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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  June 30, 2012 6:00am-10:00am EDT

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awful. >> wherever it is, it's hot. wherever you go, it's hot. >> it was 100 degrees all week long that does not help the effort. >> that's what it is in new york right now, too. >> we'll start with the health care ruling that we thought ended with the supreme court word deciding that the mandate was, in fact, a tax but it appears that the debate is far from over at least if you listen to what's coming out of the white house, ali. >> yes, is it a tax or is it a penalty? as you know, the supreme court chief justice john roberts said look, this doesn't pass muster under the commerce clause. in that case, it's not constitutional. however, congress can levy taxes on people so this is a tax and therefore it stands the constitutional test but david axelrod, the president's chief campaign strategist has a different take on it sort of. here's what he said on "the today show." >> whatever you call it, whether you call it a mandate or a tax, what it is is a penalty on the very few americans who don't -- who can afford health care, don't pay for it, end up
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in our emergency rooms getting free care and then we all pay for it in the form of a few million. >> we're not going to do this for the rest of the summer, are we? argue over the word tax vs. fee. >> clearly, the case for the white house is to not accept this as a tax because you can't push the health care plan if, in fact, you're adding a tax to whatever it is, whether it's 1% or 10% of americans, they now want to make it a "choice". that's what jay carney used on friday, the press secretary for the white house. and duvall patrick who is a surrogate for the romney campaign echoed the same sentiment, they want to run away from the fact that it's a tax. >> is it a four letter word? >> you just can't use the word tax. >> just come out and say it is a tax because of what john roberts said, the supreme court justice but say it's only going to be on the people that don't opt in. >> that's what they're trying to say, they said this is just for
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the free loaders. just for the free loaders will they have to pay this penalty? of course, the penalty of $700 a year is less than what the calculation is people paying for premiums going up. >> far less. >> so in that case, is it for everybody or is it just for the freeloaders? mitt romney sat down with the conservative outlet news max and he gave his take on all this. >> obamacare is not good law. it is not good policy. the american people many didn't want it in 2010. that's one of the reasons we picked up so many seats in the house and senate and i think in the election this november, people who know they don't want obamacare will have to vote out president obama and that's a plus for me. >> meanwhile, ed rendell, the former governor of pennsylvania said instead of running away from this, you have to own it. we have to run on it. we have to defend it. here's what he said on friday.
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>> i think the president can and will continue to point out the good things that are in this act. we're not going to be able to run away from it. they'll make it a campaign issue. i've always said, we make a mistake, we democrats when we don't stand and defense. it will be an albatross around our neck. let's stand and defend. >> remember, he was the head of the d.n.c. for a while, too. >> but now, see, what haven't they been talking about? you can argue that the president hasn't been talking about the health care reform law for the past year out on the campaign trail. >> very unpopular. >> it was very unpopular so he hasn't been trumpeting it. perhaps, if the president had had different messaging and had said here's what's so great about it. at every campaign stop, said here's what's so great about it, your kids are now tash -- who graduate college will have to be under your policy. that's a good thing for parents they think generally but he doesn't do that. so americans are still feeling, we have no idea what to make of this. >> so what do you do? do you go out and sell if now
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and sell it for the rest of the summer towards the election or continue to ignore and look at the polls and say on the list of important things, it's number four. >> what do you run on if you're the democrats? you can't run on the economy. you need some issue to run on. i think rendell may have something and they don't have much to run on right now. maybe they use it but a new poll says only 6% of people feel it's the most important issue so will that make much of a difference for the democrats? even if they're able to sell it. look, the tax argument doesn't help them selling it. >> at all. i mean, you can't campaign on new taxes. pelosi had an interesting take on all of this as to whether or not it was a penalty or taxes but basically, she chalked this up to washington just likes to talk about and spin its wheels on subjects that americans don't really care about. let's listen to her. >> call it what you will, it is a step forward for america's families and you know what? take yes for an answer. this is a very good thing for the american people. what you're talking about here
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is washington talk. technical terms, that's for us here. what means something to the american people is what it does to them? >> the word tax is a word the american people do care about. that's not a technical term. i think they can understand that. >> what is the republican strong suit? isn't it about the economy? the more you talk about this tax vs. fee and health care, as long as you talk about that, you're not talking about the economy. >> it's complicated for mitt romney and the numbers because of everything that happened with romneycare in massachusetts at which point he said this is not a tax. i believe he couched his also as not a tax. he called it a fee. he used a third word. >> he said the same words. he said this is not a tax. this is a fee. back in 2006-2007. >> i think everybody understands somehow they'll be paying for it. >> chief justice said it was a tax. >> right, but romney's team is trying to fold it into the economy, i think would be the effort there. to say this is going to hurt the middle class, fold that
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argument, not solely about health care but into the economy. >> and he has the side of this should be a state's issue over a federal issue. >> sure, sure. meanwhile, more headlines to tell you about including this extreme weather alert that we want to get to. because crews have recovered another body from the burned out remains of a colorado home. president obama toured the fire damaged state. he's promising federal assistance for the blaze that has forced 35,000 people from their homes. more than 1,000 firefighters working to contain the waldo canyon wildfire gaining some ground as they have 25% contained, that's up from 15% on thursday. 347 homes there have been destroyed. extreme weather wreaking havoc in the eastern part of the country as well. violent storms killing two people and knocking out power from indiana to maryland. in virginia, two people were killed by falling trees. one that crashed down on a home, the other on a car. take a look at this video from dublin, ohio, that's where hurricane-force winds knock down
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electrical poles pinning 15 people in their cars. >> there was these gigantic towering power lines and poles leaning over hamilton road and you could see it from a mile distance and it looked like something out of a steven king movie. it's horrific. i mean, there's carnage everywhere. >> incredibly, all those people were rescued without any major injuries. now, concern that nearly two million people without power in places like washington, d.c., maryland and west virginia especially with this heat wave, it is gripping much of the region so for more on all this crazy weather, let's bring in maria molina right now on tell us how today is looking. >> good morning. today, we're seeing more extreme weather across the country including those hot temperatures across the east. the extreme fire danger out west and also some strong storms that are expected to occur once again from parts of the great lakes into the northeast so yesterday, we saw over 800 reports of severe weather. most of those coming in the form of damaging wind gusts across parts of the great lakes into
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the northeast and again, seeing another round of that possible today. part of the reason why we're seeing those severe storms is because of how humid it is out there and how hot it is and again today, triple digit heat from the plains all the way into the east through the washington, d.c. area. washington, d.c. will see a high temperature of 100 degrees. tulsa 101 and memphis, tennessee, expecting a high temperature of 103 degrees this arch. factor in the humidity and some areas can feel hotter than that. raleigh, north carolina you'll feel 107 degrees this afternoon. and once again to those levels of heat index values, talking about dangerous amounts of heat so there are a number of excess active heat warnings out there and heat advisories stretching across parts of the ohio valley, tennessee valley and across the east coast of the u.s. stretching into northern parts of the state of florida and all the areas could see heat index values over 100 degrees. stay safe everyone, stay hydrated and try to stay indoors most of the afternoon. as we head into sunday and
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monday, this large area of high pressure will slowly break down. it will take sometime for these temperatures to cool off. by monday of next week, we're expecting to see temperatures well above average into the upper 90's. keep this in mind. you'll see a stretch of those hot temperatures. around that area of high pressure, we have those strong thunderstorms flaring up and we could see severe weather across parts of the northern plains and across the great lakes and parts of the mid atlantic. and across the west, extreme weather once again, guys. we're talking about hot temperatures that won't let up. we have a number of red flag warnings and fire watches in effect out here. >> thanks for the reminder of how to stay safe. >> still in the lower 90's in colorado springs. all right, devastation hits hollywood, folks. can you handle the disappointment this morning to wake up and find that come cruise -- tom cruise and katie holmes have split? they're getting a divorce after
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5 1/2 years. can you believe in marriage anymore? i was certain that one would go the distance. >> that's what twitter said, this is making me lose my faith in all sham marriages. >> when i saw it on twitter, i go what took so long, katie? what's weird is he's been married three times, right? he always ends up in a divorce when the woman is 35 years of age. >> 33. >> they file when they're 33. >> and it's over at 35. >> and over when they're 34. >> is that right? mimi rogers. >> i know hollywood gossip! >> yes. >> nicole kidman. 33, 34? >> yeah. >> now katie? >> 33, 34? >> you want more? what they had in the pre-nup that maxed out at $33 million. $3 million a year. very weird. i don't know. there is some tie with 33 in scientology but i'm just saying it is a bit odd.
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>> i mean, look. >> $33 million so she gets $3 million a year and she's married 5 1/2 years. she gets over $15 million. that ain't bad. >> not worth it. >> and a really cute daughter, suri. >> that's worth it, obviously. but look, people have thought their union was slightly strange since the moment it was announced. >> you remember the rumors back in the day before he got married that he had lined up like through -- through his agent had lined up about five hollywood actresses. >> yes. >> and then -- >> who would say yes. i remember jessica alba was on the list and she said no, apparently. my favorite tweet from last night was petite brunette now back on the market and so is katie holmes. >> wow! >> wow! >> i mean, it didn't help, as you recall, the time he went on oprah to proclaim his love. this was the first moment that people found a little eyebrow raising. hmmm. >> we've never seen you behave this way before. >> i know! >> have you ever felt this way before?
6:12 am
>> you are gone! >> no. >> seems real. >> that was the moment that tom cruise lost a lot of folks. >> he jumped the shark and the couch. >> it relates to scientology, the divorce like the previous two divorces that now that suri is getting old enough, katie holmes is saying i don't want my daughter mixed up in that. >> why didn't she think of that before? >> she wants sole custody. sole custody of this daughter. >> that's telling, isn't it? >> that was kind of coordinated when he jumped backwards on to the chair. can you do it? >> he did it! >> wow, i had no idea! >> that was fantastic. >> that was not rehearsed. >> can we slow-mo that after the break? >> i'd do it because i'd blow out a hip. >> i didn't ask you. >> thank you. 5 auto wow! ♪
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>> welcome back, everybody. the president insists the supreme court's health care ruling is good for the american people. >> should be pretty clear by now that i didn't do this because of clear politics. i did this because i believe it was good for the country. i did it because i believed it was good for the american people. >> the catholic institutions say it violates their religious freedoms. the dean of the ava maria school of law and he plans to continue his fight against obamacare. tell us what your thoughts are now that the supreme court has ruled it can go forward? >> well, of course, it was disappointing ruling for us, it was also surprising for a number of reasons. the real issue for us as a catholic institution is not so much the obamacare mandate as it is the hhs mandate which would
6:17 am
require catholic institutions and hospitals and charities, institutions like ava maria school of law to have to provide health services to its employees that violates our deeply held religious convictions, contraception and drugs that induce abortion. and now that the supreme court has ruled on the constitutionality of the aca, where does that battle go, the hhs mandate? i know your sister university was suing but will the lawsuits continue from catholic institutions? >> of course, the lawsuits will continue because of the decision on the obamacare mandate although related to the hhs mandate is a distinct issue. there are two primary distinctions. one is that while the court referred to congress and the legislation in the obamacare mandate, the hhs decision involves an executive order
6:18 am
through the secretary of health and human services. it isn't legislation and isn't deserving of the same type of deference. more important than that, the hhs mandate directly burdens in an undue way religious liberty and that's the first protection in the first amendment of our constitution and that has always been held in the highest regard and the hhs mandate implicates that directly. >> well, if people thought that topic were going away with the supreme court's final decision, it clearly is not and ava maria plans to continue on with their lawsuits. thanks so much for giving us this update this morning. >> thank you. >> all right, coming up next, don't like your boss? well, don't post that on facebook. a new web site is sharing all your thoughts with the entire world. we'll talk to the creator next. summer road trip, huh?
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>> a question for you. ever post a facebook status about disliking your boss or something like that? like this, ok, guess, what i hate my boss! or maybe something i love my work, i just hate my boss! what you might want to rethink that before venting next time because a new web site is stealing your facebook statuses and posting them for the whole world to see! joining us from london is creator of something called -- it's a web site called "we know what you're doing", kaitlin haywood is here. set this up for me. let's say that my friend dave briggs is making cookies in his speedo and he posts that on his facebook page and then he says, oh, this is horrifying! i need to take this down. he takes that down. you've already captured it and
6:23 am
put it on your web site? >> well, any posts are public already and if he was to remove this from facebook, then it would stop appearing on the web site. we're not capturing any posts or saving any data. the web site just shows posts uploaded directly from facebook. >> if he takes it down, you will, too? >> yeah, it's all automatic. it's all taken directly from facebook. >> but you're taking these maybe things that people want to hide and mistakes and instantly putting them on your web site so i can go on there and see these statuses from all over the world on facebook. >> definitely. >> what is the point? >> to show that there's a real problem with people sharing too much personal information on line. if they dent have the right privacy settings and they're not in control of who can see that information, then it can be shared with anyone. >> so i don't know if you're to
6:24 am
be commended or if you're a jerk. i mean, you're really -- are you trying to protect us? >> yeah, i'm trying to raise awareness that people shouldn't be posting too much personal information on line. the idea is that people go on and they'll go and they'll just think twice about what they put on line. >> why do you have this -- >> not trying to get people in trouble or anything. >> why are you so committed to this? have you ever done something you wish you hadn't? >> i was looking through facebook's api which is the system that the web site gets all the information from and i thought could i get anything that people wouldn't necessarily want publishing? so that's when i looked into it and created the web site to show there were a lot of things that people post publicly that anyone can access. not just me. it's available to any web site or application. so they're posting private information. >> so again, i think you just touched on it a little bit. how prevalent is this for people
6:25 am
on facebook. i think everyone who uses facebook needs to be aware it's a serious problem if they are sharing publicly information and they're not in control of exactly who can see it. >> have you found that when people are applying for jobs, are employers actually looking at their facebook page? >> yeah, i've heard cases in the news recently where employees were actually asking people the facebook password so they can log in and actually check on their profile from what you wouldn't usually see outside the profile. >> did you check my facebook page before we did this? because i just wrote in there, i love my boss roger ails, did you see that one? >> no, i haven't had a chance to check the site in the last few hours but -- hello? >> go look at it. thanks for joining us. appreciate it from london. >> thank you. >> back to the big story of the weekend, now that the supreme court has agred to uphold
6:26 am
president obama's health care law, more people will end up on government provided care but is obama's ultimate agenda to get rid of employer-based care all together? what do you think? we'll talk about it. plus they are sending a slice of home to our service members overseas for the fourth of july. find out how you can help pizzas for patriots. next! i went to a small high school. the teacher that comes to mind for me is my high school math teacher, dr. gilmore. i mean he could teach. he was there for us, even if we needed him in college. you could call him, you had his phone number. he was just focused on making sure
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>> hey! >> you must sound exactly like jerry. >> you see this? >> you like twins? >> what are you talking about? >> what? >> janet doesn't look anything like jerry. >> maybe we do look a little like each other. >> what do you know about what you look like? >> relax. just because they look alike doesn't mean you're secretly in love with jerry. >> one of my favorites. >> in that scene, george is dating jerry's look-alike. if you think that's creepy, a new web site will take that to a
6:31 am
whole new level. >> they've decided not to pair you with people with whom you have shared interests like many dating web sites do. this is who you have shared facial features with. the people you look most like, they are now calling your perfect match. >> i don't want to be with somebody that looks like me. oooh! no. >> it's like looking back in a mirror. >> even though i look like george clooney, yeah. >> we tried it. we tried to see who you put us with who we look like who should be our perfect match. this is what the producers have come up with. ok. >> is that who you think? >> no, this is who i really -- >> that's who they think they should really match me with. >> that's your common interest. >> that's my common interest. i see. >> i think we have a real one. >> we have a real one for you. >> alex rodriguez. >> james spader. i look like james spader. old james spader. not the bloated james spader of
6:32 am
now but the old one. i do. >> i'm not sure if you're in the same technology from the folks of but here's my fake match, i believe. >> pretty. i love her! >> that's not the final decision. >> tom brady! yes! he's kind of a girl. >> what? >> here's the real one. >> oh. oh. >> who is that? >> ben afleck's wife. what's her name? >> jennifer. >> jennifer garner. pretty. >> beautiful. >> great. there you go. many happy with that? >> i am happy with that. this will be horrifying. >> who do the producers think is your match? there you go again. >> betty white! >> this is who -- >> listen. you -- >> come on. >> what's his real match? >> lassie. >> what is it? >> who is it?
6:33 am
>> kim catrell from "sex and the city." >> isn't she the crazy one? >> this may be the actual technology. >> she's the crazy oversexed one. >> we're talking about faces, not characteristics but the web site will be called find your facemate. it doesn't debut and doesn't launch until july 10th but once it's up, you can get on there, you can upload your face, it will find your face match. now, our question to you is would you want to date someone that looks like you, that shares your facial characteristics? obviously, mike and i say no way. how about you? tim looks nothing like you. >> tim doesn't. would i date james spader 20 years ago? ok. >> i actually did. >> would i date jennifer garner? is>> i did marry someone who looked like me so much so that people thought we were brother and sister. >> is that right? >> same age. >> yeah, is that your sister? >> obviously it worked. >> i love myself. >> that's a beautiful face. >> wow. wow. >> ok. let us know what you think about all of this.
6:34 am
let's get right to your headlines and tell you what else is happening because we have new details in the case of an army soldier accused of shooting and killing his superior officer at fort bragg. we know the alleged shooter was facing a potential dishonorable discharge and court-martial prior to the shooting. it's not clear exactly why. they say the suspect shot his lieutenant colonel and battalion commander before injuring himself and another soldier. that soldier is out of the hospital and expected to make a full recovery and the suspect is in critical condition and remains in military custody. the justice department moved to shield attorney general eric holder from prosecution. this after the house voted to hold holder in contempt of congress for withholding documents related to operation fast & furious. the d.o.j.'s move prevents the case from going before a grand jury. the case, however, could still go before a civil court. four seventh grade boys now suspended from school for a year after relentlessly bullying that 68-year-old bus monitor in new
6:35 am
york. if you haven't seen this video yet, it is hearted breaking. >> the boys will be sent to an alternative school next year and they're not allowed to take a regular school bus and will have to complete 50 hours of community service. as for the bullied bus driver, karen klein, the on-line fundraising campaign created in her honor has now raked in $671,000 so she can take her dream vacation and retire. there is a silver lining. and brawling baldwin is at it again. alec baldwin attacks another photographer just one day before his wedding! >> he's going to go. >> break my arm. >> he's going to go. >> just stop! just trying to take your picture. >> i want you to shut your [beep] up. get out of here. shut up!
6:36 am
shut up! leave my neighbor alone, ok? hear what i said? hear what i said? little girl. >> alec baldwin is scaring me. it's hard to be tough carrying a big pink teddy bear. you make a good point. you remember baldwin punched another photographer in the chin last week after getting his marriage license from city hall. i guess alec baldwin is getting married today. how romantic. >> i don't know if i were a celebrity, you'd see me doing the same thing. i have a little rage. folks, i'm with alec. >> you'd clutch a pink teddy bear. >> how hot is it going to be today? >> in his defense, it has been hot across the northeast including us in new york city over the last several days, we've been seeing very hot temperatures in the upper nientsz and even triple digits for some of us. when you factor in the humidity, it feels hotter and unbearable. we have a number of heat
6:37 am
advisories. we'll get to that in a moment. we want to start with the west. it's been hot and windy and you have that elevated fire danger in place. a number of wildfires burning for weeks and we're not seeing much of a relief as far as the weather goes. otherwise, we'll be seeing some strong storms firing up across parts of the ohio valley and the mid atlantic. yesterday, we received over 800 reports of severe weather. most of those in the form of damaging winds so again, keep that in mind. we have the threat for today as we head into later on this afternoon and this evening. because it's just so hot and also so humid out there. so that will be helping to fire up some of those storms and we have those hot temperatures once again, triple digits stretching from parts of southern arizona to the mid atlantic and again, fact or in the humidity. it feels even hotter. here's a look at some of those temperatures. 103 in raleigh, south carolina. 101 in kansas city and albuquerque, new mexico, expecting a high temperature at 101 and it's going to continue into tomorrow, you guys, more triple digit heat across parts
6:38 am
of the southeast. the plains and into the desert southwest. ali? >> maria, thanks so much. and come on in for some pizza. it's the organization that sends a slice of home to our troops serving overseas and this year, pizza for patriots is looking to break its own record. they hope to send 30,000 pies to afghanistan for the fourth of july. here's mark evans. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> thank you for the goodies you bring me. i love the scarves and the hats. >> now you have your summer scarf. with the dalai lama in tibet. >> you have to do everything when you're a master. >> tell us about the record you're trying to break. how many pizzas? >> we're shipping 36,000 pounds of pizza, 30,000 pizzas. it's the biggest pizza party in the world. if you stack them on top of each other, it measures twice the size of freedom tower.
6:39 am
>> tell us your philosophy about why it's important to send pizzas to our troops. >> you know, there's a lot of stress over there. it started in the beginning with general petraeus. i said, you know, can we send some pizza? and they've always said there's so much stress out there. to receive a slice of home, you know, these kids two years ago were in high school playing soccer, football and in drama club. being teenagers and here they are protecting us and in stressful situations. >> you want to set this world record. you have set records, obviously but this time 30,000 pizzas because your goal is to feed every single soldier in afghanistan. this will do it. >> yes, it will. there's 90,000 soldiers out there and, you know, we just -- this time we built our own pizza, too, also. >> what do you mean? >> the best ingredients. we've sent several types. chicago and new york. this time we built a coalition of pizza and went for the best ingredients that we could find and it's awesome pizza. >> you know what, mark? i'll be the judge of that! all right? >> ok, you're going to try. here we go. >> i'll tell you if it's the best ever.
6:40 am
so you are heading off right now? >> yes, i'm going to go with the pizzas. going out there to work with -- to eat with the soldiers. you know -- >> today or this -->> i leave right after the show. >> oh, my gosh! >> yeah. >> it's all right. go with. >> no, i know that's your style. all right. let me have a piece right now. >> all right. >> and tell us how everybody at home can get involved. >> what type do you want? >> what are my choices? >> you have mushroom, you have cheese. >> mushroom. there you go. >> right on here. >> there you go. >> pizza for breakfast, everybody -- how can people donate? >> they can go to pizzas for and they can donate. it's very easy, pizzas for and you know dhl, it's a miracle. they carry all this. this is our fifth year. and we've -- so this will be 100,000 pizzas we have delivered. >> wow. well, god bless you. it's wonderful. it's a great cause, mark. thanks so much. >> appreciate it. i work with at&t, they help out and they have some great partners. >> they have some great partners and hopefully we can have our
6:41 am
viewers help even more. we'll help you head to afghanistan with all of this. >> you're coming with, right? >> ok. >> coming up, now that the supreme court has agreed to uphold president obama's health care law, more people will end up in government provided care. is his ultimate goal to get rid of employer based health care all together? we'll explore that. the perfect career woman and the perfect mom. can a woman do it all? there's a new controversial article that's sparking a lot of debate. we'll ask our panel of experts next. so anyway, i've been to a lot of places.
6:42 am
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6:45 am
>> my commitment is to make sure that we have universal health care for all americans by the end of my first term as president. i would hope that we can set up a system that allows those who can go through their employer to access a federal system or a state pool of some sort. but i don't think we're going to be able to eliminate employer coverage immediately. there's going to be potentially some transition process. i can envision a decade out or 15 years out or 20 years out. >> meanwhile, rush limbaugh has a theory about what the president really meant with this plan. take a listen. >> they want employers to offload their coverage. they want this. that way, when it happens, guess who you end up hating. you hate your employer. >> all right. so is the president's ultimate goal to do away with all employer-based health care? amilia is the c.e.o. and chairwoman of apa productions
6:46 am
and a fox news contributor. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> is that the president's goal when you cut through all this to do away with employer-based health care coverage? >> yeah, i think underlying, that's exactly what he's trying to do. it's better if he was controlled by the government it would be controlled somewhere else. i fundamentally disagree. i watch, any time we have a success or a win, it happens in the private sector, not over the rules and regulations. plus you have to remember as an employer who employs people, i don't trust the government to take care of my employees better than i do so, you know, for me, i have gotten some employees that want to be able to do more homeopathic options. they should be able to choose what is better for them. they're saying i'm going to trust what i want to do to my body, health and family to the government. no! now, i'll have less options because i'm now trying to fit into a system and worse yet, the biggest asset i have as an
6:47 am
employer is my people, right? so my philosophy is to, you know, feed them well, rest them well, give them the things that they want. now i have to do that through somebody else? we might not have the same core values which traditionally we don't. >> at the crux of all this is the penalty, the tax that the supreme court ruled and here's what it amounts to. for an adult beginning in 2014, you'll be fined just $95. in 2016, though, that goes up to $700. when you look at the other numbers for a family, it starts at around $300 going up to $2,000 in 2016. will that be enough paying a $2,000 fine. will that be enough of a fine for you to say, ok, i'm going to scrap that and i'm going to go with the government plan payback. >> this drives me crazy, for me right now it's about $20,000 per employee for me to cover -- >> $20,000. >> about $20,000 per employee. so if i have a $40,000 employee, i have to add another $20,000 on it for health care for small
6:48 am
business. now, you're saying ok, would i rather pay a minimum -- >> $2,000 fine. >> it's cheaper. it's cheaper. you're still going to go into the system. is it going to stop the system for people that aren't paying, that are going to clog up this system, are they going to pay $95 in>> to your point, the theory goes that employees will be angry at their employer for dropping them in the name of profits. what do you make that? >> it doesn't matter, the problem comes back to the business owner any way you you slice it. if they're not happy with the choices for the government, shame on you for not defending us. if we drop them, shame on you for not defending us. any way you look at it, if you're not healthy now, now i have the government trying to provide your health care which is not going to be good. now you're sick. now i need you, i can't have it and can't help you. any way you call this, the line item for the small business owner is it's going to cost us money either in our labor force or some rules, regulations or some penalty or tax. any way you want to talk about it. >> find her on twitter.
6:49 am
less us know is the government trying to get rid of employer-based health care. thank you, appreciate it. if you're getting the kids ready for school or racing out the door to catch the bus, dealing with your boss and catching your kids with homework, making dinner and doing it all over again the next day, do you really have it all? a controversial new article says women are fooling themselves. ♪ why not make lunch more than just lunch? with two times the points on dining in restaurants, you may find yourself asking why not, a lot. chase sapphire preferred.
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>> at night, i like women all over the world do the lift. emily's birthday party scene, buy paper towels, toothpaste. boy or girl? call the guy. shouldn't that be on that list? who am i kidding? richard doesn't have a list.
6:53 am
>> so can women really have it all? a recent article in the atlantic says women today cannot balance motherhood with a high powered career. "i believe that we can have it all at the same time but not today. not with the way america's economy and society are currently structured. my experiences over the past three years have forced me to confront a number of uncomfortable facts that need to be widely acknowledged and quickly changed." here now to weigh in on this controversial idea is our panel of expert women, lori plune, relationship expert and author of "fight less and love more." assistant bishop of the cornell medical college and jordan shoemaker, director of women in international security. great to have all of you. you're all moms. you're all working women so jolyn, what makes us think that we can't have it all? >> well, i think that in my experience, i -- right in the middle of the policy environment in washington, d.c. and i also run an organization that looks at women's
6:54 am
advancement in the field. and these jobs are extremely demanding and i think that over time, women are very -- are questioning these routes and what the sacrifices are and the tradeoffs are and as a result, we have more and more women falling out of the policy field in particular and that's bad for our policies, bad for our national security. >> so, in fact, the woman who wrote this article that's been so controversial and gotten so much buzz, i've heard women talking about it everywhere. she had a high powered career at the state department. her argument was that any time you are on somebody else's clock when you can't control your own hours, you really can't do balance motherhood and career. what do you think? >> i couldn't -- i'm actually in a very lucky position to be on a faculty in a position that was very similar to ann marie's position before she left and went to washington. and i have flexibility. it makes a huge difference in being able to balance things.
6:55 am
>> what is the answer? i mean, you are a relationship mediator and expert. what's the answer? >> well, actually, i strongly disagree. women can have it all and here's -- here's why because if we change some of our prejudices about working women today. monday work day will be better. we need to redefine what it means to be a professional. a professional woman is going to lock her door to her office or the bathroom 20 minutes, on two times a day to pump breast milk. a professional woman is going to go home and make a conference call at 8:30 and you might just hear a baby crying in the background. you know what? that's ok. if she's made to feel that's not good enough, she's stressed and then it means you're happy and -- >> we'll continue to talk about it. ladies, thanks so much. only the beautyrest recharge sleep system combines the comfort of aircool memory foam layered on top of beautyrest pocketed coils to promote proper sleeping posture all night long.
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>> good morning, everyone. it's saturday, june 30th. i'm alisyn camerota. while you were sleeping, violent storms wiping out power to more than two million people. more on this extreme weather across the country and we have a
6:59 am
live report straight ahead for you. >> and if it looks like a tax and walks like a tax, then it must be a tax. right? not according to the white house. more on the continuing debate over the health care law. >> quack, quack, huh? plus a bride-to-be loses her 2 carat engagement ring on a train but thanks to two railroad workers, she'll be smiling as she walks down the aisle. "fox & friends" on this saturday morning, hour number two starts now. >> good morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. mike in for the vacationing clayton morris. great so are you back. >> great to be back. >> which side is more comfortable? >> you know, i kind of like your side now that you put your feet on the couch, no. >> we will show you later dave defying gravity at a moment's
7:00 am
notice. stick around for that. >> i saw you last sunday. not much going on since last sunday. >> wait a second, there was a major supreme court decision. in fact, they say it's the biggest supreme court decision since bush v. gore and they say it affects the country as much as the new deal. it was obviously a very significant decision that came down and it was chief justice john roberts that decided that yes, obamacare can move forward because he considers it a tax. >> the mandate portion of the aca and now it's interesting because you expect the obama administration to come out and spike the football, some say they did on twitter with their t-shirts continuing to be sold. then you hear their line on friday and it sounds like they almost disagree with what the supreme court decided this week because they essentially say this is not really a tax. in fact, they're arguing this is a choice. that's what jay carney, the press secretary said on friday. and echoing the same sentiment,
7:01 am
massachusetts governor duvall patrick echoed the same feeling. >> but the obama administration's attorneys went to the supreme court and argued, hey, you could make this constitutional if you considered it a tax. >> barely. 21 boarwords of the brief. it was the last argument in favor of the mandate and that is why you see him run away -- here's david axelrod, chief strategist on friday. >> whatever you call it, whether you call it a mandate or a tax, what it is is a penalty on the very few americans who don't -- who can afford health care, don't pay for it, end up in our emergency rooms getting free care and then we all pay for it in the form of -- >> look, this may be just a semantics game. in fact, chief justice roberts in writing the opinion, in issuing the opinion wrote that it can't -- wait, it can't be used for the commerce clause. we know that. the penalty will be paid to the
7:02 am
i.r.s. and "shall be collected in the same manner as tax penalties. it is upheld "as within commerce's power to collect taxes." it sounds a lot like a tax if you're paying it to the i.r. s., the i.r.s. can collect it. it can levy penalties. it sounds like a tax. >> it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck. >> he does use the word penalty in there, too. >> it does along with the word tax. >> ok. >> so call it whatever you want, this has always been the issue, who pays for this? this has been the big issue. obviously, they want everyone to have health insurance and people want their children and people with pre-existing conditions to be able to have health insurance. who pays for it? the g.o.p. has been out talking about all of this and what it means now. >> yeah, and the governors, the g.o.p. governors are saying not so fast. we're not exactly going to go ahead and put in force, put in play the changes that obamacare would require. they're going to hold off. they say there's an election a couple of months away and you name it, whether it's bobby
7:03 am
jindal, chris christie, bob mcdonald, rick perry, all of them have suggested and scott walker as well that they will not make the necessary changes just yet. >> exactly, why wait until the election? this is what governor jindal said on bill o'reilly's show. >> think about the precedent they're setting. they're saying our federal government can now tax us for not doing some things, americans, where does that end? can the american government tell us they tax us if we don't buy a chevrolet volt for any number of things. this is a ridiculous expansion of federal government power. the reality is we now have a chance in november. we have a clear choice, we have a president that wants the government now running more than almost a sixth of the economy and he has the government involved in health care and car companies and banks and we have the alternative and we have mitt romney says enough is enough. >> is that the case? after the decision came down, everybody is going well, this is a real big win for the president and the obama administration. but then look at it the other side.
7:04 am
it is kind of a win in a way for mitt romney in his campaign. >> in fact, chris dewerwalt is coming up next and lay out how this might not be a good thing for the obama administration and he says if in fact, they threw out the health care plan, that might be very bad for republicans. he has an interesting -- >> blame the conservative court. >> some people think john roberts is sending somehow a veiled message in his decision. who knows? who knows what was in his head? but what he said is these things shouldn't be decided by the supreme courts. voters can vote. you can make the decision at the ballot box. >> it wasn't that -- >> campaign sticker. >> yeah. some say he did, yeah, just give them the path. but you need a republican senate and republican president and hold the house, so -- >> meanwhile, we have more headlines to tell you about. we have this extreme weather alert to get to. crews recover another body from a burned out -- the burned out
7:05 am
remains of a colorado home. president obama toured the fire damaged state. he's promising federal assistance for colorado because the flames have forced 35,000 people from their homes. more than 1,000 firefighters working to contain the waldo canyon wildfire. 347 homes have been destroyed. we saw some extreme weather in the eastern part of the country as well. violent storms killing two people and knocking out power across nearly a dozen states. you can see this tree was knocked down right in front of the capitol. also, this picture just in from springfield, virginia, where a 90-year-old woman was killed when a tree crashed through her roof. another person was also killed nearby when a tree fell on his car. hurricane force winds knocking down electrical polls in dublin, ohio, as well some of them pinning 15 people in their cars. >> there were these gigantic towering power lines and poles leaning over hamilton road and
7:06 am
you could see it from like a mile's distance and it just looked like something out of a steven king movie. it's horrific. i mean, there's carnage everywhere. >> incredibly, all of those people were rescued without any major concerns. the concern is now nearly two million people are without power in places like washington, d.c., maryland, west virginia, especially with this heat wave that's gripping much of the region. >> wow. you talk about a heat wave. it goes from colorado all the way over to us. it's going to be over 100 degrees in most of the country. some temperatures feeling like 115 and 112 degrees. maria, stop it! >> good morning, mike and ali and dave, this a very warm day out there across pretty much a third of the country so we do have a number of excessive heat warnings, heat advisories from the plains all the way into parts of the east coast and i guess you can call it the heat coast as well and we already have some very warm temperatures in place right now. you know it's going to be a hot day when you head out the door at 7:08 in the morning and it's already 80 degrees in the city of tulsa. 80 in memphis and 80 degrees in
7:07 am
columbia and south carolina so again, a very warm day is out there in store for you guys. once again for today and even as we head into your sunday and into your monday so just an extended period of time that we're going to be seeing these hot temperatures. 105 will be the hot temperature as we head to the often hours in raleigh, north carolina, 100 degrees in d.c. 105 in st. louis and memphis expecting a high temperature at 103 degrees. just extremely hot out there and of course, when you factor in how humid it is out there, it feels even hotter as you head out the door. that's why you have all these advisories in place from parts of the ohio valley, tennessee valley and also across the east coast. now, around that ridge of high pressure that's producing all of those hot temperatures, we have some showers and storms that will be firing up, already seeing some of that activity early this morning across areas just south of the great lakes and indiana. we'll continue to see that chance for severe thunderstorms throughout the afternoon and evening hours and even during the overnight hours. large hail, damaging winds being
7:08 am
the major concerns but we can't rule out isolated tornadoes and the main area is where you'll have that chance for an isolated tornado in areas south of the great lakes and mid atlantic. not a huge concern across the plain states. even from southern parts of north dakota and across northwestern parts of kansas, you have that chance for severe thunderstorms. out west, you need the rain. we won't see much of that. dry, hot and a little bit on the breezy side so we have that elevated fire danger in place unfortunately once again. >> all this hot, red color there, maria, thanks so much. >> coming up, it's almost the fourth of july and in honor of our troops, we'd like to honor one patriot who is bravely facing stage 4 cancer. his words of wisdom on making the most of life no matter what your circumstances. coming up. >> then president obama says the health care debate is over. but is it really? i don't think so. or is this just the first major shot of the 2012 election? we'll explore that after the break.
7:09 am
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[laughing] [message beep] [tires screeching]
7:12 am
>> the supreme court upholds obamacare and democrats say it's now time for republicans to move on. >> now that all three branches of government have ratified the law, the time for quarrelling is over. the time for disputing its validity is over. >> we need to look forward. we shouldn't waste time refighting old, old battles. >> what we won't do and the country can't afford to do is refight the political battles of two years ago or go back to the way things were. with today's announcement, it's time for us to move forward. the highest court of the land
7:13 am
has now spoken. we will continue to implement this law. >> should the g.o.p. just move on? could president obama's victory actually spell disaster for him in november? he is politics editor and host of power play on great to see you, sir. >> thanks, great to be here. >> a great piece you wrote yesterday, the court has upheld the law that's more damaging to the deficit. we saw interesting language on friday calling it a choice, calling it a penalty. did this hurt obama's re-election chance? >> look, we should first narrowly stipulate that for the president, this was a win. this was a big win for the president. affirming the central act, the most important thing that he has done as president. the court said it could stand. they poked a couple of holes in it. the tax thing that you discussed and allowing states to opt out of the program that blows a bit of a hole potentially in the funding for it. but in the long run, and this is what we're thinking about, we're thinking about 17 weeks from now
7:14 am
when we're about to have the election when we get to that point, the question is this. has this intensified republican opposition? has this unified the republican party behind mitt romney and has this upset those independent voters that made the republicans gains in 2010 possible. >> he raised $4.6 million in the 24 hours after the decision so it looks like it has unified some. you say it could have actually hurt the republicans if the supreme court threw out the entire affordable care act. why? >> well, you know who would have had a really, really bad day on thursday if the supreme court had tossed it out, it would have been house speaker john boehner because the republicans have a lot of ideas about what to do about health care but they don't have a unified plan, they don't have a cohesive message on the subject. the supreme court would have tossed it out, the president would have been after republicans in saying this republican-appointed supreme court has thrown out these patient protections because remember, dave, the early parts
7:15 am
of the legislation, the insurance regulations, the patient protection component of this has been very popular with people. republicans would be scrambling to try to replace it. what they would come up with, they would be trying to balance between moderate suburbanites that mitt romney wants to win in the fall and a very conservative base that might not like to see that much stuff. >> so now given mitt romney's past with health care, romney care in massachusetts, should republicans stick to this message? if so, how? and should they come up with their own health care plan if, in fact, they're able to repeal it? >> well, right now, what they should do from a practical political -- maybe a little cynical standpoint is just hammer the president. just go after him as hard as they can, the law is unpopular. it's likely to become more unpopular so they should go after him. while they're doing that, they need to behind the scenes be coming up with a consensus plan that when you get into office, when you get closer to the convention, mitt romney can step in and say not only do we want
7:16 am
to repeal this, we want to replace it with this. that's going to be the tricky thing. >> very tricky. there's not a lot of agreement in that subject. a lot of conspiracy theories, one is that justice roberts may have flipped. one of them i want to ask you about quickly, didn't he give a road map to republicans by saying essentially that voters decide these types of things? >> well, he absolutely did. now, whether he meant to give a road map or not. what he said is it's not my -- if you don't like this law, it's not my job. it's not this court's job to protect you from it. it's my job to tell me whether things are constitutional. this can stand as long as we say th tax bit and then say hey, mitt romney, the coded message being hey, mitt romney, if you don't like this, you better get busy and beat barack obama. >> and lastly, do you figure that line for the democrats that this is a penalty, this is a choice, not a tax, will that stick and will they continue to argue this or will they run away from health care as an issue? >> they would love to run away from health care as an issue but it's not going anywhere. this touches every american's life. remember that, this is so important when we talk about
7:17 am
this issue for the people who decide this election. especially suburban moms, health care is a huge issue. so it's not like democrats are going to be able to say all done, let's move on. >> interesting poll said that 6% of people found their number one issue for this election. chris stirewalt and i'll post his power play on twitter. great read. >> thanks so much. >> coming up, he's a loving dad that bravely served our country for decades and now he's in the fight for his life. battling stage 4 cancer. but instead of feeling sorry for himself, he's facing the end of his life with humor and dignity and share words of wisdom with his own son and all of you next. laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like --
7:18 am
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>> he served his country for 23 years in the u.s. army but his toughest fight has not been on the battlefield. lieutenant colonel mark webber was diagnosed with untreatable stage 4 cancer in 2010. recently, to celebrate the army's birthday, webber shared some of the life lessons he's learned. let's listen. > >> live each of your days with the respect for freedoms we hold and keep on your behalf. how can you do that? live your life with integrity and honor. be a proud american but be a humble american. >> after that speech, webber and his son matthew sang an emotional duet.
7:22 am
>> ♪ and say good-bye >> man, you guys know how to do something powerful in front of an audience, don't you? joining us now is lieutenant colonel mark webber and his son matthew. thanks so much for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> tell us about that moment you were in front of 200 national guardsmen on flag day? what was that moment like? >> it was emotional. it turned into a little bit more after the first of june when i found out that the chemo that had been keeping my cancer somewhat stable, it's never been completely stable is not working anymore. so -- >> as we said, you have stage 4 untreatable now cancer. yet it sounds like from the speech that you gave which so
7:23 am
many people found motivational and powerful that you've decided not to give up. you've decided to soldier on, if you will, and you have all sorts of inspirational messages for people. why -- why aren't you just staying home, you know, with your family in this sunset now? >> i like that question. you know, i personified my cancer and all the implicaticoms that came along with my surgery by calling him buford. i talk about that in the speech. i think there's a lot we can learn from soldiers but the thing that really drives me as i say it doesn't take a soldier to do the things that i've done. you know, that we're all empowered and that's really my message. it's about hope and empowerment, and you know, death is a part of life and so you've got to embrace that part. you got to find a way to embrace that. >> and some of the things i want to get to some of the things that you have talked about, people should do in their life before they have to face
7:24 am
the diagnosis that you do. everyone has a core capability, what do you mean? >> well, just -- that's what i was just talking about is -- >> find what makes you tick. >> yeah, i mean, it's -- you know, i believe that there's an indomniable human spirit in each one of us and this is what i'm always told is the reason you're able to be this tough and gruff and fight, you have all this fight in you is because you're a soldier and i'm like, no, you know, when i was 18 years old, before i even joined the army, i put a saw through my leg down the length of my leg. >> wow. i hate when that happens! >> yes, terrible. a month later, i joined the army. >> you're 16 years old. obviously, this is a very tender time and such a hard time i can imagine to watch your father to be going through this. how are you tackling it? what are you learning from your father? >> i feel like i've done a lot of growing up since his diagnosis anyways and he's been teaching me all this time but
7:25 am
now i really see as i'm getting older that his lessons really mean something, leadership and all that, you know. and, you know, i just handle it like in the most positive way that i can because as my father will say, you can take a knee and have your moments but don't stay there. you got to move on. >> you have to get back up. >> even if you're on your knees. mark, you say that you've learned the importance of simple things like saying thank you. how does that change your life? >> well, you know, i think we're all on the hunt in life for that imagimagic elixar and have to have those. we look right past the things that are right in front of us and i cannot count the number of times in my life or career where a simple thank you has resulted in this response from people of, you know, no one has ever said that to me before. and i mean, that's -- it's flattering but it's also said. i mean, if it's that rare, you
7:26 am
know, and that's just the thank you. but it goes on beyond that, obviously. so focus on doing the simple things and get those -- do those exceedingly well, really well and the more complicated things come a lot easier and when you get something like cancer, i mean, that's my belief is that it becomes a little easier to tackle those things. >> well, we appreciate you reminding all of us to try to live with more appreciation and more grace. we encourage everybody to watch the you tube video of you speaking on this flag day. so inspirationally to that group of national guardsmen. matthew webber, thanks for coming in and sharing your thoughts about your dad and your personal story. lieutenant colonel mark webber, we appreciate it. great to meet you guys. >> thank you.
7:27 am
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>> well, according to a poll by national geographic, this is a real poll, 65% of americans said president obama would better handle an invasion by space aliens than mitt romney. once the aliens landed, they'd say there were no jobs and they would go back home. they would realize there was no war ships. >> yeah, that was a real poll. >> was that a real joke? >> that may be up for debate. we report, you decide. meanwhile, heartbreak hitting
7:31 am
hollywood this weekend as it's splitsville for tomkat. tom cruise and katie holmes divorcing. >> who filed? >> she did. >> after 5 1/2 years, katie who filed for divorce so read into that what you will. her rep says, as it always has been her daughter's best interest is her primary concern. read into that what you will. could it be that scientology is pushing her away? she doesn't want suri to grow up as a scientologyist and rather as a catholic as she was raised. we don't know. >> she knew that going into it. >> did the potion wear off? did the potion wear off? why now? >> i like all these tweets, though, i told you my favorite as a petite blond that is now back on the market. so is katie. maybe katie finally chewed the chain off. >> that's horrible! i mean, i want -- part of me is uncomfortable being so snarky about this even though it's ripe for parody. everybody wondered whether or
7:32 am
not this was a real union in part because he is strange and that he's divorced two other women already and that there was always talk about a pre-nup and basically they have a shelf life, like an inspiration date at which point he has to get out of it before the pre-nup kicks in. >> what he's talking about, i don't know about the expiration date but the pre-nup does max out at $33 million. reportedly, katie gets $3 million for every year they're married and a max of $33 million. you want more weirdness? well, every one of his three wives has filed for divorce at age 33 and then completed the divorce at age 34. i don't know what there is to that but it's certainly wacky. >> 3, 3, 3, i'm not sure what that number symbolizes. let us know your thoughts. >> one more tweet. because everybody is kind of tiptoeing around the issue. in the divorce, katie gets the house. and he gets the closet.
7:33 am
>> wow. >> whoa! keep those coming. >> by the way, she filed for sole custody in this divorce. >> all right. >> i should mention. >> meanwhile, we do have some extreme weather to get to right now. an alert for you because two people are dead. millions of others are without power this morning after a series of summer storms that have swept through nearly a dozen eastern states overnight. >> including northern virginia and washington, d.c., the area there. among the areas hardest hit where peter doocy is standing by live right now. what are you seeing? >> mike, we're seeing that now since the sun is up, the neighbors in this area are coming out and starting to see what kind of damage there was and they are learning that one of the two reported fa taltsz was on their block. you look at the house behind me, a huge tree literally just cut it completely in half. i spoke to the neighbors, they say that they think that the woman who lived in there was about 90 years old and based on what they know about her and about that house, they think that was her bedroom and since
7:34 am
the storm came in around 10:45 last night, they say -- they speculate we still don't have this confirmed from the public information officer but the neighbors speculate she was struck by that tree while she was sleeping. now, it's start ing to get hot out here with the sun up. there's no power anywhere in this area. once we got off the highway, we drove two miles to get here and we saw one traffic signal that was working and that's only because there was a generator plugged in right there on the sidewalk cranking out the juice for those red, yellow and green lights. so nobody here is going to have air conditioning on a day that we're going to have an excessive heat warning and on top of that, we are getting word that railroad water restrictions in prince georges county and montgomery county, maryland, the authorities say they need to preserve the water to preserve firefighting capabilities and they're asking people, please do not water your lawns, wash your clothes or your dishes, or flush the toilets after every single time you use them. over a million people in this
7:35 am
area are reportedly out of power right now. they're going to be hot. but at least they're alive. not everyone was so lucky last night. >> yeah. >> back to you. >> thanks so much for the update from there. obviously, people need to stay hydrated today. stay indoors, if you can. let's get to some other stories making news this morning. the university of texas graduate student, i should say is fighting for his life this morning after being brutally attacked by chimps. 26-year-old andrew overly has been working at the famed jane goodall institute in south africa this summer. witnesses say he was leading a tour when two chimpanzees reached under a fence and pulled him into his enclosure and dragged him for nearly a half-hour. we're told he lost most of his toes and fingers as well as his left arm in this attack. we'll keep you posted on his condition. the white house extending an olive branch to the taliban? we're learning that the obama administration is considering moving prisoners from guantanamo bay to a detention center in afghanistan.
7:36 am
all in an effort to restart peace talks with that previous terror group. the prisoners, mostly taliban fighters who were captured at the beginning of the afghan war back in 2001. critics say in moving them back to afghanistan soil would pose a major security threat, it will ultimately be up to defense secretary leon panetta to decide where they go. he resigned from the e.p.a. after making controversial remarks comparing the agency's policy to roman crucifixion and now, he has a new gig. environmental advocacy group announcing he'll be joining their staff as a spokesman against coal powered plants. this bride-to-be loses her engagement ring on the train. brooke benay taking off her 2 carat pink sapphire ring to put on some hand lotion not noticing until she was half way to her job it wasn't with her anymore. >> i went to get on to the
7:37 am
subway to hold on to the bar and i didn't hear the ping of my ring against the bar and that's when i went into panic mode. >> wow! it all ended well because of some wonderful heroes. customer service agent deanaa teemer keeping her calm while the conductor scoured the train and he found the ring under a seat cushion. that is a great new york story. it came back to her. >> there you go. >> those are your headlines. >> darnit. her fiance was almost out of it. >> such a romantic, mike. >> that's sweet. i'm very happy. >> let's go over to dave. >> what are you doing? >> we're going to class up your fourth of july barbecue. we're going to pair some wine with the food that you're eating. dominique is from silver oak winery in napa. one of my favorites.
7:38 am
he'll tell you what to pair with nice dishes for the fourth of july barbecue. nice to see you. the first one is garlicky shrimp skewers, what kind of wine will we go with? >> the first thing you want to consider is your protein, how heavy is your protein? shrimp is really light so go with a light wine. we have a simple garlicky shrimp here that have been seared with a little bit of lemon and we put it on a rosemary skewer for you to enjoy if you like. nice and garlicky and paprika. >> garlic breath is great. >> yeah, it is. >> once you decided on your proteins and you're preparing your food, the key to food and wine is balancing the acidity. i'm going to drizzle it with olive oil here. we have rigatoni and the most important step for food and wine pairing i have a citrus based vinegar here. we'll drizzle that in like so and what that does is brings up
7:39 am
some of the acidity and balances the flavors on your palate. on this pasta dish, we've included a little bit of smokey bacon. now, we're pairing this dish with a pinot nior and the smokeyness of the bacon balances with the oak characters in the wine and then in addition, you know, the bacon itself provides it to go with the fruit of the pinot noir as well. >> the right wine improves the flavor of the food. >> well, yes, exactly. they'll go hand in hand. the wine will enhance the food and the food will enhance the wine, you know, the total is much more than the sum of the two parts. >> i'll drink the wine at the commercial break. now, you can show these two wines. >> two wines, beautiful. >> as we come over to the fried chicken now. you're telling me fried chicken and we're going to do that last. >> we'll do the fried chicken first, actually. >> yeah, gigi's cold fried chicken. nothing like when i was younger, we had fried chicken the day before and always some leftovers. pulled it right out of the
7:40 am
fridge, i loved it. >> doesn't have to be hot. >> great for a picnic, too. you can make it the day before and you pull it out when your guests arrive and enjoy it. >> throw a little garlic in there. >> we're doing it and topping it with what i call gigi's gravy. it's a white gravy that we finish it up. we put a little bit of that on top. it's got that smokey characteristic as well. the creaminess of that gravy helps balance the tanens and soften them for the wine. >> fatten me up. what are we going to pair this with? >> we're pair this with a cabornet and it works really well. and, you know, the wine -- the wine -- they are rich enough to stand up to the fried character on the outside of the chicken but not so much that it's going to overwhelm those light chicken flavors that you get. >> perfect. next is the black angus sliders. >> we're doing a slider on a pretzel roll, you know, ode to
7:41 am
where i'm from. i'm a philadelphia boy originally so i love pretzel rolls. >> you have a philly guy on the couch. >> oh, man. >> so we have a little bit of white cheddar on here. we grilled them and going on top of the pretzel roll like so and as you can see, we have the beautiful sea salt on the top like that. we like to finish with a nice simple skewer, ok? now, that's a slider. for champions, right there. >> i'm stuffed. >> already, right? >> i'll try that. >> we'll pair that with? >> this is our -- this is a merlot. we're pairing that with this because it's a bigger of a wine. i find the beef characteristics go so well with the fruit character and then the pretzel provides this kind of caramelization on the outside of the roll. it just is great, great touch for the characters in the wine. >> if you have more questions, folks for your fourth of july barbecue, go to >> ask dominique and i'll tell you anything you need to know. >> perfect pairing for your
7:42 am
barbecue. i'm going to hang with the wine. >> that looks good. bring us in some, if you don't mind. >> after the break here, we talk about this, after the supreme court upheld a key part of florida's immigration law allowing police to say show me your papers. obama administration is accused of retaliating in a way by vowing to enforce the law. coming up, we'll talk to an arizona lawmaker that says that's simply unacceptable. >> they were both named jim, both named their dogs toy. and both went on vacation every year to the exact same spot. how two identical twins separated at birth found each other after 40 years. >> wacky! >> yes. hi, i'm phil mickelson.
7:43 am
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♪ remember when ♪ ♪ 30 seemed so old ♪ now looking back ♪ ♪ it's just a stepping stone ♪ to where we are ♪ where we've been ♪ said we'd do it all again ♪ remember when >> welcome back, everybody.
7:46 am
three republican congressmen are calling up the obama administration accusing them of declaring war on this administration. thanks for being with us here on "fox & friends." before we get into our discussion, let's bring everybody up to speed. what is still ok and what's not ok according to the supreme court? if i'm a police officer in arizona, and i pull somebody over for running a red light. i can still ask them for their papers if i'm suspicious. >> absolutely. you can ask that. >> but i have to do it in a timely manner. in other words, i can't have them over the side of the road for more than the amount of time it would take to give them but traffic ticket, is that right? >> that's right, the detainment has to match what you're doing. if it's a more serious crime, it's going to be longer but much shorter, it's going to have to fit the aspects of why you're pulling them over. >> what's the consequence of that? because first of all, as a police officer, how do i find out if they're here legally or not. doesn't that take sometime?
7:47 am
>> well, it does. and part of that is it's now what the obama administration has done is they have said that they are not going to work with arizona to allow us computer access, going to look at the individuals, they're not going to enforce this from the ice perspective which is just a whole application, it's just mind boggling. >> so if i'm a police officer, who do i contact? do i have to go to the feds to get into their computer to find out if the person is legal or not? >> that's exactly right. we can ask, you know, for their proper, you know, identification and if it's not there, then we got to cross reference it. so that's what is known as this 287-g program. that's the federal aspects of working with local law enforcement so we collaborate and work together. >> but it goes further than that, doesn't it? aren't the feds saying they're not going to respond unless somebody is convicted of a crime already? >> they absolutely said they would not do it. and, you know, that's the retaliatory aspect of this
7:48 am
administration and that's why we said and there's actually four of us, ben quayle signed on to the letter and said we're tired of this administration declaring war on arizona. >> it ties the hands of the police officers, doesn't it? >> it does. it puts them in a quandary and puts them in a predicament and puts arizona in a predicament and i think justice scalia said it best, you know, it's mind boggling that arizona is put in a predicament that this government won't enforce immigration laws and will not enforce the laws so arizona has got to protect itself. >> what's the ice director say? >> well, that's what we wrote, a very scathing letter. we wanted to have a response because, you know, particularly with all the rest of the things that are happening here in arizona, you know, with the botched gunrunning scheme, you know, we've got a problem out here in arizona and we want solutions. you know, people really want federal government and local government, the local law enforcement along with the d.o.j. to work together with the
7:49 am
limited resources that we have to do the fundamental aspect of government. >> thanks for being with us on "fox & friends" on this saturday. appreciate it. see you soon. eric holder, attorney general eric holder was found in contempt of congress for withholding documents in the botched gunrunning operation in the death of brian terry. are you ready for this? the department of justice is refusing to prosecute the attorney general. will the family of brian terry ever see justice? his cousin joins us next. plus taking the nature vs. nurture debate to a whole new level. twins reunited decades after not being able to know each other. of makes the world work. in high school, i had a physics teacher by the name of mr. davies. he made physics more than theoretical, he made it real for me. we built a guitar,
7:50 am
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7:52 am
7:53 am
>> but what i see is me! >> i see me, too. >> does that mean there's two of you or two of me? >> oh, my gosh. look at the olson twins when they were little. identical twins reunited after birth. it seems like something you only see in the movies but a new study, a long term study finds the twins that have never even met since they were born share as much in common as those raised together. so joining us now is twin expert and author of "born together, reared apart" the landmark minnesota twin study, dr. nancy siegel. dr. siegel, thanks so much for being here. you are the perfect guest for this segment because you were part of the team of psychologists and researches at the university of minnesota who spent two decades studying 137
7:54 am
sets of twins who were raised apart and there are some fascinating stories from this study. >> that's right, alisyn. studying twins raised apart is the best natural experiment we have. genetic and environmental influences are disentangled and we can look at the differences between identical twins and see where the environment comes in to create these differences in genetic individual people. >> these people were separated at birth? >> they were separated at birth and did not meet until they were 39 years old and they lived in different cities in ohio. it's not as many as you think. they had so many traits in common, both developed migraine headaches at the same time in their lives. they both had woodworking proclivities and both liked to vacation three blocks from the beach in florida. >> they both named their dog foi. >> they named their dog toy and one has to wonder what drives that, perhaps it's the sound of the name or reminds them of something. studying identical twins raised
7:55 am
apart gives us a whole domain for explanations of how we can understand these kinds of things and apply to the population level. >> fraternal twins are interesting to study. >> they are fascinating and very variable. they are genetically the same as ordinary siblings but they're born the same time and share the same intrauterine environment and provide wonderful control f identical twins. >> everybody fascinated by this topic as i am, having a set of twins myself should read "born together, reared apart" by dr. nancy siegel. thanks so much for coming in to talk about it. >> thanks so much for having me. >> more "fox & friends" in a few minutes. why not make lunch more than just lunch? with two times the points on dining in restaurants, you may find yourself asking
7:56 am
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>> good morning, it's saturday, june 30th. we have a lot to talk about this morning. i'm alisyn camerota. thanks for joining us. extreme weather alert for you. deadly storms are wreaking havoc across the country and knocking out power for millions of
7:59 am
americans. now, one state is declaring an emergency. breaking details for you straight ahead. >> and democrats on defense. the white house insisting the health care law is now not a tax but nancy pelosi says even if it is, who cares? >> technical terms that's for us here. it means something to the american people is what it does to them. >> terms like tax. we report, you decide. >> on eve of his wedding night, alec baldwin strikes again! >> what's your problem? >> just leave him alone. >> get him, buddy! don't touch my stuffed animal. what set off the actor this time? we'll tell you. "fox & friends" our third hour on a saturday starts right now.
8:00 am
>> good saturday morning, everybody. clayton morris off not again -- >> you were off. i was off. now clayton is off. mike is in again. and the demands of this job are brutal. >> i've had pizza. fried chicken, sliders, shrimp. >> by the way, we're not done. there's more. >> it's 8:00. >> oh, yeah. >> we're going to explode! >> i feel for you. wow. >> i can hear me getting fatter. >> let's talk about obviously the big news of the week. it was the big news of a generation. the supreme court allowing to stand obamacare also known as the affordable care act, it was not overturned, the individual mandate was not overturned as so many people had predicted that it was because the chief justice, john roberts said that it can stand, that it basically serves as a tax and congress can
8:01 am
allowed to levy a tax for whatever reason on americans. but the administration is not crazy about this new definition that chief roberts came up with that being a tax. >> because everybody considered a tax a four-letter word and we decided that now it's called tax xx because nobody wants that word in their lexicon at all. >> it's not just that, it's that the president told abc news that this is not a tax in the health care plan and he said he'll not raise taxes on anybody making less than a quarter million dollars a year. that's the other reason they don't want this to be defined as a tax. this is what jay carney and the press secretary said on friday, "you can call it what you want. if you read the opinion, it is not a broadbased tax, it affects 1% by c.b.o. estimates of the population. it is not something that you assess like an income tax. it's a penalty because you have a choice. you don't have a choice to pay your taxes, right? you have a choice to buy if you
8:02 am
can afford health insurance and you can. they're defining that as a choice but there's not a choice. you have to either pay the fine or you have to get health insurance. that's why it's a tax. >> that's the whole point. that's what the debate has been, that by nature of being born now in the united states, you must have health insurance. never before has there been that sort of equation. for being born, you have to do that. you didn't have to do that before so david axelrod was trying to thread this needle. listen to how he defines it. >> whatever you call it, whether you call it a mandate or tax, what it is is a penalty on the very few americans who don't -- can't afford health care, getting free care and then we all pay for it in the form of a -- >> why don't you just come out and say it, though? just use the word tax and then go back to your argument that it's only going to affect 1% of the population.
8:03 am
>> it's already unpopular and that makes it even more difficult to sell. the democrats have had a terrible time trying to sell health care. that's going to make it harder. some suggest this actually makes re-election tougher. it helps in the short term but maybe not in the long term. ed rendell is the second governor in pennsylvania and says you can't run away from this thing. you have to own it and you have to sell it. here's what he said on friday. >> i think the president can and will continue to point out the good things that are in this act. they're not going to run away from it. they'll make it a campaign ush -- issue. i always said it's a mistake not to defend it. it's going to be an albatross around our neck, let's stand and defend it. >> that's probably why the president hasn't talked about it. >> let's go ahead and sell the good aspects of it. >> that's the answer. again, americans went to -- when you explain something to them
8:04 am
are persuadable about what's so great about it. the president hasn't done that. for the past year, that's not what he's been talking about so ed rendell is saying it's time to start. >> what it's done is unite conservatives. mitt romney has an issue, it's working. he's raising money $4.6 million 24 hours after the decision. but can mitt romney run on it? that will be interesting as well giving it, all about washington speaks. this is what she actually had to say. >> call it what you will. it's a step forward for america's families and you know what? take yes for an answer. this is a very good thing for the american people. what you're talking about here is washington talk. technical term, that's for us here. what means something to the american people is what it does for them. >> does america want to talk these two words, you know, play tennis with the two words? penalty, tax, revenue, whatever -- back and forth for the next
8:05 am
four or five months. is that what we want? 6 6% apparently in polls say it's number four. >> 6% only said it's number one. they're still talking about jobs and the economy, number one for them. >> but that's what romney will attempt to do is make this decision about the economy. make it as a tax that's hurting the middle class. >> but does he have -- can he make that argument because if you -- if you just google mitt romney talking about this from about 2006-2007, he said the same thing. that it's not a tax. it's a penalty. it's a fee. >> he was defending romney care in massachusetts so it's tough for him now although he always has made the point that what fits one state is not one size fits all. >> that's a good argument. states should decide, not the federal government. >> let's get to your headlines now and we want to get to this weather alert we've been telling you about. crews recover another body from the burned out remains of a
8:06 am
colorado home. president obama toured the fire damaged state and he's promising federal assistance for the blaze that forced 35,000 people from their homes. more than 1,000 fighters looking to contain the waldo canyon fire in colorado springs. they have 25% contained. that's up 15% since thursday. 347 homes have been destroyed. and extreme weather wreaking havoc in the eastern part of the country. violent storms killing two people and knocking out power from indiana to maryland. we're just learning that amtrak service is now shut down between washington, d.c. and philadelphia. uh-oh. mike is never going home. as crews work to remove debris from the track. we're seeing a lot of damage in ohio as well. that's where hurricane-force winds knocked down electrical poles pinning 15 people in their cars. >> there were these gigantic towering power lines and poles leaning over hamilton road and you could see it from a mile distance and it just looked like something out of a steven king movie. it's horrific. i mean, there's carnage
8:07 am
everywhere. >> incredibly, all those people were rescued without major injuries. concern now, nearly two million people without power in places like washington, d.c., maryland and west virginia especially with this heat wave that's gripping much of the region, west virginia is declaring a state of emergency. >> wow. and on top of that, people without air conditioning, a lot of power out. don't have their tv's. that's no good. but no air conditioning. it's so hot across a third of the country! >> yeah, that's right. good morning, and good morning, everyone. and we're looking at very dangerous levels of heat across the east coast of the u.s. parts of the ohio valley, tennessee valley and even into the desert southwest with a large area of the country looking at temperatures above average. it's summer and it's supposed to be hot. take a look at where we should be this time of year. upper 80's, 90 degrees in raleigh, north carolina and we'll be seeing temperatures as much as 15 degrees above what's average for this time of year. well into the triple digits and
8:08 am
atlanta, expecting a high temperature this afternoon of 105 degrees. as we head into your sun, another hot one. more widespread triple digit numbers and still on the warm side as we kick off the work week on monday. that ridge of high pressure that's producing all this heat will gradually break down as we head into next week. we're finally going to start to see a bit of improvement out there. when you factor in humidity to those hot temperatures, it feels even worse. these are the heat forecast. 107 in raleigh, north carolina is what it will feel like as you head out the door. 112 in the city of savannah and tulsa, oklahoma expecting heat at 101 degrees. dangerous levels amount of heat. stay hydrated and try to stay indoors during those peak afternoon hours when it gets the hottest. around that ridge of high pressure, believe it or not, we have another big story. severe weather expected once again across parts of the northern plains and then from areas south of the great lakes into the mid atlantic. large hail and damaging winds being the main concerns. we can't rule out some isolated tornadoes out there. we received over 800 reports of
8:09 am
severe weather yesterday. most of them coming from the great lakes and also across the mid atlantic. out west, dangerous weather as well. we have generally dry weather out here and low humidity in place. hot temperatures and gusty winds in excess of 40 to 50 miles per hour at times. that's prompted a number of fire weather watches and red flag warnings across states like montana, wyoming and down into utah and colorado once again. guys? >> all right, maria, thanks so much for telling us all of that. rest of the headlines. fox news alert for you right now. egypt's first democratically elected president takes his oath of office and with it, promises a new egypt. muhammad morsi officially sworn in during a ceremony at the supreme constitutional court. the 60-year-old u.s. trained engineer has ties to the islamic fundamentalist group the muslim brotherhood and yesterday, called for the release of a known terrorist responsible for the 1993 world trade center bombing. the justice department moved to shield attorney general eric holder from prosecution. this after the house voted to
8:10 am
hold holder in contempt of congress for withholding documents related to operation fast & furious. the d.o.j.'s move prevents the case from going before a grand jury. the case do go before a civil court and my favorite story of the day, brawling baldwin is at it again. alec baldwin has attacked another photographer, this is one day before alec's wedding. >> he's going to go -- >> they're breaking my arm! >> he's going to go. >> all we're doing is taking your picture. >> i want you to shut [beep] up. get out of here! >> shut up! shut up! leave my neighbor alone, ok? hear what i said? >> yeah. hear what i said? ok. little girl. >> he said you're a girl. nothing says i'm a big, tough man like clutching a pink stuffed animal, pal. >> he's got a daughter. >> his photographer is setting
8:11 am
baldwin off after asking questions about his upcoming wedding later this evening. he punched another photographer in the chin last week after getting his marriage license at city hall. he's having pre-wedding jitters. >> yeah. pre-wedding jitters. he's wearing a david letterman shirt, i'm sure. >> i agree with you, these papparazzi can -- >> they're all over me! >> you see the papparazzi guy, he said a shirt on that said "i'm awesome." who is he marrying? >> a young yoga instructor. well done. >> well done. >> coming up, it's never been done before. eric holder held in contempt of congress but some democrats nowhere to be found. they walked out. next, the family of border agent brian terry speaking out and calling the walkout a disgrace. >> foul move by a hockey couch. watch closely. they are tripping. he tripped him on purpose. he trips two young teens but say
8:12 am
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8:15 am
>> one day after the historic vote to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt, lawyers for the justice department say they will not prosecute him. d.o.j. officials claim it's not a crime for the a.g. to withhold documents that could provide answers to how border agent brian terry lost his life. brian terry's cousin joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. >> what do you make of the decision by the d.o.j. attorneys not to prosecute eric holder? >> look, it's been 18 months since brian was murdered. and we've been searching for answers to explain why operation fast & furious was allowed to
8:16 am
occur. and it's been one disappointment after another. it just seems another road block has been set. all we're looking for is the truth, we're looking for the facts. and we're looking for justice. >> as you know, during the vote, there were a group of democrats who walked out of the chamber. they were protesting this vote and let us play a clip of what happened on bill o'reilly's show on this topic. >> that this is all about is the democrat party walking -- >> sorry, we've lost. >> we appear to have lost that audio but i want to get your response to the fact that these democrats walked out. >> well, it was insulting. it was another indignant because, you know, everybody likes -- politicians like to invoke brian's name, the hero that he was when it's to their benefit. but when they had the chance to remain in chambers and make the vote, and have the courage to vote one way or the other, only
8:17 am
17 democrat lawmakers chose to do so. very disappointing. >> i know that brian terry's family or, perhaps, you can reinforce this. they feel a little betrayed by their democratic congressman john dingle from michigan. what he has said is he doesn't think that the contempt vote is necessary to get more information and get to bottom of this. he thinks more thorough congressional investigations could actually do more, have eric holder answer more questions in public. have the public eye be trained on him so that you can get answers. what do you think of that? >> congressman dingle, he's got good intentions but i think he's a little misinformed in this avenue. the investigation is stymied right now, from what i understand, the answers aren't coming. how are we supposed to get more answers if the investigation can't go forward?
8:18 am
we need the facts. we need to know who is responsible for fast & furious. and have people held accountable. >> what do you want to see happen next? >> obviously. we want to make sure that an operation like fast & furious is never allowed to happen again. we also want to make sure that we don't have anymore border patrol agents killed in the line of duty like brian was that night. we're looking to educate the american public. we're looking to honor brian's memory and that's why we established the brian terry foundation and all of your audience, i encourage them to go to honor brian and sign the never again petition on line. >> honor brian we will connect that on our web site as well. robert, thanks so much for coming in this morning. >> thank you. >> 1 in 7 americans are currently on food stamps. so why is the government spending millions of dollars on radio ads encouraging more people to apply for them?
8:19 am
governor mike huckabee is going to talk about that topic coming up. plus could the products you be using on a daily basis for your baby actually put the babies in danger? some experts say yes. we'll show you which ones next. [ manager 1 ] out here in the winds, i have to know the weather patterns. i upgraded to the new sprint direct connect. so i can get three times the coverage. [ chirp ]
8:20 am
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8:22 am
>> car seats to blankets, the everyday products you use for your baby could be more dangerous than you can imagine. joining us now is senior project editor for shop smart magazine mandy walker. she'll break down the list. i have a newborn at home so i'm paying a lot of attention to this. >> absolutely. >> i've never seen this but
8:23 am
heard about them. bath seats, why are they dangerous? >> the purpose is to keep baby upright while they're bathing but -- >> don't necessarily have to hold them. >> but the problem is that they can lull parents into a false sense of security and they might leave the baby which is when a lot of deaths have occurred. they can tip over and babies can fall into the tubbs and drown. >> is there any safe alternative? >> the regular hard plastic baby bath seats instead and always stay with your baby, keep them in your sight and looking at them while they're bathing. >> everybody useed to have bumpers on their crib. every crib, all the sets still come with them in fact when you buy the product on line. why are they dangerous? >> the purpose was to avoid minor bumps from hitting the sides of the crib but unfortunately, they can be a suffocation hazard and babies in fact have died because they get their heads wedged up against them, even the so-called breathable kind and don't have the motor skills to turn their heads. they lead to strangulations from these -- >> best rule is just --
8:24 am
>> our safety experts have said to use the fitted sheets. decorate with them. put them on the wall. >> sleep positioners, is that for putting the baby in bed with you? >> well, it's for putting baby in bed in the crib, and the purpose is so they won't roll over because, of course, everybody is concerned about sids but they can have a suffocation hazard. the babies have had their heads against them and been unable to turn and suffocating there. recommended putting baby on the back instead of using them and instead of, you know -- >> right and it goes for whether it's a blanket, whether it's a pillow. a lot of parents look at these uncomfortable mattresses and think i have to add something. >> they're cute. products are adorable but they can be a suffocation hazard. the baby can get entangled in them or be suffocated by pillows. that's true in parents' bed, too. we don't recommend co-sleeping
8:25 am
with your kids because, of course it can be true with adult sheets as well. just a bare bed and you can put them in footed pajamas or sleep sacks instead to keep them warm on a cold night. >> i know it looks uncomfortable that mattress. that's all that matters. all right, next you say sling carrier. >> this is a sling carrier and nice to keep babies close. they have to be tied exactly correctly and babies have to be positioned just so. some babies have been tied incorrectly and too close and smothered. a lot of falls have happened and head injuries as a result of falling out of them. >> i don't have that but i'm a big fan of the baby carrier and i know there's a baby bjorn. >> there's sleep carriers there. i have safety regulations, we think the safety precautions there and regulations are good there. and also, strollers in the carrier seats with the handles. handheld ones or car seats. >> ok. i have one of these, i have given many for gifts. >> oh.
8:26 am
>> why are they dangerous? >> they're made by many manufacturers and in all cases, baby can just by twisting or jumping or turning or leaning can fall out of them. and especially if they're put on counters or on beds, you know, the fall can result in a lot of head injuries. don't recommend them. use instead a stationary activity center or jumper seat even when they're on the floor. >> the biggest problem is the example we have here. >> when it's up on a counter. >> yeah, high up. >> in all cases even with the bouncer seats or the stationary activity centers, put them on the ground. >> so just for argument's sake, if i have this on the carpet on a soft, padded floor, is it then safe? >> there have been some injuries even when they've been on the floor so just for ultimate safety. >> you're bumming me out! >> i'm sorry. >> keep my baby safe. >> most important thing, obviously. >> mandy walker here from the senior projects editor for shop smart magazine and you can find these, if you missed them where?
8:27 am
>> >> thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. >> egypt's first democratically elected president sworn in a short time ago and he's already calling for the release of a known terrorist linked to the 1993 world trade center bombing. how concerned should america be about this new world leader? plus a bittersweet battle for the first lady. michelle obama and ann romney head to head in a cookie bakeoff. who has the best recipe? mike and alisyn camerota have very discerning taste buds and they will determine the winner, right? >> only we are qualified to do this. >> yeah. >> ali in particular is very tal en -- talented when it comes to cooking. >> yes. people like options.
8:28 am
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8:31 am
>> this is a fox news alert. you're looking there at egypt's first democratically elected president, muhammad morsi. he was just sworn in today and already there is controversy involving the blind sheik who is named omar abdel rahman during this speech or this speech today, morsi says he's going to work to free him who is serving a life sentence for his connection to a plot to blow up the holland and lincoln tunnels here in new york city. and the united nations, among other targets.
8:32 am
this is a plot in the 1990's and connected to the first world trade center bombing that killed six people. >> can you believe his first speech after being elected president and he has to bring this up? he'll fight for release of this guy, the bliennd sheik. >> this is the type of tone that he's setting right away. be careful what you wish for as far as the united states intervening there and trying to insist in the arab spring and removing leadership there. now look at what we're stuck with. it looks like the muslim brotherhood has taken over the entire show. >> it got quick reaction from peter king out of new york. evidence that he is an islamist and a radical that cannot be trusted. this is a disgraceful way for him to start his presidency. >> right. liz cheney was on sean hannity's show this past week. she also talked about the questions surrounding morsi's presidency.
8:33 am
i'm heard from a number of liberals in egypt, people who are supposed to be with the united states asking why isn't it that the united states is not backing the muslim brotherhood? they're anti-freedom, anti-women, anti-christian, they're anti-jew, they're anti-israel and they're anti-american and they're anti-democratic. they're very closely allied with and, in fact, the same organization as hamas. they are the organization that spawned al-qaida. ayman al-zawahiri who is now the leader of al-qaida began in the egyptian muslim brotherhood so you've got a situation now where you've got this organization in charge, potentially in egypt which is the most populous arab nation and, you know, setting us up here for a real conflict, it looks like between the muslim brotherhood and the military while at the same time, the united states in what is really incomprehensible seems to be welcoming this turn of events. >> it's also interesting, one network correspondent who was there in cairo who heard the
8:34 am
first official speech said that he went off script. that the script that had been handed out, the official part of the script and he went off it. so yeah, he speculates this was for local consumption hoping that the united states wouldn't hear that portion of it. >> something called satellite. >> yeah. >> get back on script. >> democratic elections, you don't know. that's why some say it's better to stick with the devil that you know in some cases. >> we have other headlines making news this morning. tell you what else is happening. time has run out for an army psychiatrist charged with murdering those 13 people in fort hood. a military judge denying a request to delay his trial for a third time so his lawyers could have more time to prepare. that means the august 20th trial date is now final. as of now, hasan is banned from the courtroom because he's refused to shave his beard in accordance with military grooming rules. the judge hinting he may require someone to do the shaving for him. charlie rangel's victory in the new york congressional primary
8:35 am
election is being challenged in the state's supreme court. rangel's opponent claims that manhattan's election board did not let his campaign monitor the vote counting process. the democratic opponents separated by just 1,032 votes. dave, tell us what's going on in sports. >> canadian youth hockey coach accused of being a very poor sport. check this out. video of what looks like the coach on purpose tripping two players on the opposite team. one of the kids who fell said to have broken his wrist. it happened after the final game of the season in which the coach's team actually won the game. parents say he and one of the players had spats in the game after they scored the first goal. he's suspended so they can investigate. you say he admitted this was on purpose. >> yes. >> you can't necessarily tell from the video. >> i don't know. if you -- i've looked at it
8:36 am
about five times now. we were talking about this on my morning show in philadelphia yesterday. and if you watch the rest of the video, he then turns around and goes after the kid again. you know, getting in his face, arguing back and forth. >> chill out. >> let's get to maria molina with a check of the intense and hot weather. hey, maria. >> good morning, everyone. good to see you today. it will be a very hot day across the northeast again including us in new york city. we're going to be expecting temperatures into the 90's and the other issue is that when you factor in how humid it is, it feels even hotter so we'll be feeling close to 100 degrees here in new york city. d.c. will be even worse with an actual temperature expected to reach 100 degrees as we head into the afternoon hours so we do also have other big stories across the country including the west where we've had wildfires ongoing already for several weeks or even months along some states and we're going to continue to see that dry weather, those gusty winds and hot temperatures once again so the elevated fire danger is still in place for states like colorado, utah and even up through parts of the state of
8:37 am
montana. otherwise, strong to severe storms will fire up once again today. over 800 reports of severe weather yesterday. we're going to see that occur once again from the ohio valley into the mid atlantic and unfortunately, people without power now and expected to remain without power for most of this weekend and once again, expecting those hot temperatures to be in place across basically a third of the country, guys, where we have heat advisories and excessive heat warning in place with heat index values well over 100 degrees. >> thanks. something fun right now. since 1992 "family circle" magazine has pitted the wives of presidential candidates against each other to compare their baking skills. >> and this year, it's first lady michelle obama, of course, and ann romney. they're competing against each other by submitting their cookie recipes. >> their cookie recipe is part of the august issue of "family circle" magazine and joining us is the magazine's executive food editor julie miltonburger. we're about to do a blind taste. blindfold me.
8:38 am
>> typically this winner is who resides in the white house. >> historically four out of five times, we've done this contest for 20 years and four out of five times, the winner has gone off to be in the white house. >> are you being blindfolded? is this you? >> are you being blindfolded? >> you can it by his bulging muscles. >> i'm reading "fifty shades of grey" so i know how to do this. >> someone hand me a cookie, please. >> now, each -- >> oh, my finger in your face. ok, i'll get myself in the interest of time. >> i've done this before. >> ok. >> so -- >> save me. >> so if we're going to start first with the white dark chocolate chip cookie. it's got white chocolate chips and it's got dark chocolate chips and it's got mint pieces and walnuts. here you go. you have a cookie there for -- there you go. >> where's my mouth? >> there i go. >> am i trying it now? there you go. >> oh, my hands.
8:39 am
>> there we go for you. >> it's white chocolate chip. >> milk chocolate chips, mint pieces. >> yeah, i can taste mints. mints are in there. >> that sounds good. >> tough to beat. >> ok, a lot of chocolatey goodness. >> palate cleanser, what do you got? >> some wine? >> i got nothing. i got pizza from earlier. so yeah, next up, we've got a peanut butter m&m oatmeal cookie so it's got -- it also has chocolate chips. these are semisweet chocolate chips. >> this is thick and bigger. >> m&m's, peanuts and lots of oats. here you go. >> lot going on with this one. >> three, two, one. >> this actually is flourless, too, because it's nice the oats hold it together. >> it's flourless. i'm gluten free. >> oats, m&m's, peanut butter, chocolate chips. >> first one i liked most. this is really good. the other one is really good, too. >> what's nice about it is they really are completely different cookies.
8:40 am
so you have to choose the cookie. >> i like this one because i'm not crazy about mint so i like chocolate and nuts better. >> i like mint. >> deal breaker? >> my head says the flourless but my heart has to go with the mint. >> all right. we have a winner. >> go ahead. 2-1, michelle obama's white and dark chocolate chip cookies. >> you prefer that? >> compared to ann romney's m&m cookies. >> that's amazing. if it had raisins it would put me over the top. >> you guys preferred michelle obama a obama's and i thought this would be michelle's because of the oatmeal. >> you made my day. >> more for everybody to continue tasting and eating. >> neither one of them dry. >> we'll put them on our web site but you can check out "family circle's" next issue. >> and vote on the facebook page. >> take care. >> the supreme court rules that president obama's health care law can give a tax even though it wasn't a tax, was it?
8:41 am
americans see this as deceptive and will it hurt obama on election day? these are rhetorical questions that governor huckabee has to answer. >> tomkat calls it quits. katie holmes filing for divorce from tom cruise. was religion a factor or the five year contract just up? >> look at his hair. ♪ why not make lunch more than just lunch? with two times the points on dining in restaurants, you may find yourself asking why not, a lot. chase sapphire preferred.
8:42 am
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8:44 am
>> welcome back, everybody. the supreme court this week ruling president obama's health care law and the individual mandate unconstitutional -- constitutional. i was just like the coverage of it. it is, in fact, a tax says chief justice roberts but back in 2009 as the president was trying to sell the law to the american people, he promised it was not a tax.
8:45 am
>> for us to say that you've got to take a responsibility to get health insurance is absolutely not a tax increase. what it's saying is that we're not going to have other people carrying your burdens for you. any more than the fact that right now, everybody in america just about has to get auto insurance. nobody can serve that -- a tax increase. >> so which is it? should the american people feel deceived following the court's ruling? joining us with reaction is the host of "huckabee" governor mike huckabee. hi, governor. >> good morning. >> is this a tax? >> well, of course it is a tax and now especially it is because the supreme court said so and after all, we're supposed to follow the supreme court and listen. >> but the obama campaign david axelrod i believe it was or maybe it was jay carney said this is just for freeloaders. these are just people who aren't going to follow the rule of the law so just a tax for them. it's a penalty. >> that's not completely correct because if you're an employer, you're going to have to pay in order to participate and make sure that all the employees are
8:46 am
covered, it's a tax. it's assessed against your tax records. your tax filings each year. it's drawn out automatically before you get the money. by the i.r.s. >> by the i.r.s. that is a tax. they can spin it wherever they want to. that's why when it was barely being discussed in congress, the question was was this a tax? no, it's not a tax. it's a fine. that's why obama said what he did with george stephanopoulos and that's why they are now in shock because the supreme court has confirmed what everybody really knew. >> they argued it as a tax before the supreme court. part of the brief. let me ask you about the politics of this, today was his weekly address, the president's. we just got the copy. no mention, not a single word of health care, the most important legislation of his presidency. what does that say to you about what the president plans to do in selling this plan and campaigning on it for re-election? >> well, how could he go so sell something that's almost as
8:47 am
unpopular as it is with 2/3 of the american people. that's the problem. the more they learned about it, the more they like it. actually the more they learned about, it the less they liked it so now it's more unpopular than when it was passed in 2009. nancy pelosi is right. we'll know what's in it once we pass it. now we know and we don't like it. >> is it dangerous for republicans to run with this? only 6% of us care about it as far as the election is concerned. >> as far as our number one concern. >> here's the two issues. credibility is more important than the specifics of what's in the health care law. the words of a politician are the most dangerous ones that can be used against him. there are two particular things that barack obama is very vulnerable in. one, he said this was not a tax. now, run that against the reality. it is a tax. the second, no one making over $250,000 a year will pay one single dime. he didn't say that once. he said it everywhere he went. the fact is people under $250,000 and people making $50,000 will pay more. >> he'll come back and say mitt romney in massachusetts in 2006
8:48 am
said the same thing. >> already has said that. >> that's fine. he can say it all he wants to. that was mitt romney. that was massachusetts and that was many years ago. >> state vs. federal. >> he was not the president and mitt romney promised america something very different than what barack obama did. >> and now promises to repeal. >> governor, stick around, please, because we want to talk to you about this. 1 in 7 americans are already on food stamps. why is government spending millions of dollars on radio ads encouraging more people to sign up? >> and eric holder found in contempt of congress. why the department of justice is refusing to prosecute the attorney general. what's next? we get reaction from the south carolina congressman trey gowdy coming up. >> is 50% enough? is that enough of the documents? 75%?
8:49 am
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8:52 am
>> welcome back. the federal government spending your hard earned tax dollars on new radio ads, commercials, to get more people on food stamps. >> you look at margie, she looks amazing! >> yes, she sure does. >> i wonder how she stays so fit. what's her secret? >> well, she told me that food stamp benefits help her eat right and she stays active, too. >> target audience, 12? >> i don't know. is our government encouraging people to become less self-sufficient or trying to get more people on the food stamp roll? governor huckabee, so what -- do they feel as though there's an entire market out there that's underserved that doesn't know that they're eligible for food stamps. is there evidence to that?
8:53 am
>> i have no indication that people said food stamps, i don't know there was such a thing. i'm not against food stamps for people who really need them. for some children and families, it's their bridge for any level of survival. not just good nutrition. what i think is absurd on its face is the idea that if i get on food stamps i'll be all fit and great and i'll look like i just stepped out of the gym. food stamps are not so you can look like, you know, kim kardashian. food stamps are to give you a basic nutritional supplement so you'll be able -- your children can eat decently. let's be honest about it. and here's the success of food stamps. success of food stamps is not that we put people on them. the real success of food stamps is less people need them because they have jobs, they're in the workplace and they're self-sufficient and don't need the doggone food stamps. >> what's fascinating is they're making an economic impact statement on this. every 5 bucks of new benefits generates $9.20 in additional community spending.
8:54 am
if the national participation rate rose 5 percentage points, 1.9 million more low income people would have an additional $1.3 billion in benefits per year to use to purchase healthy food and $2.5 billion total of new economic activity would be generated. sounds like nancy pelosi's argument that food stamps is the best way to create jobs. are you buying that? >> of course not. it's an idea that says if the government would just spend more money, there would be more money in the economy. that's right. whose money? the money of the taxpayers who went out and worked for it and now they don't have it to spend in the economy. you let uncle sugar spend it for you. uncle sugar never does as good a job on spending your money than you would. you'll do things to diversify your economy. when i was governor, i begged to the usda let us do the experimental program with food stamps to empower a super food stamp so if you bought fresh fruits and vegetables the food
8:55 am
stamp would be worth a dollar so if you're serious in increasing nutrition, then have power stamps and then create a system where the stamps are worth more when you eat better things. it's worth less if you want to go out and buy a bag of cookies. >> i like that! >> you need to run for govrer in some day. >> i tried that. it didn't end up lasting forever. >> catch his show tonight "huckabee" 8:00 eastern time reairing on sunday night as well. great to see you, governor. >> great to be here. >> coming up, did chief justice roberts actually give a political gift to republicans by upholding president obama's health care law? dick morris is here to weigh in on that. ♪ [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curveballs. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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in louisiana we had more fun on the water. last season we broke all kinds of records on the gulf. this year we are out to do even better... and now is a great time to start. our beatches are even more relaxing... the fishing's great. so pick your favorite spotn the gulf... and come on down. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. >> good morning, everyone, it's saturday, june 30th, i'm alisyn camerota. thank you for joining uwe have a severe weather alert. violent storms across the country turned deadly leaving more than 2 million americans in the dark and without air conditioning this morning in
8:59 am
the heat of summer, we are on the ground with live reports. >> dave: and president obama declaring vick he tri over the supreme court ruling, but mitt romney says he's he the winner. >> and this november, people who don't want that will have to vote for me. >> dave: and dick morris. >> mike: it's splitsville for katie holmes and tom cruise, was religion a factor or was the five year contract just up. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> hi, again, everybody, thanks for joining us this morning, hi, mike jarrett. >> hi, alisyn. >> i think that the show is zipping by.
9:00 am
>> alisyn: it is, it feels like a mere through hours and 45 minutes and clayton morris woken up at 5 a.m. by his son. he could have been working anyway. clayton is on vacation, with the newborns. and lots of news to tell you about, an extreme weather alert as crews recovered another body from the burned out the remains of another colorado home. president obama toured colorado's fire damaged state and promised federal assistance for the blaze which forced 35,000 people now from their homes and more than a thousand firefighters are working to contain the fire, in colorado springs and they're gaining ground and now have 25% contained. and we saw some extreme weather in the eastern part of the country as well. violent storms killing at least three people with possible reports of more. that's two confirmed deaths just a few minutes ago and the
9:01 am
storms knocking out power to nearly 2 million people from indiana to maryland this morning, west virginia, a state of emergency and power outages, affecting dulles and reagan international in virginia, expected to cause delays throughout the country and throughout the day and amtrak service from washington to philadelphia, mike garrett, shut down as they work to clear debris from the tracks. >> and speaking of debris, electrical poles pinning 15 people in their cars. >> there were gigantic power lines and poles leaning over hamilton road, you could see it it looked like something out of a steven king movie and it's horrific and carnage everywhere. >> all the people were injured without major injuries. >> and the house voted to hold
9:02 am
holder in contempt after documents related to foss and furious, the doj's movie prevents him from going before a grand jury, but could go before the civil court. and mike jarrett's favorite story, tom cruise and katie holmes, she's going out of their way to get custody of their six-year-old daughter suri, she doesn't want ski scientology, cruise has been married twice before, mimi rogers and nicole kidman and interestingly they were all 33 years old when their marriages ended. the real housewife of beverly hills, the star lisa had sold
9:03 am
the home and the fire is affecting the rest of the cast, across the street. adrian's home was evacuated shutting down production of the show temporarily, why didn't we fox alert that. >> mike: i know, shoot it, a dramatic part of the show. what's the woman's name, lisa. >> alisyn: vanederpump because of her shoes. >> dave: forgive me if i'm not overly concerned, real people have real problems in colorado with fires across the state. >> alisyn: and real house wives are not real? >> not real. >> alisyn: let's bring in fox news contributor and the officers of screwed dick morris we are talking about health care as you might imagine, good morning to you. >> it's like some of those people out there in california could use some health care. i'm the not going to say it's physical or mental. >> dave: a lot of theories,
9:04 am
dick, on the decision made by chief judge roberts, some say he may have flipped and may have tossed this out. it's interesting in his opinion, regarding policy judgment. chief justice roberts said, those decisions are entrusted to our nation's elected leaders who could be thrown out of office if the people disagree with them. in your opinion did he provide a road map how to repeal the law he just made constitutional. >> i don't know that i want to credit him. the supreme court rules the mandate constitutional and mandate on us to get rid of pom and retake the senate. what could be more appropriate than the national on this law. we know how it's going to come out. and 55 oppose it i'll settle for that on election day. >> alisyn: did the chief
9:05 am
justice did something more diabolically brilliant that he appeared to side about with the liberals and doing away with the criticism it's a partisan court and galvanized the conservatives, hey, it's up to you, comb and vote. >> i think it's more likely an effort to protect the court from accusations of being overly ideological, i think that obama stung that when he attacked in the state of the union address and i think that roberts on behalf of that course, and he basically, correctly said to all of us, hey, beat the guy, defeat the law, that's how we do it in a democracy and i think that's accurate. i think that constitutionally he probably is right, congress has the power to tax even if they don't think it's a tax, but i think that obviously, a
9:06 am
terrible law. but we're dealt that hand and we're going to play it and play it into a victory. i think that the public over welcomingly opposes this law, and could never be phrased in yes-no situation, but this law sure can. >> dick, quickly go back to the justice decision here, it's not the purpose of the court to worry about their image. >> well, it is for every branch of government. and many people's faith in government appointed supreme court, is very important. and that's why, for example, earl warren the segregation case, were overturned to make sure the decision was unanimous because when you move forward on major things, you need to really take the country with you and i think in this case, the country will be overwhelmingly resoundingly opposed to this law. it basically says that in 2012
9:07 am
we're going to rerun the election of 2010 and we already know how at that came out. >> dave: now, let's look at the politics, mitt romney, raised 4.6 million in the 24 hours after this decision on the flip side you saw the obama campaign basically run away from the wording it. they don't want to call it a tax they want to call it a choice and saturday in the president's weekly address not one mention of the supreme court decision. if you were advising bill clinton back in the the day and he got this pass, would you tell him to go out there and argue health care as red suggested, back it up or sell it. >> he's going to have to back it up and sell it it's a major issue we know he doesn't like it. he did a half hour video of the accomplishments of this administration and it's all about gm and killing bin laden and we pulled out of iraq and
9:08 am
stopped the crash in the opening moments of my administration, not a single word about health care, we know that he knows that this is the single most unpopular thing he has done. and that if the election is based on that he's going to be defeated, he knows that, too, can't avoid-- >> you say it's a major issue, but a new gallup poll only 6% of americans list it as a major issue. isn't the economy the major issue? >> and way, way up there, and i think that this puts that squarely at the top of the agenda. >> that was pre--- >> it was. >> pre-decision, that's an interesting point. >> and that's the whole point, before the decision it was no one, everyone said support, take care of it, i'm got to vote and the obama record and all of that. now, this is the referendum on the issue of health care and we're not allowed to look at
9:09 am
the referendum at the federal level, but now defacto, it's going to turn on with young people who are major base. if you make $30,000 or less do you want to pay $750 to the irs because you don't have health insurance? >> when you're absolutely healthy. >> it's interesting, if you polled now the numbers would be different, they did poll in 1994 when as you know, hillary clinton was-- it was 60% of the country thought it was number one. so you're right it does vacillate with how much we talk about it in the media. >> dick morris. >> by the way, i want to mention another issue up here, the law-- a hearing on it this week for ratification, and how this completely takes away all of our oil and gas royalties given to third world countries. nobody is talking about it, but it's a crucial issue and people pay attention to it.
9:10 am
>> alisyn: people can pick up "screwed" if they want to read more about it and dick morris thank you very much. >> a title at the bookstore. >> dave: and eric holder held in contempt of congress and refuse to go prosecute the attorney general. and fired up about it as you might imagine. >> mike: caught with pot in chicago. fear not, the authorities are no longer arresting offenders. let's have a debate on pot after the break. ♪ [ buzz ] off to work! did you know honey nut cheerios is america's favorite cereal? oh, you're good! hey, did you know that honey nut cheerios is... oh you too!
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9:13 am
>> welcome back here, holder the first attorney general ever to be held in contempt of congress, but holder says that congress acted irresponsibly and put americans at risk. >> congressman issa and others have focused on politics over
9:14 am
public safety. unfortunately, the same members of congress were nowhere to be found when the justice department and others invited them to help look for real solutions to the terrible problem of violence on both sides of our southwest border. that's tragic and its also irresponsible. >> now the justice department says it will not prosecute their boss, the attorney general. the joining us congressman gowdy. >> good morning. the latest on the story as we mentioned the department of justice will not pursue this, in a letter from deputy attorney james cole to john boehner says that withhold of documents, quote, does not constitute a crime. your reaction? >> predictable, but disappointing. unfortunately, they are relying on precedent that was set by a republican administration.
9:15 am
there have been republican u.s. attorneys who have refu refused to prosecute contempt of congress and we move to civil prosecution. but we were under no illusion that the u.s. attorney of district of columbia would prosecute his boss. all of us who were prosecutors before had to prosecute skass perhaps we didn't believe in or didn't think the law was accurate, that's why you want prosecutors to be independent, so, i'm disappointed, but we are not surprised and that's why we're going forward with civil contempt. >> dave: you are moving forward. not a done issue there. earlier we spoke with the family of brian terry, disgusted at the walkouts of democrats. 17 democrats joined you in the contempt vote, but meanwhile, nancy pelosi and others of the black caucus walked out. what did you think of that tactic? >> well, we knew it was come, we heard a day before. i was disappointed and i think you need to stand and fight,
9:16 am
if you have arguments on your side, and if you think contempt is unwarranted and something less in the full disclosure of documents is appropriate, stand and make your case on the floor of the house, but to walk out, you know, i try not to judge other people's motives. i didn't like it when nancy pelosi tried to judge our motives, so i'll let them explain why they did it. our preference is to try to stand and win in the court of opinion, in the fact-- court of facts, which is the house instead of walking down the stairs. >> dave: many on the right suggest that pursuing this civil contempt charge is distract, when you've got the economy struggling and the supreme court decision on the cons constitutionality of obamacare, is that distracting? >> if we can't do more than one thing of time, we have no business being in congress.
9:17 am
we need to throw it out and find people capable of multi-tasking. the notion that we can't pursue respect for the rule of law and work on job creation and pursue the national security leads, take care of foreign policy, i mean, the notion that we can only do one thing at a time. you need to get a new batch of legislators and all we can do a myopically focus on one issue at a time. and so people can focus on other things and that's-- >> and is the only acceptable outcome the handing over of all documents? >> yes, if you want all the justice and the truth and all the documents, if you'll settle for 50% of the justice pan the truth, then you walk away, but i want it all. >> congressman tray gowdy from spartans burg south carolina. >> up next is the rundown on the obama administration, and the taliban, and why one city
9:18 am
is no longer arresting people caught with pot. is that a dopey idea? ♪ ic gam for life. to cheer the summer athletes to new heights, starting in 2016... as you experience every moment, every emotion, every four years... for the rest of your life. visa. supporting athletes and the olympic games for 25 years. people everywhere go with visa.
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9:21 am
>> 22 minutes past the hour, time for the news for the numbers. first up $1,000, tickets to a fundraiser headed by george clooney in switzerland will cost you. helping to raise money for president obama's reelection campaign. next up, 278 points, that's how much the dow rebounded yesterday in the best day since june 6th after european leaders agreed to stabilize
9:22 am
the region's banks using rescue funds and 5 1/2 million. how many viewers tuned in to watch charlie sheen's new comedy on fx anger management making it the biggest scripted comedy debut in cable history. people love watching that guy. >> mike: that means we're going to have more of him. as you can tell this segment is going to pot. caught with pot? no problem, chicago voting wednesday to allow police to give a ticket to people with 15 grams or less of marijuana in their possession, rather than arrest them and going to jail, a ticket on your way. is that a dopey idea? joining me now for a fair and balanced debate, bishop ron allen and relations of marijuana project, steve fox. i'm going to start with you quickly here, i guess what the people are saying, the council people and it was a lopsided
9:23 am
vote to do this, 43-3, the murder rate in chicago is unbelievable this year so far. idea of police officers doing more important work? >> oh, yeah, yeah, i mean, that a good part of it. there's no reason for law enforcement to be sending its resources for possessioning a small amount of marijuana, there are far more significant crimes taking place and the wide part of the council indicates that the trend in the country right now is to say that marijuana is not deserving of criminal punishment and jail time, but a fine is an appropriate punishment. >> mike: bishop, what do you think about that? >> i think that the city council is dazed and confused as well as steve fox. are you kidding me?
9:24 am
anytime you bring the perception of a harmful drug down, the use that have harmful drug will increase. you said it right, mike. the chicago police department and chicago have a 30% increase in murders. it would never, decriminalizing a small amount of marijuana would never free up police officers, but i have a suggestion for them. why don't they decriminalize a little murder, a little rape, burglary, maybe they'd be freed up. they're going to have a very serious problem on their hands with an increase in usage of marijuana in chicago. >> mike: bishop, you know, what kind of the feeling of the country is now, oh, it's just pot. so many people do it. you don't believe that though, do you? >> well, absolutely not. in sacramento, california, our
9:25 am
exgovernor, arnold schwarzenegger did the same identical thing, so, chicago does not have a new concept or a new idea. sb-1449 is not working in california. >> mike: why is it not working? >> we're trying to-- in sacramento, we have more involved police officer shootings than we've ever had in sacramento, california and marijuana is not a laughing or giggling matter anymore. the youth that are willing to tell me that they're smoking marijuana, they're telling me that they are so high that they couldn't move. they're not giggling. this is a narcotic and they don't know what they're getting from 37%-- >> bishop, we've got to go here. is this a dangerous drug. >> yes, and the member that
9:26 am
the bishop wants to send to children they'd be better off without alcohol. we don't want young people using anything, but we have to be honest about the relative harms of all substances and make adults make rational choices in hopes that the our children do the same. >> mike: you've heard. 15 grams of marijuana can currently be rolled into 30 joints. all right. thank you, guys. she gained the sympathy of the entire nation, a bus monitor brought to tears by a group of, well, young bullies. and now, those bullies are paying the price for what they did. details on their punishment coming up. and plus, summertime means grilling time. home depot is here with tips for buying the best grill out there and getting the most out of that grill. if we haven't eaten enough, let's eat tomorrow more.
9:27 am
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9:30 am
>> when they jumped backwards under the chair. >> come on, dave, you can do that. >> alisyn: oh, my gosh, wow!. >> dave: no problem. that was fantastic. >> alisyn: wow. i like the split screen. >> dave: let me see cruise, did he do as i do.
9:31 am
>> mike: no, i think he stood up. >> alisyn: you somehow defied gravity and you jumped from a sitting position. >> dave: i'm not going to try it again because we did crack my head open. we were talking about tom cruise and katie holmes getting a divorce after-- i think tom did the the same thing. >> now what, dave we could get more publicity on youtube if you fell back and hit your head. >> dave: in my head that's how it was going to end, just like the marriage. >> alisyn: that was a beautiful owed to tom-cat. let's get to your extreme weather alert. we have a lot of serious news to tell you you about. five people now are confirmed dead and millions of others are without power this morning, after a series of summer storms swept through nearly a dozen eastern states overnight. the storms now wreaking havoc on travel and traffic service from washington d.c. to philadelphia is shut down
9:32 am
right now as crews work to clear debris from the track. power outages also affecting dulles and reagan international airports in virginia and those are expected to cause delays throughout the day and a ripple effect throughout the country and cause a domino effect as we know to airports, and california. for more we go to peter doocy live in northern virginia and one of the areas seeing the most damage. tell us what you're seeing there? >> all right, i sees many as 2 million people are without power and the power companies tell us it might be like that for two days, no electricity means no air conditioning, despite the fact that right now the mercury is on its way up, above 100 degrees, people in springfield, virginia, hit pretty hard have been coming out to inspect the damage, and no house in the area hit hard was hit worse than that house. a woman was killed in there when a huge tree literally
9:33 am
split her house in half. half of the house is gone and neighbors tell me she was 90 years old and sleeping when the storm just came out of nowhe nowhere. >> i mean, right here behind you, calm, almost eerily calm, humid, probably still around 100 degrees, and all of a sudden, i just felt the temperature just drop. and then the wind just came in and, you know, sounded like a couple of trucks coming through this area. >> now, up the street from here, another person was killed when a tree fell on their car and there are deaths in maryland and elsewhere in the area and as many as five heat related deaths in kansas and tennessee. and the heat area, problem throughout the rest of the day, with no air conditioning, residents in prince georges
9:34 am
county and-- there are now mandatory water restrictions in place, they need to preserve firefighting capability and it's only nine o'clock. it's getting hot. it's going to be long day for the 2 million people who do not have power. >> alisyn: sure is. we're hearing from some of them on twitter, and they can't watch this morning, but they're trying to-- we'll find out whatever information we have and when they'll get power back. let's get the headlines. new details of an army soldier accused of shooting his superior in fort bragg, we know the shooter was facing potential dishonorable discharge prior to the shooting. the soldier is now out of the hospital and is expected to get out and the shooter is still in critical condition. >> the obama administration considering moving prisoner
9:35 am
from a guantanamo bay to a prison center in afghanistan. to restart peace talks with the taliban and the taliban fighters captured at beginning of the afghan war in 2001. critic says moving them back to afghan soil would pose a security threat and leave defense secretary panetta what to do with them. four boys suspended for one year after relentlessly bullying that bus monitor. if you haven't seen this video yet. it's heart breaking. >> (bleep), and stab new the stomach and (bleep) >> learning that the boys will be sent to alternative school and not allowed to take regular school busses and will have to complete 50 hours of service, and one did apologize. and the online fund raising
9:36 am
campaign created in her honor, $671,000 so they can take a dream vacation and take a lot of them with that much money and also retire. >> and adele might soon be singing lullabies, six time grammy award winner she and her boyfriend simon are expecting their first child. the 24-year-old says she's over the moon excited, but asks for privacy at this time. >> mike: oh, what's her big hit? >> oh, you know, chasing pavement. >> mike: chasing pavement. >> alisyn: the other one about lost love. you know. >> mike: what does that mean, chasing pavement? what's the-- >> sure. >> alisyn: i had a few things i was going to say, but known were appropriate. >> mike: brilliant, guys, brilliant. >> dave: alisyn, now, that you're in the suburbs, you need a grill and now that you're moving out here and mike cartozzo is here to help alley and others with the 4th
9:37 am
of july barbecue. >> we talk about grills a lot. especially a weekend like this, headed into the 4th of july. there are a lot of folks that have never grilled like ali and maybe never purchased a grill and don't know the basis how to choose the right grill. basically pretty simple. you've got the options of charcoal, the cleanup and people love the charcoal grill. >> and she probably wants to go with propane or natural gas and basically it's like moving an oven, you've got the gas supply right there. >> you push the button. >> yeah, and then there's also electric. if you move into an apartment or a condo, with the regular means, you go plug it in and grill na way. >> the same flavor on those? >> it's a little different, but basically the same process. >> a little less flavor down the line, i guess charcoal being the best. >> and some people-- btu's? >> btu's, british thermal
9:38 am
units, it doesn't matter. all it is, a measurement of the amount of heat produced by the grill. so think of it in terms of the size of the grill and the cooking surface, what that means. if you've got a small grill, 50,000 btu's and a gigantic one that's 50,000 btu's, the smaller one has more per square inch. >> that's what you're looking for. >> a good rule of thumb, 100 btu's for square inch. figure out which is right for you. >> if you're cooking for 20 people, you define it by grill size, so you can grill a lot of food, the more btu's, the quicker to cook the food. >> we've got the grill king, 638 square inches of cooking surface. four stainless steel burners in the bottom and cool thing about this, the cart itself comes pre-assembled and saves time putting it together. >> dave: i spent weeks
9:39 am
assemblying my grill. . >> rick: afrjts this is six burner from brinkman, two cooking chambers i'll talk through, this has four cooking surfaces, 400 btu's a lot of heat and a rotisserie and throw a chicken on there and cook a chicken, this is cool, you have two additional burners, 10,000 each, but the sear chamber, if you're doing steaks, throw a steak up there close to the heat which comes from the top and sear the edges and get the juice locked in and throw it on the grill. i don't know if said 800 square inches of cooking surface and lights up here, if you're tooking into the evening and need the light and fuel gauge to show how much gas you have less. >> and a trash can that pops out. very convenient and very cool and also from webber of course, the classic charcoal grill. >> and this is great and we've got a special on charcoal to
9:40 am
go with that, one touch very easy to deleon, classic. >> you brought along the groupies here and folks here, how is it cooking. >> yes. >> and for information, home i hope mike cooks some good burgers here, back to you guys, what's coming up. >> and my hibachi. dave was showing me the lazy man's grill, i call that take out. >> mike: you need a sear chamber. and remember this, when president obama said his health care plan was not a tax? tax? >> for us to say that you've got a take a responsibility to get health insurance. it's absolutely not a tax increase. well, what do you think, is it a tax, is it back and forth, back and forth. if you're like most americans who make under $250,000 per year, it's probably a tax. >> alisyn: yeah, you might
9:41 am
think, but from the wall street journal, they'll tell. and some are risking their lives and others texting while driving. we're going to try to operate a car texting when you're under the influence of your crackberry, or other device. >> mike: first, neil cavuto, what's coming up on the cost of freedom business block. ♪ check out our new mobile app. now you can use your phone to scan your car's vin or take a picture of your license. it's an easy way to start a quote. watch this -- flo, can i see your license? no. well, all right. thanks. okay, here we go. whoa! no one said "cheese." progressive mobile -- insurance has never been easier. get a free quote today.
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9:44 am
>> supreme court upholds the presidential's controversial health care bill. what will be the financial fallout of the law on the middle class families. let's ask steven moore, a senior economics writer at the wall street journal. hi, alisyn. >> great to be with you. this will be a penalty. and it's a penalty for those people who are free loaders on
9:45 am
the system. if they're not going to fine the system, they are he' going to have a penalty. why do you think that somehow this equates to a tax to everyone? >> the courts decided this the other day, didn't they, alisyn, there's an old saying, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, for those who pay the taxes or whatever they want to call them pretty darn expenses. the taxes phase in over time and next year might be be modest, by 2015 or 16, for families that choose not to buy health insurance talking a fine, alisyn could be over $2000 a year. >> we have an example that have. in 2014, the penalty or the tax, as you call it, will be $95. and that's modest, fairly modest, if you say by 2016 for one adult, that goes up to $695 and then for a family you can see that it's upwards up to 2000 and again, those are for the people who don't-- who don't have insurance and people who would, the
9:46 am
administration call free loaders. how does it translate to everybody else, what's going to happen. >> first of all, one of the reasons a lot of people may not buy health insurance, alisyn, because it's so expensive and one of the rationals behind obamacare law reduce premiums and promise na it's going to make health insurance less expensive. so far we're finding the opposite. and the first year it goes into effect. insurance premiums went up, 8, 9 the, 10%. you're talking 3, 400 increase, for heem who have health insurance. >> you said there are a bunch of hidden taxes when this goes into effect. an example, taxes for premium health care manes, medical devices, taxable spending account account. medical itemize deduction hurdle. tell us about these that are hidden that nobody is talking
9:47 am
about? >> i've got really bad news for you, when you go to the tanning salon, you're going to have a pay a new tax on that. this is' a tax on almost all sorts of health related activities. you mentioned a tax on drugs, on medical devices and there is a tax on cigarettes, there's a tax on tanning salons and those add up. they kind of nickel and dime americans to death. it's one of the reasons that a lot of people say it does look like a big tax increase, one of the things we found at the wall street journal, and the president promised anybody who makes under $250,000 a year will pay a dime more taxes. and whatever you want to call, the taxes and penalties, three quarters of those costs will fall on the backs of families that make less than $120,000 a year, it's a big punch in the stomach to middle class families. >> alisyn: thanks for the
9:48 am
informationment and what makes you think that my savage tan in the middle of february is-- >> and you should have peter doocy come tout my house in virginia mclane virginia, we had a 100-year-old tree fall on our roof, a lot of cleanup today. >> alisyn: oh, my gosh, i'm sorry to hear that and your family is okay. >> fortunately, we weren't there. >> alisyn: thank you. thanks so much. more and more people are risking their lives and lives of others texting while drive. we operate a simulator when you're under the influence of your iphone when we see what mike jarrett does. ♪
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
>> welcome back, everybody, keeping driver's focused has become more difficult with technology, like texting, texting folks take their eyes off the road. the founder of virtual driving interactive, make driving simulators that show the long-term consequences of distracted and drunken driving. good to see you, bob. a recent survey showed that 58% of high schoolers admitted to texting and more e-mailing in the past month, that's admitted to. figure it's probably 75% that actually do it. so, what does your simulator design to do? take us through it. >> well, essentially they're engaged when he think it's a game to begin with. what we focus on is the consequences that takes place if you make a mistake behind the wheel. driving, texting, using the phone or mistakes like driving
9:53 am
impaired. >> dave: you show how it is and taking them true the process. mike jarrett is driving and attempting to text at the same time. and first show how distracting it is. >> yeah, what we want to make sure the experience is as natural as can be shall so the iphone essentially pops up on the screen, as he's driving. >> he's starting now. >> here we go, i'm starting to drive. somebody texts me, hello. >> now, i look down and i'm going to text, hello, back. >> you took your foot the off the gas. whoa, whoa, whoa, you stopped. >> i just said helo. did you intend to stop. >> no now you just ran a red. >> i didn't notice it was red. >> all over the road, take a lift. it's hard when somebody else is talking to you at the same time. whoa, on the other side of the road and this is an example. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, on the
9:54 am
sidewalk. >> so also' going to continue through the demo, and what's going to happen. >> depending on the mix takes, if he hits a pedestrian as an example, then, he will have to, the game ends and instead of giving another life like they just did, instead you go in front of a superior court judge that sentences you because you hurt somebody, so there's nothing funny about distracted driving, but they get engaged by the game, but realize how much it threatens their future or anything else. >> oh. >> oh, who is that? . >> it seems funny and you get kids to relate, but as you said, that lady. >> and so now, now, we engage. >> here is the judge. >> now i'm in court and you'll be sentenced as well. >> right. >> whatever the appropriate punishment is, for what happened and no longer is funny anymore, once you've heard somebody. >> where are you taking your
9:55 am
simulator to get it to the students. >> level one trauma hospitals and law enforcement, take it to schools and state fairs, et cetera. >> when we come back, we'll show you you what happens when you dry the dui simulator and takes you through the process. more "fox & friends" in two minutes. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself.
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when you can relax and be yourself. and at thousands of newly refreshed holiday inn hotels, you always can. holiday inn. stay you. and now stay rewarded with vacation pay. stay two weekend nights and get a $75 prepaid card. >> we're bk back with virtual interactive. and how to drive under the influence. mike jarrett. >> oh, boy, i hope not. >> what's coming up tomorrow. >> we tune into chris wallace and attorney darryl from virginia, ken cuccinelli. have a great day. >> oh, thank you. >> brenda: a job jolt after the verdict. now that the health care law is officially a law of the land, some business owners warning, they may have to layoff workers.
9:59 am
so, did the supreme court's ruling just slam the gavel on any chance for jobs recovery? hi, everyone, i'm brenda buttner, this is bulls and bears, let's get right to it. here they are, the bulls and bears this week. we've got gary b smith, tobin smith, jonas max ferris and julian epstein. toby, an intact health care law, severe impact on jobs? >> here is why. think about 50 the speed limit for the economy, if you have let's say 55 or 60 employees now because of the new law, we'll take that to 49 the. if you're under 50, guess what, you're going to stay under. >> the worse things are the franchisees, hanging on by a threat trying to recover and you don't see, unfortunately, mass, mass layoffs and businesses closing because they just can't make a profit on this, what does that mean? that means a lot less jobs,


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