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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 19, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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personnel and forces loyal to the president are dead and wounded. and late word suggests president himself, al assad, has fled the capital city. he was noticeably absent after yesterday's bombing at the government building and some report that he's directing the government response to his top lieutenant's desk from a resort somewhere on the mediterranean sea. we can't confirm that. here is what we do know. the u.s. reports it's closely monitoring syria's chemical weapons and today the u.n. security council again failed to try to stop the slaughter. witnesses report the rebels today attacked the main police headquarters in the capital, sparking an intense fire fight in the streets. they report dozens of cops and military members are dead. the opposition also says they've taken over bases on the borroweds with iraq and turkey and at the same time, thousands of syrians raced to escape the fighting. hundreds of cars and taxis and buses reportedly crossing the
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border into lebanon. and today for the third time, behind the murdering syrian president, vetoing a united nations resolution which aimed to hold al assad accountable for killing his own people. in all, more than 17,000 men, women and children dead, according to activists. to hear from western diplomat, china and russia signed the death warrants of many more. listen to an apparently furious susan rice, the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. >> the security council has failed utterly in its most important task on its agenda this year. one can only hope that one day before too many thousands more die, that russia and china will stop protecting assad and allow this council to play its proper role. >> shep: she says the veto will cost more innocent lives, something -- if you do not help us, we will be killed.
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rebels report more than 250 people killed today alone. again, fox news can't confirm that. but if true, it would make this the deadliest day in syria in more than a year of fighting. it's fox's top story and jonathan hunt is on it live at the united nations of the it would appear at long last the united states is running out of patience with the u.n. >> yeah, there is deep frustration amongst u.s. and other western officials, shep, at the veto once again for the third time by russia and china of a u.n. security council resolution on the way forward in syria. susan rice, the u.s. ambassador to the u.n., clearly very angry at that and hinting quite strongly that the u.s. may now act outside the security council. listen to this. >> we'll continue to support the syrian people. we'll continue to support any prospect for a peaceful political transition. we'll continue to provide humanitarian assistance and aid.
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but we and others increasingly will have no choice but to look to partnerships and actions outside of this council to protect the syrian people. >> actions outside of this council. that is very significant language. it might mean more unilateral sanctions from the u.s. it could be a suggestion that there may be some quiet arming of the rebels. susan rice has not made clear exactly what she meant by it, shep. >> shep: there are numerous reports, jonathan, on the whereabouts of al assad and not surprisingly, they all tell a different story. >> yeah. we reported right here on fox report last night, the rumor that is now doing the rounds once again that president assad may have fled to the west coast city of latakia. that's what we reported last night. it appears wherever he is, he is still directing a very strong fight against the rebels. he basically has two choices. to flee or to fight.
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but it appears if he is going out, he is going to go out in a blaze of violence against those who he still claims are terrorists, but either way, it appears that the u.s. has decided that the end game has begun, shep, and that is why there is now urgent consideration of what action to take next. shep? >> shep: jonathan hunt at the u.n. in manhattan this evening of the thank you. investigators say the bomber who killed five israeli tourists on a bus in bulgaria had a fake i.d. from america. apparently not a very good one at all. officials say it's a michigan driver's license, but it has the address of a casino in louisiana. jennifer griffin is in washington tonight. we're getting a better look at this suspect, huh? >> well, bulgarian authorities say he arrived in the country within a week of the attack. this airport security camera video shows the suspected bomber pacing back and forth just moments before the bombing. he is dressed like a tourist.
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the explosives were in his backpack and his fake michigan driver's license survived intact. the bulgarian shared it with u.s. authorities. >> usually we will work closely with bulgarians to assist them in any way with their investigation of this terrible attack. >> the suspect's name on the fake i.d. was jacques martin, a white male, his home address, a casino and hotel in baton rouge, louisiana, shep. >> shep: the israelis have said that hezbollah on one account and iran on another are responsible for this. now iran is responding. >> that's right. iran's top officials have denied they are behind the bombing, even though israel's prime minister, netanyahu, reiterated the charge today. >> yesterday's attack in bulgaria was perpetrated by hezbollah, iran's leading terrorist proxy. this attack was part of a global campaign of terror carried out by iran and hezbollah.
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>> israel's defense minister who just returned from the golan heights, says he will hold iran and its proxies responsible not only for the bus bombing, but also should hezbollah get its hands on syria's missiles or chemical weapons. ehud barak reached out to defend panetta about a possible israeli strike on syria's chemical weapon stockpiles. the u.s., we're told, expressed concerns to the israelis, such a move could embolden assad's regime. those discussions are ongoing. >> shep: jennifer griffin in washington, thank you. god's plan. george zimmerman now says he'd like to apologize to the parents of the teen-ager he shot and killed. now trayvon martin's parents are responding absolutely not. the central florida neighborhood watchman sat down for his first interview with sean hannity. zimmerman said he's not race, not a murderer, and that he shot the teen to defend himself. listen. >> he said, you're going to die tonight (bleep) and took one
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hand off of my mouth and i felt it going down my chest towards my belt, my holster, and that's when i didn't have any more time. >> shep: he said he wished it had ended differently. he says he prays for the martin family daily, but that it was, quote, part of god's plan. today trayvon martin's parents responded on "fox & friends." >> i don't understand what he was thinking about saying it was god's plan, that he murdered our child. i really don't understand what god he worships because it's not the same god that i worship. >> shep: they both said they don't buy his apology at all. the shooter pleaded not guilty to murder in the second degree charges. he's out on bond. ford is recalling thousands upon thousands of cars because the engines might catch fire. analysts say the company is taking a highly unusual step, telling customers do not even drive your cars again. not at all. don't even take them back to the
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dealer. it is that dangerous. we'll get into the details of those vehicles, plus the feds say more americans filed for unemployment last week. but some experts say those numbers too not tell the whole story. it's part of the news tonight from the journalist of fox news on this thursday fox report building pass, corporate card, verizon 4g lte phone.
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>> shep: quite a recall tonight. some of the nation's best selling suv are at risk of catching fire. they're so dangerous that ford is warning people to stop driving them immediately. ford reports don't even take your vehicle back to the dealer. instead, the local dealer will come to you, pick it up in your driveway, repair it, and bring it back. the company recalling more than 11,000 of its brand-new 2013 escapes. we're told about 4800 of them have already sold. the rest still at dealers. company officials say in rare cases, the engines can catch fire. this cops after federal safety regulators announced they're
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investigating a possible defect with more than 700,000 ford escapes and mazda tributes. officials say they've gotten reports those models can speed out of control. the feds report ago sharp increase in the number of americans fresh out of work. analysts warn that might not reflect what's really taking place. so let's start with the numbers. the labor department reports 34,000 more americans filed first-time claims for unemployment benefits last week. that's after a big drop the week before. here is the thing, those figures, like the ones we get every week, are seasonally adjusted. it's the government's attempt to factor out regular changes, like temporary layoffs of auto workers during the summer. jerry willis from "fox business" network joins us live. and the layoffs don't seem to be happening at all this year. >> it's interesting what's going on in the auto industry, which is important. they typically lay people off in the summer time to retool their production line. they're not doing it this year because they believe they have enough demand for their cars. they're keeping it open. this is really messing up the models that the bureau of labor statistics.
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>> shep: regardless, the economic recovery is slow and that appears to be affecting the housing market in a big kay. >> housing market, sales down 5.4%. we're way off the annualized 6 million pace of a healthy market. that 3.53%, 30 year fixed rate, the new low, very luscious. tonight on our network -- >> shep: luscious? is that what you said? i like that. >> if you want a house, it's on sale right now. not only the price, but also the interest rate you're going to pay. it's a real deal. mark on our network telling me we're coming off the bottom, starting to make that turn. he's a well-known housing analyst. >> shep: if you can get the mortgage. are they easier these days? >> it's still difficult. you still have to have the money to get the money. >> shep: funny how that works. thanks very much. >> thanks. >> shep: u.s. health officials are urging americans to get booster shots as whooping cough is spreading at its fastest rate since the 1950s. whooping cough. doctors say the highly contagious disease can infect anybody, but if it's most dangerous to kids.
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the centers for disease control and prevention reports it's already sickened almost 2,000 people this year and killed at least nine children. as the justice department works to find out who has been spilling national security secrets to the news media, you one top republican says he thinks he knows who is not to blame for the high profile leaks. that's ahead. plus, more bad news for the government agency that spent our tax dollars on that infamous, very pricey vegas bash. allegations of waste which could make mr. hot tub finally lose that smile.
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>> shep: that federal agency that threw the lavish party in las vegas apparently continue the celebration in d.c as the story goes, that's according to the general service administration's inspector
7:18 pm
general. he reports the general services administration spent more than a quarter million dollars on rewards ceremony two years ago. a ceremony that included almost $8,000 for reception that included a violinist and guitar, more than $20,000 for drum sticks, and a drum band exercise, almost 30 grand for photo frames that feature the time and temperature. and 8500 bucks for an appearance by agent x, whoever that is. maybe he's related to this guy, mr. hot tub, jeff neily. he resigned after taking heat for organizing another big bash just a month before this one. shannon breen is live. lawmakers really don't seem too impressed by all of this. >> they say they're having a hard time believing gsa has try turned over a new leaf, the pricey drum sticks and picture frames are not going over well here in d.c here is florida republican john micah.
7:19 pm
>> i know this sounds almost unbelievable, but to have this kind of waste reported when we're one way running trillions of dollars of deficit makes absolutely everyone's blood boil. >> gsa officials say they're concerned and turned the matter over to their inspector general to launch an investigation as soon as they discovered it. >> shep: we reported they will be leasing space in the new one world trade center in manhattan and it turns out somebody forget to tell that to congress. >> yeah. and they're not too happy about it. according it several members under two different federal laws and gsa's own leasing procedures, leases of a certain amount must first be approved by congress. california republican says there is a reason for that. >> that's why they elect us, elect congress to come in and be able to approve these or not approve them. but have an up or down vote on it. to go around congress, it's one more way to show that gsa is
7:20 pm
spending lavishly with no control. >> the dollar amount that would trigger the need for congressional approval is roughly $2.8 million, the least gsa announced totals more than 350 million. shep? >> shep: thanks very much, shannon bream in d.c recent high profile intelligence leaks likely did not come from the pentagon. or that's the word from the republican share of the house armed services committee after meeting with top officials today. justice department officials are currentsly investigating how certain government secrets got out to the u.s. news media. among them, details of al-qaeda's latest foiled underwear bomb plot. a secret cyber war against iran, and president obama's so-called kill list for carrying out drone strikes. some republicans in this election year have suggested the white house leaked the stories to make the president look good. president obama called that accusation offensive and wrong. the gop-led house of representatives just passed a $600 billion defense spending bill, but the white house has threatened to veto it.
7:21 pm
the bill proposes an increase in funding for the war in afghanistan over current levels and it's $3 billion more than president obama had initially requested. for the war in afghanistan that's ending, remember? democrats accuse the gop of backing off an earlier deal. republicans blame the white house. the house speaker john boehner says the president has been too busy campaigning to work with congress on a solution. federal investigators may have missed an opportunity to prevent that horrible shooting at fort hood and now we know why. a new report suggests cultural sensitivity prevented the feds from following up on evidence against this man. we're live if dc with all the detail, plus if the syrian government does fall, what will become of its weapons of mass destruction? tonight the u.s. is making plans. that's all coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news as fox report is live tonight
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7:26 pm
bit dirty. but that he's going to be just fine. the lead engine of a train carrying more than 80 people goes off the rails and tops our news across america. washington. it happened late last night as the train was traveling from portland to oregon to seattle. nobody hurt. amtrak spokeswoman says a bus took the 86 passengers to seattle. crews worked through the night to clear the tracks, which more than 50 freight and passenger trains use each day. workers restored service early this morning. louisiana. a natural gas pipeline ruptured and exploded south and east of baton rouge. local media reports folks heard the blast some 12 miles away. officials evacuated nearby residents. crews shut off the gas and put out the flames. nobody hurt. nevada. rescuers used a crane to save a worker after he fell into a
7:27 pm
14-foot trench at a construction site in las vegas. he went to the hospital. a county official says his injuries are not life-threatening. new york. american airlines honored one employee for 70 years of service. he started there at the age of 16 as an apprentice. now at 87, he's a mechanic working at jfk airport. >> always was a fun job. i guess if you like what you do, it's not really work. >> shep: the company gave him a special ride in a vintage plane and unveiled a mural featuring his likeness on the wall of a hangar. he says he has no plans to retire and he's part of a fox watch across america. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time fort top of the news. officials tell fox news the united states knows where syria is keeping stockpiles of chemical weapons of mass destruction and right now the discussions at the highest level
7:28 pm
of our government are about what to do when the syrian government collapses. a very real possibility certainly according to those officials. today reports that rebel forces made more advances, seizing posts on the tushish and iraqi borders and bringing intense fighting to the heart of the syrian capitol. the big fear is that chaotic collapse could allow those chemicals weapons to get into the wrong hands. weapons like sioux cyanide, mustard gas and saren. a senior u.s. officials confirmed the u.s. is in talks with israel about a possible move to destroy those weapons. meantime, the white house is lashing out at china and russia. we reported the two countries have again vetoed a united nations resolution aimed at stopping the slaughter in syria. not that it would have, but now it certainly won't. white house press secretary jay carney said the countries are, quote, on the wrong side of the syrian people, the wrong side of hope and peace and stability in the region. james rosen with the news, he's
7:29 pm
live at the state department. james, how does the united states know where these chemical weapons are? >> shep, good evening. this has been a long standing area of focus for both the american and the israeli intelligence communities. the regime is believed to have close it 50 chemical and biological weapons facility, as well as tons of chemical weapons materials stored throughout the country. but current and former obama administration officials told fox news, wej8o=j7ímr' pretty good fix on where most of them are. >> i think we've got to look very seriously at finding ways either to destroy those weapons in place or neutralize them or do something so if the regime falls, the chemical weapons in particular don't get into the hands of terrorists like al-qaeda or aren't used by regime generals as their passport out of the country. this is very serious throughout the region. >> these are not far fetched scenarios. two years ago, president assad is believed to have transferred rockets and scud missiles to hezbollah in lebanon.
7:30 pm
>> shep: all this talk of a government collapse. do we know anything about these rebels? do we have some sort of diplomatic channels with them or relations or anything? >> we do. a state department official said today that u.s. diplomats are engaged in, quote, intense and ongoing dialogue with the syrian opposition. top rebel commander told reporters today that the revolution was an orphan where the west is concerned. so the spokesman here reminded the rebels that the millions of dollars in communication equipment and other nonlethal aid that washington has provided them. the ranking democrat on the house armed services committee today rejected suggestions from republican lawmakers that president obama should have done more. >> there are no great option in syria. what could we do at this point? there are many different factions. it has turned into -- even if assad were gone, there are many factions. there is no clear plan of action for us. >> u.s. officials also stress
7:31 pm
that they can not appear to be trying to dictate the shape of a post-assad syria from abroad. shep? >> shep: james rosen live at the department state. thanks very much. investigators say f.b.i. agents did not follow up on warning signs about the accused fort hood gunman, a muslim, because he was politically sensitive. that's the word from a new report on that massacre. u.s. army major nidal malik hasan is charged with killing 13 people and wounding more than 30 others in that shooting spree that happened three years ago. according to an independent investigation, major hasan asked about suicide bombings and killing civilians in e-mails to the radical american born cleric anwar al-awlaki. and he was al-qaeda's recruiter. the u.s. droned anwar al-awlaki in yemen last year. katherine herrage is live and you've reported here that the f.b.i. was already investigating al al-awlaki's ties to the 9-11 hijackers.
7:32 pm
>> al-awlaki was considered such a threat to the u.s. national security that he was part of the president's daily brief. that's the highly classified threat assessment in early 2006. yet despite hassan's e-mails to the cleric, the washington joint terrorism task force decided not to interview his supervisors, fearing it would hurt his career prospects in the military. on december 17, 2008, 11 months before the shooting, hasan asked the cleric for advice, quote, some appear to have internal conflicts and have even killed or tried to kill other u.s. soldiers in the name of islam. can you make some general comments about muslims in the u.s. military? hasan asked the same question multiple ways over the next seven months with the last e-mail to al al-awlaki in june of that year. al-awlaki only replied twice. >> shep: what's the reaction on capitol hill there? >> well, chair of the house intelligence committee, who has been briefed on the independent report by judge william webster, said the f.b.i. agents threw up
7:33 pm
unnecessary road blocks. >> they didn't believe certain piece of information were eligible to be shared for legal reason, not necessary for any other reason. >> and in his 173-page report, parts of which are heavily redacted, there are calls for change to the f.b.i. policy, data management, and training and those 13 people are dead, this report does not call for any administrative or disciplinary action at the f.b.i >> shep: katherine, thanks. trail of the president campaigning in florida tonight. polls show he's neck in neck with mitt romney in that crucial battle ground state. president obama says governor romney is out of touch with most americans if he thinks tax cuts for the rich will create jobs. meanwhile, governor romney is keeping up his attacks on what he calls the president's insult to every business owner in america. campaign carl cameron live in boston where governor romney visited his campaign headquarters today.
7:34 pm
carl? >> hi, shep. he seized on today's jobs report that said unemployment applications have actually gone up to over 380,000, which is more than the 370,000 or lower that's necessary to reduce the unemployment below 8%. mr. romney stopped bay local business and led again the republican attack on president obama for his remarks a week ago where he essentially said that if you started a business, you didn't do it alone. romney is arguing that he wasn't taking the president out of context by beating him up for all these remarks, that, in fact, the president didn't make a gaffe, that this is what mr. obama really believes. tough stuff from the republican nominee here in boston today. listen. >> i know that there is some people who think what the president said was just a gaffe. it wasn't a gaffe. it was instead his ideology. the president does, in fact, believe that people who build enterprises like this really aren't responsible for it. >> what the obama campaign and democrats say is that the
7:35 pm
president is making the argument if you start a business, you do rely on others. whether that's a bank for credit or transportation in the highways, et cetera, et cetera, and that romney is taking his remarks out of=7óf¡??$cyy the campaign trail as early as this week, romney said himself that there are things that are necessary for businesses to flourish and he specifically mentioned things like roads and banks. shep? >> shep: you know, the president's campaign had him really backed in a corner and golf knee appears to be trying to be on the offensive all week. what's the thinking about whether he put the president on defense now? >> well, first of all, the polls are tied nationally. and in key battle ground states, romney has been gaining a lot of ground. the president said in jacksonville, florida, key battle ground state. mr. obama went hard at mitt romney, making the argument that romney and the republican right are wedded to gop conservative special interests that and that their policies are essentially a johnny one note of tax cutting. listen. >> our opponent's entire plan,
7:36 pm
same plan of his allies in congress, is to cut more taxes for the wealthy, cut more regulations for banks. that's what mitt romney believes. that's what folks in his party in washington believe. >> for democrats on the left, that's a criticism from president obama of mitt romney. for conservative, they say yes, that's right. we believe the president has been raising taxes and choking off the economy and what's necessary is just the opposite. which romney has said will provide. >> shep: carl cameron, thank you. with the last of nasa's shuttles retired, the agency is already testing our next generation spaceship. destination mars? can we afford that? we're live at the test site. plus naked airport guy gets his day in court. he claimed it was his constitutional right to strip down to his birthday suit to prove he did not have a bomb, which he did not. prosecutors said when he got all
7:37 pm
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>> shep: a bank robber packing an ak 47 has been terrorizing bank tellers on the west coast. that is from the f.b.i. which reports it has linked this man to at least three heists. officials say he shot and wounded a cop in california on top of the assault rifle, we're told he also wear has bullet resistsant vest with the word, sheriff, on the back. investigators say he last struck in seattle. the f.b.i. now offering a a $20,000 reward for help catching him. it's been 43 years since u.s. first sent a man to the moon and about one year since the shuttle program officially ended. now scientists are making plans for mars. nasa has tested the parachute system for the new orion space capsule which the agency reports will eventually carry a crew to the red planet.
7:41 pm
i guess if we find the money. casey stegall is in houma, arizona. how did the test go? >> it went off without a hitch. this is the fifth air drop test out of 18 total that will be conducted. here is how it works. they basically release a hockey rye onspace capsules from the back of a c-17 military cargo jet and then deploy the chutes. but it's not even close to how fast this thing will descend when it returns from a space mission one day. >> the shuttle came back at 17,500 miles an hour. this will come back at more than 20,000 miles an hour. so we really have to make sure the heat shield does work the way it's intended to be. >> to test that, it will be launched into space in two years. 2014. it will be unmanned at that time so they can see how the spacecraft fairs when it reenters the earth's atmosphere. >> shep: careful with this will be thing, casey. we will be having more money or it will not be doing much of anything. the rest of this project,
7:42 pm
though, how does this flight work? >> much like apollo. it's going to aa ride on a rocket into space and the journey takes six months one way. orion can accommodate about four astronauts who will study a planet potentially that no human has ever stepped foot on before and shepherd, you talk about money, this does come at a total price tag -- are you ready -- of a little less than $1 billion a year annually for this program. >> shep: wow. lot of gsa awards banquets for that program. thank you. a religious leader survives a car bombing while someone shoots his deputy dead. that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. russia. amateur video shows that a car engulf in flames in a western province, three explosions only injured the region's senior muslimer leader. his deputy was killed in a
7:43 pm
shooting outside his home. no claim of responsibility. russian anti-terror officials say the injured leader has been a voice of moderation and that the attack may be the work of islamic extremists. honduras. cops arrested the suspected colombian drug lord in the northern city after a joint intelligence operation with colombian authorities. local media report the suspect flew into honduras on a stolen plane earlier this year. he's been extradited back to colombia where he faces murder and drug trafficking charges. greenland. iceberg twice the size of manhattan tore off one of the country's largest glaciers. it's the second massive chunk to break free in more than two years. some scientists claim the continued melting could dramatically raise sea levels. mexico. hundreds of clowns sang and danced through the streets during a marne march to a mexico city church. the tradition started 30 years
7:44 pm
ago. members of the clown club of mexico meet at the church to give thanks for their jobs. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> shep: the guy who stripped naked at a security check is a free man. you might remember naked guy, john brennan in his birthday suit from portland international airport in april. he said he wanted to prove tsa agents absolutely wrong when they said tested positive for explosives and pulled him aside. he spoke ton! studio b back in may. listen. >> i was in a very clear state of mind. i didn't hesitate but for a moment and that was before i was fully naked and i decided that it felt right. actually was not aware of the crowds. i was facing away from the line. and i was very focused on tsa and being cooperative. >> shep: prosecutors charged the guy with indecent exposure.
7:45 pm
but yesterday a judge in oregon declared him not guilty. look at that. the judge ruled the act was political speech, therefore, protected under the first amendment. the surveillance video shows a man attempt to go kidnap a ten-year-old girl. incredibly, she fought back. now police say the suspect has turned himself in because the video created so much public pressure. the details ahead on that. plus yet another court date for the american woman convicted and then acquitted of killing her roommate during what prosecutors called a drug fueled sex game. that's next building pass, corporate card, verizon 4g lte phone. the global ready one ? yeah, but you won't need... ♪ hajimemashite. hajimemashite. hajimemashite. you guys like football ? thank you so much. i'm stoked. you stoked ? totally. ... and he says, "under the mattress." souse le matelas. ( laughter )
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7:48 pm
>> shep: police have a suspect under arrest in the kidnapping attempt in broad daylight. surveillance cameras caught it all. cops in philly say he tried to
7:49 pm
snatch a ten-year-old girl on tuesday, but she fought back. look at it here. you'll be able to see the girl walking with her two-year-old brother on the left there. the man approaches her, picks her up. puts his hand over her mouth, tries to carry her away. cops say she struggled, and he ended up running off. her brother hollered, yelled and screamed and after a few seconds, did he run. and according to police, he drove off in that white car. investigators say the suspect turned himself in last night after the surveillance video appeared on tv and on-line. >> with this information out there and some discussion within his family, he felt that he could not walk, talk, or breathe out there on the streets. >> shep: kids are doing fine. investigators say the girl told them she had never heard her brother scream so loudly. there is more to this story. fascinating. trace gallagher with us. the suspect so much more.
7:50 pm
>> yeah. his 33-year-old carlos, but he's been in trouble with the law before, both in puerto rico as well as philadelphia. his own family once accused him of molesting a girl, a child, who was related to him. those charges were later dropped. but after seeing that surveillance video on television last night, it was the suspect's family that then called the family pastor and the pastor and the family then contacted the suspect and they convinced him to turn himself in. listen. >> because of the press conference that they had yesterday, because of all the information, because of all of you sharing information with the public, this defendant knew that he couldn't keep walking the streets and that people were going to come get him. >> on top of that, there are reports that the ten-year-old girl positively identified carlos as the man who attacked her. shep? >> shep: i love the part where the girl's father taught her over and over how to fight back.
7:51 pm
>> yeah. the girl's mother says the father would go over these scenarios with her time after time. if somebody was to grab her, what to do. in fact, he even went as far as to show her that video on-line called stranger danger. and if you watch that video, boy, she took it to heart because when this suspect went up behind her and grabbed her and put his hand over her mouth, there are reports that she bit down, which is why he dropped her. when he tried to pick her back up, that's when she kept fighting and her brother kept screaming. the mother says she watched the video. she was horrified, but she was very proud of the way that her daughter responded and i would be, too. >> shep: who wouldn't? trace gallagher live. thanks. the american student, amanda knox, often referred to as foxy knoxy, convicted and then acquitted of her roommate's murder in italy, will now head back to court next year. prosecutors claim amanda knox and her italian ex-boyfriend killed her roommate back in 07
7:52 pm
as part of a drug filled sex game gone wrong the court convicted them of murder. they appealed. last year a judge ruled there was no evidence against them and overturned their convictions flat out. now an italian court has set a date of march 25 for the prosecution's appeal of that ruling. more than 30 years have passed since one city canceled a concert by the iconic rock bands, the who. if you're still holding on to those tickets, we have great news for you. the long delayed make-up concert next [ freeman ] a hundredth of a second?
7:53 pm
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our beatches are even more relaxing... the fishing's great. so pick your favorite spotn the gulf... and come on down. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. >> shep: the who says it will honor tickets from a show canceled more than three decades ago. back in 1979, the mayor of providence, rhode island, scrapped the show, citing safety concerns. at previous concert in cincinnati, a stampede for general admission seats killed
7:56 pm
11 people. the band has never played providence since that canceled show. but this week the group announced it will end its fall tour there and it will horn any of those tickets from 1979. before we go, our team's top five things today. number 5, microsoft is reported first quarterly loss since it went public 26 years ago. the company blames the weak performance of its on-line ad service. number 4, the british union representing airport immigration staff reports its workers will strike one day before the olympics opening ceremonies. number 3, u.s. forecasters warn this year's record drought will likely drag on as late as october. number 2, ford urging people to stop driving many of the new escape suv. stop now. reports the fuel lines could leak gasoline and up the risk for a fire. number 1, the white house says russia and china are on the wrong side of history for veto ago u.n. resolution threatening new punishments to the syrian government. that's the fox report top five.
7:57 pm
on this day in 1545, king henny viii flagship mary rose sank right before his eyes during a battle between the english and the french naval forces. the king named the warship after his sister and had it built the year after he took the throne. historians differ on what took out the ship. the french claim one of their cannons sent her to the bottom. the evidence suggests the crew may have mishandled the vessel. back in 1982, 60 million people around the world watched salvage crews pull her to the surface. in the first live broadcast from under the sea. the sea swallowed the english flower 467 years ago today. and now you know the news. for this thursday, july 19, 2012. thanks for having us into your place tonight. we're back tomorrow for studio b, noon pacific, 3 eastern.
7:58 pm
and there is another fox report here tomorrow night at this same time. for the journalist of fox news, i'm shepard smith. prime time begins now. opinion, analysis, mr. bill usually starts. you up for us tonight. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. >> what obama is proposing is socialism. >> is that true? is the president of the united states an anti-capitalist? we will answer the question and provide facts to back it up. >> romney campaign has not to take the gloves off. in order to effect a change that is needed in this campaign. >> is is there bad blood between sarah palin and mitt romney? as of now, she's not scheduled to be at the republican convention. we will have the inside story. >> when it's time to go, it's time to. >> dennis miller on whether he would support condoleeza rice for vp.
7:59 pm
>> fell hire, save matches, a duck and see what hatches. >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the real barak obama has finally stood up. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the president's comments last week about success in america are very weren't president obama because that they show how he really feels about capitalism. if you listen to the anti-obama forces on cable tv, you will hear over and over again that the president is a socialist or a communist. talking points has never bought that. it's far too simplistic. instead, the president is a reluctant capitalist, a man who believes our economic system is stacked against the poor and working class and always has been. like many liberal people, the president believes american capitalism is often


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