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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 24, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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it seems people all over the nation are interested in helping the victims. >>reporter: people are showing their compassion with their wallets over the internet. there is a witness for that couple, and you can donate. people have contributed over $75,000 to his medical expenses as he now is in the same hospital as his newborn baby who he has never even met. people are reaching out over a website called going directly to the victims. so far $2 million has come in over that. a donor to that is warner bros. studios that produced the movie. >>shepard: i understand there is a spike in gun sales. >> background checks for firearm purchases are up over 40 percent in the state of colorado. fire instructors are seeing a remarkable interest in people
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who want instruction you need to get a concealed carry permit. fox news went to a gun store and he said, the owner, has seen a spike in sales of handguns and ak-47's. one motivation is personal protection. the other is a desire to scoop up the firearms before new restrictions go in place spawned by the massacre. >> what they were doing was obviously buying handguns mostly. some were buying ak-47's for fear of them being banned. >>reporter: we hear of gun store owners showing up to work with a line out front like people waiting for concert tickets. >>shepard: a survivor is considering a lawsuit claiming extreme trauma. a lawyer for the man says that he saw his friend die and may sue the movie theater, the shooting suspect's doctors, and warner bros. which released this new "batman," movie. it could be the first of many lawsuits to come. the legal panel is heater,
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including arthur aidala and the criminal defense attorney, randy zelin. lawsuits against warner bros., the movie thief theater, they should have known and should have secured the back door. >>arthur: i don't like it. they are suing for -- the person who is suing, the lawyer, the client was no injured but is suffering from extreme tram m usually the cases are fired a career later and someone has been seeing a psychologist or a psychiatrist. not to be -- just state the obvious. one person. one person. one guy pulled the trigger, planned it, did all of it. don't tell me the man that wrote "batman," should be held responsible and warner bros. should be held responsible. our society would collapse. the defendant's doctors? if it comes out he had a big mass in his brain or tumor that pressed on something and turned
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it to a nut job, maybe. finally, the theater, people leave the theater open and you think a kid will stick -- statistic in not come in with an ak-47 and employee the thing up. >>shepard: i suppose you could sue the lawmaker whose made it legal to buy the stuff and the 100 clip and the whole thing. you could sue the news media. >>arthur: i like the idea of internet raising money for someone who needs it. >>shepard: we all like that. >>randy: first of all we talked about this before, osha regulations do not permit the door to be locked. however, the door could have been alarmed. imagine if you will, he goes in, buys the ticket, he opens the door to prop it open, and the alarm goes off, we may not have the discussion. so i think the movie theater issue could have legs. the doctor? face it, if the doctor knew or should have known that the medication he was prescribing
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would mess this guy up or he failed to diagnosis something going on in his brain, the doctor, maybe. warner bros., that's why we agree on the rare occasions we do, come on, that is a stretch. the movie theater is supposed to say, you know, someone could freak out with violence in the movie. no one is going to the movie or playing video games, no one is doing anything, no one is watching the news. this is about violence. >>arthur: there is a mechanism for people who got hurt when there is liability, real liability. the only point randy makes, the book door, if it was alarmed, we don't want to go to the movies and have armed guards. do you want go to the movies and have a metal detector? is that what you want? forget about the paying for it, that is what this is encouraging. make sure naviry t is crossed and every i is dotted so we are totally secured. we could be strip searched. >>shepard: we make extreme
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decisions after extreme events. history retells us. we auto wait a while. and then make the decisions. you said that from the beginning. we will follow the lawsuit. >> but a senior democrat and chair of the powerful senate intelligentsia, senator feinstein, now is changing her remarks when she made about sensitive intelligence leaks. yesterday it seemed that senator feinstein was joining republican lawmakers questioning whether someone in the white house could have leaked classified information. the attorney general, eric holder, has appointed two u.s. attorneys about leaks including information about the al qaeda plot and dead nation of an underwear bomb on a flight and involvement of a cyber attack on iran. some republicans claim the leaks remain designed to make the president look good but endangered u.s. lives much the president calls the accusations "offensive." minutes ago senator feinstein
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said she doesn't know the source of the leaks. and now catherine is working this story as it is developing. tell us what is going on with this investigation, catherine. >>reporter: well, let's start with the comments on monday. a question-and-answer question on foreign affairs and senator feinstein said she believed that the leaks came from pennsylvania avenue. >> i think the white house has to understand that some of this is coming from its ranks. >>reporter: in the same session the senator emphasized she did not believe the president was involveed. >> i don't believe for a moment he goes out and talks about it. i don't believe the briefers go out and talk about it. >>reporter: we got this statement in the last 15 minutes from senator feinstein's office, and she says and i quote, "i stated i did not believe the president classified information. i shouldn't have speculated
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beyond that because the fact of the matter is, i don't know the source of the leaks." she goes on to say that she regret her comments are being used in the full force of the political season. >>shepard: i am sure this is not the end of it. she says she misspoke. where are republicans on this leak? >>reporter: the reason senator feinstein's comments were significant on monday they appear to be in line with what we have heard from senior republicans on both the senate side and the house of representatives side who have charged the senior administration officials are to blame. last thursday, the defense secretary, as well as the chair of the joint chiefs, testified this closed session of the national security leaks and based on what one congressman heard, he say he was satisfied the leaks did not come from the defense department. i fill pretty secure that they are not. we want to find out and we want to find out what measures they are going to continue to take.
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>>reporter: as you mentioned at the start, the president stated publicly he things it is offensive to say the leaks came from the white house. but the comment that moves this story further down the field toward pennsylvania avenue, it value has a significant impact, especially in the political environment. >>shepard: and certainly in the political environment. there is a lot of talk about leaks but i have in the heard talk about the fact we have a heard of people to kill without due process. is anyone concerned about that egregious thing? >>reporter: well the aclu has file a lawsuit against the administration for three deaths of american citizens in yemen, and the cleric anwar al-awlaki, and another killed in that strike. as well as anwar al-awlaki's teenage son. at heart of the lawsuit is there was in due process for american citizens. we know of leak investigations, one into the al qaeda plot, the double agent, and the second is
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into the virus that targeted iran but not on the "kill or capture," list and the question i have, how does the administration square a strategy where they want to bring the 9/11 suspects to trial in new york city with the presumption of innocence and the full constitutional rights of american citizens and at the same time placing an american on a kill or capture list. >>shepard: it is quite something. thank you catherine. >> the international olympic committee says 17,000 athletes compete in the summer games and more than 18,000 british troops will be there for security. safety concerns and worries of onlike attacks -- that is coming. the man who killed delay. stay tuned.
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himship the olympic ceremony is three days away. officials in britain are takes steps to ramp up security. the british government called up 1,200 more troops to control the venues. the personnel were on stand by originally. after a private security company reportedly failed to provide enough guards. so 18,000-plus british military members will help secure the olympic games. for context that is twice the number of british troops serving in afghanistan right now. and jonathan hunt is with us. are they being deployed because of new threat information? >>jonathan: they are not saying anything about specific threats. we are told that the terrorist chatter has increased four-fold. but they have no credible information about a threat. but the decision to deploy the 1,200 center troops was taken, and this is interesting, after a committee meeting, chaired by the british prime minister. the olympic secretary says this
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is just about "making people feel that little bit safer." >> we are three days after the ceremony and we do not want to leave anything to chance. we decided this was the right measure to take because for the public, the most important thing is a safe and secure games. >>jonathan: and an interesting point, two alleging that some of the security agents being trained by the private security company only getting 20 minutes train on the bomb detection machines. a lot of concerns. they are worried about cyber attacks, as well. there is an entirely separate system set up for dealing with any potential cyber attacks against the venues or the websites attached to the olympics. it is called "the technology
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operation center," manned 24 hours a day throughout the duration of the olympics. they are worried about any sort of attack that could break apart some of the infrastructure. you can imagine the chaos if they managed to bring down the traffic light system or, perhaps, the subway station in london. so a slew of concerns. >>shepard: thank you. the man convicted of murdering relatives of jennifer hudson will spend life in prison. in may he was convicted on all counts, murdering her mother, and nephew and sister. she was in the courtroom for sentencing. the judge denied the request for a new trial before happening down back-to-back life innocences. billions of dollars at stake in a patent trial between tech giants. the big question for us is apple's touch screen technology.
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did the campaign invent it? or just make use of it? it is crucial in this battle. we will get to that deal next. plus american intelligence officials don't know about the rebels fighting the syrian regime. according to a new report that is making it hardtory get of that regime. syria in crisis. and breaking news from syria as we continue in a moment.
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>>shepard: the dow jones industrial average down a whopping 184, headed for the third straight loss. concerns are threefold: european debt crisis, and weak earnings reports, with ups reporting lower earnings down 4 percent on the news. due important talking about slower business in europe and asia, down 3 percent on the day.
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sit down, down, down, for the third session in a row. apple and samsung could get locked in a multibillion dollar court battle. the battle is over their smartphone and tablet computers. apple accuse the samsung of copying their designs in appearance and how the gadgets work. can you see apple's iphone four on the left and samsung is on the right, the galaxy. according to the court documents samsung argues that apple's design are not so unique because before the apple iphone all the things were like it, remember? remember all the things -- oh, yes. >> trial next week, last year samsung overtook apple as the largest seller of iphones. and with us is "wall street journal" executive ed tore. as an observation of fact, not of commentary on the situation, anyone who says they have seen anything quite like this before this is lying.
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>>guest: apple says that's the case. ship -- >>shepard: i'm positive. never seem anything like it before. ever. and now i do. >>guest: samsung says if you build a phone it has to fit in your hand and it will look similar to an iphone. apple says it is the funds that are similar to the way ours operate like the rubber banding where an image jogs away from the side if you overcorrect with your finger. samsung says, well, if i look at apple computer there is technology in it we think infringes on our samsung patents such as how you transmit information. so, this case is going to be very substantial domestically and globally, as well. there are similar cases filed. >>shepard: what does it mean for the consumers? >>guest: the story is in today's paper and consumers will look and buying the phones so they will not pay attention to this. if this goes against samsung or
3:22 pm
if it goes against apple, one or the other could be cause to fold their product and pay licensing fees to the other. depending on what the judge decides. but the burden of proof on this is going to be on apple. it will be difficult case for them to prove that samsung difficulty come up with some of this on their own and that enough of this wasn't in the general universe of technology and smartphone technology; that it was common property. >>shepard: some gadgets did not get to market because apple said, wait, that's our stuff you copied. will that make it to market? and might appear be held liable for the fact it was stopped? >>guest: some get stopped along the way if a court decide decides. in the case of samsung, their products are so generically out there, as you point out, they have leapfrogged apple as the biggest seller of smartphones
3:23 pm
primarily with the droid operating system inside. so this is already well down the pike. so, for consumers they might find themselves having to possibly pay a little bit more for licensing fees but that's still a way to be decided. it is under clear where it will play out. >>shepard: long and expensive trial ahead. thank you, john. four days after the movie theater massacre in aurora, colorado, police arrested three other people in other instances, each involving showings of the new "batman," movie. folks around the country, or across the country, could soon have to pay sales tax on stuff they buy online and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are now on record saying they support the sales taxes. this is new for one side. we will get into the details of it at the bottom of the hour.
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>>shepard: i am shepard smith. this is "studio b" at bottom the hour. time not tonight news. police have arrested not one but at least three people in separate incidents surrounding showings of the new movie "dark knight rises." after the massacre in aurora, colorado, they are concerned about the threat of copycat attacks. according to police, this man from maine, said he plotted to shoot his former boss a day after seeing the new film. he reportedly told law
3:28 pm
enforcement officials that he carried a loaded gun into the theater in his backpack. cops originally pulled him over for speeding and when they discovered an ak-47 assault rifle in his car and four handguns, ammunition and a series of newspaper articles about the shooting in aurora, colorado. they found several more guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition in his home. trace is in the west coast newsroom. trace, a lost moviegoers are still on edge. >>trace: for example, in new jersey, 90 minutes into the screening of "batman," someone walked out the emergency exit, talked on the phone for a while, and walked back in to the theater and sat down. the police came, they shut down the policemen and they asked the person would walked doubt show himself but no one came forward so they canceled the rest of the film. a psychologist talks about why we are all so jumpy. listen. >> we live in a celebrity,
3:29 pm
information, and attention driven culture. so when there is something like this it garners so much interest and so much information and attention we then become susceptible to people being activated. >>trace: the significance of what happened in new jersey is that the colorado shooter actually did go out the emergency exit and come back in. >>shepard: there are reports of other incidents where people made threats. >>trace: one of those was here in southern california. the other was in arizona. in the first one in son california, a man, apparently 52 years old, on the left, he began screaming because the film didn't start on time. witnesses say he was saying things like, i should go off like colorado and does anybody have a gun. in arizona the man on the right was arrested for drunken and disorderly conduct after a confrontation he got into a fight with somebody and 50 people were so nervous they fled
3:30 pm
the theater. both of those men were arrested. but experts say the copycat syndrome is very real. listen. >> in a dark way it is an inspiration to the person with the warped mindset. they will see he did it, i can do it. it is not just a fantasy but this is something i can carry out. >>trace: the cops say if you see something, say something. for now, people are definitely speaking up. >>shepard: thank you. the republican governor of the state of 15 -- tennessee said collecting online sales tax is not a new tax. the only states that can tax the online sales is if they have an actual physical presence such as offices or warehouses. several more states will tax under those rules in the future. lawmakers from both political
3:31 pm
parties say they support the plan. that's a shift for the g.o.p. which has long opposed online sales taxes. in a congressional hearing on it today, the tennessee governor says this about fairness. >> this discussion isn't about raising taxes or adding new taxes. this discussion is about states having the flexibility and authority to collect taxes that are already owed by in-state residents. >>shepard: critics argue that major retailers such as target and walmart are pushing this issue to crush online competitors. and gerri willis is here with the news on this. a lost complaints this isn't fair. >>gerri: the big box retailers think it is not fair because they are paying the taxes -- such as walmart. think of walmart. >>shepard: they are hurting, you know. i feel so bad. all they have drop to our small towns across the america. >>gerri: in some small towns
3:32 pm
people have welcomed war matter because people didn't is another option. >>shepard: other places they crushed the mom-and-pop stores. i shop at walmart. whatever. that is all we have left. >>gerri: but they have spent $8 million on lobbying because of this issue. they have been buying tech firms. only 2 percent of sales come online. theyer worried about using the edge in retail willing. those and small businesses that have online sales and do not cause taxes so they could have a competitive advantage. >>shepard: has agreed to collect taxes in some states, right? >>gerri: i know you shop online all the time as far as i can tell. >>shepard: where else are you going to get your underwear? >>gerri: you pay that tax right here in new york state. kansas. kentucky. north dakota. another seven states are thinking of implementing this and regardless of what the senator of tennessee says, there is $23 billion at risk here.
3:33 pm
>>shepard: he is a new governor. that's a new tax. sorry. those are the facts. hope you are having a nice day, gerri. >>gerri: just throwing things out there. >>shepard: it is fine. syrian government troops today reportedly have just killed 30 worshipers at a mosque. that according to reuters. "opposition activists saying syrian troops once fighting for the president, fired automatic weapons at weapon enter is the mosque for ramadan prayers." the government forces opened fire going to church in our parlance, for the high holidays. nice, right? cannot independently confirm that. they will not let journalists in. officials are saying the united states is struggling to develop a "clear understanding of opposition forces inside syria circumstances 16 months as the
3:34 pm
syrian government started killing the people. we have her it before. and now, michael, the managing director of the washington institute, a washington, dc, think tank and was the assistant secretary of state to colin powell and condoleeza rice. they mowed down another 30 going to mosque for ramadan prayers and the united states is saying we don't know much about the rebels. >>guest: it is astonishing. 16 months into the conflict and we have been talking about this off and on the need to develop a sense of who the opposition is, who we want to work with, and who we don't want to work with. it takes less time to propose marriage to my wife than it is taking us to get to know the syrian opposition. you wonder if this is not an excuse to not do anything. >>shepard: we have not needed excuses so far. why do we suddenly need excuses to do nothing? >>guest: it is the fact that,
3:35 pm
again, officials in the united states are looking at this and do not want to intervene but recognize the strategic importance of this. so, what we hear is a muddle that "yes, we understand it is important," but, maybe they don't know who to work with. and, at the same time, you see that iran is making threats to get involved. the arab states are potentially getting involved. this could go beyond our ability to influence it if we don't get a little bit more active in what is happening. >>shepard: is it true that the rebel forces are still gaining more ground, taking pore areas of the capital and putting down in some ways the regime? >>guest: well, it does seem senate the opposition is able to hold ground and able to make advances against the regime's troops. we saw, for example, this bombing in damascus which we talked about which suggests a level of penetration of government security forces by the opposition.
3:36 pm
certainly they have shown more capability than, perhaps, we suspected. but it looks like they have been it without assistance from the outside world, perhaps some assistance from states in the region. >>shepard: but they have gotten weapons and they have gotten cover, and we have sent in equipment, right? >>guest: well, it is difficult to know exactly what has happened. what we are hearing now is u.s. officials have been more involved in this over the past few weeks. but this has been going on for 16 or 17 months. so it suggests that only now are we, perhaps, getting more involved in what is happening there. >>shepard: always good to talk to you. thank you. presidential politics now and foreign policy is suddenly taking center stage. governor romney trying to chip away at the president's lead when it comes to overseas issues. the talk from both sides as "studio b" continues after this.
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>>shepard: presidential candidate mitt romney accusing the president of weakening america's military and touting his own foreign policy skills. this is on the eve his trip abroad where the president will stop in england, israel, and poland. today in reno, nevada, the polls showed that the president's lead in most of the foreign policy polls, how did the governor try to set himself up to take care of that? >>guest: well, an interesting dynamic because you have both candidates, neither one of whom served in the united states military. so the veterans group, the v.f.w. is listening carefully to both president obama yesterday and mitt romney today. they essentially said that president obama has not led on issues such as iran and its nuclear program. here is more from governor governor romney a short time ago. >> dealings with other nations he has given trust where it is
3:41 pm
not earned, insult where it was not deserved, and apology where it is not due. >>reporter: making the case his approach to foreign policy dealing with allies and enemies is quite different than president obama's approach. >>shepard: how does the white house respond? >>reporter: we got some reaction from a spokesman for the obama campaign saying and i quote, "by reporting to cheap attacks that lack credibility rather than answering the basic questions about the foreign policy agenda, governor romney has not tasked the commander in chief test," so they are saying that governor romney has attacked the president's record but not giving specifics about how he is different so that is the response. >>shepard: thank you, mike. british prosecutors have filed charges against eight people including a former aide to the prime minister, david cameron, and six other employees as "news
3:42 pm
of the world," newspaper in the wake of the tabloid hacking scandal. news corporation which is the parent company of fox news, closed down "news of the world," after investigators say that reporters hacked into the voice mail accounts of people they covered. and now live in london. >>reporter: these are the first people to face criminal charges for phone hacking or orchestrating phone hacking since the story broke last summer with the allegations that people who worked at "news of the world," hacked into the voice mail of a missing school girl would later turned up dead. now, several of those charged today have issued statements contesting the charges. rebecca brooks who was editor and chief executive of news corporation british newspaper division said and i quote, "i am stressed and angry that the prosecution service has reached this conclusion when they knew all of the facts and were in a position to stop the case at this stage." brooks has already been charged
3:43 pm
with conspiracy to per verify the course of justice in may in connection with allegations she tried to conceal material relevant to the case. she could also face charges for payments to police. both she and come -- colson had close relationships with david cameron after working with him after working as editor of "news of the world." and it involved the handling into the missing schoolgirl's phone but hacking into the phones of two prominent politicians. >> "news of the world," we worked on behalf of the victims of crime particularly violent crime. the idea i would it is in my office dreaming up schemes to undermine investigations is simply untrue. >> some of the charges for phone hacking involve celebrity and other people, as well, hacking. all of the eight who have been charged well appear before the
3:44 pm
westminster magistrate court on august 16. >>shepard: thank you, amy, live from london. >> doctors battling whether children should be tested for high cholesterol. we will explain to you why some experts question their colleagues' motives for recommending that all kids be screened. that is coming up.
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>>shepard: drew peterson. the guy who kept losing his wives. lawyers have selected 12 jurors in the trial. he is accuses of killing his third wife. police say she drowned in what happened to be a dry bathtub back in 2004. of course, investigators seeing the dry bathtub, and realizing she drowned, ruled it must have been an accident. they re-opened the case of the
3:48 pm
then police officer, police sergeant, when his fourth wife also went missing. that was 2010. police say he is still a suspect in her disappearance. drew peter son claims he is innocent in both cases. today attorneys rejected several would be jurors after claiming they saw a tv movie about case. the lifetime original movie started problem lowe. the lawyers still have to select alternate jurors. arthur and randy zelin are here. drew peterson. >>arthur: in 2009 the judge brought in00 potential jurors and said don't watch t.c., don't follow the case. they shipped them back in on monday and a bunch of them, sorry, judge, i watched tv and i saw the movie, and he looked guilty. and a woman says it is on tv every day, i couldn't help watching it. they got butched and -- bumped.
3:49 pm
and they have almost a full jury. >>randy: who is going do play me? >>shepard: what about drew peterson? third wife murdered. >>randy: got an eyewitnessst a murder weapon? a motive? a crime scene? never was a crime scene? got an at mission. what do you have? she said she was going to kill her. remember the game "concentration," in this country there is a right to confrontation, you get the right to confront the person accusing you. >>shepard: that has clipped on it. >>randy: the case has to go. has to go. has to go. the case these go. it is ridiculous. don't marry someone with the last name "peterson." a little safety teach.
3:50 pm
>>shepard: new controversy over cholesterol screening. a panel recommended children be tested for high cholesterol starting at age nine. as a result a lot more of them could end up on prescription medication but now other researchers claim the panel behind the recommendation has financial ties to the drugmakers that stand to gain. joining us now is our doctor from columbia medical center. you would think the republican they would test you is so that the parents would know, parents stop feeding them bacon at every mail. do you know it is not even considered a meat in it is just a fat. it should be a warning. but what they are arguing here is that drugmakers are trying to sell more drugs. >>guest: the important thing about the study it highlighted a very important health condition. obesity is becoming a huge pandemic. there is more than triple the
3:51 pm
amount of obesity we had in the 1980's. 12.5 million american children who are obese. and this study actually highlighted how severe obesity is rapidly increasing. >>shepard: how did we get to be so obese? why are we so obese now? >>guest: last week a very interesting study was published looking at children age two to four. they show that those children who sat in front of the television, watching television 18 hour as week, and those two to four-year-old correlated their waistline at age ten with how much television they are watching. diet is a big problem and what the child eats when they are young, their tastebuds are primed to want refine food, sugar, and fatty food. so by the time of adolescence their tastebuds are programmed to eat poorly so a combination
3:52 pm
of poor activity, not enough exercise, unhealthy diet. >>shepard: cow roll the breaking news animation, or the urgent animation for us for a moment? >> there is breaking news now, if your child sits in front of the television or plays on the computer, or eats skit ills it will be fat and have high cholesterol. this is some sort of revelation that we have reached here that tons of chips and chocolate milk and cokes will do this? come on. >>guest: cholesterol screening should not be the focus. there were guidelines published last year calling for universal screenings of cholesterol in children. but what we need is we need to educate parents they need to be very aggressive about feeding their children healthy early on. and dress physical activity. and get them away from the
3:53 pm
television. years ago we would be outside playing ball. we were not eating mcdonald's or a last sugary foods. >>shepard: now we are. and now we're fat. >>guest: well, if you look at the risk factors associated it includes high close roll and high blood pressure and cardiac disease. ♪
3:54 pm
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your monthly mortgage payments and give you tax-free cash from the equity in your home. and here's the best part -- you still own your home. take control of your retirement today. ♪ ♪ >>shepard: researchers say they didn't find anything in the effort to locate the remains of amelia earhart. she disappeared over the south pacific 75 years ago trying to become the first woman to fly around the world. this month the researchers set out for a remote island in the pacific to find the wreckage of her plane. the leaders of the group says they didn't find anything but he still believes the wreckage is in the area. and then this: it is now legal to dance until you drop in oakland, california.
3:57 pm
the city council has repealed an 82-year-old law banning dance marathons. the event become popular in the early 20th century. oakland lawmakers at the time deemed them a threat to public safety. last week, law breaker whose dared to host or participate in such an event could get six months in jail. proponents say there is no reason to keep outdated laws like that on the books. those opposed said, actually, no one was opposed. or at least no one said anything about it. so if you live in oakland, california, and you have been holding underground dance marathon, you can bring them out in the open. we have dance laws, rules. you have to have a cabaret license in new york city to allow people to dance wherever you are. seriously. how dumb is that? >>arthur: that is a regular bar. >>shepard: you cannot just stand up in the bar and dance. we picked up a few points today.
3:58 pm
still down but, you know, not as bad as it was. it gets better because here comes neil cavuto. >>neil: this time, three days of steep losses for the dow. welcome, everyone, i'm neil cavuto, coming to you from the windy city where it got very windy. very windy. for investors very stormy because this slow down, well, it is speeding up. read it and "weak," very, very weak. greece on the brink again. still hurting. and even after two bailouts waiting for another that might not come amid criticism from lenders that greece has bills that simply will not be paid. and the news is not better in this country. cisco plunging after they said that it would slash 1,300 jobs. and along cops ups and dupont posting earnings at missed
3:59 pm
estimates. why? each blaming a weak global economy. and to add to this, at&t saying their sales fell short. guess why? the weak global economy. so, over to our market watcher would feels we are looking at a full-scale recession. this is a pattern. >>guest: i picked the wrong week to quick smoking that is for sure. listen, you talked about earnings reports. and, yesterday, mcdonald's, tried and true, talk about a global slow down, european programs and currency programs. the companies are burned because the dollar is too strong of all things. >>neil: when one company after another is hanging their hat on what is going on in europe, is it a real reason or is it an excuse? >>guest: well there is no doubt there is a slow down in the un. we have seen it in manufacturing. we have talked about that. the drop off in manufacturing in the united states is alarming. it is complete drop off. spending is down. job numbers down. the united states is slowing


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