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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 25, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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make less than $250,000. that should not happen until this committee is growing again. >>neil: you will confuse a lot of folks, senator, who will say, that lieberman guy wants his cake and eat it too. but i feel if the cake is there you might as well eat it but i digress. what is going on, he doesn't want to tick off the democratic friends or the republican friends so he will let both of his friends down. what do you say? >>guest: the prospect is i may tick off friends in both parties but i am an independent and this is not what our country needs. look, we have a chance after the election to adopt the kind of balanced budget long-term program that would cut spending and adopt tax reform and deal with entitlement reform. that is what we really need. if we are not getting that done
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by the end of the year, i'll vote for something to avoid the fiscal cliff on january 1st. i repeat, with this economy stumbling as it is, it is not the time to raise anybody's taxes. >>neil: if the president is re-elected, and if that lame duck session, and i agree, i doubt we will see much action on the part of either party ahead of the election, but say that the president is re-elected and it is up to a lame duck section to decide what happens on the rates, does the president then have purview enough to say, i have been reelected, we will do what i want and what i advocated which is extend the bush rates for everyone but the upper income. >>guest: i suppose he might do that. but, remember, the house of representatives republicans will still be there and they will not vote for that. >>neil: what do you think
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happens? >>guest: well, helpfully everyone wakes up and says the country is headed for a fiscal cliff. let's get this done. we have just finished an election. bewe start campaigning for the next election do what is right for the economy. yes, it will involve some political risk. but the reward will be great if our country. >>neil: do what is right. is it your view, senator, extend all the rates another year in address seriously form next year? could you just spell it out. >>guest: well, i would rather have us adopt something like the simpson-bowles plan. entitle president reform, and medicaid and medicare, they could not go up as fast. you cut spending. and you adopt the kind of tax reform that cuts rates but closes loopholes and some deductions. you could put a package together to raise enough money to get our government on the road back to balance. it will not happen overnight. you cannot raise taxes
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overnight. but you adopt a ten-year plan and you can make it work. that would ignite our economy again. i'm convinced. businesses in our country are sitting on more liquid assets than ever before in our history because they are uncertain. they do not have confidence about their tax rates. if we give them that confidence and show our government still has the capacity to solve a problem, you will see investment that will send the markets soaring and create millions of new jobs over the coming years. >>neil: senator lieberman, always good to see you. thank you very much. >>guest: be well. >>neil: independent senator from the fine state of connecticut. that would be my wife driving. from picking up the kids. in the your typical game of
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chicken but that is what is being played out in washington over the tax cuts. the economy is headed for its own smashup, new home sales plucking 8.4 percent the biggest drop we have seen in a year. ford is creeping to a halt. the culprit is europe because sales are plummeting, $1 billion worth of plummeting. and apple is not immune to the slow down plunging after missing earnings estimates. so market watcher has been adding it up and seeing a load of fiddling in rome. >>guest: right. we talk about the uncertainty. we know what is happening. you heard senator lieberman talking of having some time of stability or a plan in place. bottom line, main street does not like what is going on. it is not about just companies and them not hiring or expanding but the fact that men consumers are not stable enough or confident enough to go out and
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and spend. >>neil: you are an influential money gay, and in the florida senate you have republican leader mcconnell saying we have this plan but we will keep the tax rates going for another year. you heard senator lieberman saying this is political brinksmanship on both parties' side. do guys like you say you are just dithering? >>guest: if you are not angry, you are not paying attention. look at it that way. and you have the other i'd of the coin. people are apathetic. wall street people, yes, we are angry. we want to know what is going on. the summer recess starts august 3rd. you have to suspect when everyone comes back from the five week break you are in election mode. and after that, lame duck session. what is going to be passed? there was a conference in washington, dc a couple months ago and if nothing is done before summer recess something is done this year.
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everyone on wall street hears that. so we suspect that if nothing is done over the next two weeks, look out. the fiscal cliff comes sooner than what we think. >>neil: what lieberman is saying, and what i think will happen, we have a lame duck session and we citizen the rates for another year. i think that will happen. and some could welcome divided government. it may not happen but say the president is re-elected, and the senate could flip, but we will still have gridlock government. guys like you like gridlock. but this is a case where you reminded me gridlock is not good. >>guest: these are not normal times. gridlock would be great for the markets because it was the old rule of thumb that if washington is busy fighting they cannot go out and screw things up. however, think of some of the things on deck. you have obviously from the deal of last august, the defense
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department is looking at $1.2 from in long-term cuts. this is a sector that employs 305 million americans. if they don't get any type of reprieve from that and it needs to be done by the end of the year cow have hundreds of thousands people out of the work. the farm bill is another one. that is saying they would save $23 billion off the deficit to it is passed. that is speaker boehner talking about it. >>neil: but a lot of the companies that talk about exposure abroad is hurting them, not all of them, boeing was an exception, but if more and more of them say that, is that appreciated enough here? do people sense or just ignore how big europe could be? >>guest: well, i think here, main street joe may ignore it because they don't understand the power of what is taking place over there. you have 17 countries in europe that use that euro currency.
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six of them are already in a recession. you have global slow down, a slow down in china right new. former economic superpowers, including india and brazil are slowing down and we have our own domestic concerns in the united states. the problem is you have a congress right now, a lot of bickering and nothing is happening and no one is coming together to get this stuff done. so, companies are concerned. >>neil: the earnings so far are lousy. >>guest: that's right. >>neil: is that ominous? >>guest: you can look at last quarter you only had 3 percent earnings quarter over quarter and a year ago it was 12 percent. this year it is horrendous. we are deeply concerned. >>neil: you are the best. thank you, todd. great read on the market. this is what is going on, on the floor of the united states senate. this is a republican vote, that calls for extending all the bush rates to what todd was talking
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about for at least another year, thought just those for 98 percent of tax filers but all filers including the wealthy. bottom line, this doesn't go much further than this body, i hate to break it to you, the democratic plan or the republican plan, but it is good theater. it is that. >> coming up. >> those ads taking my words about small business out of context are flatout wrong. >>neil: the president bush -- the president pushing back. but which side is really pushing ahead? ♪
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>> those ads taking my word about small business out of the context are not out wrong. of course americans built their own businesses. every day hard-working people sacrificed to meet a payroll, create jobs and make our who run the what i said was, we need to stand behind them as america always has. >>neil: he says republicans are taking the comments out of con text so republicans are firing back with this ad playing more to the same speech. >> a great teacher was in everybody's life. someone helped to create this unbelievable american system that we have that allowed you to that like. someone invested if roads and bridges. if you have a business, you didn't build that, somebody else made that happen. >>neil: on just aesthetics and the music you have to give the advantage to the latter. did either of them make a point? both ads, by the way, are in
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their entirety on the website and you can see the address below. what do you think? >>guest: listen, the troubling thing is, you didn't build that, the president's remarks, those weren't taken out context. in fact, if we look at the larger contest, and i encourage the viewer the viewers to put the remarks in the context of the president's overall economic policy agenda, and we will see this guy has been about class warfare, about soaking the rich from the get go. that has been his suggestion when we talk about deficits. he wants to increase taxes. when it comes to bush tax cuts he wants to raise taxes on people who are the most successful. so, this theme of individual effort and individual talent not being determining factors in success, that something he really believes in. he just revealed that in the speech. >>neil: i hear the president on this sort of stuff, at face
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value, it is alarming. when he comes with a follow-up explanation the explanation makes sense that we all had good teachers and friends who supported us. i never heard an entrepreneur say thank god for the roads and bridges or i would be screwed. leaving that aside, he thinks through the remarks and realized, well, that didn't sound right and tries to reexplain them later. the trouble with video and audio and being able to recount this as we can is that it comes back to haunt you. i am wondering if it reverberates at all? you would think the president doesn't like entrepreneurs and he doesn't like business, this feeds that. other whose hear the republican ad will say, well, they always take the president out of contempt. how do you think this is going do sort out? >>guest: well, look at the bigger context in our country right now. we have very high unemployment. we have a president who hasn't
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met with the job council for six months. americans are questioning what does drive the economy? is it the government in is it individual american whose get up each day and go to work and create valuable goods and through voluntary exchange, create went. so we have to ask ourselves this question, we recognize there is a role for government, maintaining justice, but the question today is, has government overstepped their role? is it doing too much? maybe now they are a stumbling block in the way of entrepreneurship rather than being something that, you know, create as level playing field. >>neil: at the end the election is about the role of government, whether you want more or less of it. why care if people view this way on the subject but i think that is what the decision comes down to in november. the president will argue that in this environment, even now, with things still slow, we still need the government there as training wheels for the economy to keep us rolling. republicans will argue that the
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training wheels have to come off because that is what is killing us. and polls are tight on this issue as a result. americans seem equally divided. if people come to the view that you have, why aren't more coming to that view right now? >>guest: well, something that is missing, sometimes when republicans want to hit back on the individualism note, there is an important factor that civil society plays. we are not saying that as conservatives we believe every man for himself and we are one man islands and have to do it on our own. but we have a strong civil society, the cities and communities, and the important mentors who are excellent, and we can help one another. it is not that you have to go at it on your own but when government steps outside of their role it is harmful to the institutions in civil society that are so helpful to us as individuals. romney should come out and say, listen, maybe it is true that no one does it on his or her own
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but we don't need government coming in to the picture and redistributing wealth and giving us handouts. we can do that among ourselves. we can give private charity and have relationships with each other that are positive and build each other up but government restricts that. >>neil: is that message better with or without music? i think the music helps. >>guest: music helps. absolutely. >>neil: thank you very were. forget make night with the egyptians who just throw stuff at hillary clinton's car. did mitt romney signal he is never going to throw a dime at the guys who did this? with the fidelity stock screener, you can try strategies from independent experts and see wh criteria they use. such as a 5% yield on dividend-paying stocks. then you can customize the strategies
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>>neil: is mitt romney
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channeling ronald reagan? he kicked off the tour of london today. next up is israel where romney is meeting with prime minister binyamin netanyahu. the governor's foreign policy style is looking a lot less like this president and a lot more like this president. what do you mean by that, k.t.? >>guest: very symbolic that romney is going first to london. why? because reagan had a very special relationship with margaret thatcher, prime minister of great britain. he reinforced that special bond between the united states and great britain. second, by going to poland, where was poland? if it weren't for ronald reagan no american president would be visiting poland it would be behind the iran curtain. reagan won the cold war, and for romney to go to poland he is putting his marker down on the reagan side of foreign policy. also, specifically, israel. there is a personal connection between romney and prime
4:23 pm
minister binyamin netanyahu. they worked together at bain capital. and the relationship between president obama and netanyahu has been quite frosty. regardless of the spin control they give it. the body language pictures show you these two guys don't trust each other or like each other. >>neil: this is only days after the beyond rude and awful treatment of secretary of state, hillary clinton in israel. they were yelling "monica," and pelting the car. i argue whoever the secretary of state is, you do not do that. you do not condone that and you do not give more money to the folks who do that. is that a message that could be coming from mitt romney? >>guest: mitt romney is a shoe rude businessman and he understands you do not give foreign assistance or military assistance without expecting something in return. he criticized for example, obama, for giving up the missile shield in poland and the czech republic and getting nothing in
4:24 pm
return. when hillary clinton went to egypt and she was pelted, she was treated horribly, the united states should have objected to that. we give them $1 billion in military assistance and we are the only one standing between them and the wolf at the door as israel goes through difficult times. romney made it clear if the united states gives mill father and economic assistance to egypt it is only with the understanding that egypt keeps the peace treaty it has with israel, and, also, moves toward good governance, representative governance for all representations. >>neil: k.t. you are full experience with this but when you give good money after bad and now to nefarious characters, that is not looking like aisled investment strategy from the investment side. >>guest: but here is the problem with egypt and romney has said, egypt is the kingpin of the arab spring. as egypt goes the rest of the countries go. if egypt goes in the direction of liberal democracy, stable
4:25 pm
government you have the same thing breaking out from the atlantic to the persian gulf. if the arab spring continues to be a winter of our discontent and egypt goes in the direction of the must police brotherhood and if extremists come in and breaks the peace treaty with israel the rest of the countries will follow suit. by focusing on egypt with the carrot and a stick, it makes sense. i would go further to say that here is the carrot you would have egypt if you do keep your peace treaty with israel, have development, democratic development not go in the direction of the muslim brotherhood if you go in the direction of a liberal democracy we will help you with economic assistance which you get great nowhere else. >>neil: but you are preaching to the crazy people. >>guest: in egypt? you better hope not because then we will see an islamist government and that 8 be from
4:26 pm
the atlantic to the persian gulf. that is a world that would be very dangerous. >>neil: president obama made a lot of trips overseas. but to date, not israel. but the poll shows overwhelming numbers of voters supporting the president over mitt romney to former new york mayor koch on why. why? ing i tell you why. jews are liberal overwhelm galveston and interested in the social progress not only of themselves but of others. there is is no question that the domestic policy of the democratic party has attracted jewish support. in the area of foreign affairs, both the democratic and republican parties are quite similar. regrettably. i would like to get out of afghanistan today. both the democratic and republican parties --. >>neil: it makes no sense. say what you will of george bush, he could not have been a better friend of israel, yet --.
4:27 pm
>>guest: he did better than any other. i was this supporting --. >>neil: but they did not. there were no many. >>guest: they thought that getting about 26 or 27 percent of the vote --. >>neil: that is a big deal? >>guest: normally they get 23 percent of the vote. i thought george bush was a wonderful president. the republicans don't think so today regrettably. i think he understood terrorism like no other president and that's why i supported him. but i'm for president obama's re-election. i think he has done a good job. >>neil: you were critical of the post netanyahu ill will treatment. and you were questioning the administration. >>guest: i was. i sent them a message by changing the outcome of a district here in new york city and it voted republican. they got the message. >>neil: you believe they got
4:28 pm
the message? >>guest: i believe that president obama is an honorable man. >>neil: he did a 180. >>guest: i believe he is honorable. >>neil: people who do a 180, you can be called a lot of things but --. >>guest: he does not have to like binyamin netanyahu personally but when they say there is never a closer relationship in terms of sharing of intelligence and the shipment of military supplies between the united states and israel, that's what counts. but it started with the president saying israel has to do more in the process and that got your goat. >>guest: yes. saying it had to go back to the 67 line. but he has changed. i said, mr. president, that's what got my upset. you can have that position but people have to understand israel has to worry about its lines of
4:29 pm
defense. those are not defensible lines. he has said to the palestinians, go back to the peace table without conditions. he has said that. he prevented the palestinian authority from becoming a state at the security council. i believe him. i trust him. once again, both romney and obama are good on israel. i wouldn't attack romney on israel. i attack hill on his domestic program. >>neil: and joe biden entered the senate chamber a short time ago to vote on this democratic plan to extend all the bush rates minus those if the upper income. what do you think of that? >>guest: i am for the democratic preliminary which is keep the taxes high on the rich. i'm one of those rich.
4:30 pm
>>neil: and everyone else is okay. >>guest: the middle class should get the lower taxes. >>neil: you are fine sticking it to the rich. >>guest: i think the obama administration should put --. >>neil: senator lieberman said this not the time to raise a tax on anyone. >>guest: the obama should put the republicans against the wall. that means you keep the taxes if you don't change the law and put them back on the rip. >>neil: interesting. always a pleasure, sir. more ahead. ♪
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are yoin good hands? >>neil: the leader, hear he, has rejected the troops rejecting a republican plan that extends all bush tax rates, all including those for the rip -- rich another year. that was harry reid's position, and the president's and 19 lows is to extend them to everyone but the rich. joe leak plan saying now is not the time to be raiding taxes on anyone. be that as it may the senate rejecting that republican plan that would have kept the rates where they are for everybody another year. reaction, now, from my colleague on fox business network. not a surprise but it and what it is. >>guest: we are getting closer and closer to this cliff. you have business throwing up
4:35 pm
their arms for months. they have been saying, here we are going toward the cliff and the uncertainty. it is making impossible to make decisions. would you people in washington get together and do something. here they are. again, refusing to come to a solution. it is frustrating. >>neil: and it is kabuki theater. nothing will happen with the plans. >>guest: do you hope, though, that someone will stand up and do something? >>neil: it is not happening. >>guest: it is all nonsense and nothing will come out of it but secretly in your heart you hope this is a santa claus and someone will stand up. >>neil: right now it does not appear to be a possibility. the latest with the economy today, home sales which we thought were showing light, plummeting. what is going on? >>guest: it is amazing, single family home sales down, five-month low down 8.4 percent.
4:36 pm
we what two good reading. we had construction, new home construction up 6.9 percent and we thought this was over. no. what it shows is that meddling with the committee does not work. bottling up the foreclosures for a while and they spread down the road does not make them go away. that is what we are seeing across the economy. you sort do the artificial measures to make it better and all it does is make it better in the short-term and, boom, it is bad again a few months later. we have to get our act together. >>neil: we are in the doing that. but early in the afternoon on your own wonderful show on fox business network, you talk to a lot of the bigwigs, the money managers and investors, what are they telling you? what would make them on the wallet? what would make them either expand plans, hire people? what? >>guest: they say knowing what their tax outlook will be, especially if it would be lower.
4:37 pm
knowing that washington, dc, was on their side and not talking to them down. that sounds sound serving but i am asking what you would like to see? so it is self serving but that is what we are asking. they say they want the magic confidence thing out there. >>neil: but you feel good about what is coming ahead, you would get off the dime? >>guest: if you ask the average consumer they say the same thing we are holding on to our dollars. if you have a job you are hanging on because you know there is in the another one. if you have money, you are hanging on to it, because you are afraid for the future and businesses feel the same as consumers. we talked to a lot small business owners on the show and they say the same thing, they are concerned about the future. until they see a big green light they don't want to move. so we are paralyzed and in fear. we need leadership. >>neil: how did you join fox? >>guest: i drank the kool-aid. i'm on board.
4:38 pm
i'm loving fox. no one tells you what to do or say. we run wild. that is the secret. >>neil: you were the last person on the other side who smiled. >>guest: i don't know way are talking about. >>neil: no one else smiles. did you notice that? >>guest: why watch them. i don't know. >>neil: i don't think i have gotten you in too much trouble. she is our rockstar. republicans teeing off on the for doing the same but are there bigger issues than whose golf game is best? this is our pool. ♪ our fireworks. ♪ and our slip and slide. you have your idea of summer fun, and we have ours. now during the summer event get an exceptionally engineered mercedes-benz
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for an exceptional price. but hurry, this offer ends july 31st.
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>>neil: president obama likes to golf. you probably heard. >> the president obviously has a lot on his plate. >>neil: okay. today there are several key votes on taxes. what did they choose to focus on? the golf thing sending out a
4:42 pm
press release highlighting the golf outings and "rollcall," said we have other stuff to worry about. >> i thought this was stupid, there are more important things to zero in on. >>guest: you are right. the president does play golf. breaking news alert. and he likes basketball. but there are so many serious issues on capitol hill. you mentioned key votes that are occurring today. they are much more important than what the president likes to do in his spare time. this is something both parties are guilty of. i will see democrats attacking mitt romney for some of his athletic hobbies, such as jet skiing. >>neil: whether they jet ski or motorboat or any of that stuff, that is fine, but i think the attention should be on their policies and issues. i know what democrats see when they focus on romney and what they are trying to say is, look,
4:43 pm
look at the rich and how they spend their free time and i know what republicans mean when they see him golfing. i think it is a waste of time in either case. just get to the issues. but on this day of all days when we are talking about tacks taxed whether they are going to stay or change, talking about, you know, that seems like a waste of time. >>guest: it is. most voters do not care. there are voters in each base that have a strong opinion and think the president spends too much time on the golf course and a lot of die hard democrats do not like to see rahm rahm emanun -- mitt romney on the jet skis.
4:44 pm
but i am sure the democrats and republicans would like to fund raise off of that kind of thing. but undecided voters, the voter would matter and who are not paying attention yet, they doesn't care about this. >>neil: i talk to a political strategists who look at the effectiveness of negative ads and as much as people bemoan them, they do work. they do work. >>guest: well i would say it depends on the ad and the attack this cycle we have seen a lost negative ads that people put on mute when they go to the refrigerator. good, negative advertising works. we have not seen that. we have seen run of the mill stuff. >>neil: is marco out because she got in?
4:45 pm
ght ♪ ♪ so gold and sweet ♪ this dream ♪ ♪ [ knocking ] ♪ male announcer ] even the planehas an olympic dream. dow is proud to support that dream by helping provide greener, more sustainable solutions from the olympic village to the stadium. solutionism. the new optimism.™ ♪ this dream
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>>neil: marco going solo. senator rubio expected to hit the campaign trail this weekend for governor governor in in never but he is not mentioned as being on the short list of the v.p. pick. is it because of this? >> a team of mavericks. he has been the maverick. change is coming. >>neil: and now, if sarah palin could have ruined it for maverick politics. that might or might not be fair. sarah palin fans saying do not blame her for john mccain defeat, but making an outside the box choice, that has ran dates rethinking an outside the box choice. what do you make of that?
4:49 pm
>>guest: certainly. sarah palin overshadowed john mccain for most of september and her baggage came out. she had some. and the same could be true to senator rubio who has a little bit of baggage from the career in state politics in florida. that could, of court, overshadow mitt romney, too, and voters like rubio pore than mitt romney and that could be a little bit of a problem for a candidate like mitt romney who is just starting to get known by voters. >>neil: i look back to the financial meltdown and what happened after that, that sealed the senator's fate. he could have had moses on his ticket and still lost, but, having said that, why would it make it risky to be edgy? if you know the top of the ticket is solid or reliable, doesn't it allow you to be a little bit more bold in picking
4:50 pm
a running mate or has the sarah palin to burned the republican establishment they don't want to go there? >>guest: they don't. the reason is this: mitt romney has made clear time and time again he wants to have a vice presidential nominee who could serve as president if something were to happen to mitt romney if he is elected. the fear is that rubio might not, himself, yet be ready to be president. i point out to this marco rubio has national ambitions and actually he may have ultimately at the end of the day, a better brand than mitt romney does. and that also concerns mitt romney that rubio is so am beneficiaries and will probably launch a presidential campaign of his own. >>neil: that could be right but i think there is a risk being safe, too. if you pick a running mate, say, like yourself, and i am not saying anything against pawlenty or senator portman of ohio or the other safe and reliable
4:51 pm
vetted names that come up, but, there is a risk in that strategy, too, is there not? >>guest: there is because it may not move the dial. of court, in the real clear politics polling average of the swing states, president obama is leading in every single one of those battleground states with the exception of north carolina. if he doesn't pick an edgy candidate, that may not help him get ahead in any of the other states. you are right in that respect. >>neil: so who do you think the running mate will be? >>guest: it is coming down to pawlenty and also problem portman, a senator great he. mitt romney seems to be close. or maybe he has. but those are the two names we hear most often from the campaign. >>neil: and he makes it next week or after the olympics? >>guest: certainly after the olympics. you do not get bounce during the olympics because the focus is on that. >>neil: okay, you don't want to do that. thank you very much.
4:52 pm
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4:56 pm
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4:57 pm
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4:58 pm
this could explain our position on service. >> hello, i'm eric boling along with kimberly guilfoyle bob beckel, andrea tantaros and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." i'm worried about president obama. he used to be so focused and clear but lately he sounds confused. here he is just a few weeks ago. >> the private sector's doing fine. >> doing fine. this economy, sir, come on. a few days ago even more detached from reality. >> if you've got a business, that -- you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >> that was probably just a hangover from a long campaign road trip but then he said this. >> just like we've tried their plan, we tried our plan and it worked. that's the difference. [ cheers and applause ]
4:59 pm
that's the choice in this election. that's why i'm running for a second term. >> worked? it worked? you're sounding crazy and stuff. president obama says his economy is working. what is he smoking. >> sometimes term limits don't come quick enough. he's in big trouble because everybody's on damage control. he sent out the troops to the sunday talk shows. they care, they know it's resonating and damaging to him. escape able of -- he's a public speaker able to connect with people, but that he would say something like this doesn't make sense, especially if you want to stay in the white house. >> want to jump in? >> sure. this -- what's the phrase? he didn't build this. this doesn't stop giving. i don't think there's been a statement someone regrets more than katie holmes saying i do. he accidentally


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