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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 28, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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whether the people of the region believe that there is people of the palestinian state. but the question is if there is it a israel or jewish state. and he will meet with other military leaders. and the palestinian leader. he is not expected to meet with abbas. he only had time for one meeting and romney knows fayyad. president obama has had a chilly relationship with netanyahu. they have disagreed over the settlements in the east bank and west injuries lem and the approach to iran. on the eve of governor romney's visit to israel. the white house announced 70 million in funding for israel defense. and the president talked about the unshakable commitment to israel's surety- security.
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>> we have deepened cooperation with israel over the whole spectrum of security intelligence and military and technology. >> after romney's visit to israel, he goes on to the final stop on this trip which is poland. >> thank you uma, very much. fox alert. we hear of a insurgent attack in eastern afghanistan. two service members are reported dead. most of the trops serving in the eastern part of afghanistan are american. we are waiting for word on how the attack happened. heavy fighting continues to rage in syria. more government tanks have swept in elepo. the bloody battle could determine the fate of the
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bashar's presidency. 160 people have died so far in yesterday's fight and since the start of the uprising 17 months ago, 18,000 people have been kill would. joining us with his perspective. herb london, author of the latest book transformational decade. snap shots was a decade from 9/11 to the obama presidencies. >> thank you for joining us. >> it is a pleasure. >> talking about syria, the stakes remine high. how do you see the deteriorating conditions there? >> do you see a way for the president there to find a way to lead the country. >> if we didn't have a toothless cia the united states could play a role . the defeat of assaud who is a
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buechler and killing 17,000, of his own people and looking at the rebels, it is important to consider those that represent some form of democrat impulse as opposed to al-qaida that is playing a role with the rebels as well that is in the subsequent events after assaud falls. >> what about iran's involvement. >> iran is helpful tomit ah saud regime. it would be a defeat for hesbollah and iran. it is not only sir yampt it has an involvement with the entire region. >> also there is a concern about the chemical weapons there. this is something that many fear that assaud could turn to if high was cornered. >> this is no question that this represents a serious threat to the people of syria and the people in the region.
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would assaud use chemical weapons against israel. people were cynical about the weapons of mass destruction by saddam hussein. so many of the chemical weapons came recentlially from iraq. >> in israel right now, governor romney is traveling in israel and he will meet with netanyahu and a situation that is interesting, both the prime minister and mr. romney have close ties to another and worked back in 1976 when they worked in a boston consulting group. you think this is to highlight the differences with the relationship that rom no has than the president has with netanyahu. >> everyone can understand that. very recently members of the obama team were asked. what is the capitol of israel. if i were in mitt romney's
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position say it was jerusalem and is jirs lem and will be jerusalem. that will distingish him. >> and the president signed a bill and making sure there is a beefing up of security interest in israel. did you find the timing interested in that and that is transparent and obama is concerned about jewish money and influence here. he's throwing a bone to the jewish organizations and it is too late. and while mitt romney is meeting with netanyahu palestinian leaders are concerned and upset they are being snubbed by the governor because he's not planning to meet with members of the palestinian organization. he said he would meet with fayyad. he will not meet with abas. again abas is not elected leader.
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and characteristics that are necessary of a palestinian state are not met and not a reduction in violence and the role that hamas is not reduced but increased and the conditions that are necessary for a palestinian state do not exist. >> one quick response. do you think that romney move will turn the needle from the jewish voters in the country. >> it is it difficult to say . 78 percent of the jewish population voted for mccane in the last election. it is reduced on the order of 25 percent. obama would get a majorit yethere is no question there is a loss in the jewish community. >> tharching you for joining us today. >> a pleasure to be with you. >> have a great day. >> former presidential candidate rick santorum is on the campaign. he is playing a supporting role. he is one of the all-stars
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that lent their support to ted cruise. the gop primary run off is set for tuesday. sarah palin and senator demint is campaigning. but dehursts had the support of rick perry and saying people like santorum don't know what is best for texas. >> there is a lot of the people who don't intimately and expertly know how texas operates and come in and endorsed in the race and with all due respect. i respect each one of those individuals, but they don't know how texas works and if they did, they would endorse david dehurst. >> that race has been a nasty one. both sides exchanging bitir attack ads. both candidates, and we'll tune in tomorrow 12:50 eastern
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time for that. look being at the focus now and details of the alleged colorado shooter. word that he was treated by a psychiatrist at the university he attended. hundreds of miles away from colorado two more victims will be laid to rest. elizabeth is joining us live from aurora with more on this. >> hi, uma, grieving and mourning continuous as funerals continue all day. jessica, the young sports journalist will be laid to rest in san antonio. and matt oquinlaid to rest in ohio . he shielded his girl frepped from gun fire. they will have a memorial service in buckley air force base. the defendant was seeing a university of colorado psyche
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trimpt they wanted investigators to turn over the notebook that holmes sent. dr. fenton was disciplined in 2004 for prescribing medication for herself and family and colleagues lawyers are preparing on monday's arraignment. we'll learn the extent of the charges against holmes. on monday. carol chambers has to announce what charges she is bringing. potentially we are talking about over 100 charges and 12 counts was first degree murder and 58 counts of attempted first degree murder. and first degree assault. >> there are no cameras in the courtroom on monday, uma, we expect that will acknowledge he understands thes but don't expect him to speak at all.
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>> thank you for the update. >> one of the victims of last week's shooting is happily reunited with his family. derec got a welcome home from his friend family in raleigh, carolina yesterday. >> it is very, very much. good to see my brother and cousin. >> he and his girlfriend were in the theater 9. he fled the theater and ran back in after he realized his ghirl friend was not behind him. neither derec or his girlfriend were hurt in the shooting. >> another mayor is slamming chick-fil-a. cathy has come under fire for stating his opposition to same-sex marriage. >> it is it messages from people saying it is so bad and mayor can you speak up for the city of san francisco.
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>> it is it about values and i am proud to say i do represent san francisco values. >> but the northern city doesn't have a chick-fil-a. the mayor is recommending that the fast food chain doesn't try to come closer to his community. the mayor of boston and chicago voiced their opposition. okay, here is a spoiler alert. first full day of olympics is underway and they are handing out medals. close your eyes and ears if you don't want to know. gold medal goes to china in the women's 10 meter air rifle event. poland takes the silver and another member of the chun chin taking the bronze. men's road cycling. a cyclist from kazakhstan came
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in fon and china and poland and norway third. >> andine included a cameo by the queen last night. it is the traditional lighting of the olympics cauldron. a leave of cop are delegation lit the show. >> paul mccart near closing the show with hey jude. did you watch? tweet your answers to us at hurricane uma. and it was an ehaven't to watch indeed. small business owners are fighting back over the comment by president obama that they didn't build their businesses. and the ranking member on the
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budget stale mate in congress. what senator jeff sessions said needs to get past the stale mate. >> the house has passed the budget. and the house passed most of the appropriation's bill. and the stiant has not passed the budget or appropriations bill. this is it a weakness in the leadership of this senate. when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes.
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>> welcome back, everybody. goch gov mitt romney is scheduled to touch down to tel-aviv this afternoon. there's been a lot of questions concerninging his foreign policy credentialings. joining us is a career member of the senior foreign service and romney surrogate. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for letting me visit wu. >> let's talk for a moment about the governor's trip. this is certainly a move to shore up the foreign policy credentials . the fact that he is in israel
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right now. how do you think it is going to be viewed by people in this country of the jewish faith? >> well, i think it is going to be viewed not only by the jewish americans, but by all americans as a reaffirmation of the arc of governor romney's foreign policy. starts with one that america is exceptional country. and two, that the united states and the world is better off when america leads from the front and not behind. whatever that means and three, peace through strength and four working closely with your allies israel is a good example where the obama administration preyed. the iranian nuclear breakout.
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and termoil in syria and potential bleed in our friend exercise allies in turkey and in jordan and in israel it is a great opportunity for him to reaffirm those messages. and there are some folks who are saying and asking if israel is mitt romney's new swing state, how do you respond to that. and again, i think there are americans who understand that the middle east is critical to the united states's interest in the world. there are americans who understand that the greatest threat to security not only in the region but the united states is a nuclear breakout by iran. and continued relentlessly in the obama administration people in america who worry about the atrocity and innocent killings in syria.
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but americans across the board appreciate the strength and the resolve and the vision that governor romney is offering for american foreign policy. and so what israel does is gives the governor the opportunity to reaffirm his friendship with the people of israel and also to hit those larger themes that all americans should appreciate and it is time for leadership back in the white house as opposed to drift. >> you know, there is a lot of the news about the fact that the governor had missteps in london over the last few days, leading up to the olympics. do you see what happened or the remarks having a lasting affect in the terms of impressions by the governor in england right now? >> no, as a man who saved the olympics in utah in 2002, he
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was asked a question and his response was as a former manager of the olympics who successfully held the event and he shared some of the concerns every olympics's organizer has in the event. he had the opportunity to watch the opening ceremony and he's part of the olympics spirit and tradition not only for the united states but internationally his commitment to the olympics is something that americans. and he expressed in his meeting with prime minister cameron is the mutual interest that the united states has with great britain and build on our friendship and allies and symbolically -- >> let me ask you, were you surprised by the head lines and his remarks made in england. it was all over the papers
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displaying his remarks prominently. >> of course, there is an olympics fever going on in london. they have the fleet street media that chases this sort of thing and it got attention. it is not going to endure either with the american people or british people. the importance in the end is the substance and symbolism of him going there to continue his tradition of being a strong olympian and having saved the olympians in utah and more importantly his discussions with british leaders where there is a range of foreign policy and security issue. it is important for him to pursue if elected president. >> tharching you for joining us. have a great day. >> you, too. >> i think the american people have a right to be angry with us. how are we in a situation where we are borrowing 40 cent was every dollar spent.
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>> no budget or tax extension and a looming government shut down. just like you. governor sessions is frustrated with the fact that congress can't seem to get anything done. i will ask the ranking member how we should kick start thing necessary washington and it -- in washington and will it take mitt romney to get it done. [ bell tolls ]
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>> welcome back everybody. family and friends are saying goodbye to two more victims killed in the last week's movie theater. ther standing by with more on that and the rest of the day's top head lines. aspiring sports journalist jessica and matt mc89 are laid to rest in their home townings.
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mcquinwas hailed as a hero for diving in front of his girlfriend to save her life. another victim had survived a mall shooting back in canada in june. jesse jackson junior is treated for depression in the mayo clinic. the clinic released a statement about the medical condition. jackson went on leave from congress on may 10th. day one is underway of the olympics in london. there was a stunt double of queen elizabeth. and investors are dumping shares of the social media stalk after less than stellar earnings. analyst say it will take a while for the stock's value to rise. uma back to you. >> thank you very much. >> and on the heels of new
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weak gross domestic numbers show our economy is growing in a sluggish rate. we could be in for a tax show down . president obama is blaming the republicans in the house and orrin hatch is blaming the president. peter doocy is blaming the president. democrats are saying that congress should extend tax breaks except for the two two percent of earners. republicans are not likely to budge which is frustrating for president obama. >> republicans in congress and nominee for president believe that the best way to create prosperity in america is let it trickle down from the top. if our country extends tax cuts even if we have to gut things like education and training and by raising middle class taxes. they are wrong. >> president obama said his
12:30 pm
proposal would protect middle class by preventing a tax hike on typical family and he said republicans in congress are holding tax cuts hostage. and republicans say they are not the ones being stubborn. >> unfortunately. washington democrats in default position appears to let everyone's taxes sky rocket if congress doesn't agree to their plan to raise taxes on the most productive segment of our economy. >> this back and forth will continue because speaker boehner said the house will vote to stop the small business tax hike while layinglet ground for pro growth tax reform bring jobs back to america that went overseas. the white house will not back down. >> the president continues to insist that the proposals that he put forth and have an
12:31 pm
immediate impact on on growth and must be passed by congress. >> if congress does not act one way orth other. almost every taxpayer will see their bill go up. >> it is a show down that is brewing there. >> with all that is said about the looming tax stalemate here in washington, you may have a right to be furious. i sat down with republican jeff sessions and asked if the tax vote was a show in the ongoing drama of capitol hill theater. >>im frustrated and i think the american people have a right to be frustrated and these votes, it is all right to have votes to say this is what i would do if i ruled the world and my vision for what is right. we have done that a lot for a long time. we are reaching a point this year why have to do some thing. for example in the end of september, the government will
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shut down unless we have an agreement to extend funding. let democratic senate passed not one single appropriation's bill and hairy reid will not pass any for the 50 time ever . we'll have to have a continuing resolution where you continue to fund the government at a certain level without the individual appropriation's bims being passed. that needs to be done sooner than later. we don't need the economy worried about a shut down in september. that should be put aside and the dramatuc cuts to the defense department have to be. the sequester, it should be done sooner rather than later because it creates uncertainty in the economy it is it all right to have votes and lay out where you want to go. but there is significance. >> the mere fact of talking about a government shut down and possibility of it
12:33 pm
happening, we went through the big debate several months ago about keeping the government open and funded. and all of the promises and plans put in place. why has it not materialized. >> because the republicans tend to think that the democratic leadership feels that the democratic shut down advantages them and maybe they will get a advantage. but the both parties need to work together and not have a shut down. the fundmental problem. the house passed a budget the house passed most of their appropriation's bill the senate did not pass their budget or appropriation's bill. this is a weakness in what is in the leadership of this senate. it is endangering the american economic growth. if republicans get a majority next year, i am the ranking republican on the budget
12:34 pm
committee, we'll pass the budget. failure is not an option and we'll have to lay out a long 10-year plan for sound financial management for the country. >> you have a recess coming up and a lot of work will not get done in that sense between now and then. do you think real i want -- realistical you can get a budget passed a. >> we are not going to passlet appropriation's billings, that is clear. we need to do that and i thinklet republicans will meet the democrats half way i believe we'll propose a reasonable thing they should be able to accept take this off of the table. we need to do something about the defense cuts sooner rather than later because the defense contractors are telling their employees if these cuts take in to affect hundreds of
12:35 pm
thousands of jobs will be lost immediately. i don't think it ultimately will. sooner rather than later we should fix the sequester. >> on the welfare issue. you expressed concern about urging immigrants to go on food stamps. why are they doing that right now? >> every dollar spent on food stamps creates economic growth. it does not. that is it a bogus view and i don't hear them saying that anymore. the whole idea is moving money out. we have gone from 17 billion on food stamp to 80 in 10 years. it has gone up four time necessary 10 years and a lot of people are getting it that don't qualify. we need to look at it carefully and make sure only the qualified people get it american people have seen it
12:36 pm
and i have studied the program and it has many abusive practice that could be ended and should be. and we need to return to the 1996 vision that welfare is a temporary thing it is designed to help people through tough times and we should be moving them to independence and not dependence. >> do you fundmentally believe that we are at a historic cross roads about two different visions for the future and particularly when you look at the national campaign. >> we believe in a lean government that is productive but it minimally invasive and extracts the least possible amount of money from the people. the president's view is different. he really does believe that government is it a positive force and the more it can be expanded the more good can be done and to expand, he has to take more from the economy. and the private sector.
12:37 pm
and i just believe that that is it a choice of the election. >> and senator sessions adds that he believe that is voters spoke loudly in 2010 and 2012 will confirm the vision republicans have for smaller government. >> if you have a business. you didn't build that. >> okay, outraged small business owners are firing back after the president made thoses as the obama campaign continues to do damage control. you will hear from a former marine who began a printing company after he served the count rye and why he said the president's remarks are like someone slapped him in the face. the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more cash. [ russian accent ] 50% more rubles. eh, eh eh, eh, eh. [ brooklyn accent ] 50% more simoleons. [ western accent ] 50% more sawbucks.
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>> if you have been successful you didn't get there on your own . i am always struck by people
12:42 pm
who think if must be because i am so smart. >> a week later, the president's remarks are creating an uproar among business owners. when he heard the president's remark it felt like he was punched in the face. juan is the owner of jep inc. a raleigh based printing cutche. thank you for joining us. >> tharching you for letting me state my opinion. >> let me ask you, why did the president's remark make you angry. >> at no time did i say anything else is wrong. i believe in the village. but the village he's talking about is the government. the village i am talking about that are making me successful is my business partner and employee and employees my
12:43 pm
heaven low father. and he didn't mortgage his house like i did or my business partner d. that is punching me in the face. >> you worked hard and you served your country with being a soldier and a marine in somalia and in desert storm and others. and so you have given back in an amazing way. you started your business. did you ever feel like you wanted to turn to the government to help you out? >> yes, and no. at first, no. i had worked for 20 years and i was with another company and money was saved up. and you look to mort depadge the house and try to get started. once we got started we talked to the banks and they told us notice. a lot of it was the paperwork in doing a government type loan. they didn't want to mess with it. and we had to scramble and find a bank to take a chance
12:44 pm
on us. >> you and other small business owners worked so hard to become a success. why do you think that the white house is saying that small business owners are not going to hurt going forward when it comes to the issue of taxes and the issue of job creation and et cetera? >> the only way i can explain it is this. i am in front of a camera. if i wanted to do a video shoot, i am going to ask a sme. a subject matter expert. how do i get this done? the reason they are going that rout they are not asking the subject matter exerts that are the small business owner. i just heard that it is 160 days since the president talked to the job counseland gdp is going further down and not talking to the individuals
12:45 pm
on the street that know what is going on. >> going forward, that the president is doing enough in terms of damage control? he said he didn't mean that in terms of the way people are taking it. that he didn't really mean that you know, you didn't have, you didn't have help. >> you know what, a lot of people are scrambling to, to justify what he said. none of them are saying the same thing and that concerns me. there are so many different reasons that he made the comment from infrastructure all the way to the actul teachers and my family in the past paid taxes for me to benefit for what i am doing now. don't in one breath tell me if the government is helping me and exhale and telling me and throwing it back in my face they cannot use it no, you can't do that. >> thank you for joining us
12:46 pm
and thank you for your service on our country. >> thank you very much. >> in a rare television brew. supreme court justice scalia sits down with chris wallace and hitting subjects like gun control in the wake of the colorado movie shooting. >> yes, there are limitations that can be imposed. what they are will depend on what the society understood were reasonable limitation. location limitation . >> what about the technological implication . we are not talking about a handgun or musket but a weapon that fires a hundred shots a minute. >> we'll see . >> justice scalia also discuss a controversial health care ruling . tune in tomorrow on fox news sunday what he had to say about this and check your local listings. >> and after the break, we'll
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welcome back everybody. a special group of friends are leading missions to helping the homeless vet rans get back on their feet. the program could be coming to a city near you. here's more. >> hey, there, uma. gigo fund is a caritable group started by two brothers and a friend who lost a buddy while serving in iraq. and now volunteers help homeless veterans get back on their feet. >> it was 1966 now. >> homeless for a decade. >> gene son son served on a gun ship in the vietnam war. >> i was honored in the service and had a lot of respect and came home people turned their backs on me because i was in vietnam. >> it is homeless gets the gigo fund will help with the midnight mission. >> we are getting them off of
12:52 pm
the streets and helping them before they die. >> volunteers offer a bag of food and clothing to anyone if they are a vet. and information about veterans affairs and health care. >> the numbers are hard to gauge. according to the u.s. department of house development on any given night 67,495 veterans were homeless on the streets. veterans account for 14 percent of the entire adult homeless population. they are vulnerable because of inability of jobs and disorders. >> poem have gone in different direction and i am a loner. >> our obligation is to help protect their families while they are deploy help them when they come back home. >> each night they give out doysens of supply bags. gigo plan will expand to
12:53 pm
baltimore, philadelphia and washington dc. uma, back to you. >> it is a great effort and inspiring program indeed. thank you very much. >> we asked you answered. find out if the olympics opening ceremonies were a hit or miss. ♪ why not make lunch more than just lunch? with two times the points on dining in restaurants, you may find yourself asking why not, a lot. chase sapphire preferred. there's more to enjoy.
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♪ okay, this is one sport you
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won't be seeing at the olympics any time soon. joggling. juggling while you run. michael ran a mile while juggling five balls all at once. the time an impressive 6:30. way to go. >> last night's opening ceremonies quite a show indeed, and we have been asking what you thought of the ceremonies. clifford writes it was is spectacular. >> and not everyone watched, though. greg told us must have missed it, i was watching the fox news channel. well, that is a good excuse if i ever heard one. that is going to do it here for me in d.c. kelly wright and jamie colby coming up next. tune in to "fox news sunday" tomorrow.
12:58 pm
captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> jamie: is fox news alert. fierce new fighting in syria. reports of government helicopters and tanks pounding the city of aleppo in an effort to crush rebel forces. aleppo is syria's largest city with a on lakes of 2.5 million people. just to the north of the capital tama damascus. the outcome is raising major concerns in the region and beyond. as more refugees are heading for the borders amid fears the sectarian violence could spread to neighboring countries. we will have more on this later in our show. but first, another big story we have been following for a week. brand new you developments in the colorado movie massacre. welcome to a brand new hire inside america's news headquarters. i'm jamie colby. >> i'm kelly wright.
12:59 pm
according to newly released court documents accused shooter james holmes was being treated by a psychiatrist at the time of the attack. meantime families of some of the victims laying loved ones to rest today. eliz prann live in aurora colorado with the details. >> reporter: a little over a week. the make shift memorial continues to grow as fem people leaving gifts and lighting candles for people that died. five victims in area hospitals in jet cal condition. 11 people still seeking treatment. people here in aurora, colorado and across the country continue to mourn as the tune rales continue. jessica the aspiring sports journalist will be buried today in her hometown in texas. she narrowly escaped death in a shooting in toronto. matt will be laid to rest in springfield, ohio. one of the three men hailed as


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