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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 16, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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campaign trail and he used it to urge voters in ohio to the as tie breakers in what he called the "stalemate," in washington, an appeal to the independents who often decide elections. he stopped off to sample the eats in cincinnati, and today he claimed to have kept his promise of four years ago to cut taxes for the middle class. >> i want all the resolution to notice that. because sometimes you hear all these crazy accusations that obama is raising taxes, burdening, no, here are the facts: middle class families your taxes have gone down. $3,600 since i have been in office. >> governor romney attending church services in new hampshire
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held fast on a plan to release only one additional year's worth of tax returns and challenged the president to release the operation fast and fewer out documents that he has used executive privilege to withheld from congress. and romney campaign released a web only video which accuses president obama of rewarding politically connected companies, bundlers and donors with stimulus funds, government jobs and contracts. >> when people accuse you of a crime you have a reason to go after them and i will continue going after him. i'm very proud of the record that i had in my business career, helping turn around the olympiced and as the governor of the state of massachusetts but what does it say of a president whose record is so poor that all he can do in his campaign is attack me? >> romney was fundraising in louisiana with louisiana governor jindal and he has been mentioned as a possible running mate and today, a top aide to governor romney said that decision could come by week's end. >>shepard: president obama in the battle ground state of ohio
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today, highlighting the 2009 bailout of the auto industry. democrats say they have saved thousands of jobs there. and the president reminding voter that governor romney opposed the auto bailout and slamming the governor's tax policy saying it would boost job growth overseas. and now, wendell is like if us at the white house. wendell? >> the president on the 24 the trip to ohio pointed to a new report that estimates that romney's support for eliminating u.s. taxes on foreign earnings would shift 800,000 abroads including 73,000 to china and would be at the expense of jobs in this country. >> i want to give incentive to companies that are investing in you. the american people. to create american jobs. making american goods. that we are selling around the world. stamped with "made in america." >> the republican national committee says that by not
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cracking down on china's currency manipulation the president has allowed china to steal half a million jobs from us. >>shepard: you know, there is talk about comments the president made of small business last week that some found insulting. >>reporter: the president said small businesses are dependent on roads, bridges, the internet and other parts of the infrastructure that government helped create and he said it in a way that critics contend downbly the initiative of small business owner. and a romney spokesman said "president obama's comments reflect just how unqualified he is to lead us to a real economic recovery." the obama came pan -- campaign says the never is something all america creates for all americans. >>shepard: thank you, wendell. get ready to spend more money on the stuff you buy online. tax free sales on the internet are reportedly on their way out probably for good. according to the reporting of the "wall street journal" which our parent company owns republican governors are joining
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democrats, now, in supporting sales taxes on online purchases. this marks a major political shift that could spark a change in federal law and it could put a lot of money back in state budgets. the national conference of state legislatures reports online sales tax could raise up to $23 billion a year. or i could have put that, could cost americans $23 billion. anyway, over to ed. the managing partner of an investment management company. the politically speaking is one thing, but economically speaking, states are strapped. >>guest: they sure you. a lot of them have to have balanced budgets and this is a way to get there. this has been a long time coming. what is happening now because the economy is in such bad shape but it is not surprising it is happening, at some point this was going to occur and it makes sense regardless if you are a democrat or republican, this makes a lot of sense and it is going to occur, you can see it
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in the take leaves, so be prepared if you are buying online. at my house we buy a lot stuff online, that delivery truck is at my house all the time so it will hurt me right away. >>shepard: you know, brick and mortar stores have been complaining of this for a long time saying it is not fair to them. >>guest: it is not fair to them. they have other problems, other issues, but when you can go online and buy something 5 percent to 10 percent at a discount relative to going to the store you are going to go online. i found high school and i am sure, you, too, we are savvy shoppers, we will look at something and we could go look online and if we get the same thing at 5 percent or 10 percent or 15 percent cheaper online we will do it. >>shepard: you wonder if it will change shopping habits. some shop online for the reason there is no sales tax. >>guest: and, also convenience. when the internet first came out we said we would buy online and it never happened and people questioned where our credit
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cards, were they safe, but that is still a good question. but now it is down do a science where people buy online town $200 billion a year buying online from when this went into effect. in 1992 almost no purchases remain online, bought online and that is when the law went in place and now at $200 billion it makes sense, and i cannot believe i say this i think it is a good tax and time it has come. >>shepard: good to see you, ed. from dallas. >> now this: hookers. golf. and the united states treasury department. next, the report outlining the accusations against some more government employees and what they were doing on the job. plus, farmers in america's bread bracket are dealing with the worst drought conditions sin the 1950s. how bad is it getting? and how much is it going to cost all of us? details ahead. [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing
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>>shepard: now the treasury department, a newly obtained internal probe reveals they cited officials for soliciting prostitutes. and accepting improper gifts including trips. the government watch dog website obtained this report through freedom of information request detailing unethical and possibly criminal conduct. or that is how it is described to us. the report claims an employee used a government computer to find hookers on craigslist. and another staffer golfed with bank executives when the department was conducting bank examinations. in april this guy, mr. hot tub and the general services administration made headlines for throwing an $800,000 las vegas party all on the taxpayer dime and of court, who can forget the secret service hooker fiasco down in colombia early this year. and now, gregg jarrett, i wonder
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what else was in the report? >>reporter: that was good, mr. hot tub, these could join him they are not just boring accountants some of the guys are spending their time on the job playing golf and web surfing for prostitutes with one worker using i.t. computer resources to viewer -- to view the erotic services and the attorney chose not to prosecute because it did not involve underage prostituteors human trafficking. >> employee was surfing the web on a weekly basis he admitted for prostitutes, and, then, he actually went through with it on three separate occasions so he was seeking prostitutes on the government time and searching a variety of websites. >>gregg: treasury stress stressed "there were only half a
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dozen," as with any organization there are occasionally misconduct. the looker loving employee was not fired, by the way, but he retired. whether he got full benefits, we don't know. >>shepard: we can guess. what about the incidents of trading favors? >>gregg: bunch of them. a bank examiner accepting governor fees at a private country club from the very bank he was supposed to be regulating and he logged the hours on the job, by the way as "safety and sound if activists." that seems fair. when caught he said he thought it was condoned act it. again the case sent over to the u.s. attorneys office who said, well, i will not file any charges here. but, golf wasn't the only gift being handed out. other bank regulators at the treasury department, getting flowers. meals. limo rides. and get this, one scored a line of credit if the bank he was regulating.
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can you believe it? >>shepard: very convenient. gregg jarrett, thank you. >> justice department reportedly weighing whether to charge one bank over growing interest rate fixing scandal. you may know barclays has paid half a billion in fines for illegally manipulating the rates that banks charge each other to borrow money. that rate has a huge effect on the economy, everything from credit cards, to car loans, and mortgage rates, all factors in. so when banks met with the race we all pay the price. and it still remains to be seen whether the treasury secretary geithner knew of this bank manipulation, the rate ma finlation in the first place back when he was head of the new york federal reserve bank and judge napolitano is in the house to talk about this. the libor rate is foreign to most people. i mean, you do not know that much about it. but, man it is important. >>judge napolitano: think of this way: the biggest banks in
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london each morning announce what them charge each other for number and that number is averages. so libor is the name of the banks and the offering. london inter bank offered rate. is what it means. libor plus two, you play baseline plus another two percentage points. some of the london banks, and many do business in the united states, were intentionally inaccurately reporting what the numbers were. so as to "goose up," the rate to be paid a higher interest rate. now, that affects many, many banks and many people paying their loans, some of whom have nothing to do with the banks that concocted this. you may get a loan from the first national bank of oxford, mississippi, and they may say, shep, you are a good risk well charge you libor. your rate went up because of the
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shenanigans in long do even though your bank had nothing to do with it. your bank overcharged you and you over paid. now the government decides to prosecute criminally, to sue civilly, and to administer, to regulate and they collect hundreds of millions in fees and fines from the banks. where does that money go? to the government. not to the innocent lenders who overpaid because libor was inaccurately calculated. >>shepard: i would be curious to know who knew what, when, when the government is making money off of this and it sounds like a tax on us. >>judge napolitano: what is very serious, the present secretary of the treasury, geithner was the president of the new york federal reserve at the time that this was going on. did he know? did he look the other way? did the new york federal reserve have any liability? we will see how deep the obama
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justice department wants to dig as it investigated this one. >>shepard: there has been a lot written and it sounds like, strangely, a lot of people knew this was going on. >>judge napolitano: presidents of loans and trillions of dollars. this could be one of the largest institutions of bank orchestrated fraud in the history of the world. >>shepard: the banks are committing fraud against the people? hard to imagine. i never would think that was possible. >>judge napolitano: see where it goes. >>shepard: thank you. all as middle east tensions rise by the day, and they are rising, pentagon officials say the united states sailors had to open fire on a boat in the persian gulf. so what led to that? what does it mean? we will get into that. and a major international group says the syrian uprising is, in fact, a civil war. gee, do you think? do you think it's a civil war? really? wow! [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's four course seafood feast,
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>>shepard: sailors an board a ship in the persian shot and killed a person and hurt three others on a small boat in the persian gulf. the sailors boarded the navy ship and warned the small boat that it was too close before they fired the shot and killed the guy. happened not far from the strait of hormuz and iran has repeatedly threatened to block that route in response to western bans on iranian crude. jennifer griffin with this news like at the pentagon this afternoon. how did the navy warn the boat in the first place?
3:21 pm
>> well, u.s. navy officials say the u.s. and the boat exhausted all warning signals flashing and firing warning shots before using lethal force against the pleasure craft and that is what they call it. that craft approached the navy oil tanker for a second time, and one defense official said the small boat initially turned away and then came back in a menacing manner and the fleet put thought statement "the crew repeatedly attempted to warn the vessels' operators to turn away from the deliberate approach, and when the efforts failed, the security team on the boat fired rounds from a 50 caliber machine gun." >>shepard: jennifer, this happened amid really growing tensions in the middle east, the timing is poor. >>reporter: it is. one person was killed. three were injured. and it happened about ten miles off the coast of the united arab
3:22 pm
emirates, just a few miles southwest of the strait of hormuz that we talk so much about where all the oil passes each day near a port near dubai used by the u.s. navy. separately the pentagon announced this morning that it would be sending the u.s. aircraft carrier to the persian gulf region four months ahead of schedule. it is supposed to arrive if the region late this summer. it is important to point out that back in 2000 when the "uss cole" was struck it was struck by a civilian boat that was filled with explosives, and 17 u.s. sarah palins were killed and at that point the navy changed its rules of we engagement and they have been different ever since the "uss cole" incident. >>shepard: the red cross international committee confirms what many have been saying for a long time, the uprising in syria is create a full scale civil war. the red cross civil war designation now puts syria under international humanitarian law.
3:23 pm
that is because it could lead to war crimes charges at some point down the road. and an opposition activist in the capital of damascus tells fox he is witnessing the worst fighting between government forces and the rebel fighters. then there is the diplomat front, russia's foreign minister today accused the wet of blackmail, claiming that western leaders are threatening to scrap a united nations observer mission if now doesn't agree to the use of military force in syria. >> and, unmanned witness, unnamed witness, i sudden say making potentially damaging claims about the neighborhood watchman george zimmerman. it is all in newly released police interviews in the case of young trayvon martin. the question is, will it matter in a court of law? or just in the court of public opinion. we will play the recordings for you and let the lawyers weigh in. coming up next. and the u.s. dealings with the worst droughts we have seen anywhere in decades. coming up as we approach the
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>>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. and unnamed witness claims that murder suspect george zimmerman does not like black people. but she gives no examples to back that claim up. the woman called witness number 9 tells the police the foam neighborhood watchman molested her for years but she says it
3:28 pm
happens when she was six and he was eight years old. not really sure how that is relevant to the country case and we have many more questions about that. anyway, first, remember, the prosecution claims george zimmerman profiled the 17-year-old trayvon martin before killing him back in february. in calls to 91, george zimmerman reported a real suspicious guy who looked up to no good and says he opened fire in self-defense after trayvon martin attacked him. witness number 9 was not there the night of shooting. she spoke with investigators a positive later and told them "i was afraid he may have done something because the kid was black." >> he and his family have always made statements they don't like black people if they don't act like white people. they like black people if they act white. and other than that, they talk a lot of bad things about black
3:29 pm
people. >>shepard: but they asked specifics and she had none. all are you aware of him ever taking an action like a racial action against someone because of race or something like that? >>guest: no. >> has he said something specific that makes you fool he was racist? >>guest: i can't remember growing up exactly anything but i know that is a then thing that is how their family feels. >>shepard: his defense attorney tried to block the release of the interchange and new jailhouse recordings, and now, the news from the south florida newsroom. steve, what else is in the recordings? >>reporter: what is grabbing the headlines is the charge of molestation. keep in mind we only hear one side but we have not heard from the lawyer or the defense team, and this claim by witness number 9 says it occurred over a period of 10 years going when the witness was six years old, and
3:30 pm
george zimmerman a couple of years older and extending on-and-off until she was 16 years old. >> can you describe groping a little bit? what does that mean? >>guest: put his hand under my shirt and just rub and grab my chest and ... put it hands down my pants, again, and ... >>reporter: the witness number 9 said he also molested a second girl but he refused to name names. >>shepard: have they explained what is relevant to the case? >>reporter: we hearing from the lawyer and the team who say this is irrelevant and we expect to hear more in a short time probably why he tried to fight so hard to suppress this but the trayvon martin says this testimony is relevant showing george zimmerman has a history
3:31 pm
of violence and manipulation. >>shepard: thank you, steve and now to arthur aidala, and criminal defense attorney, randy zelin. i don't what to make of this stuff. >>arthur: look, a month ago, the lawyer released a tape him walking through the seen and describing what happened where and now the prosecution is doing, it is like a tennis match for public relations. all this stuff is not going to be admissible. come on, he is eight he did something. it is different because what was reported, she was 16, and now if he is 18 and 16 ... that is different than eight and six. and the fact that the other girl says, everyone knows they are racist, if someone came if and said a week before this took place, mrs. zimmermann said i don't like black people that could be relevant. but the whole neighborhood knows he didn't like black people, how do you know that?
3:32 pm
this is a war to poison the mind of the jury on the defense side and now the judge can do something very simple. a gag order. shut up. no one can talk. why are they releasing this. >>shepard: reporters ahead gag orders. >>arthur: i am a lawyer guy. >>randy: the problem is you have a judge would already in this case has commented about his personal feel us, in my opinion, about george zimmerman going above and beyond the question of whether or not the man is a flight risk and whether he will come back to court. so that is problem one. but to a arthur's point the difference between what the defense did and what the prosecution did, the defense did a reenactment of the crime scene and what happened. and the prosecution is throwing up everything except what happened. molestation accusations going back 50 years ago? the family are a bunch of racists? what does that have to do with
3:33 pm
whether or not george zimmerman --. >>arthur: or george zimmerman acted in self-defense. both sides are doing it. the guy, you do not think he reenacted in a way favorable to him. >>shepard: so we can put it on tv to let the jury see. >>arthur: did he mention the reenactment to the 9-1-1 operator? did he mention the reenactment? that is when i got the call from the police department that said don't do it but i disagree. he didn't say that. >>randy: so is the prosecution going to come out and say anything to refute that? the physical evidence is consistent with his version. >>arthur: it is supposed to be tried in the courtroom not on "studio b" it is ridiculous on what is going on and both sides are 100 percent involved. >>randy: and what the prosecution did, by talking about allegations of molestation 50 years ago and racism? or the defendant reenacting the
3:34 pm
crime scene in >>arthur: you tell me. >>shepard: i have seen reenacting crime scenes before, but i have never been fed prop citizen like that, that everyone has run with, before, and if that is just private investigators going out to tell his story, that's awful. if he wants to tell his story he can get up on camera and talk to a seasoned questioner, and maybe we will find out a few things. >>randy: how did that work for dan -- sandusky? >>shepard: i am worried about finding out what happened. i think we know what happened with sandusky. i don't know if we have to take the load of propaganda. we do what we do. >>randy: when people understand the presuch -- presumption of innocence, maybe
3:35 pm
defendants will not have to do that. >>shepard: i have a soapbox for you in the middle of sixth avenue. >>randy: i believe in the presumption of evidence and so should everyone else. >>shepard: okay, let's sing something patriotic. randy, soapbox. thank you. >> drought conditions are now reported -- randy, i don't know. you must get a lost hail mail. i don't presume you are innocent of everything. where am i supposed to go? drought conditions cover 55 percent of the continental united states, the largest stretch if this nation since 1959. wonder what is going on? wonder what's going on? come on, people. according to the national oceanic and atmospheric administration top soil is dried out and crops are deteriorating at a rate rarely seen and it could drive food prices to record levels.
3:36 pm
maybe you don't care about this stuff now and quit foolin' yourself, but, it is dry out there? >> if there is ever a time you want to wish for a tropical storm now is the time. look at florida, showing the extreme of exceptional drought. we do not have the problem this because of tropical storm moisture. we need moisture. we are not going to get it in the areas we really need it so crops of the southwest extreme to exceptional drought headed across the ohio river valley and the tennessee river valley and parts of arkansas, extreme to exceptional, the highest you can get. and much of georgia in extreme or exceptional drought. 80 percent of the country is in abnormally dry conditions, the largest detroit in 50 years, 55 percent in month -- moderate or extreme drought. and it could get worse in july
3:37 pm
and august. july is typically the warmest month of the year. >>shepard: next year food is going to cost. that is what i am thinking. and, northeast, what is this thing of northeast? >> we are seeing hot temperatures. it is july. i know. but the return -- it could feel like close to 100. that is the current heat index so that is the temperature with the humidity come becamed feeling like 100 in st. louis now, 100 in washington, dc. as we head into tomorrow, it will feel like 101 in chicago, and 101 in washington, dc. summer is here. relief is on the way by wednesday a little bit. >>shepard: thank you. the food and drug administration approved the first drug shown to reduce the risk of contracting h.i.v. a major milestone they call it in the 30 year battle against the disease that calls aids, or the virus that causes aids and the drug has been on the market since 2004 but a treatment for people already infected with h.i.v.
3:38 pm
new tests show that it also works as a preventive measure, but the agency warns the drug is still not 100 percent effective. >> the prosecution says the air force trainer used his position to intimidate and eventually rape female recruits. today, his court marshal started. details on that head. and the united states is giving egypt tens of billions in aid over the years. look what the secretary of state gets from the egyptians? thanks for that. [ male announcer ] at scottrade,
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>>shepard: the air force staff sergeant facing two dozen charges including rape and sexual assault today set to face court-martial, just one of 12 instructors at at the air force base in san antonio accused of sexually abusing female service
3:42 pm
member. it is one of the busiest military training centers. and arthur aidala is here and criminal defense attorney, randy zelin is here. >>arthur: as much as randy talks of the evidence of presuming innocence in court-martial in these proceed ing, their standards are very high so you have, you are starting with one hand out of the deck against you. now, you are charged with very serious sex crimes and this is in the typical he punched someone or he stole someone. we are talking about rain and now a high profile media case. the defendant has a major uphill battle ahead. >>randy: we are coming off the sandusky trial and the horrors we saw there so it is very difficult for me to now talk about, well, you know, the women, the case being prosecuted new but they did not come forward they go back a few
3:43 pm
years. but the that to the side. the challenge for the defendant is going to be to convince this panel that is going to be deciding his fate, i may have acted inpromptly and taken advantage of my position being a superior to the women, but, it was not rain. i did not force myself upon them. i did not use force. i did not take them beyond their will. i may have taken advantage of them, that is not the kind of thing that warrants life in prison. in other words, give me a check not bugger that i had, don't charge me for a steak. that is really, what he is going to look do-do, hot to say i walk, but, come on you do not lock me up for life. one defendant got 90 days for being involved with more women than this defendant, ten women here, only four he had intercourse with, another defendant who cooperated got a total of 90 days. >>arthur: so, four women will take the stand, and they will look at the jury, and they will say, he raped me, he forcibly raped me. >> and they will go into the
3:44 pm
details. rain and now physical evidence, talk about the evidence consistent with it being rape. you need, you need it, to send someone ap for the rest of their life. you really do. >>arthur: so --. >>shepard: but not under the law. >>randy: that is where you talk about reality versus --. >>arthur: if he was in a civilian court he would be facing 25 years. not life. >>shepard: 25 to life. >>arthur: maximum rape is 25. so they can charge it consecutively so in the real world he could get 100 years. rain but there will be things that will be mitigating factors, the fact they came forward a few years later, the lack of recent outcry, the lack of physical evidence consistent with force, and, you may see this defendant testify and give his version of what happened which will be different than it being a forcible --.
3:45 pm
>>arthur: you will have to see him testify unless the women are so not credible they feel they can take it right to the jury, he will have to go up there and say, look, i did abuse my discretion and i had relations and i should not have done that it and led to consensual relations, not forced and the jury value to decide. >>shepard: protesters in egypts welcoming our secretary of state, hillary clinton, by pelt her motorcade with tomatoes and shoes and water bottles and chanted "monica, monica," a very tired reference for a tired and dated society, from bill clinton marital affair with the former intern. duh. secretary of state, hillary clinton was not hurt and it happened after the secretary arrived in egypt for the first visit since the presidential election and under clear who the protesters were, exactly, but we are told a tomato hit an egyptian official in the face, and the state department claims that her vehicle was never hit at all, and the united states
3:46 pm
gives egypt more than $1 billion a year. in aid to the military. the newly signed new york knicks point guard jason kidd. yes. there is the mug shot. cops say he got wasted. and crashed his s.u.v. into a telephone pole. that is not the only trouble for your new york knicks. sometimes it feels like they need to close up shot. jeremy lin could soon be leaving. brooklyn is getting a team and you need to straighten this stuff out for everyone is going to abandon you and your madison square garden. get your heads together, people! more pil. triple checking hydraulics. the evening brin more pain.
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>>shepard: the most compelling sports story of the year took a turn no fan likely could have predicted. with one day to go until the nba trading deadline, the new york knicks will likely get rid of jeremy lin. the most popular player in a decade and all that linsanity a day after his possibly replacement was arrested. jeremy lin is a free agent and rockets offered $25 million contract. and the knicks say they cannot match that figure without paying a salary cap penalty so he is probably gone from madison square garden and the merchandise and the fan good well and everything else that finally good happens and now this. 39-year-old veteran who the knicks signed last week, jason kidd, 39 years old, yesterday morning he reportedly drove the s.u.v. into a telephone pole on long island, and someone was escorting him out of a club
3:51 pm
before the crash and witnesses claim that he looked "very drunk." he already pleaded not guilty to d.w.i. and headaches for the teams are just beginning. and now fraser seitel, the knicks, man, the tortured, tortured life. >> they are having another losing year, the season does not start for three month, the most dysfunctional franchise in the history of the nba. jason kidd is almost as old as i am and his best days are behind him, and they sign him for three years and $10 million and he shows his gratitude by getting drunk and running into a pole. >> who makes $10 million and cannot call a cab? >> you know what the insurance policy is? >>guest: here is the insurance
3:52 pm
policy, jeremy lin, because if they keep him, they sign him for $25 million and the other 25 they get charged in taxes as you said, they need jason kidd to be his tutor, and if they don't sign lin they need kidd to be the point guard and for lin if the knicks give him up they use the p.r. potential and merchandising and he does well in houston, houston signs dwight howard the knicks fail. they get pilloried. if they seen lin he has played 28 games, the season is 70 games and no one knows how he will do for a full season and he bombs out, they get pilloried again so it is typical new york knicks. heads they lose. tails. they lose. >>shepard: i remember this team being good. and fund. remember? i was, like, 12. what happened? >>guest: and i was seven. the ownership changed. the ownership is not very good
3:53 pm
and they have had all sorts of problems and what they have to hope --. >>shepard: they can do cable tv very good out here. >>guest: go back to your childhood and they have to hope that raymond fell ton is the second coming. >>randy: he is a solid point guard. do not lose sight. >>arthur: the last time the knicks were fun, i remember, and it was allen houston, and latrelle, in 90 something. >> new they have signed marcus, and jason kidd, and curt thomas and another guy from italy who is 37. the only one they need to fill in is me. >>shepard: one thing that they have never had to deal with is
3:54 pm
empty seats in madison square garden because they fill it up. these people coming over from brooklyn, if they know how to play and ... i am almost hopeful. more stuff and then neil cavuto. . it's the priceline negotiator. >>what? >>sorry. he wants you to know about priceline's new express deals. it's a faster way to get a great hotel deal without bidding. pick one with a pool, a gym, a great guest rating. >>and save big. >>thanks negotiator. wherever you are. ya, no. he's over here. >>in the refrigerator?
3:55 pm
hey america, even though slisa rinna is wearing the new depend silhouette briefs for charity to prove how great the fit is even under a fantastic dress. the best protection now looks, fits and feels just like underwear. we invite you to get a free sample and try one on too.
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>>shepard: we reported of the kid from floridian alligator ripped his arm off. he got out of the hospital after a week, now. and he was swimming in a river near ft. pierce on the west coast and he came face-to-face with the alligator. the 17-year-old explained he used his arm to fend off the attack and protect his torso and the incident will not stop him if it diagnosis back in the river. >> when my arm heals i will go back to the river, the first thing on my list. it feels good to get out of this. >> he is looking forward to getting a process notic and officials say the arm was still inside the 1' alligator when
3:58 pm
theyall it hours after the attack. back later for the fox report and now the dow, before we hand it over to neil cavuto, off, again. i don't know. lately i do one thing, i blame randy zelin for everything. >>neil: get ready. more proof we are slipping. and now, fast. and not just here. the slow down thing? it is everywhere. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto at fox on top of a recovery ratcheting down. the only question now: how far down? news today retail sales falling half a percent in june, the third drop in a row and the first three month slump since mid-2008. right in the middle of a recession. if all of this seems back to the future, it should. manufacture gauge is back to where they were in 2009. service sector readings back do where they were in early 2010
3:59 pm
and today news this is going global the monetary fund cutting the worldwide outlook and urging european officials to do all they can to avert an almost certain debt crisis if they do not. across the pond, more focus on the economic rain in spain and our curious obsession here with anything having to do with bain. none of this is a surprise to charles payne. charles is charged because he says the europeans are and we are not. they are finally waking up to the slow down of 2012 and we are still talking over whether romney left bain as late at 2002. that is a good point. here we go. >>guest: first of all we aren't, the president is. the president is dithering, the president, someone in his camp said romney was a felon and the president says we will not take that back. listen, play the politics you want to play and that is the atmosphere you think this country n


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