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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 2, 2012 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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>> an employee with a base salary of $84,000 -- lich to this -- got $115,000 in overtime pay. there is something wrong at gsa when have you to pay an employee $115,000 in overtime. >> greta: transportation infrastructure committee chair jon mica is here. do we know who is in the presidential suite? a gsa employee? >> still don't know. gsa does not cooperate with us, greta. they sent a third-level administrator today. only on the job, a few months. the rest of them ducked for cover. >> greta: all right. there was a sound bite where you talked about somebody getting overtime pay of $115,000? >> yeah. we were looking at bonuses and then we stumbled across information and the media helped us uncover this fox through
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froism information. they give us one set of answers and they gave the media and we put it together. you add up the salaries and have you people walking away with a quarter million dollars with a low-based salary in one year. the place -- >> greta: but -- but the insanity of that is that that employee who had the $115,000 overtime on top of a base salary of $84,000 twould have been a far better deal if we hired a second person and pay that person $84,000 to do the job. that's a savings. >> that would make sense. this is an agency that doesn't make sense and has spun out of control. the more we dig -- now, you know, mr. denim and i started when we took over a year and-a-half ago, trying to get information because their administrative costs soared 300% in a year. we wanted to know where the money was and they kept stalling
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and stonewalling -- >> greta: who is "they"? >> gsa -- >> greta: but we have to start, like, find out who is doing and do something about it i. the former administrator is gone. the building administrator's gone. others are gone. they have been removed, fired or retired -- >> greta: but right now i. now we are on a second level of scandal and no one showed up from that second level of scandal. there are people who were... who are on tape -- we have the $20,000 drum sticks at that event, $35,000 of picture frames...: one person took medical leave last friday. i had to reschedule that hearing 3 times -- >> greta: okay. so we have a new flock who is supposedly now running the place. and by the way, the statistics coming out of that hearing is that the gsa gobbles up 10% of all the federal government bonus checks and only reflects 1% of the force.
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so we are now to group 2 running the gsa -- >> we are down to 3 -- because the second tier has been involved in the latest scandzals and they won't come forward and some of them are stepping aside. >> greta: why in the world do we need a quote, smart pay conference right now, going on in oprie -- wherever it is? what is a smart pay conference? >> we wouldn't know about any of these if we hadn't started digging -- >> greta: but what is it? >> you got me on that one. i have two investigators and the inspector general today. we asked him to get to the bottom of it, too. we have to make certain, first of all, the people who have been public for going on with these expensive, wasteful conferences are held at bay. then we have to make certain that this doesn't happen again and change the law or administrator practice that sets the agency's policy.
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>> greta: here's what i know about the conference, smart pay conference. i don't know how smart it is for us to be paying for it, i might add. so what this smart pay -- it's a training conference. it's for banks investing in the agency's so-called smart pay system. but also invites a range of officials within the gsa. so who's paying for the banks to attend? do we know that? i hope we are not? we are not, right? >> i have no idea, greta. but that's what our investigation -- we opened one door and we find four or five more scandals. this thing is mushrooming out of control. this is only-- the conferences are only the tip of the iceberg. this agency controls 14,000 properties, buildings, many of them, you helped me focus on -- being vacant, under utilized, losing millions of dollars -- >> greta: this is, the whole insanity. every time we need office space, instead of using empty
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buildings, we rent those. every place you look, it's more inefficient and more wasteful. it is other people's money. that's the problem. it is other people's money. >> right here in washington, in three empty buildings. one two blocks from the white house. a huge building empty. 15 years. recently at the power facility, two acres behind the ritz carlton in georgetown, vacant for 11 years. we are going to do one on monday in miami in a courthouse that has been vacant five or six years. >> greta: the irony is that the gsa, how much do they make in bonuses total last year? about -- is it $44 million? >> the press helped us. they told us it was only $10 million. i'm sorry. they fined $30 million. now, that's 10% of the bonuses and they have 1% of employees. >> greta: you get a bonus
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forking did a really good job. that's the theory of a bonus. you did a terrific job. >> wait. some of the guys on the different levels of the scandal were getting $50,000 bonuses and one of them -- resigned last week because he didn't want to come before us this week. >> greta: i hope that the gsa, if they are not in the fancy suite, someone calls to let us know because everybody's suspicious. thank you. >> thanks for staying on top of it with us. >> greta: what else does the gsa have to say for itself? it's acting administrator was not there. but the administrative officer was. griff jempgins tries to get answers from her. >> reporter: gsa officials were grilled before a house transportation committee over new allegations about conferences, bonuses and awards ceremonies. we even learned about a conference taking place today in nashville. acting administrator did not
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appear, but his deputy did. we attempted to speak with her. quick question, ma'am? i know you are asked a lot of questions today, but specifically with regard to what you look at, what does it say to the american people about their confidence in the gsa that there is this conference again in nashville, today? >> this conferencej in nashville is about credit cards and training individuals how it use credit cards. it's required by omb to have credit card training. >> reporter: i guess how confident are you -- can you reassure the american people that the stuff that's been going on with the conferences and the awards ceremonies stops and is not taking place today in nashville? >> this conference provides up to 17 -- [inaudible], they are in training 6 to 8 hours a day. >> reporter: how confident are you that we are not going to hear something come out in a few day it's you were asked this by the committee -- that is going to shake the american people's confidence and in the gaa in
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ending these instances? >> as i said, this conference is to provide training, regarding credit cards, which are used by the federal government, to save money. >> it seems as though you weren't briefed and you couldn't answer any of the questions about bonuses. why did they send to you answer these questions? >> i was here because -- >> ma'am, why did they send to you answer these questions? >> reporter: finally, you can tell me with confidence there is no gsa employee in one of the presidential suites, that we are not going to have that story? this is under your purview. you reviewed this conference, are you sure there is not going to be a gsa employee in a room like that? a final comment, and i will leave you alone. you can assure the american people there is not going to be any inappropriate behavior at this conference, any gsa employees in suites, anything that we have seen so much of, that has upset the american
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people? any confidence? don't you think the acting administrator should have been here, considering that this was going to happen? that we were going to talk about a conference taking place today? you mind if i talk to her for a second? >> no. >> reporter: ma'am? do you think that the administrator should have been here? >> she has to get in the vehicle. >> reporter: okay. >> all right. >> we appreciate... >> ma'am, you represent the united states government. >> reporter: in a conference before the house transportation committee, gsa officials were grilled, in particular, a conference we have learned is taking place today in nashville. we tried to speak with the deputy administrator, who wasn't here. she wouldn't talk to us in the halls and she is leaving now. >> greta: there are new questions in the fast & furious scandal.
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the department of justice inspector eligible is getting ready to release his report on the botched gun-running operation. but tonight, some are wonders figure he might have a conflict of interest. three years before he became the inspector general, he wrote a job recommendation letter for lanny brewer to help him get the job as attorney general. breuer has come up in the investigation. so was the investigation independent in the justice department officials and the possible roles in or does he have a conflict of interest? tray gowdy met with the inspector general and he is here. >> good to see you,. >> greta: so, do you have any problem with mr. horowitz investigating who may include lenny breuer. >> the fact that you have a prior relationship does not automatically mean you cannot be unbiased, but it is certainly something that -- you would want to factor into the equation and
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the burden of persuasion will be higher for mr. horowitz. to his credit, he was very upfront about it when we met with him. i read the letter today, the letter of recommendation. it was glowing. but facts are stubborn things -- >> greta: all right. you and i are both lawyers. lenny breuer was a lawyer i. would i seat him on a jury? no. >> greta: the appearance of impropriety. it may be that he is able to be completely independent, but the appearance is what we look at as lawyers because it is just not smart to have someone twho doesn't have the appearance of being fair because of a relationship? >> i wouldn't see him as a juror. that's the standard i would use. if he stood up in a jury panel and said, i know a witness, i would use a strike against him. i don't have a strike. he was confirmed by the september. this is who we are stuck with -- >> greta: he didn't become the inspector general until april, right? >> i think he was nominated
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prior to thefn. but there was a little delay confirming him with this senate. this issue -- i sound like an apologist and i don't mean to be -- what strikes me is -- his report may be -- you know... everyone is capable of telling truth and everyone is capable of not telling the truth. he has a distinguished career as a prosecutor in an outstanding judicial district. high worked public corruption cases. he may be able to be fair -- but the burden's going to be high, there are two problems. if you like someone, if you think someone is above reproach, you have written a letter of recommendation, it is hard to step back and have that calculating look at it that you -- critical look at t. that's the first thing. the american people and the border agent's family really deserve the best we have, especially that border agent's family. he can be enormously fair. but whether they go to bed at night fthey think the fix was in because of one buddy
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investigating a buddy, even if it's fair, are we doing a service to the family? is that fair to the american people? >> well, the result matters and the process matters. if you don't have confidence in the process, the result doesn't matter. i... i would have recused myself. i had friends, kids get in trouble when i was the d.a., i ricused myself and sent it to another office. i don't know whether the inspector general has this ability or not. i know this -- and i told jason chafitz, he may be so aware of the appearance of bias that he over-corrects it. >> greta: and it is to his credit that he -- there is no conflict if everybody knows about it so you can have the choice for him not to be the one. but we don't get that choice. that's the problem. >> i would prefer to have someone with no connection to eric holder or lenny breuer, i have been very critical of lenny
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breuer. he was very forthcoming about it. would i prefer to have someone who didn't know either one of them? yes. the chances of finding someone who didn't have any relationship with the current department of justice official who is is going to be an inspector general is not very high. >> greta: you know, this has changed my view -- as an aside, who should investigate the leaks of national security information. there are two u.s. attorneys, one appointed by president bush, a republican, and one appoint bide president obama, a democrat. we have had problems with special prosecutors and i thought this might be better, even though there is squawking. having seen this and knowing that people will really -- may not have faith in it, even if it is fair, i now think you should get someone outside, totally. >> we used to call it independent prosecutor. and we used that word for a reason. you want someone not connected to any of the interested parties. when i was reading the letter today, on mr. horowitz and lenny
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breuer, he clearly has a high opinion of him. does that mean necessarily, he cannot be fair? i will tell you. i hope what you will pay attention and i know you will-- the department of justice has a chance to correct the inspector general's report and say you were wrong here or wrong there. i will be very curious, whether or not this inspector general takes the corrections offered by the department of justice. i want to see his independence, which he promised he would be. the other thing is he serves at the pleasure of the president. we may have the same president come january. we may not. if he wants to hang on to his job, me needs to do a good job of proving to us that he is independent. >> greta: i might add that lenny breuer has nothing to do with this. it is how it appears and whether people can have confidence in it. when is this report by mr. horowitz coming out? >> he said weeks and not months and that was two weeks ago. my guess is it will be in late
1:16 am
august. but that is just a guess. he laid out the timeline for us. i think it will be transmit to the department of justice. but they will have an opportunity to say you are wrong here or there -- >> greta: before it is released? >> yes. >> greta: wait a minute. the justice department -- wait a second. that is suspect. we have someone who is the independent within the department doing an evaluation of the department, looking for wrongdoing before he surrenders that to the american people, the justice department gets to look at it -- >> he does not have to accept -- >> greta: accept. >> it's like giving someone a chance to read their disposition and say, i didn't say that. the court reporter decides whether you did or not. he does not have to accept what they say -- >> greta: yeah, but they are all in the same building. they are all friends. look -- >> telling you what he said. i am just telling what you he said -- >> greta: do you like this -- do you like this process? >> i would rather someone who had no connection with anyone at the department of justice. >> greta: i would like someone
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who doesn't give the report to the people he's investigating to give to the people before he surrender its to the american people? >> i would like someone someone that has subpoena power, that's the other thing to look out for, whether or not people refuse to cooperate with him. he will come before our committee like the attorney general holder and all the questions about bias and conflict of interest will be raised. i do want to give -- he is a career prosecutor. i want to give him a chance to do what is right before i leap to the conclusion that he has not. >> greta: congressman, thank you. is the obama administration trying to intimidate defense companies? that's the accusation that republicans are making. why? that's next. chicken -- people using chicken sand riches -- sandwiches and ♪ ♪ i want to go ♪ i want to win [ breathes deeply ] ♪ this is where the dream begins ♪
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>> greta: republicans are pointing fingersats the obama administration. they say the obama administration's trying to intimidate defense companies, by pressuring the defense companies to stay silent about possible and maybe even probable layoffs. g.o.p. plough makers claim the white house wants to hide job losses from spending cuts until after the election. >> the president doesn't want people reading about pink slips in the weeks before his election. so the white house is telling people to keep theesques of these cuts a secret -- don't tell anybody, he says -- keep it a secret, until, of course, after the election. >> greta: but democrats argue there is no reason to alarm thousands of workers before the outcome of sequestration is known. the defense industry is caught in the middle. we have jeremy herd from the
1:22 am
hill. who started this? was it a memo from the department of labor? >> that's correct. there is a memo issue onned on monday, saying it was inappropriate to issuing the layoffs as a result of the sequestration cuts. now the issue, whether it becomes an election issue is that sequestration takes effect january 2. have you to roll back 60 days for the federally rerequired layoff notice, the friday before the election. >> greta: what it is, there is a law that says if you are a big, huge company and you want to lay off people, have you to give them a 60-day notice. >> that's correct. it's the warren act, for all large companies, making significant layoffs, a sizable amount, like closing a plant. with the sequestration, we are facing $5 billion in defense cuts over 10 years fthey go into effect. so the contractors are worried, lockheed martin has said they were going to issue the notices to all 123,000 of their
1:23 am
employees. >> greta: so the obama administration wasn't happy because they don't want that to go out to the employees. >> that's what the republicans are saying. >> greta: is there any doubt that the warren act applies to the defense contracts? >> there is. there is something people and the labor department says that because it is still unknown whether or not sequestration is going to go into effect -- democrats and republicans want it to be stopped. so because of that uncertainty, they say, that it may radio it doesn't apply. >> greta: all right. the department of labor, if they think this doesn't apply because it is not inevitable, is the labor department able or willing or have the authority to waive the 60-day requirement? >> no. the labor department doesn't have any enforcement mechanism. so the republicans have warned contractor, you could be sued, even if the labor department heads a memo, if your employees
1:24 am
sue you if you lay them off, you can't point to the memo and say, that's why we didn't issue the notices. >> greta: what provoked the labor department to issthe memo? there was heat from the defense industry on the labor department? or they using this as leverage to try to get the obama administration and capitol hill to make decisions? >> yeah. there has been a lot of heat on the hill and from the industry. the industry studies say there could be a million defense jobs lost if sequestration goes into effect. lockheed martin threat nick, and the republicans are cuz accusing -- are accusing the obama administration of not preparing and telling the industry how the cuts are going to take effect. >> greta: who wins? >> that's a question. democrats say republicans are playing politics on this. you had obama last week saying republicans are protecting millionaires over the military. republicans say it's the other way around and it's democrats insisting on tax increases at the expense of the military. >> greta: are all the defense contractors acting in unison, or
1:25 am
a select few? >> there has been division. others have been hesitant because it puts them in a vulnerable position businesswise with shareholders. lockheed plater and i know their ceo has been the most vocal. >> greta: i guess you would be hard pressed. if you are a big employer and a defense contractor and you have to lay off a lot of people, if you near a wait-and-see position and there is no -- there is no deal made on the sequestration, have you to add 60 more days to your notices because you waited to see what would happen. am i right? that does put the squeeze on the contractors. >> it's tough. they say they need more certainty. you are not getting the advice from the obama administration about how these cuts will go into effect. on the hill, they have a lot of allies, yelling for months that something has to be done about sequestration. >> greta: has the obama administration, besides the fact
1:26 am
they say they don't want to scare people, have they given any other justification for sending out the memo? >> no, i mean, it's the law. they say they areacking in a legal guidance. >> greta: but they are not saying that these people are acting illegally. >> you're correct. >> greta: and the law doesn't require the department of labor to do this? >> it is not. >> greta: the department of labor has decided they want to do this themselves? >> that's -- the allegation that republicans are making is that it's a political move that it is the white house that is pushing this. democrats say, it is the labor department trying to give more guidance on the issue. >> greta: but nobody's-- the defense department -- defense contractors haven't asked for the guidance. >> no, the defense contractors have not asked for. >> greta: and the defense department is not required to do >> that's correct. >> greta: they did this for political motive or because they want to enlighten workers? >> that's the issue on the hill,
1:27 am
where where they are divided. >> greta: indeed, they are divided. coming up, chick-fil-a is in a heated controversy. and you don't see this kind of police chase every day. the car is smart -- but we can't the car is smart -- but we can't say the same thing for the down here, folks measure commitment by what's getting done. the car is smart -- but we can't say the same thing for the the twenty billion doars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through.
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chicago to texas and florida, today, across the country, long lines at chick-fil-a. why? supporters of the fast-food chain are calling today chick-fil-a appreciation day. they are backing it is company's president who, is under fire for his public opposition to gay marriage. the mayors of chicago, san francisco and boston telling chick-fil-a it is want welcome in their cities. the boston herald business editor is here. nice to see you. >> thank you for having me, greta. >> greta: greg, first of all, i want to get an idea about chick-fil-a. is it privately held? how big is it? tell me about it? >> it's a pretty big company. they have 1600 restaurants. mostly across the south of the united states. they have started up in atlanta and 1967. the family-owned restaurant dates back before that under another name. but they are pretty sizable fast-food chicken company. >> greta: i assault revenues are giant with a company that big? >> yes.
1:32 am
somewhere around $4 billion last year. so they do pretty well. >> greta: is it -- i forgot, is it publicly or privately owned. >> it's a family business, has been all along. >> greta: and who is the owner right now? a man named dan kathy? >> yes. dan kathy. a lot more people know about him than they probably used to in the last few weeks. he is the son of the founder, truitt kathy. it's a strong southern baptist family. as many people know, they wear their values on their sleeve and have been speaking out lately in and gathered a lot of support because ever that. >> greta: when he made his statement about marriage, was he doing it in the context of a personal vent or it was he doing it on behalf of the corporation? >> it depends on how you read into t. he was speaking as the president of the company to, i think it was the baptist press.
1:33 am
it was sort of the first time that he had publicly come out and spoken about his positions on family values. you know, a lot of people didn't agree with his views on gay marriage. many people did, obviously. >> greta: i know that chick-fil-a -- it's been a company that has with the ceo has been devoted to his religious principles. i have been to airports on sunday and they are not opened on sundays. i am curious whether or not, besides his statement, has he been at all active in anything that would be -- that would be offensive to -- to gay citizens? >> it's hard to safely i think he has had some statements here and there have been financial support for anti-gay groups, you know, along the way. and that's what has brought out the gay and lesbian community against the company. that's what -- >> greta: i am trying -- i'm
1:34 am
sorry. go ahead. >> no, that's what prompted the mayor of boston up here where i am, to speak out against that and try to stop them from coming to boston irk i am trying to understand whether his statement is any different from, let's say, a gay ceo of another company who would be, you know, promoting gay marriage. is it functionally equivalent? >> i think so. i think a lots of people would think so. that's why they seem to be getting a lot of support. today with thousands of people lining up across the country to show their support and have a delicious lunch at the same time. >> greta: any assessment on how much their revenues jumped today, out of the ordinary, result of this? >> there is no way to tell because that's obviously not disclosed by the company. but, you know, we had a reporter, aaron smith, from the herald, at the local chick-fil-a, there is one outside of boston here. and you know, there were reports
1:35 am
that the business was up 150%, 200%. there was a customer who came from a nearby town who was a kosher vegetarian and wanted to be there, ordering the fruit salad. >> greta: it's hard to assess whether people are there for freedom of speech or whether people are there because they are opposed to gay marriage. how do we know? >> i -- it seems to be more free speech when you talk to people about it. especially around here because that's -- you know, people were reacting to the mayor of boston... you know, putting his -- you know -- opposing the chain coming into boston, in particular. >> greta: has he backed off by the way? i see the july 20 letter, in which he wrote dan kathy? he said he urges him not to locate a chick-fil-a in boston. has the mayor now -- backed off that? >> when the boston herald broke
1:36 am
the story, he start the by saying, chick-fil-a does not belong in boston. and he told us that he would -- that the chain would find it very difficult to get whatever license they would need in the city. and that -- that drew some negative reaction in the private sector, just as a business issue. and a week later, he did soften his stance and told us that he would -- he wouldn't actively oppose them trying to open up in a private deal. that's their right. but he maintained his opposition to dan cathy and stood by his letter to the head of the company. >> greta: i take it that dan kathy has not changed his statement, either? >> no. the company has not said too much publicly since issuing a statement, stressing that their restaurants don't discriminate in their service at all to people. you know, it is sort of --
1:37 am
carried on -- on in social media, penal passing around the mayor's letter. it is really created a groundswell and then with mike huckabee, you know, calling for the appreciation day on the other side of the issue. >> greta: is this over? is this going to go on? have you figured that one out? >> it's amazing how long it has gone on and maybe going to end up being good for business for chick-fil-a because maybe they are having more customers show up. but, you know, it's hard to tell how long this will go on. it is interesting. >> greta: indeed, it is. thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, are there big secrets at the white house? some republicans just discovered email sent from a prior address at a white house official. why the cloak-and-dagger tactics? in two minutes, florida senator marco rubio is taking on barack obama and he is using his
1:38 am
twitter account to do it. what has senator rubio so fired up. find out
1:39 am
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>> greta: florida senator marco rubio take egg swipe at president obama. why in he doesn't think it's fair that u.s. olympic medal winners have to pay taxes on their prizes. they receive cash payments and they earn $25,000 for gold and $15,000 for silver and $10,000 for bronze and the irs collects taxes. rubio says that it punishes success and he is tweeting, olympic champions shouldn't have tax on medals, unless president obam believes they didn't earn them -- someone else did that. if you have a business, you didn't build that. senator rubio is not only tweeting, he is introducing a bill to eliminate taxes on prize money won by u.s. athletes. should olympic athletes be taxed
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1:43 am
plus the fed won't be take anything new action at this time. it created a minor ripple on wall street on wednesday, stocks faltered with the dow down 38 points. this could be the worst west nile season since 2004. there have been already 250 cases of the mosquito-borne disease, four of them deadly. the cdc is blaming warm weather, saying it's led to a larger than usual population. cases have popped up in 22 states, texas getting hit the hardest. i'm ainsley earhardt. now back to "on the record" with grettasm thanks for watching fox. back to greta. >> greta: house republicans are blasting the white house and the obhma campaign manager, accusing them of failing to live up to the policy of transparentsy and maybe hiding something. obama campaign manager and other administration officials sent emails from private address, not white house email accounts and
1:44 am
scheduled meetings away from the white house n. one, an official tells an executive to meet him at a coffee shop to avoid showing up on the white house visitors log. rick, what were the emails about? >> this is in the middle of the health care debate. the white house is furiously cutting deals and trying to keep congressional coalitions on board. so these are pharma and others. they need a sign on. they needed them to stay on board. they are cutting side deals and going back to capitol hill, trying to balance the competing coalitions and at the same time, they are telling the public, this is the moist transparented bill process you have ever seen. they said they would have all the conference committee investigations on c-span so they were really playing dirty politics. >> greta: in my office, i have three email accounts. i use which are one comes up. sometimes it's the personal,
1:45 am
sometimes it's fox. there is nothing in my emails. is it possible that -- i mean, does it look deliberate? or does it look like jim does emails like i do? >> there may be some of both. in some cases, according to the white house,arn aide would get an eflail someone who would send it to his private and can he would respond from that account, preserving the record, cc-ing the white house or keeping it. in other cases, it seems like there might be a deliberate attempt. >> greta: proprietary meetings off campus, republicans calling this the caribou coverup, there is a caribou coffee where they are having key meetings. they know the names of people who spend a couple of bucks on a cup of joe, won't be on the visitor logs and the white house did make the logs public, but that's an incomplete picture of the meetings. >> greta: this is one email, which leader pelosi won't be crazy about. it says, i will roll poulose tow
1:46 am
get the $4 billion and wrote to a pharmaceutical researcher and lobbyist jeffrey forbes from his personal account. >> exactly. they needed to find ways to get the coalition group groups on board and find numbers that fit and go to congress and say, this is what we have done. again, they promised to be open, honest, transparent -- >> greta: and not dealing with lobbyists. >> right. no access for lobbyists. but this is the way you get legislation done in washington. you need to get interest groups on board. you need to get lobbyists on board. they were trying to create a perception of the president conducting himself in a different matter. but this is the way that things get done. >> greta: if you say you are going to do it one way and you do it another and you try to cover it up -- i don't know about the email -- it could be like i do. but i know when i am getting a meeting off campus, that's deliberate. >> the republican response on this, they are not saying that they would have done things differently or that they will in the future. they are saying that the president promised better. they like to remind everyone
1:47 am
that the democrats were furiously investigating cheney's task force and the meetingings and they say this is akin to that. >> greta: do we have all the private emails? are they all there? >> no. we don't know that. >> greta: there could be more to this. >> there could be more that the white house hasn't said what steps are taken to preserve them. we don't know if we have a complete record. according to the white house, in most or all case, the aides took pain tac make sure they were preserved. but we don't know. >> greta: an internet family feud. why is mark zuckerberg losing his relatives to the competition? a zip line stunt goes wrong -- [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's four course seafood feast choose your soup salad entrée pls dessert! all just $14.99. come into red lobster and sea food differentl visit now for an exclusive $10 coupon.
1:48 am
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>> greta: you have seen our top stories, but here's it is best of the rest. is there an imminent family feud? two relatives of mark zuckerberg are working for the competition. that's, his sister and brother-in-law are working for google. facebook and google ever fierce competitors. but it turns out that google acquired wildfire interactive, a facebook top marking partner. both family members work for wildfire. so thanksgiving would be awkward this year. the car is smart -- but the driver, not so much. a man driving a smart car, led police on a chase through houston. they spotted him speeding at 92 miles per hour. they tried to stop him but he took off. the driver pulled into his own driveway and stopped. he was charged with drunk driving. not smart.
1:52 am
try stupid. another bizarre crime, this one in kentucky. the police in louisville say a suspect stole a textbook about ethical living. about ethics. the thief stole the book from one college bookstore and tried to sell it back to another bookstore, but by then, it had been reported stolen. so the police caught the suspect and arrested him. the mayor of london won't get a gold medal for zip lining, he got stuck dangling in mid-air, riding a zip line. he was ho holding a hard hat and two flags while he tried to glide to the ground and stopped in mid-air. the mayor dangled about 5 minutes. he did keep his sense of humor, asking for a rope or a ladder. the staff came to his rescue and towed him to the bottom of the line. who needs a piggy bank when you can have a kitty bank? a clever cat is helping his owner save money.
1:53 am
he helps the owner makes cash deposits in the box. the cat pulls the coins through the slot. we have never seen a piggy do that. maybe we need the new banks. there, have you it, the best of the rest. scott brown got a big promotion. what's his new job? start guessing. that's next.
1:54 am
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>>. >> greta: flash the studio lights, time for last call. massachusetts senator scott brown got a big promotion. he was promoted colonel. senator john mccain and administered the oath of office to senator brown. he says she is privileged to serve along the best men and women in our nation. he first joined the national guard in 1979. that is the last call. we are closing down shop. thanks for being with us. we'll see you tomorrow night. make sure you go to greta thanks good night from washington, d.c. and keep it right here on fox news most powerful name in news. we'll see you tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> dana: hello, everyone. i'm dana perino with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, and -- >> greg: greg gutfeld.
1:58 am
>> dana: it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: yesterday was quite a day for america. the u.s. women's gymnastics team took the gold for the first time in 16 years and the competition didn't come close. the swimmers taking team gold themselves. among them was michael phelps who became the most decorated olympian of all time. get to the amazing accomplishments in moments. but first, i got home and i was walking the olympics and up popped a political ad. both sides taking shots at each other. take a look. >> president obama first term economically, $800 million stimulus. >> to create 3-4 million jobs. >> billions were spent in foreign countries. millions went to political insiders. millions more unaccounted for. now the money is gone, and so are nearly $500,000 jobs.
1:59 am
plan for a second term, do it again. are you with them? >> speaking of secrets. bermuda. home to secret corporation by romney. and the cayman islands, where romney keeps millions to avoid u.s. taxes. >> dana: while clever it upset people on the u.s. olympic committee and makers of the add took it down. to comply. let's start here with the olympics and phelps. >> greg: he's a weight lifter? >> dana: no. a swimmer. he has 19 medals. >> greg: my advice to him is remember mark spitz. save your money, invest it. have your mom take care of it. you don't want to be an attraction. there is


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