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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 31, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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>> if you've got a business, you didn't build that, somebody else made that happen. >> the private sector is doing fine. >> the private sector is doing fine, somebody else built that business for you. >> i think there were four. my favorite quartet of what he said, when he really saw what he's like, when he said desperate people college to their guns -- >> that was in 2008. >> right, when he told joe the plumber let's spread the wealth around. and earlier this year in a speech in kansas he said rut individual doesn't work and that line about you didn't build it. what is emerging here is clearly a president that does not believe in individual initiative. he believes in collectivism and community and socialism basically. >> you know bill bill clinton br than anybody else. here's a guy that i suspect before all is said and done will
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undermine barack obama's re-election chances by things he has been saying including we are in a recession and watch this. >> i think they played the race card on me and we know now from the campaign and everything that they planned 20 do it all along. >> there's no question in terms of getting up and going to the office and, you know, basically performing the essential functions of the office, a man who has been governor and had a sterling business career, crosses the qualification threshold. >> i think what we need to do is find some way to avoid the fiscal cliffs, to avoid anything that would contract the economy now. >> does that mean studying the tax cuts? >> i think what it will mean is they will have to extend -- they will probably have to put everything off until early next year. that's probably the best thing to do right now. i don't have any problem with extending all of it now. >> all of these, and then he defends bain capital, then he
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says we are in a recession. all of it underninth the president's re-election chances. >> i guarantee you, sean, based on what i have heard from third parties or i have spoken to that william jefferson clinton is going to cast his ballot for mitt romney. however, he's going to open his mouth for barack obama because his wife is hostage. they have her under lock and key as secretary of state, and he is scared that obama will lose and blame him if he undermines obama. so he will do everything he asks him to do and then he will jab him whenever he can. by the way, a cute story the viewers might appreciate, you mentioned that wednesday clinton is speaking instead of the vp. well, until 1996, the vp always spoke only on thursday night with the president. and i went to gore and i wanted to keep cuomo and kennedy and jackson off the podium in prime time. they wanted to steer us to the center so i told al i would like you to speak wednesday night.
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he raised a fuss. the ratings are bad and everything and finally clinton told me tell him he's got to do it so i did. and then gore mumbled under his breath he said what if i f it up? >> he said that? >> yep. in that moment i saw al gore clearly. he was the son of a senator, he was a son of a great man, and vp because of -- and there was a lack of confidence in that guy. >> pretty interesting. but the bottom line, no matter what, you agree with me this election comes down to obama's record and the economy. let's show some of obama's words as he was running in 2008 and then we will put up on the screen where we are now. let's role this tape. >> we are going to have to work our way out of the pickle that we've been put in here. but i refuse to accept the idea that we can't do it. i am absolutely confident that we can chews -- choose our own
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economic destiny. we can choose the next four years with what bush has implemented and taken our debt from five to over nine trillion dollars in over eight years, mortgaging our children's mute on a mountain are death or we can restore some fiscal responsibilityn washington. yes, we can. >> now, it's $16 trillion, over $5 trillion in new obama death, that's more than bush had in eight years, and look at these numbers. again, add the debt to this but you have unemployment is higher than when he took office, fewer americans work than when he took office, 42 straight months over 8%, 28 million americans and you can add 49 million americans on food stamps, dick. >> i have my own, the polling i have seen first of all reflects that in any sample registered voters, likely voters, there's a ten point margin for romney on the economy, creating jobs, and it's about 52 to 41 usually is
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the spread. so that ultimately is going to be the margin in the election. you can't say that this guy would be better on the number one issue, but i'm going to vote for this guy. it doesn't happen that way. the second, which is fascinating, is gallop asked people are you more enthusiastic about this election than any other you can remember and republicans and republican-leaning independents, 52 said they were and 42 said they weren't. democratic and democratic leaners, 39 said they were and 44 said they weren't. the point of the enthusiasm gap. >> we are running out of time. vp, if i am reading the tea leaves right, it doesn't seem he's leaning rubio, who would be my first choice, but maybe portman or pawlenty. and there's an important race run off for the senate in texas with the conservative ted cruise looks like he's going to win. >> first of all, on vp, i would like to see rubio but he's moving away from him for a
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couple of reasons. i would like to see condi rice have a shot at it. >> not going to happen. >> i know. she's pro-life and pro-choice and all that but she would be a very good addition to the tick. if you are going to go with the boring white man my belt is mcdonald is virginia because he has a great record. tomorrow in texas ted cruise is running against david dewhurst for the senate and if there was an example of a republican who was sort of a democrat, it's dewhurst and i think cruise is terrific. i just want to mention that on friday the arms trade treaty we talked about she would by the u. n., but it's not dead, i wrote a column on it. have people go to my website and check it out. >> dick morris, good to see you. thanks for being with us. when we come back, bob beckel versus pat buchanan in the studio as we examine the glaring double standard how the mainstream media covers obama
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and how they treat conservatives like palin. this is as x-rated as it gets. we will give you the developments there and more [ male announcer ] you get in the zone long before the race. ♪ and it starts every morning with gillette fusion proglide. get your great start... with gillette fusion proglide. ♪
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>> tonight more examples of the media bias against conservatives. this week's cover reads romney, the win factor, is he just too insecure to be president? yesterday gov. romney was asked to respond to that pathetic hit piece. here's what he said. >> i just got a copy of the news week cover that's going to be hitting the news stands tomorrow that calls you a wimp. have you seen this? [laughter] >> no. >> does that concern you? is that fair. >> they tried that on george walker bush. he was a great president and anything but. >> but it did hurt him to that some extent, that narrative.
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are you worried about what the media is saying and this kind of story line gets out there and how do you counter it? >> if i worried about what the media says i wouldn't get much sleep and i'm able to sleep pretty well. >> he was not the only conservative targeted to week. former alaskan governor sarah palin never gets a rest. the latest comes from a guy named russell brand. brand said he would love to have palin appear on his late night talk show and then he made this vulgar comment when referencing governor palin's popularity. people want to -- her, don't they? >> and joint me now, the author of the superpower, mr. buchanan anyone and also bob beckel. this is one of those stories that the media, they throw it out there in the hopes that the whole country, pat; going to
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talk about this. so i went back, and take a look at some of the old news week covers. let's look at the ones they have had about obama. for example, why are obama's critics so dumb? our time for change has come. what he believes. it shows obama praying, obama, and the o team, the first gay president. he has a rainbow halo around his head. and let's see, sarah palin, how do you solve a problem like sarah? and you remember the controversy over the cover they put there. and then we've got michele bachmann, the queen of rage. pat, no wonder they are about to go bankrupt and maybe, quote, become an online service. >> sean, i think in 2010 news week was sold for one dollar to sidney harmon, the billionaire. >> not worth it. >> i think he got cheated. but let's take meet romney. whatever you say about the guy he goes up there and he's at
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bain and company, breaks free of that and forms brain capital. it's a huge success. then he challenges teddy kennedy in massachusetts. that is a wimp? then he goes and takes over the olympics? gets whipped in his first run for the presidency, comes back and goes through a rough primary and now he's the nominee. where do they come off with that? it's the tendency to seek some sort of sensational headline which is the reason "news ""is on their way out. >> you are a decent guy, you are i don't wrong on anything, but you have a decency about you. when they do the picture of sarah palin vies ag the chick-fil-a. and her daughter is attacked, called a dirty who whore, and yu
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have to admit if that was done to barack obama easily, what would happen? >> one person they would never accuse of being a wimp is buchanan. >> but the answer? >> the answer, some of this stuff gets over the top. look. obama has not exactly had a free ride either from the press. but some of this stuff which is the personal attacks on palin, you know palin and i don't agree on anything but i don't know who that dude was that said that but he shouldn't have been -- nobody should watch his television show, probably nobody does, but he just doesn't know policy. he can argue policy and a lot of things but on mitt romney you can argue this is not the most energetic guy you have seen. >> the guy who took on ted kennedy, the guy who did the olympics and left a lot of money on the table to do that. the guy that's gone through this difficult process, now they are trying to define him and take attention away from obama's failed record. you ought to see media bias.
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>> i see it all the time. but running the olympics, what was he doing it for? he was doing that for running for the president of the united states. >> and look, the wimp factor, fighting the women. factor, they did that to george h.w. bush. they had him in his boat off the bay out there where he lives. here's a guy who at 18 years old, gorge h.w. bush, graduates from prep school, goes down and joins the navy, becomes a fighter bomber pilot and is shot down in the pacific, and they call him a wimp. within of the reasons they do, both these fellows are," if you will, look like wasp folks but there are a lot of those folks that have a lot of guts and courage and do a lot of things even though they are polite and have good manners. bob beckel is a guy, bob has guts, bob came on and work on my show, and even before that he was the chief salesman for jimmy carter for the panama canal treaty. you are talking about guts there. >> and it takes a lot of them,
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pat. and believe me, it does. >> also following you around when you were running for president was a dangerous thing to do but i did it anyway. >> but if i paid a dollar for "news ""i would put out a headline president cry baby because he can't take responsibility. he got everything he wanted passed and he blames everybody. why doesn't he take responsibility? >> have you ever known a president that doesn't blame the congress for what they don't get put through? and what are they doing? >> he didn't need the republican congress. >> let me ask bob the question. the news week, where they come from and rest of it, would they dare say barack obama, he has been a wimp, maybe they reached too far and do all these things like they did to george h.w. bush and like they are doing to romney. the left is being a caricature of itself. all the rotten comments and all the rest of it, i think they
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democrat their own credibility. those magazines used to be excellent, we all read them. >> the answer to your question is would newsweek do that, no. why? because they are a liberal publication. i understand that, you understand that. is barack obama going to get a fair shake from the national review? i mean, come on. it's the pay politics are played. newsweek is a liberal magazine and it ain't going very far. >> it's going far. >> let's put in 75 cents each and they will -- >> buchanan and beckel would have to take over the decks. we don't want to do that. >> but i remember when i said the devil got a hold of you when you did your convention speech. i remember that well and i was proud of that comment and you needly repeed it so you must have been proud of it. >> that speech down there? i was. i mentioned the nature you are is a cult cal war. that phrase has been used in a title in probably a thousand
12:18 am
books ever since and we are in that. and let me tell you, sean mentioned that fellow, that comedian. there was a crime when comedians made real fun. folks but they didn't do things like that. you and i grew up in a time when comedians, milton burl, they got everyone laughing without reducing themselves to that nonsense. >> we've got to go. >> pat, you are dating me along with yourself. remember this one, take my wife, please. okay. >> patrick, bob, thanks for being with us. coming up, the olympic spirit is reigning supreme tonight but not in london. it's here at home and has to do with gov. mitt romney. and the former olympians, they want the world to know how he, romney, saved the salt lake city games after 9/11. you will hear from two of the gold medalists supporting the
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>> caller: nancy pelosi recently claimed that jewish republican reporters are being, quote, exploited by the g.o.p. take a look. >> this president has been a staunch supporter of israel. many of the things that he has done, in terms of israel's qualitative edge, in terms of how we have supported israel in that regard, for them to defend themselves, issues that relate to iran. no president has done more. many of the republicans are using israel as an excuse. what they really want are tax cuts for the wealthy. israel -- that can be one reason -- >> that's why some of the republican jewish supporters are really -- >> that's how they are being exploited. >> right. >> they are smart people. they follow these issues.
12:24 am
but they have to know the facts. >> joining me to discuss the israel role in the 2012 election, kirstin, this is not in dispute. you have never had a worse relationship with israel. he snubs the prime minister at the white house, does something we said we would never do -- call on them to return to the-67 borders and we are giving $1.5 billion to the muslim brotherhood and inviting the muslim brotherhood, a known terrorist organization to the white house. it has never been worse than it is right now. nancy pelosi to make this claim is just idios. >> barackh did an interview, yesterday or today, saying that, actually, they have never had a better relationship in terms of defense issues, which is his area of expertese. so i am not sure that i have to agree with that. i think there have been disagreements with israel -- >> he left the prime minister
12:25 am
waiting -- [overlapping dialogue] -- >> waiting inside the white house and he snubbed him. we are giving $1.5 billion to the muslim brotherhood. >> we are giving money to egypt, which we have always done i. the muslim brotherhood. >> now the muslim brotherhood is in control. but we have always given money to them. so let's not pretend like barack obama just created -- to egypt. the muslim brotherhood wasn't in control of the country. but we have always given money to egypt because -- [overlapping dialogue] >> this is dishonest, sean, come on! you cannot suggest that somehow barack obama got up and said, hmm, what can do i? i am going to fund the muslim brotherhood. we give aid to egypt. that's a fair discussion if you want to talk about it -- >> the first thing that the muslim brotherhood did, kate, when they got power in parliament, was to declare israel their number-1 enemy, during the uprising, the arab
12:26 am
spring, the brotherhood was saying, prepare figure war with israel. and then they cut off energy supplies to israel. they're our closest ally. >> we ignore that. this president has ignored the threats of the muslim brotherhood, like he has ignored palestine working with hamas, a terrorist organization, hates the united states. this president is not being aggressive in making sure that iran does not acquire nuclear capabilities, which they have been very clear that they plan to use against the united states. if anything, this president has weakened the penalties against iran for the way that it's been acting. and when abas planned his big celebration in palestine to celebrate the murder of 37 israelis, the administration turps a blind eye. yet they constantly belittle and lecture israel, saying israel is not doing anything to forward the peace process. israel has bent over backwards,
12:27 am
trying to move forward. but palestine won't sit down with them and barack obama bows to the saudi king, a big one! constantly! sides with turkey when the terrorists attack -- >> i'm sorry. as oppose to the bush family who have the saudis into their home. i mean, come on -- it's unbelievable that -- there is a distinct -- >> he bowed before him. >> hang on. let me focus the conversation. mitt romney's speech, i thought was probably one of his best. he talked about a moral imperative that the united states has and a solemn obligation that the united states has and that is stotostand by israel and support them as it relates to iran -- >> yes, of course! nobody disagrees with that! >> we all know that the obama administration has done everything they can do to prevent the israelis from doing what is in their best national
12:28 am
security interest, which is pretty obvious, pretty soon, in my opinion. then he talked about jerusalem being the capitol, directly repudiating the idios of jay carn net white house last week. he is drawing lines of distinction that will be big in the campaign. >> we will see what mitt romney says if he becomes president -- the idea that he, you know, that he is just pandering in such an unbelievable way. >> pandering? like barack obama doesn't panned? >> you can't distinguish between the fact of barack obama having a disagreement with a right-wing government and actually israel. they're not the same thing. all that barack obama -- >> we shouldn't -- we shouldn't have -- >> for netanyahu, you think he doesn't support israel. that's not the point. he has just honestly had an honest conservation about the settlements. >> we can't -- we can't do that. unless -- we haven't even talked about how mitt romney went over
12:29 am
and insulted the palestinians and acted like everything in their -- >> kate, last word -- >> there has been nothing honest. there has been nothing honest about the way this president has handled israel. before he became president, he said that jerusalem was the indisputable capitol of israel. now he says it's not. what this president has done is emboldened israel's enemies by attacking, not netanyahu, although he has been nast wehim and sarcozeet and nasty comments, but he has told israel's enemies, the united states will turn a blind eye every time that they go after israel, if they attack them verbally and encourage them, tremendous opposition among palestinians and the muslim brotherhood -- >> we have to roll. >> we are turning a blind eye and we are abandoning our best ally in the world. >> thank you both for being with us. >> coming up, sarah palin is fighting back against the left's
12:30 am
efforts to fight a ban of chick-fil-a and the mayor of one chain is accused of pedaling hate chicken, believe it or not. tonight is the launch of a brand-new feature on the "hannity" web site, called hannity's heroes, to honor america's soldiers and their spotlight and courage and sacrifice. you can catch the latest stories on we hope you will check it out for "hannity"'s heros, straight ahead. [ chirping ] [ chirping ] ♪ [ chirping ] ♪ [ male announcer ] audi a4 drivers have spoken. [ engine revs ] and they ranked the a4 highest in total quality index in its class. [ chirps ] experience the summer of audi event and get exceptional values on the audi you've always wanted.
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>> and a chick-fil-a controversy continues to pick up speed as liberals now or against anybody that dares to think differently than they do. city officials around the country are now doubling down on efforts to block the expansion of chick-fil-a restaurants, including dc's democratic mayor, vincent gray, who is accusing the chain of serving hate chicken. and it is not deterring former academyian governor sarah palin who posted this picture on her face book page over the weekend showing her support of the embattled fast-food spot. by the way, they have great chicken. i like it. and joining me now is our guests. why is the left always out there to silence? why with the boy cotts, why with the intimidation? why go after the advertisors?
12:35 am
if they don't want to go to chick-fil-a, don't go. >> it's a great american tradition and chick-fil-a is not the victim here. we have it keep in mind the ceo said guilty as charged. this is not something that just popped up $5 million to anti-gay groups. >> anti-gay or pro traditional marriage. >> if you are against marriage equality, then you are anti-gay. there is no distinction. >> the position barack obama had, and none of these people were boycotting him until a couple weeks ago. >> the mayor of chicago came out and said these around chicago values. he worked for a man that until this spring worked for a guy who believes what chick-fil-a believes. i happen to be for gay marriage. i disagree with the ceo of chick fill law -- chick-fil-a, but
12:36 am
he's exercising his first amendment right. >> let me give you an example. i mentioned governor palin and i mentioned russell brand and what he said. they are doing a segment on this, there's a song by i think it's pink, i think it's called "stupid girl." watch how they introduce this, cnn. watch this. ♪ stupid girl ♪ stupid girl ♪. >> sarah palin is apparently hungry for chicken and controversy. >> that's wrong. that's wrong. the production assistant who did that should get a serious talking to. when the same thing happened to hillary clinton a song was introduced about her, one of jay-z's song that had a bad word in it, it's wrong, it's sexist. but you look at chick-fil-a, they are on the wrong side of
12:37 am
history. >> that's your opinion. >> we know when you discriminate against any specific set of people. >> -- >> then why are you on the show? >> there's no discrimination -- wait. why are you here with me if you think i'm on the wrong side of history? why? >> because i would love to change your mind, sean. >> good luck. >> the point is to me i'm somewhat libertarian and i don't care what people do but i don't believe we should change the definition of marriage. >> there's a big difference between somebody coming out and saying i disagree with the ceo of chick-fil-a, and then saying we are going to keep our zoning laws and keep them from operating in boston or washington d.c. or chicago. >> and they have had twelve lawsuits for discrimination. there's no employment policy that they cannot discriminate against anyone who is gay who is working with them. >> and i could file a lawsuit
12:38 am
against you tomorrow. >> the controversy wasn't about the lawsuit, it was about the ceo saying he's against gay marriage. >> and the dollars he profits from and he puts them into organizations that are defined as hate groups. >> let me stop a minute. >> abuse of power. >> bill maher donated millions of dollars to the president obama super pac and he's called sarah palin every bad word in the book. he referred to one of sarah palin's daughter's in the most offensive way. president took his money. i don't see this same morale outrage. this is the point, it's selective and political ask this is phony to me. the left is phony on this issue because they weren't mad at obama a month ago when he had the same position as the owner of chick-fil-a. >> his position was not that you could turn someone from being gay. >> good luck.
12:39 am
>> his position was not to fund hate groups. >> and they couldn't marry each other. that was the position of barack obama. that a marriage is limited to a man and a woman and until joe biden had that outburst and 48 hours later barack obama evolved, he had the same position as the ceo of chick-fil-a. and he's being attacked -- >> and six months ago barack obama was the leader of left despite he had the same views. >> we have to run. >> everyone should show up for the -- >> are you going? >> i love chick-fil-a. i love the pickles and chicken and it kills me that me and my mom are no longer going. >> i love the chicken. >> and bring your first amendment when you go to chick-fil-a. >> was the bus of winston church hill that sat on the back desk of george w. bush warnings it there, was it removed? now there's a frenzy over the issue. find out how it all end and a
12:40 am
hannity tool, and why mitt romney is the only choice come november because of what he did in salt lake city straight ahead. [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar
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let nothing stand in your way. devry university, proud to support the education of our u.s. olympic team. >> the white house is back-pedaling after they tried to pick a fight with charles krauthammer and lost. here's how it went down on friday. our friend and fox news contributor, charles krauthammer, wrote in his weekly column that president obama started his presidency by returning to the embassy the bust mode from the office. and they claimed his statement was ridiculous and 100% false and he even released this photo on the white house blog showing president obama and prime minister david cameron leaning over a bust of winston churchill back in 2010. the only problem this is not the bust krauthammer was talking about. this is the bust of winston
12:44 am
churchill that was presented to bush in 2001. and the bust now resides in the ambassador's office. he did write an update to his blog of a learning he was wrong but our friend charles krauthammer didn't get an apology. and here's the reaction. >> why would he return it in the first place? >> he replaced it with a bust of abraham lincoln, which i'm sure if it had been the other way around you guys would have been -- >> you guys? >> you guys, the conservatives, would have been on him for replacing a good american president with an english man by winston churchill. and you take a good american like abraham andtioning him. >> you know, speaking he has a hof brother, and he was living in like a hut, do you know when
12:45 am
he went and visited him, how much do you think president obama gave his brother? >> here we go. >> want me to tell you? don't you believe they should donate to somebody living in poverty who is related to you? >> sean. >> i'm asking. how much do you think president obama gave? >> i don't know the circumstances. i don't know the circumstances. >> not a penny. >> to his brother? >> not a penny to his own brother. nothing. zero. >> sean? we are going to talk about his kenyan brother now? >> i did not. i brought up up going to go down this road and i was right. >> doesn't it true that only liberals are generous with their money? >> of course. and with regard to the bust of winston churchill, he's trying to de-emphasize the relationship with the u. k.. the fact he didn't want to renew the release, shows the fact he wants to de-emphasize his relationship and the fact he's neutral on the falkland islands. >> aren't you be guys a little
12:46 am
embarrassed and romney went to the u. k. and david cameron a conservative, and johnson, a conservative, all but laughed him out of the country? >> laughed him out of the country? >> they did. >> and isn't he embarrass you had did not build your business? >> that's not what he said. if you want to go down that discussion -- >> the president said the private sector is doing fine? >> excuse me. >> the president said the private sector is fine. >> i'm asking. >> i don't believe the private sector is doing fine. >> so you are going to say he quoted clinton. >> no, no. >> wait a minute. >> are we better often $5 billion in debt? >> better off? >> every person you want to talk about, with obama, do you want a response to some of them? and what we know he said was the cars you drive on the roads you take to your office, you did not build that on your own. >> and my mother didn't change my diapers i wouldn't be here. >> sean, how did you get to worked to. >> i got here because my mother fed me carrots -- >> no --
12:47 am
>> wait a minute. >> and jesus, and my father was breathing life in hi soul. >> no, no. what roads -- >> which roads -- >> and exactly. >> and taxpayer dollars paid for. >> excuse me. >> you didn't do that on your own. >> i didn't do it. my mother changed my diaper. >> you got here on your own. you came here on your own power. >> all right. so basically you don't want to spend any taxpayer dollars on anything, not on the roads or your kids public schools? did your kids go to public schools? >> no, i don't. >> they didn't go to public schools? >> go ahead. >> every kid that goes to public school. >> hang on, michelle gets the last word >> go ahead, michelle. sorry. >> all i have to say is businessmen got there because of their -- the fact they are entrepreneur and hard work. >> you guys? >> guys and girls or guys and ladies are jumping from topic to topic to topic because every time you don't like an answer to
12:48 am
something you all of a sudden change it to something else. >> next time i would urge you, you might want to tell president obama and vice president cheap skate biden they should be generous with their money. and when we come back, romney
12:49 am
>> with hotwire's low prices, i can afford to visit chicago for my first big race and l.a. for my best friend's wedding. because when hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them. so i got my hotels for half-price! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪
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>> the 2012er and olympics in london kicked off this weekend and that event is helping to remind many when mitt romney saved the salt lake city olympics back in 2002. turning the deficit into a surplus, and now olympians are rallying together and thanking him for delivering those olympics to the world. here's a new ad from restore our future. >> as an athlete you are training your whole life for the one moment at the olympics >> but america's win for the olympics were mired in scandal and deficit. they turned to mitt romney. >> they faced a deficit and turned it around to $100 million surplus. >> he delivered the olympics safe and secure. >> he gets things done. he changed my life. >> he brought a huge sense of hope. >> and now we can realize our dreams. >> restore america is
12:53 am
responsible for the contents of this message. >> let's compare that to the president's leadership. and $10.6 trillion in debt has turned into $16 trillion in just over 3.5 years. it's not surprised a group of former olympians are uniting between team romney. and two of those you saw featured in the ad are joining me, jimmy shay and jimmy pyra. welcome to the program. >> thank you. >> i want you guys to know you didn't do that on your own. you didn't get those gold medals on your own. somebody built the bridge so you can get to the training center that you went to every day. you are not getting the joke, are you? [laughter] >> well, it takes a team, and i don't think there's anybody out there alone that gets to the top alone. if you are talking about our careers as athletes and how we got to the top, and you are talking about mit and his team, what they did to bring the games
12:54 am
here a success, no one does it alone. but you have to have leader and that's what mit is, is a great leader. >> and it really was pretty bad. $400 million budget deficit into $100 million surplus, that's pretty impressive. why did you guys, i'll ask you both one at a time, jump in, why did you decide to get involved and go public with this. >> for me it was i met mit probably about a week and a half after he got here to the olympics and i met him at a venue. he knew all the numbers, he knew what was going on. i asked him some tough questions. he really worked well with so many other athletes and people. it was right from the beginning you knew he was a very, very sharp guy and he was listening and he was making good decisions. >> derek, when you guys worried, and i remember, i was out there at the time, that's when i first met gov. romney, and i interviewed him in salt lake city, do you think the olympics
12:55 am
were in jeopardy at that point? >> as athletes you kind of live in a bubble but we were hearing so many different stories, reading the papers and on the television and we didn't know what to expect. especially post september 11th we didn't know if we would have the games. but mit was strong in having the games. and i was one that brought the world trade center flag out in the opening ceremony and that was mit making sure we had the flag there. and i think it brought us together in a moment we really needed for this country. >> you said in the ad mit gets things done, he changed my life. that's pretty profound to come out publicly and say it. it seems like he did the olympics. people seem to minimize what he did out there. >> well, he certainly did change my life. you know, right when i got out here. i was come out, the skeleton was not in the olympics and then he looked at the program, he saw an opportunity for the olympics for the venue to add a couple
12:56 am
women's bob and he saw that opportunity from his business skills and he took his business skills and acted on it. and, you know, in doing that skeleton became an olympic and it certainly changed my life. went on to do a lot of great things. >> does this new olympics bring back great memories for both of you? derek? >> yeah. it's always great i think as an olympian you are connected in some way, shape or showroom to all of them around the world. to see the opening ceremony and the events so far, you feel the tragedy and disappointment of some athletes and feel the triumph of of others as well. we've all been there. but it's great to feel still somewhat connected to the games. >> and it's horrible to say that but every time an american loses i get mad. what right did i have? i didn't trade for ten, 15, 16 years of my life. who am i to get mad because they don't win. 's unfair, don't you think, jimmy? >> it's good to represent your country and cheer for your country and be a good
12:57 am
representative of your country. >> guys, good to see you both. >> what i would like to say, can i s y a point on that? i just want to make a point that not only did i think mit change our lives in creating the games, but the great job he did with the surplus from the games is how things are going today. the foundation is funding two olympic venues that we competed at so not only for us and our lives but now for the future kids and future youth of utah and kids around the country are coming to utah to train at some of the best facilities in the country. and that legacy he created will produce more future olympians that we hopefully will see on tv one of these days waiting for medals on top of the podium. >> hope so. thank you both. appreciate it. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. dana is sitting in for greta tonight to go on the record. dana, take it away. >> tonight one-on-one with mitt romney, greta heads to israel
12:58 am
for a sit down with the republican presidential candidate >> i think we have to execute all of the political, economic and diplomatic measures that are possible for the world to put pressure on iran, to have them understand what it means to be crippled economically, diplomatically by virtue of their nuclear ambitions. but at the same time we recognize that if down the road these sanctions are in effective that we have other options and it's unacceptable to america and for the world tore iran to become to nuclear nation. >> i'm greta. mitt romney spends the weekend in israel talking tough on iran and trying to get his foreign policy presidentials. how did he do? here's a wonderful personal friend and advise for for george w. bush, dick morris. thanks are for being here. >> you her his comments and from your experience in the different administrations you worked in, is there any date between what he said and stated u.s. policy? >> no, i think it was a very
12:59 am
clear statement of what has been u.s. policy under president bush and president obama. he, of course, said that when he was overseas he would not try to pick a fight with president obama's foreign policy but would try to be supportive and i think he was true to his word. i thought it was a very clear explanation what have we are trying to do, which is to put pressure on the iranian regime so they will give up this effort to get a nuclear weapon, and to convince the iranian people that it is the policy of this regime in pursuing nuclear weapons that is the result of all the pain that they are suffering. that's been u.s. policy, and i think the governor articulated it very clearly. >> one of the things that you used to tell me is that the worst thing you can do is put a president in a position of having to make a decision about whether or not to have to preemptively strike, and this in this case iran. can you tell me a little bit more about why you think that's true? >> well, we talked -- look. the use


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