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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  July 25, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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three private citizens. she faces up to 45 years in prison. president obama's controversial immigration plan could cost $585 million. the plan let's many young immigrants, illegal immigrants stay in the u.s. and apply for work permits. hundreds of new federal employees would need to be highered to process over 1 million permit requests. there will be fees but not enough to make up all of the costs. chairman lav mar smith outraged saying american taxpayers should not be forced to bail out immigrants and obama's fiscally irresponsible policies. >> he is known as george jefferson. the patriarch of the family moving on up in america has died. >> can't get out of here. >> don't get excited, george. >> who is getting excited?
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wezie! >> great character. >> he was discovered by his nurse at a home in texas. the exact cause of death is pending. he first played jefferson on "all in the family" before his character spun off to "the jeffersons." it went from 1985 to 95. >> lasted a long time. head of the senate intelligence committee fine stein pointing the finger at the obama administration for national security leaks. but then the democratic senator back pedalling. we are live with more>> even though eric holder has appointed two attorneys to figure out who leaked this u.s. intel about our role in cyber attacks against iran and al qaeda plot to blow an airplane there still hasn't been a resolution.
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mitt romney said whoever spilled the beans did it to help the president politically. >> this conduct is contemptible. it be trays our national interest compromises our men and women in the field and demands a full and prompt investigation by a special council these events makes the decision we face in november all the more important. what kind of white house would reveal classified material for political gain? i tell you right now, mine will not. romney's comments yesterday sound a whole lot like what democratic senator diane fine stein said on monday. i think the white house has to understand that some of this is coming from its ranks. i don't know specifically where. they have to begin to understand that and do something about it. >> california senator clarified
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yesterday saying i am disappointed by the statements made by mr. romney today regarding a question i was asked yesterday at the world affairs council. i stated i did not believe the president leaked classified information. i shouldn't have speculated beyond that because the fact of the matter is i don't know the source of the leaks. mitt romney made his remarks about the leaks during a foreign policy speech before he blasts off for london. that speech and the attacks on the leaks are all bluster and don't offer any specific plans for our relations with any region of the world. heather? thank you very much peter. appreciate it. more politics now and a look at who is talking right now. romney surrogate is the former new hampshire governor weighing in on the current state of the presidential race. >> he is hitting the president for his statements on business owners saying president obama is denying the american dream.
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let's talk about the pieces in there. that's a president that first of all tells the business community they didn't do it and then he drags this thing out by trying to pretend that's not what he meant. you know that's what he meant because when he goes in that funny talk kay dance of his you know he's going to introduce class warfare. he con tems success he wanted the business people and his constituencies to think that all business success shoulden be shared with everyone. that's denying the dream. the romney camp not the only ones talking this morning. president obama also hitting his rehub can challengers on rebeforiuilding the economy. >> we did not build this country on our own we built it together.
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if mr. romney doesn't understand that he doesn't understand what it takes to grow the economy in the 21st century for everybody. >> we will hear from charles krauthammer he will talk about how the economy will effect the election from here on out. >> right now it is time for the weather update by maria molina. >> haygood morning heather and patty ann. good morning. we are continuing to see the warm temperatures across the central plains. we have been seeing them into the triple digits. right now 87 degrees in kansas city 89 in the city of st. louis. feeling the warmth out there. we will see the heat wave breaking down cooler air off to the west continues to push
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eastward. otherwise further off toward the east 72 in the city of rail leigh north carolina. 104 kansas city, 101 in dallas. 86 with high temperature with sunshine. get out and enjoy it. it will knotted be lasting for too much longer. we have the heat across parts of the planes in plains into the midwest. heat warnings into wisconsin southern minnesota into georgia. a large area of the country that is going to feel heat index values over the city. it feels muggy as you head into the evening hours. somehows across the great lakes into interior portions of the northeast. some of that precip that i gos will come in the form of thunderstorms that could have
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large hail damaging wind gusts if you live in any of these areas stay alert if you have warnings seek shelter head indoors. very heavy rain. it will be a slow go for you as you head out the door. we already have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect across parts of minnesota and northern wisconsin due to the possibility of severe weather from some of these storms. heather, patti ann. >> think you are getting a great deal on the airline ticket? airlines are required to show you the real cost of flying. joining us is lauren simonetti. >> they have been required to show the real price of the ticket including all of the taxes and fees since january. spirit and southwest airlines tried to challenge the line 30
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bucks round trip. they turned down their challenge so the next time you are booking a plain ticket know the air fair shown is the final price. >> people are keeping their cars longer now in some cases waiting 10 years to buy a new one. >> we are getting older so are our cars. auto m d-dot come say 70 percent of americans are waiting until their cars are 10 years old before buying a new one. only a few polled said they would buy one every 10 years. great news for the mechanics bad news for detroit car makers. >> arm disappointing earnings. >> apple reported an $8 billion third quarter profit sending shares down more than 5 percent in after hours to around 557 a pop. it was apple's second miss in 39
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straight quarters. europe is a problem and they are waiting until the end of the year to buy the new iphone. it selled 26 million iphones that was down from 35 million in the previous quarter. iphone 5 slated for an october release. this quarter not going to look any bert for the tech giant. the one bright spot ipad sales doing very well. so some are saying this is a buying opportunity. we will see. the time 11 after the hour. does something taste fishy? maybe because it is. why that expensive fish you are eating may not be what you were told it was. and then chilling video of a sea world attack. a 6,000 pound whale turning on its trainer a 15-minute life and death battle straight ahead. look at the prices at the pump national average 3.49 a gallon.
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>> romney says president obama has given israel quote shabby treatment. rick snyder declaring an energy problem because of a fuel shortage. a pipeline was shut down for several days due to a gas leak. time for another look at whose talking. charles krauthammer is talking about the dastate of the econom and how it is influencing a current state of the election. you would expect the
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president in this terrible economy would be way behind but it is not. two weeks ago i did the arist mick. you put them together because you have a higher ennumb rater and higher denominator. you are up by 2 percent you are going to win. >> we all disagree with you and so do i. those are two brilliant people. were people mad at you? >> i don't get angry e-mail. there was no an flax in my e-mail. there were people saying they were disappointed in me or some energized can't let this happen. you have to get out there and vote. the fact is i think romney does win in november. the reason is, it's a pretty static race now. it will not be static forever. the dynamic is the economy is
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wakeening. you wear that from the chairman of the fed on down everybody says it's wakeening. the recovery never happened. people are highly disappointed. nothing will happen between now and election day that will make any material different. obama has nothing to run on. >> an explosive debate over gun control. we will have that for you later in the show. >> both sides making their opinions known and ainsley is here to tell us more. >> independent mayor michael bloomberg is the one who proposed this ban. he wants all restaurants, arenas and movie theaters to stop selling sugary drinks like soda unless the drink is 16 ounces or
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smaller. to give you an idea a large soda at mcdonalds like the one you see here twice that size 32 ounces. critics of the ban calling it an attack on business and a huge over step by the government. as violent crime continues to grow in this city and more new york police officers have been shot in the last decade rather than hire cops down since 9-11 or 1,000 firefighters that were down we are going to send money to enforce a legally dubious rule and prom el gate the size of the soda. since when this is the problem of government. it will set a president for the rest of the country. on the flip side proponents of the ban say it is absolutely necessary to curb obese obesity.
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obesity is the leading cause of prevent ablg death in the country. it reaches the poorest communities. obesity is a public health menace and it is time to take on the soda cartel that drives this. >> met politically toxic. the board of health will now consider all of the testimony before voting on this ban on september 13th. if it does pass it will go into effect six months later and mayor michael bloomberg not stopping at soda. next car get, alcoholic beverages. >> and on it goes. ainsley earhardt, thank you. the time is 19 after the top of the hour. a major recall on hundreds of thousands of strollers. we will tell you which models might put your life at risk. >> replacing the honeymoon for the buddy moon? would you bring your friends along for the ride after the we
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hadings? >> no. >> some couples are. we will let you brew on this after the break. >> announcer: meet mary. she loves to shop online with her debit card, and so does bill, an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts and stole her hard-earned money. now meet jack. after 40 years, he finally saved enough to enjoy retirement. angie, the waitress at jack's favorite diner, is also enjoying his retirement. with just a little information, she's opened up a credit line, draining the equity in jack's home. unfortunately, millions of americans just like you learn all it may take is a little misplaced information to wreak havoc on your life. this is identity theft, and no one helps stop it better than lifelock. see, ordinary credit monitoring services tell you after your identity has been stolen.
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>> welcome back. 23 after the top of the hour. time for quick headlines. the man convicted of murdering oscar winner jennifer hudson's mother and brother and 7-year-old nephew convicted to three consecutive life sentences with no chance for parole. his future is barren and dark. does your grouper taste a little fishy?
5:22 am
they found a one-in three chance of the bait and switch. instead of the fillet you think you are getting you are getting a much cheaper one. >> one? three. unbelievable. >> it is time to brew on this. it's buddy moon more newlyweds are bringing family and friends along with them on their honeymoon. one researcher at the university of virginia think it has to do with the growing number of couples living together before marriage. >> for them having people come along is not such a big deal. in some ways they think it's a special and exceptional occasion. >> do you think the more the mare year on your honeymoon? >> you can tweet them to us at fox friends first or send us an e-mail at we will e-mail them later in the show. >> gives whole new meaning to the honeymoon is over. >> we think alike.
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>> 24 after the top of the hour. coming up you have to see this a frantic 911 call from a woman who says there was a scary scene in her backyard. >> what appears to be a giant mountain lion lying on somebody's patio table. >> erg is not -- everything is not as it seems. >> a trainer finds itself seconds away from death. a whale suddenly turns on hill. we will tell you how this ordeal plays out. >> supremes release "you can't hurry love." ♪
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am patty ann brown. >> it is time for the 5@5:30. the top five stories making news at this hour. more details about the ladies and gentlemened gunman in the movie massacre in colorado. some survivors revealing james holmes was reportedly targeting people grabbing them out of their seats and shooting them
5:28 am
down. christian bale stopped the medical center to meet with survivors and hospital staff. >> recall of baby strollers. they are recalling 223,000 strollers this over concern children could get their heads stuck between the feet and the tray. another baby was nearly strangled. the recall includes all strollers with a child tray and one cup holder made between january 2004 and september 2007. you can go to the company web site for a free repair kit. they are recalling some of the strollers over similar concerns. no injuries have been reported there. for the first time we are seeing a chilling video of a 2006 attack at sea world san diego. you can see a 6,000 pound killer whale grabbing experienced trainer ken peter's foot and traging him under the water.
5:29 am
flashing him around for nearly 15 minutes this went on. he was finally able to swim for safety. despite deep bite marks and a broken foot there's an ongoing lawsuit genesee world by the u.s. labor department over the death of another trainer. she was brutally attacked by a killer whale during a show in orlando. both attacks being detailed in a new book called death at see world. medical marijuana advocates are banning all pop dispense res. >> more than 900 dispense res will be cold to close up. they hope the ban will provide relief for neighborhoods plagued by the dispense res.
5:30 am
the city is working on an ordinance that would let 180 shops that opened before 2007 stay open. a california woman calling 911 after spotting something scary in her neighbor's backyard. >> what appears to be a giant mountain lion lying on somebody's patio table. somebody ought to get down here as soon as you can. >> are you ready? here is the mountain lion beverly spotted. the problem turned out to be stuffed. it was all part of a prank. it was meant to scare her neighbor. the joke ended up being on her inste instead. >> it is an artificial mountain lion. i am so sorry. >> don't be sorry. it kind of made my day. animal control officers came out embarrassed as she was they say she did the right thing by calling police. that is your 5 at 5:30.
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republicans and democrats in a heated debate over taxes and whether to extend the busheir raw cuts -- bush era cuts. >> the tax stand offhere raech ets up another notch today in the senate. this is being called a big game of chicken. if neither side blinks everyone could be in for a big tax hike. the president made his case last night at another political fundraiser. this one is portland. he will raise taxes on upper income earners. fellow democrats and the senate will try to vote that through today that includes a big hike in the he is kate stacks but it is expected to go nowhere. the president blames republicans. they decided to hold middle tax cuts hostage until we spend $1 trillion on tax breaks for millionaires billionaires folks
5:32 am
who don't need tax breaks and many of them aren't asking for it. >> they want the tax cuts extended for everyone saying any tax hike could be devastating for the economy. our friends on the other side are practicing what could best be described as thelma and louise economics. let's march the whole country off the cliff and see how that works out. i think we know what's going to happen if we do that. we don't think we should be playing russian roulette with the american economy. >> that cliff he's talking about comes in the form of automatic tax hike and spending cuts next year if they don't come up with some kind of an agreement. that includes a big hit for the pentagon. this comes to pass on january 1st. it is like think they will put this off until after the election. since the movie massacre in
5:33 am
colorado there has been a lot of talk about gun control. bill o'reilly talking about the issue last night on his program. >> it makes sense for a law to be passed that requires the sale of all heavy weapons to be reported to the fbi. that prompted a heated fiery debate between owe rile and republican congressman from utah. >> you cannot say the laws on the books are not tough and stringent. >> 60,000 rounds and no federal agency knew about it. are you kidding me? >> you are not going to have an fbi agent who is suddenly trailing everybody in this country who buys what is whatever your definition is a large number of pieces. >> if the fbi is alerted somebody is buying 60,000 heavy duty rounds, they are going to check it out. because that's what anti terrorism is. that's what they do. >> that's why we have the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms.
5:34 am
>> that kid's purchase on the internet wasn't reported to any federal agency. that's why he was able to assemble that armor that he had. you are telling me you object to this? this doesn't intrude on any hunter anybody with a hand gun to protect himself anybody with a rifle. this is an ak. >> this is the second amendment u6 a lawful right to purchase weapons and ammunition. >> i am not saying you can't purchase. report the purchase. >> you are ignoring the current law on the books. you are coming up with a wild definition of what is so-called heavy armorment>> but there are laws in the books. you act as if -- >> there are aren't any federal laws on the books. you are misinformed. >> there are 7 states that require if you buy an ak and 43 that don't. come on.
5:35 am
>> oh. o'reilly also saying in this age of tearrism a stricter law is necessary. >> before you leave the house this morning let's get your first degree weather update. maria molina has more on the brutal temperatures across the northeast. >> good morning everyone. we are finally talking about beautiful weather eastern parts of the northeast along the i 95 corridor where you get sunshine and temperatures that are warm. it is summertime and more typical weather this time of year. enjoy it out there it will be beautiful with low humidity in place. as we head west we have another day of extreme heat across states of missouri and southern parts of illinois and kansas. we will keep an eye on that. another big story will be the severe weather risk we are talking about large hail damaging wind gusts and isolated
5:36 am
tornadoes possible. that is northeast could see that activity as we head into later on tonight. high temperatures triple digits kansas city looking at a high of 104. northeast looking good 86 for a high in new york city. >> oo maria molina with the weather. thanks. the boss, bruce springsteen has been battling a bad case of the blues. the singer revealing in the new yorker magazine that he has been seeing a shrink since 1982. the 62-year-old said it was during the cusp of his fame when his depression actually made him suicidal. >> oprah win tree is under fire for a highly publicized show on india. they call it snobbish.
5:37 am
the tradition of eating with one's hands. >> lady gaga getting slapped with a $1 million lawsuit for backing out of a deal over a doll. the maker of brats toys they say she and her team engaged in deliberate brat delays to prevent the doll from meeting the deadline with distributors. now for your starting lineup a roundup of all of the sports stories at this hour. nascar shifting its suspension of ajalmondinger. reveals he violated nascar substance abuse policies. he did not knowingly take a banned substance he says. all good things come to an end and they did for ra dickey. his 11 game winning streak now over. the mets falling to washington 5-2. it is his first loss in 3 months. fisherman getting a giant surprise literally as a flying
5:38 am
make coefficienting tournamern o fishing tournament. >> oh my god. >> a giant mako shark leaping from the water. the shark was 10 feet in length and between 500 to 800 pounds. >> that is pretty cool. 40 minutes after the top of the hour. she hit a $1 million jackpot. remember this. but she still kept collecting welfare. her punishment is in. >> it's your last chance to answer our question of the day. trading in your honeymoon for a buddy noon? would you bring buddies along for the ride? we will read some of them next. [music]
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>> 43 minutes after the hour. protestors riot in the streets
5:42 am
of anaheim, california for the 4th day following two deadly police shootings over the weekend. cops raised five people last night after they stormed a city council meeting. a michigan woman who received food stamps even after winning a $1 million lotto jackpot has been sentenced to minine months probation. awe dmaun clayton will have to reimburse the state for the nearly 6,000 dollars in welfare payments she received. despite the multi-million dollar solyndra bust the obama administration is continuing the bush for solar energy. diane macedo joins us with more. >> the interior department announced it set aside 285,000 acres in 6 states for solar projects as part of an energy road map aimed at streamlining public lands.
5:43 am
the areas picked had the highest power generating potential. it saves the department from having identify suitable project on a case by case basis. they called it the announcement a proud moment noting they had no solar projects when obama took office. now 17 major projects are slotted for public lands and aimed to produce 650 mega watts of power. republicans want the president to open public lands to more oil, gas and mineral drilling saying the clean energy has done little to help provide jobs for energy. they avoid the regions where solar development would edge out other natural resources. four cosolar companies awarded x payer companies by the obama administration have already declared bankruptcy. the track record isn't great so far but the bureau of land management says by 2030 the
5:44 am
solar road map would produce enough power to run 7 million homes. >> it is time to brew on this. the lathes trend sweeping the nation the buddy moon more bringing friends and family along with them on their honeymoon. >> what do you think about this more the mare yeer year when it to your honeymoon? here are some of your responses. susan e-mailed us saying only if we were going to vegas my husband would be at the black jack table. >> my girlfriend and i lived together from the time we were married having buddies come along would be a much better time. thomas from north carolina e-mailed us this saying what kind of couple invites company on their honeymoon? the whole concept is just
5:45 am
strange. thank you to everyone who responded and keep the comments coming. >> i agree a little strange there. >> i do, too. the time now is 47 after the top of the hour. does this sound strange to you? you ob success to know every story out there. is it normal or nuts? >> the war on soda spreads. one town wants to slap a tax on sugary drinks to climb out under their budget shortfall. check in with brian kilmeade. >> great show as usual. let me tell you what's coming up. eric cantor will be here live talking about what the president is going to be doing and not doing. not visiting israel for the last four years but he will do it if you give him four more years. scott brown is going to be here. he is in that area a lot of money touring in he wants to keep his jobs or six years.
5:46 am
senator fine stein we wie will find out if she was cory booker. this bouncy house for a great cause all part of the fight against autism. this one will be blowing up soon. it's coming up on fox and friends i have to finish it up. happy birthday! thank you, nana send money to anyone's checking account with chase quickpay. all you need is an email address or mobile number. you're welcome. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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>> a marriage proposal gone wrong. a plane carrying the banner crashed into the water. the ex day the pilot got another
5:50 am
plane and finished the job. she said yes. don't expect to have a copy of the bible waiting for you. they have replaced it with none other than the best seller 50 shades of gray. he says the shocking swap was done purely for fun. it is a question we asked ourselves from time to time how do i know if i am normal or nuts? joining us to answer the e-mail is dr. keith ablow. thank you for being here. >> they are always reading the war stories they can never get the details. whenever i hear a bad story i obsessively read everything i can about it. am i nuts? >> you are not nuts. you are normal engaged. the question would be, why are you getting this feedback from your husband? does this reawaken for him a
5:51 am
sense he has of anxiety. we will meet people who are informed to save the rest of the people who aren't. >> she is not nuts but he may be. >> a woman who takes a small appliance without taking small appliances they have just been used even unplugged she fears they may still cause a fire. this includes hair driers toasters portable heaters normal or nuts. >> it is crazy. you don't even need a doctor here for this one>> you don't take a toaster to the beach. you can get help medicine psychotherapy she will be freed. he wants everyone to fear him his children, co-workers he isn't mean or abusive is this normal or not. >> why does he want everybody to be so afraid. he's got so lself esteem feels
5:52 am
vulnerable. he has to keep everybody at bay. he needs help. he needs counseling. >> one normal two nuts. >> not a bad ratio. thank you so much. make sure to send dr. ab low your questions at frien he will tell you if you are normal or nuts. >> the time is 54 after the top of the hour. it is not in the name of fighting obesity but to plug massive red ink. it wants to tax soda to get back in the black. can you figure out what it is? stick around for the answer. [ bell tolls ]
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>> 2 minutes until the top of the hour. let's take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly. first, the good. who says dogs and cats can't be friends? this tiny dog decided this cat need a lift. he threw him on his back. video was just posted on you tube and already has 900,000 hits. next, the bad. the city of elmonte, california, attempting to fix its budget crisis with a tax on sugary drinks. businesses would be charged a penny per ounce on did he have rajs like soda, snapple and gatorade. if they say yes to the plan it
5:57 am
could raise $7 million per year. it's a new mother's worst nightmare. hours after giving birth, a philadelphia mom says nurses handed her the wrong baby. the mother says it took the hospital at least 30 minutes to fix the mix-up. glad to hear they fixed it. it's time now to get all scrambled up and anna kooiman is here to help us out this morning. >> honeymoon! >> it is honeymoon. >> oh! >> man. i got it this morning. >> it was our question of the day and -- >> now you guys have to stretch. >> there you go. >> i want to know, which one agrees with the buddy moon? do you agree with that, a buddy moon over a honeymoon? just the two of you? kind of like a bromance. >> i'm not taking a guest other than my wife on the honeymoon. call my old fashioned. >> she's watching right now.
5:58 am
>> i'd like to extend the party, personally. i think it should be more than just two. >> why? >> because we are a village. >> funny, too, when people do these destination weddings, their entire families are there. >> that's the wedding. not the honeymoon. >> not the honeymoon. >> all right. have a great show, guys. >> bye! >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning to you. today is wednesday, july 25th. i'm in for gretchen carlson. this just in overnight. a police chase goes horribly wrong as a suspect heads straight for niagara falls. brand new details from the scene. >> and it looks like democratic senator, one of them spoke a little too soon. >> i think the white house has to understand that some of this is coming from its ranks. >> whoa! senator feinstein, white house line one. was she pressured by the president to take back and walk back those comments? we're going to examine them.
5:59 am
>> has she been cory bookered? and do you know where to sit in a restaurant to escape danger? what about a parking lot and, of course, a theater? we'll learn how to get out alive with survival skills from a navy seal and that will be live because "fox & friends" starts just about now. >> boy. where is grandma? where is grandma? brian kilmeade, captivated by the question, where is michael jackson's mother? and paris and prince's and blanket's grandma. >> if a grandma leaves and doesn't tell the grandkids, that's odd. if the grandkids leave and don't tell the grandmother, that's usually punished. we'll tell you how anna feels about steve asking me how to stretch his groin. >> i can answer that. >> i don't blame you. it all


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