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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 31, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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mistake. >> bill: well, mr. cheney has certainly stirred up some controversy. his own daughter liz tweeted, quote: rarely do i disagree with the best vice president ever but sarah palin is more qualified than obama and owe biden combined. huge respect for all she has done for the republic party. talking points believes sarah palin did help the mccain campaign overall no matter who they would have chosen they would not have beaten barack obama. he promised hope. mr. mccain had no answer to that and failed to aggressively expose his opponent's weaknesses. that's what happened. now, going forward, mitt romney has a very important choice to make. his running mate must win him some votes. right now there are four names at the top of the list. marco rubio. paul ryan, bob mcdonnell and rob portman. condoleezza rice not considered to be a player at this time. so let's take them one by one. senator rubio very popular
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among conservative americans and would get romney votes in the vital state of florida. the downside, the senator is inexperienced and has had some financial problems. a florida ethics commission said that mr. rubio was negligent in misusing a state-issued credit card. that commission also said the action was not enough to legally pursue. senator rubio might also help mitt romney with hispanic americans but that is speculation. congressman paul ryan, he is a money guy with credibility on the economy. at age 42 the wisconsin resident is young, but is already in his seventh term in congress. ryan is articulate, may help deliver wisconsin which is a swing state. virginia governor bob mcdonnell is a veteran politician who has done well, turning the economy around in his state. virginia is another vital situation for both romney and obama. and mcdonnell may obviously help the cause there for mr. romney. finally, ohio senator rob portman, another veteran
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political guy and another variety state. he has national experience in a variety of jobs but like governor mcdonnell not very flashy. if mitt romney is to win the presidency, he has to take ohio. has to. talking points believes senator rubio would most likely help mitt romney the most. but like sarah palin it would be massive media attacks on mr. rubio. is he he ready to handle that? very tough question. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight is dick cheney right about sarah palin and who would be the best choice for mitt romney. joining us now from washington sabrina shaffer from the independent women's forum and mark, former speech writer for president bush the younger. what about cheney's expertise of sarah palin. >> i think he was effectively right. he was not trying to den denigrate sarah palin. he had a lot of nice things. john mccain didn't lose because of sarah palin john mccain lost because he ran one
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of the most inseptember campaigns in modern history. i think that the vice president was trying to make a point about the kind of v.p. that romney should pick and i think he is too modest to put t this way. i think what he is trying to say is that romney needs a v.p. like dick cheney. he needs someone who is going to have instant credibility with conservatives and is going to be seen ann as one of their own but also somebody who has the gravitas and seen as ready to take on the presidency on the first day and first day in office o. the reason that's important is that obama is running a strategy of trashing mitt romney and trying to paint his ticket as unacceptable alternative. he will understands that millions of people have made the decision to make a change. and the only way he can stop them is by convincing them that the romney ticket with whoever he puts ton is unacceptable alternative. romney is going to pick somebody along dick cheney's advice energize conservatives cheney like gravitas and seen like somebody who could step into the presidency. >> who would that be? >> i think that the most
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likely pick is paul ryan. paul ryan. >> let me stop you there. you say you believe paul ryan will get it and we will get back to why. all right, mr. shaffer, dick cheney on sarah palin? >> i think t might be a little bit overblown. let's just remember at the time that he picked her there was widespread enthusiasm. she breathed new life into a campaign that was really rather pale in comparison to the sort of excitement that was surrounding president or then governor i'm sorry senator obama's campaign. so i think that we need to remember that she did sort of an unprecedented role in terms of sparking voter turnout in the way that vice presidential candidates don't usually have. >> bill: the terms of the play dictated palin because senator obama was perceived as young and hip and with it and change and hope so they had to get this young person in to counter that. that makes sense. but, as t unfolded, as it unfolded, do you believe that
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most americans, not idealogues, not conservatives, not die hard republicans felt that governor palin wasn't ready for the job as mr. tee sen believes? >> well, i think on one hand she was a governor. she seemed to have grass on certain issues like energy policy and perhaps most importantly she seemed like one of us. she seemed like a regular american on many fronts. the problem was it seemed as though she never really did the heavy lifting necessary to convince all voters and more main street voters that she was going to. >> bill: i don't know if you can lift up a frame of reference in six months. that was the problem with the governor, frame of reference wasn't strong. okay, ms. shaffer, who do you think should be romney's pick? >> well, i tend to be leaning towards marco rubio. he is the darling of the tea party. he gives them conviction and backbone to romney who at times has been doubts for his limited government, sort of bonafide. people want to see someone out there. >> bill: ideological pick for mr. rubio. remember, doesn't have a lot of experience like sarah
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palin. and they are going to go after him hard. you know that? >> they are. but i think that sometimes we talk about him as a darling of the tea party but, in fact, is he more part of the establishment than we let on. i think is he particularly politically savvy more than someone like sarah palin was also, let's not forget he may have marginal impact with hispanic voters. >> now getting back to paul ryan. 42 years old well respected in republic circles. he got the charts and the folks, you know. i'm not -- i'm not sure what that brings mitt romney. wisconsin, you know, it's not like ohio and florida or virginia where you have got to have those. romney doesn't have to have wisconsin. so, i don't know if ryan is in the right place. i think he is a smart guy. i think he could do the job. >> yep. >> bill: but i don't know if
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he is in the right place. >> bush didn't pick dick cheney for wisconsin's one electoral vote either. there is more to choosing the vice president than that marco rubio would be fantastic choice and rob portman. we have a lot of great candidates. you asked us to pick who we think would be the nominee. mitt romney looks at paul ryan and sees two things. one, somebody who he thinks is credible and has gravitas in a serious and will be instantly taken a serious person and capable of being president. i think in that sense he sees him as a safe choice. someone who will be taken seriously and out there. at the same time paul ryan energized conservatives with the ryan plan and his budget. he is the one person who is both the safe choice but also mitt romney would know he would energize the conservative grass roots. people would be excited about a ryan pick. that's why i think he is the most likely person to get the nod. >> bill: you say ms. shaffer putting ryan up against rubio has mr. tee sen persuaded you? >> i'm definitely am enthused
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about paul ryan. one thing to keep in mind is we have nearly 30% unemployment in the hispanic community. there is said to be said for real change. if rubio can help convince. >> bill: hard to say whether he is going to be able to do that a cuban american. >> it is, right. i understand. >> bill: what rubio would do without a doubted is i think throw florida to mitt romney and that's enormous calculation. paul ryan is fantastic. >> it's about votes now. that's what it is about. >> and personality. >> all right. thanks very much. good discussion. we appreciate it next on the run down, brit hume will weigh in on the v.p. situation. also talk about mitt romney's overseas trip. and, later, the strangest moments in factor history. there are plenty of them. we have got three don't miss situations for you this situations for you this the capital one cash rewards card
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>> bill: hume zone segment tonight. fox news political analyst in washington this evening. i have a bunch of stuff. run and gun tonight. first of all, ryan vs. rubio, just off the first segment who gets mitt romney more votes. >> i have no way of knowing, bill, i don't think each makes much difference. the history is going back with exception of the 1960 is the vice presidential nominee doesn't end up mattering how
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many votes you get. >> bill: 1960 referring i researched my new book killing kennedy. johns was johnson was put on the ticket to get texas won by 40,000 votes. >> right. >> bill: romney needs florida. if he loses florida and ohio is he done. rubio down there. >> i agree with that all of that makes sense on paper. but it has been a very long time since we can point to an election in which the vice presidential nominee has brought the state in question. >> bill: you don't think rubio could deliver florida. >> no, i think rubio were r. will win florida. i don't think it matters thatch anymore. >> cheney, was that a smart thing for him to say on. >> here is what i think about that. i think cheney in the sense he is right but i think what happened is that sarah palin actually helped mccain a lot as was suggested in the previous panel. she gave him a terrifically
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she helped mccain give him a great convention. huge hit at the convention. her speech was a big hit. she did well in the debate against biden. she kind of held her own. now later in the campaign the press got on her. she got character assassin natalled and people ended up at the end of the campaign not thinking very well of her. there is no chance in my opinion after september 15th when the market melted down that mccain was going to win the election and blaming any of it on sarah palin i think is faulty. >> i kind of agree with that but i don't think that sarah palin at that point in her career as cheney pointed out was ready to run the country. let's be honest about it. >> i don't think the president runs the country, but the government perhaps or the federal government executive branch but i do think that sarah palin had an opportunity in the aftermath of all of that to go to school on the issues and to emerge as a is major spokesman on othe issues which a lot of her critics don't think she has done that key point of the vice
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presidential selection. it is more important for the future of that person and for the country's politics down the road. great perch to run from president. much more important in that regard than t is about the current election. >> okay. >> bill: bill clinton announced today going to have a major role at the democratic convention in north carolina. going to get a prime time address. obama people quite wisely are trying to associate themselves with the successful economically anyway economic administration. bush the younger is not even going to show up to tampa for the republicans. how do you press pro-says all of that. >> what i would say if you describe the bill clinton in three letters so.s. >> he chose exactly the opposite course when he his party lost control of the house of representatives back in 1994 after an unpopular healthcare bill in his case it failed.
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very unpopular. after that failed, he tacked to the center. barack obama has not done that and his relationship with bill clinton has been tenuous and distant for some time and clinton has proved to be a remarkably unreliable surrogate doing such things in the middle of the anti-bain attacks as saying that romney had a sterling business record. also suggesting that texas shouldn't be raised on anybody. >> why is. >> barack obama is very very serious re-election trouble. bill clinton remains popular and credibility with swing voters of a kind that barack obama is losing. and so i think he thinks they can get help with them. >> what if bill clinton gets up there and says i like mitt romney's business career? i think t was really good? what if he says that at the convention? >> i doubt he would go that far. he might say something that would cause obama campaign headaches but they are in so much trouble. >> bill: you think they have a checklist? this is what you can and can't say and they gave it to them and check it and notarize it and stamp it and say i won't say this stuff. >> i think they will try to
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control him as best can. cannot control the big dog. goes where he wants to go and says what he wants to say. >> bill: are you referring to me or bill clinton. >> in this particular instance i'm referring to bill clinton as for this show i won't for a moment consider you are not the lead canine. >> this is pretty funny if you step back from it here you have a guy bill clinton who basically says to the president, hey, blank you. i want to say what i want because still mad at you for downgrading hillary in the primary marry in 2008. then he picks -- the president picks him and puts him up there on wednesday night for a big show. but he is he not -- clinton is not going to say anything bad. he is not. >> i would think the odds are against that but you can't rule it out. >> bill: you can't rule it out. a little this? a little of that? >> yes. >> bill: that is unbelievable. >> make no mistake about it, bill, this is a distress call. >> bill: all right. brit hume, everybody, talking about big dogs. directly ahead, mitt romney telling the world if israel
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attacks iran, the u.s.a. will back the action. later, bernie goldberg on cnn openly mocking sarah palin during a hard news segment. wait until you hear this. those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight, mitt romney is in poland today. in israel over the weekend, romney really stirred it up. >> we should employ any and all measures to dissuade the iranian regime from nuclear course. and it is our fervent hope that diplomatic and economic measures will do so. in the final analysis, of course, no option should be excluded. we recognize israel's right to defend itself and that it is
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right for america to stabbed with you. governor also said jerusalem is the capital of israel which is, of course, very controversial in the muslim world. joining us from washington to analyze mary katharine ham and juan williams. williams' new book mustled now out in paperback. >> is that a good thing. >> i don't think there is any question. little bit of surprise to me. if you just look at the reality is nobody has any doubt if israel went after iran the u.s. would, of course, back israel. >> i don't know about that juan. barack obama has never said that and netanyahu doesn't like obama. >> that's a fact. >> he doesn't give him that kind of hey, if you go, we will be right there with you. >> well, in fact, there was a report this weekend in an israeli paperback and forth. but basically the u.s. was even briefing israel saying
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this is what we would do in terms of what we have planned. in terms of attacks iran. so, while the obama administration has focused on sanctions, nobody is taken military action off the table. this is an attempt by mitt romney to make obama's differences with. >> went a lot further. >> somehow obama hates israel. that's just crazy. >> i don't think romney was implying that obama hates israel. but romney went on the record assaying if they go, we're going to be with them and then if that happens, we're in world war three mary katharine. the president of the united states telling the world if israel decides to do this, we, the united states are going to it back the play, therefore, world war iii starts and we're on israel's side. barack obama isn't anywhere near that go ahead mary katharine. >> i think everyone stipulate there are risks and costs to being in that situation and nobody wants to eventually be there. yes, there is a reason that numbers in the jewish
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community for obama have dipped by double digits according to the gallup poll in the last little bit because people have doubts about. this look, i think what romney did was trying to make a contrast without criticizing did he go a little bit farther. folks in the obama administration including panetta that have made noises publicly trying to deter the israeli government from thinking about a strike from working on that. and i think this is definitely a different line. saying outright look, we're going to be there. look, rhetoric actually matters in the middle east and having the stick and the carrot and pointing out that you are not shy even about at least even about talking about the sticky think actually projects some strength and make sanctions work better. >> i don't know if that works for him in the united states, mary katharine. the jewish vote is very small here. it's overwhelming. >> yeah but it matters in important places. >> will remain so no matter what the israeli situation is. so he doesn't really get a lot of votes, mitt romney doesn't by saying this here. i'm not sure why -- how this
4:24 am
helps him become president of the united states, mary katharine. >> he doesn't -- bill, he doesn't get a lot but the jewish vote does matter a lot in some places like florida for instance. he does not need to turn the jewish vote into a republic vote. i don't think that's going to happen. but taking some of those voters away from barack obama can make a large difference in florida. and i think in general he wants to be over there saying, look, i'm the guy who doesn't want daylight between israel and america. a lot of americans respond to that not just jewish voters. >> bill: you concur with that? is that why he did it, juan, that jewish votes in florida might be turned to his favor and it will be real close down there? >> juan: here is what the numbers show more than 66% of jewish voters are with obama right now. >> down double digits though. >> if you are looking into florida, mary katharine makes a rational point. it's a swing state. could make a slight difference. i think what he is doing here is just trying to play up the idea to a larger electorate. especially swing voters. people who are evangelical, strong supporters of israel that he is stands behind
4:25 am
israel 100%. no matter what. but i think most people know america doesn't want world war iii. we are getting out of iraq. we are getting out of afghanistan. we don't need more war. and the idea that you would say to netanyahu slow down a second and see how sanctions can work and we have military plans, that sounds rationale to most people. i think this is like romney's statements in britain that set off the londoners, i just don't think he gets the idea. >> wait, wait, wait. juan. mary katharine, hold it i was off friday so i didn't get to weigh in on this. i want to tell the whole world now watching. this you have got to buck up there in london. you guys have got to stop the whining. you guys are the ones that survived the blitz from the nazis and to have some american politician go, you know, there might be a little bit of chaos in the olympics. i thought i was watching a benny hill episode over there, juan. what is this peter sellers coming back to life? oh, oh, how could he say that?
4:26 am
it's insane. so what? he thinks there might be some chaos. so what? >> if i had to -- if i have you over to dinner you can't say mrs. williams your pot roast stinks. >> bill: you want to bet, juan? you have me over? you want to bet? i wouldn't say it that way. i would just say do you have a dog i can give this to? >> her pot roast is great and worth all of us to hear bill scream like that, i think. >> bill: this sin sane. you guys watching in england right now. what's the matter with you? i mean, is it raining too much? so what? who cares what he says? >> all right. he was right. he shouldn't say it in the house. >> bill: there hasn't been nikkei os in the olympics. the only chaos was 85,000 mary poppins floating around. what was that all about?
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>> i think in britain and israel people are on shaky ground taking him down for this. certainly in israel. >> bill: a bunch of whoy i have seen since i turned on -- i'm not going to say it mary katharine, juan, thanks very much. >> you are welcome. >> bill: plenty more on the factor as we move along this even. strangest factor moments ever and you will want to see these, i believe. then bernie goldberg on cnn mocking sarah palin by calling her stupid. we'll show you what happens. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> personal story segment tonight, the factor has been on the air for just about 16 years.
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can you believe it. in that time there have been many memorable mommy's. all this week we have chosen a few of the strangest, most outrageous things that have happened to us. tonight we begin with our old pal michael moore whom we talked with at the democratic convention way back in 2004 when the iraq war was raging. >> what did they die for. >> they died to remove a brutal dictator who had killed hundreds of thousands of people that's what they died for. >> that's not the reason they were given. >> bill: weapons of mass destruction was a mistake it was not a lie. >> brutal dictators in this world. if you sacrifice, let me finish on this. would you sacrifice your child to remove one of the other 30 brutal dictators on this planet. >> depends on what the circumstances are. >> you would sacrifice. >> bill: i'm not sacrifice myself not talking about any children to remove the taliban. would you? would you? that's my next question. >> no, i would be willing. >> would you sacrifice yourself to remove the. >> sacrifice my life to track down the people who killed 3,000 people on our soil.
4:32 am
>> bill: given refuge by the taliban. >> we didn't go after them did, we. >> bill: we removed the taliban and removed. >> taliban are still killing our soldiers there. >> bill: moore, you can't kill everybody, come on. >> continuing on the theme of the u.s.a. defending itself. in 2005, we talked with phil donahue about cindy sheehan, the radical leftist who opposes all military action. we say that her positions are radical and they are radical. >> what's radical is to send more americans to die in this war which is a monumental blunder by a president who swaggered us into it with, by the way, the at least tacit approval of the democratic party. there is a lot of sin to go around here. >> what's radical you want to send more people to this war? is that your position? >> we cut and run out thereof like you want to do, we would be putting every american in thousand times more jeopardy than they are in now. >> we are going to cut and run
4:33 am
anyway, bill. >> bill: you are a cut and run guy and i don't want my family in danger. >> you want to stay the course, don't you? >> bill: here is what i want to do. i want to give the iraqis a chance to train their army so they can defeat these people who are trying to turn it into a terrorist state. >> you wouldn't send your children to this war, bill. >> bill: my nephew just enlisted in the army. you don't know what the hell you are talking about. >> very good. congratulations. >> bill: is he a patriot. don't denigrate his service or i will boot you right off the set. >> bill: two irish guy. my nephew brandon richie now army lt. stationed in fort campbell, kentucky is he a patriot. my interview with an attorney defending one of the 9/11 terrorists. >> is there any justification on this earth to murder thousands of innocent people? >> well, as i said, the trial is to determine whether they were murdered or not. and the jury is going to decide that. >> bill: are you sitting here as a human being telling me the people on 9/11 weren't
4:34 am
murdered? >> i'm telling you the jury is going to decide that. no i want to know what you think. >> i'm not going to be a jury in that case. >> you are not going to say one way or the other whether you feel those people were murdered? >> i'm not a juror. the jurors decide. >> bill: don't you think people watching you and millions are right now counselor and i don't mean this with any disrespect think you are a weasel. >> they might, that's fine. >> bill: you seem like a nice guy but i'm saying this guy sitting in front of belief doesn't think these people were murdered on 9/11 if he won't say whether they were murdered or not he is a weasel. >> bill: tomorrow, things get even more bizarre. mr. t, gene simmons and alf. when we come right back, a man who despises alf: bernie is
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight, an amazing anti-palin display on cnn. ♪ um-huh, um-huh. ♪ stupid girl. ♪ woo. ♪ stupid girl. ♪ stupid girl. >> sarah palin is apparently hungry for chicken and controversy. she posted this on twitter and facebook, stopped by chick-fil-a in the woodlands to support a great business.
4:38 am
>> bill: cnn recognizing its mistake with that song issued this policy the music selection was a poor choice and not intended to be linked to any news story. then why was it used before a news story? joining us now from north carolina, the purveyor of bernard mr. goldberg. what offends me is not the music by pink. it's not the anchor, it's the statement. was not intended. did you have a little american bandstand before we had that? do we miss? >> before you said that and we don't rehearse this. before you said that, what i was going to say is the most offensive part of all of this. >> bill: is the statement. >> is this statement by a news organization whose only mission is to tell the truth and they say this was
4:39 am
unintentional. they have literally millions of songs in their data base to choose from. millions. they could have picked climbing to the moon from frank sinatra, they could have picked anything. they picked stupid girls and they have the nerve to tell us. they have the nerve to tell us it was unintentional. >> bill: right it wasn't connected to the news story. what was it connected to, bernie? that's what i want to know. what was stupid girls connected to if not the news story about sarah palin? why what? >> they are not even embarrassed by. this look, cnn and other news organizations expect politicians to tell the truth. they expect business people to tell the truth. they expect church people. they expect athletes to tell the truth. and they issue a statement like this. they show no respect for the people who -- well, the people who watch them may not -- i'm guessing the people who watch them don't like sarah palin all that much anyway, which is why they did it. and thought that, like in the old days, they could get away
4:40 am
with it well, it's not the old days anymore, cnn, you can't get away with this stuff. >> bill: let's walk through this how that happened. that music selection is put into play by a producer and associate producer. somebody -- the anchor person probably doesn't know what it is because the anchor is not in charge of the bumpers. he they are called bumpers ladies and gentlemen. you come in after a break. you do a little of, this a little of that. and it's selected by somebody else. but that means to me, number one, there is the culture of liberalism in play at cnn because they did that number two, there is no supervision. there is nobody watching it. >> this happens, i timed. this this happens once every three and a half years. you have stumbled once again. >> bill: this is krauthammer's line, too. >> this is my line. krauthammer, i like him but he stole that line from me. you stumbled on to the truth. first of all it betrays a liberal culture. >> bill: right. >> does anybody think that if
4:41 am
if he were leading into a story about barack obama, they would have anything sounding like stupid anything? of course not. that's number one. number two, we all know the anchors. the better known anchors. but there are people behind the scenes as you, again, correctly said, who are associate producers and producers and even executive producers. we don't know their names. we don't know what they look like. we don't know anything about them except that most of them had places like cnn are liberal. and they do something like this because they think they can get away with it because everybody in that atmosphere, and i don't mean literally everybody, but many people in that atmosphere think that sarah palin is a jerk. so they do something like that and then they all laugh among themselves until it hits the -- >> bill: yeah, until they get fired like the person at nbc was for clipping. now, to be fair, this has happened on the fox news channel a couple of times where people have put together stuff that was inappropriate and unfair and it's been dealt with. so, i mean, we are not saying,
4:42 am
look, the mistakes aren't going to happen. but the statement was one of the dumbest ever. okay. now, bernie has written a new column about undecided voters. now, bernie and i disagree on this. i think the constitution gives us a right to be a moron and we have that right and we can exercise it every single day. bernie says that if you are that stupid that you don't know who you are going to vote for between the two diametrically opposed president obama and governor romney, you don't deserve to vote. do i have it correctly? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> bill: i. >> i did say that look, let me give you three serious reasons why people may still be undecided. according to a fox news poll in the middle of this month, 13% of registered voters are still undecided. reason number one is that for some people politics aren't a big deal. it's summertime. they will start paying attention during the debates and around that, fine.
4:43 am
number two, a lot of people get a phone call from a total stranger who says i'm with the polling company. and who are you going to vote for? that's intimidating to some people. so they say i haven't made up my mind. a third possible reason is the 15 minutes of fame, the andy warhola argument. these undecides are going to be described as the most important people in america as they are every four years and reporters are going to stick a microphone in their face and say what do you think? so maybe some of them want to be famous for a while. but i think -- i think if you haven't made up your mind this late in the game between two candidates who don't agree on anything, please, do the american people, do your country a favor. don't vote. don't vote. >> bill: you wouldn't prevent them from voting. you just want them to voluntarily give up their ballot? >> in bernie world i would.
4:44 am
i would amend the constitution. >> bill: a little test? a little quiz? >> i don't want to go back to the hateful days. you know, i wouldn't ask you to recite the constitution in greek or anything, but if you don't know how many states there are, if you don't know what the capital of the united states is, if you don't know, i don't know. >> if you don't know that much, stay home. don't vote. please, do your country a favor. >> bill: i don't know how they will get through. they can't even get ids through. i don't know if your quiz would get through. >> that's a good point. >> bernie goldberg. conan o'brien mocking the obama campaign. are you kidding me? and then the factor tip of the day. it has to do with your vacation coming right back.
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>> back ever book segment tent, reality check, we begin with check one, our reporting on the judge who sentenced a child rapist to just two years in prison. the feds have now moved in to charge the rapist andrew goodman with additional crime so the judge martin murphy cannot release him in september. judge fur if i -- murphy wanted to let the guy out in september if you can believe it as part of our reporting we asked new york governor andrew cuomo and chris christie to get behind the passage of jessica's law in their respective states. cuomo has completely ignored us. will sign jessica's law if the legislature passes it. christie also took a shot at me, quote. bill o'reilly is crazy if they sign it, i will -- if they send it, i will sign it o'reilly needs to open his ears and listen. be glad to, governor. we have been asking you to
4:49 am
appear on the factor for years but you will not. we would like to listen. we would like you to sit right here so we could listen. the point is that both christie and cuomo should take a leadership role in protecting the children of their states by demanding jessica's law be passed. and calling out by the way we will send a petition urging them to back jessica's law. can you sign that petition on bill o' president obama getting jazz from the late night guys including conan o'brien. >> president obama and vice president joe bide rn trying out a new batch of slogans, they are really trying to come up with something good. the economy is bad. it's all my fault and i can't fix it. >> i'm betting on china. >> i'm in over my head. you should vote for mr. romney >> it's hot in here and i apologize for that. >> america is in decline.
4:50 am
>> come on, man. >> i'm serious. >> by the way, we have never had vice president biden on the factor, so tonight i'm officially inviting him once again. you have fun, mr. president, come on, man, i'm serious. check three. in addition to poking sarah palin, dick cheney also hammered president obama. >> your overall assessment of president obama. >> obviously i'm not a fan fan of president obama. fundamentally disagree with him philosophically. be hard put to any president than i have disagreed with more than barack obama. >> worse than jimmy carter from your perspective? >> yes. >> bill: check four, but the president and his people are not standing by absorbing punishment. they are dishing it out. >> i have never felt this way before. but it's a scary time to be a woman. mitt romney is just so out of touch. >> mitt romney opposes requiring insurance coverage
4:51 am
for contraception. and romney supports overturning roe vs. wade. romney backed a bill that outlaws all abortion. even in cases of rape and incest. >> there is so much we need to do. we need to attack our problems, not a woman's choice. >> i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. >> bill: fact checking on that spot says governor romney does support allowing abortion in cases of rape and insist. -- incest. finally check five. remember that woman in michigan who won a million dollars in lottery but still used food stamps? well, she was convicted of fraud. >> i would just like to say that i do know that i made bad judgment and i'm willing to pay restitution and put this behind me. >> bill: amanda clayton received nine months probation has to pay court costs and fines of 5500 bucks. she got off easily.
4:52 am
that is reality check. factor tip of the day on your vacation 60 seconds away.
4:53 am
>> first, last call for premium membership on f you want to see the spectacular town hall presidential meeting tomorrow night. at 9:15 p.m. eastern time i will be live on and we will have great inside information for you. we will take your questions of a very back and forth, fun and educational time on the next town hall only for premium members. you can sign up right now on now the mail. from jackson, tennessee. >> all right, i'll go over it once again because dishonest people on both sides are lying about what i have been saying. first, the second amendment is clear, we all have the right to
4:54 am
bear arms. no doubt about that. but the same society tries to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. so all crimes committed with a gun should become federal crimes because it's a constitutional issue, the abuse of the second amendment. congress should pass mandatory federal prison sentences for criminals with guns. that would get the real bad guys off the streets, including gang members. in addition, all gun dealers, sellers, should be required to inform the fbi when weapons like aks and ars are sold. congress can define which weapons, which ammo are designated. that's an anti-terrorist play and allows them to cross-reference those who buy heavy arms to make sure they aren't dangerous people. it's common sense for the common good. that's my position. josh bishop. bill, the outrage from the gay community is not because the chick-fil-a ceo is against gay
4:55 am
marriage, it's because his organization donates money to organization opposing marriage equality. >> so don't eat there, josh. don't eat there. politicians don't have a right to ban them giving money to anything. come on! >> from maryland. >> nobody gets to me, will. nobody. i told you what worked for me. take it or leave
4:56 am
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4:58 am
>> good morning everyone. i am heather nauert. >> i am ainsley earhardt. it is tuesday the end of july, july 31st. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". the top five stories. 118 counts of attempted murder and 24 counts of murder in the first degree. those are the charges for james holmes. he's accused of killing people at a movie theater. the question of unsealing court records is set this week. a judge will decide if the notebook we told you about the one that holmes mailed to a psychiatrist whether that is evidence or is confidential. arthur aidala is here to breakdown all of the charges. republican presidential candidate mitt romney is still overseas and the tour is coming to an end today.
4:59 am
he received a warm welcome. in less than an hour he is set to make a speech focusing on the relationship between the two countries. while there visiting with polish president the hero of the cold war giving what romney's spain is calling endorsement for the candidates. >> two men are accused of making a fake charity and pocketing thousands of dollars in donations they received. they showed up at a memorial event with a pickup truck. they had the names of fist responders who died on 9-11 written on the side of that truck. they allegedly collected donations sold t-shirts and claimed the proceed would help victim's families but instead these guys they kept the money for themselves. both men face charges.


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