. where do you fall in the map? >> you know, i can see both sides of this. why folks are personally outraged at chief justice roberts for decision he made. the situation of the glass half empty. those looking at it half full are saying supreme court, thank you, for concluding that this is a tax, despite what obama promised that it's not a tax. now obama is conflicting himself by saying thank you, supreme court, for calling this a tax. even though said it's not a tax. glass half full tells us that good, supreme court, you put it in our hands. people's hands, representative of the people in congress now we get to decide do we want to enact the tax or rescind the tax? power can rescind it.
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get in there in july after the recess and vote on rescinding the tax that would fund obamacare. >> kimberly: it sounds like you see this as something that could be perhaps produce some momentum and be jumping off point for the republican and conservatives and rally support and get romney's campaign going. >> absolutely. this is another example of president obama deceiving the people. lying to the people. nancy pelosi and harry reid and trying to indundation with bureaucratic, legislative, information, pages and pages that nobody read. then they voted on and rammed it down america's throat. another example of government run amok and huge overreach. unaffordable, ill-advised program to help with the healthcare challenges and it causes more problem with the healthcare system.
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it's another example. >> bob: deception, does it include the death panels that were never read that you said were in the bill? >> it's in there. >> bob: is it? >> there is a bureaucratic panel. the acronym is the ipab. it will be a board that will tell you, bob, whether your level of productivity in society is worthy of receiving the rationed care that will be the result of obamacare. boston that was a case i'd be out. >> it's common sense to ever consider that healthcare won't be rationed when obviously with more and more enrollees in the program and fewer and fewer services being provided, because it will be inefficient and expensive and bureaucratic, of course, healthcare in a socialized system which this will become, it will be rationed. >> greg: governor, way to put bob in his place. nicely done. he is speechless. to your point, "daily mail" in
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u.k. reported 130,000 elderly patients are euthanizeded prematurely because they don't have enough room for beds. that goes to your point. inevitably this is what happens. i want to go to what you said before about obama lying to the american people. can't someone lie if they didn't know what they were talking about or doing? >> a good point. semantics we could debate. the only problem is i think that obama has kept to the american people is he would fundamentally transform america. that's what he said. from cutting the deficit in half to increase the deficit and running up the american debt to really enormous, outrageous number we are looking at today. $16 trillion. one problem after another. he said we'd be out of both wars and closing gitmo. one example after another. the only promise he has kept is he'll transform america.
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this is something previously we wouldn't fathom, wouldn't recognize. >> andrea: governor, this is andrea tantaros. how are you? thank you for being with us. you started and mentioned a lot of conservatives are unhappy and unhappy with justice roberts' decision. a lot of the conservatives have been criticizing justice roberts. michael salvag savage conservate talk show host went after him and said i'll talk to you something you haven't heard anywhere else. he suffered from epileptic seizures and went on to assert somehow maybe the epilepsy caused the decision. >> bob: he's an idiot. >> andrea: hold on, bob, please. president obama went after the court, too, right before the ruling. you came out and said he doesn't have common sense and he was trying to embarrass the court. should conservative be consistent not you but others criticizing the court. >> it does no good to put your
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faith in one human being. man is fallible. don't put your faith in a person. because they will disappoint. i learned from years in politics i will never put my faith in a person, or i'll be disappointed and personally take it out on them. instead, put your faith in their ideas and what they stand for, their records, their reputation. >> andrea: do you think it's conservatives and republicans to attack the court on this decision in the same conservatives and republicans that went after president obama for attacking the court? >> no, i think it's fair play. the other side would never stop attacking the court or individual justices based on decisions made. you know it's the nature of the beast. but, no, that's -- everybody is right to express their opinion on what this, especially this individual decision has resulted in.
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the glass half if o full or emp. this is it's constitutional or you look at it, the supreme court contradicted what the president promised us. but now back in our hands. we control the outcome of the future decisions on obamacare. >> bob: first, quote psychopath of michael savage is evidence beyond me. also they were bush's wars you are talking about. leaving that aside, romney is your nominee. romney came up with the first -- what the bill is based after. how in the world is he going to come out against the mandate when he signed a bill about the mandate, congratulated the mandate and said could make it work. he is in a corner and he can't get out of it. >> i don't like government mandates on any level.
5:20 pm
be it local, state or federal level. if you listen to romney's rationale thus far it's about the tenth amendment that states have the right to deal with the economic and other problems within their state. according to their leadership authority. he invoked that again and again. if it's explained away it will be explained. >> bob: explained away is right. >> kimberly: there is speculation for the reasoning, the rationale beyond chief justice john roberts in fact wrote that opinion and extended himself to rewrite the law. the president said it wasn't a tax from the beginning, to do that. some people feel it's form of judicial activism and not appropriate for the u.s. supreme court to go that far out. what do you think? >> i don't know what his reasoning has been and i haven't had the time in the last 24 hours to dig in there and figure out what was he thinking. i'm just taking everything at
5:21 pm
face value. from what i read. i go back to the leadership, the elected leadership in our nation from pelosi and read to obama telling us that this wasn't a tax, and then the media, thus far at least, too many of them letting obama fete away telling us it wasn't a tax. as you point out, george stephanopoulos in september of 2009 having that interview with president obama where he tried to school george. he got in his face. he said this isn't a tax. what are you talking about? quit spinning this george. it expect george to step up and say president obama, you were wrong then. or you lied to the people of america, are you going to correct yourself now? is he going to be -- that would be respectful step of our president. >> bob: governor, that segment -- >> eric: governor, we only have 30 seconds, 40 seconds so we have a hard break. we want to ask you this question given the news about eric holder's contempt of
5:22 pm
congress charge. three options now. civilly, try to civilly or criminally or sergeant of arms arrest the man. what should they do? >> i know they won't be so dra matt tic to actually arrest him. but they need to pursue the information that explains the foundation of fast and furious. why the heck did anybody think that allowing guns to walk in to the dangerous areas that would result in the death of brian terry and his family deserving information, what is the foundation of all of it? much less what was holder's involvement in it? that lack of transparency manifest in the obama administration hiding the information is contemptuous and unfair to the american people. most importantly at this point it's unfair to brian terry's family. and for the democrat who walked out on the vote. they walked out on an american patriotic family.
5:23 pm
atrocious act on their part. >> eric: i agree whole-heartedly. thank you, gor. have a great weekend. coming up, my good friend bob beckel gets his moment to gloat uninterrupted about obamacare. we'll give him his 15 seconds when we come back. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you have to take care of legal matters. legalzoom has an easy and affordable option. you get quality services on your terms, with total customer support, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. so go to today and see for yourself.
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passing the affordable care act was the greatest single stem? generations. >> it was so surprise to us. >> supreme court, rigorous, redowning confirmation of the substitutionalty of the affordable care act. >> if you want to know what
5:28 pm
democracy looks like come to constitution avenue. this is what democracy looks like. >> bob: right non, barbara. democrats are clearly elated. i am about. this my co-host are in a massive depressant. president obama sent out an interesting tweet about this. can we bring the tweet out here? what does that say? you know what the bfd -- you remember joe biden said to president obama when they signed the bill, this is a big -- i can't say it. i said it too many times. then the executive director of the dnc said the following. i can't read it because it' it's too small. i can't see it. i didn't have any health insurance because my ads are bad. >> of course you don't. you swear like a sailor. >> wait a second.
5:29 pm
>> you have health insurance. >> i don't have -- >> it's not paper. >> let's not interrupt my thing. this is for you guys who use those words. this is a swear jar. put money in. what do you think of the loose of the words? >> eric: about the utah of the words? it's cheesy for a president to do it. i want to give you credit. before the mandate was upheld, you predicted it would be. none of us did. it brought you a present. >> kimberly: my gosh. >> eric: bag of tea. >> bob: okay. >> andrea: they have the greatest decision. a lot of people think it will motivate vote torres go to the polls. but it limited the power clause. four justices went to limiting the commerce clause.
5:30 pm
that is let the new deal happen. >> greg: twitter stuff, there is no winning side to be on -- where are you going? did i offend you? >> rescuing his tea bag. >> greg: twitter plays to gloating and self-promotion. and bullying. it's perfectly fine to do it. but you shouldn't do it because nothing good comes from it. obama obviously did not write that tweet. >> kimberly: but nevertheless -- >> andrea: you bully dana perino. >> bob: excuse me. this is any gloat session. go ahead. >> kimberly: thank you. i would like to make a donation to your jar. it's inappropriate. it's coming from the opposite of resident. why is it put out there? how about decorum and civility? it's not presidential. >> andrea: hold on. they made t-shirts that are saying it's a big
5:31 pm
[bleep] deal. classless. >> bob: there is nothing wrong with that. it should haven't thrown eric's tea bag. he was nice enough to remember i did predict this. we had tape. this is from the fellow friends around the table said no, it won't pass. >> greg: i didn't say that. >> bob: you did. >> kimberly: we doctored it. >> bob: do we have it? >> obama has the ball in his court. if he loses tomorrow, i don't think he is gonna, by the way. >> bob: thank you very much. i want to say -- >> greg: can i make a point. you called the supreme court -- didn't you call them right wing hacks? >> bob: if they voted it down they'd be hax. >> eric: the two days before when they upheld part of arizona's law you called them hacks. >> bob: they were. >> eric: this took me an hour -- >> bob: i'm sorry. is there tea in here? >> eric: coffee.
5:32 pm
>> andrea: president obama has been quiet about his healthcare bill. now it's like mission accomplished. the problem still exist. and people don't like it. >> bob: they were bad. we have $8 million taking advantage of it today. >> greg: taking advantage of it and not paying for it. >> bob: we're paying for it. >> greg: we will all pay for it. >> bob: coming up, what is the next move for the right wingers against the witch hunt? after the vote in congress yesterday. it can't wait to hear their witch hunt. ♪ ♪ communications company by continuing to help you do more and focus on the things that matter to you.
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here is the fallout from the health ruling. new information about how the
5:37 pm
vote may have come to pass. tonight on "special report," the cost of implementing the healthcare cost. we look to jong roberts' vote. there is a news to take the sting out of unpopular austerity measures. is this a patch for good sign for future in europe? justice department will not prosecute eric holder? what is next? massive wildfires flattening the west. driving tens of thousands of people away from their homes. president obama was in colorado surveying the scene. we go there live. president obama wants the wealthy to pay more in taxes. "special report" is at 6:00. now back to "the five." ♪ ♪
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>> andrea: welcome back to five. yesterday, the u.s. house of representatives made history when it voted to hold u.s. attorney general eric holder in contempt. they had two proceedings. one was civil, one was criminal. here is what the attorney general had to say after both passed the house. >> today's vote is regrettable culmination of what became misguided and politically motivated investigation in election year. >> and darrell issa has been leading the investigation had this to say. >> i have no you have statele for the attorney general. my statement is to terry family and we'll try to get to the people who are responsible for their son and family member's death. we'll let the court and process play out for the attorney general. >> andrea: that is what they are going to do.
5:39 pm
under criminal contempt, as i understand it, the d.o.j. has come up today and said we're not going to have a u.s. attorney investigate this. there is precedent in 1984. there was a decision saying the president used executive privilege so we're not going to go there. a big conflict of interest. but they will proceed civilly. >> kimberly: ted olson, many conservatives as well and this is a solid precedent with the opinion he issued with the office of legal counsel. next step is district attorney of the district of columbia responsible to bring it to a grand jury to decide whether or not to proceed forward. unless they settle this, you won't see this as having legs before the election. >> andrea: you think they will go to the -- let's see.
5:40 pm
they will get outside counsel for a federal district court. civil proceedings -- they did this in the bush administration. it took five months. do you think they can get an outcome? >> bob: no, they won't get an outcome. you said the arrest gent arms in the house would arrest eric holder. that big boy -- sure, let the big boy come and face federal officers getting the attorney general arrested. this will be a civil case and tied down for a long time. this will be a nonstory next week. i feel as much as anybody for the terry family. but issa is using this guy as political boy. >> eric: you did this yesterday. how is it political? how is it politics? he's dead and family wants answers. gunwhat happens when the next american is shot, next kid is shot at the board killed with a gun that came from america. is it still politics then? >> bob: everybody is politics. >> eric: you are a great friend of mine but stop calling it politics.
5:41 pm
it's not. >> bob: if you don't think issa is plague politics -- maybe you're not playing politics but he is. >> eric: this was brought up 18 months ago. >> andrea: can i ask greg a question? don't you think it's exerting executive privilege that the president is playing politics? >> greg: absolutely. why isn't this a big deal in the media? this is a plot that would fit in a woodward and bernstein book. this is like nancy drew column. if the president was john mccain michael moore would be handcuffed to the white house fence. that is how seriously we take it. if the terry family is seeking answers politics or not we're obligated to talk about, obligated to pursue it. presidential debate they're obligated to ask that question. >> andrea: i think holder should resign. >> kimberly: why hasn't me? >> bob: he wanted to resign
5:42 pm
and was talked out of it by valley jarret. for him sake, get out from underneath it if he could. it's not possibly politically. obama couldn't lem him do it. >> kimberly: nice to have friends in high places. >> bob: he is subject to a witch hunt. typical republicans. >> greg: eric holder spent time suggesting strongly that americans were racist. c'mon >> right. racism. >> bob: who said racism besides al sharpton? >> greg: holder said we need discussion on racism. >> bob: that is politics. >> eric: it didn't have to come up at all. if he turned over documents 18 months ago. >> andrea: i love eric holder but we have something more important to talk about. katie holmes and tom cruise is divorcing. have you heard the news? do you know why? we do. we have the juicy details
5:43 pm
next. >> bob: we do? >> andrea: we do. ♪ ♪ s
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5:47 pm
♪ ♪ >> kimberly: now for hard news. it's a sad day, america. tom cruise and katie holmes are divorcing after five years of marriage. the split comes as a bit of a shock. remember when the moment when tom declared his love for katie on oprah. >> we have never seen you behave this way before. >> i know. >> have you ever felt this way before? [ applause ] [ laughter ] >> you are gone. >> kimberly: walk it back. jump it back. too late now, tom. maybe it was a telltale. you are looking at me so weird. >> bob: no, i got something great to say about this. he's acting really odd.
5:48 pm
if you know what i mean. >> kimberly: i can't. andrea and greg. >> andrea: is this a coincidence? with california divorce laws, it's a coincidence that a lot of celebrities get divorced before ten years. what happens after ten years? the prenup is null and void. someone like tom cruise would have to give katie holmes 0%-ois earn -- 50% of his earnings. his first rogers, mimi rogers, a full screen. less than ten years. nicole kidman. less than ten years kay. ty, less than ten years. with kobe bryant, his wife filed for divorce, right at the ten-year mark. he was like please don't do it. >> she owns him now. >> greg: everybody is trying to find whatever theory behind why marriages end. there are lots of theories i heard. number one, tom cruise is gay. wait for new role.
5:49 pm
-- gained weight for new role. she liked him thin. another rumor he likes menthol cigarette and that kills your breath. cigarettes and weight gain, i mean, i'm quitting smokes because my wife won't have it. >> eric: is tom cruise dead set on anything? >> kimberly: bolling? >> eric: i can't. you it's sad for surry. let's not go there. >> andrea: sad for surry. >> greg: good, safe way out. >> kimberly: we'll move on. before we get in trouble. weirdly, bob is almost the best behaved person at the table. not really. look at aleck bald wayne. you love. kind of like, right? >> greg: i do. i have a comment if you'll just play the darn thing.
5:50 pm
>> kimberly: go ahead. >> leave him alone. leave him alone. >> breaking my heart. >> shut up. >> leave him alone. >> did you hear what i said in did you hear what i said? >> you little girl. [ laughter ] >> greg: it's so hard, it's like i don't, i don't care for popaparazzi. it's like choosing between diarrhea and vomiting. >> bob: is that tom cruise he has? >> andrea: be relieveed he doesn't hold elective office. he is usually using his fist against freedom of the press. >> eric: i have nothing to say about alec. i know his brother. they're a fighting family. i know from experience. >> andrea: you get in fights with him. before she walks down the aisle. don't you think? >> bob: he is a good friend
5:51 pm
of tom cruise. >> andrea: what does that mean? >> kimberly: it's nothing. complete nonsense. we're going. goodbye. ♪ ♪ [music] see life in the best light. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. experience life well lit, ask for transitions adaptive lenses. delivering mail, medicine and packages. yet the house is considering a bill to close thousands of offices, slash service and layoff over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses
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>> greg: all right. time for one more thing.
5:55 pm
>> watch how president obama gloats. >> did you see president obama's reaction? he didn't want to gloat but if you watch the body language closely he was feeling good. here he is. ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] >> greg: that is impressive stuff. amazing things you can do with technology. >> glenn: i think he can do that. he is a good dancer and singer. i've seen it. >> greg: okay, then. stop bragging why don't you. bob? >> bob: we talked about the two women who tied in the 100-meters for the last spot on the u.s. olympic team?
5:56 pm
allison felix and seneiva taramo. they were dead even. allison won the 200-meter and is going to the olympics. two of them get together and one of you decide the other one should be the winner, you can go as the alternate. who in the world takes that deal? come on, get a brain, will you? >> glenn: next week i am on vacation. it's the 4th of july. it's my favorite holiday, i want to honor it with people born on the 4th of july. calvin coolidge, the 30th president of the united states. george michael steinbrener a businessman who owned the yankees in new york city. a great man. our own geraldo rivera. it's his birthday july 4. have a great holiday and enjoy. >> greg: what do you get somebody for their birthday on july 4? >> glenn: like geraldo who
5:57 pm
has everything. mustache. >> kimberly: what is that? >> bob: go ahead. you did it. kimberly. >> kimberly: so website has a survey -- it's not scientific poll or survey. never mind, bob. please. hold on, we're almost done. >> bob: this is the broad with the names of everybody that wants to get together with you. >> kimberly: you would know. there is a survey of who women say they want to cheat on their spouse with, which is bad behavior. number one is dade beckham. number two is steve steven tim . david beckham is number one. do we know who is three? >> bob: i was four. >> kimberly: bob was a write-in candidate. >> bret: done by a cheaters website. >> greg: this is the most
5:58 pm
important one more thing is mine. >> kimberly: ely manning. >> greg: are you done yet? today, unicorn appreciation day. every time that president obama passes a tax a unicorn loses its horn. is that not disgusting? >> glenn: a lot of horns on the ground. >> bob: how many do you have now? >> greg: 87. >> bob: you are odd. >> glenn: reason to vote for romney. >> greg: that does it for "the five." thank you for watching. have a great weekend. wave, bob. wave in my face. wave. ♪ ♪ >> bret: did the chief justice change his healthcare vote in recent days? this is "special report." ♪
5:59 pm
♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. the swing vote that nobody saw coming. chief justice john roberts with the majority upholding obamacare. did roberts change the vote late in the process? was the court prepared to strike down part of if not all of the healthcare law? shannon bream has the story. >> there are a lot of clues in the structure of the opinion it was a late switch. >> strong signals that chief justice john roberts may have flipped his vote. decide with the liberal block, to find the mandate and healthcare law constitutional use of congressional taxing power. after initially agreeing with conservatives to throw out the entire law. >> this looks like verbal opinion. the other notables a spent is they point out the tax issue


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