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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 29, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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so that suggests it might have been a late-breaking development. >> as legal scholars continue to digest the opinion, some assert that the dissent many reference to ruth bader ginsberg's quote dissent is telling because she didn't write one per se. however, she did break from the majority opinion on key issues. so what she wrote could be characterized form of dissent, that she was in the minority at some point. law supports say the opinion proves that roberts is truly functioning at the umpire he promised to be in the come finmation hear -- confirmation hearings. calling only balls and strikes. >> the affordable care act opinion goes a long way toward saying that the roberts court is not just motivated by politics. at times they can put the law and good of the country above the personal political preferences and do what the constitution requires.
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>> plenty of pressure in play in the weeks the case was argued in march and release of the opinion on thursday. the president's april state in the the rose garden he was confident the court wouldn't take the "unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning the law." public lecture by bob le leaheyo put the brakes on what he calls political. >> chief justice is the chief justice of the united states. all 320 million of us. >> it worries about the public perception of court did sway roberts at some point. some legal scholars say it could backfire. >> he called the integrity of the court in question having the appearance here as we talk about with the the appearance he shifted the opinion late in the process. it appears to be a politically motivated choice, rather than legally motivated one. >> did the chief justice flip because of political pressure in we may have to wait decades
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to get answers how the deanalysis came together. fox news polling show 67% of the survey believed politics would play a role in the justices' decision. >> bret: more with the panel. thank you. the cost of implementing and enforcing the president's healthcare law looks to be dramatically more expensive than politically indicated. what does it mean for your taxes? chief national correspondent jim angle has details. >> the supreme court decision made it official. the healthcare mandate is a tax. a characterization that one says would have doomed the passage had it been known at the time. >> there would not have been ten votes for the legislation. >> nobody would want to have gone home and say i just increased your taxes by billions of dollars over the next ten years to fix healthcare. >> administration preferred the use revenue. but it's clear taxpayers would have to cover the cost of the
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new law. >> we're ensuring 30 million people who didn't have insurance before. that is going to cost some money. >> it's going to be break even in terms of the deficit. >> in the first ten years including four years before the law takes full effect, the administration plans to raise taxes more than 400 billion on everything from tanning salon to medical devices to insurance plans. they told it prompting they wouldn't get most people. >> if your family earns less than $250,000 a year, you will not see your tax increase a single dime. >> many of them will hit the middle class and below such as the penalties on tho who don't buy insurance. >> who will be uninsured? people young and healthy, not super affluent. poor people who can't afford insurance. by and large the penalty tax is a tax on the uninsured lower income americans.
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>> the president plans to cover part of the cost by cutting medicare, which actuary says won't work for a simple reason. >> medicare cut are double counted. you count toward paying for entitlement expansion under obamacare but they are supposed to pay for tu fure medicare payments because trust fund is going broke. >> it could push healthcare higher and says the administration could not force states to add 17 million more people to medicaid. making it possible to put many in the taxpayers subsidize exchange instead. >> you have to pay for it somehow. >> all the tax projections are estimates. those who take the long view says whatever the nation does now it has to focus on cost. >> we have completed 85-year quest to perfect safety net.
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the next era for government, democrat or republican government is find a way to afford that. >> some say the first ten years could cost $2 $2.6 trillion. so either other taxes go up or the deficit does. >> bret: thank you. stocks soared as the investors heard good news out of europe. the dough rose 278 -- the dow rose 278. worldwides, traders show optimist on word of european plan to dip in the financial bail-out fund to stabilize troubled banks there. peter barnes has details. >> the stocks up 2% today. the european agreement giving the s&p 500 the biggest one-day pop of the year. the deal out of some in bruce sells was the european leader strongest move yet to contain the continent debt crisis.
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it came as a surprise given europe austerity measures. but with spain asking for $125 billion fast for the teetering banks germany cut a deal and allowed to allow using some of europe $630 billion government bail-out fund for new bank capital. in exchange for tougher bank regulations. the move buys europe some time. >> it's again a short-term perspective it gets. it can depend on the short-term. it's not sustainable solution for europe's problems. >> the market rally helps americans investments, 401(k)s and pensions, of course. economists also hope europe's moves will prevent weakening the fragile u.s. economy. >> there is not enough of terms of growth if europe doesn't succeed. the stock market will take a hit. it's already a funk.
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it could turn the united states back to a recession. >> european leaders finalize details of the rescue plan and will meet on july 9. >> bret: thank you. f.b.i. officials testified today china, russia and some traditional u.s. allies are engaged in the economic espionage. it cost the u.s. more than $12 billion last year. the f.b.i. says it's faster and cheaper for countries to steal secrets rather than financing their own research and development. foreign intelligence services are said to seek college campuses. especially those doing the cutting-edge research and science and engineering. as desirable recruiting grounds. a so-called secret satellite went into space. carrying a satellite for the national reconnaissance office. office is keeping quiet about the satellite's purpose. a lawmaker finds out the hard way that you choose always remember who you are
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>> bret: mr. political analysts are saying the healthcare decision was reset for 2012 presidential race. obama can celebrate the core achievement but must fend off the republican attacks. the republican donors are opening their wallets. we have fox team coverage tonight. carl cameron looks at how governor romney's momentum is heading to the general election now. first, chief white house correspondent ed henry is live with an administration ready to move on. >> good evening. >> the president was in
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colorado dealing with the wildfires. and now back here, it's looked at as if this will give him a bounce in november. >> time to move forward. >> president obama said he is not worried about who won and lost in the healthcare battle, the campaign today boasted about raising more money online from democrats fired up over the decision that presumptive republican nominee collected. although team obama will not reveal numbers. >> the re-election team started to hock $30 t-shirt playing off vice president biden's profane claim now it's still a big, [bleep]ing deal. they tout the benefit to people and key provision. >> new republicans think they can make a big provision but they have to explain why they want to roll back a law that is produce something much good for the american people. >> not so fast, insists top republicans, who believe their base has been ignited over the high court ruling.
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this is a big bleeping tax. >> this will be front and center in the presidential campaign. i can't imagine that anything that president obama will want to talk about less than the tax on the middle class. >> obama camp is dancing around whether it's a tax and at most says it will affect 2% of americans. >> whether it's a mandate or tax it's a penalty on very few americans who don't, who can afford healthcare. don't pay for it. end up in the emergency rooms. getting free care and don't pay for it. >> they had a predecessor that used to support mandate. >> expansion of 1% state spending. that is romney care in massachusetts. that will be obamacare for the rest of the country. >> obama campaign pointing to the primary debate where romney infamously said i like mandates. he also admitted he imposed tax penalties in massachusetts, making democrats hopeful that even
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thislicious be a wash. bret? >> bret: ed henry live on the north lawn. thank you. it is still about the economy. and after yesterday, romney believes that he can paint obama as tax-raiser. carl cameron has more. >> romney raked in $4.6 million in the first 24 hours after the supreme court upheld the president's healthcare law. he told donors in new york it's injecting new urgency in the campaign for president to repeal obamacare. the new rnc web page pumping out videos warning fundamental freedoms are threatened. it will impact congressional races, too. >> if you are for keeping healthcare decisions in the hands of insurance companies you are going to be on defense. if you are for reducing cost to give middle class protection they need you are in better shape.
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>> pete is in charge of electing republicans. simple message for voters. >> they can show up and say we have had enough of taxation and big government. >> g.o.p. attack ad start in districts on money. with a worried woman texting her sister over obamacare slashing her mom's medicare. fired up obama is the last thing that some want. former dnc chairman ed rendell warned democrats it will be a burden again and they better toughen up. "it will be an albatross around our neck. let's stand and defend it." the liberal bridge hope gotcha blast from the past that romney insisting mandate are not taxes. >> isn't it a tax hike? >> it's not a tax hike.
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>> music to democrats' ears. healthcare will be a big issue but it's too early to say how it will impact the election. for the first six months of this year, gallop polling said only 7% of those surveyed considered healthcare a top priority. >> bret: thank you. charles rangel apparent primary win on tuesday is now in doubt. the latest available numbers rangel is up 1,000 votes with 94% of the precincts reporting. we'll follow that race. republicans are up in arms after the justice department said it will not prosecute the attorney general for contempt. plus, wildfires are laying waste to big chunk of the west. we take you there next. the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day.
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>> bret: attorney general eric holder calls the house vote that found him in contempt of congress merely a politically motivated act in an election year. now that the vote is in the box, the justice department says it will not prosecute. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live with the latest. good evening. what is next? >> in a letter to boehner, he said a crime was not committe committed. white house secretary jay carney explained that it's established principle dating back to the administration of president ronald reagan that the justice department does not pursue prosecution in a contempt case when the president alerted executive privilege. here is house oversight chairman darrell issa on the way forward. >> the house authorized me to hire staff, legal staff two can pursue civilly in the courts to try to get a federal
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judge to order the discovery. >> a civil suit is the way that the republicans will seek to get documents after fast and furious ended. >> bret: thank you. >> congress has been under the gun to get the transportation bill done before july 4. how did it play out? >> they did get it done with the bipartisan support. 27-month package. transportation money due to run out tomorrow. key democrat emphasized impact on workers at risk. 2 million transportation and transit workers who will stay on the job. >> bret: what about the student loan, and interest rates going up? >> they included it in the transportation bill or the student loan interest rate would have doubled on sunday. everybody agrees they need to get it done. question is how to pay for it.
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they adjusted how companies make payment to pension. >> bret: agreement on capitol hill. thank you. abound solar will close the doors next week and liquidate leaving 125 workers jobless and taxpayers up to 60 million tab. its funding came partially from private investment and partially from the deparent of energy loan guarantee program. after the solyndra failure, the d.o.e. tightened the loan guarantee process. that created problems with investors. >> obama administration granted five more states relief from key requirements of the no child left behind law. now 24 states have been given waivers in the education law. in exchange they must set new target for achievement and advance the teacher effectiveness. >> earlier in afternoon,
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president obama got upclose look at the raging wildfires charring west and driving tens from their homes and destroying hundreds of others. alicia acuna is live with the latest. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. we have been given new information. fire crews in a neighborhood made another sad discovery. a second body in a home another death occurred this week. that makes two deaths. so the weather has been less violent than it was earlier in week. the past couple of days, much more mild. however, there still is a lot of work to do. the fire burning since saturday destroyed 346 homes and burned more than 16,000 acres. but firefighters say they have been able to hold the line, they have established.
6:24 pm
additionally, the air force academy is back to normal operations. after evacuation and ten acres burned. president spent time in the worst hit neighborhood and met with thousands still evacuated at local ymca used as a shelter. he spoke briefly saying he can only imagine how humbling it is to lose a home but hopefully they can rebuild. he also met with the firefighters and praised their tireless work. >> we have a chance on site to save three homes. for those families, the sacrifice means the world for them. they are genuine heroes. we want to say thank you to folks involved in this. we're proud of you.
6:25 pm
>> containment is 50%. but the wind changes and they must be ready to go at a moment's notice. >> bret: alicia acuna live in colorado springs. thank you. case of blaming the victims for their faith and political ideology. plus, the vital information that president obama should have probably had before he linked himself to a famous singer. max!
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>> bret: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. the floods in florida and his t horrific fires in colorado you saw provided political fodder for two liberal commentators. news busters reports liberal radio host michael loy said, "could that be jesus or god saying hey, you know, we're sick of you right wingers? we're sick of you religious nuts? we're going to flood you? we're going to burn you?" then there was this -- as the flames approach conservative city of colorado springs we're reminded this is a beach head of the tea party movement. perhaps asdy saster is about to strike their city, the folks may wish there was a little more government around." louisiana republican governor bobby jindal is a fast talker. so fast that today while he was stumping for governor mitt romney, jindal made an unfortunate slip in a conference call about the president's healthcare law. >> there is only one candidate, governor romney,
6:30 pm
who is committed to repeal the obamni -- the obama tax increase, repeal obamacare as soon as he is elected. >> bret: albomni care is a phrase used by then candidate tim pawlenty to link governor romney's healthcare law in massachusetts to president obama's healthcare law. governor jindal did say the phrase "obamacare" correctly many times on the call. finally after the healthcare ruling there has been a lot of talk about taxes. president obama is continuing his attack on governor romney saying romney does not want to raise taxes on the rich. at a campaign event held by singer marc anthony, president reiterated top earn eitheers sus himself and the celebrity host could afford to pay more. if anthony wants to pay more in taxes he has a strange way to show it. he had federal and state tax liens filed against him in 2010 for his long island estate to the tune of $3.4 million.
6:31 pm
he also had to pay $2 $2.50 million in back taxes in 2007. the top american and russian diplomats met today about syria ahead of talks in geneva this weekend. 16 months in a civil war, things look bleaker than ever. >> damascus, friday, soldiers and check point everywhere. this is as mum approximately ail tacks on the syrian capital by opposition this week. including a bombing next to main courthouse thursday. the government of president assad responded. dozens are reported dead in douma. many more are killed if across the country, including rebel stronghold of homs. this should be a quiet area, neutral area not hit by the syrian military. on this morning it's rattled with gunfire. back and forth.
6:32 pm
it has taken its toll. images hung if tatters. people reacted. >> nothing, nothing. >> but health worker res main grounded leaving hundreds at risk. the u.n. mission is staying put. they are waiting for the weekend in geneva with kofi annan and secretary of state hillary rodham clinton. >> concern of everyone involved. [ inaudible ] the anger can't be wiped away. asked how things are, the shopkeeper has the understatement of the day. >> they are so-so, he replied. with the syrian soldiers said to be dying every day, embattled assad claims he will fight on. maybe to the finish. egypt president elect mohammed morsi took an informal oath of office before tens of thousands of
6:33 pm
supporters today in tahrir square to demonstrate against the military's hold on power. morsi vowed to free the terro terrorists, jailed in the u.s., spiritual leader of the men conflicted in the 1993 world trade center bombing. air force is investigating cases involving 31 victims of sexual misconduct. clouding rain and sexual assault -- rape and sexual assault allegedly carried out by instructors at the air base in tect over a two-year period dating back to 2009. 35,000 airmen go through basic training at lock lynn each year. 12 of 500 instructors are being investigated. we look at the impact of the supreme court healthcare ruling with the fox all-stars next. to being a different kind of communications company by continuing to help you do more and focus on the things that matter to you.
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you can see verbal clues. another notable aspect is they pointed out the tax issue wasn't discussed at argument. so that suggests it might have been a late-breaking development. >> there are a lot of tale-tell clues that dissent started out as majority. there could have been five votes for overturning the mandate. at some time late in the process, switched a vote or came off the fence. >> bret: legal watchers, court watchers going over this opinion by the supreme court. very closely in the past 24 hours. strong signals tonight that the chief justice may have flipped his vote in recent days or recent weeks after siding with the conservative side of the court to throw out all of the president's healthcare law and changing it to side with the liberal side of the court to uphold obamacare. let's bring in the panel. start there. john stossel, fox business network. juan williams, columnist with hill t hill. syndicated columnist
6:38 pm
krauthammer. charles, thoughts about this reading the verbiage and about john roberts' motivations? >> i'm not sure that we will ever know. there is one piece of psychological evidence that f you want. justice kennedy read his dissent, i wasn't in the room but it was described wildly, demeanor angry or agitated. we know the guys live with divided opinions all the time. you might expect that if he felt there was a reversal or even betrayal. but that is wild speculation. i think i should stop there. we will never know. i think what to me -- >> bret: we may know. >> well, in our lifetime, perhaps. you know what is remarkable, you don't get any leaks out of the institution. the administration ought to learn. they held this so closely there wasn't anybody in the country who had a clue what was going to happen with the way it worked out. there is nobody who predicted it there weren't leaks.
6:39 pm
it's 50 people or more who knew this. you have that in a congress or white house and everything leaks. we ought to entrust the people with stusnex and other cyber attacks. >> the ruling was as the ruling was. this is not to just go back in the motivation too much. if that is what happened, if the legal experts are right. reading as they read that dissent could have been the majority, what does it tell you about chief justice roberts? if anything. >> well, first, all the smoke signals, clues, you know, i mean, i think really what we are talking about here is a big disappointment on the right with the decision. and the feeling that somehow there had to be an explanation for this and it has to be political. i think what it tells us about chief justice roberts, in conservative minds is that the ruling has less to do with the law than with his decision at
6:40 pm
times to become the roberts court. it's no longer going to be the scalia court, anthony kennedy is no longer the swing vote. it will be chief justice roberts who puts the imprint on the court and deals with the fact that if the court was losing creditbility in the american mind, as becoming more and more taken as part of the very polarizing partisan politics that dominate the era of political life in washington. >> bret: john, what is your thought of the mo jurorty opinion? >> i don't presume to understand the supremes. i don't even like lawyers. we have a clean fight in government. we can say do we want juan's vision of government taking care of us or charles' vision of market doing more for us. onward. >> bret: there is some quarter of the conservative folks throughout who think in the longside this will be an up-side. chief justice roberts
6:41 pm
essentially said the commerce clause did not affect this. it wasn't expansion of the federal power. do you see it as that? >> we have to vote against expansion of the federal power. i can't figure out what they were doing. previous commerce clause was a farmer in ohio. who is growing wheat on his own land. and we thought we had the right to regulate that. i thought the courts would say you can do whatever you want to do. >> that is what he was saying. he's embraced the commerce clause all along. there are challenges on the commerce clause because it's expansive. roberts coming back and potentially saying there is a
6:42 pm
limit to what the supreme court will allow under the commerce clause in terms of expansion of government. the government in that sense may have gone to the future of roberts court. now, while liberals may be cebrating today. may rue the day because they find that roberts now says they found the way we were thinking previously, that commerce clause is not to be taken as opening the door to any federal action. >> bret: do you agree with that? up side for conservatives down the road? >> i think so. the people will say government will expand, no longer on the grounds of commerce clause, which is restrained by roberts. but it will expand as a tag. there is a political difference between fine and tax. people don't like taxes. they accept it here and there to get a speeding ticket. as you heard earlier in the show from lindsey graham have the democrats presented the mandate, as a tax?
6:43 pm
it would not have passed in the house and senate. that is why the president kept saying it's not a tax. it's simply, you know, a mandate. it will practically speaking make it harder, because it will be harder to expand the size of government. under the guise of a tax because people don't like taxes. >> if it's a hidden tax, they won't notice they are paying it in many cases. they won't get a new drug. >> if you want to pass the roberts test as constitutional you have to call at it tax. in the legislation. >> bret: yeah. so white house press secretary jay carney asked about this numerous times, numerous ways in the press gaggle today. he said in one response about this, calling at it tax. you can call it what you want. he said it's a penalty. not a tax. is this a problem for them, john? >> i hope so. penalties, taxes, it's 2400
6:44 pm
pages of micro management. it's a bad thing. it takes our freedom and our money. i hope it's a problem. >> it's not a problem. c'mon. even mitt romney in romney care did the same thing. just what charles described so accurately. refused to call it specifically a tax. said it was incentive for people to get insurance or penalty on people who didn't get insurance. we had a little bit from kilpatrick, governor of massachusetts, what it comes down to, there are very few people who don't have health insurance who have to pay the tax. it's about 1%. >> fine and tax are really different. the tax is to raise revenue. fine is to deter behavior. what roberts did i thought was clever but rather hallow. and i think not quite acceptable definition of a tax as the equivalent to a fine,
6:45 pm
which i don't think will catch on. i same pli think so he did it as a device as a way to make hay. striking down the logic of the commerce clause. i think in terms of reality, it's going to inhibit politicians from expanding under the guise of attacks simply because taxes are unpopular. the model effect of the law is effect of ratifying the axiom, liberal as somebody who doesn't care what you do, as long as it's mandatory. that is what is happening in obama care. >> bret: next up, we look at the politics of the ruling. stay with us. [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, "what's next?" introducing the all-new rx f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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the obama care ruling makes the urgency of replacing president obama more clear in the minds of american voter. it's not good law. not good policy. the american people didn't want it in 2010. that is one of the reasons we picked up so many seats in the house and senate. in the election this november people who don't want obamacare have to vote out president obama. that is a plus for me. that is one of the reasons we get to more energy and passion in the election more urgency. to have the bill shut down. >> romney today, campaign touting $4.5 million in campaign donations since the healthcare ruling came down from the supreme court. meantime, the obama campaign is pushing back on the politi politics. >> the republicans have to make a political issue of this. they have to explain why they will roll back a law producing good for the american people.
6:50 pm
>> how does it play politically? does romney need to lay out specifically what the healthcare, what would say in -- what the good things that would stay? >> i think so. people like getting free stuff. and i don't think there is much good in there that should stay. even without the mandate. the most popular stuff, stuff that bill o'reilly likes. been a on discrimination against people with preexisting positions. that's popular. poor people, some are fat or smoke but some did nothing wrong. that's like saying you charge lindsay lohan the same price for car insurance as we're chargeed. that is a new welfare program. if they want that, call it that. >> bret: it has a price tag. >> it sure does. >> bret: juan, former governor of pennsylvania, ed rendell quoted today, "we're
6:51 pm
not going to run away from healthcare. the republicans are going to make it a campaign issue. i have always said we make mistake, we democrats, when we don't stand up and defend. it's going to be an albatros albatrossearound our neck. stand up and defend it." is that the sense of most democrats? >> not today. the sense has been the administration did a terrible job of selling the affordable healthcare act. they have not been out there. they have been towed and that the criticism coming from the right dominated the conversation throughout. the idea now is to get out there. we have seen people like bill clin top saying you know what? for the last two years the cost of healthcare has gone down for the first time in 50 years. >> bret: you don't hit the it hurts claire mccaskill -- >> potentially. >> hester. >> the political dynamic it sturs the right wing base. right now, we are seeing a tremendous rush of money to romney's coffers. especially in the 24 hours
6:52 pm
immediately after the decision. tremendous. bill clinton -- the obama administration say they, too, have seen a rush. though they haven't said how much. what i think is obvious is the people who led the rush that brought 63 republicans to the congress and mid-term of 2010, are now energized again. are the previous who were previously going to vote for president obama? i don't think so. >> bret: here is the issue, charles, for governor romney. the issue of the tax. in massachusetts, there is a "wall street journal" article coming out. just came out. if you said that justice roberts did that it's a tax, then, "the massachusetts healthcare law, romney signed as governor resulted in more than $20.6 million in extra tax revenues this year, according to state records." the problem, mr. romney often says on the stump he didn't raise taxes as governor. so apples to apples. this is what the obama campaign reports. >> i'm not sure that running
6:53 pm
on it as a tax is going to change much. after all, when the republicans were running against obamacare in 2010 when it hadn't been declared a tax, as it is now, they he i shellacd if the democrats. the argue on obamacare is the expense, how unworkable it will be, how much government it has. the commission, the 16 wise people who are going to decide on the rationing of care. and the general issue of the expansion of government including in your lives. that is the argument, that is the argument that won in 2010. the argument remains. in addition, we have new facts. the cbo told us three months ago that the cost of obamacare is going to be $1.76 trillion over the next ten years. that is a lot of money for a society, treasury drowning in debt already. so you've got debt. you have intrusiveness. you have got disruption of the relationship between the patient and the doctor. you've got expansion in
6:54 pm
government. you have don't to talk about taxes. >> you could talk about -- >> bret: i have to give the last 15 seconds to john stossel. >> because i want you to tease your show this weekend. what do you have coming up? >> we talk about government ink. that's why i wrote "no, they can't." the thing that government thinks they can do better than the private sector. no, they can't! but individuals can. >> bret: you didn't wring the sign today. you didn't bring the sign. thank you for coming down. that is it for the panel. stave tuned for more on the white house reaction to the healthcare decision. [music] see life in the best light. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. experience life well lit,
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>> bret: finally tonight, clearly the supreme court ruling to uphold the president's healthcare law was for now a big win for the presidents. democrats were ecstatic yesterday and the president was, too. several shows noted how excited the president was when he delivered the remarks about the ruling thursday. >> how excited was the president? he strolled down "i killed bin laden lane." >> i know there will be a lot
6:58 pm
of discussion today about the politics of all of this. about who won and who lost. but that discussion completely misses the point. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bret: we missed that pa. thanks, everybody. for letting us in your home. that is it for this "special report." make at it great weekend. we are fair, balanced and unafraid as always. note ♪ ♪ ♪ it could create millions of jobs. and pay students billions of dollars. now, congress made the move on a massive transportation bill. just as the jury found this
6:59 pm
man guilty of arson, he appea appeared to put something in his mouth. minutes later, he was dead. tonight, the millionaire mystery in the courtroom. the impact of the supreme court decision on our hospitals. a third of the patients we take care of have no insurance whatsoever. and because of that, have limited access to healthcare. >> hospital staffers say they are expecting some changes. and you will hear how they are getting ready. >> and after five years of marriage, tom cruise and katie holmes calling it quits. we begin tonight with reports of millions and millions of dollars pouring in to campaign war chests in the wake of the supreme court healthcare decision. i'm john scott in for shepard smith. yesterday, the justice upheld most of obama healthcare overall. romney campaign reports it raised $4.6 million in the 24 hours following the court's ruling. the most it raise


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