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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 26, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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it's just that the random sample came out that way. the journal's article today about the poll doesn't mention the democrat advantage. not good. by the way, the "wall street journal" and fox news are owned by the same company. the truth is nobody knows who is ahead. the campaign is very fluid right now. what talking points does know is that many american voters have no clue as to what is going on in the country. last night we told you that 35%, 35% of american homes, more than 100 million people are now receiving welfare payments. 50 years ago that number was 6%. today, the social security administration tells us more workers are on disability than at any other time in the nation's history. almost 9 million collecting federal disability checks. in february of 2001, the number was 5 million; in just over 11 years. disability payments have doubled. are you telling me the work place is that much more dangerous that the health of americans is that much more precarious? come on. we all know what's going on here. our society is changing from
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self-reliance to give me stuff. now, not every worker on disability is gaming the system. most have legitimate health issues. we know that not every family receiving welfare is taking advantage of the taxpayers. the trend is undeniable. under president obama and even under president bush the younger, american society has moved toward government dependence. we are, indeed, becoming a nanny state. that's the primary reason we have $16 trillion of debt. that's the reason why the work place is stagnant. individual am pigs is on on the -- ambition is on the decline. that's why president obama's poll numbers remain competitive even in the face of the american economy. millions of americans simply want the government to provide and the president is the provider in chief. by the way, the 100 million americans receiving welfare are not likely to be supporting mitt romney. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. governor romney in london for the opening of the olympics. in response, pro-obama folks have put out this ad.
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>> welcome to the olympics. there is mitt romney who ran the salt lake city games. waving to china. home to it a billion people. thousands owe their jobs to mitt romney's. india, which also gained jobs thanks to romney and outsourcing pioneer. and burma where romney had the uniforms made for the 2002 games. we know the swiss have a special place in mitt romney's wallet or heart. he kept millions in swiss banks. [ laughter ] those swiss sure know how to keep a secret. >> bill: with us now, carl rove. that ad was taken out by a group called priorities u.s.a. super pac supporting obama. you have a super pac crossroads supporting mitt romney. was that ad effective? >> not really. first of all they repeat the stuff about outsourcing which even the "washington post" called in an editorial quote bunk end quote. >> bill: you know most people don't know that they just see this stuff. >> you know what? most people are never going to
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see this add. more people will see this ad tonight on your program than priorities u.s.a. has put behind this ad and showed around the country. have you been suckered by bill burton more. >> bill: i'm not suckered by anybody. i'm telling you what the theme of that day is that ad, and this is obviously a continuation, of proper traying mitt romney as this predatory capitalist, this greed head somehow hiding his money. >> you know, i love this. it's terrible that he had money in a swiss bank account. really? five members of the white house staff valerie jarrett, christopher lou. dave carney and christopher plouffe all have investments, including many of them investments in foreign international mutual funds one of them is a particular favorite among this crew has money in banks from russia to gutter to china to you name it. they have -- they hold pieces of secretive holding companies headquartered in such tax savings like the aisle of
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jersey, the aisle of main and buremed. if these are bad things for mitt romney. maybe the president ought to start policing his staff and get money in foreign banks. >> bill: ad is ludicrous not going to have any effect at all. >> no. the american people get it this is not the first such ad they have run. they have been runs these ads since may 15th. >> bill: you don't think it's working. >> i don't think so. particularly since romney has begun to rebut it and other outside groups have begun to rebut it. why is obama doing this? the american people are not dumb. they know he is doing this small ball dirty little gutter campaign because he doesn't have a record to rub on. ordinary people look at it and say you know what? we have got 8% unemployment. we have $4.2 billion. >> bill: all the polls show that it's still a close horse race. >> sure it is. >> bill: i submit to you. i don't think that nbc and "wall street journal" poll is accurate. but i do think it's a very very close race right now. and you still believe that. >> i agree, yes.
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>> bill: people don't really understand what's going on. they don't -- that's why i'm doing this. >> i'm glad you're doing it every night but i think there is a different reason. radio it now we are locked up because the partisans have made up their minds. unanswered media which is what obama tried to do starting in may would not move the dial. obama spoken, the romney forces have spoken. romney's allies have spoken. obama's allies have spoken and brought to a stalemate. the people who make up their minds in this election and decide this election independent voters are going to make up their minds in september and october. and they are collecting information now. >> bill: if that's true why is your pac, crossroads, putting spending money and putting out ads like this. roll the tape. >> okay fans. let's go to the fumble of the week. barack obama drops the ball on his own one yard line. >> if you have got a business, you didn't build that. >> no. >> somebody else made that happen. >> the team obama contests the call. >> actually, he didn't say that. >> huh? >> twisting my words around. >> they start slicing and
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dicing. >> those ad thes taking my words about small business out of context. >> watch the tape. >> you heard the man. let's go to the tape. >> you didn't build that. >> [gasp] >> somebody else made that happen. >> oh. >> nobody else made that happen. >> bill: same thing? i got suckered by you running that ad. >> that's a web ad. been advertised as a web ad. we are not spending a lot of money. >> bill: did i get suckered by you to run it. >> no i didn't pretend we were going to run it on tv. >> bill: how many people will see that ad? is that more effective than the other ad. >> the other ad will get more attention because people will think t will appear on tv. at the end of the day it -- every american politics generates counter argument. we already had this argument. started it make it the gallup daily tracking poll was 45, 45. today after three months of being pounded on this issue 46
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romney 45 obama. >> what is your goal in the ad that we just saw? what do you want to get across? >> we want to extense the narrative and mock the president to say you took a lot out of you stood up and there and anybody issue inned the success of small business people if you build a business somebody else did that. >> bill: you will want to mock him for doing this. >> what else? >> fundamentally out of sync to the american people. >> why is he out of sync. >> he believes we can spend our way out of prosperity and don't need to rely and have to rely on small business to be the generator of growth in america. >> bill: do you buy the right wing that he wants to destroy the economy so everything changes? >> no. i buy the argument that his policies have either not helped the economic recovery or have actually hurt it. we had 11.9% economic growth
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last year. >> you think it's inefficiency. >> i think he is ideological. just got the wrong ideas. he thinks we can spend our way to prosperity. no country in the history of the world has succeeded at that. taken the size from being rough live equal to 25%. taken the public debt of the united states and nearly doubled it in four years. that's not a way to prosperity. >> bill: carl rove. thanks for coming in as always. violence in an mile california. it may be racial. we'll have a report from the scene. and then, batman star christian bale visiting some of the wounded in colorado. how is hollywood reacting to the massacre? we'll have a special report upcoming. ps
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>> bill: impact seeing many tonight, last weekend two men were shot and killed in anaheim california by police
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officers. 21-year-old joe and manuel diaz died after police confrontations. that led to this. [shouting] [sirens] >> if you don't depart, you shall be arrested. [shouting] >> trying to kill men and their wives] shouting] >> pig and all this [bleep]. [shouting] no justice, no peace. >> the fbi saying it will investigate the situation. joining us from irvine. joanne, activist with the take back anaheim initiative. why the violent reaction ms. sosa? >> the violent reaction, it actually started out with a rally. it started out i was the organizer of the rally. the folks from the drive and
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surrounding area, those residents disenfranchised would come to be able to speak at city council. what happened was there was a protest and then there was led, the folks were led to the steps of city hall. once they gathered there, they tried to get into the council meeting but we already had about 125 of the teamsters were there for another issue. and had filled a the love the seats. these folks had came specifically to discuss why and get answers for the killings. they could not get. in we have very few, handful of folks maybe two or three got in from that huge crowd. >> bill: authorities limited how many people get into the meeting and the other people didn't like it and things got out of hand. now, the police tell us and, again, i'm not out at anaheim so i don't know. both the men who were shot over the weekend and last weekend were gang members. one actually shot at police. that was mr. asvedo. the other one this is usual in these kind of situations they
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thought he had a gang. is he a known gang member. after he turned toward them he disobeyed their orders they shot him. are you disputing that? is there anything here that americans should know about other than a chaotic situation between the police and gang members? >> what america should know is that the gentleman that was killed on saturday was running from the police. there was an issue but he was supposed to be -- he was unarmed is what we have heard. he had no weapon. in front of people that we know, some of the folks that take classes and that we are involved with other organizations, they actually were eyewitnesses to that. i got the phone call when that happened. and this young woman evelyn said what do i do? i just saw the police murder a man. i said calm down, explain. >> shepard: now, -- >> bill: now the fbi obviously going come in. is that good enough?
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is that going to quiet things down? >> here is the issue. we are very grateful that he would call on independent investigation and the folks feel that the residents feel that it needs transparency and since we have had about 6 to 8 also police officers shootings since the beginning of the year without any kind of remedy or any real answers for the community, this is the best way to go. so we are supporting that report by i have to tell you, bill, there are layers and layers and layers of other issues underneath this. >> bill: absolutely. do you feel any sympathy for the authorities in anaheim because you have a gang problem there and you know the drugs and you know the violence. >> yes. >> do you feel any sympathy for them? >> what i say is the empathy i feel is i know that we have a wonderful city. we have a police force that has been questioned over some of the shootings that have happened and we need that transparency. we have a police chief who has actually gone to these areas on the street and been part of
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a coalition between our mayor tate. our galloway and our churches to go to that area, knock and talk and get these folks involved in dialogues, and covered them. we won't have these questions. >> bill: hopefully there will be solution to this thing is which is what everybody wants. >> absolutely. we want a summit. >> bill: thanks for coming on. how is hollywood racking to the movie massacre. adam. >> supporting ohm in a big way. jesse watters on assignment to find out why. we'll be back in
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>> factor follow up story
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tonight. christian bale stars as batman in the new film visited some of the wounded in the colorado massacre situation. also the company that produced the film warner brothers may donate a million dollars for the fund for the shooting victims and we hope they do. joining us from burbank the author of the best selling book that the taco bell material adam corolla. i think you should go to warner brothers and go up to the ceo and i don't know who it is. a million dollars, you make that in two minutes on this batman movie, that's nothing. set up endowment for some of the kids that have lost their moms or dads in this thing and be a little bit generous. i think we should do that right off the bat, right? >> yeah. you make a million dollars in fanny pac sales in one week of batman. just memorabilia. so a million is nothing. it's sort of weird that they even said a million in this day and age. because it's tantamount to a medium sized house in the hollywood hills. number one.
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number two, it's interesting that everyone in hollywood calls it a tragedy but everyone on fox calls it -- or everyone calls it i swapped that around. they all call it a tragedy, yes, and we call it a massacre, which is what it was. a tragedy is when a roof collapses. >> bill: tragedy isn't a violent crime. journalists know that. but i don't want to -- i don't want anybody to think that i'm indicting warner brothers or the movie. they had nothing to do with this. the movie is the movie. it's supposed to be a good movie and it didn't insight anything. i don't want people to get the wrong impression. however, in the charitable realm, all right, when you can help, and this batman movie worldwide made about $300 million in the first week in the first week. 300 million. it's a billion-dollar property. so, to me, if i'm warner brothers i say you know what? we're going to do some
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scholarship activity. we're going to make sure we can help people who need to be helped in here just because we want to show we are americans and we care about other americans. christian bale did the right thing and he traveled to denver and yeah he gets good publicity out of it. i don't begrudge him that. he took the time. i'm sure the people were happy to see him. he did the right thing. i think right now that hollywood itself has to coalesce around the victims, the children involved and everybody else and help out. so i want you, adam carolla to insist they do it or else i'm going to have to come out there adam and nobody wants that. >> i do not want to be disciplined by you, bill, so i will definitely rally them. and the scary thing about this whole massacre slash tragedy is the fact that everyone was worried about copycat scenarios, which to me, is the scariest thing of all. like there is somebody sitting. >> they found him with a lot of guns. you know, look, it's a free society, you have got nuts everywhere. >> i understand but the notion
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that somebody may be sitting at home going oh, wait, i foregot to go out and massacre a bench of people in the theater this weekend and now i'm reminded to do it? that's a very scary notion. i don't think it really exist. the think the news could product it any way. >> bill: any kind of a fuse lit can lead to disruption. let change gears here. we sent factor professor into a medical marijuana clinic. we believed we saw -- we told the folks this is a big ruse. medical marijuana if you have got a pain in your thumb all you have got to do is pay the doctor on hand 300 bucks which he puts in his pocket. you walk out with a script and get $500 worth of marijuana. city council catching on and closing this place. you have a bunch of zombies walking around stoned out of their mind and saying we can't have this anymore. >> couple of things, scurrying
4:24 am
out of the back door was a movie i starred n the 1980s and i'm not proud of it. you can look it. i will move on. that's a different chapter in my life. number one, number two, it was funny because kimmel said to me you have noticed there are all these cupcake stores opening in los angeles? all these high end cupcake stores a few years ago? i said yeah. he said did you ever think it's connected to all the pot dispensaries? i said you are right. no cupcake stores 10 years ago and no pot dispensaries. i believe if you want to grow a pot plant in your backyard on land that you own you should be able to to do it. obviously the stuff is a hoax and a ruse. these are drugs and by the way pot is powerful. it's a powerful drug now. i'm not antimarijuana but it is a drug. i was saying to your producer earlier they should put a
4:25 am
restricter plate on this stuff like nascar has on it. pot is too powerful now. >> that thc component in there. if you get behind the wheel of the car -- >> -- i my mom was a hippy in 1971 and she was arguing about legalizing marijuana. if you would have told her in 1917 that pot is still going to be legal or still going to be argued of about it she would have sharpened her bong and fell on it. >> bill: there you go we are still talking about it it wawforts world goes into nebulous territory to find out wife younger americans continue to support president obama bedtime. >> should we call it beckstock? we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: watters world segment tonight, according to a recent gallup poll 18% of americans 18 to 29 approve of the job president obama is doing. overall just 45% of americans feel that way. why does the youth of america like the president so much? we sent jesse watters to long island for some answers. what's the all about. >> having a really awesome time. >> what's with the hair? >> rye grey eted it almost immediately. >> so what's the tour all
4:30 am
about. >> going buck wild. thank you, good evening. >> hey, mr., freeze. >> more pit. >> now, in the mosh pit, what are you trying to prove? [crickets] >> do you understand? >> how do you rock out? >> don't ever do that again. >> we get free hugs and kisses all day. >> do you want a hug? >> not from you. >> all right. there, get back over there. your head all right? >> no. i'm messed up right now. >> why are you smiling like that? >> why do so many young people support obama? >> they don't. >> they don't? >> what are you talking about? [ laughter ] >> he supports same sex marriage which is amazing. >> i think it's going to take a while for him to fix the mess that the republicans started. >> did you hear that somewhere? >> probably. he kind of accepts things likes a it is. >> he against things like not against, you know? >> that doesn't make sense.
4:31 am
>> you guys support the president. >> i don't really. i think he is too right wing to me. >> if obama legalized pot, would you vote for him? >> probably? >> next time don't take so long. >> how do you think is he doing so far as president. >> he is horrible. bush is better. >> why is that? why are they so duped into that hope and change stuff. >> a lot of drugs. >> is that right? listen, i still do appreciate knowing that. >> president obama still cool? >> eh. >> did you get a little dazed and confused in the mosh pit. >> yeah i got a concussion or something. >> i think you might have a concussion. >> as soon as i get home, the first thing i'm going to do is punch your momma in the mouth. >> are you going to vote. >> nope. >> why not. >> then i will get called for jury duty. [ laughter ] >> you are not going to vote. >> no, i'm a communist. >> you are a communist? >> yeah. >> what are you registered as? >> myself. >> are you serious? >> are you guys going to vote? >> yes. >> do you know when the
4:32 am
election is? >> november 11th, 2012. buzzer. >> close. >> hello? hello. >> what's the obama economic policies. do you understand that? >> no. [ laughter ] >> what's obama's jobs policies? >> i don't know. >> it's a hard question to answer. >> do you guys ever watch bill o'reilly? >> yes, i do, actually. he is like old school soldier. i respect that about him. >> bill: i appreciate that. >> have you ever heard of bill o'reilly? >> bill o'reilly, yes. bill o'reilly is the man. >> are you a fasten the show? >> no answer. >> speak, speak, why don't you speak. >> i feel like i have seen you somewhere. you are not famous are you? >> i'm watters. >> i'm samson. >> well, okay. >> bill: there you go. that's a constituency. and here are the results of our bill o' poll. we asked who do you favor as mitt romney's running mate? and a whopping 6 a% of you
4:33 am
said marco rubio. condeleezza rice 16%. paul ryan 12%. sarah palin 7%. beck is next. we asked over 3,000 doctors to review 5-hour energy and what they said is amazing. over 73 percent who reviewed 5-hour energy said they would recommend a low calorie energy supplement to their healthy patients who use energy supplements. seventy-three percent. 5-hour energy has four calories and it's used over nine million times a week. is 5-hour energy right for you? ask your doctor. we already asked 3,000.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the personal story segment tonight, our pal glenn beck at it again. beginning tomorrow in dallas tens of thousands of people are expected to attend a restoring love event. at cowboy's stadium. the event is hosted by our pal beck the they're of the big new best seller coward he joins us now from dallas, texas. restoring love? i thought that was a rock group at first. no they said it's a beck thing. sounds kind of like a hippy deal. far out. >> hippy deal? >> show the love. >> if i can bring the hippies in and slowly bend them our way, listen hippy, come, come. here is the deal, bill. restoring love is first of all 35,000 volunteers on the street on friday. 35,000. we don't think it's ever been done before. we have already a million meals raised for the homeless all across the country. if we believe in small
4:38 am
government then we have to rollp our sleeves and do the work. it starts tomorrow night at the american airlines center here in dallas, texas with free pack. this is like cpac if you will except this is small government people. 10,000 people are already scheduled to be there. tickets are still available. then the service event, all day 35,000 people serving doing amazing things on the street. dallas cowboys stadium on saturday night where we're going to restore the culture if you will, we have to take our rightful place back in society. we have given -- we have given away almost everything. >> bill: all right. take a deep breath. let me recap. so tomorrow, thursday, you're asking for volunteers to go out and give meals to the homeless across the country and do charitable things, right? >> well, kind of. yes. you have cheapened a little bit, bill. >> bill: i'm trying to get the agenda here so people can, if
4:39 am
they want to, they can go to your web site and they can do what you want them to do. i'm trying to help, you beck. >> that's right. that's friday. >> bill: oh, that's friday. >> tomorrow is free pack. >> if you are around the dallas area. go to the american airlines arena where beck will be trying out for the mavericks, probably get cut and then you will tell them to do, what on friday? what are you going to tell them to do? >> i wasn't really listening to you, bill. >> bill: i know. you never do beck. >> friday is -- my chair just went down. friday is a -- >> bill: that's god, beck, that's god doing that. >> i know. friday is this great event where people are going to serve in churches in houses in 305 community organizations. and people are going to rebuild churches to helping people in nursing homes. >> they want to get involved. they go to your web site. glenn and you will tell them what to do. >> right. >> overarching theme here is that you want a kinder,
4:40 am
gentler america, right? you want the folks to take the place of the government in helping their fellow citizens. do i have it. >> i just want us to be consistent, bill. if we want small government, that means somebody else has to do it. that means us. that is our responsibility. >> bill: i understand you have a song. do you have a song that promotes this? >> yeah, do we have? >> jingle. yes. we don't have a video. but this is one of the songs that and one of the artist that is going to be performing there. can you turn this up a little bit, tiffany? ♪ i'll be my brother's keeper. ♪ so the whole world will know. >> this is actually, bill, part of an idea that i have everything from rap to a symphony being composed right now. and everything in between. we have to push back in the culture. my company is getting into
4:41 am
music, into film, and into television. entertainment and also shows like mine to be and you can work for me, bill. [ laughter ] >> that would last about three minutes. >> i find it important that we occupy oh did i use that word? yes. occupy the space and the culture that belongs to conservatives as well. >> bill: i'm getting the picture here. i want everybody to know this is a charitable thing you are doing. not putting money in your own pocket. the proceeds are going to it a have right of different charities to help other americans. you have got the music. you have got this. now, what are you going to do at cowboy stadium. are you going to sing the love boat theme? it's exciting and new. >> you actually would really love it we have about $30 million not kidding. about $30 million worth of anticquties i will give a lesson if you will that is
4:42 am
epic, and then i'm doing. >> bill: you are going to be on the field? people will be able to see you on the stands and on screens and you will be talking about the nation's history? >> yeah. in a very different way. you just have to be there to see it or you can watch it on but it is really something different. and i don't know. >> bill: how long are you going to be out there? in the bolder fresher shore 40 minutes and then you and i did about 35 together. how long are you going to be on? >> i don't know. i have been trying to take my lessons from fidel. it could run 8, 10 hours. >> bill: you will be out there bloviating and this and that. [ laughter ] >> i want to dub this beckstock by the time we got to beckstock. >> you could do that if you want to go to with the hippy. i have to tell you my friends aren't hippy friends. this is the last guy that spoke like you did in texas on the show about guns. this is the last guy who.
4:43 am
>> you tell me, listen,. >> you are so wrong. >> bill: i'm looking out for the folks. >> now are not. you are just wrong about gun control. >> bill: you didn't even see it you didn't watch it you don't know what i said. >> are you kidding me? i played it on the radio show today. >> bill: yeah, you played it. but you didn't see it. >> here is the deal you can buy bazookas and buy a tank. no, you can't. no, you can't. >> bill: is that you? >> take two. i'm sending this guy to you, bill. he will eat you. >> bill: no, i'm going to shoot him, beck, with an a.k. >> you won't have a gun. >> bill: glenn beck, everybody. he will be out there at cowboys stadium saturday night and everybody be nice to one another because it's beckstock time. did you see that on deck. actor sherman hemsley dies. we interviewed him. did you see that? factor tip of the day about what you are drinking. we're coming right back.
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>> here we are today, before we head into the major session we're going to be with you for about four hours. first, me then you. ♪ ♪ ♪ first me, then you.
4:48 am
[ laughter ] >> all right. gsa, of course, buys real estate and supervises it for the federal government. we have no idea what that was all about. joining us from los angeles to explain it, juliet huddy. what was that? >> i don't know what to say at this point. you look at that, and, first of all, you didn't see the whole thing. the whole audience was given these little things they called them whackers. and they were supposed to play to the beat. like following this little hippy dippy chick. following the beat to the whacker, all this stuff. half the audience was really into it. the other half is sitting there. can you imagine? just ask yourself, viewers of o'reilly. can you imagine sitting in an audience and this chick is up there to tell you play to the beat. 21st century kum ba yah. >> bill: this was a general services congratulation. they are having a conference. it's costing the taxpayer $300,000. why do they have this stuff? for what? >> i guess it's supposed to be some sort of like kum ba yah,
4:49 am
let's all get together, you know, type of, yeah. >> motivational stuff? >> who knows? i can't answer that question. all i know is that they spent a fortune of taxpayer money. can i just tell you a couple things they spent money on, william? >> yeah. >> $28,000, little over, for 4,000 time temperature picture frames. you know those picture frames that are supposed to be commemorative and they have the time and temperature for their little attendees. $41,000 for travel. for 49 attendees. >> bill: it's the same con they pulled in vegas. it's the same stuff. i mean, this banging of the drum thing, i mean, all right. so now if you combine the two. that's about a million .2. >> a zldz. >> that's been wasted. actor sherman hemsley passed away, hit on the jeffersons. i think i had one of the last
4:50 am
interviews with him. roll the tape. >> bill: when you went on the jeffersons spin off of all in the family. you didn't feel this was a case test case to see if african-americans could hold a network slot? you didn't feel any of that at all? >> no. i knew i had a job finally, you know, a regular job as an actor, that's great. >> bill: that thing lasted, what, eight seasons? >> the work was good. the writing was wonderful. the character, the people i worked with was wonderful. carol o'connor, beautiful. i'm glad i worked with them. >> bill: everybody remembers those programs. that will never happen again because now there are so many channels i don't know what's on. really, i don't. when you say the jeffersons, jeffersons,weezy that's in the lexicon. the impact is tremendous. when people come up to you on the street because people. >> george where is weezy. >> bill: still? >> george where is weeze
4:51 am
people don't know my name sherman hemsley. even when i sign my autograph they go could you put george under there. >> bill: that that was 14 years ago that interview. mr. hemsley was kind of not eccentric he didn't live in hollywood. he lived in texas. he he wasn't around very much. you are younger obviously than me. almost everybody is these days. >> quite younger. >> bill: did you know this show? did you watch this show. >> oh my gosh, i loved this show and i loved all in the family. the interesting thing about this show is that sherman hemsley was actually a broadway actor and nor man lehrer obviously the famous norman lehrer had seen him on broadway and said i have a great part for you in all of in the family. hemsley said no no no and he waited for two years. norman lehrer saved that spot for him. he said yes. we know what happened. another interesting thing weezy isabella sanford they had such great chemistry on the show she in real life was 20 years older than he was. the audiences never figured
4:52 am
that out. other thing about hemsley he said in an interview back in '96 he said i am nothing like this guy. i'm just a peace loving hippy kind of guy. nothing at all. >> bill: like the cosby show though this show kind of mainstreamed integration. i mean, it was carol o'connor who was the bigot and you bring in george jefferson who matched him like this. and i thought it was very healthy. it got people affectionate toward other people that they might not understand. so that's what the -- >> -- they were both ignorant in their own ways but they had charm in their own ways. that was the first time in an african-american guy was able to really criticize a white guy on television. >> bill: there you go. juliet huddy in l.a. this evening. factor tip of the day in a moment. it's about what you drink. the tip one minute away.
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>> tip of the day in just a moment. but first, we want to once again bring your attention to the phenomenal factor military. they make gifts for patriot who is are protecting us all over the world. all the money i receive goes to fine charities like the wounded warriors. now to the mail... >> emotional issue. i know i am not going to convince you that congress should pass a new law requiring the reporting of heavy weapon sales to the fbi. it is a matter of public safety. but i know i am not going to convince people. that's just the way it is. >> let congress debate that, john. that's how the system's supposed to work.
4:55 am
>> yes, they do. >> thanks a lot, tracy. we need many, many, many more folks to go to bill o'reilly dot-com and sign the petition asking governors christie and cuomo to back jessica's law. it's easy to do. check it out. please, do your part to protect the kids. this is an important
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>> good morning. i am heather childers. >> i am heather ann brown. it is july 26th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". a chilling discovery in the movie massacre investigation. revealing james holmes the ladies and gentlemened gunman mail add noted book to a psychiatrist full of details about how he was going to kill people. ainsley earhardt has more on this. sources say holmes sent a notebook to a psychiatrist at the university of colorado medical center. what was inside extremely disturbing. >> don't know how specific it was to what actually happened
4:59 am
but there are definitely gun figures shooting at other stick figures. >> fox news sources say this is video of the notebook being removed on monday. even more troubling it might have been there in that mail room unopened for up to a week. the package was either postmarked or delivered on july 12th. that was a full week before this massacre. the university of colorado claiming it was delivered four-days after the attack monday and found that same day. we hear the psychiatrist is also a professor there who also treated patients at a psychiatric outpatient facility. it is unknown if the suspect and that doctor had any direct contact. the fbi is investigating that notebook. a neighbor talking about the music blaring in an attempt to cause even more death and


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