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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 17, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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of fighter jets in the persian gulf. uss ponce reconfigured for floating dock for special operation and demining ships. in 2006, iranian drivers carried out a military exercise shown here, placing mines under water. mines designed to stop international warships or traffic in the persian gulf. it came after an incident where the uss rappahannock fired on fishing vessel after the navy says the boat ignored warnings to halt. one indian was killed. three injured. the indian ambassador says he spoke to survivors and they say the uss rappahannock fired the 50-caliber machine gun without warning. >> there were warning measures that were taken based on what we know now. this is under the
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investigation. full facts, that the investigation is complete. >> the last time shots were fired in a hostile incident involving a u.s. navy ship in the persian gulf was 1988. warships crippled six iranian naval vessels in a series of clashes then. the 1988 battle followed an incident in which a u.s. ship was danieled by mine thought to have been laid by iran. >> bret: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. syrian ambassador who defected last week has a chilly warning how far bashar assad will go to hang on the power. correspondent leland vittert has the story and what the rebels in syria are trying to do to snatch that power away. >> rebels in damascus lit fires blocking a main highway, forcing the regime to send tankses to the street of the syrian capital to maintain control of the city. this dramatic shift in 18-month long uprising could be enough to force president
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aside to use chemical weapons against his own people. speaking to the bbc, he offered no proof to accusations but said he thought the syrian army may have used chemical weapons and would for sure as the conflict worsened. syrian army gunship opened fire. amateur video appeared to show some bomb dropping from a helicopter, moments later, an explosion shook the ground. rebels posted video showing lower right hand corner of the screen, blowing up the check point. and showing continuing to fight despite the constant artillery bombardment by syrian army enforcement. this with the troops and captured personnel carriers, nation of their infantry attack and the fighting in damascus point to the opposition troops emboldened, not scared by u.s. intelligence reports that the syrian army move gas out
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of store ran for possible attacks in homs. those zillians who survive the fighting cry out in agony. "we have no bread, no water," said this woman amid destruction of a former rebel stronghold. look at my house, she cried. "bashar assad is destroying our country." true or not, the chemical weapon threat to give the united states and the allies increased diplomatic fire power at the united nations this week when they go ahead to ask for increase sanctions against the syrian regime. the russians have promised veto any such measure, leaving the world to wait and see if the syrian army will actually use chemical weapons against its own people or continue to kill them with conventional ones. >> bret: thank you, leland vittert. america's ability to deal with the kind of problems we discussed is in question
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tonight. right now the clock is click down to hard choices regarding your national defense. chief congressional correspondent tell us about how to rally political troops. >> they invited dick cheney to capitol hill to fire up lawmakers about the massive defense cut known as sequestration. he says when cheney talks the lawmakers listen to the way the cuts will affect the national security. >> there is no thought. it's just go down every item in the budget. and take off eight to 12 or higher percentage. everything, no thought, no discretion, no planning. just whack everything. >> sources say mr. cheney reflected on the years as defense secretary and noted strategic decisions get made in the job with an impact ten years down the road. they should deal with the reduction but not in this way. after the former vice
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president had lunch with the senate republicans, mitch mcconnell said there is time to fix failures of the past. >> we'll figure out a way to intelligently deal with the sequester not cutting a penny less. but by making decisions that the joint select committee was unable to make next year. >> they are not going to allow just defense portion to be replaced without addressing the other half of the $1.2 trillion sequester they argue would be painful for middle class. >> my press friends here tend to focus sequester as a one one-sided vehicle. that it only dealt with defense. that's not true. there are big cuts there for domestic problems also. >> they repeatedly warn drastic measures would be devastating to the pentagon and have real consequences. >> do it in a way that threatens to hallow out our national defense.
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>> today, pin t spokesman seemed to put pressure on congress to find a way out of the mess. >> we are obviously assessing the potential impacts of sequestration. we are not planning for sequestration. >> sources say the former vice president discuss the political and economic impact of the cuts. pink slips could go out in swing states before election day. if 1.5 to 2 million jobs are lost between the government and private sector, that would bring unemployment back to 10%. bret? >> bret: mike emanuel live on the hill. thank you. top official from a british bank is stepping down after admitting one of the american branchs laundered billions of dollars from mexican drug lords. leaders of hsbc testifieded before senate panel today. they admitted the firm did not have proper control in place. the justice department says it is conducting criminal investigation. we are learning more about the got use unmanned eye in the sky to keep an eye on you and other americans.
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chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has that story tonight. about 21st century surveillance. new information tonight. good evening. >> thank you. good evening. response to freedom of information request, they posted document from the faa on the use of drones inside the united states. according to the newly released documents drones are used domestically by the police department from seattle, washington, to north little rock, arkansas, by ten public colleges and universities, as well as a handful of federal agencies, including the usda and the department of energy. fox news is reviewing multiple records, and operating the licenses released by the faa. as an example, the miami police department is utahing honeywell rk-16a micro-air vehicle nearly two feet long including the sensor pod, weighing 2.2 pounds. it can fly for up to 40 minutes at speed of 45 miles per hour. the seattle police department is using the dragon flier f-6
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described in the document as remotely operated unmanned aircraft, wireless video an stealth cameras. and it's ten inchs high and three feet in width. fox recently reported that the smaller drones can be hacked using laptop computers raising questions over the safety, security and who controls the data they collect. the electronic frontier foundation questions the privacy implications. "the faa documents we received address the safety issue with the drone flights but there are so many unanswered questions about the privacy of the drones. those who support the use of domestic drones say they are additional eyes in the sky for law enforcement at a fraction of the cost. bret? >> bret: we will follow this. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> bret: up next, no love lost between the presidential candidates. the latest quarrel with a forceful push back when we come back. ♪ atmix of the world needs a broader that's why we're supplying natural gas to
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that works. >> bret: we spent the first part of the program talking
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about the real and potential wars, now to the political battleground. president obama and mitt romney are not letting go of the most recent attack lines. now romney is adding more to his arsenal. chief political correspondent carl cameron has the story. >> reporter: with 16 weeks to election day, romney pounded barack obama for suggesting that business growth and job are the result of and depend on government. >> he said this, if you've got a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. [ booing ] >> reporter: to say something like that is not just foolishness, it's insulting to every entrepreneur or innovator in america. >> last week the president said if you have a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. today, mr. obama defended the remark. >> there are some things we do better together. we rise or fall as one nation. that is what i believe.
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that is what our history tells us. >> such statements from the president underscore defining choice for voters according to romney. >> we need a change from the president. first understand that the private sector is what creates jobs and not government. >> sources say romney has not made up the mind on the running mate and the short list includes more than three names. romney must be trying to hide something according to democrats who include republican pressure on the call for romney to release more tax returns. >> put out as much information as you can. even if you don't release 12 years of tax return, three, four, five. >> romney renewed the attack on the president's "crony capitalism" noting big democratic donors who want heavy government contract loans from the obama administration. >> steve raised $500,000 for obama campaign. with obama in office, grew investment at $500 million taxpayer dollars. he was appointed to a top advisory board.
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>> that kind of crony capitalism does not create jobs and does not create jobs here. free people and free markets that i want government to get investing in business. he has no one new to blame. he is not in touch with what is happening in the country. that's why in november we are going to put him out of office. >> team romney asked if bain capital is a bad company how is it that the obama campaign accepted $120,000 of donations in this campaign from bain officials? the answer is they are democrats and some of them run the company. obama campaign does not say they dispute the president criticism of bain capital and romney and back the republican candidate version of events. >> bret: you mentioned this in your piece, but what about what about the conservatives caller for governor romney to release tax returns. tonight, rick perry of texas reiterating his primary call for romney to release as much personal information as possible.
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perry saying he released tax returns from 1992. where is tax return issue going? >> romney released 2010 and promised to release 2011. but the lawyers are still going over the paperwork and not submitted it yet. 2011 tax returns have not been made public. romney made it clear he will not release more. but it's true that romney gave more than 20 years of tax returns to john mccain who was the republican nominee of 2008 when romney was considered as possible running mate. john mccain said he looked over the tax returns and didn't find anything particularly objectionable. he ultimately picked sarah palin thinking she was a better fit. romney has made the tax returns available to some, just not publicly in this campaign so the press and obama campaign can pound him. he said as much. >> bret: mccain today said there is nothing there. we talk about this with the panel.
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carl, thank you. a huge issue this fall will be taxes, who pays how much. whether the well-off should pay more. chief national correspondent jim angle looks at new information that warns of unintended consequences. >> the independent research organization earnston young released a report saying increase in taxes on families making more than $250,000 a year would cost hundreds of thousands of jobs. >> they found if the rates are allowed to go up, you will see 710,000 fewer jobs. people who keep their jobs will have lower wages. less invest. and the economy will be smaller. >> reporter: that is because president obama wants to increase not just income taxes but tax rate on capital gains and dividends and allow fewer deductions. as it turns out, the most successful small business accounting for 54% of all private sector jobs, pay individual tax rate. all the increases at once would raise the cost of investment and job creation in the u.s.
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>> increase the cost of investment by 15%. people have incentive to not invest in united states. >> it makes investing in job creation more expensive, so the economy will be, one can expect it to be smaller than it would be otherwise. >> yesterday. obama criticized romney for supporting the territorial tax, which prevents double taxation on foreign earnings, policy supported by obama advisors. president pointed to a study written by a supporter that said policy would create 800,000 jobs overseas. ernst and young found the president tax proposals create the same incentive. >> the cost of investing goes up in the u.s. relative to other countries. as a result of that one can expect there to be less investment and less capital inflow from abroad, less invest in the the u.s. >> ernst and young found wages would fall as workers are less productive. >> that means that the
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businesses can buy less equipment, less tools to make the workers more productive. less productivity means lower wages. >> president obama insist increase in the top rate would have little impact on the economy arguing most small businesses would not be abilityeaffected. >> the proposal today would extend tax cut to 97% of small business owners in america. 97% of small businesses fall under $250,000 threshold. but the other 3% are successful and the ones respondable for the half private sector employmentment. bret? >> bret: jim, thank you. they rolled the dice. and lost. the emergency in north las vegas.
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>> bret: confidence of u.s. home builder at five-year high. builders are seeing the best sales levels right now since february of 2007. the dow rebounded today gaining 78. s&s&ps&p 500 was up 10. nasdaq finished up 13. consumer prices are flat and inflation is under control. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke said the board is comfortable with the inflation policies now. he acknowledged the economy has slowed an things could get worse depending on europe's debt crisis and impending budget battles in congress. for many people in a region built on process of big money and good times there is very little of either tonight. the city of north las vegas on a losing streak. correspondent william la jeunesse tells us about the controversial way leaders are playing the cards they have been dealt. >> from fire to flood. this summer saw the share of
6:23 pm
disasters but in north las vegas residents know the state of emergency there has nothing to do with the weather. >> we need to stop spending money. >> our biggest issue is salar salary. and compensation and benefits. >> unable to declare bankruptcy, the city is using a state law on disasters to declare an emergency. >> they are claiming financial disaster but using a natural disaster. >> unions claim the city is illegally using the law to avoid pay increases and break contracts. >> they don't support unions. they support downsizing, outsourcing, privatization, combining services. >> workers get $2 to clean toilets. firefighters with overtime can double their salary. >> if the residents had their way, they would have a fire -- they would fire someone else at a lower pay and a lot of them would take the job.
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>> property and sales taxes are down 36%. one in five homes are in foreclosure. not exactly a natural disaster but by declaring one the city saved $9 million in pay increases. >> i want a guy to be on top of the game. >> no other nevada city declared this emergency. it's under attack from the court and through the grievance process. the mayor box says if it's overturned the city will have no choice but to lay off firefighters and police. that is exactly what she says they are trying to avoid in the first place. >> bret: thank you. more than 1,000 counties in 26 states have been declared natural disaster areas because of the worst drought in decades. that is going to cost you more at the grocery store. 55% of the country is in a moderate to extreme drought right now. that is the highest percentage
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>> bret: fresh pickings from the political grapevine. boy scouts of america reaffirming the policy of excluding gays as both leaders and scouts. the decision comes after
6:29 pm
two-year review. 11-member committee unanimously backed the long standing policy upheld by the supreme court in 2000. gay rights groups are not pleased and one calling it a missed opportunity of colossal proportions. president obama using the teleprompter less and less as the campaign kicks in high gear. hill reports that team obama help him better connect with voters. political communications professor says the teleprompter has become a crutch. he is quoted as saying it seemed as if he couldn't go anywhere without them. president obama was mocked by the "daily show" john stewart speaking in a classroom. the first couple needed a kiss cam do-over in last night's usa versus brazil basketball game here in washington. this is what happened initia initially. >> father-daughter
6:30 pm
conversation going on at the basketball court. [ applause ] >> we've got president obama on the ever in-house arena kiss cam. >> he blew it. >> after that the press pool was escorted out of the arena only to be brought back in an hour later, just in time for kiss cam round two. [ applause ] the press report read pool happened to be brought back in the arena for another quick photo op when the first couple was once again put up on the kiss cam. that wasn't just luck. stadium official confirms white house officials called and asked them saying the obamas did not realize what was going on the first time around. and then they asked for a second try. at that smooch.
6:31 pm
>> bret: feelings elsewhere in washington are not as warm and fuzzy. tonight white house correspondent wendell goler reports on how both sides in the presidential race are accentuating the negative. >> nearly four months out from the election, president obama and presumptive channeler mitt romney are going at each other like prize fighters. with rate of ad buy in some cities not seen until september and nearly all of them negative. >> chinese are smiling all the way to the bank. taking our jobs and our future. >> he made a fortune. >> here is romney using hillary clinton from 2008. >> shame on you, barack obama. >> america expects more from a president. >> obama dishonest campaign. >> romney primary challengers were used to him attacking when they got close in the polls but arguably a change in tone for the president who come pained on a promise of hope an change -- campaigned on promise of hope and change and criticized going negative.
6:32 pm
>> if you don't have a record to go on, then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from. you make a big election about small things. >> the group says the obama campaign run more than two-and-a-half times negative ads as the romney camp. the president concedes he hasn't been able to change washington own as much as he hoped to. though aides say republicans emerged to the right and refuse to compromise. >> i remember working with republicans. republicans. by the way, this ain't your father republican party. >> experts say going negative increases the unfavorable ratings for the attacker and the victim, but it works. >> it really does work if the negative attacks are short and effective. some are, and some aren't. in the end it's about winning. you win whatever way you can. >> larry sabato says negative
6:33 pm
advertising increases cynicism, but it may be riskier for obama. >> if you raise one campaign for uplifting, optimistic hope and change and the next campaign on the negatives of your opponent, you know, most people pick up on the contradiction. >> sabato believe negative ads may have less impact than usual because no matter what they are telling pollsters most people already decided how they will vote. it dun mean the candidates will stop using them. be? >> bret: wendell goler live on the north lawn. thank you. former president bill clinton visited nelson mandela today in south africa on the eve of mandela's 94th birthday. the antiapartheid icon is frail and no longer appears in public. a huge celebration is planned in south africa to mark mandela's birthday. going negative in a big way, as you heard from wendell's report, look at the presidential race and push back today when the fox all-stars join me after the break.
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he said this, if you've got a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. the idea to say that steve jobs didn't build apple, that henry ford didn't build ford motor, that papa john didn't build papa john pizza, that ray crock didn't build mcdonald's, bill gates didn't build microsoft. you go on the list, that joe and the colleagues didn't build the enterprise, to say something that is not just foolishness, it's insulting to every entrepreneur and innovator in america. >> bret: romney on the offensive today speaking out about something obama said in virginia on the stump that raised eyebrows, especially in conservative circles. the president saying he defended the remark today saying we as a nation do
6:38 pm
things better together. we rise and fall as one nation. we'll start there tonight with the politics. bring in the panel. steve hayes, senior writer for "weekly standard." welcome ben feller, white house correspondent for the "associated press." and syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. ben, what is your assessment of the back and forth and how has it been playing? romney seemed energized on the stump on one point. >> yeah, the governor was fired up and fired up and trying to get back on message. that may shock you and there is license take within what was said. romney pulled out the quote that said if you built something it wasn't you. the full context of the president's comments earlier were a little bit broader than that. he said we have a government that has a system set up to thrive for individuals. people build roads. teachers in school. a government responsibility. it wasn't just you on your own. focus of governor romney is to say we need a government and
6:39 pm
we need a president who understands that private business is at the core. every time he shifts the focus to that, it puts the onus on president obama to talk about how he is the one in charge of the sluggish job growth. what we saw today by governor romney is a way to get off of the campaign of the last week. the bain discrepancies of when he left. is he or is he not going to release more tax returns? he seemed more energized and on message more. >> bret: steve? >> i agree with ben. context of what the president said, when he said if you didn't build it, he was referring to the previous sentence was about road. inot sure the president deserves the benefit of the doubt. the way they have been driving mitt romney and bain, but he probably meant roads. if you look at the longer context, it doesn't help the president. it makes it in some ways worse.
6:40 pm
he is arguing that business can't get by on his own. it suggests that business, suggesting what mitt romney is saying in the comment he made, taking out of context. romney was smart to get beyond this and say the reason the president is obsessed with bain, he doesn't understand how it works. there are examples to give. talk about president obama in iowa saying when he was asked about why small businesses aren't hiring and as a result of obamacare. no, no, no. that isn't the case. plenty of example he can give and he started to give them today. >> bret: the back and forth about how many tax returns he will put out, two. one when the accountants are finished with 2011. he did provide more than 20 of them to john mccain, as he was being vetted for a possible v.p. pick with john mccain. senator mccain responded today to reporters asking questions about the tax return
6:41 pm
that he saw. >> it was nothing, disqualifying in his tax returns. that is a fact. again, please add to somehow intimate that without any basis in fact is the sleaze campaign that this obama campaign is running. it's disgraceful. they can't talk about the economy so they have to make personal attack against a good and decent man. >> bret: the followup question obviously, charles, is if there is nothing in the 20-plus, why put out two? >> because once you do it, you never stops. you concede the premise to the opposition that he is hiding something. give them three years they want six. if you give them six, they want ten. i believe in the hon for of john mccain. he looked at them and says they were okay. that's enough for me. two years is enough. this is playing in to the obama strategy. i disagree that romney talk about what obama said in virginia about private enterprise being ultimately rooted in government.
6:42 pm
is somehow a distraction a way to change the subject. tax return at bain are a distraction. the real issue of the campaign is precisely what obama said. that is precisely at the center of the division, left to right, republican and democratic. how do you see the free enterprise capitalism in american society? obama said clearly that it's rooted in success as a result of not infrastructure. the worst part about it he says it's because we're all in this together. society that ultimately supports you. yes, society. but obama always identifies society collective action with the government. in fact, society is still society. it's the family. the church. it's the little platoons that were talked about in toqueville. that is what sustains us.
6:43 pm
not government. emphasis on government. at the root of all good in america is what is wrong with the obama vision. that is what romney ought to attack. that is what the campaign ought to be about. >> bret: ben, yesterday, the president cited a report from someone who supports the president and economists saying that 800,000 jobs will be spent overseas. by romney tax proposal. the independent association ernst and young came out with its own report that said increases taxes on families making more than $250,000 a year would cost hundreds of thousands of jobs. there you see all of the bullet points. gdp down, employment falls. the quote, the report finds higher marginal tax rate result in smaller economy, fewer job, less investment, lower wages and finds higher tax rate have significant adverse economic effects in the long run. lowering output, employment, investment, capital stocks, real after-tax wages resulting revenue used to find position
6:44 pm
for government spending. i guess it's the battle of reports. we always talk, everybody can point to a study. how do you think this plays, and the real facts in this debate play out on the trail? >> you hit it there. each side will pick the report they want. it comes up in a news cycle and the next one and next one. interesting to see how far we get away from the prime debate. that charles raised about what is the role of government? how do we create jobs in america? the tax returns and everything else are sort of points beneath that. i think the obama campaign, the president thinks this issue is a winner. right? the study you raised they would find fault with, the one yesterday. governor romney had issues with. in terms of how to put together, but the underlying point that president obama will not stray from is taxes must go up, for the wealthy americans. he won't stray from that. he thinks it's a winning point
6:45 pm
up through the election. >> bret: steve, ernst young is different that it's nonpartisan, but he is right. studies will keep -- >> that's right. you will have people with competing studies. ernst and young has some credibility. they have a track record. this needs to be the second argument that romney makes. it can't be president obama is clueless about the economy. he needs to say that the president when he understands the economy, as he has in the past, he suggested that raising taxes in time of economic downturn will be bad for the economy. do damage to the economy. he said it at least twice. when he shows understanding of the economy he is willing to underplay that to advance his political issue. there has to be a second punch. >> bret: next up, this gets worse in syria and more dangerous near iran. diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day
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these exercises are designed to enhance cooperation, develop mutual maritime capabilities and/or aimed at promoting long-term regional stability. this is not an exercise that aimed to deliver a message to iran. this is an exer sides designed to within this multinational forum, increase our capabilities and cooperation. >> bret: well, pentagon spokesman today talking about 20-nation demining exercise near but not in strait of hormuz. according to the u.s. central command. this as the u.s. is also sending the uss john c. stennis aircraft carrier four months early to the persian gulf and could have three aircraft carrier battle groups there by the summer.
6:50 pm
back with the panel. start with iran. charles? >> well, it's only july, but george little can retire the charming lie of the year award. the idea that somehow this is not aimed at iran. of course it's aimed at iran. it isn't a coincidence. it isn't that all of a sudden we decided to test our cooperation with other countries. iran speaks about, threatens to close the strait of hormuz. we're showing them we not only can do it unilaterally, which we can, we'll have a lot of countries with us. little deserves, if you notice he couldn't help smile twice as he said that. as everybody understands it's political. >> bret: biggest news that wasn't covered this week the u.a.e. opened up the new pipeline from the oil fields. it's called the abu dhabi crude pipeline and it bypasses the strait of hormuz. carries 1.5 million-barrels a day and will expand to 1.8 million.
6:51 pm
this is a big deal. charles? >> bret: you add this to what the saudis and u.e. already constructed and you get 6.5 million-barrels a day that can now, we now have the capacity to bring around the strait of hormuz, so it doesn't have to go on water. that means that the amount of oil passing through the strait, decreases from 17 to 10 a day, which makes it much less of a threat to the world economy than it was just on sunday. >> bret: that is hard to over-estimate. syria, it seems like it continues to spiral. now talk of chemical weapons. >> i think we are quickly reaching the point we could see hinge moment. where you have escalation of chemical weapons. you could see this kind of escalation, but you have seen fighting in damascus. which i think has led people who are supportive of the
6:52 pm
opposition to believe that bashar assad might be more vulnerable and the fighting could sort of envelope him and bring him down. the key question for the united states government at this point has shown very little appetite for getting involved and obviously preassad, is what happens next. there has to be planning for this. we heard report it and we read in the "new york times," the c.i.a. has been working with syrian muslim brotherhood. they're a questionable group. not a great organization to get too involved with. are we supporting small "d" democratic groups if syria as well? >> bret: quickly, former vice president dick cheney invited to the hill today to fire up lawmakers about defense cuts. take a listen. >> smoke obviously on be -- i spoke obviously on behalf of maintaining the nation's defenses. obviously, i think capability is threatened by the prospect of the sequester. need to avoid thattism would like to see the administration more aggressive than they have
6:53 pm
been. they haven't done anything today. >> bret: what about that? it's looming. >> the white house is hardly sweating that they're aligning themselves with dick cheney. it doesn't hurt him politically. on the substantive matter and prospect of hundreds of millions in defense cut at the beginning of the year, that is something that the administration is worried about. you heard secretary panetta talk about that. there is not a lot of upside now for president to engage in that. the reason the country is in this position because there was a law passed that a big debt deal had to be reached and the committee didn't do it. the whole sequester that they will have big cuts, onerous cuts to defense and domestic programs was never supposed to take effect. it was supposed to force the hill to action. that is where we are. i don't think anything of substance will happen on this before they lauren it. >> the president is commander in chief. he can't stand aside as the villager in the words of his own secretary of defense is essentially demolished. >> bret: that is it for the panel. stay tuned for more 2012 campaign advertising.
6:54 pm
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>> bret: finally tonight, we have been bringing you the efforts of both campaigns to try to find the slogan that works general election. the people can really identify with. apparently vice president biden has been deployed to try out some new possibilities. >> america's future is not as bright as its past. >> in the long run, we'll all be dead. [ laughter ] >> we will not succeed. [ laughter ] >> american workers are part of the problem. >> a point of personal privilege. where is delaware? >> be about a year but i promise, i promise i'll pay you back. >> bret: he bumper stickers?
6:58 pm
maybe? thanks for invitg us into your home tonight. that is it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. drop me a tweet at bret baier, maybe i will tweet back. you never know. >> this is "the fox report." tonight, the u.s. government is forced to release a first round of records on drones in the united states. so why were mississippi state university, cornell university, and the town of otter tail minnesota given the okay to fly them? plus, airline foods may not always taste so great. but they are not usually this dangerous. >> i took three bites out of the sandwich, and bit down hard on something that i thought was a bone. >> shepard: it wasn't a bone. it was a sowing needle. he wasn't the only passenger to get one. tonight, the investigation and
6:59 pm
delta's response. plus, desperate steps in the search for two missing children. >> we have two missing girls and we have no idea why. >> we just want the girls back. >> shepard: workers now draining a lake in hopes of finding clues. >> the lake is currently dropping at a rate of about three inches per hour. >> tonight, frantic parents, worried friends, and a sheriff's department determined to find those little girls. and a bus driver saves the day when he spots a small child in danger. >> i looked up and saw the little girl standing on the air conditioner. i ran over there, hoping that i would make it before she falls. >> shepard: and then one incredible catch caught on camera. but, first from fox this tuesday night. needles in airline food. ine fbi is now among those


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