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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 4, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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but we also knew that if we were persistent, if we kept at it and kept working, that we'd gradually get to where we need to be. >> there are three more jobs reports coming out before the election, including the report for october which will come out november. it will come out four days before the election. rick? >> rick: different parts to the jobs report. i know governor romney focused on a different part of it than what we heard the president just mentioning. what can you tell us about that? >> the governor talked about the unemployment rate. it was 8.3% in july, up from 8.2% in june. governor romney in indiana today said the country has seen, quote, an extraordinary series of policy failures on the part of the president. >> this was a president who said that if we passed his stimulus bill, we'd never go above 8%. we've been above it for 48 -- 42 straight months!
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>> governor romney was also asked yesterday about the timing of his vice presidential announcement. all he would say is it will happen before the third day of the republican convention later this month. the third day. that's the day the vp nominee is expected to make a speech. you would presume it would be made before then. >> rick: you have to have a little time to write the speech. right? >> right. probably a ways before then. that's all he'll say. >> rick: molly henneberg live in washington. thanks. >> arthel: don't they use ghost writers? just saying. moving on, new questions about the new york man presumed dead after disappearing at a new york beach, only to turn up very much alive hundreds of miles away in south carolina. police pulling over raymond roth for speeding, but then he let him go. so he's missing once again. anna kooiman is live with the latest. this is a bizarre story. >> yeah. lots of twists and turns. according to his wife, it appears a long island, new york man tried to fake his own death,
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but he was caught when a cop pulled him over for zooming down the highway at 90 miles an hour states away. roth's son reported him missing in an apparent drowning at jones beach in new york on saturday. resources were sent out to find him. but then on thursday, roth got a speeding ticket in south carolina as mentioned from the officer and then that officer realized that he was on a missing person's registry. the 47-year-old allegedly tripled his life insurance policy in january and revised his will recently. that's according to his wife. at a news conference, mentioned the things raymond roth left behind, keys, wallet, shoes, and some suspicious e-mails between roth and their 22-year-old son, jonathan, referring to a possible plot. one e-mail in particular telling jonathan to call roth from a pay phone or a friend's phone to update him on how things were developing in new york. >> i feel like a sadness that he put a lot of people in danger to
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look for him. i was planning a funeral for him. i lost my husband. all in a matter of hours. then to find out he's alive, it's anger. it's sadness. the public that went out to try to save a man that was not there, and vacationing in florida. >> the district attorney gave us a statement. the d.a.'s office is collaborating with police investigating this matter. the investigation is ongoing and no decision has been made as to whether criminal charges will be filed. police say roth said he plans to return to new york, but he hasn't shown. his son's whereabouts are unknown. back to you. >> arthel: can't imagine what that lady is going through. anna, thank you. >> rick: a vicious scam hitting people who are still mourn not guilty aurora, colorado. police investigate the web site that falsely claimed to be raising money for victims of last month's movie theater
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shooting. the con job sparking outrage. >> it's disgusting to think that somebody would do that. >> basically they set up a web site to get the public to donate money allegedly for these victims. this is simply somebody trying to take advantage of the horrible tragedy and profit from it themselves. >> these are predators and anyone who tries to victimize victims for their own gain or again, take advantage of this horrible situation, we're going to do everything in our power to prosecute them. >> rick: no arrests have been made. but the police say they're building their case. let's hope they figure out who is responsible for this. >> arthel: new details on a troubling incident when pilots lost contact with the control tower at detroit metro airport. the faa blaming a faulty head set after two airplanes came dangerously close while landing. the faa releasing this statement, quote, because the controller's head set jack was
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operating intermittently, the pilots did not hear all air traffic instructions. however, the pilot of the regional jet saw the 737, which passed above and behind the regional jet. the two aircraft land safely and the headset jack was fixed immediately after the incident. just days ago, you may remember three planes came within seconds of colliding at reagan national airport. the republican chairman of the transportation committee says these incidents have to stop. >> there have been far too many near misses and we're going to run out of luck here. you won't be able to make up for poor performance. but we've got to have better training, then we've got to get this technology in place and beat the rest of the world in getting it there not only for our competitive reason, but most of all for safety reasons. >> the faa is now investigating both incidents.
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>> rick: to the weather now, firefighters finally have the upper hand on a wildfire outside of oklahoma city. the flames destroying dozens of homes in luther. deputies also looking into reports of arson. witnesses say somebody in a pick up truck was throwing burning newspapers out of the window of that truck. this year is among the worst wildfire seasons in state history. maria molina with more. hi. >> hi. yes, we have basically very dry conditions out across parts of the plains. changes across the midwest where we've been experiencing a drought, now we're getting very needed rainfall across this area. unfortunately, some of this rainfall is coming in the form of storms that are producing some severe weather. we're getting reports of wind gust over 50, 60, 70 miles per hour across northern parts of illinois and one city that just got hit hard was chicago where we had lalapaluza, suspended because of the storms.
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people were evacuated. and reports of very strong winds across that area and tree damage in some of the chicago suburbs and the chicago o'hare airport has reported delays of over two hours right now because of all of this heavy rainfall associated with this storm system. but the worst of it over. moving on out just lingering rainfall there. very dangerous lightning as well. we do have two severe thunderstorm watches in effect. one including milwaukee in the chicago area and a new one for parts of michigan and northern parts of indiana in effect until 9:00 p.m. local time. we still have that threat throughout the nighttime hours. more large hail and damaging wind gusts across this area, as well as localized flash flooding that some of these storms can produce. the storm is headed eastbound. guess where it's headed as we head east tomorrow? into parts of tennessee and ken. looking at a chance for more severe weather, large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes possible once again. otherwise a hot temperatures across oklahoma, still forecast to continue tomorrow and even as we head into the start of the
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workweek on monday. 102 could be your high over in oklahoma city. dry weather will continue as well. rick. >> rick: thanks. >> arthel: olympic news out of london, michael phelps. so if you don't want to noe the results, now is a good time, grab the remote. hit the mute button. look away. leave the room. >> rick: come on, just tell us. >> arthel: here we go. michael phelps, here it is. he heads into retirement with another gold in the last race of his olympic career. the baltimore bullet and three teammates winning gold in the four by 100-meter medley relay. his trademark butterfly stroke that made him famous at the sydney olympics 12 years ago. this is his 18th gold medal and 22ndnd medal overall. the most decorated olympian of all time.
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>> rick: congratulations. coming up in a brand-new episode of fox files, the harrowing tale of a mass kidnapping that stunned the whole world. how a school bus carrying 26 school children vanished without a trace back in 1976. >> arthel: president obama and governor mitt romney using the new jobs report to their advantage. but with the unemployment continuing to rise, which side will voters side with? >> we've had 42 straight months with unemployment over 8%. this was the president who said that if we passed his stimulus bill, we'd never go above 8%. we've been above it for 42 straight months! that's 2 million americans -- 23 million americans out of work or underemployed ♪
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welcome back. time for a quick check of the headlines. friends and family remembering a college student killed in an illinois bus crash. the 25-year-old was sitting in the first row of the upper deck when the bus slammed into a bridge pillar thursday. police say a blown tire may be to blame. 87-year-old denver man is accused of running a marijuana operation from his home.
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police say he was growing more than 400 plants in his backyard. president harry truman's grandson making a special it trip to hee roche ma. he honored the people killed in the atomic bomb blast authorized by his grandfather. >> rick: back to politics. governor mitt romney stepping up the pressure on the president after the newest jobs report. the unemployment rate rising to 8.3%, a sign the economy is still struggling years after the financial collapse. >> it's another hammer blow to the struggling middle class families of america because the president has not had policies that put american families back to work. i do. i'll put them in place and get america working again! [ cheers and applause ] you know this, these numbers are not just statistics.
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these are real people, really suffering, having hard times. 23 million americans out of work or stopped looking for work or way underemployed. >> here is the thing, we are not going to get there, not going to get to where we need to be if we go back to the policies that helped create this mess in the first place. and the last thing that we should be doing is asking middle class families who are still struggling to recover from this recession to pay more in taxes. >> rick: jehmu green is a fax news contributor and former president for the women's media center. nice to see you both. jehmu, ladies first, let's start here and talk about the jobs numbers that came out. more jobs created than expected. and yet the national average, the unemployment rate goes up, not down. what's your take? >> rick, one of the things that i find interesting is that republicans, conservatives, they
6:16 pm
always call for smaller government at the local level, state level, federal level. the reason we are not at 7% unemployment right now is because so many public sector jobs have been lost in the past few years, firefighters, teachers, police men and women, people who the president, through the american jobs act, wanted to be able to rehire back and make sure we didn't have more layoffs. why don't we hear governor romney saying, this is a good thing that we are losing all of these jobs. his middle class tax plan is to cut jobs, to educate kids by laying off teachers, and to level the playing field for small businesses by rigging it in favor of big corporation. >> rick: i hadn't expected it to go in this direction, since she makes the point, cal, why don't you respond to it, the fact that the national unemployment rate might be as high as it is because the number of public jobs, government jobs that had been slashed.
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>> federal, state and local government has had too many workers. that's been the problem. we are in great debt to the point of $14 trillion. the real reason businesses are not hiring is because of uncertainty. they're uncertain about the effects of obamacare. according to cbo, the congressional budget office, 21 new taxes will come in with obamacare. the president wants to raise taxes on the so-called wealthy. but the real problem in washington is overspending. both parties do it. and despite all of the calls for republicans for smaller government and less spending, when they got in control, they don't do it. they'll nip and tuck at the edges, but we know what the driving force behind the economy and the great debt in this country are. they are social security and medicare. if these are not reformed, the debt will continue to go up. that's what the real problem is. >> rick: jehmu, give us the argument because you hear the president talking about need to go build an economy from the middle out. but where do the middle class jobs come from if you are
6:18 pm
killing the upper class with tax cuts and regulations? >> rick, we have to look at the last three republicans who pushed for lower taxes for the wealthiest americans who were in favor of trickle down economics, believed in supply side economics, and guess what? it didn't work. our greatest prosperity was under president clinton when we finally took a pause away from those policies. but governor romney wants to go back to believing, falsely believing, it's proven -- it's factual based on history that his policy, his 59-point tax plan isn't going to work because it's basically repeating the exact same policies that got us in this hole to begin with. now, how do we chip away and get back to where we need to be? there is some good things in these job numbers. 25,000 manufacturing jobs were added. when you look at veterans, for the first time, the unemployment rate for all veterans is lower
6:19 pm
than it was before president obama came into office and that's because he championed legislation, really pushing for incentives for businesses to hire veterans. you can imagine the other legislation that he would have liked congress to have taken up, the impact it would have had. but republicans have been obstructionists and not concerned about ordinary americans. >> rick: jehmu, and cal, give you a chance. once again, how about this point about tax cuts and the trickle down theory that democrats have been railing against since the days of reaganomicss. how many job, for example, did the bush tax cuts create in this country? >> jehmu said the last three republican presidents. that would include ronald reagan under which tax were not only cut, but also millions of new jobs were produced. look, the problem in washington, i don't care what party is in control, it's overspending! ronald reagan used to say, we've debt and a definite sit not because the american people are
6:20 pm
taxed too little, but because their government spends too much. he also said the only proof of eternal life in washington is a government program. once something starts, you can't kill it! and that's the problem. it isn't class warfare, about the so-called rich making too much money and not paying their fair share. it's government, which is represssive, overspending, in your face, in your pocket, it needs to be cut. the spending reduced. then we'll have prosperity like you've never seen it. >> rick: cal let me stay with you for one second and jehmu, i'll give you the last word. with the economy and jobs numbers the way they are, with the number of americans out there genuinely upset and frustrated with the way things stand, governor romney is still not breaking through. why not? >> i think that people still have a natural reserve of liking president obama. the polls show that. they don't want to admit they were wrong. look, a president should be held accountable to the standards he sets for himself. the president said if i don't have unemployment under control, less than 8%, i don't deserve a
6:21 pm
second term. should he be held to that or not or should he be allowed to say, i didn't have enough time. we thought it was worse than it was. so i think that he should be held accountable to this. he promised to improve things, he hasn't improved t. he had his chance. it's time for change, as he used to say. >> rick: jehmu, last word here, 15 seconds. president made his promises. he had his chance. hasn't worked out. why not give somebody else a shot? >> it has worked out. if you look at actually governor romney's own metrics. when he says the president should be judged either six months to a year after coming in, if we judge president obama's job numbers on that mark, 4 million jobs created. the economy turned around from a devastating loss as we saw under president bush and just what is happening is republicans refuse to acknowledge the growth in private sector jobs over the last 30 or so months because the only thing they're focused on is the defeating president obama. >> rick: we have to leave it
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there. >> let's go -- >> rick: good discussion. i really appreciate both of you coming o. i enjoy talking with both of you. cal and yahoo, thanks so much. enjoy the rest of the week. >> thanks. >> arthel: i'd like to tell but a new episode of fox files. we go in-depth with the shocking story of a mass kidnapping that stunned the world. a school bus carrying 26 children vanishing in 1976 in the small farming community in california. >> for 11 grueling hours, they had been driven around in the hot, cramped, seatless van in an effort to disorient them. the van finally pulled to a stop at 3:00 a.m. on friday morning. >> we didn't know where we were. we had no idea. >> where we were was a rock quarry, two hours north of their area. >> they took edward out first. we didn't know what was going to happen. we kept waiting and they took one out at a time.
6:23 pm
>> they asked our name and took a piece of clothing and were told to climb down a ladder into the ground. >> this is the actual list of names and ages one of the masked kidnappers scribbled on a jack in the box bag as they pulled the kids from the van. one by one, ed gray and the children were forced to climb down a ladder into a hole in the ground. >> i did not want to go in that hole. >> you're looking at what was waiting for them at the bottom of the ladder. >> arthel: you can hear more of the terrifying tales of the kidnapping victims. much more when fox files areas tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. >> rick: i had forgotten about that story. it was a long time ago. but obviously the fact that we were able to interview them, i'm getsing it turns out okay? >> arthel: it's a good deduction. that's why i like working with you. you're smart. >> rick: wake up pretty early in the morning. when we come back, violence rage in the streets of syria. why one chinese ambassador is
6:24 pm
now blaming the u.s. and other western nations for the worsening crisis. >> arthel: plus, governor mitt romney launching a new app to announce his upcoming pick for a running mate. who will make the cut? is there a surprise name we haven't heard yet? >> you're close to making a decision about your running mate. why can't you address where you are in that process and whether or not you've made a decision? >> i will absolutely decide and announce my running mate before the third day of the republican convention in august. but other than that, i have nothing for you ng pass, corpora, verizon 4g lte phone. the global ready one ? yeah, but you won't need... ♪ hajimemashite. hajimemashite. hajimemashite. you guys like football ? thank you so much. i'm stoked. you stoked ? totally. ... and he says, "under the mattress."
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>> rick: glad you're with us. the bottom of the hour. choice niece ambassador blaming the u.s. and other western countries for the crisis in syria. he claims the west sabotaged the
6:29 pm
political process by calling for regime change. >> arthel: u.s. bank says it restored service to about 8,000 atms across the country and blame add power failure in oregon for knocking the system off line for about two hours this morning. >> rick: nasa scientists on edge as they await the new mars recovery's big landing tomorrow, one of the most difficult in space history. >> arthel: we bring you this new video out of iran as they claim to have successfully test fired a missile capable of hitting u.s. bases in the region. so how is the u.s. and the world reacting? peter doocy has more from washington. peter? >> the fata 110 missile iran says they successfully tested have the ability to hit targets at land and sea at a range of 180 miles with great accuracy. it's once again put shipping
6:30 pm
routes in the strait of hormuz in iran's cross hairs if they decide to make a move. >> they will use it mostly against land-based targets within those ranges and also sea-based targets that are stationary. most vulnerable wore tankers that are parked in place, strait of hormuz, waiting the traffic through the straits. >> general keane also said iran's saber rattling is likely an attempt to deter any focus strike by israel. while iran's defense minister says with the fourth generation of the fata 110, the armed forces of our country are able to target and destroy land and sea targets, enemy headquarters, missile seats, ammunition sites, radars, and other points. the american secretary of defense says diplomacy is still the preferred method for dealing with iran, especially when it comes to their war of words with israel. but if things escalate, our stance might change. >> should those efforts fail and should iran make the decision to
6:31 pm
proceed that we have all options on the table, including military options. >> the fata 110 missiles have been around since 2002. but they can travel 60 miles further today than they did a decade ago and it's important to point out, they can be outfitted with nuclear war heads. arthel? >> arthel: thank you, peter. >> rick: college graduates buried in debt are about to get help. state and local governments teaming up with companies to help students pay off those loans, but it comes with a hitch. the students have to pack up and move to small towns for work. joining us now, kyle harrington, founder and managing partner of harrington capital management, llc. all right, what do you think of this? it sounds kind of like a win-win for everybody. >> be careful, rick. here is the thing, we all want or wanted our student loans to go away. okay? but i think what we need to take a look at is if private companies or publicly traded
6:32 pm
companies want to insenttivize students to move to certain towns and be hired, fine, as long as it doesn't come in line with state taxpayers or federal taxpayers having to foot the bill. okay? so if it's a privately held or publicly held company and they want to incentivize the employee to come to their company to work for them and they will help pay for some of their student loans and it's approved by a board, then fine. but i don't want this to vibrate down to increased state taxes for people within those respective states that they have those incentives. >> rick: fair enough. we're talking about small towns that have seen their populations drop over the last couple of decades. here is an opportunity for state lawmakers to say, we're not going to attract a fortune 500 company to come in examine set up shop here, but if we can bring in some young workers, if we can bring new grads to come
6:33 pm
and work in our town and a lot of these places have the jobs. they don't have enough workers to fill these jobs. so if we can bring these people in by helping them pay down their debt, that frees up money that they can then spend on housing. they could spend it however they want in that new community. it really does, i'm thinking, could help boost these small underpopulated areas. >> certainly could help boost it. i'm not saying it doesn't. i just want to make sure the taxpayer is not the one footing the bill. if the incentives come from the company, then fine of the i think as a result you can have more consumers spending for that money that has been -- that would ordinarily go towards student loans and then they would go out and buy homes hopefully and fuel the economy in those respective regions. i'm all for that. i would say this, that there is another issue. you have a lot of students, rick, talking about how they come out of school with these egregious student loans. that is the reality. i think maybe we need to look into the cost of education.
6:34 pm
here we have a gdp growth in the last quarter of 1 1/2%, yet these tuition rates seem to just dramatically increase year after year. maybe we need to trim the fat within some of these educational institutions in order so that the students, when they come out with student loans, they don't have these egregious amounts. >> rick: that's a good point and probably a subject for another discussion. but it is something that governor mitt romney has been talking about a little bit on the campaign trail that is a more privatization of the education process. >> exactly. >> rick: and business in our country. a discussion i'd love to have with you. this story about companies helping new employees luring employees by promising to help them pay down their debt, the idea to me, it sounds like a relic from 15, 20 years or so ago when we were sort of in the salad days of the economy and they were employers out there that were offering a free lunch, free coffee bar, free massages just to get and retain
6:35 pm
employees, doesn't it? >> it does sound like that. i'm all for perks and incentives. by these corporations. i mean, my company itself will offer certain 401(k) benefits and certain medical benefits. so i think student loan forgiveness is fine. just as long as it's not coming out of the taxpayer's pocket. >> rick: good point. all right. kyle, thanks very much for coming in. always good to talk to you. kyle harrington, we'll see you real soon. >> thanks. >> arthel: a blind athlete in texas preparing to show what she's got on the international stage. 23-year-old jordan mouton will compete as pardon of the blind judo team in the paraolympic games. she began losing her vision to a rare disease at age eight. but she says she would not let it keep her down. >> i just knew that my life wasn't over and that i could just keep going. so i didn't lose complete hope. i just kept doing what i knew how to do. a lot of coaches actually
6:36 pm
blindfold their students to let them practice blind 'cause you don't look down at your feet or look at what your opponent is doing, you feel what they're doing. that's what a lot of what judo about is feeling. >> arthel: indeed. the paraolympic games kick off on august 29 and take to say she's inspirational is an understatement. congratulationses and keep going. >> rick: good luck to her and all the paraolympic athletes. when we come back, governor romney nearing his pick for a running mate. coming up, we'll ask a campaign veteran about what she sees as governor romney's final five. you won't want to miss that
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>> arthel: you can be one of the first to know governor romney's vp pick and guess what? there is an app for that. the announcement will go out over an application on smart phones and tablets and our next
6:41 pm
guest is here with a preview of what may be the governor's short list. even a possible surprise. susan estridge is a fox news contributor. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> arthel: before we start, i want you, your prediction, just the names and perhaps if there are any wild cards. >> well, my number one and i'm not alone -- would be rob portman. i have to tell you, if i were to stand out here at the corner of olympic and bundy and show everybody a picture of rob portman, you've got it up now -- my guess is i'd be the only one who would recognize him and that's 'cause i knew in advance. but he's a do no harm pick. he's been vetted a lot. he's a senator from the great state of ohio. and while a vp pick doesn't guarantee you a state by any means, could mean a point or two in ohio and a point or two might
6:42 pm
make a difference. so one, rob portman. next to tim pawlenty. i don't think anybody would recognize him either. but again, he's been vetted. he ran. he's loyal. he's kind of romneylike, and i think just as in everything else, we tend to unconsciously favor people who kind of remind us of ourselves. after that, it's not at all clear. you got some wild cards like bobby jindal from louisiana. he'd be the first indian american. you got a wild card like paul ryan. i just don't see that one. he's too controversial. you got a guy like chris christie, who is very charismatic, but a little bit outspoken. you know, the first rule of vice presidential selection is do no harm, particularly when you're as close as mitt romney is to barak obama in the race. >> arthel: so apparently as we know, 'tis the season of lists.
6:43 pm
former vice president dick cheney had a list for abc and it's not just one list, but two. listen. >> i had a couple of calls from prominent politicians who would say it would help me in my race back home if i'm on the list. you're on the list. then somebody could leak the fast they were on the list. that was the big list. it was easy to get on that. the tough part, the one that's really under active consideration. >> arthel: more than one list. some of it's political. i guess all of it's political when you get down to it. >> absolutely. i was just going to say, i used to have people like pick up the newspaper when i was doing this, and i was involved in two different campaigns, both with mr. mondale picking gerri ferraro and mr. benson. i would pick up the paper and see these names and think, i'm
6:44 pm
keeping the list that. guy isn't on the list. and dick cheney says -- you know, dick cheney was making the list and he ended up at the top of the list. so he's absolutely right. there is a big list and it doesn't mean a thing. and there is a little list of people who have been vetted and who have been interviewed and are actually under consideration. >> arthel: for sure that little list will be whittled down to finally one. tell me, how crucial is the vp choice to governor romney's chances of winning or not? >> well, i think the short answer is in general, it doesn't make much difference. there have been incredibly unpopular vp choices. with all due respect, dan quayle was not a winner and lloyd benson was much loved and did incredibly well in the debates. but i can honestly tell you, it didn't help the top guy at all. the one thing you don't want to do is have a choice who distracts attention from the
6:45 pm
presidential candidate and calls his judgment into question. you don't want to pick somebody who has not been thoroughly vetted and causes you problem, which is why the woman, i think, would be the most exciting choice, condy rice, is probably not going to get it 'cause she would anger the far right who doesn't like her stance on abortion and focusly cause problems at the convention. >> arthel: very interesting. so before i let you go, just tell me this quickly, when is this announcement gog happen? we know it's going to be after the olympics, after labor day, but can't be the third day of the convention because as rick folbaum pointed out, the person has to have time to write his or her speech. >> well, it's not just that. although that's certainly an issue. i've been around when they wrote their speeches overnight. what you don't want to have happen is to make a mistake and have it take over your whole convention. dan quayle was announced literally on the eve of the
6:46 pm
convention. and then everybody spent literally the first couple of days at the convention not look at george bush, but digging dirt on quayle. so the new system is to announce the choice in advance, try to get some excitement and publicity when you do, and go into the convention unite sod that people aren't raising their hands from the floor and saying, what about so and so? >> arthel: we'll be watching for sure. when are you going to get your own personal app? just saying. >> never. [ laughter ] >> arthel: when you do have a great syndicated column. people can read it every wednesday and friday. good to see you as always. >> good to see you, art. >> rick: coming up next, i feel like i'm on the price is right. look at this extra virgin olive oil. it can make a difference in a lot of dishes. but they're not all created equal. "consumer reports" magazine is here to tell us which one tastes
6:47 pm
the best. don't go away. [ male announcer ] this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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>> rick: i know you like olive oil. we like it in our house. it tastes good. it's pretty good for you in moderation. while there are a lot of different bottles labeled extra virgin olive oil, they're not
6:51 pm
all the same. >> arthel: yeah. "consumer reports" had the job of tasting nearly two dozen popular brands, finding out which ones make the grade for your kitchen table. so joining us now, "consumer reports" senior associate editor, jamie hirsch. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> arthel: we love you brought three brands here. i'm happy with these three because i'm familiar with all three. let's start with the top three. >> rick: what is extra virgin although mean? >> i'm glad you asked. in europe, extra virgin is very strictly defined. it means there is a certain standard of acidity, of fruitiness, ripeness, a grassy kind of flavor, and in the u.s., there is actually nobody really monitoring the use of the term extra virgin. in the u.s., really importers or domestic companies can call it extra virgin and doesn't necessarily mean it's superior. >> arthel: go ahead. the bottom line is? strangely enough, we're going to find out, these three -- two are from california. not italy.
6:52 pm
let's start with this one from trader joe's. >> all three of these are "consumer reports" best buys. of the 23 extra virgin olive oils that our experts tasted, these three were the best combination of quality and value. trader joe's was one of the two best of the olive oils that were tasted. grown in california. really good. grassy, a little fruity. got a really nice kick to it. great on bread. also good with pasta, white beans. >> rick: really good. >> arthel: this is the one from costco? >> this is the signature from costco store brand. also really great. really good option. >> arthel: she's talking. >> the last one is from whole foods. the whole foods store brand. everyday value. i should mention that all three of these costs 35 cents, 35 cents and 37 cents an ounce effectively. which is just a fraction of what some of the other really high quality olive oils are. >> rick: i've seen, there are
6:53 pm
brands of olive oil in our supermarket, you spend like 30 bucks for like a tin of it. >> yeah. you see that these mostly -- these two particularly come in a large increment. >> arthel: this will last forever. this is great. >> keep it somewhere dark and cool. >> arthel: bottom line is, this can be unhealthy olive oil if you just use too much, right? >> olive oil is hasn'tful mo in, o saturated fats. however, it's still fat. 9 calories per gram, more than carbs or protons. one tablespoons has 14-grams of fat. you still need to keep the can't down even though it is heart healthy. >> rick: can you substitute this for any other kind of cooking oil? >> yeah. you can saute' with it, you can deep fry with it. but the high heat of deep frying, you might not need a really high wallet olive oil boughts it will destroy some of the flavor anyway. >> arthel: we use it all the time. thank you so much. >> rick: thank you so much. nice to see you. >> arthel: we're out of time. right?
6:54 pm
>> rick: yeah. >> arthel: happy birthday to you. for tomorrow. >> rick: thank you. >> arthel: that's going to do it for us. stick around. the fox report is coming up next. harris faulkner is here. don't miss it. enjoy your day. >> rick: i will. >> arthel: you deserve a good day. >> rick: thank you. hi, i'm phil mickelson.
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>> this is the fox report. questions tonight over who should have the right to vote early. in a state that has accurately
6:58 pm
chosen the president for the past elections. and don't take your eyes off iran. the anti-american nation just made a new threat and washington is not ignoring it. a sinister boast from iran, claiming a major upgrade to the most accurate missile in its arsenil. how that weapon could strike our military and israel with pin point precision. >> clint eastwood endorsing the republican candidate. what the actor and politician is saying about the man he wants to be president. he is accused to using a tractor like a monster truck and driving away from the hestet price tag. authorities say this act of revenge was aimed at the wrong
6:59 pm
arm of the law. >> iran. their aim just get better? new claims tonight. that country successfully test fired an upgraded short-range missile. here is the latest threat. iran said it can target our military bases with pinpoint precision. this test is a show of strength. the islamic republic claiming that the new missile has a range of 180 miles. the navy's fifth fleet is based on barain. it is now a prime target. just the last month commander of iran's military told reporters that 35 american military bases are within reach and hit after any u.s. attack on iran. israel is now considering military trikes on the nuclear strikes if the islamic republic doesn't resolve


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