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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 13, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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in you were out here singing this you would know it is clint morgan . we'll serve up the barbecue for the all-american concert series. >> peter johnson junior in for brian kilmead. >> it is barbecue day. >> brisket day. >> you are brave for wearing a light suit. >> i will get sauce all over. they play per the dry cleaning. >> we have a giant bib. >> i am going to wait to see it all over. >> i will try not to get on me. >> now changing the story. >> i don't want it on me. i want to safe the fox news
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channel a dry cleaning bill. and late last night a bomb scare forcing a delta jet. air marshalls discovered suspicious wires in the bathroom. that was 90 minutes in the flight over the ocean. the wires turned out to not be part of a explosive device. >> story of survival. two climbers buried in the snow after an avalanche in the swiss alps on mont blanc. it is believed the climber may have triggered the avalanche by breaking off a piece of ice. >> police in riot gear tried to break up the crowd. protestors began to throw rocks and bottles at office.
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several people were arrested. >> it is a stow away miracle. a six month old kitten survived a journey. the kitty wondered in a freight container in shanghai and was locked up 21 days and shipped to los angeles. the kitty found by the company that ordered the package. workers named him mohow. it means hello. >> nice to see you. >> and talk about something later on today. the president of the united states sat down, that guy who has marine one at his beck and call . sat down with an interview with his wife and charlie rose for something that is going to run this weekend. asked him. looking back at your first couple of year in office.
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what big mistakes. >> he mentions the first term which indicates he will have a second term. he said i was not a good sales man. >> the mistake of my first term, or couple of years, was thinking that this job just about getting the policy right. and that's important, but the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the american people that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism and in tough time. >> unity? , unity? >> some people have a big problem based on the last year and the allegations of class warfare and the divisive
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nature that this administration has evoked throughout society. that was an interesting choice of a word . also what i find amazing is that make no mistake about it, this man has the best ortarry skills ever as a man running for the united states. his greatest strength is communication . in the same breath biggest mistake was communication. >> what the romney camp has truck back on the issue of leadership. rion williams said the mistake the president made was taking his eyes off job creation. the president is demonstrating he is out of touch with u.s. economic reality and so the point becomes is the president talking about presidential leadership. communication is the essence of presidential leadership. presidential scholars suggest,
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he said i haven't been the leader i am supposed to be. and he had not inspired the american people am some people argue that he handed over the reign of policy making to nancy pelosi. >> it argued. >> the president said i didn't do a good job selling the policy. you have to stimulus wildly unpopular. how many speeches did he give on that? 48. car bailout unpopular and people on the left say he bungled that message and the health care as well. maybe it it is not the way hey selling it but the policiless he is pushing. >> when we look back in great presidents in history. ronald reagan and john kennedy, i haven't been able to exercise the leadership or inspirational skills. i didn't get my message
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across. >> maybe he going his campaign rhetoric was hope and change and he still needs to answer the question of where has the hope and change been and maybe he can get to the inspiring part and letting people down with that. we'll talk about that. and also the department of energy. yesterday we interviewed fred upton who was putting forth a bill called no more solyndras basically . the department of energy testifying about whether or not the loan guarantee program when they give out money was successful or not. listen to this gentleman's testimony about companies like solyndra . >> don't you agree that the loan guarantee program had a tough record? >> quite to the contrary, sir. i think it is a success.
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>> we have solyndra, and beacon, thivered recipient went bankrupt in 2011. it is true. >> yes. >> fifth program went bankrupt. >> we v. >> just answer the questions, please. >> i was looking on line, heritage foundation is listed in the bankrupt companies that got loan guarantees through the department of energy. and i found another website 80 percent of the recipients of the department of energy dollars went to obama backers which i am sure is coincident -- nonetheless it was a giant success. the government lost 2.5 billion . there is something in the water with the department of energy. remember when the secretary of
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energy gave himself an a for the same program? >> yeah. >> i guess they opened the report cards in the house. >> gave them a different grading system. >> sarah palin who was once the nominee of vice-president in this count rye. it is all because we don't understand the concept of capitalism. >> there is skewed priorities and a lack of understanding of what real capitalism is. that is taking risk with your own money and the entrepreneural spirit that built america. that type of conventional thinking about free market and capitalism is absent from the obama administration. >> it is interesting to listen to sarah palin. she didn't think mitt romney would pick a candidate for vice-president such as herself. and there was a headline on the direct report said at this point romney was close to
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picking a vice-president. we might hear who it is in the next year or twompt and the suggestion was that it could be condoleezza rice. the question is is mr. romney going with a safe and boring side pick or somebody and bold like rubio or rice or go with safe like portman or mcdonald or pawlenty . >> perception about mitt romney is that he would go with a safe choice. he spends time coming to the decision. others say he may get out of the box. will he do that based on the fact that john mccain chose sarah palin. they could be floating the idea that condoleezza rice that she would be in the top of the list >> what do you
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think machine conventional no pun contended or somebody that woo are not talking about in terms of actually being the vice-president. which is better. >> there was a update on line. romney source said it is not condi. apparently somebody, mr. romney would be somebody who is more comfortable in attack mode and condi name was floated in the retreat. condrumors are not coming up on boston. >> are you tired of hearing americas blasting the president without paying their share. how about 70 percent. charles payn e standing by. >> and teachers are on summer break and the union is
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>> taxed to the max. we heard before the president pushing hard for class war fair. >> to the future we imagine in 2008 where everyone gets a fair shot and everyone does their fair share and everyone plays by the same rules. >> yeah, right. according to a congressional
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budget office report the wealthy are paying close to 70 percent of the tax burden. it may seem like a fair share to some. the president wants to tax top earners even more. >> fox news contractor charles payne is breaking down the numbers it is hard to keep track. they keep changing . >> the theme doesn't change. top earners continue to carry the lion's share of this country. they carry more and more and more . by the way, it is logical. only 58 percent of the workers have a job. that means only a few people are doing the heavy lifting. the numbers vary. i read a report in the cbo report and paying 94 percent before the bush tax cut.
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their burden is heavier since the bush tax cuts for the so-called rich. >> the president is traveling around and talking about tax fairness. is it fair, they are making mon yedoing well and lifing the american dreamm and doing what they want to do. but the government comes in and wants dough and half of the cntry doesn't pay any federal taxes. >> but they are certainly, i tell you what, if every single person who doesn't have a job and wished they would get more would vote for romney would get more. a lot of people are seduced in into maybe your condition is not your fault. the president implied that in the sound bite. machine who goes five years without a vacation and works, they are the bad the nefarous.
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>> trying to rip off all of the people who aren't. interestingly enough, the poll shows that only one in five people is actually concerned that mitt romney has made a lot of money. four out of five people actually might see that has a positive. >> historically it used to be five out of five americans used think that is positive. there is no doubt. that is the bed rock of the american dream. you know, great legal system and based on the constitution and an amazing ability to climb up the ladder of success. how did we become the greatest country in such a short time and dismantling that basod ideology that he got in the last chapter of the book by voltaire is nuts. i hope that the american people realize i will not rich but our hope that our kid and
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somebody down the line would be. i would be proud to say that my grand kid would be born with a silver spoon. >> you are a living examine. you worked hard. >> in three hours from right now, you will do a bunch more in fox business. >> we will host varny and company. a lot of great earnings. j.p. morgan may explain how they lost their two billion. we are curious. >> coming up on "fox and friends". do you know where your pass word. half million stolen from g-mail and aol and yahoo. >> and founding fathers are out. saying global is an american is up for debate. that's what is happening for america. we report and you decide. ♪ working your fingers down to
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>> 24 minutesar -- minutes after the top of the hour. half million e-mails and addresses stole yen leaked. affecting yahoo and aol and msn and if you use those priveders reset the pass word. >> the world may face a shortage of pilotings. half a million new pilots will be needed in the next 20 years after a wave of retirement, peter? ♪ >> is american exceptionalism
6:23 am
up for debate? it is in nebraska. a battle over how american history should be talk to school children and under way right now. an internationall draft that states wide founders left out george washington and the founding fathers and suggested that manmade global warning a fact. joining us is the mr. sealer who is a nebraska school board member. how are you? >> i am good. >> tell me what this is about. it is set of civics and history and geography in the state of nebraska and you uncovered that founding fathers like george washington and ben franklin were left out of the standards. tell us about that. >> yes, it goes partly to the idea are we teaching concepts
6:24 am
or memorizing facts. i believe you have to know a certain amount of factual information before you can talk intelligentlyy about a concept. if you don't know who abraham lincoln and steven douglas and what the estates - states are how can you talk about the civil war. >> you thought they were getting the concepts wrongg. you believe it is important to strerch the notion of american exceptional as opposed to globall. to stress that america is the best, tell us about that? >> absolutely. i do believe that america is an exceptional nation and we need to teach that we are the home of equality and freedom. that's why people come here. people lined up to come here and that is an important concept that we need to teach our young students. or students of any age.
6:25 am
>> what else was left out and why do you think that the political determinations were made about something that should be simple and objectist as the re-telling of american history. >> well, some of the things that were left out. let me say one of the thing that is we should be talking about is culturally equivalency and the idea that all cultures are not equal or are equal and i don't believe that all are equal. one of the examples in the world herald. there was an arcticle about a woman in afghanistan killed in an honor killing supposedly for committing adultery while hundred men stood and cheered it was not a first instance. there were 58 of these killings in afghanistan. this is not an idea of equal
6:26 am
value or validity to american beliefs . i think we need to teach there is a right and a wrong. and this concept of all idea and beliefs are equal is not a valid concept. >> why is it not a valid concept? is part of history having respect for other cultures and other versions of history, how did they get it wrong in such a severe way in nebraska and what are you going to do going forward to make sure it doesn't happen again? >> i don't knoww that we are wrong. this is in a draft standard and that is part of the why we are having this discussion so that we get the drafts right. we have had tremendous input and the ideas were brought to me by constitients and i have been talking about. i just think that there are some ideas we need to teach that are good ideas and ideas
6:27 am
that are not so good. >> mr. sealer, thanks for joining us . let us know how you do on the process going forward. >> we reached out to donovan rice admin straighttor of crick lumb for comment and we did not hear back. >> coming up, romm rom, the felon? yeah according to a president's top advisor might be. >> mitt romney throughh his word and signature was misrepresenting his position at bain to the fcc which is a felony or mispresenting his position at bain. >> live in washington with a toxic fall out and the marine on a mission. wounded wariorrs, one push up at a time and about to go head-to-head with craig morgan. and first happy birthday to harrison ford.
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♪ >> a lot of people start their day doing the push ups like that guy there. sergeant trevino. he's a marine but he will not stop doing push ups until he does one million in one year and the sergeant proudly joins us live in new york. >> good morning, sergeant. >> good morning. >> everybody makes new years resolution and like i would like to lose pounds. >> i will do one million push ups in four months. it was 8000 push ups and broke it down andened 2732 . a weekend. instead of benefit myself i
6:33 am
will benefit my brother and sisters in the armed forces. >> and you are trying to do a million push ups to benefit the wounded wariorr . raise $40,000. so far how many? >> as of last time 535,025 push ups. >> who counts them. i have everyone counting them marines back at work and my wife. she makes sure she counts and a critic and supporter as well. and just anybody who is around who can count and verify the push ups. >> you are at $26,000. and you would like to make it to $40,000 . to try to amp that up and donate money to wounded wariorr foundation. are you willing to have a push off? >> yes. >> now i personally, you have
6:34 am
done half a million so far. i have done 50 since high school so i would not be qualified. in our place featured entertainment today. craig morgan and you were in the u.s. army for 10 and half years. >> i was. >> and how many pushums. >> i didn't do a million. >> but both of you down there. push off, ladies and gentlemen . cit's sergeant enrique trevino and versus craigan. >> you are doing push up for push up and we'll go 19 minutes if that is okay. you are slowing down. you guys keep going and i will briefly talk about the weather. and this is downstairs and
6:35 am
we'll look at the weatherr as enrique sergeant. >> keep you on camera the whole time and come ojackk it up a bit. we have showers out west and i am not a fair representation of the army. this is the honor system. i had to go back and watch the tape and count. >> you did 76. and craig morgan you did 80. congratulations. >> and that is good enough. if you would like to donate to the sergeant's fund and later on this morning . very nicely done. go and rest. >> and peter and gretchin, come is coming up. >> you get the tough competition. you can do push ups?
6:36 am
>> i could. but not on tv. >> they were neck and neck. >> congratulations to both of them . take a quick look at your headlines. we are hearing six phone calls that george zimmerman made to report the suspicious activity in the neighborhood. his lawyers said he had reason to be concerned. >> they were burglarized and my wife saw one of the kids that did it and we see them that matches this description in the neighborhood right now again. >> f.b.i. backing up the claim. it appears that zim zip was in fear of his life because of prevous crime in the area. >> remember the mom who ditched her four kids in florida to occupy wall street. >> i have community of friends
6:37 am
asking them to support me so that i can be here. >> stacey defended her move saying military people leave their families all at the time. right after this she was arrested. she is a free woman. according to the new york post she made a deal to escape jail time as long as she doesn't get arrested for the restt of the year. >> the editor of the washington post received an oversized correction for the arcticle he wrote. the titantic ran into a ice burg. >> based on the research the titantic hit the iceberg before midnight on april 14th. >> the battle between president obama and mitt romney is heating up. this morning, the romney campaign is calling for an apology after a senior
6:38 am
official of obama said that mitt romney may have committed a felony. >> good morning, peter, gretchin and steve. that comment was made on a conference call. they were pockusing on a boston globe arcticle that cited the fcc listing romney as ceo of bain capitol. romney said he left bain in 1999. and this is what the campaign advisor said. either mitt romney through his own word and his own signature was misrepresenting his position at bain to the sec which is a felony or misrepresentting his position at bain to the american people to avoid responsibility for some of the consequence was the investments. mitt romney said there was a
6:39 am
lag to fcc. he left in february 1999 to run the olympics and had no involvement with the management or investment activities of the firm or port foalo companies since the day of departure . romney team pounced on the felony remark. saying that president obama ought to apology for the oust control behavior of his staff which demeans the office he holds. the romney campaign can ask for it. but the obama campaign said they will not apologize and points back do the arcticle. >> things are heating up. they are calling mitt romney a potential felon, that campaign jumped the shark. >> coming up next, does your dog like running shot gun.
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now you can test-drive snapshot before you switch. visit today. >> we have a quick headline. our schools may be going broke but it looks like teacher unions have money to spare. two largest teacher unions donated 330 million to outside causes over the past five years and much going to democratic candidate and
6:44 am
minority groups and gay rights groups and a pro choice organization. check this out. his bark is worse than his bite. this dog caught on camera riding on in the car and trying to chomp down on other cars passing by. thank good he missed. >> the video was taken from the driver's seat. >> let's hope it was a steady cam. >> it was a tade dog. >> ultimate today. who is happier conservives or liberals. conservatives accordingly to the next guest. they haver concern for life than liberals. >> joining us from dc is arthur brooks and the author of the road to freedom. is it possible that conservatives are really much happier and why?
6:45 am
it is possible and true. good morning, guys, it turns out for the last 3decades conservatives year after year expressed greater life satisfaction. they are happyiier about their lives. >> arthur it was a couple of years ago, candidate for president bark obama was caught on a recording device talking at a fundraiser that conservatives are bitter and clinging to guns and god. >> blue collar voters that will not vote for him cling to guns and religion. we are happy doing all of that cling you can see consistently conservatives are between 10 and 20 percentage points happier about their lives. there is a couple of reasons for that. marriage is much more likely
6:46 am
than single life to make people happy. conservatives are much more likely to be married and they have been for a long time. right now, only a third of the liberals are married and more than half of the conservatives are married. they are getting married more than liberals do. that is a big source of happiness and the religionn that e are clinging to and he talked about. religion is one of the reasons that people have a happy life. it could be christianity or judaism. if you practice it you are happier. >> look at poll results. very happy. conservative republicans fren percent . moderate liberal republicans 45 percent . conservative moderate democrats 311% . liberal democrats 28 percent. and you talk about how you
6:47 am
break that down with regard to religion and being married. anything else you should know and found in your research that is worthy of pointing out? >> you find that people who are extreme in their views, it turns out that they are more happy than the moderate. you can find extreme liberals in a lot of polls turn out to be happier than others. extreme liberals know who the good guys are and the bad guys are. they fight. happiest of all of the people on the far right and the tea party are happiest people in america that makes liberals more depressed. >> we are plugging your book. calmed "the road to freedom" coming out in may. arthur brookings. thank you. >> thanks and have a happy day. >> we always do. >> a congressman takes on a
6:48 am
classic. ♪ more from congressman alen west singing a tune. >> i don't know if that is hard to read. there are penguins loose in the studio. that one under control. but the other story is in the wild live from new york. but centurylink is committed to being a different kind of communications company by continuing to help you do more and focus on the things that matter to you. fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one!
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[ jack ] yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] half a day's worth of fiber. fiber one.
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>> we are going wild.
6:52 am
sea world and bush gardens. over 40 years they have played a critical role in saving injured wild life. joining us is an animal ambassador with sea world and bush gardens. >> thank you. >> what is wrong with them. >> i am excited to talk about all of the different rescues we have done in sea world and the more epic ones. these are penguins. >> you see them walking around. >> we know about bp spills and millions of birds impacted . people say we have birds we need help with >> exactly we work with different agencies and the ultimate goal is to return. and we did tt with peng wins. and off of the coast of south
6:53 am
africa. it was a large oil spill and over 2000 penguins were affect wehad to go in well and help. you feel those feathers. imagine them coated in oil. this is how they protect themselves. if it is clumped up the poil is detrimital to them. they use dawn on them. >> it is a degreesor . bring over the noisy flamingo on the ground. what you are meeting here is a baby flamingo. >> you rescue smaller ones. and these are in south american. this is a american flamingo. and go ahead. it is under the i don't want
6:54 am
to. they started in the yucatan. a jag wire. and hee cute . the jagaur went through the nest side and hundreds of eggs were abandoned. and look at those skinny legs. i love the story why they turn peek has to do with the menu. beta kara teen from the blue green algae. >> they turn pink because of the shrimp they eat. >> stuff you learn when you go to sea world and bush garden. >> thank you very having us. >> adorable.
6:55 am
very long legs. and these penguins may know our next guest. he is the voice of john kirby joins us on the couch. this just in. we know how long you have to work to pay off government spending. the answer will shock you. [ mrs. hutchison ] fday night has always been all fun and games
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medicare doesn't pay. and save you up to thousands in out-of-pocket costs. to find out more, request your free decision guide. call or go online today. after all, when you're going the distance, it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. it is july. and thanks for sharing part of your friday with us. the president admits his biggest mistake is this. i have a communication problem. you just don't understand his story telling. >> the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the american people. this morning we'll tell you about a story about the economy and then you decide.
6:59 am
could it be a romney rice ticket. a new report said condi is in the top of the list. and should you believe the hype. a congressman taking on a classic hit it. very nice. you are about to see the wild side of congressman allen west. "fox and friends" hour two for a fantastic friday starts now. ♪ ♪ dance a little jig. ♪ take a swig. >> i wonder if they lit up the
7:00 am
bonfire as they prepare the ribs and brisket they do it every friday. 48th and sixty-sixth avenue in manhattan or if you aring you miles away and got a jet pack come on over. craig morgan a fantastic country singer and we saw half an hour ago, he is excellent with push you ups. >> 10 years in the army proudly. >> good morning. peter is filling in for brian today. we'll have the headlines. late last night a bomb scare forcing a delta jet to return back to new york. there was suspicious wires found in the bathroom. the plane was over the atlantic ocean. and the pilot ended up returnning to new york. and the wires turned out to not be part of an explosive
7:01 am
device. >> in the street was los angeles. sidewalk chalk demitration. police tried to break up a crowd of 200 people and protestors began to throe rocks and bottles at officer. >> incredible story of survival. two climbers found alife after an avalanche in the alps. the avalanche left nine people dead. it is believed that one . climbers may have triggered the avalanche by breaking off ice. >> remember this tom petty classic? ♪ [ singing ] all right. giving the heart breakers a run for their money. congressman allen west in
7:02 am
florida. look at him in georgia. ♪ [ singing ] doesn't sent know special'd -- this side of alen west. >> we have him on the program once a month. maybe we'll have him sing. >> we have her man cain on. >> i heard him sing. >> charlie rose sat down with the president of the united states for a segment of cbs news on sunday morning and while many americans have different feelings about what the president did right or wrong in the first three and half and coming up in the first years in office it is interesting from the president's perspective what he said he did wrong. what was it?
7:03 am
>> would you ever say this? >> the mistake of my first term, couple of years, thinking that this job was just about getting the policy right. and that is important, but you know, the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the american people that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism and especially during tough time. >> especially. >> a lot to get out of that. first of all, that president obama has been deemed to be one of the best communicators when he was campaigning for president. much was made about his oratory skills and now he said hoo can't communicate with the constitient system surprise he talked about unity and
7:04 am
inspiring people. a lot of criticism against the president is that he is not unifying. he set himself up to be a unifying president . that's where the disappointment falls. you heard about the cam poign logo of hope and change and unification fits in that and that is where poom are upset now. >> it is a confession of the lack of leadership on the president's part. you wonder if that was scripted or put together by the consultants and said listen, mr. president. confess a bit that you are not perfect and you made mistakes in terms of communication and leadership . the mitt romney camp was all over it. the mistake that the president made was taking his eyes off of the job numbers. >> we have a graph to look at. it is all about leadership and job creation .
7:05 am
the president continues to demonstrate that he's out of touch with u.s. economic reality. >> here's the thing. people of the united states are listening. the president said they are big plans . maybe we don't like the plans or policy . gretch, you touched on unity. it is hard to feel uniyified when they put people against each other . where is the expectation of gun in mexico . how is he going to explain that. i think we would like to hear. >> is it all about a narrative or story or spin? . the campaign is coming and the the spin stops here. >> i heard that before. on the other side of the fence is mitt romney. he will make his vice-presidential pick known
7:06 am
in a couple of weeks. and actually there was a fund raising effort put up by the romney campaign and if you can donate 3 dollars you will find out first via e-mail who the presidential pick is. it made it sound like it is upcoming. >> we'll kick in 10 and find out right now. >> is the list becoming shorter as far as people that the romney camp. there is a lot of buzz about condoleezza rice. she has said directly to the point. i am not interested in becoming vice-president. some people argue you always say that because you don't want to look like you are eager for the job. is she at the top list or a trial balloon. ann romney said we may be considering a woman . it is a way to look at women and they decided on a man. who knows. >> look at six prominent americans there.
7:07 am
three on the right would be the play it safe. port man, mcdonald and pawlenty . the ones on the left, rubio and rice and iot. they are too young . condi rice my have connections to the bush administration that people may not like. but condi rice was a front runner and according to the national review on line. that is not true. the buzz about condi is pushed by the people who went to the utah retreat. and the condi rumor is not coming from boston. but coming from the utah event. >> you have the greatest wisdom on the issue. >> some of your e-mails. romney needs someone who is exciting and inspirational and not only has military experience but a hero and not afraid to take on the left attacks.
7:08 am
that is representative alen west. >> here is condi a great pick. we need a foreign affairs pro. talk about talent. >> here is a tweet. i am gun shy after robert's decision. >> keep your thoughts coming in to us. >> and look at the olympic uniforms made by ralph lauren that is an american company. but when you pull open the tag every piece of the uniform made in china. and surprisingly this is about the only thing that members of congress agree on. they don't like it reid said in. >> i am so upset that i think that the olympic committee should be ashamed of themselves and they should be embarrass take all of the uniform and put them in a big
7:09 am
pile and burn them. >> that is extreme and such short notice i doubt they would do that. olympics are just a couple of weeks ooh way. harry reid representing union clothing workers. it is crazy. here they are the olympics. >> can't we say that this is one thing that republicans and democrats and independents agree on. that the clothes for the u.s. athletes should be made in america. >> it is crazy and we told you these things were made in china two days ago . now harry reid jumping on the bandwagon. >> should they put them in a big pile and light them up? or learn from our mistake and make sure they never make the clothes outside of the country again. look at the picture of whyy so
7:10 am
many things are made in chin a. >> the thing about the beret. i like them on the special forces but that beret. it is not an antifrench thing. i know they have had them before. but just something about that one. stylistically coming from mr. steve. >> he has fashion. >> i don't know it is crazy. >> mitt romney calling out the president. >> the obama outsourcing attacks, misleading, unfair and untrue. and there was no evidence that mitt romney shipped jobs overseas >> if they are misleading will the voters trust him to lead the country. and then they are bad to the bone. we'll tell you why these goats are hanging 10 . next. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
7:11 am
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7:14 am
>>turns out that ad is not true. according to fact now mitt romney is hitting back. obama out sourcing attacks misleading and unfair and untrue. there was no evidence that mitt romney shipped jobs over seas. candidate obama lied about hillary clinton. >> shame on you, barack obama. >> and america expects more from a president. obama's dishonest campaign and another reason that america
7:15 am
lostt confidence in bark obama. >> if they are misleading can voters trust him to lead the country. joining us is business corspoonedant and author of rebounders. and how winners pivot from set back to success. and benard whitman former polster for president clinton. the obama camp calling mitt romney a felon and mitt romney calling the president a liar. >> the facts are clear that mitt romney as ceo and president of bain capitol invest in companies that had jobs over seas and we don't know how long he was head of that company. the truth is, either governor romney or bain capital. lied to the fcc.
7:16 am
>> that adgot four pinockcos and you are standing by it is true. >> the washington post clearly documented that bain capitol invested in jobs that shipped american jobs over seas and invested in companies whose whole basis demanding. >> angela, even if that is true which is proven it is not true. do americans care? >> no. americans want to know if you are making my life better off. that's what they care about. and i believe that mitt romney once he puts fort his effort in articulating his will do better. >> the argument is off document. outsourcing is nothing new. you can't participate in the economy without involving other countries. when you go to walmart and buy stuff there. you are outsourcing american jobs. we are all outsourcers.
7:17 am
small grains of truth that the candidates are making and massive false hood and this is way off topic. >> it is a distraction. >> the obama camp started sourcing. was it a dis. >> mitt romney helped to pioneer outsource nothing bain capitol. >> obama capitol made it an issue. >> due to the fact that mitt romney. >> mitt romney responsible for the chinese uniforms now? >> mitt romney helped tod create outsourcing of jobs. >> if mitt romney angela was responsible for the chinese uniforms. >> no he is not. this shows how desperate liberals are. switch and detraction. obama can't stand on the policies. >> he created 4.4 million jobs. great job growth.
7:18 am
and created 150,000 manufacturing jobs. >> look at underemployment. he can't stand on this. >> economy is in terrible shape. if mitt romney would never been born and bain never existed we would still have outsourcing. >> one in five democrats and independents don't care that mitt romney is rich. that is wrong; is that right? one in care? four out of five americans don't care. why is the president still attacking him over and expected to hit box office gold. we have the penguins. and she should get along with them. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals.
7:19 am
7:20 am
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you'll find it in the fridge freshpet fresh food for fido
7:22 am
>> time for the news by numbers. six months. and it never why not longer than five monthings. and now it is six months. five votes. and since the arrival in washington. third longest streak of any senator. good for you. and pen million. that's how much singer taylor swift made. forbes called her highest paid celebrity under the age of 30. nice. gretch. and a stunning new gallop poll
7:23 am
out. four out of five democrats and independents don't care that mitt romney is rich. it will not affect how they vote. and so why is president obama working the class warfare bit. rick, angela and bernard. angela, i will start with you on this poll is so significant. there is a dialogue of class warfare for the last year even though democrats like bernard don't admit to it. i find it fascinating out of all of that discussion. four out of the five americans say that they don't care mitt romney is a rich guy. >> liberals have a great argument and playing to obama's base. mitt romney is rich and out of the touch and can't realate to the working man. you have to reelect me. >> when you have the department of agriculture
7:24 am
running radio ads that food stamps are good and how to get them. it is working with the liberals and class warfare. >> i could not disagree more. two items. the american public doesn't identify with him and they see him as an individual disconnected from their lives that. on its own is fine. but the tragedy is mitt romney's tax policies help the wealthy. urn his plan. millionaires will get a average tax cut and top one percent. 750,000 and middle class americans will face a tax increase. >> and guess what. whether he is rich. >> in the olden days. people looked at successful people and say i hope to be that. the congressional office in 2008 and 9.
7:25 am
highest earning taxpayers paid 94 percent of the tax burden. 94 percent. >> that is the argument of inequality that we are having now. campaigns are not looking at 80 percent of the voters. they are looking at smaller. it is no doubt it will be a close election and this could be decided by the independent swing vores and that 20 percent that feels differently and maybe they do have questions about mitt romney that is where the battle is. americans want to be the wettley. we aspire to be wethy some day and what this is all about is american voters trying to figure out if they like mitt romney and admire him and the obama campaign highlighted weaknesses. and instead of trying to deny he is an ariscrat. i would say here's how to
7:26 am
become more like me. and how cuget rich. >> let us in on the secret. >> he said yes, i am success . and this is how i did. >> why is he gun shy about that. >> i relate it to the white guilt and expect issue. he feels uncomfortably with his success. but he's got it out there. >> he has swiss bank accounts and was he the ceo or not. >> let's keep it in america for a minute. >> i think mitt romney is trying to define himself, gretchin. >> i got to end it there and panel, have a great weekend. it was eir money and we want to know where it went. breaking news on j.p. morgan's loss that just doubled and prettiest mug shot and the celebrity was allowed to go home and do her hair and make up first. we'll have it next on the all
7:27 am
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7:31 am
can >> mitt romney will announce the vice-president running mate soon. experts say it will be rob portman or dave griffin. how do you like robb port man. >> and how many of you like senator griffin. that's how little we care about the vice-president. there is senator gristin and some people applauded. you get the government you deserve. >> i thought the same thing. i am familiar with that. >> and unconventional choice. >> i don't think there is one. >> do your headlines. after mitt romney was booed in the naacp convention. democrats like nancy reagan said it was a racist vote. and hillary sheldon agrees and here he is in a no spin zone
7:32 am
with bill o'reilly. >> he repealed obama care and getting cost under control and he will turn it around. are you saying he should have pandered to the audience. you think he went down to gen up a racist vote. yes or no. >> yes, but i can't dismiss it. >> and he said mccain and bush was heckled in the past. >> a warning about anybody who uses e-mail. half a million e-mails and pass words stole yen leaked hackers yahoo, and g-mail and aoh and hot mail. you may want to reset your pass word. >> change it from pass pord to something else.
7:33 am
>> food net wock and bravo star takes a cute mug shot. she had plenty of time to clean up. the celebrity chef was arrested for drunk driving in santa barbara, california but didn't take the photountil 11 days later. california law allows that. she is fresh face her blood alcohol level was twice the alcohol legal limit. >> different than nick nol te. >> that is polished. and off kilter. and something you got to see. go tanning tan. goatee and biz mow. the owner surfed with his dogs and he figured why not goats. >> they did a good job. they caught the first wave and it was good. i love surfing and i figured
7:34 am
they would like it >> they are probably scared for their lives. >> they are able to surf on the same board at the same time . drawing a crowd orange county. >> they are radical. >> maybe he is the goat whisperer. and we'll about the big story. j.p. morgan-chase releasing the second quarter financial earning's report. the banking giant lost. but the story doesn't end there. adam shapirro is live in new york city with more. what else do we know now? >> that 4.4 billion loss was hopefully going to be the day in which they no longer have to deal with it. it is getting worse for the bank. they are indicating they are not using the f-word "fraud"
7:35 am
but hinting that may have taken place. the firm discovered information that raises questions about the trader mark and suggest that certain individuals may have been trying not to show the losses in the first quarter. they had to restate them and they are no longer liable . what that means in english. fraud might have taken place. jamie dimon taking questions. it is like a three year old who denies eating a chocolate chip cookie unaware it is all over the mouth. and who knew? and thank you for the very easy analogy. adam, have a great day. >> we'll go to steve . ♪
7:36 am
foothat is red neck yyact club and performed by the former soldier in the u.s. army turned counselry singer, craig morgan joins us live. round of applause for our featured singer today. >> look at those potential buyers for your cd. >> that's wonderful. >> tell us about the cd. >> it is a compilation of the past but songs they never heard. it is the greatest hits. i am proud of this than anything i had done. it may be the best record i made. >> craig is a regular guy. before you were a big star, you had so many crazy jobs. you were a police officer. >> yeah. >> you were in the u.s. army what? >> 10 and half years. >> what were you doing? >> in the army fire support specialist and i was responsible for guiding the
7:37 am
bullet and we were responsible for geting them in the right place. and after the army, you were a police officer and security guard and worked in construction and ladies and gentlemen, if he lookings familiar, what walmart did you work at. >> 265 in dixon, tennessee. and you were always wearing a coat. you were a dairy manager. >> i wore the white coat and doctor of cheese. >> in addition to singing and performing on the stage, you are also on television. you do extreme things. >> we do. we have a wonderful show all acess outdoors. it is a fun show and it ain't just hunting but everything you can imagine doing skydiving and scuba diving and recently did the jet pack and water shooting out. >> you are propelled upward by
7:38 am
water. with a fire house. -- fire hose. >> you can get 30 feet in the air. >> there is a fountain across the street. >> i would be willing to try. >> would you like to so tharks folkings. >> of course you would. are you ready for him to do the singing. >> yes. >> and he will in a while. but first, would you like to see the weather. [laughing] too bad, you are going to see it anyway. >> and here's the weather for friday. and there is widely scattered. craig, it is raining in tennessee. did you roll up the windows. >> we need it, it is good. wildly scattered showers midatlantic down through the gulf coast . one more map shows the current temperatures as you head out of the doors and they are too far away for me to see. 79 in kansas city. and 74 in new york city and craig will be doing singing
7:39 am
shortly. >> what number? >> a brand new single called corn star. it is a play on words but it is a song that pays tribute to the country girls that we love. >> corn star. as in porn star. >> yes, sir. [laughing] >> wait a minute. >> she is a corn star. country. >> that is plain corny. >> and you understand round of aplaus. craig morg an. gretch and peter come on in. >> we can't wait to hear craig. >> she left four kids at home to occupy wall street and then arrested and that mom now a free woman. >> and talking about occupy. planns to occupy the republican convention. one group encouraging people to attack police officers. is that legal. janine pirro on the case.
7:40 am
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7:43 am
hope solo and olympic teammates appeared drunk in an iterview. they were out all night celebrating the gold medal win and went on the show directly after. and a mom who left four kid toz occupy wall street is back with her family. she reachhed a deal to avoid jail time after being arrested late last year. >> that is an understanding united states had. >> republican national
7:44 am
convention may face coordinated attacks from the occupy movement. resist rnc claims to be the official website of the counter rnc protest and perhaps advocating violent action . they showed occupiers throwing molotov cock tails at olice . joining us is janine pirro. >> good morning >> they say they did on not advocate violence. buting ideas. >> right. throwwing cocktails at police and destroying personal property. they are saying we don't advocate violence, wink, wink. but in terms of planning here is information.
7:45 am
the is she -- issue is whether or not the first amendment protects free speech. we have historically said free speech even if it adis vocated violence is protected. but you get to the point where you are inciiting violence then it is not protected. >> hey, wait a minute we are not promoting violence. >> resist rnc is an above ground. and we are not organizing action but if you have idea here is helpful videos and use discreation as rnc is not promoting and condoning activities. these are aids for artistic brain storms. is it bsing or brain storming.
7:46 am
>> it is a make believe wink, wink. >> what if there is violence and someone is see know those voose and take them to heard in some way and acts on it. could local prosecutors in the republican national convention prosecutes those people if people are hurt? >> there has to be a nexus between resist rnc or occupy rnc and the action of the individual. >> you have to show that there was a connection and cause and affect. it is not so hard to do based upon cases in the area. they are saying we are not odvocating violence. but happy action planning and here is ways to do it. it is hog wash and a signal and wink, wink kind much approach. >> than six minutes of frightening stuff.
7:47 am
what is not frightening is what we hear from you on justice with judge janine. >> what we are talking about this weekend. we have a teenager whose brother killed himself. someone made fun of it and he put on steel boots and almost kicked th person to death. >> thank you. >> and ice age star jon next. >> and first on this day in history. genesis had the number one song with invisible touch. what are john's favorite songs. i know. ♪ itary you apart. ♪ i only know. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy...
7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:51 am
>> you will recognize his face but will you recognize the voice of the sarcastic sloth in the new ice age movie. >> i know what you have got. the l word. >> yeah, leprosy. >> no, sid, it is four letters starts with l and end with e. >> lice. >> no. it is love. >> oh, yeah love. >> you mean with the pirate. >> no. sharon's under your skin. >> everyone loves the woolly mammoth. and john is here to tell us all about ice age continental drift. >> good to see all of you. >> how did you come up with all of the sloth voice. >> they said john, you want to be a sloth. really come on am i am a new
7:52 am
yorker. and fast talking . i tried to come up with a voice that sounds like this and they go no. >> it is exotic from india and wild and they said no. street. no. and i looked at discovery footage and they move slow and they store food and get drunk and fall off trees. >> it happens. >> and i started walk around with a sandwich and oh, my gosh. this voice. i guess who this is? and that is how we came up with it. >> and high pitch yer nicer with the innocent. >> there are other ice age movies out there. a lot of adults see you and say that is him. >> hey, hey. do the voice for my kid. and the kid is horrified. >> that's not the guy in the
7:53 am
movie. it is two feet tall. >> if you do the voice. it is sid. and the kid is more horrified. they don't get it. >> it is disconnected. how is it different lending your voice to a role as opposed to your whole body and being in a character? >> you, i want to make sure that voice sounds like it is coming out of that creature. i don't want to have any references, and so it is a voice that is higher and sid is running, then i am run getting hit and i will hit myself. it has the life blood. >> i know you are a great daddy and how did the kids react to all of those movies. >> they do all of the special voices and screams and they recorded it the same time i did. >> what is going to happen?
7:54 am
i have kids about your age and they want to see it. >> all of the continents were one and they started to separate. manny and denny and i are on one question. and his family separate to another continent and she is a teenage kid and want to party and he's trying to get together but we are kidnapped by pirates. looks terrific. i hope you have many more ice anals to come. >> knock on wood. >> nothing to that global warming thing. >> no more ice age. >> thank you very much. we'll watch the new movie ice age continental drift. >> inviting mitt romney to speak at naacp. herain cain has thoughts on
7:55 am
that. >> and geraldo. >> great action going on. and enjoy it, enjoy it. yeah, that is what it said. >> very nice geraldo. that's great. ♪ [ buzz ] off to work! did you know honey nut cheerios is america's favorite cereal? oh, you're good! hey, did you know that honey nut cheerios is... oh you too! ooh, hey america's favorite cereais... honey nut cheerios ok then off to iceland!
7:56 am
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7:58 am
>>. >> gretchen: today is friday, july 13th, friday the 13th, make it a good one. i'm gretchen carlson. could we can looking at a romney-rice ticket. condoleezza rice is at the top of the list but should we believe all the hype. we'll explain. >> guest: and the president admits the biggest mistake for the first couple of years. >> peter: what should we do with the olympic uniforms made in china? harry reid has a hot idea. >> with all the uniforms, put
7:59 am
them in a big pile and burn them >> peter: so should we burn them. fox and friends on the air right now! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:00 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> gretchen: you are listening to creating morgan. big country music star. >> guest: he was in the army for ten and a half years. if he looks familiar if you go to the walmart, he he used to be a dairy manager at walmart. he will be performing this hour
8:01 am
on his new cd. a song called corn star. >> gretchen: big huge hit. use your imagination, figure that one out. let's start with the headlines, peter johnson is in for brian today. fox news alert. j.p. morgan chase second quarter financial earnings report. among other things, they lost $4.4 billion from that major trading blunder. that is more than double the original estimate. jamie dimon is looking into possible fraud in the trading debacle. they did rake in $5 billion profit last quarter which was more than expected. >> and forcing a madrid bound flight, it was headed to madrid, forced to return to j.f.k. last night. discovering two pieces of drinking straw with wires
8:02 am
running through it inside the bathroom. that may make you nervous. the pilot turned the plane around but the calls to the control tower tells a much different story. >> there is a lady on we think, she is the one, she keeps looking at the gentleman that was playing with the possible explosives --. >> gretchen: wow! the pilot returned to new york, all 200 passengers were evacuated. a woman and man were both questioned. then released. no explosive device was found. geraldo, that is the big question. we'll probably find out president obama naming the biggest flaw of his presidency. no, it's not the economy tanking -- it's this. >> the mistake of my first couple of years was thinking
8:03 am
that this job was just about getting the policy right. that is important. you know the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the american people that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism especially during tough times. >> gretchen: mitt romney's camp responding saying, quote the mistake he made was taking his eyes off job creation and the economy. >> right now you probably heard the story, olympic uniforms, guess what? they are made in china. several lawmakers are slamming the olympic community including harry reid. >> so upset that think the picked committee should be
8:04 am
ashamed of themselves. i think they should be embarrassed and take all the uniforms and put them in a big pile and burn them. >> gretchen: nancy pelosi and john boehner criticized the uniforms. the u.s. team defending themselves it's a privately funded team and proud with the partnership who designed the uniforms. those are your headlines. it's kind of a sense of a bigger problem, all these things that are made in china even though it's an american designer. give them to somebody, right now. have them made, you can have them made. >> gretchen: wear a t-shirt that says u.s.a. across it. let's talk about some other things going on like murders and shootings. in chicago, in black and latino communities. >> geraldo: this is related, i backed in to the very serious
8:05 am
problem you cite in chicago. i was ride about the hoodie, wasn't i? i got criticized by every pundit in american that tremendous von martin would be alive but he was wearing thug wear and he was wearing the hoodie. we look george zimmerman with the police, he didn't profile him because he was black. he profiled because he was wearing a hoodie and strange kid. he was wearing the same garb by previous perpetrators. so the headline is zimmerman is not a racist. trevon martin would be alive if he wasn't wearing thug wear and wasn't wearing that hood. jump tote demonstrations that followed. every civil rights icon in the nation, jesse jackson, al sharpton, everybody demonstrating in florida
8:06 am
protesting the purported racism that underlie the tragic death of the unarmed teenager, 17-year-old prevon martin. where is that same outrage, where the same feeling of concern in chicago with 275 african-american kids have each other this year alone? where is jesse jackson? where is al sharpton? where is the concern? >> guest: let's show how bad it is. murder are up 39%. in new york murder is up 17%. shootings are up 12%. this prompted ray kelly to say this. >> i'd like to see political outcry. fact is 96% of our shooting victims are people of color, yet the community leaders are not speaking out about that. we would like to hear from them.
8:07 am
>> guest: what he said, they are xliank about our policy here in new york. >> geraldo: stop and frisk policy is racially profiled using a concept 6 racially profiled. 80% of those stopped are black and latino. but that is where most of stops and frisks happen. it is the i maintain. >> peter: you are not suggesting that it's based on racial profiling. >> geraldo: i don't want to play a semen particular game. >> peter: you think they are stopping people because they are black and hispanic? >> geraldo: but a these have an inkling that criminal activity is afoot in high crime neighborhoods, right. >> gretchen: and that is why they stopped with the
8:08 am
occupation. >> geraldo: i was in the march and i filmed the march in new york, over 25,000 protestors stop and frisk. i want to see the same 25,000 protesting the 1275 killings in chicago. ray condemn slit best commissioner we've ever had. i think he is absolutely even handed. this former marine, tough guy. i wish he would run for mayor here in norg. he said, i lament he is going. i fear that community organizations and the power of some of the local politicians will continue to put pressure on police to abandon effective tactics like stop and frisk. i fear like a chicago epidemic. >> not worried about what geraldo says about who had did is but about dead children in the streets. >> gretchen: romney, a lot of buzz maybe at the top of the
8:09 am
list is condi rice which was in the bush administration. should romney go with someone more safe? i think we have a graphic of some of those people, bob port man, bob mcdonald. pawlenty or marco rubio. >> geraldo: i'm saying the last thing what the last thing republicans need, you can't tell rob port man from tim pawlenty. they all get mixed up. they are two brilliant choices. either one is a marine. condoleezza rice most intelligent unbelievably world background, she would be fantastic. i just caution governor romney. a poll showed that barack obama's latino support as eroded somewhat.
8:10 am
it's down from a 59%. that is before marco rubio entered. were he to pick marco rubio. junior senator from florida, i think he could carry the state of florida. i think it would have an impact. he could approach george w. bush support. >> peter: it's so much to talking about what you said today. good to see you. straight ahead on this friday morning. naacp invited mitt romney to speak and boo'd him. what happened to naacp that we used to know. a fair shake for everybody. former presidential candidate herman cain joins us with his reaction. >> gretchen: and san francisco banning plastic grocery bags and happy meals, a new target -- water bottles. ♪
8:11 am
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8:14 am
>>. >> peter: no matter how unpopular was mitt romney stuck to his guns at the convention. >> i'm going eliminate every nonessential program i can find includes obamacare and i'm going to work and reform and save -- >> that being has many people wondering what happened to the original naacp the non-partisan civil rights icon sed pridedth on being fair. here to offer his point of view, former presidential candidate herman cain. good morning. >> good morning, thank you. >> peter: what is this about. has naacp lost credibility going forward? are they a force for good in this country?
8:15 am
are they a force for partisanship? >> first of all along with the rest of america, i am thankful for what they did in the 50s and 60s for the cause of civil rights in this country. that being said, today the naacp has lost its relevance and it is looking for relevance in all of the wrong places. there used to be a war and we won the war on civil rights. there will also be a battle but i believe their new focus should be economic empowerment. they have lost their relevancy. >> peter: in terms of economic empowerment that governor romney was saying 14.4% unemployment rate in african-american community that we haven't heard from white house officials and he was vilified for it. why is the double standard? >> there is a double standard just like double standard all
8:16 am
the way back when president obama was candidate obama. there is double standard because many of people in that audience are very liberal in their thinking. they are basically overlooking the failures of this president and this administration. so there is a double standard and i might add there is a double standard in the mainstream broadcast media. i'm not talking about fox. i think that y'all live up to be fair and balanced. i watched some of the, two how they treated the speech, i along with my staff predicted the boos were going to be the lead story. they didn't talk about the standing ovation at the end. >> peter: with regard talking about traditional family values? >> yes. i watched with my staff while we were having a meeting i watched the entire thing. what the media did report on, he
8:17 am
got from members of the audience when he talked about how he was going to grow the economy. he was going have going to cut spending. when he used some of those trigger words, repeal obamacare, that is trig word that was going to elicit word and it did. >> peter: what do the trigger words mean and are there are too many trigger words in our politics today. are we veering toward a racial presidential election? >> the answer we are veering towards a racial presidential election. the reason is that this president and administration they have nothing else to lean on other than trying to play the race card and play the class warfare card. that is very unfortunate. that is not good for the country and not if good for the people that really want to be
8:18 am
empowered. they want to see a brighter future. yeah, i believe the democrats and the obama administration that they are in fact going to make this very racial this time around. >> peter: we don't need this that in this country. we'll watch your newest project, caintv and we thank you for coming on this morning and we hope to hear from you. fair, bold and honest. >> peter: did you know your chicken may be filled with prozac. is any chicken safe to eat? one thing you need to look for on the label. more from craig morgan, here is craig morgan with "bonfire." ♪ ♪ ♪
8:19 am
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>>. >> peter: good morning, quick headlines, closing arguments begin in the trial to determine whether or not texas controversial voter i.d. law violates the federal voting rights action. it requires voters to show valid i.d. at the polls. a sophisticated drug tunnel stretching more than two football fields uncovered
8:23 am
between mexico and arizona. it has electricity, ventilation and six foot ceilings. >> gretchen: unbelievable. frightening research linked to a super bug to antibiotics in the chicken they eat. >> guest: and researchers have discovered drugs like caffeine and prozac in the meet we eat. we called in michael hanson. in reading this material it's amazing. i didn't realize the chicken you eat, pure corn and stuff, no, they eat a lot of coffee grounds to make them sleep less and eat more to get fast faster and in the coffee grounds they mix it with antibiotics, as well. >> yes. that study that you were referring to came from john hopkins. what was most frightening, two-thirds, they tested feather
8:24 am
meal. it tells you what they are eating. two-thirds had fluro, it was banned for all chicken production yet in 2012 they found two-thirds tested positive. >> gretchen: and women are getting bladder infections that can't be treated by antibiotics so what kind of chicken and should people be buying. let's go through a list. which starts with natural, why? >> part of the problem, it doesn't mean anything. the only thing it means minimally processed and nothing has been added but nothing how the animal was grown. they could be fed low level antibiotics and get all sorts of drugs. natural means minimally processed. >> guest: cage free, what does free range,. >> steve:, it means they have
8:25 am
free ago says. >> it may mean that but in some cases, it means access to the outdoors. if there is a wind they can see outside. that is considered free range. >> gretchen: what should you buy? >> organic will ensure they haven't used any antibiotics of concern. also, if it says no antibiotics administered or a phrase like that and then with what is called the usda process verified shield. that means somebody has checked out and looked basically and verified that label claims. there is many other labels no antibiotics to add, no antibiotics ever used. those are all useful and meaningful but don't necessarily meaning somebody has checked. >> steve: you are the famous third party in america, consumer
8:26 am thank are for answering all's questions. >> gretchen: a prisoner is suing because he can't play with puzzles, does he have a case? >> steve: half a million passwords stolen. what you need to know, next. >> gretchen: first, creating morgan with "what i love about sunday." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ notice. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:27 am
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this is crazy, an ohio man rode the same rollercoaster 7,000 times means that he loves that rollercoaster or in is debt. >> one more time. >> gretchen: i'd have to be dead to ride a rollercoaster that many times. >> we have headlines and we start with the fox news alert. >> we are just learning the top managers tied to the j.p. morgan chase trading debacle have now been fired without severance pay. lot billions. bank taking back two years' pay. moments of a j.p. morgan released financial earnings report showed they lost at least
8:32 am
$4.4 billion from that trading blunder earlier this year that is double the initial estimate. >> peter: and warning for anybody using e-mail. half a million passwords stolen. security breach, affecting yahoo g-mail, aol, hot mail, and if you use any of those providers you wanted to fix your password again. >> gretchen: plastic grocery bags, has a brand-new target, plastic water bottles. it would require new and renovated buildings to help encourage people to refill their water bottles instead of buying ool another one. businesses say it will hurt their bottom line. >> peter: in less than two minutes, take a look and listen. ♪ ♪
8:33 am
♪ >> peter: you are looking at creative group. they are cdza. they do all one rendition of louie armstrong "what a wonderful world." they have the history of whistling. >> gretchen: i can't do that either. >> i can a little bit. >> gretchen: i have to use you. steve, let's go over to you. >> steve: the relationship between the united states army and nascar have reached the end of road. the army is set to end a ten-year run of sponsorship of nascar. here to weigh in on that, the legendary nascar team owner, richard stolitz. it of it?
8:34 am
>> nascar is the most patriotic sport in america today. but you know we all understand budgets and how the world is going today. us been great to represent the military not only the army but we have a great show of military. >> steve: military says we can't justify the investment in nascar as other things we are doing. so when our budget is being reduced we have to make tough decisions. that from the marketing and research wing of the army. you can appreciate that. >> with things going on today it's been a very successful program for them. they recruited a lot of young men and women through nascar. i think it's been great. >> steve: we might lose the camouflage cars that were hard to see anyway. let's talk a little bit about
8:35 am
this. there is a story that your grandson, austin dillon may take over the famed number three from dale, jr. from dale, sr. he drove me quite a few years. his brother drives it now in the truck series but we have no intentions of taking the stylized 3. >> steve: it would stay in your family if your grandson would be behind the wheel? >> i would never put no one else in a trucker an a earnhardt. >> steve: 12,000 children every year, talk about family problems are killed by some sort of pediatric trauma. so you and your wife have donated $5 million to try to bring an end to that.
8:36 am
>> if 12,000 children a year die in america, if this is like any other epidemic, we would be outraged. to see our children dying and the money that is being, some of it is being wasted in our government. we are looking to get federal funding. we can go so far with private funding. we have to do something with research and education and awareness. >> steve: you started children's pediatric institute. richard childress. it's an honor. >> let's take a look at the day weather-wise. when it's hot is it easier to drive the cars. >> it's about 40 degrees hotter. >> steve: 140 in phoenix if you are driving nascar. mid-atlantic, 90 through the central plains and down through
8:37 am
texas, as well. straight ahead on fox and friends, for this friday, a prisoner suing because he can't play with puzzles. he says no puzzles, that violates his first amendment rights. does he have a case? and millions of dollars spent on attack ads. president obama and governor romney are still in a dead heat. are people paying attention yet? larry checks his crystal ball. first, more from craig morgan. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:38 am
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8:42 am
toys that depict national heroes is doing them more harm than good. dr. keith ablo is on the case. >> that is what i did my whole childhood. >> then she has brains and beauty but one florida miss u.s.a. contestant has one thing, is eyesight. it's hours before she competes. it's all coming up this weekend with fox and friends, steve, will you be watching. >> steve: i do every weekend. have a great saturday and sunday. meanwhile, in about 16 minutes before the top of hour. take a look at this little kitten. he survived a three-week journey across the pacific without food or water. kitty apparently wandered into a freight container in shanghai was locked up and shipped to l.a. this opened it up and he is now recovering and up for adoption. if you would like that little cat, contact them. >> convicted wall street, is
8:43 am
suing the prisons because the detention center he is staying in won't let him play with his puzzles in his cell. he says this violates his first amendment rights but they say its fire hazard. >> gretchen: just four months now until the presidential election and obama and romney are locked in a dead heat. both candidates coming in at 47%. but we have seen polls like this in the past. do they help predict. dr. larry sabato, hello, dr. crystal ball guy, how are you today? >> i'm doing great. >> gretchen: this is nothing knew to have candidates in a deadlock? >> it frequently happens when you have conditions like we have right now where you have an
8:44 am
incumbent in trouble because of a bad economy. a challenger who has put his party back together a lot more quicker than most people expected. most people were saying divisive republican process would make a fractured republican party for the general election. romney is getting 90% of the republican vote. president obama is getting 90% of the democratic vote. we've already got a highly polarized election in november. that tells me it's going tab close contest. >> gretchen: part of it people don't pay attention maybe towards the convention or afterwards when we get into the fall sciences. you also point out that even though these latest reports show that more and more people are becoming independents. as high as 40%, you don't believe that. why? >> because it's fashionable to say you are independent. steve doocy says that all the time. nobody believes him.
8:45 am
they shouldn't believe him. independents. the truth is they are hidden partisans. they are being democrats or independents and they vote that way to the same way that openly profess faith in the republican or democratic party. so the number of independents is tiny. it's about 6-7% of the actual electorate that votes in november. people don't believe that, but it really is true. >> gretchen: let's take a look at races in the past. i'm thinking jimmy carter versus ronald reagan? >> that was a very unusual election. the polls throughout, for example, in october had a very close contest. it was either tied or candidate ronald reagan was ahead two or 3 percentage points up to the last weekend. then on the sunday right prior to the tuesday election the
8:46 am
negotiations for the release. american hostages in tehran collapsed. at that point people said, enough. between the bad economy and the disaster in foreign policy they felt we needed a change and president reagan's margin went from 2-3 points to 10 points. >> gretchen: and in 1996 clinton-dole, that raises a for gone conclusion? >> forgone conclusion. president clinton never went below 46% and he ended up with 49%. bob dole never went up above 41% and ended up with 41%. >> gretchen: very interesting. we'll have to wait and see. it will still be up to the independents. you feel like there are fewer of them out there. larry, have a fantastic weekend and we'll see you again soon.
8:47 am
>> gretchen: when we come back because it's friday, craig morgan sings his brand-new single "corn star." >> my job is to tell a story, mick huckabee reacts to that. taking hits on baib and several states they will not expend medicaid. one of the governors from ohio and drug tunnel discovered in the american southwest and they are extensive. we'll see you in ten minutes on the friday's edition of america's newsroom. [ female announcer ] great taste is always in style with lean cuisine steam bags. get our crispiest carrots and our snappiest peas
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nicely done. how about that for finishing up the week? president obama heading to traditionally red state he won in 2008. good morning, everybody, i'm bill hemmer. the campaign rolls on as do we on a friday. welcome to "america's newsroom." martha has time with the family. how are you doing? alison: i'm alisyn camerota
8:59 am
bill: mike emanuel at the white house. what issues do we expect him toe emphasize. >> reporter: real clear politics average shows president obama up by three in virginia. he won by six in 2008. everyone is expecting a closer race. part of the bus tour is president obama trying to invigorate and energize key constituencies, latin american voters, african-american voters and young voters. >> let's agree on that. that does create an important amount of economic certainty not just for the recipients of of that tax cut, but for the broader economy. it address as portion of the so-called fiscal cliff. let's do it now. let's continue to debate the issues where we, whether


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