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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 5, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> they are going to do everything they can to destroy mitt. we heard early on what their strategy was. it was kill romney. that's the memo from their campaign. not when i'm next to him, you better not. >> eric: by far, the most popular stop on "the five" trail is this. >> who are we missing again? oh, no! oh! >> eric: i don't know. i have no idea where to start that. that is so compelling. that video is so compelling, beckel. a lot of people want to know if that was your real hair, was hair flopping over, what was that? >> bob: it was my suspenders. >> greg: bumper stickers. >> bob: i may be ugly, but i do have hair. that i guarantee you. you want to talk about something else? >> dana: we should talk about that for a second.
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there is a slight dispute, because the video is plain. i didn't hit the exact target but i must have hit it hard enough or hit it on the way back, i got you. >> bob: ridiculous. >> dana: you were taunting me before that. >> bob: do we have to watch this thing? >> dana: yes. >> bob: you triggered it. >> greg: your legs are the sexiest things. >> kimberly: you could use nair on those. >> eric: by the way, we'll talk a lot more about the fourth of july special we aired yesterday later in the show. let's start with the top, though. kimberly, you pointed out, back on this. it's important. it's a tax already. >> kimberly: listen, he is delayed. delay of game. throw a flag on it. i would have liked to come out and get ahead of the story, one making the charge saying this is a tax, talk about the numbers, what it's going to do to american people, to the economy, to the middle class.
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instead of being behind the story. not going so far from others who called for an extreme makeover to the campaign, advisors but you got to get after it believing november be here before you know it. >> bob: that wasn't question of being delayed. his campaign came out right away and said it was not a tax. it was in fact a fine. so what romney is doing is correcting his own campaign, which the "wall street journal" pointed out exactly light. >> kimberly: is that a good idea? >> bob: no. it's something that romney is known for. campaigns come up with the ridiculous statement. he should direct it or -- >> eric: fair enough. the campaign probably made a mistake on that. but can we weigh in on ben lebaux on cnn saying these words, these words. "at no point did any of the government lawyers say it was a tax," referring to the arguments that they gave in front of the supreme court. >> dana: he said it with a straight face. >> eric: yeah. we have documents proving him -- dab >> dana: yeah, it's not a secret document. it's the brief they filed with
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the solicitor general. tuesday we had a sound bite from valley jarret who said yes -- valerie jarret who said yes it's a tax. the next moment they say it's not a tax. to me, both campaigns confused themselves. nobody is talking about what kimberly said how will it affect us? the assertion of our rights? the destruction of the private market and what it doz to doctors? everybody talks about us and patients. what about the doctors? how are they supposed to deal with 30% more volume and no more money and have to do it with less efficiency and not as good quality? >> eric: are haircuts covered under obamacare? >> greg: not that haircut, i'm afraid. you r you talk about my -- are you talk about my haircut? mine looks like the head of the eraser, head of a pencil. >> kimberly: they will send you to the death panel next. >> greg: people are saying romney is flip-flopping. the fact is, you've got to cut romney slack because it's not
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his bill. it's obama's bill and obama didn't know what it was. the romney a flip-flop, obama is a crock. pun on shoes. mind you of the taste great, less filling debate of the '80s. what you were left with is -- >> dana: where's the beef? >> eric: wow! >> bob: excuse me. that was my line. >> dana: i know. that's why i set it up. >> greg: i want to go back to what dana said. romney has to focus on the big picture. discussing the semantics of the words. it's like discussing dorsal fin of a great white shark while it's eating you. focus on the shark. the universal healthcare that could destroy the healthcare we have. >> bob: the "wall street journal" said he missed an opportunity to get out front on this. that is right. romney missed a number of opportunities. the other problem with the healthcare bill, depending which poll shows favorable to unfavorable but 60% considers this is a big issue.
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>> dana: on that, the gallup poll came out today said more people think the healthcare bill will make the economy worse. it was 46 to 32% today said it would make the economy worse. i think president obama has a significant problem to convince people now that it's here to stay, people are not happy about it. >> eric: this is an interesting blog written by crystal this morning. he asked is it too much to ask mr. romney to get off autopilot and actually think about the race he is running? trying to light a fire under the man. does he need it? >> kimberly: they're stoking the fire. i get it. sometimes you get overcampaign, overmanaged by your handlers and your advisors. you are so worried about making mistake. you are missing a moment to be able to jump in and own the story and look like someone who is a candidate who knows what he is doing. romney does know what he is doing. he has a tremendous background when it comes to financebe, business, numbers and the economy. why not lead with that? lead with your strength to
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show you are somebody looking out for the people. that is what he is talking about. >> bob: you are assuming it's a strength. a lot of us don't think it's a strength. some candidates you can't light a fire under him. romney has a personality he is just not somebody -- if he tries to do that, it's going to look phony. it's not who he is. democrat is why he needs -- >> kimberly: that is why he needs a v.p. >> eric: later on in the blog, adopting a prevent defense. it's only the second quarter and you're not especially ahead is dubious enough as a strategy. meaning that the football game, we're not winning. time to go on the offense. first, where is the offense for romney? >> dana: there is a lot of frustration built up across the country. okay, now we consolidated, we have our candidate. they are ready and waiting and they want something more. it could be the ebb and flow of the campaign. obama had had a terrible june. romney had a good june. not just in fund raising but in the overall press. july could end up being a decent month for president obama. then you get to august.
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you get to the conventions and boom, we have a race. that is when things will start to matter. >> greg: i think, you know, people might be tired of charisma. that is what you say when you are trying to make yourself feel good. maybe they don't want somebody with a huge personality. >> bob: that is a campaign slogan. dumpy guy and after lindsay screwed up not a word said but "tired of charisma?" >> greg: memorable phrases. he needs a speech writer in there to drop things like i'm a flip-floper, obama's a crock. see if you had somebody writing that kind of -- >> kimberly: you gave it to them for free. >> greg: that is free. >> eric: part of that was explaining talking about footwear. >> bob: good point. you know a lot about this. i don't think his speech writing is good. do you? >> dana: it's getting better. i think it's getting better. i think it was a 24-hour news
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cycle you feel this pressure as a communications team to be on tv all the time. and sometimes being first with rapid response that is a big deal in the '90s and early 2000s, i don't think it works so much any more. truth and persuasion takes time. people who want something fast don't always get what they want. >> eric: before we go, beckel wants to talk about ann romney's comments. go ahead. bring it up. >> bob: the reason mitt romney said it, she -- ann romney said it, she has every right to say it, she a big asset to the campaign but getting to the romney campaign. >> eric: first, clarify what she said. >> bob: she said they are trying to kill romney. >> dana: the obama campaign memo entitled "kill romney." she is quoting obama. >> bob: that is one i happen to agree with. >> kimberly: that is not nice. >> bob: figuratively. what i said is it's an
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indication it's working against romney. in ohio, where he has got to win. without ohio he doesn't get elected. obama is now ten points ahead. >> kimberly: that is a problem. i agree with you. i'm telling you, you will see something different once he has a v.p. this is making a case to have somebody get out there and get on the offensive, not afraid to attack president obama on his policies. someone like christie or even like jindal per se, that has a long history of not being afraid -- you haven't met him. i'm sure he is a lovely gentleman. bobby. right? >> bob: vice presidents have little to do with elections. >> kimberly: i disagree. you need someone like sarah palin. >> dana: i can't believe that bob didn't get invited on the betting on america tour that president obama started. that is right up your alley. >> bob: i know. >> greg: do we have a baby seat for george stephanopoulos on the bus? >> dana: no, he's in the tank. >> bob: sack against george?
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>> greg: i needed to do it. >> eric: we have to go. coming up, comedian chris rock and congressman allen west getting beef for controversial comments. did they cross the line or do people need to lighten up a little bit? report on the side. ♪ ♪ building pass, corporate card, verizon 4g lte phone. the global ready one ? yeah, but you won't need... ♪ hajimemashite. hajimemashite. hajimemashite. you guys like football ? thank you so much. i'm stoked. you stoked ? totally. ... and he says, "under the mattress." souse le matelas. ( laughter ) why's the new guy sending me emails from paris ? paris, france ? verizon's 4g lte devices are global-ready. plus, global data for just $25. only from verizon.
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." we are going to talk about outrage. on a scale of 1 to 10 how outraged should you be somebody using hyperbole? >> greg: ahhh! [ applause ] >> dana: hyperbole. >> greg: i pronounced it hyper-bowl for the longest time. >> bob: why don't you been a the word then? >> dana: let me talk about yesterday. fourth of july. a couple things happened.
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one, look at what chris rock tweeted earlier in the day. he said, "happy white people's independence day. the slaves weren't free, but i'm sure they enjoyed fireworks." that rubs people the wrong way, which i can understand. but kimberly, do you think that people got a little bit on their outrage meter, off the charts? >> kimberly: i like chris rock. i don't like that statement. is it helpful? he is a comedian, though, so he will get a pass on it. i don't like the stirring the pot thing. i don't think it's nice. >> greg: he is a comedian. one of the greatest comedians alive today. the worst thing is it wasn't that funny. a lot of people died in our country fighting to end slavery. a lot of countries still have slavery. my problem i is that zack graph joined in and said slaves are free for the other part of the year so just enjoy --
5:16 pm
>> dana: it wasn't "scrubs." >> dana: i like that show. >> greg: you don't watch enough tv. >> eric: it's comedy. i get it. but a lefty. obama supporter. on the right, someone on the right, probably taken to task for the comment. >> dana: i don't blame people for being upset. but the next thing we were going to talk about because there is so much noise out there. in order to break through and get attention do you have to say things that might push the envelope? congressman allen west said this yesterday. and got one of us at this stable upset. >> he does not want you to have self-esteem. getting up and earning and have that title of american. he would rather you be his slave. >> dana: okay, i don't think allen west actually meant to be a slave. that president obama wants us to be slave.
5:17 pm
but bob, this rubbed you the wrong way. >> bob: one of the outray statements i heard a sitting member of congress say ever. allen west have a big mouth. you defend him -- >> greg: i'd defend him again. >> bob: he is a walking nightmare. he used that word about a sitting black president is outrageous. the whole concept, he doesn't want you to have self-esteem is ridiculous. allen west, shut up. >> greg: allen west is a warrior. in my book he gets a pass on everything. this is what makes allen west awesome. he uses the same incendiary language that the left has been using for decades. now you know what it's like, bob. now you know what it's like. >> bob: incendiary language? >> greg: black radicals used -- how about -- >> eric: kill romney. that was hyperbole but allen west -- >> bob: whoever wrote the memo was a campaign staff. this is a sitting member of
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congress. >> eric: you gave one group a pass, the left and the other group you hold the feet to the fire. >> kimberly: at least he's consistent. >> bob: i didn't make a comment on chris rock because you went by me. >> eric: i'm talking about obama's camp say kill romney in the memo. that was hyperbole. that was meant -- >> bob: giving a speech, going on a campaign trail like allen west does. i don't care if he is a warrior or not, he can't keep his mouth shut. >> dana: what about the guy -- >> greg: neither can you. >> bob: i'm not a warrior. >> dana: the guy that lost his seat in 2010, congress, the democrat. he used to say things and was it not the most outrageous things -- >> bob: he said outrageous things. and he lost his seat. i hope that allen west loses his. >> greg: that is how you feel. i'm sorry, on the left, there is many, many black activists and black leaders who have owned ind siniary language --
5:19 pm
incendiary language. they copyrighted it. going back to what i said on the chris rock thing, there are white people that died fighting for slavery. >> bob: exactly right. >> greg: not serve arace. i know it's hard to believe. >> bob: no other ethnic group besides japanese americans in the second world war were enslaved. >> greg: he is saying to move beyond that culture. >> bob: that's not what he said. >> eric: i don't think he meant it. >> bob: so why doesn't he shut up and say something else? >> greg: a slave to entitlement culture. >> eric: we are talking about a guy with 20 years military service. >> bob: why should we give him a pass? he can say whatever they want? >> greg: anybody can say whatever they want. first amendment. but i respect what he said.
5:20 pm
he risked his life. >> dana: that went very well. >> greg: i'm not done yet, young lady. >> dana: coming up, new york mayor michael bloomberg said no to big gulp. remember that? but yes to gluttonous hot dog eating contest. greg gutfeld is on hypocrisy watch. next. ♪ ♪ is is new york state. we built the first railway, the first trade route to the west, the greatest empires. then, some said, we lost our edge. well today, there's a new new york state. one that's working to attract businesses and create jobs. a place where innovation meets determination... and businesses lead the world. the new new york works for business. find out how it can work for yours at
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prescribed by rheumatologists.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: thank you, kimberly. welcome back. is childhood obesity a joke? is heart disease a joke? is horrible suffering a joke? for mayor bloomberg the answer is a resounding yes, as he promotes another hot dog eating contest. the turtle talks. >> one of their dogged pursuers will finally ketchup, cut the mustard and be pronounced weiner. no question it's going to be a dog fight. just think of how many we got in to one sentence. that was really impressive. who wrote this
5:25 pm
[bleep]? [ laughter ] >> greg: only a jerk blames the speech writer in public, right, dana? winner joey chestnut eight six pounds of hot dogs, the weight of a newborn baby. bloomberg cheered a man eating a newborn baby. not really. i got no beef with him. just hypocrites. six pounds of mystery meat wrapped in a tube of salt and nitrate. sounds like my ad on craigslist. it can't be good for you. if that's bloomberg's idea of fun, how can he lecture us over a pickle? is mayor nanny on vacation on every holiday? tell them you are looking out for his health and maybe then he will stop gorhaming on your right to be left alone and the rest of the government will stop take our decisions to before us. mayor mike and nancy pelosi making my healthcare choices doesn't give me a warm and fuzzy. inenstead, it makes me nervous. how i feel after eric downs
5:26 pm
his second appletini. i learned my lesson the hard way. >> eric: you want to go there? >> dana: i don't think the appletini part is what he's upset about. >> greg: hey, beckelism i'll all for fun. isn't he a hypocrite for being there? >> bob: hypocrite. first, to blame a speech writer -- that wasn't -- if you could give a speech it wouldn't be too bad. >> dana: right. the delivery. >> bob: mayor bloomberg i spoke to the hotel room where i stay -- i smoked in the hotel room where i was. >> kimberly: why were you a hotel instead of your apartment? >> bob: i don't want to get into it. >> greg: this is more interesting than the mon nothing. what were you doing in a hotel floom >> bob: he banned soft drinks. then it was doughnut. get consistent or get out.
5:27 pm
>> eric: want to know why bob spent hours in a hotel room? >> kimberly: i know why. i already figured it out. >> eric: bloomberg is right in one respect. let us know about it. let us know how much salt is in a hot dog and how many calories are in a chain restaurant but don't mandate they tell us. provide us information. >> dana: is it a mandate or a tax? >> greg: max. combination. enough of that. kimberly, okay. here is the thing about food eating contests. it's nathans -- >> kimberly: i'm getting hungry. >> greg: when you watch someone stuff their face with hot dog, how does it make you want to eat a hot dog? >> kimberly: i watch it and i'm starving. if you put hot dogs in front of me -- >> bob: you are hungry and skinny. >> kimberly: you stress me out. >> bob: is it prto rico background? >> kimberly: it must be. >> bob: you eat and eat and
5:28 pm
eat. >> eric: kobayashi is now following kimberly. >> greg: husband number three, kimberly. >> bob: kimberly does an eating contest, she cheats. >> kimberly: i do not. >> greg: before i move on to talk about tom cruise. here is my point. isn't he celebrating overeating? shouldn't he be impeached? >> dana: absolutely. he should be impeached for giving a bad speech and complaining to the speech writers. clearly, he hadn't read it before he got there. he's like what do i do now? give a speech, the hot dog thing. god, fine, every year. >> bob: who would mention a weiner after anthony weiner? >> dana: that's why i'm saying i don't think he read the speech before he gave it. then he was -- jumps on the speech writer. >> greg: it just came out that tom cruise has been listed as the highest paid actor. people are wondering how this will impact the money that his wife, right there, whatever her name is -- >> kimberly: katie holmes.
5:29 pm
tom-kat. >> greg: kimberly, you have been in high profile relationships. is katie tired as being down as mrs. tom cruise? isn't that why she married him, to be mrs. tom cruise? >> kimberly: we can't get inside her head of her heart. but she is coming in her own now. she was younger making different choices but a new chapter in her life. in california, they sign a prenup and it will rule and i guarantee it will be adhered to. she will not get more money than she agreed to. >> bob: i thought that's why they file in new york because they don't recognize prenups and the case would be here. >> kimberly: in new york, yes, they do recognize prenup. >> eric: did you have a prenup with the mayor -- >> bob: did you have a prenup with the mayor of san francisco? >> eric: don't go there. >> bob: i should have had one on mine. >> greg: what is a nup?
5:30 pm
>> eric: nuptials. are you trying to say tom cruise is gay meaning the popularity from the divorce? >> greg: i just hope that the young love birds can work it out. dana? >> dana: okay. i'm glad you tossed to me. i don't care abou don't give a d about these two. >> bob: she has come a long way. he is would haven't had it when we started the show. >> dana: i like him in a couple of movies. he just got cast as leading role in another movie and that guy was tall so they said it was a stretch. get it? >> greg: you're on fire, da dana.
5:31 pm
>> greg: he would look -- >> bob: he would look up to you. he is 4'9". >> kimberly: who cares? he is making money, making movies. >> bob: why don't you marry him? [ laughter ] >> greg: we're going to get out of this. >> kimberly: i got to go for kobayashi. >> greg: he eats everywhere free. >> kimberly: true. >> greg: wouldn't you want the lifeguard at your local beach to have this attitude? >> if i see someone and i has the ability to help them i'll go help them but i'm not going to worry about jurisdiction or any other nonsense. >> greg: so why was he fired for saving someone's life? details is next. if you leave now, eric won't model his new red speedo. ♪ ♪
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i'm john roberts in washington. the big story here today is both campaigns seem to be tripping over the semantics of the healthcare law. tonight on "special report," carl cameron fact checks the spin from both sides whether the individual mandate is a tax or a penalty. the president's big west bus tour kicks off as he hopes to keep the states won four years ago. but with no economic numbers it might be easier said than done. story about iran and north korea getting computer help hits a little too close to
5:36 pm
home. we have new information to leave you scratching your head. one texas lawmaker is accusing the justice department of playing politics. ahead of a trial of his state's voter i.d. law. we look at both sides of the debate and how it could effect november. in the grapevine tonight, a north carolina lawmaker gets the ultimate lesson in think before you push. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to fork and "the to nee five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: commercial breaks, ratings gold you could only hear them. well come back to "the five." the lopez is a lifeguard in florida. the job is straightforward. if people are drowning, save them. he did that earlier in week. but guess what? he got fired. you're asking yourself why is
5:37 pm
this? well, because a mon who he saved was outside the designated area he was paid to patrol. now he was on "fox and friends" this morning and explained exactly what happened? >> he was screaming go, someone is drowning, go. i started running and kept running until i found the guy on the water and i jumped in and grabbed him. they told us beforehand we would be fired if we went. they did what they said they would. ridiculous rule. >> kimberly: imagine if he let somebody die. update on the story is that he subsequently has been offered his same position back as a lifeguard with them, probably because of the public pressure and the coverage of the press. >> eric: yeah, because he got coverage in the press. he was on abc and "fox and friends" this morning. six of the fellow lifeguard quit. the boss lifeguard quit also.
5:38 pm
the company does what they they should do and offer him his job back. but do they change the policy? if they didn't change the policy what is the difference if he is hired back? if you see a guy drowning there and the line stops here, you let them drown? >> dana: i don't think they can change policy unless lawyers back off across america. that's why it happened in the first place. not trying to malign lawyers as a whole. but he is a great reason to have hope for america. that's what people have always done in our country. help people out. that's what we do. but the lawyers -- oh, no, no no,, here is a line. the company overreacted, i think, now they're paying for it. >> eric: you should point out something. you said a good samaritan, isn't there a law to help someone in distress by law? >> kimberly: yes. but it depends. there are areas that if you help someone, then they can sue you. for example, not like this would happen. if bob beckel was having a choking moment and you went in to try to save him and say you
5:39 pm
punctured a lung with a rib -- sorry to be graphic -- but to the point, bob could turn around and say to you i'm suing you because you injured me while you were trying to save me. >> bob: i didn't know that. >> kimberly: grab the papers. >> bob: this is like, first the argument here is he left his post. and if somebody drowned in his area, while he was saying -- people drown every minute. he could get sued or the company could get sued. it's like a cop in his car at a precinct. across the presync line and sees someone going to get killed. is the cop going to say i'm not going over there? no. i'll blame my trial lawyer friends who have a lot to do with this stuff, they'd be happy to see a lawsuit like this. the guy is trained to save lives. >> kimberly: awful. i know. >> bob: you see them at the beach. how do you know it's a line? >> dana: line in the sand. >> greg: nicely done. somebody is on fun no patrol.
5:40 pm
fired for not saving someone's life. david hasselhoff must be spinning in his grave. >> bob: is he dead? >> kimberly: no. >> greg: it doesn't matter. i was making a point. here is the solution. here is a solution. don't save lawyers. if they -- imagine, if they're out there and they're the problem. except save kimberly. i was a pool monitor at a condominium in california. >> kimberly: it's a made up job. freddie it is. but i did -- >> greg: it is but i did it. first thing they said is if there is a problem, call 911. >> bob: did you hear the joke about the bus crash in washington, 30 lawyers died in the crash. you know what people said about it? good beginning. >> kimberly: not nice it. >> dana: you changed it from start to beginning. >> bob: are you trying to put it in context? >> dana: i don't know what has happened to me today.
5:41 pm
>> kimberly: pursuing his study, this young me man. freddie an american hero. >> kimberly: look, that is the type of person you want to employ. he stands for what i believe in. he tries to be pool monitor in my bathroom. coming up, yesterday, bob challenge med to chicken eating contest. who wound up on top? stick around and find out! ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: well -- no i'm not frame. in case you missed it, "the five" -- i'm sure you didn't. but "the five" had fourth of july special. we'll start off with the chicken wing eating contest where kimberly cheated and she and i were against each other. let's have that s.o.t., please. >> dana: on your mark. get set, go.
5:46 pm
the chicken wings from dinosaur barbecue. direction oh, my gosh. >> eric: three. two. >> greg: she is ripping the meat apart. swallow, kimberly, swallow! >> dana: seven, six, five, four. [ applause ] >> eric: all right kimberly. >> bob: some of you may remember that several, several months ago i choked on chicke chickens -- shrimp, rather. and my brother eric here saved me. believe it or not, we edited it all. but i also choked on the chicken wings and eric again had to come and bail me out. it thank you again. if there is one person i wouldn't want to have owe is a wing nut like you but i love you. what did you think of that? didn't you think she was cheating? >> eric: absolutely no cheating. she did a great job. fantastic to watch. kimberly, i can get sued by
5:47 pm
giving the heimlich? >> kimberly: you might have to let it go. >> eric: eat slower. >> bob: let's not run this again. >> dana: don't try this at home. i'm -- you knock my socks off, kimberly. i couldn't believe -- you were a like tasmanian devil, ripping it off and throwing it on the ground. you came to play. >> kimberly: i was serious about this. i wanted to be in a food eating contest. >> kimberly: somebody she had never done in her life. >> greg: bob! >> bob: i do want to mention, we had from the army, the hellcats, which was a great, bugle and drum corp that played in the show. it was hot. thank you to them. we had dinosaur barbecue. we played bean bag toss. did i win? >> greg: is that it for highlights?
5:48 pm
>> bob: i hate to do this. there was a dunking contest. a lot of you asked who was dunk. i won overwhelmingly. big surprise. here is what happened. >> very good. >> did you soak -- you soak the rich. i'll soak you. >> too big. >> there she goes. >> what a throw! >> greg, get that right. he doesn't get this he is a total and complete wuss. >> oh, no! >> oh, no. >> another one. we missed it, again. oh, no! oh! [ applause ] >> bob: if you look at the repeat of that it came nowhere
5:49 pm
close to the target. >> dana: i threw it hard enough that it did something. >> bob: they had somebody pulling the string back there. >> dana: they didn't. harry? >> bob: see the repeat. look at that. you were up too high. >> kimberly: bob had suspenders on. >> bob: people ask who saw this, what came off my head? it was not a hairpiece. it was my suspenders. my friend jack here taped my suspenders behind me so i could get. in it was fun in there and very clean water. how much time do we go? >> kimberly: we weren't sure if you were going to go in. and bolling said no, don't go in. it's disgusting. >> bob: everybody wanted you in there. >> kimberly: second place vote. >> bob: there were things edited out of the show. the moment in the beginning when you were doing, talking to the audience and dana screamed at the elderly woman
5:50 pm
because the walker was too loud and made her leave. then you ask what made america great and dafa said copious amounts of payote. i was shocked you'd say that in front of the children. >> bob: let me come to dana's defense. you wussed out of every event yesterday. >> greg: like i wanted to be there. it bought beer for a reason. >> bob: we edited that out. he sent a kid to buy two bottles of cold beer. >> greg: that was on the show. >> bob: all right. one more thing is up next! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> eric: all right. welcome back, everybody. time for one more thing. dana is going to kick it off. >> dana: i love this story, because i lived in san diego for three or four years. >> greg: wow! >> dana: shut up. this was a photograph yesterday. everybody gets ready, they get their spot at the beach. they wait all day long to see this. the fireworks shot is supposed to be 18 minutes long but they were set off at the same time on five barges and it only lasted 15 seconds. >> greg: that was funny.
5:55 pm
>> kimberly: he can't stop laughing. weird contorted -- >> dana: isn't that cool? >> greg: great. >> bob: nobody died. >> greg: nobody died. people wanted to see what it would be like and now they saw it. cool. you lived in san diego. >> dana: yes. >> greg: i just thought it was funny -- >> dana: why would i do the segment? >> greg: everybody feels the need to connect to the segment. i happen to be -- i flew over san diego once. [ laughter ] >> eric: you're up. >> kimberly: you guys are familiar with, she is pretty much the world's biggest pop star. adelle and sings "rumor has i it." pop. like the music. she is having a baby. she announced it on her website, with her boyfriend. people said for how much she wanted to be a mom. very sweet that she was able to realize the goal and we wish her the best with her baby on the way. >> bob: who is the father? >> kimberly: her boyfriend. >> eric: gregly?
5:56 pm
>> greg: plug "red eye" tonight. we have a great panel. small, a amazing coo comedian. weinstein from "daily caller" and somebody else. dana is on as well. >> bob: did you fix the dumb table? >> greg: thanks to you we got a new table. it's black. >> eric: are you ourself -- >> greg: i'm myself. >> bob: this goes down on the category of trivial facts, trivia facts you didn't know. the fourth of july has the highest number of lost pets on any day of the year. >> dana: i believe that. >> bob: the reason for that is the sound of fireworks and smell of them drives the dogs away. now, some of us were at dana's the other night and she had jasper in the corner, the new
5:57 pm
dog, protecting jasper from this. you saw fireworks? >> dana: we were in the kitching. he didn't even notice. he has a new favorite toy. ice cubes. >> bob: i once lost a girlfriend on the fourth of july. never got her bag. >> dana: was she a dog? >> bob: if you are out there and worry about the dogs paut thing on them, whatever they call it. freddi >> greg: you are quite the pet owner. >> bob: color. >> eric: yesterday, we taped the show. i was at the beach yesterday and i see the lifeguards laughing at me. the shorts? what is it? what is so funny get in water. some people watch "the five." on the way out, they go can you come over here and take a picture? we love "the five." five lifeguards, one, two, three, and the girls in the back and they're between 18 and 21 years old and they are huge "the five" fans. >> dana: they saved your life and you were outside the
5:58 pm
lines. they would have. >> eric: young people are watching "the five." you know now. >> bob: a lot of young people watch. you were wearing speed? >> eric: long shorts. >> greg: you wear a thong on the beach. >> eric: only for you. >> greg: fantastic. >> bob: did you notice he talked about the 18-year-olds watching the thing? his wife was way away when he said tt. >> eric: they were guys. >> bob: oh, they were guys. >> kimberly: can you see at all? >> eric: that's it for "the five." thank you for watching. what is wrong with him? see you tomorrow. >> john: is it a tax or is it a penalty? a week later, confusion persists on both sides of the debate. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> john: good evening. i'm john roberts in for bret baier tonight. president obama's re-election
5:59 pm
campaign today insisted the individual mandate in his healthcare law is a penalty. even though administration lawyers argued before the supreme court. that it was a tax. this is the romney campaign faces challenges with its own messaging on the issue. one thing that is clear about the mandate, it's caused ever evolving narrative on the campaign trail. chief political correspondent carl cameron has details. >> exactly a week after the supreme court ruled, the individual mandate on obamacare constitutional as a tax, unconstitutional as a penalty, the president pronounced it permanent. >> i'll work with anybody who wants to work with me to continue to improve our healthcare system and our healthcare laws. the law i passed is here to stay. >> while the president agrees with the overall decision, the aides this morning say he disagrees with the agreement that the mandate is a tax. insisting it's a penalty. >> it's a penalty. ro


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