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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 30, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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fining you if you don't. how is that not a tax. >> hold on a second. >> no, that is not true you, george. absolutely not a tax increase. >> the supreme court is saying you can implement this through a tax increase. >> is that a tax or not a tax? you said that is not a tax. >> every single american has the right to affordable acceptable healthcare and it should never be purchased with tax increases on middle class families. >> sean: joining me with reaction is former alaska governor and fox news contributor sarah palin. governor, welcome back. >> thank you so much, sean. >> sean: i watchd that ad and there are 7 specific taxes on the middle class. 7. as we look at this bill. over 75% of the mandate goes to the middle class that the president said he would not tax. how big is this? >> a huge issue. there are more than 21 separate taxes within obama care and as
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you point out president obama had promised americans through abc news which i'm going to call out because abc news has a chance for redemption here. they were used as tool by president obama in september of '09 when they let him get away with saying this was and the tax and now the supreme court is saying this was a tax and obama praises the supreme court decision and still wants to say it is not really a tax. anyway, there are 21 different taxes within obama care. this is huge because it is another broken promise. obama has a list of promises now that have been absolutely decimated. the only promise he has kept, sean, is that he with fundamentally transform america. >> sean: very well said. you said on i believe it was a tweet yesterday. might have been on facebook, i believe it was a tweet. the president lies and freedom dies. >> i tweeted that. >> sean: i want to ask you specifically about this lie. david axelrod was on thed to show earlier still insisting in
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spite of the supreme court decision this is not a tax. watch this. >> right. >> back in 2009 the president adamantly denyd that healthcare reform was going be a tax on the american people. does he now agree that this legislation and this law you is a tax? >> whether you call it a mandate or a tax, what it is is a penalty on the very few americans who can afford healthcare, don't pay for it, end up in the emergency rooms, getting free care and then we all pay for it in the form of a -- >> what you call it is important in an election year and coming out of a recession if it is called a tax it is going to hurt. >> i would suggest that you direct that question to governor romney who is the chief proponent of this very policy when was governor of massachusetts. >> sean: a tough question but one that needs to be asked. is this deceit or is this a lie? is this a purposeful lie? >> it is a lie and it was a purposeful lie back in
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september of '09 when president obama got in george stephanopoulos' face and tried to school him and tell george as a filter for the american public to be receiving information tried to tell george you are spinning this up, you are the one lying, george, when you suggest this is a tax. well, it as tax and anybody with common or economic sense applied knew that it would be he a tax. and that is the only thing that would fly making it legitimate that is constitutional in the supreme court as we found out. as we look at the issues you would like to see the media ask the president himself. you sold this as not being a tax and in fact it is a tax. i think it is a big deal. when i look at the dissent, governor, i'm amazed at the language that is used and that is you can't regulate commerce that doesn't exist. and, of course, i'm talking about justice thomas scalia, alito and kennedy here.
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you cannot rewrite obama care to make the tax argument work. they call the tax argument feeble. strong words really directed at the chief justice the tax argument makes no sense. mountain of evidence against the tax argument here. i guess my question is now that a precedent has been set what does that mean constitutionally to you. i have been making the case that i think the president has been acting in a lawless manner a variety of ways and i want to get your thoughts on it. >> a lawless manner and a very naive and short-sighted and selfish manner. a very political manner. that is the way that our president has been operating, yes. what this gets to constitutionally is it goes to the core of who we are as americans and what the relationship is between the federal government and the individual. and this dissent there are
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harsh words, very -- articulated very fiercely the defense of america's economic commercial personal freedoms versus this overreach of obama care. i think people need to really start paying attention to what those four justices were telling us is in their dissenting arguement. it is very valuable. it is educational. it will certainly help the constitutional conservatives running for office this next go-around to understand what the dissent was all about and start articulating that and helping the americans understand that there is another side to this. >> sean: could you imagine, governor, that if george w. bush tried to get the capital gains tax repealed and congress wouldn't go along with it like in the case of the immigration bill and george w. bush said it wouldn't be constitutional for me to do this and then a year later comes out by eck eastboundtive fiat and does it anyway which is what the president basically did on
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immigration. we had laws passed by congress signed into law by previous presidents and he just says by eck eastboundtive order i'm not going to enforce that law. what would be the reaction if george bush said i'm he not going to enforce the capital gains tax? >> i was privy to a wonderful conversation over the radio airwaves today between you and mark levin on your radio show where you guys talked a little bit about that and gave more and more examples about president obama basically saying i don't care what congress does or says i'm going to act anyway. that is where i'm going with the selfishness of our president and the politicizing of every single issue. the disrespect for our constitution and the separation of powers. it is overwhelmingly bad for america in defense of our rehe public that he continues to get away with this. >> sean: the fact that he said that he could not do something because it was not
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constitutional and then within a year he does it anyway, we do have as you said he is sworn to uphold the constitution. we do have checks and balances. we do have separation of powers and i think that is what is missing here. let me ask you yo one question about the double whammy. this is now the large aest tax increase or will be the largest tax increase in american history and then we a double whammy because come january 1 the bush tax cuts expire. what does this mean about the campaign? if romney is elected this happens? is this a choice election? how would you define it if you were running? >> this is a choice between growing government or shrinking government to the size that it should be and that is a smaller smarter less intrusive government so that the private sector can grow and thrive and prosper. a clear choice but a very clear choice in other realms, too, not just the economic realm but
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the social and political realm about where america is headed, sean. it is such a clear choice to me whether the constitution, the republic will be defended or we will become a socialized nation and go the way of the european nations going under because that is where obama is headed. and so we certainly have a clear choice. let me make a point, though, on obama care and get your input on this. if obama care is so doggone great and economic and constitutional now, what is with the exemption, sean? and sorry to pivot real quickly on this one but where can the rest of us sign up for these exemptions as a the other thousand plus organizations and individuals have been able to. >> big labor. >> big labor. and we will be picking up the tabs then for the exemptions, the results of these exemptions. where can the rest of us and the small businesses that will be so adversely impacted by
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obama care -- >> no where. >> where can the rest of us participate in the ex. ions? >> sean: for example the cadillac tax that will kick in i believe it was 2018 in the bill there was an exemption there because unions often have plans that meet that criteria. in other words, som of the better healthcare plans and that will be taxed but not until 2018 because, of course, they wouldn't want to impact the democrats now. interesting to see what happens when that time comes that they have to pay the same tax as everybody. governor you stay right there. we have to take a break. i want to ask you more about this and fast and furious when we come back. with governor palin and then charles krauthammer has the answer to the question that a lot of conservatives have been asking. you will find out when dr. krauthammer joins me right here. busy friday
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the white house today and they still cannot acknowledge what this is, it is a tax. largest tax increase in history. president wants to follow that up with a double whammy and that is not extending the bush tax cuts. how should congress deal with and how should the romney campaign deal with this if you were to give advice? >> first off, nancy pelosi is a dingbat and she is the perfect spokesperson for the whole agenda of the far left running the democrat party. i know a lot of democrats who are absolutely embarrassed and disgusted with what her and harry reid's leadership has provided the democrat party and they want to bail out of the democratic party because of specifically the things that she says, the things that she does. what it is that she represents. she is the perfect spokesperson for president obama's democratic party.
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what constitutional conservatives should do is point out exactly what you are pointing out is we are going to be hit with a double whammy here with the uncertainty of obama care that is going to be a job killer. the mother of all unfunded mandates. combine that with the bush tax cuts that will expire soon and more and more of people's hard earned dollars will be taken from them to grow government. to allow government to intrude on our commercial and private lives. now, most americans i believe don't want that. but about the 50% of americans who aren't paying taxes and they are feeding from president obama's hands, perhaps they will vote for such a tool. but the rest of americans need to stand up and say no more, we want our economic freedoms, we want our opportunities for jobs and we are not the going to put up with this and that is why we need a congress who understands how the private sector works and what it is that the private sector needs. >> sean: what do you make of the attorney general in the
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fast and furious case and he has been stonewalling now for over 18 months. this is not only ill conceived to give guns and weapons to drug cartels, kidnappers, murderers, drug dealers, is insanity. he claimed today the attorney general that bush implemented this. that is not true. >> no. >> sean: that is an absolute lie he just like he said the truth is evolving. it make as clinton look like the most honest guy in america when i says that. how big an impact does this have on the race? >> this is more or wellon speak coming from the department of justice and a scary place for america to be to have an attorney general who is so deceptive and the entire administration being probably the least transparent administration i believe in america's history. so i'm thankful that congress, that the house of representatives took the vote that they did to kind of open the door to allow americans to
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understand that he is -- attorney general holder is in contempt of congress. they are asking for information and he refuses to provide it. now, as for those congressmen and women who walked out on brian terry's family and the american public, literally physically walking out and not participating in the vote, i think that that they too should be reprimanded via being voted out of office by their constituents and they sent a message that it is the most disrespectful thing that they could have done to turn their back on brian terry's family and the american public. >> sean: you said to me that colonel allen west would be maybe one of your topics for v.p. give me two or three other names that you like. >> oh, are my goodness. i like people who aren't necessarily involved in politics, they are kind of on the rifry. smart people like you brought up mark levin's name.
5:18 am
>> sean: maybe secretary of defense. i don't know. >> he would be kicking butt and taking names and that is exactly what we need right now, sean. we need who are going to engage in relentless reform, sudden and relentless reform are. we can't just manage the decline that president obama has created for america. we need to turn things around so we need characters in there who are bold and will defend our republic and do the right thing for the people putting government back on the side of the people. >> sean: governor, always good to see you and thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. >> sean: coming up, millions are asking today how could chief justice john roberts rule in favor of obama care. charles krauthammer to break down the possible motivations for his decision and then republicans vow to repeal and replace president obama's healthcare law. i will talk to two leading senators about how they plan to get rid of obama care. by the way, they only
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>> sean: and in a surprise turn of events yesterday chief justice john roberts roberts sided with the four liberal members of the court in ruling that the health insurance
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mandate can survive but only as a tax on you the people. many are asking one question of the chief he justice. why did you do it? how could a man appointed to the supreme court by george w. bush side with the obama administration on the controversial law. even so the so called swing vote on the bench justice anthony kennedy not only voted to strike down the law by according to an ap reporter kennedy appeared visibly angry when the opinion was read. here tex plain the driving force or what was likely the driving force behind roberts decision our friend, fox news contributor charles krauthammer. welcome back, sir. >> happy to be with you, sean. >> sean: you wrote a column why roberts did it. why did he do it? >> i think it is clear that he sees himself as the committed to two things. number one he is a conservative in philosophy and he was dead set against ruling obama care constitutional on o th on the s that it is under the commerce clause because he argued as did
5:24 am
the other conservative justices that once you do that and you interpret it as not just regulating commerce but it is actually creating a compelling congress you have ex-anded it to the point there is no limit on what congress can do and we changed our system of government. so he was all along not going to claim it could be done under the commerce clause. he wants to see is restrained. but there is something different about him. he sees himself as chief justice of the united states as having a second row as custodian of the reputation and the statue and the standing of the court. i think that the reason that he went searching for some other way to uphold abc care is that he was afraid -- to upyou hold obama care is he i was afraid if obama care was struck down by the 5-4 conservative majority that it would weaken the prestige, the standing of the court. now, he has some basis for that. the way the court ruled in the '70s, high handedly on abortion
5:25 am
to wipe out all of the abortion laws in the land created a 40 year reaction to people who think that was extra constitutional and incredibly arrogant. and there is still the fallout of a more recent decision the bush v. gore in which the cases decided by a narrow majority, a 5-4 majority alonlong idealogil lines. i think he thought if that was done in obama care he would be called and they were are gearing up to assail him and the court as a making partisan decisions instead of constitutional ones and i think this the reason he set out to find some other way to justify the mandate and he it. it was a flipcy argument. i think it is a dodge. the idea that is mandate is a tax doesn't really stand up to scrutiny. if you ask me why he did it and i'm not speak is as a
5:26 am
psychiatrist but just an analyst of the court i would say that is the reason. >> sean: i read your piece in its entirety an and you did que and talk about his comment that if you don't like the politics you can make changes. i thought that was the most interesting part he wrote in the entire piece. what you are really saying is that the chief justice of the supreme court was swayed more by politics than he was by the constitution. and that is troubling to me because -- >> troubles me as well. i was simply laying out what i think is behind the decision. i don't think there is any other way to explain it and i think you are right. politics in the sense that he thought there would be a firestorm of protests against the court and it would suffer and i think he feels as a chief justice and he has unique responsibility. i'm not saying he is right on this but i think he feels he
5:27 am
has the unique responsibility to maintain the statue and appearance of being neutral and i think that is why he did it. i would add one thing. there is something conservative about the notion that a court should always be he loath to overtourney law duly passed by the house and the senate and the president and particularly a law that is so sweeping was debated for 18 months and i think that in part it is a conservative position. now, i would have said yes, that is a reason that you want to uphold the law. however, the only way that you can defend the mandate is by invoking the commerce clause and if you you do you have destroyed the idea of america as a government of enumerated powers and thus i would have overturned it. i'm just trying to explain what i think ran through his mind. >> sean: i underand it that. i actually agree with the dissent of scalia, kennedy, alito and justice thomas here on the commerce clause they said you cannot regulate
5:28 am
commerce that does not exist but they were far more scathing in their remarks that frankly you can only determine as being aimed at the chief justice that the tax argument is bunk. the court cannot rewrite obama care to make the tax argument work. they referred to it as feeble being the tax argument. they said there is a mountain of evidence against the tax argument. the tax argument makes no sense. these are his fellow justices saying that. >> i agree entirely what the dissent on that. it is very clear that roberts was just straining to find something and in fact he he picked the third line of defense for obama care by the proponents of the bill. one that was so weak that they themselves devoted only 21 lines in the brief. and came up new mexico. hardly occupied any of the oral debate. everybody knows that was the weakest of the three defenses
5:29 am
and that is why i think everybody is so seston initialed. a tax is something that you do to raise revenue. a penalty is something that you do to deterp conduct. when you run a red light you get a notice. it doesn't say you are now assessed a speeding tax. you are assessed a speeding penalty. the reason why i think the dissent was is so scathing on the attempt to equate a tax with a penalty in the mandate is that in this case the penalty was for the what he is calling the tags was obviously punitive, regulatory and intended to come people behavior. that is not a tax. that is a penalty. that is a fine. that is a mandate. >> sean: and the president is insisting and white house insisting still today that it is not a tax but yet and the president promised there wouldn't be a tax but the solicitor general in fact argued it was a tax. >> which makes it all the more hollow and i think i will
5:30 am
logical. >> sean: quite illogical. thanks for being with us. coming up, next to explain how detrimental obama care will be to your and your family if mitt romney is not elected this november and also why they would only need 51 votes to ♪ why not try someplace different every morning? get two times the points on dining in restaurants with chase sapphire preferred. [ engine turns over ] [ male announcer ] we created the luxury crossover and kept turning the page, this is the next chapter for the rx and lexus.
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now, i know things are different in the senate but interestingly there is about 14 prominent democrats. joe mention and clare mccass kill and john tester is another one. do you think you guys can push perhaps is to at least put these guys on the record. is there any mechanism you can use in the senate to at least highlight the fact that they don't want to vote on this? >> we can certainly push, sean and i think we should. i think the american people deserve to have a vote in both houses of congress.
5:36 am
especially give than we have got a major provision and an unpopular one at that of the affordable care act that has just been deemed a tax by the supreme court of the united states. we deserve to have some input at least in congress before that tax takes effect. and so i think the sooner that vote can happen the better. that doesn't mean we will get the vote but we sure are going to try. >> sean: and i would say senator borosso this is the last thing that they want, am i wrong on that? >> you are absolutely right, sean. they don't want to vote on this at all and i think harry reid will do everything in his power as the majority leader of the democrats to try to block a vote in the senate. the supreme court may have ruled this as not unconstitutional but it is still unpopular and unaffordable and as a doctor i will tell you it is unworkable. >> sean: because they used the reconciliation process to pass
5:37 am
this is important because the supreme court ruled this is a tax that is important. because at that point you only need 51 points, correct? >> correct. we could get this done with 51 votes. at the a minimum we could get a repeal of the affordable care act's provisions dealing with the individual mandate since they have been deemed a tax. we know we can get that done with 51 votes. there are other provisions in the affordable care act we could also accomplish through the same mechanism. whether that happens this year or in the next congress after the republicans take the majority in the stat remains to be seen. we can get this done with 51 votes. >> the likelihood of the democrats obstructing is what percent? >> i think it as very high percentage. plus, even if you got the reconciliation, the 51 votes now in the senate sean it still goes to president obama who i would imagine would veto it. so we need a republican in the white house which is why we are all working so hard to get mitt romney elected in november. this is now all up to the
5:38 am
voters in november. that is going to be the final chance to stop and reverse this healthcare law. >> sean: i totally agree with you. i think it is really important, too, for the american people to get these guys on record in an election year. now, that this has been ruled a tax and it was not sold as a tax. isn't it important now that this be put on record? like for example i don't think clare mccasskill would have the courage to stand up against the obama administration. won't go to the convention but if push comes to shove. what power do you have within the senate rules, if any, to te on this to at least make a this? >> there are a number of different procedural moves that we will make in an effort to try to force a vote on this in the senate on repeal. also on the specific components of this. listing it as a tax and saying okay, how many of you will vote for it now. we will try to bring this
5:39 am
either as a direct vote or amendment on other bills. >> sean: and senator mike lee, i know it is not often there is a filibuster of any kind, right? so is that a potential, a real old fashioned, you know, keep talking, keep talking filibuster? >> well, one way or another, sean, the filibuster rule doesn't apply with respect to the reconciliation because the whole point of budget reconciliation is to limit debate. and the idea of a philly buster is to prohe long debate even though it oft season about perceived as having a different effect. at the end of the day that is beauty of the reconciliation process here. a allows us to get things done with just 51 votes. this election matters. we have got to elect mitt romney and elect republicans to the united states senate this fall. >> sean: and conservatives that are on record saying that they will vote to repeal the largest tax increase in history. by the way, it is the double
5:40 am
whammy as i have been saying all night because then you have the bush ta tax cuts expiring d i doubt the democrats will vote on that prior to an election. >> remember with all of these things the senate hasn't passed a budget in over three years now. that is why we have the no budget no pay act out there. harry reid has not brought a budget that a democrat has voted for at all. whether it be the president's budget or republican budgets. the democrats have locked and opposed voting for any budget. we need to actually get a budget passed using reconciliation as a way to change the obama meth care law. >> does that give you an opening to deal with in. >> well, that is why we have been working to try to get any budget passed but hair hair effectively blocked that as well. >> unbelievable. huge campaign issue.
5:41 am
especially with $5 trillion in debt accumulated in that time. thanks for being here. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having us. >> sean: team obama is accused of running deceptive ads against mitt romney. this is not the first time that the anighted one has been accused of stretching the truth on the campaign trail, straight ahead. >> shame on youion barack obama. it is time you you ran a campaign consistent with your messages in public. down here, folks measure commitment by what's getting done. the twenty billion doars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through. if someone took mid-sized sedans and broke the mold? if we took our best-selling altima back to its essence,
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>> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel a former mayor of providence rhode island and currently hosts his own radio program. vincent buddy cianci is here. he can be heard on the opie and anthony show and does a standup show jim norton please be offended. he also is a frequent contributor to the tonight show
5:46 am
with jay leno. jim norton is back. a millionaire at 19. cmo of ama prohe ducks. amelia is here. good to see you all. three very successful people here. i lived in rhode island when you were the mayor. >> and enjoyed every minute of it. >> sean: i was there when benefit street was being revitalized. >> absolutely. >> sean: historic preservation. >> one of the great gluiest it really is. right around brown university. >> starting to pay taxes now would you believe. >> i sneed to live on benefit street. i need to live on that street. >> that and the black pearl the greatest clam chowder. >> you love that back pearl. i brought you some. >> sean: let's go. interesting because people forget how intense it got ben hillary and barack obama. remember bill clinton said they played the race card on him. remember this moment, though, with hillary? >> barack obama's attacks against mitt romney they are
5:47 am
just not true. the washington post says on just about every level this ad is misleading unfair and untrue but that is barack obama. he also attacked hillary clinton with vicious lies. >> he continues to spend millions of dollars perpetuating falsehoods. >> mitt romney has a plan to get america working. barack obama worst job record since the depression. >> so shame on you, barack obama. >> sean: what do you think? >> i'm a hillary fan so you are not going to get opposition from me. i like her and i have broken on the platform for her. i could not agree with all of her points of view. she came out with a plan and executes and knows how to go through and has been great about facilitating a lot of these things and not saying hey i'm the one who did it behind the scenes. >> sean: that is like getting your ex-girlfriend to comment on what kind of guy you are. >> but you should. you should. >> how can you take that stuff
5:48 am
seriously. the arguments have the sincerity of a wwe match. although do it bash each other and then as soon as the nomination is over they are like oh, no, he is my guy. >> sean: what would your ex-girlfriend say about you, norton? >> he was good when paid up front. >> sean: wow, okay. politics. forget ex-girlfriends. you know, that is a negative ad that is what it is about. and all started because barack obama is trying to paint romney to be in the position of exporting jobs so they come back and they come back. >> this is politics. it is hard ball. >> jefferson and adams were doing this. they were probably worse than this. >> sean: no duels any more. >> but this is a tough one. negative ads get nasty and they work. >> sean: and they work. >> sean: everybody says they don't like them but they work. >> that is why they are spending millions of dollars ton trying to change people's
5:49 am
minds. going after the independent voter in there. they are playing the ads only in the swing states. you are not going to find these in rhode island or sure states. >> sean: let me move on to my favorite actor of all time, just kidding. alec baldwin. has anger management issues. screech at his daughter and calling her horrible names. had in the last two weeks two runins with photographers in new york january and then the airplane that had to go back to the hangar because he wouldn't turn off words with friends. alec baldwin back in the news. >> i want you out of here. >> just leave him alone, all right. he is going to go. >> you are are breaking my arm. >> he is going to go. >> all we are doing is taking your picture. >> i want you to shut the [ bleep ] up and get out of here. >> leave my neighbor alone. shut up. shut up. leave my neighbor alone, okay.
5:50 am
hear what i said? >> yes, yes. >> did you hear what i said? you little girl. >> you're messed up. i know you got raped by a priest or something. first of all, this is the best thing in the world they are taking pictures of the guy and put it in papers and good publicity. what is wrong with this guy? >> he should try decaffeinated coffee, tastes just as good. my pasta sauce. he wants to run for mayor. when you run for mayor they will take a picture or two when you are running for mayor. they always take two because the first one might be good. you have this guy look and he has problems. he has the premarital jitters. he is going to get married. >> sean: let's not make excuses. >> he is tired of the photographers. >> he shouldn't have done it.
5:51 am
he got himself involved. >> sean: i think he has serious issues. >> i hate everybody in the video except alec baldwin. the weaselly photographer you're breaking my arm. he stunk. alec baldwin is tired of these guys. the neighbor -- >> sean: this is the best thing that happened. he makes money on it. look at ad he did. he did an ad for words with friends. >> sean: if he wants to play words with friends. calls his daughter the names he called his daughter? >> i would probably call his daughter those names. i wouldn't call my daughter those names. i would never have kids. >> a man who had good intentions on the scenario but bad execution. he was trying to protect his neighbor being harassed because the reporter stalked him out. that is not true. that is absolutely not true. immanely l.a. it is awful what they do to these people. he doesn't know how to communicate effectively. >> sean: they make their living off these guys. >> they don't. they didn't. >> sean: take a break and come
5:52 am
back with more of the great, great, great, great american panel. well the kids wanted a puppy, but they can be really expensive. so to save money i just found them a possum. dad, i think he's dead. probably just playin' possum. sfx: possum hisses there he is. there's an easier way to save. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> sean: we contininue with our great, great american panel. the democrats just on the verge of voting in contempt for eric holder being held in contempt. what do the democrats do, they
5:56 am
walk out. watch nancy pelosi. >> just when you think you have seen it all just when you think they couldn't possibly go any further over the edge they come up with something like this. they are acting politically, we should act politically. listening to the unconscionable presentation i want to join my colleagues in boycotting the vote when we have the walkout after we have the debate. >> government provides guns to drug dealers and murderers, kidnappers and we have an agent -- can co you do that? i don't know they could walk out on a vote. >> it is going to go answer the guy i like i will be out having a cigarette. >> they know the thing is going to blow up. the big thing that bothers me is they exert -- the press exerts executive privilege. that is about the closest you can come to saying i'm not a
5:57 am
crook, number one. and number two, i mean executive privilege, we are not talking here about defending our policy on al-qaeda. we are talking about american lives that were lost. we are talking about guns and american policy. and by the way, if obama wasn't involved in it why did he exert executive privilege? >> sean: she didn't remember brian terry's name. the agent that was killed here. watch this. >> since we all very much agree that we are very sad and seek justice for the family of the border patrol agent brian thar -- terry. >> i'm not going to kill her. how many people have meant to say nancy pelosi and said hair arery dean stanton. i'm not going to kill her for making a mistake on the name. >> here is what i love. i love the fact the next time i'm in the board meeting i will go it's getting too tough for
5:58 am
me, boys, i will go ahead and walk out of here. you can't do that. you show character in the tough decisions. you don't show character in what is easy. every single time the democrats come to face confrontation they walk away. >> eric holder said i didn't know about this until a couple of weeks ago. five months later oops i did know about this. then he said the truth keeps evolving. >> the truth is the truth. it doesn't evolve. the truth is faxual. >> his problem is that he has is not liked by any of the cabinet. he is not liked in washington. the only person who likes him is valerie jarrett and that is why he is still there. >> we will watch you on the tonight >> good morning, everyone. it's saturday, june 30th. i'm alisyn camerota. while you were sleeping, violent storms wiping out power to more than two million people. more on this extreme weather
5:59 am
straight ahead. >> and if it looks like a tax and walks like it, then it must be a tax, right? not according to the white house, friends. more on the debate over the health care law that appears to be continuing next. >> did you hear about this? it looks like it is splitsville for katie holmes and tom cruise. >> what? >> was religion a factor or was the five year contract simply up? "fox & friends" the first hour on this saturday starts right now. >> good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us bright and early this morning. mike is back. >> i jumped on the other side of the couch. >> i was off and now clayton is off. >> nice to be back. >> back from colorado where, guys, i got to tell you it was devastating seeing those fires first hand for a week. seeing my state burn, awful.


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