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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 26, 2012 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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we are moving slowly, we should be moving faster. but don't say it's working when the american people know it is not. look at what he has done. he has had a stimulus package of $800 billion. famp $700 billion. four straight deficits over $1 tril york the fed has been printing money hand over fist and kept interest rates at zero. we have tried kinsian economic, the president's economics and it has not worked. my concern is, quite frankly, what will work? we have had the bush tax cuts for four years, too. that hasn't ignited the economy. you take a look at what has happened in europe. we near real trouble. i detect a lack of seriousness on the part of the president if he is making statements like that. >> greta: i think it's interesting that a while ago, some of his surrogates are saying that the problem with the 2009 stimulus is that it wasn't enough. he is not saying that. i don't hear him on the trail
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saying we should do more. he's almost abandoned his own plan. >> he has. he is in a hard-line ideological position, based on his ideology, saying we will raise taxes on the rich. that's the fair thing to do. under what economic theory do you -- four years deep boa recession raise taxes on anyone? look -- he ought to do what he did in 2010 and said, look, the people voted this way. the imphee's still down. let's extend the tax cuts one more year and do tax reform. let me predict something. i will tell you, if the growth rate comes in in the second quarter and it is down eye think we are below 2% and dropping. i think the president's going to have to be dynamited out of that position. i don't think bill clinton would do nothing. >> greta: you know, if it's true that many people are in business don't want to hire more people or expand or do investment because they are uncertain about
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the tax code december 31 into january, i don't understand how just one year, for people in business, they tend to look out several years, a one-year extension is not going to in any way settle people to plan. at all. so, you know, i think the american people either are saying, it's going up and tough, this is the way it's going to be. or it's going to stay down so people can plan. it is the uncertainty that is happening itch the republicans are opposing tax increases on the job creators because politically, they have to. but philosopheically, they don't believe it. economically, they don't think you raise taxes in a recession -- >> greta: but wait. if you look at it, even if the taxes do go up on those who make more than $250,000. that will fund 8 days. we have 357 more days to fund. >> he is holding the whole economy hostage, the president is -- on the basis of an egalitarian ideology somewhere
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between the harvard law review and rules for radicals by sol sollewinski and the bill ayers apartment. any hard-core cent rifte bill clinton would say, look, this is not working, fellas. we have to go for reforming the tax code next year, if we win. if romney win, he returns the code. but we ought to continue the tax cuts on the social security. you just don't raise taxes when you are in this situation and we seem to be stalled and almost in a dive. >> greta: another topic. who would you recommend to governor romney? we like to play this board game about the nominee for vice-president. former governor jeb bush believes marco rube rubio is ready to be vice-president. but who do you think would be a smart politically, not someone who you would choose, but for romney's strategeically? >> strategeically, i would follow my old boss, richard
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nixon. if you are running even and you look like you could win this on your own, you tend to take a safe choice, somebody who can help nuone state, but who won't blow up on you, okay you? don't roll the dice. mctain cane in 2008 rolled the dice. i would have done the same thing. i think mondale did the right thing in rolling the dice with jerry ferraro. if mitt romney's down 5, 6, 7 points come convention time. i would take a hard look at marco rubio. if he is not down. if he is running even or slightly ahead, then you would say, maybe portman could bring minnesota or t.pal can take minnesota. >> greta: but you want to keep the senate? >> i think you have a governor in olieo, right? >> greta: right.
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>> who would replace portman. kasich would pick the guy. so you are fine there. >> greta: who would you like to see governor chris christie is speaking at the convention, but who else would dazzle the crowd? >> i like your buddy and my favorite, sarah palin. i would say to governor romney at the convention, look, let's not have a boring convention. i mean, it's going to be boring except for the vice-president. but bring in all the voices of the party and say, look, you may not agree with these folks, those folks, but we are united behind governor romney and i would have that and don't have a bore the country for four straight nights with speakers who are -- who have been vetted. i have done that at conventions, greta, where we go over all the speeches for the people of the senators and others. we would make sure they didn't say anything out of order because that's the way mr. nixon
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wanted. >> greta: mr. nixon certainly changed everything. pat, nice to see you. >> it's a pleasure. >> greta: donald trump says the president is picking a fight -- not with him, but with business owners. president obama take a lot of heat for saying, if you have a business, you doesn't build that. now he says he meant they didn't build the bridges and roads. but what does donald trump think? donald, nice to talk to you. >> hi, greta. >> greta: donald, the president has said that you did not build it and he says the romney campaign has taken it out of context. i am curious, your thoughts on what the president meant or how you took what he meant when he talked about people not building it. i realize there is more to the quote than that. what's your thought on it? >> i think it's a very, very tough statement. people are very upset by it. it really has energized a lot of people in this country because maybe the truth is coming out about president obama.
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it's a very, very hard thing for people who work 20 hours a day, whether it's building a business or working on jobs where they build great things. it's very hard for those people to take when they hear a statement like that. it's a very, very difficult statement for them to take. >> greta: does it reflect a bigger ideology and a difference between the two candidates? president obama thinking that the government has a greater role in helping business and the republican view, governor romney's view is that it is the individual who has the greater role in building business. >> well, i think it does reflect ideology, there is no question about it. i think this is where obama comes from in the first place, this is what he really believes. this is what he thinks. i think he wished he didn't make the statement because it's gotten tremendous heat. you see other things. i mean, not only this, but other things are leading to a point where as of yesterday, romney is leading in various polls and
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doing very well. people are not wanting to hear that when you look at what has happened with this country, how this country has built itself up from its boot straps. i mean, how they ito have worked. people have worked so hard. forget donald trump. i mean people -- and i do work hard and i am proud of that -- but people are working hard and then to hear a statement like this. they don't like it. >> greta: vice-president biden has said that the wealth doe very, very well and do not need a tax cut. now i think it's indeed true that donald trump, you dunted need a tax cuts. but tell me how a tax cut, or the continuation of the existing tax rate for you, what it does for you, in terms of job creation? are you more likely to create more jobs if it stays as it is or not? what's the real impact on business? >> greta, look at what is happening right now. it's stagnant. everybody's just holding back. nobody knows what's going to happen. nobody wants to invest in this
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climate. and people that have money are holding back. banks are afraid to make loans. it's a mess. you look at the taxes, you look at what is going on with the taxes where some people want to just take -- where have you almost a majority now of people that don't pay any tax in the country. and at some point, it has to stop. but something i say that i don't hear a lot of other people saying, where is this money being spent you? know, they raise your taxes and they keep raising your taxes and you look at solyndra and all of these horrible investments. and frankly, investment bankers should be making, not the government. the government shouldn't be making an investment in solyndra. solyndra, they take hundreds of milions of dollars and then just blow it. in a matter of weeks. and this is where our tax money goes. it goes to iraq. it goes to other countries that no longer respect us. don't respect us. it is going to blow to hell, as soon as you see what happened with iraq yesterday, where 100
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people were killed. we are in there for $1.5 trillion. we have nothing to say about it. a lot of people not only disagree with the tax hike -- and you are talking about a very substantial tax hike. they want to know, where diswriz their money going to? will it continue to be thrown away like they have been throwing it away? it's a very difficult thing. to end it is just -- we are in such a fragile world right now, in terms of this economy that to be raising taxes now on job producers is a very, very dangerous thing to be doing. >> greta: well. it's dangerous, but it has a direct impact on your job creation. i am curious, whether or not as a realtyistic matter, forget whether people it is fair or not fair, who is paying taxes, not paying taxes, would a tax hike have an impact on how many jobs donald trump creates beginning january 1? >> well, it would be. but if you look at obamacare,
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that's 21 tax hikes. if you look at that, i was reading this morning that there are in there 21 -- at a munmim, but 21 different taxes and you are talking about a tax hike of 21 different taxes and in some cases, new taxes being put on and the supreme court said it was a tax. so you look at that and you add that with everything else and it certainly does have an impact. we are not talking about small tax increases. we are talking about very major tax increases and maybe the biggest of all is obamacare. >> greta: one of the things that i should be puts into the discussion is at least, as i have seen the estimates, if the tax cuts do expire so those who make more than $250,000 a year, it means we can fund the federal government for another 8 days -- >> it's a very, very small amount of money. >> greta: so are the eight days worth any sort of -- impinging on the people who might create
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jobs if they have a continued tax rate? that's what i am trying to measure? >> the answer is no. if you look at what ronald reagan dhe started to cut the taxes as the economy started to grow and it became great. it's such a wrong answer. people really have other choices. you know, people with money can go to lots of other countries to invest. they can go to china. they can go to india. they can anygo to many other places. it is not like the good old days where you go to a different state. if you don't like new york, you can go to florida. today, if you don't like this country or a certain area where you are because taxes are too high, you can invest in other countries. and you can be in there in five hours on a plane. so it's a very different world than it was even 10 years ago. >> greta: secretary of treasury geithner testifying before the house financial services and saying this, in part, i am curious whether or not you agree with him. he said that what is happening in the country is that -- as as
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a result of the obama administration policies, that increased credit -- that is becoming more available at banks. is that true? do we have more stable banks and increased credit? >> if you are very rich and you want to borrow money, if it's donald trump, believe me, it's very easy to borrow money right now. very, very easy. and i get it at such a low rate, it's incredible. if you are a very fine person and a very good developer or business person and you are trying to build a business and you want to borrow money, you cannot get money at any price. the banks are not loaning money to people to build businesses. that's a real problem for the country. it's never been like this. so the rates are very goods, if you don't need the money. if you don't want money, they want to loan you money. if you need money, you cannot borrow at any rate. >> greta: is there increased
1:14 am
credit? one way to rev up the economy is to build things and they borrow money. if you are not a donald trump, a billionaire, let's say you are a millionaire, are you able to get credit to expand your business right now? is the secretary right that credit is more available? >> the answer is no, you cannot get credit. if you need money to build a business and you are a solid citizen with good credit ratings, but you need money to build a business, but you don't have a lot of money. if you have great ideas and concepts and it's a wonderful business or development -- you captained get money. no. >> greta: is there anything that the obama administration has done that you think is really smart to help the business community to create jobs? >> look, i think they're trying. obviously, they have to be trying. it's inconceivable to think that they are not. but certainly not a lot is happening to help the business community. business is in a funk. they near a total funk. they are just not moving.
1:15 am
they're afraid to move. whether it's obamacare happening and what's going to be the next thing to come do you know the pike. so business is not moving. it is stagnant. they don't have confidence. i am sure they are trying. you know, i am geithner isa i good man. but it's not happening. it is just not happening. >> greta: but that feeds into the gallup poll that 2-1, apparently, the american voters like president obam more than governor romney. president obama's like ability's factor is 2-1 better than governor romney. but likeability... is that a reason to vote for someone? >> it's always a reason. i happen to think that mitt romney is a very nice man. you look at his family. his wife is an amazing woman, a great woman. i happen to think he's a very, very high-quality, nice man and solid as a rock. i can't understand why his popularity is not through the
1:16 am
roof. he has every quality you need for likeability. he's a great person. >> greta: if you talk to a republican or even some business people, they make you think that it's going to be catastrophic if president obama is re-elected in terms of the economy and businesses and job growth. is -- no matter who is elected, can the business community respond to it? can you adjust or is it going to be catastrophic? >> it is certainly not going to be positive. there are many people that are waiting to see what happens with the election. and if mitt romney gets in, they are going to be investing and going wild and they're going to be creatingions and if obama gets in, i think they are going to be very, very upset and go to lots of other places. they have very little confidence in the country. >> greta: i am trying to figure out what's the scare factor? are we getting the scare factor from some people? or do you think it's a legitimate -- a very serious times and it makes a big difference on the taxes -- the tax credits or tax rates are
1:17 am
extended or not. >> i have been saying for a while. i think this is one of the most important election this is country has ever had. you started off this interview talking about building businesses and what the statements are and everything else. the fact is, that is a mind-set right now. we didn't do it, the people who work hard didn't do it. it had nothing to do with them. well, that is not what it's all about. that's not what this country is all about. so i think that people are very nervous. i think they are actually, in many cases, scared -- business people, hardened, veteran business people are scared to see what would happen if obama gets a second term. >> greta: donald, thank you. always nice to talk to you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: next, majority whip, kevin mccarthy, republicans have a new plan for you. that's next. and caught on camera, michael jackson's family, children and siblings in a huge family fight. that's next. and did you hear what governor chris christie is saying he
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>> greta: the bare-knuck will fight over extending the bush-era tax cuts is raging on. and a democratic bill renewed
1:22 am
the tax cuts, but only for people earning less than $250,000 a year. for everyone else, the tax rates go up on january 1. and now kevin mccarthy is here. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> greta: what's the plan? because whew what it's going to look like, the house is not going to support the senate's plan. so it looks like the house republicans want to raise the taxes on americans? a good bulk of them? >> how do you see that? you just watch today, what the senate did. in an independent study means you cost 700,000 jobs. think for one moment. two years ago, when president obamma was president, it was speaker peulosey and harry reid at the majority leader. they extended the tax cuts because they said do not raise taxes in a down economy. what in the economy has changed? for 40 months -- this is politics.
1:23 am
>> greta: are you saying, they are doing this not because they think this is the right thing -- that they think it would be a bad idea to reduce the revenue to the u.s. treasury by continuing the tax cuts. are you saying they are doing it for political reasons? not because they think it's the right thing to do. >> let's see. it pays for 8 1/2 days. so does it solve the problem? or is this something he talks about on the campaign trail? it hits small business. small business creates more jobs than anything else in this economy. more than big corporations, small businesses that at its lowest point of startups in 17 years -- because of uncertainty. >> greta: i understand the argument. but come election time, if the tax cuts expire, to everybody, everyone's going to read it. whether rightfully or wrong, this is a tax cut on the person. and the republicans are going to be seen for the people who make $250,000 and less, they are going to blame the republicans, i assume? >> look. in the senate, they just raised
1:24 am
taxes and cut 700,000 jbs in -- jobs in america. we are going to extend the tax cuts and stop the tax hike. we are stopping the tax increase. let's be serious -- >> greta: someone's view has to give. someone has to blink on this? >> you know what i think? i am tired of the brinksmanship and the gimmicks. why don't we have a real budget? what we really need to do after we extend the tax cuts, reform the tax code -- >> greta: that's the republican bill in the house, as i understand it. the plan that you have -- >> we put it out for the american public. this is the same senate that has never produced a budget when have you had trillion-dollar deficits four years in a row. who is serious about politics? who is serious to the american public about what we believe in and what we think going forward? this should be the city of ideas. give it new ideas. let's move the country forward. >> greta: tell me what is going to happen. you are going to vote and the
1:25 am
republican bill will pass in the house. right? i believe that. don't you. >> i expect that. two years ago, you haday 139 democrats vote to extend it -- you know who else was one of snell debbie wasserman-schultz. 89 of them are still there. >> greta: so it's going to happen. we expect the republican bill to pass. then what happens? >> moves to the senate. >> greta: then what happens? >> well, if harry reid continues his behavior, it will sit there and probably after the election, then he will take it up. you know what that means? it's all politics. >> greta: okay. the senate bill voted on today, what happens to that one? that's going to you? >> they haven't sent it. but if you read the constitution, article 1, section 7 says all tax revenue starts in the house. you can't start it in the senate. they had the vice-president come down, special with the cars and the whistles to try to force the vote that doesn't mean anything. that's the problem with the process. let's stop the gimmicks.
1:26 am
>> greta: so what's -- let me get back to the question, is going to happen? the american people want to -- they want to know what is going to happen? what is realistically going to happen, come january 1? >> what i hope is the tax cuts do not get -- the tax cuts get extended, we stop the tax hikes -- >> greta: but only one year -- >> yeah -- irvetion but people need more time to plan. whether they go up or down. that one year puts everybody in that suspended state again. >> yeah. republicans don't sit back and say, we will promise you something in the future. or we will be more flexible after the l- we don't say that. we produced a budget. in our budget, we put out a framework for a simpler, flatter tax code. we are clear on our principles about t. we are saying, extend them right now, so have you certainty. this, we tomorrow, we will vote on stopping regulations, so you take some of that uncertainty away and then we reform the tax code to unshack whale holds us
1:27 am
back. the only way we are going on get out of this mess is by growing this economy. the only way you do it is lettuce compete. bring the entrepreneur help. the president's wrong. people do build businesses. i had my first business when i was 20. my father and i -- we didn't have a lot of money. we built a counter in our garage. we took it in. that paid my way through college. that's what the american way is about. we believe we should have more people, able to build more businesses and hire more people -- not the government. >> greta: thank you. >> greta: coming up, have you to see it to believe it, michael jackson's family caught on camera in a bizarre fight. [ male announcer ] summer is here. and so too is the summer event. now get an incredible offer on the powerful, efficient c250 sport sedan with an agility control sport-tuned suspension. but hurry before this opportunity...disappears. ♪
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>> greta: you won't believe this one. michael jackson's relatives are now fighting and it is so out of control, there was a bizarre confrontation. it start when is michael jackson's siblings and children arrive in the driveway of their california home. then, it gets ugly this. video appears to show janet jackson confronting michael jackson's daughter paris, swiping for the young teen's cell phone and paris runs away and janet is restrained by her brother, randy and then both randy and janet follow paris, recording her with their cell phone cameras. but that's only part of the family dram. it is so much stranger than that. we have the latest from los angeles. ken, what in the world -- this saga has been unfolding for a couple of days. take me back to the beginning.
1:32 am
what was the catalyst. >> reporter: this started back ino july 15, katherine jackson who, has guardianship, legally of the three michael jackson children, went to arizona with her oldest daughter and was staying at a resort and essentially lost contact with her children, paris -- michael jackson's daughter, started tweeting, i want to see my mom -- i want to see my grandma. i want to talk to her. she was frustrated that she couldn't and that raised alarm bells and then what we saw was that on monday night that, altercation that you showed there, and the still images happened and that was janet, jermaine, randy and some of the other brothers and sisters of michael jackson showed up to take the kids, reportedly, away from their home in calabasas because they didn't like who was in control of them and they wanted control and custody, even though they don't have legal custody of the kids. this is all about katherine jackson, essentially disappeared and went off the grid.
1:33 am
it was a big mystery and almost to this day, really is a mystery, gret a. we just got word that katherine jackson gave an interview that's going to be airing tonight, in which she says, i wasn't kidnapped or taken away. i wasn't missing. i was on vacation for health reasons. but to be honest with you, it seems very bizarre to a lot of people, that the woman who is basically charged to have control and guardianship, disappears for 10 days, has no contact with the children. now, granted, we are talking 14, 14-year-old, 10-year-olds, not babies. but at the same time traised a lot of concern and just her saying that she went away and needed to get away, it gives you good reason to understand why a judge today did what he did. >> greta: i was going to ask you about that? >> reporter: yeah. well what happened was, t.j. jackson, who is tito jackson's son, 34 years old, very close to the michael jackson kids was
1:34 am
granted temporary guardianship because of this. greta, the judge said, where's katherine jackson? why isn't she here? why has she been mia? i am going to grant temporary guardianship so somebody can be in charge of these children. katherine jackson is not in l.a. she said she would be back today, but we can't confirm she is back. once she is back, we are told her intentions are to get custody on or guardianship back of the three children. it is just one giant mess, greta. >> greta: you know, it is interesting, looking at the paris jackson tweet, a teenager o. july 25, she says a lot of people say i have changed. i want to apologize for the attitude. i promise, the ego is gone. she later tweets, i am so confused, you said you would be here for me. the idea that the grandmother is the custodian disappears for 10 days.
1:35 am
it is very strange, ken. i do hope that something works out for these kids. they have had a weird life. thank you. up next, a new report showing that you are spending billions of dollars on job training programs. but are they leading to jobs? or are you just spending billions of dollars? senator tom coburn is here. and next, governor chris christie is going to turn politics upside down, like nothing have you seen before. hear this -- and you will in 2 so anyway, i've been to a lot of places. you know, i've helped a lot of people save a lot of money. but today...( sfx: loud noise of large metal object hitting the ground) things have been a little strange. (sfx: sound of piano smashing) roadrunner: meep meep. meep meep? (sfx: loud thud sound) what a strange place. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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four course seafood feast choose your soup salad entrée pls dessert! all just $14.99. come into red lobster and sea food differentl visit now for an exclusive $10 coupon. good through august 5th >> greta: is new jersey governor chris christie changing his mind? he has said over and over he does not want to leave new jersey for washington. >> for months, i have been adamant about the fact that i am not running for president. my language was clear and direct. no matter how many times i was asked the question. for me, the answer was never anything but no. my job here in new jersey is my passion. >> greta: but that was months
1:38 am
ago. governor christie is always pull full of surprises. now he says he is open to running for president in 2016. he says he hopes that fellow republican mitt romney wins the november election. but he says, in four years, if there is an opening for a republican in washington, he will think about it. what do you think? president chris christie, could it ever happen? back in two. [ heart beating, monitor beeping ] woman: what do you mean, homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods? [ heart rate increases ] man: a few inches of water caused all this? [ heart rate increases ] woman #2: but i don't even live near the water. what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you -- including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $129 a year. for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen.
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>> live from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. president obama and former governor mitt romney sparring over gun control in the wake of the colorado movie massacre. speaking in new orleans, the president called for stepped-up background checks and romney says that changing the laws won't stop gun-related tragedies. their comments come a week after
1:41 am
a gunman killed 12 and injured 58 others in a movie theater. there is the suspect. london olympic organizers apologizing for a flag flap. it happened in a game ahead of the olympics and the korean team delaying the game almost an hour. as you are probably well aware, the north and the south are bitter enemies and the south korean flag was shown instead of the north korean flag. >>
1:42 am
>> okay. youv a new report out on job-training programs, particularly in oklahoma. how is it going there? >> we are going to spend almost $200 million of american taxpayers this year. we have 40 program, operating out of 47. we have one town of 16,000 people, we have 17 separate federal job-training programs in that town. you know, this started when we forced the gao to tell us what we are duplicating. so i sent staff out and we did over 70 site visits in the state. we collected all the information. we interviewed people who were working in it -- everybody except job corps because job corps was told by the department of labor, do not talk to senator coburn's people. so everybody but job corps was interviewed. we assessed it and did a uniform survey and we talked to people who had gone through the system.
1:43 am
talked to people with positive out of the system and people who had failed. basically, it's a bust. now, some of the stuff that oklahoma does by itself that doesn't have federal government involvement in it is very effective. and the problem is not the people who are working the grant program. the problem is there are so many rules and regulations and me metrics that we are wasting $186 million a year. >> all right. is that nationwide -- >> no, that's just oklahoma. here's the total numbers nationwide. 47 job training programs. nine agencies, and 18.9 billion dollars a year. no metrics. all of them overlap except 3. >> all right n. oklahoma and even -- i realize there is duplication, things that shouldn't be done that we don't need. what about the jobs -- are there jobs available for those who go through these programs? >> sometimes. but we don't have any metrics on it so nobody knows how to measure that. oklahoma has a 4.7% unemployment
1:44 am
rate so we would like to have people trained for the jobs that are out there. but there is no metric to measure that, except the programs that are state run that have no federal involvement and they are very well run. we have metrics on those. but we have none on the federal -- and as a matter of fact, the workforce investment act requires that you cannot go after metrics in creating jobs. congress legislated that you can't. >> so you could have an incredible waste of money in duplicative program it's. >> we do have. >> yeah. we do have. we can have programs -- or we have people trained for jobs that don't exist, which isn't very smart. apparently, no one's watching this, except for you. >> i think other people are watching it. the question is, the gao started to put out the reports on duplication, the third and final one will come out in february, we have not passed one bill in congress that eliminates any of
1:45 am
the $200 billion of duplication. ask yourself why. >> wouldn't it make more sense -- let me give you my idea -- wouldn't it make more sense to give a tax credit to an employer or some sort of tax relief, if that person wants to train someone for a particular job, so that someone completes the training program, the employer gets tax relief, maybe it's a wash and the person has a job and have you created -- you have trained someone for a skill that's needed. >> and that's some of the ideas that are floating around. but the fact is, it's not a federal responsibility. so if you read the constitution, where is it that we get the authority to take money from you, a taxpayer, bring it up here, consume 30% of it, send 70% back in 47 different programs and $18 billion with tons of rules and regulations that handicap the very people who want to try to help people get a job -- where do we get that authority? we have none. we have expand theed the federal
1:46 am
government and here's the side story. there are 50 job-training programs for people who are disabled and $4 million. so we are not -- it is not 47, it's 97 job-tranning programs that we have. we do not know what we're doing. and what virginia fox in the house, the subcommittee chairman on labor has taken 33 of those programs and put them into one. it's passed out of the committee. the reason they are not voting on it is because they know we wouldn't doo do anything on the senate. you could save $9 billion a year, if you changed the job programs, put metrics on hem them, pull the money back if they are not running, make them have metrix. you could cut the cost in half, which means, maybe we won't have to lay off or not buy the next fighter or the next ship. >> why wouldn't we do that? >> because we are more interested in political outcomes than in if i canning the real problems of the country. >> straight ahead, shocking
1:47 am
video. you won't bably to turn away when we roll this tape. a sea world worker attacked by a killer whale. mystery solved. who is that woman who keeps appearing with the north korean new leader? we now know and we will tell you, coming up. why nature made? they were the first to be verified by the usp. an independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards. and that's why i trust nature made. nature made the number one pharmacist recommended letter vitamin brand. learn more at and deposits at the same time. for paying your friend back for lunch...from your tablet. for 26 paydays triggered with a single tap. for checking your line, then checking your portfolio.
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>> greta: you havee seen our top stories, but here's the best of the rest. the north korea's new wife. jim jung un is now married, after weeks and weeks of speculation about the mysterious woman by his side at events this. week, he was shown touring an amusement park with his new wife. no word how long they have been married. no, we were not invited here "on the record," but we would have liked to have gone. look at the shocking just-released video, showing a killer whale, grabbing its trainer and dragging him underwater in 2006. you can see the trainer desperately trying to get away. finally, the whale released the trainer and the video is evidence in a case against the park. at issue, the death of another
1:52 am
trainener 2010. a california woman gets a big scare. she saw a mountain lion in her neighbor's yard -- at least, that's what she thought she saw. she called 911 and police rush to the scene. but when they arrived, they got a big surprise. turns out that mountain lion was a stuffed animal t. used to be a real cat. but now it's a dead cat. how did the big cat get there? a couple of neighbors left it there as a prank. this didn't take long. brett favre is returning to football -- not the nfl. he is returning to the field at the youth league level. he will be a high school coach. he is expected to be named the new offensive coordinator t mississippi high school, near his home in hattiesburg. the three-time league mvp and green bay packer great retired in 2010. coming up, your last call, a
1:53 am
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11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights it's time for last call. you have one hour left to celebrate the national holiday. what is it? here is jimmy fal on. >> today is national tequila day! which makes tomorrow national untag yourself from last night's facebook photos day. >> greta: that is your last call. lights are blinking and we are closing down shop. speaker of the house john boehner will be here to talk about the showdown over the tax rate. go to greta there is an open thread. good night from washington. greta we'll see you there. gray?
1:58 am
this could explain our position on service. >> hello, i'm eric boling along with kimberly guilfoyle bob beckel, andrea tantaros and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." i'm worried about president obama. he used to be so focused and clear but lately he sounds confused. here he is just a few weeks ago. >> the private sector's doing fine. >> doing fine. this economy, sir, come on. a few days ago even more detached from reality. >> if you've got a business, that -- you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >> that was probably just a hangover from a long campaign road trip but then he said this. >> just like we've tried their plan, we tried our plan and it worked. that's the difference. [ cheers and applause ] that's the choice in this
1:59 am
election. that's why i'm running for a second term. >> worked? it worked? you're sounding crazy and stuff. president obama says his economy is working. what is he smoking. >> sometimes term limits don't come quick enough. he's in big trouble because everybody's on damage control. he sent out the troops to the sunday talk shows. they care, they know it's resonating and damaging to him. escape able of -- he's a public speaker able to connect with people, but that he would say something like this doesn't make sense, especially if you want to stay in the white house. >> want to jump in? >> sure. this -- what's the phrase? he didn't build this. this doesn't stop giving. i don't think there's been a statement someone regrets more than katie holmes saying i do. he accidentally did


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