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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 29, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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between the two but once iran passes the line which i think is already passed, it is only a question of time. and, a question that different people an estimate in different ways and that is why i think we are and in fact have been at a crisis point, with iran for quite some time and while the failures of our administration over the past three-and-a-half years to do anything to slow iran down now make the question even more serious. >> eric: you mentioned the failures of the administration and the obama white house says they are relying on sanctions and they seem to be working in some way and have not take then military option off the table and that the president has sai there is, quote, too much loose talk of war. what is your take on that. >> benjamin netanyahu said in his meeting with the press and governor romney this morning, diplomacy and sanctions against iran have not slowed their nuclear weapons program down one iota and part of the reason is that i don't think the
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government of iran or many other governments in the region friendly to the united states believe that there is any spine in the obama comment that all options are on the table. i think iran is proceeding as if they are free from danger, from the united states and honestly, i think they are. while obama is president. >> eric: you have that type of talk and the obama administration is attacking you and david axelrod, accused you of bellicose blovicating when you say these type of things. >> that is a lot of words for the campaign and i don't think they built it up, they probably had a dictionary to help them out. the obama administration's put itself in a very difficult rhetorical position, on the one hand they say the president is a great success in foreign policy and national security. and, on the other hand, the administration and its media allies say, you know, fundamentally there is not any difference between the obama policies and the romney policies which would seem to indicate that people should be comfortable electing governor
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romney. so, i think the obama administration is doing this entirely for political purposes, and i think they are waiting for an opening for a political attack and what they are not focused on seriously, unfortunately, is iran's continuing progress toward nuclear weapons. >> dave: of course they would dispute that and say they have been working on it and potentially are making progress. >> a few months ago the director of national intelligence, barack obama's own director of national intelligence, james clapper testified to the senate that all of the existing sanctions and diplomacy had not had any effect on iran's behavior or policies in the nuclear field and when it comes to the sanctions the administration imposed but which are now in place, the administration gave 20 countries waivers. and iran has been busy ever since finding ways to evade t sanctions and the financial institutions sanctions, the european union put in place and, generally, getting around the impact of these sanctions. the effect has not been to slow
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down the nuclear program. the effect has been entirely economic and make no mistake iran has known of the possibility for years, and they've taken steps to mitigate the effect of the sanctions and evade them and those steps are well underway. >> eric: mitt romney will speak two hours from now. what is your public and what does he have to say and what do you expect him to actually explain? >> well, i think he's going to continue to emphasize in the context of israel and the middle east the basic distinction between his policies and the obama administration's. the obama administration's view that america's strength in the world is provocative and we are the cause of much of the instability and conflict and that a more reclusive america would make the world safer and i think that is the exact opposite and governor romney made it clear peace through strength much like president reagan is his approach and very worried about the defense cuts of the obama administration and worried about reductions in our national
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missile defense capability and our navy and ability to project power around the world and protect our interests and friends and allies and i don't want to step on the toes of the e speech before the governor gives out bit i think he'll demonstrate that philosophy, as applied in the middle east. >> eric: and what is really fascinating is he and prime minister netanyahu go back to the 1970s and worked together in boston and what type of relationship is that and how does it differ from the president? >> i think it goes back a long way and obviously prime minister netanyahu doesn't want to get into the middle of our politics but again i come back to his remarks to the press this morning. where, without mentioning the president's iran policy, he -- prime minister netanyahu effectively said it had failed and failed utterly and that is completely correct. >> eric: the romney speech less than two hours from now, we'll carry it live from the fox news channel, ambassador, thanks for joining us every sunday as you
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do. >> thank you, eric. >> jamie: and regarding governor romney -- eric, thank you -- expected remarks, what do israelis want to hear from the governor today? and what is the mood there about where things stand now in the stand-off with tehran? we'll be joined by prime minister netanyahu's former chief of staff for insight live and he'll have his analysis as well. >> eric: and elsewhere in northeast the fighting continues in syria, fierce battles between government troops and rebels continue and here you can see fighters who are celebrating on a destroyed government tank, a sign their less equipped forces remain in control of some of the cities and, 1,000 fighters, they say have poured into the cities the past few days to take on the syrian army. thousands are syrians are pouring across the border into jordan to escape the continuing
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bloodshed and jordan opened up the first refugee camp along the northern border and will include 3,000 tents to start with and will eventually host, they say, more than 100,000 refugees. jordan's interior minister says more than 1,000 people have been crossing the border every day and many of them women and children. they travel alone and leaving the men behind to fight the syrian troops. ♪ >> jamie: historically it has always been a critical juncture and we are just 100 days away from the presidential election. and, polls are showing that the race is about as close as it can get. voters are watching the economy, they are also keeping an eye on a major tax battle that is playing out in washington. and, we have both conventions and a string of debates to look towards. what is the greatest potential game-changer in the days ahead for the candidates, erin pike, a
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national political reporter for real clear politics joins us. ago. >> good morning. >> jamie: what event could turn things either way, coming up. >> the most important thing for mitt romney, two things, really, his vice presidential pick, that should come up sometime next month, toward the end of the month and also the convention. mitt romney has not been introduced in a major way to voters yet. he has not given a series of wide, sweeping speeches and when he gives his convention speech later in august, it will be the first time voters really get to see him, he has not been introduced very well, just yet. people don't know him, they know about his family and that will be important, the campaign has not put out a big biographical ad for voters to see in the swing states yet and people don't feel like they have a good sense of him. for him, the convention speech is very important. now, for the president, it is the debates in october that i think will be able to show him potentially as better suited for the presidency than mitt romney
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because he knows more about what it is like to be in the white house and is an opportunity to show how he's better prepared if he does well, of course and if mitt romney does better in the debate, great for him, too. >> jamie: i'm sure the economy will be at the forefront of those debates. but, let's take today as an example. this is a big foreign policy swing for governor romney. he's in israel today, giving a speech later today. how much does foreign policy count? >> it hasn't counted very much yet but of course we still have 100 days left to the election and, anything can happen. will israel strike iran, that is something we're talking about, how would that affect it or, that -- different things that are happening in the middle east, could something big happen in the next 100 days? we have yet to see that and it is a long time left and something could happen and now, of course the economy will be more important than foreign policy unless something happens abroad. >> jamie: and governor romney has chosen to make the trip now to meet with benjamin netanyahu,
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to meet the people of israel and have something to say about iran, forceful comments from what we have seen so far, at the same time, right now, president obama's campaign has more than a thousand, i believe more than 2,000 campaign events going on, fund-raising and such, right now. so whose time do you think is better spent right now? is this campaign going to end up being about the money? >> it might be but it is also about organization, right now, mitt romney and the republicans are out-spending -- out-raising, not quite yet out-spending president obama and the democrats. yes. money is important but president obama and his political team having organizing in the swing states since he was inaugurated and really since winning the primary against hillary clinton in 2008 and are better prepared with a lot more infrastructure politically in all of these swing states that can turn out more voters and the romney campaign just has begun to start
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organizing in the swing states but are far behind on the ground in those states. >> jamie: what are the undecided voters -- there is a large numberf them still at this point, what are they looking to hear? >> they want to hear from both candidates about the economy and what they will do. a lot of these voters just haven't tuned in yet. that is the calculation the romney campaign is making that many voters won't start paying attention until after labor day and, he can really make a case and introduce himself, then, right now, we'll have to wait and see. they haven't paid attention yet. >> jamie: and again, with the economy, i wanted to ask you about the fact that the gdp was disappointing. numbers are very sluggish in this country in terms of manufacturing and certainly the jobs numbers, still disappointing and even the president said that he had hoped the stimulus and other programs would push the jobs number -- at least jobless numbers down, if the economy stays status quo, let's say for the next hundred
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days, who has the stronger argument to do something different. would the president say i'm going to go in a different direction? we know whatever governor romney says would be a different plan. >> right. president obama has not said anything very different just yet. of course he is still leading mitt romney in many of the swing states with the exception of north caroli. and, mitt romney has yet to overtake him in those states that will decide the election. so, mitt romney might have a better argument to make, but still has to pull ahead of president obama and has not been able to do that yet. as you said, economic growth has slowed to a crawl and appears to be getting worse and that is a good thing for mitt romney's political prospects. >> jamie: erin mcpike, we always enjoy having you on sunday mornings, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> eric: shocking and unbelievable fox news voter fraud investigation, drug money from cocaine and marijuana trafficking funder voter fraud. yep it happened in eastern kentucky where prosecutors say
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in one case, $400,000, part of the drug money, went to buy the votes of 8,000 people at 50 bucks each. and one major trial, you just saw the photograph of admitted cocaine and marijuana trafficker kenneth day who served as also at the clay county republican elections commissioner and testified at a trial and he told prosecutors, quote: i have been involved in politics most of my adult life, buying votes. i always buy votes. i bought my first vote with half a pint of liquor and he said, quote: people on the ground who had the power and money to buy the votes, as time went on, $5 a vote, $10 a vote, i paid as high as $800 a vote. election after election. day in and day out... every election i ever worked, it went on. both democratic election judge eugene lewis, another cocaine and marijuana admitted trafficker, who is also serving a long prison term testified at
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the trial that, quote, i would pay them right in the booth. you would not believe the percentage of people from school teachers down, i had bought their vote from. it is unbelievable and when prosecutors asked convicted drug dealer j. c. lawson about where the money came from, for a vote buying, he paid 50 cents a vote, he said from the drug dealing i made. >> they used drug money to buy votes and, the drug dealers, there was testimony, from drug dealers that indicated that they felt that they would be predicted. in their drug activities, because of their association with this political organization. >> eric: a full report on this astounding and shocking and disturbing voter fraud in the next hour, american democracy for sale, only here, on the fox news channel. jamie? >> jamie: i think that is the most shocking one yet. >> eric: sure is. >> jamie: in the meantime supreme court justice scalia is sitting down with fox news sunday's chris wallace.
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the shooting tragedy in colorado, and the aftermath, will be a hot topic of conversation, you will hear what justice scalia says about our current gun control laws and whether he thinks the court could uphold new limits on the kinds of guns you can buy. >> eric: and the doctors will be here for "sunday house call" as always, asking this question: should children get their cholesterol tested? could there be more potential harm than good? and now, there is a sunday house call chat going on now at twitter. search hashtag fox house call to get in on the conversation the doctors are in, stick around with them throughout the show, could they tweet? this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the deliciousness you desire. the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real.
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>> jamie: welcome back, everybody, the aurora colorado movie theatre massacres raised questions about limits on gun control and there is a good chance any possible new law that is passed will make its way to the supreme court. in an exclusive and very rare interview on fox news sunday, chris wallace asked supreme court justice antonin scalia where the court could, potentially, draw the line. >> yes. there are some limitations that can be imposed. what they are, will depend on what the society understood were
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reasonable limitations at the time. and there were certain location limitations, where -- >> what about the technological limitations, we are not talking about a handgun or a musket. we are talking about a weapon that can fire 100 shots in a minute. >> we'll see. >> jamie: joining me now the anchor of fox news sunday. chris wallace. my hat is off to you, to get a supreme court justice to sit down and talk about the most important issues in our country, the health care law, i understand he also weighs in on, how the heck did you get this one. >> i would love to see because of my towering legal intellect but the justice is selling a book on reading the law, and, so he's doing a few interviews but i have to say it's one of the highlights of my career, what a treat to sit there with one of the towering legal minds, you can agree or disagree but no question he's one of the legal giants in america today and also one of the most interesting, provocative characters to sit there a half-hour and quiz him
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the way he quizes judges who are arguing before his court, i know you are a lawyer, jamie and it was a real treat. >> jamie: i can't wait to see the interview, it is within i may have to watch twice. did he take you at all behind the scenes of the health care ruling which still has some people scratching their heads on how they came to the decision they did? and, where it could go from here? on the immigration ruling, they said there may be more cases and it could make its way back up? >> not so much on the specific intricacies of what comes next, but his book is about texturalism and, the idea and his judicial philosophy you stick as closely to the texas possible, in deciding whether or not a law is constitutional or not. and, one of the things in this book he does is lays out principles of sound judging, one of those, canon 38 is, you know, don't try to pick a fight with the legislature if you can find
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a way to say the law is constitutional, do it and i said didn't judge roberts adhere to the canon because he fondled a way to say it was constitutional by saying the mandate, is actually a tax and he said, no. not at all, because he said you cannot say a pig is a penalty and that is what roberts did, you you have to find a way, and, it has to be a -- to be supported in this way and there is no way to say the mandate is a tax when really it is a penalty. >> jamie: does he believe, the justice, the gun control issue will come before the court in short order. >> absolutely. not necessarily because of what happened in colorado, but, because they left it wide open and said there is an inherent right to bear arms and he was the one in 2008 who struck down, he was -- wrote the opinion that struck down the law here, ban on handguns in people's homes, d.c. versus heller case and, it left
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wide open -- now, there are regulations short of outright bans he will consider and clearly, this -- to give you an example of the way his mind works, it is the right to bear arms and therefore a canon which you can't carry around and bear it, therefore you can prohibit a canon constitutionally. >> jamie: i've had the chance, casually, to introduce myself or say hello to a supreme court justice, but, to sit down with him like that, does he realize the magnitude of the responsibility, you think, that he has sitting on the highest court in the land? >> absolutely and one of the questions i asked him, i said, because he says the court is not political but understands that republican presidents appoint a certain kind of judge, more like him and texturalists, originalists and democrats appoint a different kind of judge who makes a more expansive view of the constitution. i said, would you time your retirement so that you would not -- it would be -- your replacement would be named by a
10:23 am
president who would appoint a like minded justice and he said, absolutely i don't want to retire and have someone come to undo everything i tried to do for the last 25 years. >> jamie: and what a run it has been for him. chris, i think you are the best and he made a good choice en sitting down with you, what an honor to be chosen. thanks for bringing us a preview. >> thank you, all i can say to folks is, you know, sometimes we say, oh, this is great t.v. you don't want to miss this. either on the fox broadcast network, fox news channel, 2:00 or 6:00 p.m., this half-hour is really must-see tv. >> jamie: and it rarely hatches, thanks for bringi -- happens, great, thanks for bringing it to us and i know you will get a lot of pats on the back. for the rest of the interview, chris said, it is so rare to get this kind of time with a supreme court justice, tune in at 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. on the fox news channel or check your local listings. eric? we have a big interview coming up, we have the doctors.
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>> eric: true. and, how about the fascinating legal mind, chris is right. speaking of the doctors, jamie, some doctors have been blasting guidelines suggesting children should get tested for cholesterol. why the controversy? and what does it mean if your child is screened for cholesterol? should they be tested? the doctors will fill us in with their advice, how to take care of our kids.
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>> eric: time now for supped hou-- "sunday house call," dr. marc siegel from langone medical center and author of "the inner pulse", unlocking the secret code of sickness and help. >> and chief of robotics at the mt. sinai medical center, good morning, dr. david samadi.
10:29 am
the first topic, fallout over guidelines urging pediatricians to test all children for their cholesterol, regardless of weight or family history and medical experts are raising questions about that. should you test your child or not? dr. siegel? >> well, let me wade into it this way, 10% of kids hoof high cholesterol and 1/3 are overweight or obese and studies over the past few years have shown they are building up fatty streaks in their arteries, feeding the heart beginning at very, very young ages and there was another study that showed that overweight kids with high cholesterol build up plaque in their carotid arteries and this is a huge problem and i think knowledge is power but, you know, guidelines make me nervous. the war back and forth about when it should be done and to whom is really the question. i think any overweight child, any child with a family history of high cholesterol, any child that we think could have a risk factor for high cholesterol, should be checked at a very early age. they are sg


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